The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, October 30, 1913, Image 1

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/* .;\ kja cl - .€44 '04*' 1 o_ • Come to Moore 'Where Wheat is King.\ \JUDITH B \ ASIN'S WEEKLY\ VOLUME NINE MOORE; FERGUS COINTY, , MONTANA, OCTOBER so, 1913.• •et , MOORE LYCEUM CLUB \ARRANGES._PROGRAM First Attraction .Will Be the Commonwealth Male Quartet Which Appears . at the Opera House ow November 10 OTHER GOOD ATTRACTIONS The Commonwealth Male quartet will be ,the first attravtion to , be of- fered for , this season by the\, Moore Lyceum club, the quartet being scheduled to appear at Gall's hall on Monday night, Nov. 10. Following is a notiee which the quartet received for its work in an eastern city: • • ``Carrollton,..Mo.---The- Common- wealth Male Quartet gave one of their•most entertaining programs in this city Saturday evening at the court house. ; XII% came- under the auspicek of the Epworth League of the M. & church. '-'The Court House was comfortably filled ad the audi- ence was cried away With the beautiful music. It was good from the .start, and every \ numbI, seemed to be a little better than the preced- ing one. Our music lovers 6y that a more delightful vocaLinusical pro- gram has never been heard in our The second numbeeto be present-: ed here will be inpecember when L. B. Wickersham, the noted lectur- er, will appear. Mr. Wickersham has delivered over 1,700 paid lec- tures and special addresses in his home state, which signifies that the people like to hear him. 'or the third; the club has secured the Wood Oreltigstral •„,Trio for Janu- ary 15th. The pesonnel, of this trio is Margaret Wood, pianist and reader,-' 't Wó4, iselliat.. and_se- prano ; and Margareta Wood,,violip- ist. According to press comments they ar 'onsidered among the best. Tha b Floy , a trio of ,magicians ,who ? dti have been in the front ranks of J...y- ceum entertainers for nearly twenty years, are booked to appear on Mar. 16th. With a complete outfit, elab- or te stage settings, many beautiful urnes, and possessed of real their program combines every , , . possible point of excellence. On April 30th the last number for the season will be presented. This will be given, by Robert 0. Bow,man, the character portrayalist, who, .with the aid. of grealre paint,' wigs, beards and costumes, makes each character appeal to the eye as well as to the • ear. The transformations are made in thepresence of the audience, the impersonator entertaining his hear- ers the while with , brief talks, witty and instructive, about the character to be introduced. These five numbers are far above the average attractions of the kind to be offered in this section and, will doubtless be well alended. A com- mittee of the club will call around soon to ftirnish you with season * tick- ets, 'which will be $3.75. These tickets May also be purchased at the .- • David Drug Coinpariy. The dates for these entertainments as given above are as near correct as. can, be arranged at this time,'but some min- or ehangewmay be made in some of them later in the season. Soil fnnculation foi'• Alfalfa. That alfalfa is a valuable plant be - pause of its high protein content and ; the fertilizing effect it has on the soil on which it was grown, seems to be pretty generally known. The bac- teria which bringabout these desirable results by the use of ,the nitrogen of the\:air are somdthing of which most fmers have a speaking knowledge. • . The most reliable evidence of these bacteria being present in a soil is the presence of the nodules on the roots of the alfalfa. The question which confenntl the average' farmer is how to obtain the inoculation of the soil in a field which is not inoculated or which has never