The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, January 29, 1914, Image 3

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Thursday, January 29, 1914. THE INLAND EMPIRE. PAGE THREW 10 DAYS Special Sale ON High Grade Furniture AT HE STAR FURNITURE STORE From Jan. 29th to Feb. 7th 25 per cent discount The reduced price will sell them. Please call and learn the quality and prices. HARRY A. LECKEY, Prop. LOCAL EVENTS q Happenings of Intereett Among the People of Moore and Vicinity ' , People Who Come and Go and Little Events That Add Charm To Life in the Beautiful Judith Basin Eldon Webb of Hobson was in the city on business Monday. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Vickroy of Buf- falo visited friends in the city yes- terday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wright were in the city tom Moccasin on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Hedrick left yes- terday for a trip 1. Great Falls and The Misses Aidelaide Wood and Zella Messner were Lewistown visit- ors Sunday. Leave your laundry at the Sanitary Barber Shop ---agent for the Taylor Steam Laundry at Butte. H. E. Gaughtler, the well known, merchant and landlord of Straw, had business in Moore Tuesday. \Butch\ Johnson, traveling sales- man for the Power Mercantile com- pany , of Lewistown, was a caller in the city on Monday. C. M. Clary had business at the county seat yesterday. Mrs. H. A. Leckey entertained the Ladies' Aid yesterday afternoon. M144. Enos Dotson of Straw spent Sunday at the S. L. Dotson home. J. W. Moore, J. H. Morrow, Scott Campbell and Pat Nihill etaltoed to Lewistdwn Tuesday. Druggist G. A. Dunn and Deputy Sheriff John Swantz were in the city from. Hobson Tuesday. Paul Christman, the well known rancher from the Moccasin country, visited friends in Moore on Tuesday night S. 0. Johnston, formerly engaged In business at Rossfork, was a bust- netss visitor in Moore Tuesday aft- ernoon. Mr. and Mrs. B. N. LeClair are now occupying the V. D. Gilmore house, formerly occupied by Harry Quackenbush. Mrs. Rebecca Tooley enteritaineø a few friends yesterday afternoon. Taylor laundered shirts and col- lars are the best. Sanitary- Barber Shop, agent. Lawrence Weaver, who resides south of town, was a business visi- tor at the K'ounty seat yesterday. E. C. Remington, auditor, and S. B. Green, general manager of the M. S. T. & T. Co., were in Moore this week checking in the new manager. Pat Nlhill returned to Long Beach. California, after a ten days' lomat- nem visit in Moore. He expecte to return with his family some time In March. Mrs. W. •C. Weston of Melsttone, spent a couple of days _in the city the fore part of the week, the guest of her daughter, Mrs. W. J. Phil- lips. She was enroute to Moore and Garneill, where she will visit her two other daughters.—Lavina Inde- pendent. Dr. and Mrs. 0, V. Calkins left Monday morning for their homestead in the Roy country. Dr. Calkins will also do some dentistry work at. Roy for a, few days. Mrs. Will- iamson of Harlowton, mother of Mrs. Calkins, is taking care of tlig children during their absence. Yesterday , .was the (Oldest day ex- perienced in this section of the Basin this winter, the thermometer registering ten degrees below zero. Prier to this coild snap, icemen were becoming alarmed for fear they were going to have a short . crop, as the weather has been the mildest in the history of this section of the - Word has been received here that Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Showen, of Coil- ambta, celebrated their fortieth anni- versary of their wedding on Sunday, 'Taa 18 Both are past sixty years, had have many friends in this Acta', ty, where they formerly resided, who join in extending the hest. of wishes. Mr. Showen is interested in the Moore Mercantile Co. In commenting on the lack of in- terest and attendance by the farm- ers at the A. S. of E. farmers' meet- ings in this county, B. C. White, of the Buffalo Review, says: \If the farmers will not take an interest, in the marketing of their own products . and in looking after their own inter- ests they_lare SURE TO GET SKINN- ED, and skinned smoothly and nice, by the fellows who know how to do it.\ BANK TALKS , THE— First National Bank Of Moore Bank Talk Number 1 There is no partibuiar reason why a bank should not tell the public many facts shoat its organization, its business meth- ods and its relation and importance to the community' in which It is located. The First National Bank Will use this space for a few1 weeks In giving short talks about its financial management and other matters that may be of interest to its cusomers and friends. The National Bank Att provides that a National Bank may be formed by any number of persons, not less in any case • than five; the cavil& shall not be leas than $25,000.00; share- holders are held responsible individually, for the amount of their stock therein, at the par Value thereof, in addition to the a- meunt invested in such shades. Our capital stock of $26.000.00, our surplus of $5,600.00. and our abockhokiers liability of $25,000.00 more, together with sound and , conservative management, gives absolute protection to depositors. Let this bank be your granary and you will reap a har- vest of golden grain. The First National Bank U. S. Depository for Postal Savings Geonge H. Beasley has purchased the Harlowton. News, which has been under the management of A. T. An- derson for some time past, and the News is now a Democratic organ. Mr. Beasiey . is well known in Moore and Fergus county, having been one bf the founders of The Etnpire eight years ago. Later he started the Lewistown News and also the Buffalo Bulletin, both of which he sold. The Empire wishes The News and its new editor success. Juo. B. Clark was a Lewistown. via - *tor yesterday. R. P. Shaw left this morning on a business trip to Butte. Miss Pearl Dehnert was in eity from Denton Friday. Mrs. Ross Brown day morning for a pal Is. Mr, and Mrs. F. IF). Wolf have