The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, December 04, 1913, Image 5

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Reciembet 4th, 1913. igi;04,34.; . 4 ! ittidatt) laMP11.14,. PAGE FIVE •• - q . Moore, Business Cards DR. 0. F. DAVID PhYskian end Surgeon eine attended nremPUY day or night. Of, David Drug Co. DR. E. S. PORTER Physician and Surgeon. Office and reeidence over the State Bank • Montana. DR. S. S. OWEN. • Phyaician and Surgeon Offke, Owen Building, Main Street, Moore, Montana, L. P. SHARP, M. D. C. Graduate Chtcago Veterinary College, Office 2d Floor Clary fintldtag. DR. 0. V. CALKINS. 'DIONTIST. Office 'closed Satur- days, open Sunday._ by appoint - meat. Office over State Bank. Phone 39. Moore, Melitalia, S. E. PETERSON. • LAWYMR Office in Clary Block. Moore, Montana. SETH 0. CARROLL.. • Euaenfil Diesetor. done, Guaranteed satisfactory for shipping, at reasonable -pri- ces. Calls austvered promptly day or night. Phones 45, 73. Moore DRAY & TRANSFER Line George F. OurrY Prop. PHONM 45. Montana. Moore, THE CITY DRAY LINE... - , 41id Baggage Transfer. Prompt Service to All *(1ft-SKYLES Prop. - Phone 60 I. A. COMBS Auctioneer. The: ,Man Who data Rasmus 'Moore, Montana. - MOORE Liveity rEep t , STABLE. Good rigs, careful drivers. Feed Ground Heysley & Ward, Proprietors. - e 4 Dr. H. T. RAMSEY Veterinary Surgeon And Dentist 1 1 9tIt;,. .41.*APPkb1 5JU., eterinary hospital in connection. where all stock left Sit my .dare Will receive care- ful attention. Pries' reasonable (Ulla answered day or night. rill. No. 36. . Moore, Mont. LOCAL EVEN Plan to attend \A Noble Outcast\ - Friday, Des. 5th, Miss Zeilla Palter visited at Lew- , Istown yesterday. • Mrs. A. Young -wee a Lewistown visitor on Tuesday. sif Intermit Among t6 People of Moore and Vty. Come and Go and Little Events That Add Charm To Life 111 t6 Beautiful Judith 518;13 :-: Farnigra' meeting. at Moore, Dec. 19 \Spot\ Sperry ofStraw spent Sun- day evening in the city. Ed Olson was a businegs visitor at Lewistown on Monday. Hon. and Mrs.—C. P. Tooley of Twodot spent Thanksgiving Day with relatives in Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Marti!1 were visitors in the city on Monday from their ranch on Louse creek. Good Photographs are not made in a day. Call early and avoid the Xmas rush, at Moore Studio. Manager II. E. Strong, of the Moore Mercantile company, was a business visitor at the county Seat Tuesday. _ Leo Horan and Enos Dotson x eccom- panted by the Misses Spain and Jones of Straw, and Miss Gordon, a school teacher from near Lewistown; Spent the latter part of the week at the S. L. Dotson home in this city. - George W. Belcher, who is now engaged in business at Denton, was a Moore visitor Monday. He says that the new town is doing nicely, but owing to their inability to ship in sufficient lumber, building progress Is rather slow at present. The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church will hold their Holiday Bazaar In the Nihill building next door to Roeseler's bakery on Saturday; Dec. nth. Dinner begins promptly at 11:30 and supper at 5:00. Sale begins promptly at 13 1 .'00 m. The public is cordially invited to attend. Mrs. Sane Smith \entertained a few (Mends on Wednesday afternoon in honor of her Water, Mrs. Chas. Ray of Hobson,. Delightful refreshments, consisting of sandwiches, coffee, fruit salad and cake, were served and a very pleasant afternoon was spent. .Fran it Breeditp, wito,is, confined to kiim With smanpOx, is dping and 'will be oat again in* - tek It has been established that he con- tracted the disease at the ' Frederick ,Hotel in Judith Gap, where small- pox prevailed, mt was net reported until that town nearly had an epi- demic. Attend the Farmers' meeting at Moore, Dec. 19th. C. M. Harris - was a Wiliness visitor in the city Friday from Hobson. Mr. and Mrs, L. M. Estes and Wal- ter Estes were county seat visitors Saturday. Stanley Arkwright, pf Miles City. is the new assistant at the State Bank of Moore. Photos for Xmas are right, just the thing. Make your settings now, at •the - Moore Studio. Mrs. L. W. Tenney, of Judith Gap, spent Thanksgiving day in the ci0 as a guest of Mrs. Jane Smith. O.' Hampton of the Remotest, Hardware Co., was at Lewistown to- day attending to business matters. THE ENGAGEMENT RING OF DIAMONDS atfl 'S . APPNIDES A Pleasure to Show Goods - Harry A. Looksy ..