grown alfalfa. First, let . us notice what inocula- tion means, or what takes place, in- oculation is merely the transferring of some of these bacteria from one field to another, There are two,feneral methods of making this transfer, the soil method and the pure culture method.. The soil method is the one which is re- cwirrnittiMerdte Monte - iris 'limner. This method consists merely of se- curing some soil from an alfalfa field, which is known to be inoculated, and broadcasting it over the new . A field at the rate of two hundred pounds per acre. After this is done the field should be' thoroughly har- rowed. The following year soil may be obtatned from the new field for inoculation, The precaution to be observed, in the soil method is to avoid the trans- fer of objectionable weeds, such as dodder, to the''''new field. Foi this • reasgn care . should be exercised tO obtain soil from a field .6 . ee 'from such weeds. --'-W. O. Whitcomb, Assistant Agronomist, Montana Agricultural College ; • i v THE COMMONWEALTH' 'MAlt Mild Coin to the Moore Opera House Member 10. ++++++++++++++++++++++++44+4•*++++++++:-++++++++++++++++ Louis W. Hill Offers Hands )me Silver . LoVifit: Cup at Montana Seed,-.4!*vers' Convention 'at Billings, Mont..,'. Dec. 10 7 11 7 12, 1913. .. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++:•+++++++++++++++++++++++4 ' Louis W. HI1U • Chairman of the B ard of Directors of the Great'Neeth'• ern Railway, has. signalized (0 intere in the success' of \the Monteu Seed • Growers', Convention, to be held at' Billings, Mont., DeCernber, 10, 11, and 12, 1913, by, offering a handsome Over loving.cup as a special prize for ihe best bushel of .wheat exhibited.* the cipvenqon. '•:: • - Every farmer is urged to briag ta lis choicest exhibit and help )inake the OW a success. St .thinksgiving . Gov. Stewart's Thanksgiving Proc- lamation just'issited is as follows: \From the time of its first observ- ance by the Plymouth colony in 1621 Thanksgiving day ha 's 'become more and more an event in the'life,of . . ; the, American people,..until, today it is recognized throughput the land 'as , dsY 'Specifically given •ther knOwledgnient by iraker • and\ PiaNe - . for the blessings conferred': tiPori the neople by Almighty GO4.• MOrstatut'Our tIeople this 6 annual observance %vith a full' ..1. 'realization of the henefiiii : that have •cometo them in most getteroalis :lure. In every material, serrse,..they, iiage beeyi proaperous. ! •,, Orts.,,thetrt,, !farms, 'in the industries; and.. ip. ali t of, the avenues of commerce therp,havv. 44Yeen 'evidences -of thP zfavpr., astrl unty of an till-witie+rptid.enee. T iiffe r righteensness and t4U, boding 'od'ef áisefi l it and a)ttativIdontassa , `hags gone' fotWiird: Tire i fifl iten ee • of hex churOes saa .•schoelitt :has , .wideriedand there...haw: [seek abto-;k4rtrepe in. the organitations , standahicl'bf •tof ours a better ''• '!:•to ,,,tielther enee f liss, yt,st,•eci • re content he 'sVokldv • V, Ste,Wart, goy - re' of ifoniana, do ';';'presidene; the VOeilignating. thufs- trteventh day,. `aiiitanicsgiving day:. , „ . reCommend that on that • refrain from their la - ors anltiilheir houses Of worship and in their homes give earnest ob- servance •to•?the' oCcasion, offering Alroighti\God for His di- TinfaVar and preying for the guid- ance or Fitt; omnipotent hand through the 'ioara, that' Ire . follow, with which gtikfaiice they may well' face the future in all lhoiand confidence. Robison. ; • • : • I • . ; , , \ Inwit whiereof,I . have here- unto set my . . hatidoted: caused the . peat sell 9f th'e, be ailt$4. , \Done at the city of; Helena, 'tile car,•itol, this ,tile ,twenty-foUrtik.,,,da.Y of October, in th,e year of our 'Lord. One thousand nine hundred thirteen and - of ihe independence* drilf6d States Pf 'AtilOica the one . 