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PAGE TWO THE INLAND EMPIRE. Thursday, January 22, 1914. e' THE INLAND EMPIRE Judith Basin's Weekly , GUY C. OSMONDSON Editor and Manager will ri opeT NAJ A T , : =.4,,u sillo , -- -Tqw. -- -' TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION One year (in advance).. ..$2.50 Sim Months.. .. .. .. .. .. 1.26 Three Months.. .. .. .. .. .75 - , ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION Entered as second class matter at the postoftice at Moore. Mont, Thursday, January 22, 1914. SOCIAL EVIL DRAMAS. y e` When a writer's purpose is sin- cere, when he honestly essays to better existing conditions, then, and then only, he may say what he will. If his medium is the stage, very well. The drama can only gain by it. Of course cer- tain questions were far better discussed in the intimacy of the home than in public. A mother's words to her daughter about the things of life which girls should be taught or warned against, it seems to me, must carry more • weight and dignity than the pic- ture lessons, as it were, of the stage. I know there are few mothers who have enough prac- tical knowledge to be of service to their daughters in that respect. And there are even fewer, I am afraid, who can bring themselves to speak frankly to their chil- dren. Yet it is necessary that girls should know many things about which they have been kept so long in ignorance, and there the drama may rightly step in. But it takes a very high and clean mind to deliver the mes- sage usefully. A. man like- Brieux succeede with themes of the most difficult sort precisely because of his high mindedness and the big- ness of his purpose. -Miss Ida Tarbell. People realize that a sweeping change in oat banking business is inarguratea in the new currency bill recently enacted by Congress. Tu put it in a \nut shell,\ under this lave if a bank is unable tc accommodate 'the demands for money in Its vicini- ty it can secure the necessary funds from the Government Regional bank and . thus reedeadsh its cash drawer - untie it can fully satisfy its custom- ers. Exponents of the new thaw main - lain that he the future there can be no such thing as a \tight money mar- ket\ and it mill be almost Impossible to create a 'penile such as the came key bed , in 1893 and the financial . stringency of 1907. The financial oantroli of the country is said to be taken out of the heeds of \Wall Street,\ where it bag evidently been for some yeasts, and placed in the hands of Uncle Sam. National banks are authorized to make loans to farmers for long terms on neat 'estate, awl also short time loans on, unharvested crops, ?whIch privileges they did not enjoy . heretofore._ /While 'a tIllezipicratic measure It was support- ed by other prominent party men al - 'so. There was some hesitancy on the part of country .- band* going tie to the plan arranged but the majori- ty of them now seem willing to se - . are the benefits of the law. Just where the regional banks are to be established . is now the importeet . question before the adeattnestratIon, end politics wIM, penhape, have Boni* influence in the matter. ' 'hes :s not MEXICAN AFFAIRS. man H•uerta , down im Mexico entirely lacking in the pro- prieties, and , on New( Year's day he sent a message to President Wilson, aa,follows: \The Mexican, republic, through, me, has the honor of wishing e Happy New Year to the glorious . e2oeile of the United , States, so rorthilly represe'eted Ivy your excel - • new.\ Inasmuch as President Wii- son has declared in a message to Congress that \there Is no govern- tment Mexico\ the greeting couad 'not balshfilliciailly answered. \Veen It was received at Weehington the President was down at Pass Christ- Missiisseppe eagerly awaiting the errival of a United States. cruiser • bearing John Lends whose des/wale to Mexico some months ago, aroused the Mexican Dictator to declare that the visitor was \unidetdrable.