The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, January 15, 1914, Image 3

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Thursday, January 15, 1914. THE INLAND EMPIRE. PAGE THREE •••• .SCHOOL NOTES. Business Cards' i DR. 0. F. DAVID Physician and Surgeon Caile attended promptly day or night. Of, David Drug Co. DR. E. 8. PORTER Physician and Surgeon. Office and residence over the State Bank Moore, Montana. DR. 8. 8. OWEN. Physician and Surgeon Office, Owen Building, Main Street, Moore, Montana. L. P. SHARP, M. D. C. Graduate Chicago Veterinary College. OfBee 2(1 Floor Clary Building. DR. 0. V. CALKINS. DENTIST. Office closed Satur- days, open Sunday by appoint- ment. Office over State Bank. Phone 39. Moore, Montana. S. E. PETERSON. LAWYER Office in Clary Block. Moore, Montana. SETH 0. CARROLL. Funeral Director , . 21inbalm1ng done, Guaranteed satisfactory for shipping, at reasonable pri- ces. Calls answered promptly day or night. Phones 46, 73. Moore DRAY & TRANSFER Line George F. Curry Prop. PHONE 45. Moore, Montana. THE CITY DRAY LINE. And Baggage Transfer Prompt Service to All. W. E. Stapleton, Prop., Phone 60. I. A. COMBS Auctioneer. The Man Who Gets Results Moore, Montana. MOORE LIVERY & FEED STABLE. Good rigs, careful drivers. Feed Ground Hensley & Ward, Proprietors. The MODEL BARBER SHOP Fred. Hoehn, Prop. Try us for an up-to-date Haircut or a smooth shave. Laundry Agency In Connection. MOORE, - MONT. LOCAL EVENTS c liHappenings of Intereft Among the People of Moore and Vicinity. People Who Come and Go and Little Events That Add Charm To Life in the Beautiful Judith Basin :-; Druggist OV. W. Willard was at the eoutnty seat on business Tuesday. J. N. Osborne returned Tuesday afternoon from a business trip to ' ;Mr's. John B. 'Clark and daughter, Miss Ellen, who reside in the foot- hills of the Snowies, were Lewis- town visitors Saturday. .Holienbaok returned the last of the week from Olathe, Kansas, Where he had been visiting ,home T. P. Woods, --who has been looking after his farming interests a few miles west of Moore, returned to his home at Helena Tuesday morning. T. Neilson, the carpenter, left on. Sunday afternoon for Judith Gap, where he is engaged in building a range building for Contractor W. F. Sharp. • W. H. Leokey arrived here Tues- day morning for an extended sta.) , with his son, Harry A. Leckey, aft- er a year's absence, having spent this time in California and Oregon. Denton Recorder: Roy Sharp and R. M. Skyles, recently from Moore, have opened a cafe an the building sijoinintg the First State Bank. The Joys come well recommended and .command their share of the pat- 3nage. ' '- ..„ Al Fleming of Hobson was In the city Friday from Lewistown, where he recently underwent, an operation for an abscess, at the hospital in that city. Drs. Diddle and Deal per- formed the operation strocssfully and Al Is again in normal condition. Last 'Saturday night the T. & H. Amusement company of Lewistown treated .a large number of patrons .to another evening of e,ntoyment when they putt on several reels of fine moving pictures at the opera house. Next Saturday ntghtt they will ;have another change of films. D. R. ,Mulager, advance agent for the May Roberts company, Was in Moore this week billing the rown for that attraction, Which has an engagement at the opera house for three nights, Moaday:Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. This is considered one of the best comPanies 2t11 the road. Those from Moore who attended the big auction sale at the Hender- son ranch north of town last week report that everything sold by Autc- bioneer Combs went at a very high, figure, the household goods as well as the Stook, bringing a high price. Every article listed was disposed of as buyers from all over the Basin were present. • NOW is the Time to have your watch put in first class condition. MAKES YOUR • WATCH KEEP • Li TIME A PLEASURE TO SHOW GOODS Harry A. Leckey JEWELER ENGRAVER THE WISE CAREFUL PERSON Look well to the safety of the principal before Investing his money. That is right. Security means more to the good business man, than high rates of interest. OUR SAVINGS DEPARTMENT affords vest surplus funds—Ideal, both from a Security—Ideal) in point of convenience. Besides your money earns 5 per cent interest and requires no attention on your part. Such am Investment should appeal to you. It certain*, will If you Investigate. Calli at the bank—you wifl be welcomed. an Ideal' plate to In - point of Safety and U. 8, DEPOSITORY FOR POSTAL' SAVINGS. .... The .... First National Bank Moore. Of Moore Montana U. S. Depository for Postal Savings Try The Empire next time. Grand masquerade bail at the hall. Feb. 6th. Don't miss it. Dr. L. P. Sharp returned -laialt• week_to his homestead near Everson. - E. N. LeClair returned on TueadaY night from a business trip to Har- lowton. LeClair and Grover MoFerran 'made a trip to Dion