The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, November 27, 1913, Image 4

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Window Glass Buy glass for those broken during the summer and take ad- vantage of present prices, as it Is go:ling to raise in price. Window Shades, Wall Paper, Etc. L. BANNAN ,. coo it Now. BilTHuR ANYTHING yob would like to bur. NE, trade or rent? If ao try a 'wait ad is The umpire sad ustsli tesults. IL *tab this for my lamobtar aid Mir Soto; I *ash *.s for the covaiaoa of Its ' IIIIbea vast said seed sad .poverte avu Ws. I thank thee. Lore. that grist *sal al- ways last; That Ware's sa sad to orrow's darkest day. Thea give me gratitude ter pleasures past. Ildy joys that thou lowest St to take swap - . THE TURKEY IN HOTELS. we Chefs Give Their Methods ofPre- paring Thanksgiving Bird. That noble bird the turkey struts alluringly before the vision of every housewife in the country. Rene An- jard, chef at the Waldorf-Astoria, New E • York. tellahow cooks the Waldorf s ILL thou my heart with gratitude to- turkey in the \favorite American day - I ?or every *Aqua, weld is moor way,\ as he puts it He says: mane \Begin with the stuffing. Soak suf- Ana Woe the , soolleilt blesenig %all see • way t bread in milk and then strain That cheers my seadoied heart 'alit*, through a cloth. Mix In chopped ba- con, wilting, a small quantity of chop - IL *ash the* 'hot the suashise sad Um pad easa. sage, chopped parsley and Nils; ealt and pepper. This is the most gen- erally used stuffing. Of course the turkey is cooked according to size. A very large bird would take two hours and a half. • medium steed bird would take from an hour to two hours. Lard should be poured on the upsilde of the bird while It is cooking to pro- duce a rich yellow color. Then there is another stuffing that we prepare on state occasions. This is a fancy stuff- ing, with finely chopped flavored meat, truffles and Madeira' wine. These In Che treasures ow l op grottos* are mixed with milk soaked that wove lest verbal Ned On recalled. 0 hate mu Lord. to seas lad sow \the vtll be &see' saws and true, lad iet* vae_wseli.lbsse tupteltateds es, 10X' . • ger an rog end sorrow sad mistakes I humbly otter thaake to thee today. M thus I've teamed to soothe a heart that aches Or tars some weallerses Seit bask te, the way ChM les& * boss avid Mane and pease sad estt, ) • . . Cbus oft can I !bash SOS toe the rod; Cs help soother mourner * bide sits 1Cbus este can I Ism ta has the awe. aio a SEM urns ?sr Thankfulness. A MAY Maid hugged herself wildly is Is the shades of the Taaakagivlas eight - She laughed sad waited. with joy Is her ?WV Susi was a inseam swat. Ito great game was over. The dread she had felt Wesralseseed sow by victors sus. Wee football eleven her lover lieloasod to Mai lailbud the eatioon—ead weg ma —New Tick • bread.\ Auguste Maim, chef at the Hotel AMOK% gave the following Thanbeglv- lag day reelye: \Bread soaked in milk and strained. Mix in sausage meat, chopped cooked chestnuts. a bit of pork. sage sad malt and pepper 1ii4ery once in awhile pour the gravy over the breast until the desired color is attained. This keep; the bird 'juicy.\ Nevertheless these chefs declare the old fashioned way is the best and that probably American housewives 1131011 more about the cooking of a taker tbaa they Thanksgiving Centrists. WIC burglars thankful that he's outl The peittlatiui that he's Ills new reporter tor a bea The seasoned gambler for a win, The tourist that at last he's off. Tb• erstwhile victim that he's en. The climber when he hes \arrived.\ The auctioneer when all soma Soo folk when with tine takileat blessed. The teem if be isn't draws& -41111asise Ward in Push, ‘.0 Thanksgiving—The Dome Day Sy REV. \ DR. N. O. HILLIS. THANKSGIVING is the home day. It is the day for the heart and its affections. It is a day for the dreams and the ideals of youth and maiden. It is a day for youth away from home to freshen thillr hopes and kindle anew theer aspirations. pon this cliv the son returns to his mother and the daughter to her father, together with the lit- tle flock. Upon this day the fire burns brightly on the old hearth- stone, and those far off on sea or land look longingly toward the family festival, even as a bird after long travels longs for its nest. This festival of the family is wholly American, re- peating no tradition, echoing no foreign custom, commemorating no here, no epoch, no revolution. Our fathers founded this holi- day that stood for the home as the typical Anferioan institution. Americus is the only nation In the world that has a holiday devoted to the home and the The Real National SinL Many vain regrets have been ex - praised over the' selection of the eagle In preference to the turkey as the na- tional bird. If the matter could now be put to a vote there is but little doubt that the barnyard bird would wear the crown. The finer feelings of our forefathers may have revolted at the idea of wiping the bitA of friedom, but the patriotism of the past was made of different clay from that of the present practical patriotism. Eco- nomical principles at once suggest the advisability of combining love of coma try and love of turkey. All Alike. Miss Agnes Repplier tells in the At- lantic a story about a New York ;social worker, a woman of earnest character and intelligent methdds. who bad worked hard to establish respectable dance halls for poor girls. The wciman had 'delivered an address at a meeting. 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PrOciamation WHEREAS, in early days our forefathers were sorely oppressed by divers and F.undry afflictions, not the least of these plagues being,the individual who demanded that his friends leave the plow and the anvil and • congregate together at the town meeting -house to affix their signa- - ',tures to a guaranty or bond for the aforesaid Troublesome Person and wttEREAs, in many cases the Scriptural prophecy that \he that is surety for a stranger shall smart for it\ was fulfilled and the predicted smarting multiplied many - fold, and WHEAEAS, of late years, good men wisely have banded themselves together to perform the function of Professional Bondsmen, and have called themselves a Surety Company, NOW, THEREFORE,N virtue of the confidence in us expressed by the Publiewhom we have served for lo, these many years, we 40110feby proclaim Thursday, the twenty-seventh day of tillmber, A. D. 1913, as a•day of Thanksgiving for delivepa . riie from the evil of Personal Suretyship, and do herby declare that all upright men shall become our clients.'ssfeer the day above set apart, and the penalty for:iiat,ackdoing shall be Unsatisfactory Service or the entnityk: Personal Surety -who feareth the sting of g loss. AMERICAN SURETY:tiMPANY OF NEW Mg PETERSON, Agit. Surety :Bonds of Every Chedacier • Clary Bldg., Moore, Montana Prim yew, Jell Werth to The Eatipire Offlo•

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 27 Nov. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.