The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, March 19, 1914, Image 1

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ea , THE INLAND -4 EMPIRE Come to Moore \Where Wheat is King.\ \JUDITH BASIN'S WEEKLY\ Judith Basin \The Land of Opptrtunity\ ; VOLUME NINE MOOFbE, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1914. NUMBER 29. • LOCAL PLAY CREATES BIG SENSATION ENORMOUS CROWD SEES PRO- DUCTION OF \DOWN IN DIXIE.\ ' A STRONG CAST WAS CHOSEN Members uf the Rebekah and Odd Fealows Lodges Gave Entertain- ment for Benefit of the Moore Schools Last Friday Night -Netted Snug Sum. Even statidilag room woe at a pre- ImiliErm last Friday night when the 'Rebekah and Odd Fe'ilowis lodes pre- sented the comedy drama, \Down In Dixie,\ at , the Moore opera house. !The plug pnoved laiterestiag from the the to the fall of ,thei -curtain in each az and the large crowel 'present was 'laud in its praise of the entertain- , Meta and the work done .by these amateur actors. The manner in avillich the platy was staged and the base in twhich (..he parts were taken were remarkable. Miss Margaret Woods as Helen •Trevoit and V. V. David as Harvey 'Walls were strong in the leading roles. The former represented a Soothern heiress, While the tattier acted as.a colonel in the !Federal +minify. Commendation is due each of the parts. Fred Gall as George Washington( Bangs, a newrspaPer re- ienter and Miss Eva Sohrop, as a gully Southern girl, braughtt forth re- . 'Tweeted applause. Jay David, as Major \Bradley of the Confederate army and 1 1'4, 0 4, 499-4* I PIP, lilted their parts aerfectlY. T. E. Bice, as Hon. G. J. Dutsersberry, a Member of Congress and Mrs. 'Hededok, as Mrs. Dusen,berrn a business woman, also received their eliate of applause. Fred Owen as Ifiniffins, a degenerate Yankee and ,rover MeFerrant, as Billings, Major Bradley's henchmen, Were able as- eistants to the play. Seth Oarroil earici Zell& Messnee bad the inegro !pants and their notions elicited much lanausemenst and praise. iThe cast was well balanced, and the play showed consistene and hard ?practice. Ilhe proceeds of the en- tertaionrent, amountimg to about $78 'clear, d11. be presented et the local school for -the purchase of new 'books' end other necessities. TAX DODGERS MUST BEWARE IN FUTURE COUNTY ASSESSORS ADVISED TO PROCEED AGAINST PERSONS MAKING FALSE REPORTS MORTBASES TAXED HIGHEST IF. B. Cunningham, Clerk and Record- er of Fergus County Calls Mien- ticn to Filing of Affidavits That Certain Mortuages Have. Been As- signed and Not Recorded. t Helena, March 18—County' as? es- sons of Montana in an opinion to one itilteir number rendered Saturday Iby At? orney General D. M. Kelly are advised to proceed against per - sans making fictitious , assittillnents Of Mortgages by iiivessing the instru- talents ag not exceeding ten times its 'value. F. R. Cunningham, clerk and re - 'corder of Fergus county, advised Mr. 'Keay: \It has been, the practice on the part of the loan companies of this county to make an affidavit on the first. Monday in March, reciting Ithat certain mortgages appearing of !nevoid in their resPeoillve. , names have been assigned' 'but the assign. Meats are not of record,. This af- fidavit is of coarse, for „lies purpose Of avoiding taxation on those certain +mortgagee claimed to have been as - but which assignments are tier recorded, The assignments are (Continued on leak page.) DESTROY GOPHERS IN THE JUDITH BASIN COUNTY AGRICULTURIST PETER- SON WILL AID ALL WHO WISH INFORMATION. DAMAGE GRAIN CONSIDERABLY Grain Loss In County Last Year Amounted ,to Several Thousands of Dollars—Most Effective Method of Destroying These Pests Is by Fum- igation and Poison. In. a few localities in. the Judah Basin. ground • squirrels, or gophers, and prairie dogs are doing comaidera- ble damage to the grain crops: The loss , dueing 1913 am'oun'ted to several thousand dollars and to reduce this loss to a MilnitalIM the ooanty alga- iolittaist is endeavoring to get every one in certain districts to work to- gether in destroying these pests. =One of thearesteans - whY-the - gephe era are increasing in 'number instead of decreasing with the advent of the homesteader is owing to the increase of 'available food supply in the forni