Saturday in the former's auto. 1' IMiss Shirley Samuel!' entertained the Girls' Cub at the S. E. Peter- son home 'last evening. Miss Louise Sohroeder of Lewis- town spent the first of the week as the guest of Mrs. A. M. Mathews. J. A. Wilson and wife were in the city this week, retorning Tuesday aft- ernoon to the randh near Stanford. P. T. Bryan, auditor for the 'Moun- tain, States Telephone and Telegraph company, was in the city on Tuesday suditing the boo* at the !oral of- fice. Chas. Lindquist event to Judith Gap yesterday morning to build a ehimney on a new house being eonstructed there by Contractor Sharp. D. V. Dotson, who has been attend- ing .to business matters and visit- ing hiS brother, S. L. Dotson, re- armed to his home at Bozeman yes- erday morning. Kong Sing, a Chinaman formerb , engaged in the restaurant business at Straw, is preparing to open a •aocdle parlor and in the Da- vis building on Fergus; avenue. ' The High School boys have organ- ized first and second basket bald 'teams that practice almost every day. As soon as arrangements can he made for a bail, they hope to make definite Plans for games with LeWistowtn, Harlow and teams of oth- er sshorils. Miss Lurline Withrow taking up post -graduate Iiieth school. Plan to keep an open date for the basket social to be fttiren for the benefit of the athletic interests of the R elied!. is again. work in The janitor has improved the ap- esaranee of the stairway by the ad- dition of a coat of paint. Ottr- mild weather has made possi- ble a very high standard of attend- ance and ponctual'..ty since the New rear. County Stint.. Miss Aliee O'Hers sent the 7th and Stit grades a Per - County grammar echoed ,nennant, o'er which the pupils sent Miss Os Hasa a formal vote of thanks. The .00lor scheme of the 7th and I sot grade rooms has been chained `e• paintiree the wainecoatting a. sell breeet to harmonize with She . .vsed e The 7th grade troO the \Mono Li- -1\ as the subject for a eompositien this week. Several of the pupils fall - •.d to see Why this portrait is eon- sPered tic' most re1irees:11 , 1s e'stere he , world. Three new pupils, (Mend. George tal Tom Fa -titre were enrolled this e!: in the primary room. For BIG RESULTS, /Mrs WANT AD. try an Em - The colored troupe, the gunflewer Comedy comPany, played to a small lionse here on Monda.y night. The show, however, was reported RS be- ing very good. I. E. Parker, grand chaPlain of %Ise I. 0, 0. F. of Montana, Mdli speak on the 'principles and practices of Odd Fellowship at Odd •Fellowe !sail in Moore next Tuesday evening. Th.!.s will be an open meeting and all are Invited to hear him. Mr. Parker is giving a series of talks re- garding the order throughout the state. Refreshments Willi be served to guests later in the evening. Geo. W. Belcher transacted busi- ness in Moore Tuesday. He has disposed of his interest in the Bel - her and Davis saloon at Denton to Lon L. Davis and; the firm wf ii hereafter be known as Davis and Hawkins. Mr. Belcher will reside In Lewlisowtn, for the present and has announced no definite Plans for the future. He owns some farm land in this vicinity and also near Denton. • P. H. Scanlan, commercial agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. 'Paul railroad in Montana and one of the best known railroad men in the state, has been promoted to the po- Sidon of division freight and passen- 'ger agent of that road with head- quarters at Great Falls. Mr. Scan- lan has , been oonneetted with the Mil waukee system for 31 years and has made his headquarters at Helena. It is estimated that there was an attendance of fully 1440 people at the Farmers' Institute held. in; Moore on Saturday. The lectures on the various farm problems by the learn- ed instructors were intently listened to and absorbed by the interested farmers. Many points of great val- ue were brought out at this meet- ing reganding the proper methods. of farming and no doubt they will fi prove beneficial to everyone in this ; William . McConnell 'writes from Chicago the most encouraging news Concerning the recovery of his daughter, Mabel, who is confined at Mercy's hospital, where she was re- tently operated on. Her condition was so excellent alt that time that Mr. McConnell left for a week's visit With his people at Medford, OM_ Canada. The operation was perform- ed' by Dr. Murphy, one of the great- est known specialists in the world, and it is only a matter of /two or three weeks before she will be home Wain. The stockholders and directors of the First Natkinall Bank of Moore held their annual meeting on Tues- day, the same directons and officers being retained. The past year has been a prosperous one for the bank, a comfortable increase over the pre- vious year's business, and the stock- holders were decidedly , gratified with the showielg made. .Resolutions were adopted signifying their inten- tions of accepting the provisions of the