\ The significance of the meeting between the President and his Mexican en- voy caused as melee speculation in Jashington as .elsewhere. THE FARMER AND THE MERCHANT Sitting in, his office aed growling because the farmers send their mon- ey to catalogue houses gets the mer- chant no 'business. Cnitioisonemakes no friends. Settles are better than frowns. Sunshine will get a man's coat off sooner than a blow. Clow - era will get a, better spine than lem- 0118. Beeineas men are learning that \do lag\ the farmer is unpopular and be coming obsolete. Shake hands and get acquainted. Before you know it you w114l find that you both need each other in a thousandi ways. It is, an old principle that service and helpfulness beget esteem. Get a farmer to do something for you and he wi,111 like you better. Even tho the service Itself is of no conse- quence, the interest you get with It is a valuable asset in your bust- iness. The same applies with equal fancy When reversed, and the farmer re- quires service from the business man t How much better it would be for farmers to sacrifice somerwthat of independence to secure reel service from business men in town. Wouldn't it be better than roast- ing the business man , and , trying to discredit his met/heeds, to think up ecnne real service that he can rend- er? Cooperation' 'between ,country and city is one of the needs of the hour. lAM classes of society will benefit by it. :Business , men. and farmers get to - gether and shake hands. - P. S. Cool- ey, , Suet. Farmers' Institutes. One of the marked changes in agel - taltural pursues of the Sedlith , Be- etle especielay In - the Moore district, da the introduictien of more dtverse t ied farming methods. While the raising of Turkey Red winter wheat le and has been thee leadd•ng farm industry, our local farmers are new more generally going into the drive - Mock business, awl , paying more at- tention to hogs, cows, poultry and alfalfa than heretofore. Oley a few 'years ago it was a hard matter to find bogs or chickens on the aver- age Judith Basin farm, and the con - deemed milk oisi seemed to have tak- en . the (IOW's place. 'But note fresh pork and beef are solid by raany , farmers and butter and eggs defray 'no small portion , of the grocery bill. One tanner, who elves a few miles bouth of 'Moore recently killed ten, hogs averaging 230 ,poends each. 'ethical well net him a subetaatilall pro - flit at the present price of post. Graded and thorobred stock in rote eiderable numbers are being iteport- ed. as well. as graded hogs and Pan- ty poultry, and more interest is be- ing shown in planting diversified crops and Malaita. With the sellendid ineameets wheel are available and so }close at hand good profits caw be t eeldzed on all pia:dui:he. 'Tee large attendance at the recent Farmers' In- etitute heed in Moore. ethich far ex- teeded that of any other toeen in the bounty, as wee as at elle Short. Ciourse at the county seat, indicates Mariners in this immediate vicinity are progreseive in their ideas. • However deaireable Increased' pro - elation, on alarms may be from , the /consumers standpod.nt, it does not foil - (low that ouch icreased production will result in any increase in the cash income to the farmer or lower ekes for the consumer \-Agricul- ture Detpartmeat Report. SUGAR FACTORY READY FOR NEW CONTRACTS Jaa. 21. -The Billings Sugar factory has announced that it Is ready to sign contracts for as many sugar beets for next year as were used during the oaraleaign Just closed. The rates to 'be Plaid for them, according to the estimates (made ' by the Sugar company offe dale, will average about $5.60 per toil if the beets have as high a percent- age as those dueling 1913. wbich was 'exceptionalbly low. 'Me minimum rate announced will be $4.75 per ton for beets basing a 12 to 14 1 / 2 per cent sugar content, with an additional 12 1 / 2 cents for ewe half per cent over 14 1 / 2 per cent. NOTICE OF REGISTRATION. State of Montana, •Niatioe is hereby gaven t , hiat the , registration books of the County olf Fetigats, State of Montana, for the M. , enticileall Primary Nominating Elect- ion, to he held , in, the City of Lem- 'tatown, Fergus County, Montana, ah (Monday, (the Serd day of March, 1914, well dhow' on Friday the 20th day lot February, 1914, at 6 o'cllock. p. in. \raters maw register by appearing before the County Clerk in his artifice in the court house In the City of Lew County of Femme batmen, Fergus county, Montana, be- tween the hours of 9 a. na. and 6 p. im,: on ail& lEgsa days ulp to and in - eluding Febreary 20th, 19114. Witness my head and the seal of Pe'ngus Cotusty, Montana, this 20th /day of January, a. d. 1914, F. R. CUNNINGHAM, 1-22-'2.19. County Clerk. MONEY IN POSTAL BANK Recently the government issued a report of postal savings banks as at date at June 30th last, the end of Otte eles , al , year. That report showed de- posits in, this state together with, the number of depositors in banks in this vicinity, as follows: Broadview.. .. 