The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, November 27, 1913, Image 5

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Noventhe, 1913. THE tiliaNT) EMPIRE • 'PAGE FIVE •\- e AP 51 al r-•44 , 1\. usiness Cards . _ DR. 0: - F. DAVID • Physician and Surgeon Calls attended promptly day or night. ---Of, 1 Prmg E. S. PORTER •'• Physician/ and Surgeon. Office and residence over bite State Bank Moore, •Montana DR. S. S. OWEN. ' ' 5 .1'hysician and Surgein Of fir e, * osier', entitling, Maio Street, Moore, Montana. L. P. SHARP, M. D. C. Graduate Chicago Veterinary - College. Office 2(1 5 -F1oor diary Butidine • DR. 0. V. GALKINS, RhIN'TISff. Offie - e - sclbsed Safer - days, open Sunday by appoint- ment.• 04fIce Over State Bank ' Phone 39. Moore, Montana.' ' S. E. PETERSON\ - LAWYER ''''Office in Clary Block. Moore,• • , , Montana. SETH 0. CARROLL. ' Funeral Director. Tembalmine done, Guaranteed satisfactory for shipping, * reasonable pH: ces. Culls answered promptly day. or 'night. Phones 73 . Moore DRAY & TRANSFER Line George F. Cu,rry, PHONE 45. -- _ Moore, Montana. , THE CITY DRAY A.n . Baggage Trailater • Proinpt.ervicre; Ur. Al: BOB SKYLES Prop. Phone 60 I. A. COMBS at:neer: • The Man Who Get Results Moore, . lientana:' 'MOORE LIVERY tt. FEED • •••, • Good His, careful drivers. Feed Ground tens I ey & Ward, ,P t riitprietors. Dr. H. T. RAMSEY Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist • Naw'' hieattiettt ti4 11 Cdttrbs'aiari • Morns Vetentnarrt-hospltal :connection. whereAll stock left ,1p my gna,rge, will .,recelive, care - S. fat agention. Prices roasOmalpie Collis answered day Or 'night: ' Tel. No. \35. Moore; Mont. EVENT il liappepitigt of Interetit Among the People of Moore and Vicinity, • Who Come anel Go and Uttle Events That Add Charm rtiO Lie in/the' Beautiful Jndith Bin ;-: • Plan to attend \A Noble Outcast\ 'Friday, Dec. 5th..• • • • •, . • Mit4 Lethi, Henderson visited - over Sunday': at Great. Falls. • A. K. JohusopoiliarNtou •viTtit- ed 'friends in Moore 'S'in N iday. • E. 0: -Hedrick and family spent Saturday at the county seat. , Your' business' ,js appreciated at the First „National „Ilanl«if Moore. ft)E. ' Ward and Ed Tahasinske •were enufitY seat visitors Monday. , 1 Miss Nettie Shiell; of Ciarneill, at- tended the dance here Friday night. • .Clark Combs, who Is clerking In it store at 'linger; came down to attend thedanee 5 here Friday night. Dr. II. T. Ramsey, the veterinarian, :Wraf4 , )a professional visitorinthe.Vieip- ity of 11 ant sill Monday.evening, • A$ starts a savings ,account at the First National Bank at'. Moore.. Jim. A. Wilson was in the city this week from his ranch near Staliferd. , A daughter was born to 'Mr.. and Mrs..). A. Hendricks on SatdrdaV morning, Nov 22. Now is the time to start to eave.. (et a savings bank at the , Firet Na- tional Rank of Moore. • , Pat •Nihill left on Monday •maining for Long Beach, California to join his family who are .spending the win- ter there. Don't forget the date, Friday, Dec. ;Ail, Outcast,\ ao five act play presented by the liebekatiS a MI L 0„ O. F. 'The Ladies Aid . of the Metinalist church Will hold their Holiday 'Baz- aar in the Ni It ill building eext door to Roeseler's _Bakery ,th Saturday, D* e. nth Plie public ir4 cordially in -- Take advantage of the opportunity vittrd to attend. . to have your Photo taken at home as • • „. the .studio will not remain Opel, vel•Y M. Showan, of - Columbus, at lung. \*.. teniled to business matters here Mon- ' Mr. and Mrs..1,-E Rood who have been employed at the James ranebsenth 'of Moore for the past. three , years, departed on MondtryLI ternoon for P ortage , Wis„ where they, will make home. \Thia'ollice is tit receipt of a ; post . eard-froni,Master Albert •NibilL, who ,spepd,ieg the, winter in, Long Beach, California with his p'u ents In part fu • \? . .'siys: \W& are .having a good time,. I will eat oranges for you and, you throw snowballs for me,\ • •- Mis4icace Dris(roll, a to - . - I y at Thos. Nichorson's 'f:irnt, 'near ent of Moore, was married on .Nov. (lay. He expessed 10111st-it in, r of establishing- a flour mill at MO4tr and hoped the plans•would • soon ina; eri a 1 iz e. • Last Sunday Frank lreeden, who has been stopping at the have 'Hotel, wLS quarantined tor smallpox at W. T. Sharp's office north of the tracks. - The hotel was closed in the afternmet and evening while it was being fetid - gated, . , • Mrs. Jane Silith and Mt', •and 'Mrs. .1901.0 Peter W. Smith at the Meth- odist parsonage in . , Lewistown, .