The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, December 04, 1913, Image 6

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December 4th. 1913. 1 All Wool Sweaters .pr the Boy and the Girl A Good Healthy Garment Price $2.75 and $3. The Geni' Togyery W T. SHARP Contractor & Builder ALL KINDS OF CEMENT WORK Ctment Block, Brick and Concrete , Houses a Specialty A FINE LINE OF CEMENT MACHINERY . A.RCHITECT of the latest up-to-date recniern building. Plana and specifi- cation* foroished on all kinds of eunlic buildings and dwelling housea, with supervision if desired. ALL WORK UtJARANT.EED tit core, - • - Montana Three Weeks Till Xmas Do Your Shopping Early elutscribe for The Empire NOW. Empire Waut Ads PAY. WANTS o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 V The - following list of want q o ads should be read over care- o o fully as they may suggest some - o thing you want or can supply. o p o ott00000000 0 0 0 For Sale For Sale—Bartlett Sewing Machine, good as new. Inquire of Agnes Mus- grove, Moore. ltp. For Sale---Leeper property in Moore; small house, lot, fenced, and well. Low price and reasonable terms. Will consider trade for live- stock. Inquire of S. E. Peterson. For sale at Moore ---Flour City 30 engine Deere Plows. Price $650.00 Jones Bros.,Springfield, S. D. 11-6-27 \ For Sale—B-flat Clarinet. Just the thing for a new beginner. Cheap if taken at once. -.Inquire at Empire office. tf Found—On Fergus avenue last Thursday a ladies' new Jewel right shoe, size 3. Owner may have same by paying for this ad. Moore Hdw...& Imp. Co. 11-13 tf HOMESTEADS LOCATED in Fer- gus County. Call on or address John Goetz, Piatwillow. Mont. 8-14t Wanted—Work on ranch, steady work. Experience. Enquire at Em- pire office. W. H. Anders, 2tp. E. G. Worden, Lawyer, First Na tioital Bank block, Lewistown, Mont Both .phones 12'7. tf We put the \OPT\ in optional. See our ad. Wright Land & Invest- ment Co. ALLAN A. RYAN. Son ef T. F. Ryan, Financier, Who Testified Against Sulzer. *1918, by American Press Association STATIONERY • CORRECT in Style and Substance • At INLAND EMPIRE Office 0111111a MOORE MEAT MARKET Wm. J. Abel, Prop. W holesale & Retail Dealers in Fresh & Salt Meats Fish Every Friday OUR BRANDS Moore Hams and Bacons The Ladies Aid of the Metbisdist church will bold their Holiday Baz- aar in the Nihill building next door to Roeseler's Bakery on Saturday, Dec. 6th. The public is cordially in- vited to attend. Dissolution of Co -Partnership To Whom These Presents May Come: Notice is hereby givenihat the eo partriership heretofore existing under the name and style of Maxwell & Olson, at Ross Fork, in the County of Fergus, State of Montana, ,has been dissolved by mutual consent. Dated this 8th day of Nov. 1913. Edward Olsen, Moore, Mont. We -have a number of the small new maps of Fergus county, size 13a18, which were drawn and compiled by H. C. Tilzey, former - county survey- or. They give all the new towns and postoffices, all railroads --including .new lines under ctinstruction, all stretuaiiti, elevations of the principal towns, and everything of importance Is located accurately. These small maps sell at 25 cents each. _Drop in and get one. We also have the large, mounted map at $6.00 each ahd the large, unnaotufted map at $8.00, The inland Empire; Moore. NOTICE A mass meeting for the purpose of organizing a Cemetery Association will be held at Gall's hall next Mon- day evening, Dec. 8, at $ The ladies of this community are re- quested to attend also. Cosimirete. • The new county of 0 , Fallon, cora- l - prising the eastern part of what was formerly Ouster county, was created by special election last week. The question of the permanent location .the county seat was bittenly fought between the towns of Ekalaka and ABaker, but will have to be decided' at the next general election. r DR. E. A. LONG, Dentist plow located in rooms 1 and 3 of the-crowley build- ing. Entire new equipment for bridge wort and Dental Surgery. All work guaranteed. prices moderate : , Office hours, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Even- ings 7 to 8. Phone i37. Dr. E . A. Long.Dentist Lewistown. Montana Bran, Shorts and Mixed Feed will fit your stock for heavy work Montana Elevator Company D. 0. McGUINN, Agent MOORE, MONTANA An Open Letter to the Telephone Using Public Denver, Colo., November 30, 1513. The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company, in the con- sided:titian of its future development recognizes that its highest interests • tie a , public utility lie in establiehing the .closet and most friendly rela- tionship with. the public generally, and with its patrons in particular; therefore, it is the purpose