The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, February 19, 1914, Image 2

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PAGE TWO THE INLAND EMPIRE. Thursday, February 19, 1914. L Business Cards I DR. 0. F. DAVID PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Calls attended proMpIttly day or night. . Office David Drug Co. MOORE, MONT. DR. E. S. PORTER PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON Offices and residence over the State Bank. MOORE, MONT. DR. S. S. OW,EN PHYSICIAN AND SURGECIN Office, Owen building,• Main Street. MOORE, MONT. • DR. 0. V. CALKINS DENTIST Office closed Saturdays, open Sup - day :iby appointment. Office State Bank. Phone 39. MOREL over MONT. S. E. PETERSON LAWYER Otefiv in Clary Block. MOORE, MONT. 'MOORE DRAY &TRANSFER LINE George F. Curry, Prop. Plione 45 MOORE, MONT. THE CITY DRAY LINE And 'Baggage /Tranefer W. E. Stapleton, Prop. Prompt service to AIL----Phone- MOORE, MONT. I. A. COMBS - AUCTIONEER The Men Who Gets Results MOORE, - MONT. MOORE—LIVERY & FEED STABLE J. E. Hensley, Proprietor Good rigs, Careful drivers Peed. GitOund. MOORE, MONT. THE SANITARY BARBER SHOP Fred Hoehn, Prow. Try us for an up-to-date Haircut or a smooth \Shave. Laundry agency in connection. MOORE, ,MONT. THE INLAND EMPIRE Judith Basin's Weekly GUY C. , OSHMONDSON !editor and Manager ..111111110., ri rlopemielTALLL Hy, TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: One year (in advance).. Six Months.. Three Months.. .. ..$2.50 1.25 .. .75 . ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION Entered as second Class matter at the posteffire at Moore, Mont Thursday, February 19, 1914. UNDER THE LEVER BILL. The full significance of the: Lever lli miulich has just become a tlawy is not yet realized: It provides for demonstration \Wiork in farming and - Te !dornetitie science +under the direct - Ion of the various agricultural col- leges_ which wig; create a demon for instructors that •wtill be diffieult to meet daring the next ten yeare. This opens op wonderful possibili- ties to tearchere, who are prepared? 'along other lines of their profession to spend one or mole years in insti- tutions 'which 'they will Shen be pre- pared to represent at a ealark far in advance of that whieli they nowl command - . Elspeciallly in the field of domestic .science are the lopportualr ties great for womlen who have had teaching • experience for they will be ,preferred to the younger gratdnarte + wilio lack %both age and - experience. BiflhIng, b. 18.—A movement has been talented among 'some of the piIbLc OPiriteld citizens of Billings to Make provisions for playgrounds for the children of the Mine., (They 0UR chief aim in busi- ness is to accommodate our patrons. 0 ur store is nothing if we cannot make you f eel perfectly welcome at all times, and free to use it and its conveniences, as you would in your own home. We are glad to see you at all times-Uhether you come to buy or not. Our telephones are at your ser- vice, We will sell you postage stamps and postal cards, as willingly and with as much pleasvre as drugs or stationery, We want you to feel that this is indeed your store and come often. Willard Drug Co. Moore, Montana ATTENTION FARMERS! • We have just received a car a High Patent Mont manufactuned by the MONTANA FLOUR MIL4L5 COMPANY bearing their well known trade mark \IT'S 'PHE wpourr\ ,Whileti, in itself is a guar- antee of quality and which flour is milled irciM thoroughly yiashed and scoured wheat. This flour we will exchange for your Wheat on a mill 'basis. We make no extra charge for seeks, giving you flour as it is packed, at the mills thoroughly clean and sanitary. For further information, kindly call alt our office. Montana Elevator. Company D. 0. McGUIN, Manager. MOORE, MONTANA. Get Empire Printed Stationery the Best 1-22-2.19. argue that • land calm be purchased Close to the. heart of the city come Paratitely cheap now that may not be secured , at any price , in the near' , future -and that the city should take edvantage of this condition, to secure, Liii for that purpose now. Ilhe meet - anent is meeting with general 'aPprove.d.• • 11111ings, b'eb. 18.--A . new syeltean of ateninistraticat of nutai.seheede the e been installed by County Superintend out 'Ransil E. Morse. All the rural . fel:tools on the Huntley project have been , grouped together under a prin- t:1111AI, who rot only has change of the schoels in a similar capacity to that of superintendent of 'city eclhools, but also acts as 'cletic of the diatriet„par- ()basing all supplies. By Ihiuying Ilarge euatitittes of supplies eenskieetfile money its saved to the district. By the elinimation of duplication of rvviorks In ra'iotis igrade, the: efficiency of the SICAllOols also is iniereased. SCHOOL NOTES. Entity, Vineltta and hawirence :Bag- gerty have left school on acelOamit tif cha:nge of residence.. The cheldren will continue their - . work in the Lew - %to win sehoolls. Dr. S. S. Olwon and Rev: Cameo were visitors in the Moore