- • Jeweler - - Engraver TRAVELEILS CHECKS LETTERS oF CREDIT II Responsible people may borrow letters of credit or travelers cheques, take an ample supply paying for them when used, and returning any unused portion without coat. Under special arrangement, this bank carries in its own vaults for immediate issue, large amounts of travelers cheques and letters of credit, through their PrincrOal correspondents, payable in every •bankinff town in the world. ti This bank is glad to show letters of credit orlravel. era checks to any one intereste& and to explain in detail their use and value. We want your Checking *count • • • • This • • • • First National Bank Moore. Of Moore - Montant U. S. Depository for Postal Savings Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bates departed this afternoon for Des Moines, Iowa, where they will visit until February. Don't forget the date, Friday, Dee - . 5th, \A Noble Outcast,' a five act play presented by the llebekahs • and L 0.0. F. Mrs. Peter Smith, formerly Mies Grace Driscoll, arrived in the city thin afternoon from Lewistown fork visit with friends. Messrs and Mesdames C. E. Koin and Sam Weaver of Lewisto autoed into' town yesterday while e route to the Weaver farm west of herp. Lost—Between Ktinefelter re '- dente_ and tNiIilIi building on in street, ladies' 914d Elgin' watch. ward for return to Mrs. H. N. feiter. it. p Bob Mork% accompaedvd by his manager, W. D. Huff, went to Lew- istovin last might to arrange a bill- ing match between .Skyles and Paddy °Tern of that city. Thanksgiving Day was fittingly ob- served in this city in appropriate Or- ifices at the churches and the custeni- ary fesetingAnd merry...making. 11 41-- ness houses remalned closed durine the day'. Jesse 4Estes, who has been Moore for the past few days fre* his #mriestead near Everson, went to Lewistown Tuesday to file an ad- ditional homestead. • W. A. Johns and Walter Elates accompanied him as witnesses E. H. Argesinger spent Sunday with friends at Garneill.... Wanted—To buy' some g'nod -- pota- toes. Inquire at KiPe yotel. . -. • Fred Merles,. of Harlowton, vraiiOn . the city *on business yesterday... Jas. L. Lowe bee been serving as a juror in district court' thin Week. K. C. Spurgeon of Straw was a •business visitor in tile city yester- day. Mass will be held at the Catholic church in Moore on Sunday Dec. 7th, at 10:30 a. an. •. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Nicholson 'of Hobson were visitors in Moore the first of the week. Mrs. Chas. Ray, who has been visiting relatives , in time., city ; re- turned to her home at Hobson this !morning. C. A. Christopherson .eame from his ranch near II:Amu spend Senday with his family. children are attending 'school this winter. • - over to His here L. M. Birnell left on Saturday morning for Kansas - City,. where he witil undergo an operation arsone qf the hospitqs. He expects to treturn lw th i n three weeks.' • • If yon are not interested in better -.1 ing conditions for the farmer .don't attend the Farmers' meeting in this city -Dec. 10. If you; favor helping the fanner, go to-thelneeting„ • On Friday night, Dec. 12th, the 'Moore Commercial) club will .give the first Old Time dance of the season, to which all are cordially invited, fIlhe dance will be held in Olary's hall, where supper wit\ also be served at midnight: It is anticipated that a large crowd will be present. Blamer Davis, district deputy head consul of the Modern Woodmen of America, who ban been in Moore for the past month trying to stimulate interest in the local order, departed yestendhy morning for his home at Kansas City. While here he induced 5. number of young men of Moore and vicinity to join the Woodmen. - A Petition for a rural free delivery mall route from Moore to serve the country south and southwest of Moore is being circulated among the farmers residing in that vicinity. GE40. Naessig, who has been active in presenting the petition, states he believes eufficient signatures can be secured and patrons obtained to in- sure the establishment of the route. Flour Mill Question Discussed ' At meeting of the Commercial Club. held last evening, several at- tractive propositions were submitted :relative to the establishment of'• n et flour .m111' in this city. Since tho recent publication of an arttecile in Wile Empire concerning a custom. _ 'flour irs11 here the . Q111) has received. uumerous Inquiries and qaantitiew:of 'Literature in refe'rene to partieS - tsiring 'locations for mills, as wgif as correspondence from constrnetion. companies and manufacturers iing machinery, from all partn..,Of ' the coantry. , - •— ,, . considerable discusalon was 1 11 4.