The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, November 27, 1913, Image 2

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PAW% THE INLAND EMPIRE Novembei e7th. 1191 I I. '1 ' .1! _ THE INLAND' EMPIRE Jiid1bthietu's kIy UUY C. OSMONDSON Ndltor anti Manager • ; TERMS OF SUBSPftIPT1ON Olt. year (is .adVancsi)..\ ..e2.60 jitet Months, 1..25 Three Mouths.. .75 ADVERTISING HATES fURNiSHED :ON ,APPLICATION ifetered, as tweezed . e . litaa matter t the posioffice ikr Moore, Meet NOVEMBER,e7,191.5 WEDDED HAteetNtesi, When eouplea have no ceiee eu it is easy to reineMeer ALIIIIN aeries, for they intaaa oely tLeiu• selves ta remember. I, am end- ing eighteen years of !nippy war. tied life today. B ;., a'a a rule. would ; advise oth ,te' get Auur- ried younger and 1ive children. I was forty-one whe was mar- ried. I think thagentral run of men should be 'Married before they are thirty and women arsiund twenty-five r before tktrty. I was an old- bachelor. A. couple of bachelor ,frienda of mine. seeing, how 'happy I was, get married, and bet h :were di- •vorced within a year It depends aneetly upon the *me t a you pick eut. A.Ithough wel'hav.e no chil- dren, Mrs. Marshall just adores theta. So do I. tit I attribute My married happfaassa partly, to the fact that w& *T. not had • any children, I sire ;rowing old end might have t#esi . littera and harsh with them: . People ought to Marry young. ; They, often be- ,pairie set in 044 1 ways when • they wait too long.—Vic. Presi- dent' T.- ft. : MarshaU on Ws Wed- ding Anniversary'. ;1.1 Fairners of the YellOW4ont ' tlvmip hae. taken . the initial steps for eit organization of the Producers for the purpose of getting what they. believe ' is their just dues when their produce is ready -ion the market. in Yellowstone county, says the Laurel Outlook, the farmers are hold- °.iug.their membeph.ip strictly to pro- , ducers and in thitt,Wey,\it is believed, they .will be better protevted. The erOductreof the 'riehfarrns . of Mon- tana, favored tut tbefAre by climate z.nd soil conditions, -ought to com- mand the highest prfees on the mar- - itet and do so when -1t happens !hat they are so dietributed that they are for sale under righticonditions. The • formers believe:i(will be possible to ship in such a way that the best mar- ,- :IDA:rival be found ;,*ttinl the supply will be kept equal to the demand, not in excess of it. , 'Whn the latter oc- curs, and espec1ally4oes this 'happen • when other coromitlyikies are all ship- piefeto a conninikeepter, the prOduc- ' er does not reciiite tpr his labor what he is entitled te,aseikfor that reason organization ielnokted upon as a SOW- ' dell of the difficIty.• ! ELECTRIC,,SPARKS: — '' pink for another sise in the price , of gaeoliue.' M r. Roekefeller die ; • trihnted pennies among the children at hisl4fli4lay sehoorthe other day. i tva shottld remember that Russia i ; did not try to interfere with as when lwe were burning witches at Salem. • A' new party has sprung up in China; whose aim is to make confusionbuit the state religion : . Standpatters even iit China' t hese days. • , When New York policeman shoot at runaway steers and kiln bystand- er its' about time- -ter -hie •• a gang of gonmen found them up ii a texi. - A voice from . Loutsviiie snys that Kentucky ne'eda •miseionariem. Yes: some of those benighted mountain- eers still dance the old fashioned round dances. • 'Why cannot'ilie 4rmers of the fer- tile -Judith Rhein : country around 3tioore do the same; thing? • ,Senator Meyere 4 has' introduced a bill, in Congress to permitany home- ssteader who is eilli the owner of his original entry to take advantage of the • enlarged ihomestead law i pro- vided he'cam,fied 160 acres adjoin- ing, of' the character contemplated ,in the law. The. Itreient enlarged homestead law bars settlers who have • heretofore made final proof on their • original entries and only homestead- ers with pending entries may enter the additional 160 acres: , It is un- deistood the' Meyers measure is fev- er d by the land office department Jr you wish to properly diecrimate hi the selection of your holiday gifts Do Your Christmas Shopping Early. The Post Office department has sent out a .couutrywitle appeal tirging shoppers to well their gift paroels as early as possible so as to reduce the contusion whitsh is bound to pre- vail around Chriettnas time. \Do Not Open 1) - 1411 Christmas\ can be writ- ten on Parcel post packages and still entitle them to the parcel poet rate. vv confusion, delay ) ,possible Iola and breakage': by selecting and send- , in. Your Christmas preeente early. i; Eugenics for -4ahool children -.semi altogether unpeftwiary iew . of the opportunity for ifistructi.111 presented through a study Of modern politics. \The litiertareginte is 'unconstitu- tional,\ deciafes Felix Diaz, thereby backing -up the administration with weighty Judicial decision from a wholly 'disinterested source, , ROCK CREEK ITEMS. W. NECK S. CORRESPONDENT Manager Joe Welch, of the Mel- chert ranch was in Lewistown over Sunday on business. • Bert Melchert expects to bring his mules up heres000 for thewinter. John B. Clark is now baling sev- eraLtons of hay on his ranch up in the foot hills. Miss Rowland of Roy, Mont., was expected here Monday, to take up her duties as teacher in this; district. 