• Rev. c.,. ,Nt.:_ponaldsop officiating. Mr. 'a Will4 r ' s. Smith' wIll make their home ,. lif - Lewistown. • ' iir. alld MFR.' Harry Quackenbush left on Tuesday morning - for Helena, where Mrs. -- Quaekeebush ''will . viSit her p. ents . ,,foF a l , few weeks.' • Mr. soge' li ir Qhii(, ent;itSti'will return tiTi. attend Co' usinesii'nteerh-tor a week or. -tiVii,-VithOn'they Wilfdepar(for Calif.; toapetut-the winter: - Their leit18e 7 1,01(1-geeds,baye been 'stored in the . basement 'of 'the. Ripe Ilotel until . . ,.. .,. tlIeir retu)-n next spring. , , tar ENGAGEMEliT RING • 01A4AONDS and SAPPHIRES A Pleasure •,r, - to Show Goods Harry A. Lackey J eweler - - hograver miumommummoggimmummorms r.,••• ' THANIS .6 1 .1 il 6 U A Y, , By Proclamation of, Cour Governor, Thufsday the 27th of November. is a day of general • thanks, ind we wfsit' to take this opportunity of extendifg to the good people of, this vicin- ity our thanks for their liberal patrrage dur- ing the past year. irst Na.tional Bank of Moore Moore, Monfan - • U. S. : Depository foi Postal Savings . E. Peterson attended a whist Oar- Hobson, Monday evening. The fair MIS given • in honor- of Charles Nicholson and Charles Fail, who de- parted vesterdny morning for Eng- land. . James id, Johnston returned Fri- day morning accompanied by a brid . :. ile_wtis married on the tfith to •MiSs' Bessie. A.',.' Noyes, of Beaver b In' , W is, 'T Mf!,Whitstint''' i - s . Ori?-:''itf . ' 'well to do farmers, • residing a miles south of Moore, and 'has ini - k0 friends in this vicinity Who join i:l e extending the best of wishes. A ftei. 4. tiAire days trial, the jury hi the $1 000 damage ease of • Edward' F. McRae against Benj. Lethltram,../N, M. Mathews, L. L. Bannan, Palriek• Nihill - , L. J. 'breenoughi , J. B, Wei& enborner,• and Dr. ': S. Porter, brought in a verdict for he plaintiff for $1;125, 'A stay of execution has been granted, and it is said an ant peal will . be taken. Last Saturday afternoon at the. lo- cal ball park the Moon...High School football team was decisively defeated by the Lewiston'', Higk, the score at, the termination of the game 'being 37 to O. Willie the -local boys played a good game, considering their lack of practice, they were outweighed- to such an extnt by their opponent*, that it was practically impossible to prevent a, touchdOlvn. The Moore boy S showed good 'speed in this game, but it was apparent that in order to down EWITIO of tkW burly players from the Courtly seat it required from two to three of the lighter local lads to accomplish the feat. One memberi-of . the LewistoWn squad weighed . fully . 200 pounds, while others in ..the line as well as the' backe, Were also Iravy-• Weights, compared' with the Mobre squad. The field was covered with it heavy coat, of snow, •which hindered the players front making fast plays. However, this was but a frieedlY, contest, no casualties being reported. , Last Friday night some of' the. , young men of Mort entertained the .Girls club, as well as a number of Pheir 'ogler lady and gentlemen friends . at *dancing party at Clary's hall. The hall' was prettily deeoraf- . ed with long streamees of erepc paper,,J suspended front the centemnf the ceil- ing to the sides/and ends of the hall. A booth was fitted utrin one corner, where punch was served throughout - the evening. The boys are to be congratulated for theft tmtiring (4 . . 7 , , tbrts in preparing such splundid en- tertainment for their friends. Pre- _., vious to the dance the boys had ftf:‘' 'rittlgcd an elaborate 'supper . for 'the club at the kipe hotel, , 'Which was thoroughly appreciated td . the young ladies. Excellent music rfor the dance SO , Thanksgt‘- ing Ball tonight. „ John \\*. 'Warren departed Stiriday to visit his folk; at Eldorado Springs, Mo. , 5 per cent interest mild on..'*yings . o A r e.(;r or u u nt:ahe t t First is.latkina Batik , • , Good music and a •good tune at Woodmen'a.Tenth Annual Thanks- giviog Ball timight. ' Mr. 