of grain ifievals and to the destruct- ion of predacious birds and animals, such as hawks and owls, badgere, aktinks and weasels, al natarall einem lea of the gopher. , The squirrel may be destroyed by shooting or trapping, but a more ef- tedtive and satisfactory method is by fumigatIon and poison, and of these the ;former is perhaps the miore ef- fective, but it is much more costly and shoiliti only be 'used after one hies got got every possible gopher With the poison. I The pcitianed grain may be pre - Oared at home, or some of the corn- neroilal may be used, IQ - though the latter inlay be More expen sive.. Arthe State eziperlint 'station Bozeman very effective work was done in poisoning gophers during the spring of 1912, and the grain Was s prepared according to the formulae given 'below: Starch Coated Grain. Wheat, quarts.. Strychnine (Sulphate) oz.. .. Starch, tablespoons 5 Sacchariii, teaspoon bill.. • . .. Water, .pints.. Mix the starch to a this. Palate free tiltom lumps in a little of the 'cold water. Add the rest at the Water and bring to a . bail over a glow fire. Mid the' saochatrimi and powdered strychnine. Stir [weal an pour over the grain. MiX thoroughly and spread on papers to dry. This May be used immediately' or kept in- definitely in a dry place. Labe lit POISON.. Before mixing the strych - nine lit should be thoroughly powder- ed or ground: Where the poison is to be used on ground covered. with snow, or when ground' it still wet, it .s host to use waterproofed grain, which may be pared as &Wave: Wheat or barley, quarts.. .. Strychnine (Sulphate), oz. . % Wiaiter, qtsarts...' ...... 2 Dissolve the strychnine in boiling Reatetr, cool Ellightily and poair over lthe grain. Allow it to sterna until, the water is all absorbed, stirrimg occasionally. Spread on papers and dry it it the sun for ablaut 24 hours. Thee 'heat it over a slow fire for taboutA.5 or 20 minutes and pour , over tit a half pint of melted beef suet, or mutton tallow, stirring oianatamt- ly to prevent scorching. Allow It to cool and then it is ready. for use. ' It is recommended to prepare the Oolson , in advance and htatve lit sill ready for the gophers wham they put in their first appearance. Then go around , the ontsdide of the gratis fields with the ,pofsoned grain and Plaice about a teaelPocm full at every bele where . there are signs of goph- ers, especially after a fresh falli of, *sow. The gophers can then be easi- ly traced, and, being hungry, will eetbdthy eat the poisoned grain. This is the proper time to get them, and If every land owner in the Wetted districts will co-operate and work to- gether, practically every gopher may be destroyed. The time and money Spent will prove to be the best plia- ble investment ever made and the klitvidenid will be in propiirtilon to the nuenber who will work together An, ftraidtleatiing tihds pest, for id only one or two farmers poison on their farms (Continued on last Page-) PUZZLING IT OUT. —Gage in Philadelphia Press. NOMINATE HEDRICK MAYOR -- HARMONIOUS PRIMARY IN TOWN HALL RESULTS IN SELECT- ; TION OF CANDIDATES. CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE NAMED W. T. Sharp Nominated for Aldeer- man From the First Ward and W. F. Roeseler From the Second W•s,rd —L. L. Bannan Presided as chair- man. At a mass primary held ae. the , town hail in Moore on, Monday night Mayor Mathews celled the meeting to order and teed the . official Cala for the primary. L. da. Bauman was el- ected chairman and H. N. KLtnefe1 er secretary by acclamation. .A shoe. recess was taken mid on reconvening the chairman announced that nominations for mayor were in order. The 'name of B. 0. Hedrick Was rdlaced in nomination and, no turther nominations being Made, the ohairman declared the nominations closed and on motion E. 0. Hedrick was declared the unanimous choice of the primary as a candidate for may- or. Another recess was than taken and . the vo:ers present heap the Firg:s Ward organized by the election of L. L. Hannan .chairman and .I. )W. War- ren as secretary. Nominations being dedlared in order for candidates for alderman' in the first ward, the' name of W. r. Sharp was Placed be- fore the„ primary and, there being no other nomination's, W. T. Sharp was declared