of The 'Mountain States Telephone and Tele- graph Company through this an- nouncement, to inaugurate what may be .termed an adyerttsing educational series of articles, both in the news- papers and In the form of letters to its customers. It is Gus hope that ahis canipagin may mark a new era in the relation of public utility cor- poratioas to the public they serve. We want. this education to work both ways—that the public may learn the truth about us, arid that we may [earn how the public regard us, and how we Inv fairly and efficiently nerve the public e -in Other words, what is just and, right to , us and to She people, and .to convince the !petite - that we will voteitartly 'remedy any wrongS we are doing, if pointed out to us. We shall show . you our financial -affairs, frankly and freely. It so hap- pens that our financing has been of such a nature that it is easy for us to cleanly show . 46 you this side of our affairs. Whsit . we mean by this Is, that we have : ; ; .biscilutebr no water • in our stock; weahave no bonds, nor any preferred stock, and no mort- gage of any kind upon which to pay fixed charges. We have more invest- ed in - our plant ,its present repktee rnent value than', our issue of com- mon stock, and we have no other stook issued thao the common stock. There are no wilsols within' wheels, nor companies vaihin companies, to absorb profits. We finance oureelves from year to year by selling our vAnrmon stock to the pedple, at not 1 :•eEs than 'Par, in the state a in which ...„ we operate. When we tell you our story of our financing, we wilt prove to you that there never have been any fortunes, large or small, made ote of the manipulation of our stock—in other words, no high finetecing has ever been done in c 'section with The Mountain States:Telephone and Tele- graph Company, or its predecestors. The stock never has had , any epecu- lative value, it •itas been, and is now. simply a safe investment. There is a great misunderstanding anpon the part Of the public as to this side of our. butainess: Persons with ulterior Motives, striving for office, and newatpapers wishing to give startling netts (see note Wow) freeptently pubileh stories of how rich certain officials of our company are. Right now, this is being done In connection with the new revenue tax. We suppose thee stories groin out of the belief of certain of , the Public that the executive . officials of our company own the entire plant. It, is absurd, for these execnitive of- • fkials of our company are merely trustees of the property, for the stockholders, and none of theen are rich men, nor hive they a very heavy heading of the stock of our company \—some of them being on . our _Hoard of Directors—bot not one of them lies Made any money whatsoever out of dealing in our stock. They stave paid dollar for % dollar, in cash. at - par, into the treasury of our com- pany, for every share they hold, and they have simply come into our corn - 'pony because they believed it to be a safe investment. ' There le, too, upon the part of the public, a feeling that the -company is rgely engaged in politics. We imao ine this feeling is. caused -by the fact that - in the past, simply from the standpoint of self preservation, cer- tain corporations were almost corn petted to be in polities; but in these - days, when the tendency is to olact All corporations and trust affairs in- to the hands of a central body, such as the Interstate Commerce Commis Sion and local state commissions, etc to deal with the conduct of business- es such. as ours, being in politics, as believed by. the public, would bt a foolish thing and entirely unnec- essary. This is, therefore, to state emphatienfily that 'we , are -not, eithei directly or indirectly, in politics, in any way, shape or manner, and We sihall not be. We are going to attempt to give vett the entire story as to our rates, We have been told, - When stating to some of the public that we propos ed starting a campaign like this, that our efforts would be futile; theta our subscribers would turn oue to in selfish and only look toward the end of getting as cheap telephone rates Ss possible. We do not believe this. We believe that the great majority of the public are Inclined to •be fair, and that It is not so much the clues 'Lion of what our telephone rates an. as It is that when we make a state- ment regarding them, and show our 'true financing, that we shalt_ be hon- eat, and that the public shall know that we are honest. That when we make a statement as to our profits bought, or sold, so as to alone, cover and earnings, showing Just where the property in Montana, but• that the dollar that,tieth our subscriber pays e purchase must include their prop - goes, the public may know that wel erty in tile states of Idaho and Wash-. ere not trying to deceive them or keep anything back that should be shown\ When we honestly do this and our position seems to be justt and right, we 'believe that the fair - ewes of the public will sustain' us. We are going to set forth .the_ . In- herent difficulties of giving univer- sal telephone servidn. These Articles • and letters Evelio` to be a piece of special pleading or adroit use of any words, but * a clear, bustness-like set- ting forth of facts. 