The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, October 23, 1913, Image 2

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„ — ThE INLAND EMPIRE fla-in's SVesky GUY C. OSMONUSON - Editor and Manager TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Ode year (In advance).. ..$2.50 Sin Months.. „. .. 1.25 Three Months.. .. .75 ADVERTISING RATES 1 FURNISHED ON Ac)PLICATION iten t d as awed e'ass matter . . st- . 4he' riOstoffIce at Moore, Mont. OCTOBER iS,i915 -Montana'ntotal wheat production **tbts year will be 21,023,000 bushels as •against 1oss.16,0 • 00 bushels last year. aetattbie total, 7,782,000 bushels were „ wheat, there being 54,000 bush- eis . niore spring wheat grown in thel • etate than last year. ',1‘ ith one or two exceptions, brontana was the • Only Western state that showed - create in production. • 4 . According to federal statistics over dollars worth of exports -are earriedidaily from the United States \fotatin American countries, which ' ;la :lit incieaee . oftwenty per cent since 'slaw Our largest custom rs are Ar- *enttne- and Brazil. On the . other leand, , there was imported from these same _countries in 1913 products val- tied at $441.000 4 000, against $102,000, oôotli).966. • tin another page will be found the opentrigchaptersof \The Island of the Stairs, a story that We are sure will meet with your approval, and we urge all to read this Week's install- ment, knowing that if you do yon will not be satislied until you read the en- tire story. it's just atritie different trolls the other serials we have run in The Empire but it's good and we know yon will like it. Remember, it statbi today. Officials of the government. Bureau of Animal patustry are advocating the drainage and cultivation of swamp lands, particularly in the eolith, 'to be ' used as cattle reuses. In an official statement that has been issued it is declared that \some constructive means must be adopted if tire-Arner- lean appetite for this clasa of food,\ I meaning_ beef s . \is to be supplied.\ Since it has been ascertained that all the foreign beef avallabli can be con- I Burned by England ,alone, the need of some strinsent measure evident., and the government officials are there- fore directing their attention to the , 0W:imp lands., The Moore Concert band plans to give a concert in the city about the Middle of next month. This local organization has improved wonder- fully .during the past few months and are now among the top notchers of this part of the state. They have. recently purchased new instrum iits and a supply of new, classical music and are now in a position to put on a concert that will be thoroughly op - predated .by everyone.. • \The Turkey Trot\ . Not BO many moons . yo, Louis W. Hill wae being entertaineckbY a band - of Blackfeet Indians at.Glacier !'ark. He was an old friend of theirs. More than a year before they had taken him into their tribe. To specially honor the guest, this trip, they .had performed the famous \Grass laa ace\ \What you think of it?\ Chief White Calf asked Hill„ - thrthigh an .interpreter. \Very fine\ was Hill s reply. \Glad you like him, - White Calf became more serious. \Indian office say it is bad dance-- very . bad---and We muat never dance him again. IN hat you say now?\ This stumped IUD. He %vas silent for several minutes. \I say\ and 11111 !woke slowly and with much thought, \that .until the white people quit dancins the \tur- key trot\ the \bunny hug\ and such other indecent steps', they are hi a poor position to prescribe what the, Indians shall dance. ),Iy opinion isthey would do well to reform their own race before censuring the Indi- ans. Subscribe for The Er. - ipire and read the story, ''The Island of The Stairs.' 4 . --• - TARIFF CHANGES OF INTEREST TO PUBLIC ' Followin g are the elningrs made by the new tariff bill in he mates charged for imports of' housahold necessities • ! Present Law Sugar 48.5 per cent Tea ;• Free Coffee! •*. Free Salt 1 pound 7 cents Bread. ..25 per Cent Milk %Gallon, 2‘ients Cream 5 cents • Eggs • • Dozen, a cents Butter • ssi . • ` Pound ; ii cents Oatmeals. sTottitd; I Cent . 45 cents Cheese • Pound, 0 cents Meat .10 per cent Wool Yarns 70.70 per cent Wool Blankets 72.90 Wool underwear ... 