The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, January 15, 1914, Image 2

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k PAGE TWO ••••••11.14111.... THE INI.,AND EMPIRE. Thursday, January 15, 1914. TEE INLAND EMPIRE Judith Basin's Weekly GUY C. OSMONDSON Editor and Manager 41 1110PCIA MA J TAT2RI P ASIOCiATi J II ON 41111111 . TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION One year (in adrance).. ..$2.50 Six Months.. .. 1.26 Three Mouths.. .. .. .76 ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Moore. Mont. Thursday, January 15, 1914. lie proposition, of properly light- ing the say should demand attention Sight now and should come up for s.otion by the council at an early lose. Inasmuch .as the property own - are the ones Who foot the bills for these improvements, they should take the pains to inform themselves on, the subject and make their ideas sflown to the council. So far as paper is concerned , , we believe sow, as we have often stated in these columns, that Moore should have a street fighting system, and if it can be secured, under proper con- ditions, the sooner we get ft the bet- ter. Many towns in the state the b 'lanterns .nana JO `0.1001V. JO azis have their thoroughfares lighted to a ortain extent and we should no al- low ourselves to lag behind. Let us have lights, by all means. but 1st us • 30 use oonsiderable discretion in liscitling upon a system; get a good that will not cost too much and II at the same dale servo the great. .t number of people. Vol. 1, No. 2 of the Melstone Mes- osager established at Melstone with .1. H. Sarvis at ;its head, reached our oxohange table this week. It is a newsy five column eight page paper anti is liberally patronized. by busd- sess men Which bespeaks for it sue- I 16:s. There are 'persons who criticise bur Commencial Club and say it is doing nothiag. Look over the mem- bership. Are these critics an the list? Has any local citizen, who is not a :member a right to •question Tts actions? IWould it Dolt be fair bet- ter for these critics to get in line and \start something?\ In some taws there may -be good reasons for not becoming a member, but gener- hlly speaking no loca'l business man should refuse to unite in this move- oent for the betterment of Moore ni vicinity. The increased member - JP of the Club indicates that men Materially interested in Moore wish td do their share. 'The recent ban- tatelt was a great \get-together\ meet - trig and it is hoped such events will boour oftener in the future. ROCK CREEK BRIEFS. (Wm. Plegols, Correspondent) t A fire, caused by a cigarette, de- stroyed a granary on the Bert Fran- cis ranch, formerly known as the Britton Barrett ranch in the foot- hills, on Tuesday of last week. The imated loss is about 3100 , , includ- Lug some grain. The annual meeting of the Trout Creek Percheran Home company was (hold at the home of Jas. Pyjes for the (purpose of transacting general business of the year just passed. The - same officers were retained in the company and it is the intention of the stockholders to dispose of the present home. Mr. and (Mrs. Britton Barrett and family 'were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. MeNaughton at the Stone Barn ranch (last . , Sunday. Archie 'Manuel' and !Iparl Holland have gone to the Cat -Creek Basin in eastern Fergus ,county. Mrs. Frank Musgrove had the mis- fortune to fall,. sustaining injuries to her hand, in 'which poison set in. She was in Moore to consult a phy- sician. Mr. (Slinde was a caller at the .1. B. Clark ranch Monday. Mrs. Evan Jones and sister, Miss Vesie, visited at the McConnell ranch Sunday. Britton Barrett attended the Hen - !lemon stale last week, ousel - lasing !wo high grade heifers, which he will add to his milk herd. B. Clark is now engaged in inuling his baled hay to Moore. .4 'Rowland, teacher of the Rc.:dc '\reek school, visited with her aunt, Mrs. Fogle, west of Trout. ercelo William (McConnell, while in Chi - ago, had the opportunity of meet- '.ng Hiram Leonard, better known to Ati time residents here as \Hi\ Leon - rd, at one time a resident rancher si the foothills of the Snowies. AT THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.