the anamimus choice of the Primary as a candidate for alderman in 'that ward. The voters present from the Second weird organived by the'eleo dam of H. C. Redman chairman and E. 0. Hed- rick as secretary. Nominations for alderman being 'deolared in order the halme of W. F. Roeseler was Placed before the primary' and, there being no other nomlinations made, W. F. itoeseler was declared the unanimous choice of the primary for alidiernian In the Second ward. On motion a committee of three as a campaign CoMmittee, with power to fill vacaai- Cies, was named by the (hair as toi- letries: J. H. Morrow, S. S. Owen and J. E. Hensley ' The primary was then called to !order by Chairman Banne.n, and the I reports from the different wards I 'were made and, after, hearing remarks by various presons present On differ- ent subjects, du moticar it Was de- clared the sense at the meeting that i dle council appoint a night ww : ch- DRAMATIC • ARTISTS COMING EUGENE WEST AND CATHERINE HENRY AT OPERA HOUSE NEXT THURSDAY. A BIG HIT THROUGHOUT STATE Ciever Artists Will Plz.y Their Best Pieces Here in Conjunction With th e Program of motion Pictures Furnished by The T. & H. Amuse- ment Company. Under the personal management of ilhe popular T. & H. Amusement com- 0101:11T PanY .the great dramatic as late, Ens- isene West and Catherine Henry will appear in this city next Thursday night in their greet 'program of one- aet plays and comedies. This Is a apllendid show and the Helena Inde- lpiendera recently spoke of them as \The most artistic and. Cleverest art - lets 'ever seem in Helena and , re- am:1411y made a tremendous hit at Cineat Falls Where the demand o see them was so great that they had to priory in that city twice by popular re- quest. 'Consequently We may look forward to a show far above the av- erage seen in the smaller 'towns and something extraordinarily good . Mr.. West and Miss Henry will play their bet pieces here next There - day night in conjunction with the usual _splendid program of moving Pictures furnished by the T. & H. Amusemene company. They will 'be Wertz in four big comic numbers as fdllows: \Taming a Husgand,\ \Stung 'A Sure Thing,\ and Weath - er Bound;\ each superbly acted and beautifully costumed by thej Catherine Henry, one of the most, sae- OessfUl and most !beautiful! actresses on the Amercian stage. ELECT CONRAD'S SUCCESSOR AUTOMOBILE FOR STATE FAIR PRIZE FOR BEST WHEAT EXHIBITED AT HELENA THIS FALL WIN- NER GETS $1400 GAR' BASIN FARMER SHOULD WIN After State Fair the Wheat Exhibit Will be Ti . ..ken to Panama -pacific Exposition to Heap the Appearance of the Montana Booth. lielleme March 18—(Stpeollal)—A brand new automobile worth $1400 is leang given away free as a preadalre bY 'the Alcatama State Fair this year Ifor.the best wheat exhibited at that iteeposition this fail and it as expected that 'the greatest array of this , grain ever gotten together will be shown. After the state fair lit fwtfll be taken to the Panaina-Pacific Exposition at !,Sdn Francisco to helP'•''',.niake the At a meeting Of the board of direc- tore held Mondtera-March 9,. at Hele- na Hon, A. C. Johnson', vice-eresident bt the American National bank,* of 'Helena., and receatilef first vice-Preld- tient of the company, was duly elect- ed president of the Mon mina Life In- burance company, succeeding Hen. 'W. G. Conrad, deceased. H. R. Cunningham, formerly second Vice-president, was eieeted first vice- tinesident, succeeding Mr. 'Johnson. 1 Rev. Jacob Mills, dire/00r of the Conrad Trust & Savings Bank, , Hele- na, was elected second vvresident, succeeding Mr. Quondmgham. A. Johns had business at the 'county seat last Sa.nrday. ,111 \at. • .!: )wIllicihitt hada worlds' honors. The barterear, the auto selected for this prize . , retails for $1400 and is the latest model number 7 tousling car, Tor five passengets, with the highest dias3 ' of woikirsanship theonghout, oompletely equipped , with electric l,tarting and lighting devices. A premium of this Worth and thagni,itude hats never before been ivertt aiwar,c'iby any. state fair and the at that the entry has' . .beeti made So easy and simple gives every farm- er in the . state of 'Montana an op- portunity to compete for it. .Mi that is required' is five sheaveS