5 . Robson, s . 1 /Judith Gap.. 4 Kendall.. $ 13 200 366 849 leewietown.. ..39 4 043 iMoore .. /3 205 3 7 9 elesee'lsh . . . Stanford.. .. 5 'White Sulphur Springs .. 4 For Salle.--INew Ideating stove and eeveral articles of furniture. Cala at the Moore Studio. 1-22-29. Jan Hodges Weed, tsvo large black wolves 'Tuesday in the Stnowiee south ef 'here. A number of cattle hove (been recently killed in that vicinity by wolves said farmers offered , to re- iw'aed hunters wfho would get rid of them , . He saw three of them and WIC' eeeded in getting two, the lamest ef which measured seven , feet • in , length. The 'bounty in addition to the , lvallue of the Wee will net Mr. (fledges a good prof lit.. Every visitor to the PalatimiarPace 'fie International Wpositiioat wig flame -am oppontentty of actually drieing an 'automobile about the grounds. A (concession , has been let to a Checteed term: to operate 200 tiny motor-d,riven theirs. Each one will seat two persons and one person mast act as sehau,tfer. The maelenes are proPell - by electricity and have the orde nary electric motor car steering sys- tem , of the h , andlte- , bax and are Pre - elided with brake,. As the speed of 'the machine larnot high no danger could PeesilalY es'ult from , their use thy the , novtoe 1 - rt , the automobile , ;game, 11 M. E. CHURCH NOTES. James H. Durand, Pastor Choir practice, Friday evening at 6:30. Sunday Notices: Sunday school at 10 a. in., T. E. Rice, Supt, 'Preaching iservece at 11 a ne Sub- ject: \Influence.\ ' :.Tundor League at 3 p. m Mrs Chas. Phttlips, Supt. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Preaching services at 7:30 p. m. Subject: \The Amazing Gift.\ You are cordially invited to at - fend these meetings, SCHOOL NOTES. Miss Ellen Clank is in Moore this !Week to take the midyear heals (with the eighth grade. Lat. Saturday night, a number of High School pupil a met in one of the High School rooms to (obey Winch. State Superintendent H. A. Dayee Wane to deliver an evening lecture in Moore, on , Tuesday, Jan. 28th. Word has just been received from President Craighead that the Moore Hicsfh School is now on the accredited (List. This is of Importance, not on- ly for the schdlastiiic Interests of the Bebop], but also for the atililetee who have begun plans for the track meet et Missoula. CHAFF FROM STRAW. (lnio late for last week.) Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sperry have moved to their hemestead near But - Mr. and Mrs. Thom. Gre left on Monday for several Weeks' v sit 'near Billings. in the cheete Sunday evening.. Ev- ery seat was taken and his sermon was very interesting. Several eighth , grade pupil's at school take examinations this week. DANVERS NEWS. e Spike is on the sick list. Louis Hruska has sold his store to Albert Zelenka of Devils Lake, N. D. Mr. Zeionka also expects to build et blacksmith ahem in the spring, Frank Berta of Vesellyviale . N. D. qi visiting his Mother, Jos. G. Berta. He expects to remain' with 'us. M. C. KoJetin has purchased young mare from Jos. , Meyers a fine Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shimaeek, Jas. Hruska and Miss Pauline Shim , aceac visited at the Anthonc Barta home this week. Bank Statement, No. 8699 Report of the condition of The First National Bank of Moore. at Moore, in the State of Montana at the close or business, Jan. 13th, 1914. RESOURCES. Lot is B s o thi t t l i s tl t i o sc so e ti cu tt r tS e 'circulation. 25,000.00 .$•' 96.392.20 U. S. bonds to secure Postal Savings 1,000.00 W i ii g a , is2e si ctirities. etc 2,064.9] Die from National Banks (not reserve Banking house furniture and fixtures. 12,374.50 4,263.93 Due from State Banks and Bankers Trust Companies, and Savings Banks 41.17 bile from approved reserve agents.... 6,988.02 Checks and other cash items .. 