93.90 Wool clothing 79 per cent Wool dress goods for women and children 99,7 per cent Cotton clothing. - 50 per cent .. Cotton:table 40 per cent Cotton collars and cuffs , 84 per cent Cotton stockings : . 75 per cent Cotton underWear..00 per cent Trimmad:hata 50 per cent Brooms ........40 per cent Oil cloths Wheat Potatoes. Cabbage , : Beans and lentils Beets Nearly all other vegetables,'na- tural state , : Vegeta hies sliced or , illier‘xlse. prepared' Pia lea I.' \ Vinegar, gatiao. , . Apples, peashea, . quinces, pintos, and pears, ripe or green 25 cents i ble berries, .1 cent Lemons, limes, grapefrait, or angss, poubd A..cent Niolailses 48.6 per cent taittle, each Sheep, each i5 cents to $1 Barley, bushel. .0 cents Macaroni, lb -1 19;cents Poultry, lb a cents Raw Wool., 43.90 per cent . 44 per cent Bu., 25 cents Bu., 25 cents 2 centtrapisv . a liu., 45 cents .25 per cent 25 per cent s . .40.per.een4 a6 per cent 7 1-2 celite New La.. , Free after March 1, 1914. Free Free Free 25 per cent Free Free Free 2 1-2 cents 1-8 cent Free 2 1-2 cents Free MOO per cent 30.90 per cent 35.70 per cent 36 per cent 35 per cent 80 per cent 25 per cent • • 80 per cent 40 per cent 80 per cent 40 per cent 15 per cent 20 per cent Free Free Free 25 cents 5 per cent 15 per cent ' 25 per cent • 25 per cent 4 cents 10 cents 1-2 cent 1-.2 cent Free alter March , 1, Free Free - 15 cents cent I cent • Free after Dee. 1. 1914. ROCK CREEK ITEMS. WM. PUCKS, CORNESPONDENT Evan Jones is busy getting out potatoes and estimates he will have over a thousand sacks. Bert Melchert of Lewistown paid a visit of inspection to his ranch here this week . 0 .4 He has a force of carpenters buildin . 1 implement sheds and chicken houses. Mabel McConnell had the mis- fortune to fall from a horse last Friday - night, -severely injuring her shoulder. There has been no school this week owing to the illness of the teacher, Miss Kate Moore. She is now at her home in Lewistown. A. S. Erickson is threshing 240 acres of grain on the Stone Barn ranch this week. The Stone Barn recently received 32 head of thorobred white-faced Herefords from Wyoming. J. B. Clark has disposed a a con- siderable quantity of his hay. One party has contracted to feed '100 head of cattle on this place. Jack Dunphy reports .killing a deer in the mountains south of the Harlow ranch. Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Clark and Lucille Pyles visited at the Mc- Connell home Sunday afternoon. Miss Clara Waaga returned to Moore Sunday after spending a week at the Britt Barrett ranch. CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOIES BY REV. PERCY T. CA IN S Sunday Services Bible school, 10:00 a. m., G. R. Withrow, supit. Christian Endeav- or, 6:30 p. m., C. L. Leach, pres. Preaching, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning thentes“The Heri- tage of the Saints.\ Evening theme, 'A Church With a Great Oppor- tunity! From now on we propose to render some splendid special music at every service and to this end we earnestly entieat every singer to be present at choral ser- vice Friday evening. Beginning one week from next Lord's Day, the faithful in Christ Jesus of this congregation will in- augurate a three months 'Church Attendance Campaign.' - Many of the Churches of the brotherhood will do likewise. It is tontempla- ted tIpit every member, and a large number of friends who are not members, will enter heartily into this campaign and be present at - every service possible during this special effort. Come out next Sunday and hear all about it. You need the church; the church needs you. Come. SCHOOL NOTES At a class meeting this week, the Sophomores elected the following officers: Edward McCourt, pres.; Paul Weaver, vice-pres.; Mary Sharp, sec'y and treas. • The first progtam given by the San Souci club Saturday evening was well attended. The program consisted of three musical num- bers, an instrumental solo by Veda Phillips, an instrumental duet by Laurette McHugh and Lillian Hens- ley and two selections by Leah Owen. A one -act pantomime was given, in which Wallace Withrow starred and Mary Sharp, Ruth Es- tes, Anna Adams, Ray Kitts and Veda Phillips took the minor parts. Following the program, refresh- ments were served consisting of salad, sandwiches. cake and coffee. The Juniors have organized and elected