'Miss Mabel McConnell will be under the Pr's. attention at Lewis town this Week receiving medical care to her tight arm, which she injured a few weeks ago. The Xray enabled ,the physician to lo- cate' the injury; Several from this locality attend- ed the dance:at Clarence All reportesd areexcellent time. • Win. IVIciennell and Evan Jones were in Lewistown this week citi business, ike ha J sold seve4I of Olaf hi re-opelieA the 'SherP' mine./ Some men from the liarlow or the Montana Ranch Co., passed down Rckk Creek, with over 100 head of fine cattle from the ranch up in the SnoWies. Just where they were destined we did not learn. Well, it is now nearing the time, as the 'proclamations have been sent forth Over all the United States, to give' tianks on the 27th ,dday of this mouth for the bountiful and plentiftirtp sustain life. We will again give thanks this fall if we •do not have so much ° snow, which is very plentiful as a rule, to keep the majOr4ty housed like a wood chuck for. the rest of the winter. We will allow the honors to fall to Mr. Turkey, to preside at the fes- tivities upon 'this occasion, and perhap8411 will render a vote of thanks until next time. 61.•,. CHURCH NOTES ,iiimes H. Depend, Pastor Choir practice at the parsonage Friday, at 6:30 p. m. Remember the Likliesi Aid Bazaar on Satur- day ft1ec.*6. The second Quarterly Conarence Will be conducted by Rev. J. A. Martin, District Superin- tendent, in the church, Saturday evening. Dec, 6, at 7:30. Rev. Martin will preach and conduct communion services on ,Sunday Christ.\ A mostscordiak invitation is extended to 'alk AO, attend these services. \•• \ Mrs. J. 1:-foldon, of Alberta, -can - Morning, Dec. 7, at' II o'clock. served long and well and is still ada, was the guest of hes aunt. The Fergus county Sunday school convention will be held in Moore the will of the nation. We thank Mrs. Gaugler, the first of the week. the judges for their kind words in - on Monday and Tuesdey, Dec . 8th The Misses Spain and Jones and Oth. • • praise of the efforts' of these boys. S to spent Sunday with Moore friends, We do not think it practicalsle . unday Services. Suaday chool at 10 a. , T. E. publish their gapers or a synopsis Thanksgiving Day acrylics will S tn. of than' in The Inland Empire as be held at Straw Thursday and the Ladies' Aid will serve a turkey dinner following. The Sun 4y Luella Rice Leader. Sermon at school will give a short program. 7:3O p m., Subject, 'The Unknown these exercises in high school, and all are invited to attend. . Biammar school or any depart -The dance given Tuesday even- ing was well attended. Cahalan'. Harp orchestra furnished exce/lent music and all enjoyed e good time.1 For BM RIMIIIPTS, try an Da- ...Call at Mb — Office For Jobtoork... atm WART Al). THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY By U. C. DODGE f f To give all 109d ProPies a Pr•Ooper Thanks- • glad- ly relinquish . living and hereby Will and who will forfeit the dinner by these presents. I. living nothing so work, desire cremated with carved so that share. My drum sticks I • give_to two nice little boys in hopes they will add many 'pounds\ to,their _joys: my \wish bone\ mat go to a sweet little maid who's wish • will by 'aides be sureirobeyed: my wings, heart. and breast to the ladies must go, with plenty of- **dressing.\ which pleases them so. My dark meat and gizzard and liver so fine to men, if they're thankful. I duly assign; to the Carver, provided he's carved \on the square,\ I leive my:owa \Turk's cap'' he proudly may wear. And, now, if I tappet% alas, to be tough or, Writ so hungry. you doe:t get enough, please fill „ up with pumpkin pies. yellow as gold, with all the sweet eider you ever can hold. But value this Turkey's Thanksgiving bequest, who- for you jest dies se - O ff\' V . Z.1::• \.\\*. \ .. you all may digests • Alf • f —Detroit Free Prow • leli001. NOTES LEWISTOWN TEAM CARRIES OFF CUP Irma Hunter and Harry Bowen , have entered school this week, Mr. Geo. E. Bodin, superinten- dent of th7 Moore schools, who has been attending the Teacher's Convention in Helena this week writes that he is attending some good meetings. The high school gave a short program Wednesday afternoon. Apply to the high school mop brigade for efficient service and rush orders. -- • Dr. S. S. 0 \ wen wAs a recent high school visitor. i Monday, fur townsman F. D. 