The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, October 30, 1913, Image 2

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• Tala INLAND • A , Octobei *Oth 1918. -.....- -. THE INLAND EMPIRE Judith Besin's Weekly -,' ' OrY C. OSMONDSON Editor end Manager ,. . / , ...c ., :i. At t ila= or aussoawrzoN year (ta alvanee1„. -4 60 • • Menthe.. .. .. .. .. .. 1.26 • Months.. .. .. .. .. .74 -1 ., ADVERTISING RATE* 1011E9 ON APPLICATION ...; PIN • . red eg secoad &ass matter .. , the poatoffice at !Hoare, Moat. ' 1 4 •!,..• - 1 - - OCTOBER 30,191f1 Mrs. Paudsbaust rsistent foreigners who have in - • seem to be able to break thru Immigration barriers. When t . ro was held up at Ellie Island he Ily invoked habeas corpus pro- ingsoind got ashore. lra.Pauk- $t has been the biggest show at 'New York port since Jenny Lind a the Battery falai:ma with her s. All of the immigration laws ed to he against Mrs. Pankburst, she found a. friend in President on who exercised a \common ge\ view of the situation, and '• an order to be issued admit - her to \the land of the free.\ *At us Mrs. Pankhurst has the oppor- 1., t ty she desires to conimercialize notoriety, and obtain American nay to further the militant cause 'England.-- There seems to be an /tie:Jean weakness for desiring to lectures from persons who have en in jaii. and al Mr*. Panklturst gold to be one of the world's great- . orators. the people of thie egantry 411 doubtless be glad to hear her, e rile has announced that she \a!cs:mly discus' the subje_cit, of .;Ii ; However, the famous ,• silshgroman is in this country, on batiod, and clearly understands at no \aiilitaiit' Wilda's* or anar- v will be tolerated. tteptesen tat i ve B y ailey of Per it - ,Iva has introduced a bill in . 7 %0 , fleets providing for extension C\ '# ' tlz ree delivery mail service in t9iirna in the United States with , potiulation of more than one thouallind. The bill would carry t. atiPropriation of $10,000.000, • a is estimated that the pro- d! Change in the service would ifect approximately sia thousand i:Cornmunities. . Tomorrow is hallOwe'en. Al - s 4 , u• gh everyone likes. to see the 44, have a good time, it is to be !Vaned that they will.; . refrain from destroying property in! their aearch • it fun. ELECTRIC SPARKS. Perhaps joy conseth in the morn- ing, but not to the chap who has made a night of it. One good way to prevent drought would be to have the championship baseball series played 'in the corn belt in midsummer. Anyone who brags :that he never forget nor forgive should wear a blanket and a feather in his hair. The Panama canal has withstood two earthquakes and a visit from \Uncle Joe\ Cannon. The Sulzer lawyers who succeeded in inducing Sulzer not to talk could dad a lot of paying Clients among certain husbands in various parts of the land. Still, the slit skirts carry fewer germs into the house. If all prayers were answered the majority of men would quit work. !Honesty is a 'boomerang that never looks better to a man than when it comes home to roost. Undoubtedly the inuaigratiou offici- als discriminate in. favor of men. Maggie Teyte was,compeiled to doff her trousers and wear skirts before it. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m., Prof. Bodin, Leadet. The evening service will be in charge of the Sunday School. Come early if you wish a seat i A cordial welcome is extended to all. Bank Statement Report of the condition of the State Batik of Moore. at Moore, in the state of MOUtillia, at the close of business, Oct. 21st. 1513. RESOURCES. Loans iind discounts.., ..... 5117,210.M Overdrafte, secured and un- secured.... . . ..... ......... 960.56 Bonds and warrants 3.531,36 161,713.30 Stoma sadeecurttles EMIIRInli BOOM furniture and fixturea... 10.000.00 Other real estate owned .... . 5,a46.47 Caab reserve In bank, viz: 3,193.20 ncy . 2,846.00 Duetrom banks and bankers 47,309.79 44,074.20 Checks and other cash items 447.20 Exchanges for clearing bowie 481.06 Suspense item 8.10 Total. 2161,027.42 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in 265,010.00 Surplus fund. 0,000.01) Undivided prollts, less expen- ses and taxes paid 6.303.47 112,835.47 Individual deposit subject to check ........... ........ 98.328.48 Time certiacates of deposit 41,534.06 Cashier's checks outstanding 894.26 Due to beaks and bankers....18,650.24 163,34t,00Total ........ ...... .5140.037.47 State of Montana, coautY of Fortino, as: 1,2.0. Hedrick, Cashier of us above -named bank, do solemly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. shc was permitted to land in New• E. O. HEDRICK, Cashier. -0 INotary Public for the state of Montana. rest& York. subscrieett and seam to before me t e le 26th d ay stug at Moore. Montan*. My commission eapires Apr. 11, 1914. or (let., 1913. • Though the I'anama canal is prac- LSEALJ H. E. STRONG, •Correct- Attest: tically completed, it is anticipated Tt 6 LI Pubilliconfotianthae. stateh co ° In t I n t it a st ii r 3 a ' regi e d ri . that the squabble over,. freight rates 1.4 ' \H itt t: flask Statement No. 8536 Report of the condition of The •First Natioaal Banked:Moore, at Moore. in the State of Montana at the c1oeff oa business, Oct. 2113z. 1918. ItESOUBCES. Loa flibind discasets. ..... t • . ansatem u. s. 26,0111).09 Omar. ads to enure Poetal Savings 2,000.00 Secutitiell. . 9,V06.0 bottle Istrniture and natures. 12,1374.40 gua Natienal Banks (not reserve aeon . Due nom State mums and Rankers Trust compudnovadilavings Batiks Due Nom approve. Morn agents . Checks and ether cash items. . . lacunae* for alearina Wass NOW of other National Banks......... nal paper currency, ulcks 402.011 LOSUAS 131.40 10.00 centsUM) Lawful money reserve in bank, viz: Sows. 7,566.60 .. . . comas' Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (6 per, cent of cir- • culation) ..... ......, 1,650.00 Total . gill4.1114.21 Capital stock paid ..... . $115,000.1111 Surplus fund 6.50DM0 Undivided rats, less expe \ iiises and 2.11 Nations Bank Notes Outstanding • 29Am.°) Dividends unpaid 34* Individual deposits subject to cheek... 106.n Demand certificates of deposit .. 1, Time certificates of deposit.. .... 29.1211)M7 Cashier's checks outstanding . 2376.17 Poittal Savings Deposits 644.94 Bonds borrowed 2.M.00 Bilis payable, including obligations for money borrowed 10,000.00 and tolls will be leas easily tiniehed. °Mut- \ • For people who llite queer dances, the present kinds are t be right things. If one simply must go crazy, base- ball offers a delightfully conventional That American dancer • who was decorated by i he r- 19tIser did not dance either the Turkey Trot or the Tango. The Kenosha man whose wife has been made Ida jailor for two years should be happy: The sentence is often for life. • - Schmidt has confessed to almost every offense tliat he could think of except that theft'? Mona Lisa. 0 I Paying Subscription True Road to Con. version. • It. iv said that sect -141y an evange- list :, told the people of a - neighboring town- that....if•they wished to see the newspaper man of the town con - vetted, the immediate payment of their back subscriptiosy 1 was the first step to be taken .tuw4l the desired rad. That's is good practical sug- gestion. When 'a ma walks into * Printing office and pia Its down the cash for ten or fifteen aro subscrip- tion he's got genuine dyed-in-the- wool. religion, and it .1 akes a pro- found, impression on th4 editor. WAHWJCK_HAPPENINGS Snow storms have put a stop to seeding. • Threshing is allg‘ompleted• in this vicinity. Farmers are busy 'hauling wheat. Jas. Kastohris and s. , John Nosek have left I9r Canada. A new barber *hop is being erected. A number of farmers east of town have c'ittlacted to sail their wheat to th Duluth Milling corn - Pony at 62 Mr. and s. George Hunter and Mrs. Allen were in Lewistown this week. Owing tcif the fact that there is a town by tifre name of Warrick in this state, 'Abe railroad company was obliged to change the name of our town. Hereafter our items will appeae as 'Denvers News.\ N. 111. CHURCH NOTES James H. Durand, Pastor • The Bible Study Class will mee t Thursday evening at the home of E. 0. Hedrick. On Friday eveniug the Epworth League will give a 'Hallowe'en So- cial at the home of T. E. Rice. Choir practice Saturday evening. Remember that Rally Day will be observed on Sunday. You can- not afford to miss a service. Sunday Services ,Sunday School at 10 a. m.. T. E. Rice, Supt. Every scholar should make a point of being present, and, if possible, bring a new schol- ar. Special serinoji k hy the pastor at .1 m. Stihjet7\Tise Masque Torn Off'. \1 here ie statething in this address for you. \Dceoot miss J. C. HAUCK THEO. A. ORA/ cf Directors. CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOTES IT UT. PEW T. CASIO • Sunday Services Bible School, 10 a. ni.; Christian. Endeavor, 8:30; preaching, II a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morning sermon subject, \The Fellowship of the Saints,\ Evening subject. * Our Vision Hours.