- - - GRACE LEACH DOSTE/R The evangelistic services at the Christian church are attracting vast audiences nightly. Rev. L. Huilser, of Deer Lodge, arrived Tuesday and will do the preacibine thruoult the re- mainder of the meets/Ilse He is an earnest speaker and his themes, pre- sented in a, simple, unatfoctoal man- ner, are listened to attentively. Grace Leech Meter, of New YO7 has charge of the chorus and con- gregational singing and is doing her 'work in a most gratifying way. She Is especially strong in solo work, and her deep, rich contralto, trained to, the highest state of efficiency under the tutorage of the most competent and painstaking instructors in the East, is highly pleasing to the most critical. To not hear her is to MISS a treat, seldom, if ever, accorded the people of 'Moore. Services at 7:30 every evening this sack and next, and every Sunday 'morning and evening at the usual how's.. The general public cordially invited to all services. Percy T. Carnes, Pastor. ALIAS SUMMONS. State of Montana„ County. of . Fer- sus----ss. In the Justice Court Ross Pork Township, Fergus County, Monta- na, before H. N. Klinefelter, pstice of lie peace. Moore Mercantile Company, a car- poration, :plaintiff, vs. Frank 1 E. Dir- ty and Bertha Darcy, defendants: The State of Montana s greetings to the above named fondants: Yea are hereby , summon- os to appear before me, H. N. Kline - falter, just - foe of the peace, in and foie Boas Fork township, in the oounty of Fergus and State of Mc.n- tuna, at my office in Moore in &aid tuna, at my office in Moore in said eounty and state on Saturday, the 14th day of February, 191.4, at 10 'o'clock a. in, of said day then and there to make answer to. the corn- pinint of the Moore Mercantile .cosi- pany, the above named plaintiff in a' civil action. The said action is brought to 'cover the sum of Othe Hundred and Ten lkillars and forty-five one I hundredth, dollars ($1.10.45)1 for goods, wares and 'merchandise sold and de- iiaersd to the above named defend- ants at their special instance and request for (which they agreed to pay. • And you are hereby notified that st you fail to appear and answer judgement will be taken against you BCrths Darcy, one of the above named defendants, according to the complaint, and costs of suit in their belialf expended. Given under my hand this 14 day of January, A. D.. 1914. H. N. KIsINIEFFILTER, Justice of the Peace In and for said township. 1-15-2-5 S. E. Peterson, Attorney for Plaintiff. ALIAS SUMMONS. State of Monitnna,, County of Per- ,gus—es. In the Juistice Court Ross Fork Township, Fergus County, Montana, before H. N. Klinefelter, justice of the peace. Power Mercantile Company, a cor- poration, pilaintliff, , vs. C. F. Har- per, 'defendant. The State of Montana Sends Greet- ing to the above named defendant ; You are hereby summoned to appear 'before me, H. N. Klinefelter, jus- tice of the peace, in and for Ross Fork Township, in the County of Fergus and State of Montana, at my office in Moore in said cows*: and state on Wednesday the 28 day of fianuary, 1914,, at, ten o'clock a m of said day, then and there to make answer to the complaint of 'the Pow- er Mercantile Company, the above named plaintiff in a civil action. The said action is brought to recover the sum of Fifty-three and sixty-five one hundrethas dollars ($63.6.6) for goods, wares and merchandise solid and delivered to the above named de- fendant at his special instance and request. and for which he agreed to pay. And you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and. answer, Judgement will, be taken againat you, C. F. Harper s the above named de- fendant, according to the complaint, and costs of suit in their behalf ex- tended. Given under my hand this 29b1. day of December, .A. D. 1913. H. N. KLINEFELTER, Justice of the peace in .1-1 -22. and for said township. Don't Forget Dr. E. A. Long; 'The old reliable dentist, -Is giving \ a very liberal discount on all! dental work during this month. It whit pay you to investigate. Exami- nations and estirrati,s.s free. Censult him at your earls lest convenience. Dr. E. A. Long, Dentist Office 8 A. M.-8 P. M. CROWLEY BLOCK. Lewistown, - - - - Montana C. M. Kelly ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Lewistown, Mont. Careful work. Reasonable charges. MOORE MEAT MARKET Wm. J. Abel, Prop. Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Fresh & Salt Meats Fish Every Friday OUR BRANDS Moore Hams and Bacons W. T. SHARP Contractor 8z Builder ALL KINDS OF CEMENT WORK Cement Block, Brick and Concrete Houses a Specialty A FINE LINE OF CEMENT MACHINERY ARCHITECT of the latest up-tosiate modern building. Plans and specifi- cations furnished on all kinds of public buildings and dwelling houses, with supervision if desired. ALL WORK GUARANTEED Moore, - - - - Montana Subscribe for The 'Empire NOW. DON'T FORGET \News Stand\ We have a Full Line of the Latest Books. CONFECTIONERY, CIGARS and TOBACCO Fancy Stationery Fresh Fruit Famous Lowney Candy a4 wsys fresh. POST CARDS LEATHER GOODS F. 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The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 15 Jan. 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.