\ ad • . to - _ the different _propositions, _some theing . 4more feasible than others - A - (certain miller in Iowa' offers to Move his 50 barrel mill machtnei& - to 'Moore. and take stock in a eon1on:0 to be organized to the . amount of It vague: Another writer •offers to con- . strtret and equip a n - barrel mill at , a very ilow cost. More detailed infor- mation. will be aslud for and re- ported on at a later meeting. A , committee reported that a number of local farmers have signified their - willingness to take stock in a local floor company, tho no -definite subscriptions for stock have yet been solicited. . The committee on the Old Time dance reported they had engaged mask and made tbe necessary ar- rangements to give it on Friday evening,. Mc. 12th. Olary's Hail will he used for the occasion. Inincli baskets should be brought. in, and toffee will -be provided by the Olttb.1 . There was some discuasion as. to! new room a for the Club, the mat- ter being left to a committee. 'After hearinig a report on the deltnenent members, of which there were sev- eral, an adjournmeint was taken until next Wednesday evening, Dec. 1040... 25 per cent Discount on all Holiday Goads Phonogr For Cash Cash goods in $45 a p FREE Holiday away FREE a worth of records 50c Grab Sale. This sale is for Only. See on display show window. h 25 per cent Discount on all Holiday Goods • For Cash • With our Special - • We are giving • graph and $20 number in our 50c Sale $45 Phone- ° for winning 25 per cent, Discount on all Holiday Goods For Cash 25 per cent . Discount on all Holiday Goods For Cash MOORE MONTANA. Last Saturday the Public Service commission of this State reduced th electric lighticag rates to be charged by the Montana Power company in 31 Montana towns from 12 to 50 per cent. The minimum rate was reduc ed to $1 in all cities served, and the new rates take effect from Dee. ,lst. The rates in Moore were re- duced practicably 33 14 per cent, the old minimum rate being $4.50, and .the new $1. The general lighting rates for Moore are: Gross, old .15, new .12; 20 per cent reduction. Net, aid .14, new .114; la% per ciint re- duction. An hour's drive on the roads around Moore will soon demonstrate to the most chronic skeptic that efficient. work can be done with the road drag, if properly handled. The county road from OdenWald's farm. Just north of town, to Cottonwood Creek has been carefully and dilimmtly dragged this fall and a better and smoother road mild not be asked for at any season of the year. The same condition does not prevail on most of the roads in and around. Moore, due no doubt to lack of care. This is a matter wh;eh should be looked after by the proper smthorities during the winter as well as during ths summer season. - HOMELESS FLOATERS OWN WORST ENEMY.\ simply b l ecause they lack that defi- nite purpose in life ---a home---tliat carries such an influence for fru- gality and integrity. Of course.. there are few people who have not planned a home some time Of other in their life, because it is human instinct to have a nest of their own, and \ good intentions are most idaiseworthy; but the fact remains nevertheless that intentions lead to NOWHERE Why not decide now to become a recognized factor in the upbuilc1-, jug of our community and start that home you've been thinking about. Do not put it off any longer. Drop in and let us talk this over with yOtt: THERE'S NO PLACE 1,1KE HOME.' BASIN LUMBER CO. Moms Folks) Phone 11 If you put money in the bank es! That 'home you think of buying, when you have the price, need not be a dream for long if you open a bank account. Even a dollar. will start THAT. Economize on your ex- penditure and commence today—here—where we welcome just such accounts as yours. We will help you. State Bank of Moore • RESH ROCERIES and our prices are the best to be had Our Entire Stock .of HARDWARE is on sale at prices that will induce you to buy Builders' Hardware. If you need any, BUY NOW. We have an assortment of Bolts which will be sold at cost s CASH GROCERY COMPANY M. SAMUELS, - MANAGER You be. repaid by using our ad Columns. • ,

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 04 Dec. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.