The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, November 06, 1913, Image 2

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/ PAGE TWO THE 11406111111PIRE L 4.,•••••••111111.r.m.............1i••••••••••••••1•11m, Novembei iith, .1913 ••••••logmlirM ?I • THE INLAND EMPIRE Judith Basin's Weekly GUY C. OSMONDSON Editor slid Manager Tr.:1161S OF SUBSCRIPTION One year (in advance) .. ..$2.50 Six Months.. .. 1.26 Three Months.. .75 ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION Eutered ea deeend class matter at the postoffice at Moore, Mont. NOVEMBER 6,1913 The Street Light Question. • What is the matter •with the street lights of Moore. It has been ooticeable for some time past that the two are lights on Fergus avenue have been discontine nedWthtOWit - coue,c1,1—but why. For the past aix weeki .. even the. arc between the tracks at the rail - sway station, which is supposed to maintained by the Milwaukee, has been out of commission. Now, our opinion, this state of affairs . thould not exist. So far as the Anaintainance of a few lights on the tuain thoroughfare is concerned we feel certain that every busineis • man would gladly appropriate a gulf- , ficient sum each month to pay the !‘cost of lighting could they be cow- ivince,d of the benefits to be derirvd +from them. Street lights should be i,rept up in Moore, not only for the :convenience of the town people, but cor the benefit of visitors, as welt ea tourists and horneseekers passing through the city. The evening trains tarry a number of such people who, they saw Moore well lighted would-be convinced of Its progressive *leer, and nalglti pherrobr be indApee.d ea return hereto mate their home tar 1,nfloence their friends to locate, en what they would consider, a live town. Something should be done at once to remedy this site of affairs. Let us keep Moore on the map. 4 Consolidated school districts are meeting withlccees in many states resulting in better work and, condi- tions, and a saving of money. NSuch a movement should be carried out by consolidating, several districts im- mediately adjObilng Moore. With consolMation aveuld come additional educational features such as manual training, domestic science, commer- cial wort and agricultural study. It would mean expansion in room and Later'would follow com- munity_use of the buildings by far- mers' clubs, town organizations, school youths' clubs and other public gathering When not in use by the school. Who will help to better our local and 11101 school? All Wool Sweaters For the Boy and the Girl 1.1M1111111101M1 A Good Healthy Garment Price \ $ 2 475 anal UN The rOgge 4 7 Farts On Income Tax. The recently enacted \Irjeorne Tax\ law is creating consternation ,in \Wall Street\ and the nation's legal men are endeavoring without much success to agree on its interpretation. While this law may not effect all of The Empire's readers, we give here a few facts and dates. that May interest the public in gffneral: Everybody with a net income of more than $8,000 ii\ year, if single, and $4,000 alear U. married, is .sub- ject to the tax. -- • 7 .. -The taxpayer must tile a return with internal revenue collector by March 1, 1914, showing .all Sources of his income and the deduction to which he is entitled., All incomes are to be computed by the calender year, but taxes for the first will be levied Only from March 1, 1918, to Dec. 81, next.. Notification of assessritents will be sent out by the giivernment before June 1 next. , , , • , eee' Taxes must be paid by June 80. Failure to files return means a tine of from $2 to a $1,000. A fraudulent return makesthe tax- payer liable to a fine of $2,000 or im- prisonment for a year, or both. The man whose income tax . is with- held •by his employer must file anaffi- davit•by Feb. 1 with the employer or the internal revenue collector in claim- ing deductioni, ,• .., . Al! holders of corporate bonds must file by the geminate a statement in writing claiming exemptions irom the tax if it is not to bededajctedfrom t-, , interest payments. • That Flour Mill oe 1 Since the publication of an article in the Empire taste week concerning a custom flour mill for Moore, the conemerciakplub lias received several inquiries regarding the matter from outsiders who ,were desirous of estab- lishing the mill, ,as well aR others who were indirectly interested. A r 1 considerable amount of capital is re- quired to 'properly finance even a small mill, but we believe that suffi- cient farmers and business men can be found in this community to carry out the project. The Empire believes that a smell mill could