1111fiate l &and . thirfy-eighth. '\ S. V:STEWART,• • By the 'Governor. t 4 '. ALDA400N., . • , l'fberetitry'of • , APIYEST' f ESJ1YAI.,. AT. : HOBSON HUR SUCCESS ... 'oPiore and ' 'ny ‘binie \[hit' F011oWet-jtinti 'Fir tmá. 1-4 , \s loads , of iloo,re-iitoce)1 *PPrit to'rrol)fittil'ittft, Thtstla,D, ight. tot tith* the .Rittvteet{. catty : 131,Juni nteba 1 owe In .'45traki t fr&\ at i fair• .7.sante,, of qittiV 4fited4tigat it faX , 114- • Ceedeh 8 theil-'; . 0tilieeti1tin'tis and that the yai'llititi.'etiaradtils•*) tootchtirt in the entertaihitteitidid )we ofthoceaturgs,.efethe. entertain- TiVwlii.jusohne4.44S.jkageall Was - the Apeeiiti itarytlittact:hil forty Are . appea94,en..the stage in harvest • d ,lt, : was-aminen,t 41 ,.froi.p„ the manner in which these. ehjlfire.9, stoik, eld.iit unison •that they hatii}re: . veivedlthoroogh.trainink. under . the i. ij Instruct ef itnimons, had.ejia,rge of the en- tertainment. The. opera house was also wonderfully decorated in glaina byWentwOrthanrl Suprenant. epe 'dance immediately.following 'the. &ff- .. tiyal was largely .attentle4 an4 fully enjoyed, the Lewitttown concert or- chestra furnishing superior mesh!, • . C. A. .Christepheraon, ,as in .the city Sunday frOin his fine farm. near Sugar -Cured Haws and II&C•ak• When the meat is cooled, rub each piece with salt and 'allow to drain over night. • Then pack it in a bar- . tel, with the hams 'and shoulders on the bottonfoising the striRs of bacon to till in between or to,. put on top. Weigh out for each 100 pounds of meat 8 pounds•of salt,' two , pounds or brown sugar,, and two ounces of salt- peter. Dissolve all in' four gallons of water, and , cover the, meat with ..• the brine before using. For smaller . • use it will, besafeartO boil Cite brine l?eforr using. .In that case it -Should lap thoroughly 'cooled before it is' used. For winter curing it is'not necessary to boil the brine 'Bacon strips should iemain in this brinei . four 'to six weeks; hams and shoulders, six to eight W'eeks. This is . a Standard recipe and has given tbe„.hest• ,of.,satisfaction. Hams and baconpured In t he,•spring Will keep right . through the summer after they., are. smoked, The 'Meat be sweet and palatable after it is smoWd - and the flavor will be'good. ---Andrew Boss, University of Alin- , iiesota. • PONSTABLE• . CHENEY 1 . - DIESJAT:HOSPITAI Man Who' Preyenti(Wholesale Mid l er 11 Denton Succumbs to Wound :fincilind in.fistol Duel With Insane Man While Attempting An Arrest. • A. ,B. Chency„ the constable wW, shot, and kilycl : Stanley ; piat,o1 ,duel t,the. Jas. Johrestow ranch near Penton ,,week agO tint Tuettglay night and, who, in\r0Oirt was -0h9t , bY),..ScPheNy, hospital, ija;:f...e.WintOwn Tuesclai riiOrning. u Scofie,14 was a young hoine'stes& er ip.that,vcityinkd :because he keljepedsorne of the gkeople around' Ilie,nton, NIEL...interfered ; ia 4 1, 0 1 0X.W. , affair; with.. Ably Writ, oung, lach'..roploy4.• • :At. thq.•:.19,1in .F.ppers store, had planneid.a.whPlcr sale ,nitirdcr :the intended. i victims, beitiit MièI WrIktif, hen...Inotiher, Jas. 'Johnston and John Eppers• tic • 'called 'at the 'Johnston hoiner t anci- commanded Johton to .. get, into his auto and, go,. . into Denton..after 41ss Wright „He also infarnica hiTn,tirt fmprone, else was brot tack he woulakillIhe entire party. johntiton Wetit it's Denton, explained the'Situation tethe 'young Iady,Nvho, insisted ,upon returning with him, but he . also, best, t6 have sorne assistanoe,and secur,ed„ . ney. and Justic i e . f . the Peace Mot.. .Pa'rty Of fall -left for the rahehiln i t,when wk n a short distance' from `the '‘ the two 'Officers gbi iAttz 61 