'We lave, before we get through, both ourselves and the public will understand each oth- er better. There is at least no harm 'to be done in trying to accom- pitah this desired result: It is our aim to educate, please and satisfy the public and to , be educated ours -elites. It seems to us that every corporation , has the right of self-defense, the same as an in- dividual. The public has the same right. Listen to our defense and we will listen to 'yours. No problem has- ever been harder for us than duet how we were going - to let the pubtie know truly about • us, but we **Sieve that no problem VIM ever more important to both. If we real- ty can make your feel that you are a 'partner in . our business, we shall have accomplished mete A large part of the problem will be solved, If we can only bring the public, then eduoation to a ruttier lindensianding that there is, a mutual dependence between the public Service corpora- tions and the public, and that Dub' tic prosperity depends largely upon the utilities that bring themin con- tact . with each other, and that the more nearly -perfect_ in efficiency al- so-- sufficiency the utilities serving the public are, the more prosnerity, comforts and conveniences the peb- ble enjoy., We believe our story is an Inter- esting one, and we hope that every- one wilt read it. NOTE.—As an instance of the kind of startling news which newspapers sometimes publish, we want to - call sttention to recent articles in the newspapers headed, \United States Government Calls Upon Two Girl ,Ste- nographers to Tell Where They Ghat tPwo Million Dollars lo Form the Cor- poration Securities and investment Company.\ Then the articles went _ on to say that this Corporation Secur- ities and Investment Company was a scheme of the Telephone Company to further its punpose of monopolizing telephone companies, etc. The truth Is that our company has been met with a strong feeling in the State of Montana—welt-nigh univer- sal—that something should be done to reliever the - citizens of that state of two telephone ystems. Public meet- tngs have been held, and votes taken, that the telephones of onp or the other \ of the systems — should be thrown out. Resolution's and letters have been submitted to as, and we have started out to see what we could de tin relieve the citizens Of the state of this , barden. . We . found that the Independentn- terests operatin.g- there also opera- ted. in Spokane, in the state of Wash- ington, and in northern Idaho, and that the Iodependent interests doing business* in • Montana could _not be- ington, The Moto - nein States Tele- phone 'and Telegraph Company does not operate in either of these sec- tions, and; therefore, let not respon- sible for telephone . conditions there, nor does it wish to operate there, but we felt we must . meet the situa- tion Lu Montana, and so, in order to be in a position to either buy or sell tram or to, the Independent _Inter- ests - in Montana, there - was formed thin Comm - non Seeurities and reveal, ment Company, as a corporate come veiny 5 to enter into negotiations with the Independent interests in Mon- tana, which *negotiations are now in progress, and, if possible, to buy • these , IndependOnt interests In Mon- tana, n.orthetn Idaho and VVaeltington, and then In the end, if that purpose was ACCOMPlished, the Corporation Se rarities and Inv4tment Company ytiL sell to the Mot - int-MU States Telephene and Telegraph Company the portion tif the Independept plants clocated in northern, Idaho and Washington. We expiate' this so the public may kalow that in the. above Po_reword. Where we hay 'there is no connannea within a company, or wheels within 'wheels,\ we are speaking absolutely 'truly, and also that this Corporation. Securitieit and Investment 'Company, o - which was so freely advertised by - the — evrthales In the newspaper referred to, is absolutely a legitimte - and prop- er company and organized for the specific purposes stated. The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company es, if

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 04 Dec. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.