The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, November 13, 1913, Image 6

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• et PAG E SIX TH.I0 IferLANb INAPIRE Noven4cr 13th, 1913. I if Don't Just ,\SUPPOSE\ . We are making • Flour that is better andcleaner •, 'Get Busy and Find Out' e - :0 di /# • MONTANA FLOUR )110 MILLSAT HARL AND OWTON LEWISTOWN. That This is 'the Sign Of a Perfect Product Don't read our ads and \ suppose\ that this is a good flour. Order a sack the next time you need flour and you • will find that you have_the sweetest • bread you _e v e r baked, as time goes on you'll find that the sack prodUccs more loaves, too. Ask your grocer FOR . \It's the Wheat\ You'll Be Glad You DO. MONTANA FLOUR MILLS CO. a - HARLOwTON VV. SHARP FASHIONS OF TODAY. ---1 Illeuees That Are Smart and Waist- coats That Are Ultra Meldish. There is a vast variety Of separate white blouses this season, and it looks all though they were to be at the height of fashion again. One kind that is fa- vored is made 'of- a white westi mate - lease, which has a satiny surface. 'It Is immensely broad, more so than yuu inikht think by were reading. aud the pear shaped sleeves fall to the hand, where they end in a point at the back. They make no pretense of fitting the wrist, and they are the only kind of sleeve which is loose at the wrist that has any grace. But. after all, it Is not the -separate waists, but the bodices for one piece frocks, that one is especially interest - I= VEST BORROWED FROM MAN'S AP- PAREL. ed in for the moment. it is - these that have outgrown all their former dimen- sions. And, by the way, many of them are separate from the skirt. because the latter fastens in the * back and the ,former in front. A waist that fastens -down the back, except in a decollete gown. is most unusual. And in con- hection with waists the waistcoat takes n very prominent place this season. The models are borrowed from those' -worn by the mere man, but so modi- fied that it is not the masculine article by any means. Illustrated is one of °these little waistcoats of cherry poplin. It is worn with a black cloth costume and a white lace blouse ancTadds just the necessary color touch to the ensem- ble. ontractor & Builder! ALL KINDS OF CEMENT WORK . Cement Block, prick and Concrete 1 Houses a Specialty A FINE LINE OF CEMENT MACHINERY LBCHITECT of the latest up-to-date anciern building. Plana and specifi , (-Saone furnished on all .kinds of ! public buildings and dwelling houses, with supervision if desired. ALL WORK qUARANTEED blioore, - - • - Montana • I4a1•••••44 , 444MNIMIM•46411•41 Six Weeks Till Xmas Do Your Shopping Early IVIMEMM Money Saving \Rules. \The German housewife is not much given to troubling her head about the high cost of living and its causes. Rather.\ so writes a friend in the va- terland, \she makes her expenditures correspond to her income. The less money she has the less she spends. and she smiles on pladdly - just thb same.\ . • But whether her Income be large or small the good German hausfrau has certain fixed rules which are quite well worth quoting. \ \Pay cash for everything.\ \Do your own buying and market- ing.\ \Be careful in your selection of food.\ \Study out at the beginning of the week just how much you cab spend that week.\ \Manage your own household; leave nothing to the servants.\ \Figure out a system of utilizing all materiels. Even the leftovers from a weal can be made into something the next day.\ \Do not regard this system of 'econo- my as a burden, but as a pleasure , and the duty of a wife to her husband.\ Quilting Parties Again the Mode. Once more the old fashioned quilting is coming back to us, though not with all the elaborations which distinguish- ed this treatment 200 years ago. Then bed covers and many articles of dress were quilted in most minute designs, often most attractive. Pearls are introduced now at each point of the quilting, and fur is a good addition, and with white and light colored satin, for example, fur is not considered unseasonable, especially, sa- ble, when the purse will run to it. Bunches of towers, animals, birds and fishes found a place in the quiltings of old days, but these are not as yet re- vived. Many a wedding divas new no longer which could not be worn again found a place as a quilt, most elabo- rately quilted, and was handed down for generations as an heirloom. A Country Pot Roast. In a hot frying pan melt a lump of butter or fry aut a small piece of pork. While very hot put in the roast. browning til sides. Roll it over. -Do , not insert The fork so as to keep all f,the juice in. When browned put in a pot which has been heated. Put water in the frying pan to get any Juice that may have escaped and pour over the meat. Cover closely and cook slowly for three hours. 