federal reserve act, which !became a law on Dec. 31, 1913, and forward- ed' the same to the Reserve Bank Organization comimittee at. Washing- ton, D. C. The usual 10 per cent div idend was declared at a meeting on 31, 1913. Prank IE. Wolf, who has been manager of the Power Mercantile company in Moore for the past three years, has resigned hie position to take effect tomorrow. Hubert D. Powers, who has had , charge of the grocery department .for the mpany, has been appointed manager' of the shore to succeed him. Mr. Powers has had many years' experience and M. E. CHURCH NOTES. James H. Darand, Pastor Steropticon lecture Friday evening The admission is free; but a silver offering will be-taken to de - %Say expenses. Choir practice, Friday evening at I: O. • Sunday Notices: Sunday school at 10 a. In, 'P. E. Rice, Supt. l'reaching service at. 11 a. ne Sub- iect: \Influence and Example.\ Junior League at 3 p. n. -Mrs. ('has. Phillips, Supt. Epworth Teague at 6:30 p. in. Preaching services at 7:30 p. Subject:. \The Vanity of a Worldls Life.\ There will be no mid-week prayer service during the time the revival meetings continue at the Christian n Ane-h. V 011 are cordially invited to at- tend OUT services. MORE BREAD AND LESS MEAT. A -quarter of a pound of proterio is needed by everyone for daily food says the Rice Journal and Southern Farmer, and the hard working' man needs more. A pound of floar costs six:eit 3 cents and contains 1-8 of a, pound of gluten, yielding about 16041 cetera's. This is about 4.00 calarois more than is yielded by the best beef and almost as Much protein. The protein content in a pound of meat lie 15 .per .cent and in , like a- mount of flour about 12 1 / 2 per cent. A pound of meat costa about 25 :ents. ' • s lesson ought to 'be simple e- nough as to what to eat. The Un- ited States consumes less flour per capita of population than any other lountry in .the world. 'e must come more to a eereal diet and get away from meat.. The farmer who raises the wheat, the miller who .makes wheat into flour and the Roeseler Bakery at Moore, who sonsclenintusly turn the nous into good bread, are real ben- efactors to humanity. Adv. STEP IN OUR YARD Look around—ask questions—exam- line our stork—get our prices. T'hat's the way—the only way—to buy Lumber and Building Material. • We velicorne the critical buyer— and above all, the buyer who is post- ed. UrVtiONES ARE AT N- ( 0 UR SERVICE \r'' 1,6 7 , treir• OUR chieftaim in busi- ness is to accommodate our patrons. Our store is nothing if we cannot make you feel perfectly welcome at all times, and free to use it and its conveniences, as you would in your own home. We are glad to see you at all times—lbhether you come to buy or not. Our telephones are at your ser- - • vice. We will sell you postage- stamps and postal cards, as (willingly and with as much pleasure as drugs or stationery, We want you to feel that this is indeed your store and come often. Willard Drug Co. Moore, Montana When we say 'we are willing to do anything to please you, we are only looking, after our owas interests in the future. We are here to stay and it is to our interest to give you a fair and Square *deal—the best valts for your money. thoroughly understands every part of the mercantile business, no that . lay this knowledge and ability he win be in a position to assist pat - THERE'S NO PLACE rons of the store in the choice and . selection, of goods. Mr. Wolf, the re- tiring manager, has fallehrotly serv- ed She public during his imam/be/ley and his many friends vrifl regret to Get Empire Printed Stationery the Best hear tih wri tt i h v e he has severymi. H thfs oonneet- 4 , ham not (Home Folks) as yet dfcnAged his future inten- 1 floss LIKE HOME. BASIN LUMBER CO. Phone 19 aummei I FARM LOANS We are the people who started OPTIONAL PAYMENT FARM LOANS in Fergus County and Central Montana We put the \OPT\ in OPTIONAL. And when we say OP- TIONAL we want you to know there are no strings to it. You can pay our loan off ANY TIME, get your papers back without delay and STOP THE INTEREST. Interest and principal able at our office, No red tape, no delay. We hold out no cash commissions. We collect no interest in advance. We loan on Homestead Final Certificates. Our interest as low as any other Company. hay - I WRIGHT LAND & INVESTMENT CO. EDMUND WRIGHT. Manager 1 Lewistown, 406 M air] Si reet INIIIIMPIIMM gimon Montana You will be repaid by using our ad Columns. fit hide ourp ney a a burglar may be watching you A BURGLAR MAY HAVE WATCHED YOU HIDE THAT MONEY. YOU MAY LOSE IT. PUT IT IN THIS BANK WHERE IT WILL BE SAFE IN OUR BURGLAR AND FIRE PROOF VAULTS/—AND FROM WHICH YOU CAN WITH- DRAW IT AT ANY - rir E ON DEMAND. ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS DO THIS. WHY NOT YOU. State Bank of Moore

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 15 Jan. 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.