re- moved to their ranch on Indian, creek. the departed Sahur- visit at Great Leave your laundry at the Sanitary Barber Shop—agent for the Taylor Steam Laundry at Butte. The Star Furniture Store will hold a ten days' sale commencing to- day. MI furniture will be sold at tr) per cent discount. Their ad ap- pears elsewhere in. this issue. Auctioneer Combs will conduct a big sale at the L. Henderson ranch a mile and a half north of Glengarry on February 18. This is expected to I t ) e eaRo on t. e l of the biggest gales of the Quite a number of people from ihe country as weli as town folks were in attendance at the second old-time dance given by the Moore t'ommereial club last Friday night. II tuff's orchestra tarnished splendid music for the dance and all had a Tine time. C. E. Henry and family will go to Moore ,Mont., in a few days where they will reside on a claim near that place. Mr. Henry and family 'were in. that country last year and they have a large wheat crop near Moore and he will look after it, while the family will take their residence on the claim some miles distant. They have a good prospect for a big wheat, crop the coming year. Mr. Henry has leased his livery barn property for eighteen. months and at the end of that time we may expect to see him back to this good town and country.—Corning (Ia.,) Free Press. The Henry's reached here Sunday. About twenty high school pupils and teachers enjoyed a Sleigh ride on Monday night, the party being drawn about the town and country in a hay rack drawn by four horses. It is reported that two mishaps, that looked rather suspicious, occurred during the evening. While rounding a corner on two different occasions the nay rack, in some myEtterious manner, gently slid from the sled depositing all occupants in a heap alongside the road, the hay hack having up -ended. 'rhe boys who were responsible for these \accidents\ confessed the next morning and, as no one was injured, they were forgiv- en for their escapade. Fred B. Green has resigned his position as manager of the Mountain 6tates Telephone and Telegraph company to take effect at once He its suceeeded by V. C. Gamble of hew 'stoma who assumed the management this morning. Mr. Green accompan- ied his Nate to Millings this morning, !nom which point she will leave for 9. V i Kitt with her parents at. Miller, Neb. Mr. Green will return here tomorrow. He has not fulbly decided as to his future move, but may de - tide to embark in business himself. Mr. and Mtn. Green have made a large nuipber of friends during their stay in Moore who will wish theta success wherever they may locate. and Mrs. C. E. Hoy', who have been at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Homer Goodelll at Hobson, de - Panted from here. yesterday morning for their home at Bozeman. Mr. Hoy owns a big raw% near Bozeman and is weal known to many of the old-timers around Moore, who form- ‘rly resided in that section Rev. L. Halser, who has been eatir threting evangelistic services at the i`nristian church, departed this morn- ing for his home at Deer Lodge. large audiences have been present nightly to hear Rev. Huilser preach. Ile is an. earnest speaker and capti- vated his !listeners by hts direct talks and simple and unaffected manner. :race Leach Doster had charge of !he chorus and congregational singing delighting the gatherings each even - lag with her well -trained voice. The entire series of meetings were .a iremendonus success in every respect, STATE SUPERINTENDENT DAVEE TO SPEAK IN MOORE. State Superintendent 11: A. Davee and County 8ttperlatendent . Miss Alice O'Hara Will be iii .. Moore, Sat- urday, January 31. A public meet- ing will be held in (Diary's in the evening and both Mr. Davee and *Miss O'Hara will ,deliver addresses on topics of interest to all, along Mu- tational lines. As it is seldom pos- aible to have both these officials present, the meeting will be of es- peckd interest. The trustees of Matt...lei No. 44, and the committee on educational matters of the Com- mercial climb, are working in unison in an endeavor to better the edit- eationa.I facilities of Moore and its adjacent territory and it is to be !loped that. those who are interest- ed., and those, if any there be, who do not feel a special interest, may be present and, as the speakers are thoroughly familiar with the subjects, they will no doubt get you interest - Facts 1 No building can be better than the material from .which it is made. CORSETS LATEST MODEL KABO Corsets —THE —KIND —THAT —EVERY —WOMAN —LIKES Come in and see our New Line. STYLE 2037 - POWER MERCANTILE CO. Prompt and Careful Service. Prompt and Careful Service. The most skillful housewife cannot knead poor flour in- to good bread. 'The best tailor on earth cannot out, fit and stitch a piece of shoddy goods into an at- tractive and serviceable garment. The cleverest of bookbinders cannot trans- form an inferior ma/named:I) into high-class literature. And lit follpW.s ala 'a natural consequence that poor lum- ber regardless of the a- bility of the carpenter, cannot be made into good The wise, buyer, in his purchase, considers not. the price alone, but price in connection with quality. We carry a full line 'of building material at prices in keeping with quality. 11111191110 FARM LOANS - We are the people who started OPTIONAL PAYMENT FARM LOANS in Fergus County and Central Montana We put the \OPT\ in OPTIONAL. And when we say OP- TIONAL we want you to know there are no strings to it. You able at our office. delay and STOP THE INTEREST: Interest and principal pay - can pay our loan off ANY TIME, get your papers back without No red tape, no delay. We hold out no cash commissions. We collect no interest in advance. We loan on Homestead Final Certificates: Our interest as low as any other Company. WRIGHT LAND & INVESTMENT CO. 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The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 29 Jan. 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.