4 the r and cut fierotii th`e'sfieltftowaida he housei *ofield, however; ng and,,;•cipeqedritre. hi 4 ,shots be- Mg.directed at..:CA4nnert In all he fired: Belicht tiakOti, in g tho, milk :one Cheney fired •threetimes,;, every bullet tak- ing , effect. • • t • Recoil), . • : ; : to and inclusive ;Cif August 1 I 'st , , ;the cash ' , receipts: titif the Pan- !ania.:1 4 ticifiit expositiOn,amountedd, to more than48,000.000. iptinses,40:,..thal. date aniounted 4o8 tha4, 4 $5.900.99,0 , thid invest- ment gapeaditurea to $467,581.16, leaving a cash balance on hand of if ',291,264.04.' The actual present 'available aisets . . of the - exposition •cOinfrany •I aggregate $1 1 ,9 78,8 I 2. It *ill require • twelve million doHaramore to complete the work, arid the actual . net assets amount tp . ;his t without, .considering the : Sums to be derivect . from concess- joriariea interee on money in, the hanks : and Aireipts from 'divers pre ; eapositifiripperationa. Einixtre *suit Ada PAY. ern corn- Judith Basin \The Latta of Cip.portuni CHANCES 1000 FOR FLOUR MILL .4.4acomsa•fflocc*.• commercial Cfah Active Will Work For Betlermest of Mood aad SurroUndiat Country, WILL BENEFIT 'BUSINESS M An enthuaiastic meeting of Moore Commercial Club was he at Clary's . halt Monday ei;eni the 27th. The adVaniNies . iind beneftit ttie business rniP Of Moore of Organization of this kind was. th Cussed, and a committee appoint to call on the 'business men of tM town to , secure their united co -o' Oration: • • The 'cittestiOnWfa ctisto flour. mill for Mooreas discos t „ anti the secretary instrnetesi to s cure data. • A rural TOute,,to. serve t farmers.' in''.the • 'vicinity was.. a taken up.: ” , • Another, meeting is to be he Monday ;e,yernbg• the 3ed of No Vemher. at ClarY.'s Loll, and it loped all 'the Club menil,eis .wt tinake a . spiecial'afort to be present Much goo4car: )le . ..accomplishe if the, buoitleps rpe,n will take an , .tereatin the , chil.) and attend . th The Chamber of cOnunerce has riraCtiCal1;! , :' akiropreted • at ri\BeCttl. ,,..44,a, gyi rrk g t A l4 n U olden to othia county•dtaingithii* .,, the date l'dot •hitylfit !been fiimil qYea -T , aify authormes in acier the direc - tion - #4,iWtigiiiiiii . ' :04 d i , • ., „ . , of, PX0i. IP. Sit . • olden. It Was . 1 4 organized and knanced by, the in- ternational 'Harvester Co.. which nkstbpfiO4.'bh$4'iiiillion dollars fhitiii\eiriipih filiflig at the whole idittiff4:'''' . TI:tfe 'iititifilas' just corn,:' 'Pleted'a iri . ost stiCeesSf41 campaign in'the country' adjittent to Spokane Under the guil)iceilOf the Chamber Of COMMeree Orwii city and the iieCretai•Y'Wiit'ea'irt\ glOWing terms to the \ IOCil Chaibber 'of the great good accomplished by the meet- ingi and '18ciiites, Which are of an essentiallytitadtCa'l nature. The only 'esiietiSe : ' 'Involved in getting thii'partY tenikkeZtour of Fergus county wil? be irilvprObiding hotel , :expense* •iiVItik . 'I‘Nre.:--Democrat. ' ' - NINE • OF '',i1ONACO. 'frvotw ' • r . Tire..1,Princ(t of,Monabe came te the United States, called on the , dent, gave a few lectures, saw, the sights, and went away. The Prince Is the ruler of the smallest principal- ity on the'face of the glebe, but his piaCe is famous because it contains Monte Carlo, the greatest of gamb- ling. joints. .. While in. this country the Prince was the guest for a time of Buffalo Bill on his Wyoming ranch, Indulging in a big game hunt with famous , old , :seest. He said he 'filthy had Met \the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo\ and einee , s MM. • to the United States on hie priiitlyaeht he ought to be honeys&

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 30 Oct. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.