be conducted on a paying basis and anyone who decides to ahead with It will have the united support of the people of' the city and the surrounding country. COUNCIL PROCEEDINSS ` The. Town Council met in 'legular session at the town hall, on Monday night. • There were present, Mayor Mathews,' and Aldermen Bannan, Buekalew, Clary, and Sharp. The clerk was instructed to correspond with the manager of the Lewistown Electric & Power.C'ompany in refer- ence to getting supplies and putting the stet light at the railroad cross- ing on Fergus Avenue in operation. The Supt. of waterworks made a special report, sliming that there was pumped into the tank during the month ef October, 441,501,52 gallons of fio t t4 and there Was delivered to consumers, during the month, as • shown' by the meters, 130,22o gal- lons,- showing a loss from leakage of 70.5 per cent He then was instructed to employ help, and dig to joints in the mains, at not to exceed $2.00 per joint, and report at the next meeting of the epithet'. The claim of the Mcmtana Lumber coMpany, $12.35, was 'allowed. The following bills were also al- lowed, the finance committee having reported them favorably, and war- rants ordered drawn for RAMC. Lewistown Electric & Power Co., power at pump station from June 1st to November lst $94.55; N. T. Neil - sen t. inVestigatinseleak in Stan $5.30; Jnith scrubbing $2.; Chas. Beaman, labor on ditch, $2,25; Pittsburgh Meter ipe, jail, ater Co., Meter Readers Book, $1.12; Western Lumber & Grain Co., coal, $11.85; Moore Hardware & Implement Co., taps & supplies, waterworks $140.20. The claim of David Drug Co. wee laid bver until next meeting as it was not understood. A communication was read from Lewistown Electric & Power Co., showing a demand test of meter at pumphouse showing 13 1-3 h. p. awl fixing $15.00 Muni oharge and.S.0144 per Kw hoar additional. \Pride of the .lediSh from the Famous. Wheat. For \ale by Co. 10-2tf. The Successful Portrait must bean interpretation as well as a likeness -,must' catch something of the mood and mystery of the sitter, as well as the more salient features and expresaion. We have made portrait work a special study and our studio has all the modern equipment, The Rembrandt Studio LEWISTO'VN, • 403 Main Street. \IMMO CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOTES IV lit.PERCY T. CANNES • Sunday Services: Sunday school, 10:00 a. m., G. R. Withrow, Sup't. Christian En- deavor, 6:30 p. m., L Leach, Presit. Preaching, 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 cr. m. Morning subject: Ja- cob's Vision of Heaven. Evening subject: A Woman's Faith. The morning sermon will be the second in the• series on \Our Vision Hours.\ We cordially invite Of women, both old and young, to the even- ing service, as the sermon is es pecially for them. The men are also urged to be present at this service, as well as at the morning service. 'Forsake not theaseembl- ing of yourselves together, as the manner of some is. The Fergus County Sunday School Convention will be held in Moore Monday and Tuesday, De cember 8 and 9; watch for the program. Found Suit ease on road between Harlow ranch and Wore. Owner may have same by paying for this ad, —L. L, Hannan. ii-6tf. ROCK -CREEK ITEMS. ISM. MEWS, COUESPONOENT Mr. Upton, a stockholder of the Stone Barn Ranch Co., left here last week for Minneapolis', Minn., for an indefinite period. Among the successful hunters who have bagged the much prized venison, were Jim Dumphey, he getting two and Britt Barrett one. Miss Kate Moore has sent in her resignation to the school )US - tees, to take effect Friday, Nov. 7. The Stone Barn Ranch has a large force of men baling hay. Mr. and Mrs. James Pyles visited with Mr. and Mrs. Britton Barrett and family last Monday. John Simpson has charge of the 125 head of cattle on the Clark ranch, owned by Mr. Dougan of Lewistown. The old Sharp coal mine under new management, and it is receiving a general overhauling. A new coal shute has been construct- ed to replace the one that was burnt up a short . time ago, The . coal is now being mined agaitland ready for sale by the new manage- ment at $3 per ton. Mrs. Wm. McConnell and two children visited with her son and daughter in Moore from Friday ta Sunday of last week. Eatray—Came to my ranch 2 miles east of Moore on Oct. 80th, 2 black 'Spring pigs. Owner may have same nous, woe by paying , for this ad...and other .iio*h B as i n eklirge,10. J. D. Bowen., Moore. 11-6-2'r Cash Grocery Far BIG assInme, ixr A k a Em- pire WANT AD. your coal the mine. MIKE BABILEACE. 