'andMrs. Louis Derauleau Of Itenaland arrived •here•yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. Miss Anna D.erati f lean returned on Tuesday tram Great Falls, and . Belt, .where she . has been visiting her sis- ters. • • A. K. Johnson, who is now en- gaged . ' fit' the groeeiv business at Harlowton, spent Sunday with friends in Moore.- , • , • • ('. Plum)? of Lewistown, aceout- panted . by ilia father Who is visiting htinuft'u his home- iu, the east, was a , visitor in Moore MontlaY on business., Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hauck were local visitors yesterday. They ex - pet to leave soon tiir California for. Ihe winter. t„ Ola Wight; •who is now pros perous Innoesteader in the Grass' Range country,: transacted business in the City' yesterday. ', , . ,. The Moore Dancing Club wiligive ;Lit invitation dance at Clary's Audi Friday'evening, Dee. 5th. Music hy Cahalan 's Harp orchestra. For Salt\---LeePer • property in . Moore; small house, lot, feneed; and . ; well. .Low price and reasOnable terms. . Will consider trade kirilive- Stock. Inquire of S F Pet t r. , • • , NOTICE - A AMISS 111C0 i . ng for the portatieul organizing a Cametery Assmaition will be held at (Ian's hall twit Mn,,: day • evening, Pee. A,. at 8 o'clock. The ladies Of this community are re- quested fo . , (Coltimirricm. : „ Card Of Thinks • • To liaise who 'Ilivre beeu wit h n, . „ oa:k heraitveinetinintilty — liind t • al 'kindly acts hive tried to, lessen iltir sorrow, we extend out most 'rain - core thanks. • NI Its. ALB Ettir .1 ‘t. A WI'lltqf ; - , Oil ranch, steady. Work. Experience. Enquire at Ent- . Pire Office. W‘'. It. Anders; .itp. . . • -Dissolution of Co•Partaership' . . , ro Whom These Presents May Come: Notice is hereby . 01'i -it that.the co- partnership heretofore existing under the name and' style of. Maxwell & Olsim, at Ross Fork, in the County of Fergus, State of Montana, has Itern dissolved by mutual consent. • Dated this 81ii'day of NOV. 1913. Edward Olsen, , Moore, Mont. ••••••. NOTICE TO DEBTORS' All those knowing themselves in- debted to the 'Moore Automobile CO. 'will please call and make settlement Of their aceount\ at once. et,• Moore Automobile Co. 5 „.• • \HOMELESS FLOATERS OWN:WORST ENEMY,\ simply because they hack that defi- nite purpose in life --a home ---that carries such an Phfiiice for fru- gality and integritY.Thf course. there are few people who have not planned a home some time or other in their life, because it is human instinct to have a nest of their own, and good intentions are most praiseworthy; but the fact remains nevertheless that intentions lead to NOWHERE Why not decide now to become a recognized factor in the upbuild- ing of our community and start that home you've been thinking about. Do not put it off any longer. Drop in and let us talk this over with you. TI-4gRE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME BASIN 'LUMBER CO.. was furnished by McCollutn's orelle4,0, onfo.Folke) • phone, 19 tra. • F That Horse, . Cowl or Dog of Yours Shilukl Suddenly Meet Witk,ua cideut or you shOuld detect an ailment -in your cattle which Should have immediate attention, is your barn equipped with the remedies that should be used in such cases? We have veterinary medicines of every sort, and the surgical instruments that every owner of horses and, cattle should have at hand. Come in today and let us provide a medi- cine cabinet for your stable, it ill pay you to be prepared. 1 MOM MONTANA. •-•\\ • t4:6 lots \ \ `a: 0- 9 1,, °It .. 0 . 1/ --------- \ - . . ties not ,require a Eng cipital, to establish your credit here. Honesty and the capacity to - handle yourself and your busi- ness satisfactorily, count for a great deal. Open an account at this bank, maintain your repu- tation as a man of eharaetcr and your credit will soon be established as firmly as the Rock of Gibraltar. Younc. , men are especially invited to open accounts. Come in today and talk it over. • State Bank of Moore • FRESH GROCERIES and our prices are the best to be -had Our Entire Stock of HARDWARE ••• is on sale at prices that will induce you to buy Builders' Hardware. If you need any, BUY NOW. We have an assortment of Bolts which will be sold at cost. • CASH GROCERY COMPANY A. M. SAMUELS, - MANAGER You will be repaid by using Qui. Columns.

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 27 Nov. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.