their class officers, as fol- lows: Irving Dehnert, pres.; Laur- ette McHugh, sec'y and treas. Miss Gobs has been elected to fill the vacancy in the 3rd and 4th grades caused by tha transfer of Mrs Greenough to the 5th and 6th grades. Herbert Durand fractured his collar bone last Monday while do- ing some \stunta . on the horizontal bar on the . playgrounds. However he was not seriously injured and is back in school again. Octobei 2$rd, 1918. CHAFF r STRAW Mr and Mrs. Matt Wright are in Bozeman this week attending the Odd Fellows convention, Thos. Ryan and wife were Nisi- . ness visitors at Lewistown Tuesday. ,, Mrs. Blanche Sheetz was a Moore visitor Monday. Mrs. Newman was a visitor at the county seat this week. Louis McCabe was in town front Buffalo Tuesday. Miss Fontanele Sperry spent Sun-. day with Miss Elsie Morse near Buffalo. Threshing is nearly completed in this vicinity. The returns show many excellent yields. Miss Leona Dale, who has been assisting at the hotel, left Monday for her home in Harlowton. Mrs, Christopherson and daughter left this' week - for . ;_Rochester, Minn., where the lattor will receive treat- ment at the Mayo hospital. E. Naylor left this week for/lewa where he will spend the winter. -- Miss Theresa Hight of Moore -will give an entertainment in Straw Fri- day night. The Cahalan Harp Orchestra will furnish music - for a dance in \Straw Tuesday night, Oct. 28th. A lap supper •111 be served in the 1a11. A big time is expected. •• Bring your lunch and enjoy the music and (lamina. Wm. Shepard spent Sunday at the couhty seat. Mrs. Phillips of Lewistown was in town yesterday enroute to her ranch near Hobson. M. E. CHURCH NOTES James H. Durand, Pastor The Bible Study Class will meet at the home of S. O. Crier ' oll on Friday evening. Choir practice Saturday evening at the church. Do not forget the address to young women on Sunday evening. Everyone invited. Sunday Notices Sunday School at 10 a. m.; T. E. Rice, Supt. Classes for all age?. Sermon by the pastor at 11 a. m. Subject --\The Visible Invisible! Epworth League at 6:30 p. m., Miss Veda Phillips, leader. Sermon to young women at 7:30 by the pas- tor. Subject - 1 'A Young Woman's Choice.' These services are open to everyone. -Strangers especially invited. p . , Additional Locals 9 This eek is \Oyster Week:\ This is a new movement that is be- coming nation wide, the week be- ginning on October - 20th and con- tinuing to the 25th. Everwane is supposed to eat oysters during that time. .1-1. 15. Borcherding, accompanied by some friends from the east who have been visiting here, left Tuesday Morning in Kenneth Proctor's auto for Dawson county near Sand Springs in, search of homesteads. He will also look for a piece of land for his daughters, the Mimes Mamie and Carrie Borcherding. , FARM LOANS Mr. Rancher if you are in need of a loan drop us a line and we shall come and see you. \ • Prompt service and courteous treatment. Carter -Valentine . Company LeWistown's new Loan Com- pany, with Offices under the Bank of Fergus Connty We Are Receiving Daily Shipments of FRESH., -FRUIT! and our prices are the best to be had Our Entire Stock of HARDWARE - is on sale at prices that will -induce you to buy Builders' Hardware. If you need any, BUY NOW. We have an assortment of Bolts which will be sold at cost. : CASH GROCERY C 0 M A NY A. M. SAMUELS, MANAGER The Montana umber Co. Roundup Coal Wm. D. HUFF BLACKSMITHING EXPERT HORSE SHOER MACHINE WORK IND REPAIRING Moore, Montana 0 matter what corset you are now wearing no matter how satisfied you may be with it —we want you to come to our Corset Department and ex- amine the Henderson and La Princesse models. (I Your visit will not obligate you in any way; we really want every woman of this vicinity to become familiar with these corsets. Ill Fashionable women everywhere pronounce Henderson and La PrInoesse Corsets to be the best fitting, best figure moulders and most satisfactory in service of all. Isn't that rerommendation enough to induce you to visit our Corset Department and review the interesting exhibition of new cor- sets? Moore Mercantile Company F . WHY NOT \ RENEW THAT EMPIRE SUBSCRIPTION NOW?

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 23 Oct. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.