11-I tramemommiars i 011asi•mmaimirripmmiseed0 „.. the Sharp mine on Rock creek. Can JULIUS J. MEYHOEFER, Manager. IRINA); four wants at t8.00 per ton et f ' . 6-27. CHAFF FROM STRAW Threshing has begun again after a delay of several week. Mort Sperry is assisting in the elevator at Buffalo this week. Several carloads of cattle were shipped from here this week. - Miss Genevieve Sperry of Lew- istown spent Sunday at home. Mrs. 'Dad\ McCabe of Buffalo is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ryan, this week. B. C. White and daughter of Buffalo were in Straw Wednesday. R. W. Clifford and Wm. Barney of Trout creek were in town this week. Mrs. Robert Mitchell and Mrs. Phillips of Moore were guests of \Uncle Bill\ Gordon Monday. The .0dd Fellows will give an oyster supper hi the Straw hell on Wednesday evening. lie Milwaukee is building a new depot and installing a pump house, which adds very much to the appearance of our town. Mr. Kittleson and family have moved into their neat little cotVage just completed. Miss Edna Jones spent Saturday and Sunday at Lewistown. With a few harmless jokes Hal- lowe'en passed off very quietly in our little town, The school chil- dren gave a party, while the par- ents furnished refreglimerits and a very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all. SCHOOL NOTES The foot ball team has been faithfully practicing its signals. At present, they are having difficulty in obtaining a ball with which to play, as there is none in town and the season is too far advanced to send for one. The burning question now is, who put G. B's. wagon on the school house steps Hallowe'en Recent visitors in the 7th and 8th grade, department were Rev. Carnes, Miss Gordon, Mrs. Geo. Withrow and Mrs. Redman. Ira Bateman entered school this week. Names of pupils of the ith and 8th grades neither tardy nor absent during month of October; Ivan Calkins, Lewis Croly, Terry Owen, Howard RoystOn, Charles Schaefer, Elva Anderson, Onoto Barney, Frances McFerran, FranceS Kleiman,. Roberta' Withrow,. Anna Samuels, Sarah Mitchel, Genie Sharp: 5th and 6th grade. Blanehe Croly, Elizabeth Hedrick, Berna Holt, Jane Mathews, Miller Mathews', Tracy, McGinn; Lucy Royal, Harold Roeseler, Lyle itoese- ler, Leslie Rohlf, Albeit flOyston,• '. Dale Robinson, Lite) , Samuels, Ben Samuels, Tom Sharp, Ronald Sharp, Verna SiVfert, Rolland . Seifert. Vis- itors, MeGuin. 4th Grade. Vera Conlon, Edward Durand, Harry Swanson, Cecil McGuio,, Harold, Sharp: ) • 3rd Grade. Margaret Mathews, Cebil Rohlf; Geor4e Smith, , Chas.. Robinson, Leone Roaseler, Corsica Rohlt,, Nolo Heald,. or 2nd. Grade John'Carroll, Bob Matteson, R.t,A Swanson, Roy Stapleton, ClareUce Jackson, HattieHawkin,s, .Gertrude Hawkins, Raymond Johnson, .Roy Stapleton. tat Grade Frank Strong, J. Hensley,- How- ard McG,uin, Ernest Hedrick, ,Irene ,Hawkins, Bernice Robinson, Helen Heald, Iris Lowe, Norma Durand, Florence Johnson. , filubserlbe tor The Empire NOW. M. E. CHURCH NOTES Janie's Ouraml, - • Choir practice t , en - Sat urtlity n- ing: . It very important that every_ 'ileir7,1ter be present, that pialSilnay be laid for the contio Do not forg the revival services which cominenee . on Sunday, and contioue every evening (with the ex- ception, of Saturdays) until .Novem- lier 30th, A fifteen minute song service will be held every evening, commencing at 7:30: •, Rev. R. ‘ NI. Ball, ,of Harlowton,. will be the speaker the-fit:it week. •You cannot Afford to miss One of -these services. , SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday School at 10 A. M. • T. E. RiCe, Supt. Sermon at 11, A. M. Subject, Per- / • sonal Service. . Epworth..League at 6:30 Ralph Hunter, Leader Serrnon al *Subject, The Busi- neSS•Man who Miscalculated. You are. cordially invited to at- tend these services. Empire Want Ads PAY. We •Are Receiving Daily Shipments of FRESH•FRUI and our prices are the best to• he had tire Stock of HARDWARE is on sale at • prices that will induce you to buy Builders' Hardware. If you need any, BUY NOW. We have an assortment of Bolts which will be sold at cost. : SH -GROCERY 0 1V1 SAMUELS, •N, MANAGER : . • • • • Judith,liasin Fur Company Lewistown, eammisammiposommaprommirevamme• FURS - MADE UP • ON SATURDAY, NOV. 8, I will be at the Kipe hotel/ a • t Moore with a complete line of i fur samples - Bring your repair work and orders for new ) furs to me * and I will make the prices right., My specialty is thaking up raw skins into fur garments. All work guaranteed. Montana COAL! COAL1—Get at ik •69

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 06 Nov. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.