301,70 Exchanges for clearing house,,....1,190.50 Notes of other National Banks 440.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 92.60 Lawful money reserve In bank, viz: Specie . . -..... . 5,583.(45 Legal -tender notes .......... 2,410.00 7,993.65 Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer 15 per cent of cir- culation) Total . 1,250.00 3159,383.18 LIABILITIES. Capital stuck paid In ....: ...... .... .. $25,000.00 Surplus fund ... ' .............. ....... 5,500.00 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid 1.327.59 National Bank Notes Outstanding 25,000 00 Dividends unpaid 352'.15 Individual deposits subject to check... 73.357.16 Demand certificates of deposit ........ 339.83 Time certificates of deposit .. ........ 27,110.65 Cashier's checks outstanding... ...... 674.36 Postal.Savings Deposits 721.44 Total ..... ..... $159,383.18 State of Montana, County of Fergus, ss: 1, J. H. Morrow, Cashier of the above -nam- ed hank, do solemnly swear that the above state- ment is tnie to the best of my knowledge and be- lief. J. H. MORROW, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of Jan, 1914. ' [SEAL H. N. KLINEFELTER, Notary Public for the state of Montana, resid- ing at Moore, Montana. y commission expires Apr. 30, 1916. Correct--- Attest: A. D. SCOTT R. W. CLIFFORD W. LI, BARNEY Directors, Bank Statement Report of the condition of the State Batik of Moore, at Moore, In the state of Montana, at the close of business, Jan. 13, 1914. • RESOURCES. Loans and discounts......... Overdrafts, secured and un- secured.... . .. Stocks and securities Banking house furniture and Other real estate owned . Cash reserve in bank. viz: Specie Currency Due from banks and bankers Checks and other cash items Exchanges for clearing house Total .... $122,667.18 976,78 123,643.96 826,80 fixtures . 10,000.00 6.019,87 3,062.36 1,810.00 11,902.60 3.60 4,777.33 LIABILITIES 21,660.78 $162,041.41 Capital stuck paid in $25,000.00 Surplus fund 5,000.00 Undivided profits, less expen- ses and taxes paid 933.97 30,933.97 Dividends unpaid... 1,250.00 Individual deposit subject to check , 76.803.62 Time certificates of deposit 31,943.95 Cashier's checks outstanding 68.96 Due to banks and bankers . 10,636.92 119,467.4-1 Reserved for taxes 1,000.00 Bills payable 10,000.00 Total ..... ....... ..... .8162,041.41 State of Montana, County of Fergus, as: I, E. 0. Hedrick, Cashier of the above -named bank, do solemly swear that the above statement I Is true to the best of may knowledge and belief. E. 0. HEDRICK, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 20th day of Jan. 1914. LSEAL] J. M. MYERS, Notary 'Public for the state of Montana, resid- ing at Moore, Montana. My commission expires Jan. 2, 1917. Correct -Attest: S. H. POWELL, C. k. ROBINSON, Directors. ALIAS SUMMONS. State of Montana, County of Per- gus--ss. In the Justice Come. Ross Park Township, Fergus County, Monte - as, before H. N, KlInefelter, justice of the (peace. Moore M e no an tile Corepa ny, a cor- poration, •plhantiff, vs. Frank IE, Dar - C. Flannagan, of Great Falls was, cy and Bertha Darcy, defendants. , the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Parsons' The Stiee of Montana fl on Wednesday. Mr. Flannagan repro. greetings to the above named de - smite the Peters Cartridge company. fendates: Y016 are hereby summon - School began Monday. after two ea to appear before me, H. N. Kline - weeks vacation, which Was enjoyed fetter, Justice at the peace, in and gay all. • 4 *foe liksii Fork township, in the oounty of Fergus and State of Mon - The Mies Putney and St. Jobe ' and Mr. Duncan of Riedel* attended tam s: at , iny office in Moore in 501.1 at my office in More in saki the show here Tuesday evening, (evenly and state on Saturday, the Ray Moore is absent from the store pen nay of February, 1914, at 10 this week on account of being en\ o'clock a. m. of said day then and !o' vt g' d ' ilb \' Idlin g a h o use en his there to make answer to the coin: homestead near the Belt Ineentaino, r peel e ent of the Moore Mercantile com. The Farmeee institute held here • PanY' the tubove named plaintiff in a 1 0('as well attended and enjoyed by RIK civil action. present. The ladies' Aid served a ' The said action is 'brought to re - lunch in the band. • cover the sum of One Modred and • Ten Dollars and forty-five one The Sunflower Comedy company for goods hundredth dollars ($110.46) wares and merchandise Add and de- livered 10 the above named defend- ants at. thee speciall instance and request for which they agreed to pay. , And you are hereby notified thee played to a good house here Tues- day night. 