'turning occa- sionally. Keep about a cupful of wa ter under the meat and sprinkle a little flour and salt over it fifteen minutes be fore taking out. Turn several times. When Clisning Globes. Globes that bare become discolored from smoke should be cleaned in the following Manner: Soak the globes for about one hour in warm water with soda or borax in it; then add fresh warm water, with a few drops of am• inonia. and wash well with a soaped rag. This is better than flannel, as there are . generally loose hairs left In flannel unless it is 'very finis. Polish with a *oft Linen rag. FOR YOUNG FOLKS Smallest Ballet Dancers In the World Are In London.. WORK FOR CHARITY'S SAKE. Misses Maggie D'Ornelly and Marjorie Coulon In Artistic Poses—Story,pf Clever Mouso--Things Children Like to Know. The sprightly little dancers in the picture are the Misses Maggie D'Or- nelly and Marjorie Coulen. :it'd they live in the big city of London. Re- cently, at ft bazaar held to raise funds for the horses and drivers' aid com- mittee, the small maidens danced charmingly There were four girls in the ballet, but there is only room to by American Press Association. urrrue BALLET DANCERS. show two of them in the picture. As the photo shows, they are very grace- ful and pretty, and they won applause for their performance.. The patrons of the aid committee devote the funds to securing kind treatment for horses and in helping drivers who are in need of assistance. The dancing girls aided materially in making the bazaar a suc- cess and, besides the fun of dancing, had the pleasure of knowing that they were helping a worthy charity. Haw the Mouse Escaped. One night a wise old mouse crept down the garden path. Perhaps he was looking for the moon. But the moon was hidden behind the barn. Buzz, the cat, was sitting beneath a currant bush. When the leouse came by he pounced upon him. \Ah my fine 'fellow!\ he purred. \I will eat you in a gray coat this time!\ Then he climbed to the roof of the shed and took the wise old mouse with him. The mouse began a little, peeping song. \Why do you sing?\ mewed the eat, putting him down on the roof, with one paw upon his back. \I always sing at this time of night,\ squeaked the mouse. \I should be very appy to have you sing with me.\ This pleased Buzz, who was vain. He stretched up his neck, as if to look over the barn at the moon, and began to sing. The wise mouse peeped softly, but the cat was fond of his own voice and sang with all his might. Then he took his paw from the mouse to beat time. When the tune was done Buzz looked down and saw only a hole in the roof • A Balancing Trick. Get a piece of wood six inches in length and about half an inch in thick- ness and near one end of it thrust in the blades of two knives in such a manner that one of them inclines to one side and the second to the other. If the other end! of the wood is then placed on the tin of the forefinger It will keep itself perfectly upright with- out failing, and even if it is Inclined to one side it will instantly recover its perpendicular position, being in reality kept in equipoise by the knives. • Historical Questions. Who was the author of \Hail co- lumbia?\ Joseph Hopkinson. Of whom was it wrongly said. could not be kicked into a fight?\ President Madison. Who was the \Hero of New Or- leans?\ Andrew Jackson. Who said. \I'll try. sir?\ Colonel Miller at Lundy's Lane. Who said \A little more grape. Cap- tain Bragg?\ General Taylor. Game of Guess. One player gives the first letter of something in the room; the others in tuna guess what the next letter is, and So on. Choosin' Sides. Choosin' aides for baseball is a bully way To find out what fellows think about your play, For If you're a /buffer. when fur men they call. You're the last one taken, if you're took at all. Each side has a captain. an' they choose you know, One says, \I'll take Reddy:\ other, \I'il take Joe:\ 1 \I want Tommy Jackson.\ \Olmme Sam- my Kline\ -- No they keep a-choosin' till each get a Last thno we was playin' Billy Brown was one Of the fellows choosin'—he's our cham- pion; La' while I was wonderin' who his chase Would be heard bids a-earin' that he wanted me. —Philadelphia Ledger. YAWS o okoo. 0 00ck000000 'o , The f011oWIng Ilet of want q o ads should be read over care- o o fully as thiy may suggest some- a o thing you want or can supply. o ▪ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 For Salo For sale at Moore ---Flour City 30 engine Deere Plows. Price $650.00 ,Jones Bros.,Springfield, S. D. 1 1-6-2 7 For Sale—B-flat Clarinet. - Just the thing for a , new beginner. Cheap if taken at once. Inquire at Empire office. tf For Rent For Rent—The Trentz farm, I mile's east of Moore; 90 acres, 45 acres to summer fallow. Call on or address S. E. Peterson. Competent girl, good cook, wanted; no children. Inquire at Empire of- fice. HOMESTEADS LOCATED in Fer- gus County. Call on or address John Goetz, Platwillow, Mont. 8-14t We have Bran for sale at $13.00 per ton in bulk. At Our mill. Hobson Farmers MU1 & Elev. Co., Hobson, MOTilltn - V T0-2 tf Estray—Came to my ranch 2 miles east of Moore on Oct. 30th, 2 black Spring, pigs. Owner may have same by' paying for this ad and other ellarges. J. D. Bowen, Moore. 