'Rowers, veteran of the Civil War, presented to the classes in United States History a valuable volume entitled the Civil War through the Camera. This book will be a great help to those studying the Civil War. The pictures, Many of them bona -fide photographs of wa scends, will give an understanding of the events they portray which could be had in no other way. Mr. Powers has written some appro- priate words of presentation in the book, We have placed his pic- ture in -it, and if preserved, the book will be a valuable legacy` to our school, containing as it does • the photograph and autograph of a Civil War soldier connected with our own local history. The second monthly nieeting of the grammar school titerary glub, was given in Odd Fellows' hall last Friday afternoon before alY ap- preciative audience of parents, friends and high school students, The recitations, essays, songs, and the Grammar School News edited by Onoto Barney, were well re- ceived. The little farce \Going to Morrow\ was given its meed of laughter; but that which aroused most interest was the discussion, in debate, of the Monroe Doctrine. The spiestion was, Resolved: That the Monroe Doctrine should no logger be cO'nsidered the fixed policy of the United States. Af- firmed by Messrs. Ivan Calkins and Murry Campbell. For the nega- tive, Messrs. Terry Owen and! Teddy Wight argued that it had the judges suggested, but we JO urge the hien& of our school whether parents Or not, to attend inent in which they may occur, and thus give to our pupils as you I did last Friday the sweetest and watiti:d—Tm tiny i!oine good pots- !moat inspiring. at stimgli, your tees. Inquire at Kipe Hotel. 'Presence -sod appreciation. ••• •fteemP : Nene Ni que giving I the pleasure of declare my last tries to lireak it he'll prise, Now,, know that I. Thomas Turk, for peotile too - lazy to be smiled and care, and skilfully each gets his The shoot\ held here yesterday un- der the auspices of the Moore Rod 1 . _ and Gun Club attracted 'considerable interest among those Who enjoy trap shooting and was well attended. The County Cup was carried off by the Lewistown team, composed of. Gilson,: Weaver, Parsons, Biebee. Short and Ray. Their opponents from Moore consisted. -of Tilzey, • Wolfe, Willard, Terhurne, Combs and Vickroy. Lewistown Ohtained 131, and , Moore 126, out of 150 birds. First honors for high average, were won by Gilson, , who hit *09 out of 220; second 'pace by\ Weaver, 205 out of 220, an&the third place by Parsons, 195 out of 220. • • The winners in the other events were: Event No. 1, Sweepstakes, Prize box of . eigars, Gilson: Event No. 2, rsons Gold Medal, Weaver: Event No. 4, Terhurne Medal, Weaver and Gilson: Event No. 5, Sweepstakes, Prize pair of shoee ? Vickroy: Event Noe'll, Sweepstakes, prize pipe, ‘Veaver: Event No. 7, Sweepstakes - , prize watch chain„ Tilzey: Event No. 8, Sweepstakes, prize hat, Wil- lard: Event No. 9, Sweepstakes, prize carving set, Gilson. CHRISTIAN CHURCH NINES IT REV. PERCY T. CARNES Appropriate Thanksgiving Day services will be held at the Chris- tian church this morning, to which all are invited ti? „ attend, Follow- ing the services the annual Thanks- giving dinner will be'served cafe- teria style. All housewives are in- vited to prepare their dinners and bring i to the church. The dinner will be free to all. I Chaff From Straw Mrs. H. E. Gauger was a Lew- istown shopper Thursday. Wm..H. Shepherd Sundayed at Garneill. Rice, Superintendent. Sermon at I a. m. Subject, 'Love and Service.\ Epworth League at 6:30 p. m., Miss maumr TENTH ANNUAL BALL Moore Camp No. 11021 I A Woodman of America Nmpr T • sgiving 'Night, Nov. 27 at CLARY'S HALL Music by MOORE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Lunch served in the hall 11101MMINIMI111‘...1.1401•1110•111.1M1.11 , •MMIIMMUraM.1.1107OUSIgi.. Tickets, including lunch • 11.50 Everybody Welcome • as inimmusisammormenne ammiumus lommalic s asomm• FARM LOANS We are the people who started OPTIONAL PAYMENT FARM LOANS • in Fergus County and Central Montana We put the “OPT'' in OPTIONAL. And when we say OP- TIONAL we want you to know there are no strings to it. You can pay our loan off ANY TIME, get your papers back without delay and STOP THE 'INTEREST. Interest and principal pay- able at our office. No red tape, no_delay.. We hold out no cash commissions. We collect no interest in advance. We roan on Homestead Final Certificates. Our interest as low as,any other Company. WRIGHT LAND & INVESTMENT CO. EDMUND WRIGHT. Manager 1 . 1 . sitilaw . • ).4 W 1 4 /011,11, Streor iontana 'amous ammanam 4.4.1 Indestructible Steel Heaters; For Automobiles, Wagons, Sleighs Skates for Ladies' and Boys Boy's Sleds and Coasters - Universal Carving Sets Carvers with Durable Edges SilNerware, Latest Patterns of Knives !Forks, Spoons, and Fancy Sets Staple Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, etc., Moore, 'Ildw.,. & Implement Co. THIS MAN'S STORE IS CROWDED -4° BECAUSE WE DO' HIS PRINTING WE CAN CROWD YOUR. STOTIE IN THE SAME WAY Catalogues, Handbills, Folders and Commercial Forms Our Specialty • • ••• Nebo •

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 27 Nov. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.