sehoois: this :week. Wasthington's birthday Will be ob- served. on Friday afternoon, the 27th of February,. Emelt room will have its own proggam with the excepetion of Mrs. Stutsman's room and the high school who will have a joint program. Visitors are eordiality in- vited. score_ Of_ the basketball last Thursdiay night twos 14-31 in, favor of M. II. S. Mr. McElroy was Willed by a pipe failing down 'Loon coaoh states that the game - Friday night, Feb. 20, will Die a hard fought game arid that, in spite of\ the fact that the teem has had great difficulty lie searing a place for prac% tee, the score is sure to ibe close. The captain reports ,that his ment, are all in igood ishalpe and that Chiery1 will Play up to the etandiand. All of the men have played tegether now for two years Which Is in Itself aut• advantage. Stuart and 'Withrow, as feetwards • \cover up\ . well end are good at shooting ibaiskets. Weaver, the \pilot man\ is in the air most of tie time. McCourt and Dehnert as guards, keetP a close Watch• over the goal. eflarlA • PRIVATE SALE. At my ranch, 3 4 211111es south - and 5 miles east of Buffalo, Mont., 6 head. of modes, coming 4 and 6 years old; also 1 team of horses, 3 and 4 years old, lh1 broke to work. 1 horse, 4 year ii old. Not pbroken. 1 bay driv- ing team, 8 years old: Inge Is sur- plus stoold that I raised on My own - ranch. Will sell for' peek or on time. F. M. HAEGIEIN, Owner. HORSE AND CATTLE SALE. Saddles and Horses at your own price. 20 head, of big mares, all in foal, :3 to 6' years old, weights from 1.200 to 1500 Vbs.. 40 head of 2 year - old heifers. '20 head of good, choke milk cows, all are 'fresh or to be fresh soon, within two weeks. All to be sold sit Public Auction to the highest 1:Adcier for cash. At ffeneley's Livery Stable, in Moore, Monday, February 23ed, at 1 o'clock p. rn,., I. A. COMBS, Atrotioneer. Notice of Dissolution of . Co -Partner. - ship. • Notice is hereby given that the co- partnership, heretofore existing, be- tween T. J. 'Terthurne and B. G. Wil- ey, under the firm name of Terhurne & Wiley,, conducting the bluntness of \The Encore Poeket Billiard Par- lor,\ in Moore, Fatigue county, Is dissolved by mutual consent, B. G. Wiley takes over the business, col- lects all bills owing to the firm, and assumee St :liabilities of the firm Dated, Moore, Fergus county, Mon - tana, this 29th day of January, 1914. • T. J. TEIRHURNE, BERT G. WILEY. NOTICE OF REGISTRATION. State of Montana, Cou,nty of Fergus, as. Notice Is , hereby given that the registration lx)oks of the County of Feigns, State of Montana, for the Manioilpall Primary Nominating Elect- ion to be (held in the City of Lew. istown, Fergus County, Montana, on Monday, the 23rd day of March, .1914, will dose on Friday the 20th day of February, 1914, at 5 o'elock. p. in. Voters may register by appearing before the County Olerk in his office In the court house in the city of Lew istowo, Fergus county, • Montana, be- tween the hours of 9 a. m. and 5 D. +ni, on 4 legal days' op to and In - feuding February 20th, 1914. Witness my hand and the seal of Mengus County, Montana, this 20111 /day of January, a. .d. 1914: F. R. CUNNINGHAM, County Clerk. Post oned Ile SALE THE PUBLIC SALE THAT WAS TO HAVE BEEN HELD ON FEBRUARY 18, AT MY , RANCH, KNOWN AS THE MIKE BRASS RANCH, 7 MILES WEST OF LEWISTOWN, 1 1 / 2 MILES NORTH OF GLENGARRY, HAS BEEN POSTPONED BECAUSE OF THE ILLNESS OF THE AUCTIONEER, TO ebruary 26, 1914 -- SALE COMMENCES AT 10, O'CLOCK SHARP. 30 Head of Horses One Percheron Stallion, seal brown, weight 1950 pounds, 5 years old. One Percheron Stallion, gray weight 1850 pounds, 4 years old. These ere as good registered Stallions as there are in the state. Gray mare, in foal.. .. ..wt. 1900 Gray mere, in foal.. „,..1756 Brown horse.. 1275 . Gray horse.. .. 1200 . Big brown mare, 4 yrs. old 1650 Bay horse.. . 1206, Black mare, in foal.. .. 1306 Brown horse.. . 1250 Dun horse.. . Bay mare, In foall.. Brown mare In foal+.. Black herse.. Sorrel horse.. .. Soreet mare, In foal.., Gray horse., . 3Iack. horse.. . 1100 1100 1200 1250 '1200 1000 •.. 1200 . 1250 Black colt Bay mare .By colt Bey colt Bay colt Gray colt Bay mare SIX Suckling colts 30 1 111111111•1111 55 Head Cows •& Heifers 55 Consisting of 5 Milk Cows all fresh. 7 full bleoded Red Polls, all registered, with bull. the best bunch of Red Polls in the country. One white 'Nee bull, full blooded Hereford. 20 headof Calves. 30 Head Brood Sows 30 30 head of Brood Sows, all bred, will pig along the first of' April, bred to a Durock boar. 30 head of Shoats. Farm Implements, etc. One Gas Engine, 20 horse power I. H. C., good as new. 10 ft., good res new. 5 sets of Work Harness, all In good shape. 1,500 bu. Seed Oats. 6,000 pounds Swedish Select Seed Oats. 4 Wag .ens. 2 Van Brunt DrIlfs, 9 and Terms Made Known on Day of Sale FREE LUNCH SERVED AT NOON A. COMBS, L. IIENDERSON, Auctioneer Owner

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 19 Feb. 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.