11-8-27 COAL! COAL!—Get your coal at the Sharp mine on Rock creek. Can supply .your wants at $3.00 per ton at the mine. MIKE BABILEACH. 11- 6-27. E. G. Worden, Lawyer, First Na tional Bank block, Lewistown,_Molit. Both phones 127. it We put the \OPT\ in optional. See our ad. Wright Land & 'Invest- ment Co. We have a number of the small new maps of Fergus county, size l ‘ 3 -x18, which were drawn and compiled by H. C. Tilzey, former county survey- or. They give all the new towns and postoflices, all railroads --including new lines under construction, all streams, elevations of the principal town, and everyth,ing of importance is loAted accurately. These small maps sell at 25 cents each. Drop in and get one. We also havethe large, mounted map at $6.00 each ahd the large, unmounted map at $3.00, The Inland Empire, Moore. There is a teuaeney Ii bisage to get away frotu pretense, hypocrisy, in- sincerity and poses. The tendency is from the artificial back to the natural. In speech and writing it means to cut out the hifalutin—less rhetoric and more facts. Don't talk for effect. Talk because you have something to say. Be what you are. Say what you mean, not in a way to wouud and of • feud others, but frankly and honestly. Live within your means. To live be youd them deceives nobody for long and in the end spells disaster for your- self. Water seeks its level. Don't pretend to know what you do not know. Don't dogmatize. , Dogma- tism is usually the hall mark of igno ranee. Be simple. It was Tennyson who said of the Duke of Wellington: And as the greatest only are /n his svoplicity sublime. Abraham Lincoln schooled himself In youth to speak simply, to express every thought in common words and so bound and define it that a child could understand. The result was the immortal Get tysburg oration. We are discarding 'the frock coat aiid with it frock coated language and frock coated manners and methods. We are getting rid of shams We are coming to know more and to pretend less. Don't pose. Leave that to the dry goods store dummies. Make o believes don't go very far with real people, and the world is getting, fuller every day of real people. Advertisers are coming to recognize. the wisdom of representing their goods exactly as they are. In the long run it is the only policy that pays. It pays just as well with other pee, pie as with merchants. The man who is worth while within. himself has no need of seeming. Them are plenty who know the real from the counterfeit, whether the counter felt be coin or people. If you are real gold have no fear that you Will hot be discovered. Only fear the acid test when the discovery is Made. Be honest, simple and sincere. Be yourself. _ M LOANS MR. FARMER If You Wish To Make a Mortgage Loan On Your Farm Write US Your Needs Or Call And See US, For We Can Serve Yo.ur Interests. Optional Payment Privileges Prompt Servioe , Courteous Treatment S. E. PETERSON REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE Clary Bldg., •• Moore, Montana 1 611111111•11111111111111=I -- \ — MoORE MEAT MARKET Wm, J. Abel, Prop. 6 Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Fresh & Salt Meats Fish Every Friday OUR BRANDS Moore Hams and Bacons FARM LOANS Optional Payments Money Same Day Applied For Interest and Principal Payable in Lewistown MONTANA LOAN 6 INVESTMENT CO. Phone 496 Next to Bank of Fergus County on 3rd Avenue Lewistown, Montana , Bran, Shorts and Mixed Feed will fit your stock for heavy work Montana Elevator Company D. 0. McGUINN, Agent MOORE, MONTANA SticitneyGasolineEngines ARE THE BEST 0 Can't Hardly Tell Who's Boss 4- - No.1/ The &Wendy does nearly all the work. Sells itse(f If you look it over, works so well you can't afford to discharge it--Hired-man, chore -boy and master - workman go when a Stickney gets on the job. There are 57 reasons why. Came In and see for yourself. DR. E. A. LONG, Dentist Now located in rooms 1 and 3 of the Crowley build- ing. Entire new equipment for bridge work and Dental Surgery. All work\ guaranteed. Prices moderate. Office hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Even- ings 7 to 8. Phone 137. I Dr. E. A. Long, Dentist , . Lewistown, - - - - Montana 4011 11 1,1111 1 1116M1114. 4 •:.

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 13 Nov. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.