'The show wan enjoyed by After the show the company furnished music far a social dance. Rev. Logan of Lewistown preaohed if You fail' to appear and answer judgement will be taken against you Bertha Darcy, one of the aboye named defendants, according to the seenellaint, and eosts of stet in their behalf expended.. Given 'under 'my 'hand this 14 day of January, A. D., 1914. H. N. , KLINIEFEIL'TER Jestice of the Peace in and for said township. 1-15-2-5 Se Ia. Peterson, Attorney for Pladatiff. ALIAS SUMMONS. State of Montana, County of Per - In ;the Justice Court Ross Fork Township, Fergus County,. Montane, before H. N. Kainefelter, Justice of the peace. Power Mercantile Company, a cor- poration, Pliaintliffe vs. C. F. Har- per, defendant. The State of Montana Sends Greet- • lag to the above named &emulate,. You are hereby summoned to appear 'before me,, H. N. Kenefelter, Jus- tice of the peace, in and for Ross Fork Township, in the County of Fergus and State of Montana, at my office in Moore in said comely, and state on Wednesday eve 28 day of ea,ninary, 1914, et ten o'clock a. In. of said day, then and there to make answer to the complaint of the Pow- er Mercantile Company, *the alsove named plaintiff in a civil action. The said action is brought to recover the sum of Fifty-three and shay -five one hundreths dollars ($ 53 . 6 6) for goods, wares and merchendise sold and delivered to the above named de- fendant at his special instance and request and for white he agreed to pay. And you are hereby notified that if you ewe to appear and answer, ju'dgemen't well be taken, again,se you,, C. F. Harper, the above named de - fondant, according to the compliaint, and costs of suit in their nehleif es - tended. • Given under my hand this 29th' (day of December, A. D. 1913. H. N. KLINEFETJTER, Justice of the peace in and for said township. DON'T' FORGET \News Stand\ We have a Full Line of the Letest'Books. CONFECTIONERY, CIGARS and TOBACCO Fanpy Stationery Fresh Fruit Famous Lowney Candy al* ways fresh. POST CARDS LEATHER GOODS F, BUCKALEW W. T. SHARP Contractor & Builder ALL KINDS OF CEMENT WORK Cement Block, Brick and Caner** Houses a Specialty A FINE LINE OF CEMENT MACHINERY ARCHITECT at the latest up-to-date modern building. Plans and specifi- cations furnished on all kinds of public buildings and #welling houses, with supervision ALL WORK GUARANTEED Moore, - - - - Montana DON'T FORGET - Dr. E. A. Long, the old reliable . dentist, is giving a very liberal dis - engage ).... count on all dental work during this •- month. It wild pay you to investi- gate. Examinations and estimates l i ei free. Consult him • at your earliest I IF e 4111.S' convenienpe. .. . , Dr. E. A. Long, Dentist Office 8 A. m.---13 P. M. CROWLEy BLOCK. Lewistown, - - - Montana C. M. Kelly ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Lewistown, Mont. Careful work. Reasonable charges. Bran, Shorts and Mixed Feed will fit your stock for heavy work Montana Elevator Company D. 0. McGUINN, Agent MOORE, MONTANA ClearanceSale The Quality Store On account of werm weather we have left on our hands one of the most complete lines of Winter Underwear in Lewistown and In order to dispose of this line, we have cut the price to the low- est limit. Here is a chance for you to save money. Room does not permit of a complete listing , but every garment and suit is re - duced. Send In your mail ortiers, If not as represented your mon- ey refunded. Get snug, heavy action fleece Pants or Vests: $1.35 grade.. . $1.50 grade.. „ „ 50c lighter weight.. . 75c lighter weight.. $1.00 lighter yight... 86c 96c 40c 60c 60c Wool Union Suits: $2.00 $2.75 $ 3 .00 $3.25 $3.60 116.00 Suit.. . Suit.. . Suit.. . Suit.. . Suit.. Suit.. . ....$1.25 ..9 2 . 00 . .92.10 .92.60 ..$2.60 . . $3.75 The • Quality Store STREET B. K. SHORT, Prop. Lewistown Mont. ,. e. is

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