\ Special music. Members and friends will please bear in mind that the 'Three Months' Church Attendance Cam- paign 6 begins with next Sunday. Will you not make an earnest effort to be neither tardy nor absent front ' any service of the church duri4 this campaign? Don't forget to send out the invitation card this week; let your friends know thit they are wanted at church. The general, public cordially invited to all serviceie SCHOOL NOTES The increased number of stu- dents in school this ye,r has made it impossible for the fire drill to eqâal the one minute record of 'last year. At PreelSt it takes a .few seconds more than a minute from the time thapupils leave their 'eats to the time oliny are again seated. ' Visitors in the High Schoade- partment this, week were Mrs. Withrow, Miss Luiline Withrow Mr. and Mrs. Sattton and Miss , • The San* Souci . Club is planning a Hallowe'en program for this Saturday. Last Friday the High Schocil had its first literary program oi the year. Edward peCourt acted at presiding office . The pAlgram consisted of. Die Lorelei, supgisy the school; a debate, \ReePlved. that the U. S. Government should peneinn Confederate soldier* The affirmative was taken by Laurette McHugh and - Mary Sharp while the negative was supported by Paul Weaver and John Stewart. The debate watdecided 2 to 1 for the negative. The Chronicle, by Lowe ifileFerran, concluded the Print's& A KV : field of iRterest is being shown die AA School boys in football ilRew. 1440e tra take ad- vantage of .ettninintler of the football season. Wm. D. Huff returned Sunday from a busineets trip to Kalispell. Subscribe for The Empire and read the story, 'The Island of The Stairs.\ \Pride of the Judith Flour. made from the Famous Judith Haldn 'Wheat. For sale by Cash Grocery 10-Sttf. ' Miss Theresa Higbt, who hos been ' visiting her Sister, Mrs. Chas. Henry, departed Sunday morning for her hotite at Corning, Iowa, stopping en. route for a few days visit at Lincoln, Neb. -- - Total. ....... ..... $606,81422 State of Montana, County of Fergwi. as: I, J. H. Morrow, Cashier of the above -nam- ed bank, do solemnly swear that the above state- ment Is true to the best of my knowledge and be- lief. J. H. MORROW, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before we this 30th of Oct. 1913. 8EA1 PATRICK NIIIILL • W. H, BARNEY IL W. CLIFFORD A. D. SCOTT Director', Morgan Out on Bonds. Al Morgan, former deputy sher- iff of this county. arrived• here this morning in the custody of Under - sheriff Slater and Deputy Tullock, being broug on a charge here from Alaska grand larceny. It is alleged that 1 Morgan disposed of a horse which had been left in his care by Conductor James. Knox of the Northern Pacific. M9rgan was working in mines near Juneau, Alaska- Since leav- ing Lewistown he was at Billings, 'then in Seattle and in Alaska. 0. 0. Mueller represented Mor- gan today when application was' made for bail. His bond\was fix- ed at $2,000, and George Wright and Carl Erickson 'went as sureties Morgan now being at liberty. George Maddox, the prize wheat grower of Grass Range, and others volunteered to go his bond, also. Eye Specialist Coming. T. E. Burrowes, the eye specialist who has been coming to Moore. will make his next visit Sat., Nov. let. The editor at Twin Bridges in a letter of introduction to the editor of the Forum, Sheridan. Mont., says; C. H. Brown, Editor Forum, Sheridan, Montana. Dear Sir: -This will introduce Dr. T. E. Burrowes. The doctor is an eye specialist, and he is a good one. You will have nq regrets in introducing :s t ud recommending him to anybody, *eause he „diapers. the good. He loaf not be 1111Pre to remain in Sheri- dan long, but know he will appreci- ate and reeitIltocate any favors extend- ed. Ife bad 'fitted glasses and treated aye' trA a great many people here my- aa wife included, and he gives Wan • in all respects. Any eau lea extended him will be ap- prec ed. 'ours truly, F. E. Cleaves. Remember lhe date, and do not fail to seeblin if you need glasses. Adv Attsertising is the self-starter of ..........114••••••••••••••pmac ‘ • We Are Receiving 16* Shipments of 'FRESH FRUIT! and our prices are thebest to be had Our Entire Stiek of HARDWARE is on sale at prices that will induce you to buy Builders' Hardware. If you need any, BUY NOW. We have ap assortment of. Bolts which will be sold at cost. : : CASH GROCERY COMPANY - A. 11 4 ' S A M.UE S, -; MANAGER / 06. 1r The - Montana Lumber Co. Roundup Coal •Wm. D. HUFF BLACICSMITHING EXPERT HORSE SHOER MACHINE - WORK AND REPAIRING Moore, Montana FRANCIS G. BOURNE. Masaibee spf Syndicate Which Has Ordered Cup Defender Built. 0 matter what corset you are now wearing no matter how satisfied you may be with it -we want you to come to our Corset Department and ex- amine the Henderson and La Princesse models. NJ Your visit will not obligate you in any way; we , really want every woman of this vicinity to become familiar with these corsets. 41 Fashionable women everywhere prdnounce Henderson and 1,111 • Princess* Oorsopts to be the best fitting, best figure moulders and most satisfactory in service of all. Isn't that recommendation enough to induce you to visit our Corset Department and review the interesting exhibition of new cor- sets? *ow Moore Maffle Company wirmada WHY NOT ENEW THAT EMPME SUBSCRIPTION IOW? 4 •

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 30 Oct. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.