oil wheat, any kind, and three bushels of threshed wheat from the • same field and of the saline variety. The Car: 'et'car automobile Is just one Of the few of the Many special! premiums that the state Pair is offering this ,year and it is announced that by tire - pretrildini\ 4 adti; logne is published that the Offerings for all farm prOducts will exceed , those of 1913. Already a great many tanners have +written to the fair offices at Helmet regarding the Oartencar-auto wheat Premium and over 25 actual entries have been made so far and the management expects that a ppecial section of the agricultural building Will be set apart due to the populari- ty . of this interesting and valuable contest. Moore farmers should go after and win this splendid , prize. It is an es - established fact lase as good,' or better wheat can be grown in this locality than any other section of the state. With a. little extra, effort on the pae'L of local farmers, the priz will become the property of some ,Ur dith Basin farmer. , Besides this the advertising this section !would receive •hronehout the world Should induce all to strive for this preanduan. TO FIX LAND SALES DATES. Helena, Van% 17.—It is expected that . the state land board will in the near ful.ure fix dates lased, sales in those counties from Which the most applications have been re- reoeived. Applicatioas for the pun , icilialse of a total of 1584335 acres have been reaeived. Of this amount, however, the staae has title to only 82,864 acres, applications for the re- minder Of 75,471 acres +not yet hav- ing been Noted upon by the general land offil.?e, though some of them Were made as long as !four years ago. More than 60,000 acres of the unpat- muted land lies in Choteau °aunty, end ther,remainder is distributeall in small tracts. ApPileatikme for the purchase of 'patented tend have been received from the various wearies as follows: Beaverhead, 950 acres; Big Horn, 628 acres; Blaine, 6,483 .acres; Broad - 'water, 3,225 acres; Carbon, .2,240 mo- res; Cascade, 1,286 acres; Choteau, lt,680; Coster, 2,922 mores; Dew: eon, 0,480 acres; Fallon, 3,560 acres; Fergus, 4,960 acme; Flathead, 2,870 :acres; Gallatin, .1,440 acres; Hut, 3,- 160 , acresa a Teferson, 160 acres; LeWits and Clark, 1,360 acres; - Lincoln' 160 acres; ,Meagher, 480 acres; Missoula, 704 acres; Muneeliahell, 160 acres; Park, 21,952 acres; Pewee 3,330 'ac- res; Romani., 3,240 acres; Rosebud, 4,- 95 :acres; Slanders, 1,224 acres; Sheri- dan, 1,680 acres; Silver Bous, 500 ac- res; Stillwater, 71,680 acres; Sweet Cleais, 3,260 acres; Teton, 760 acres; Valley, 1,340, acres; Y,ellowstone, 1601 of stores; Total ,f32,864 acres. HEAVY LOSS SUSTAINED IN HORSES CHAS. N. CROUSE LOSES STOCK WHEN HIS RANCH BARN IS TOTALLY DESTROYED. LOSS AMOUNTS TO LARGE SUM Besicks Fourteen Horses, Two Cows and Seven Sets of Harness Are Lost in Fire Which OccurrA at Midnight Last Thursday—Origin of Unknown. Joctirteen head of 'horses and two head head of cattle met death at Midnight 'test Thursday nigh.. 'when The started in a tarn on the Chas. N. Of Moore, the banding being burned to the emend. 'Seven sets of har- ness and a quantity of oats were hiso destroyed. The horses !Lost in the fire were among the best stock to be found in the judith Dash*. • The fire was discovered tit shout thittlf.itibi by some 4 the men em- ployed en the ranch, wlho were asleep la a bunkhouse near by. 'Phley en- teavored to save the stock, and did reSinte a team of moles that were near the door, but by this ?ewe the heat . had become so intense that it was Impossible to save the remainder of the animals. Realizing that noth- ing more could 'he done for the dirmill imittuallt.he leen devoted' 'their time to protecting the other outbuilding& hisd two stacks of -hay that were close by. The wind happened to be 'in their favor, so that Ida property was saved. blatianated figures\ on the losS sustained in, the fire brings the to al to approxiimately $4,000, the barn! being insured! for only $200. While the exact origin of the Ors ta unknown, there appears to be a (Drciniounced sentiment among local leiople 'that' it was the work, of in-• Air. Crouse came out to the Jur flab Basin only a few years ago and was just getting a nice start on this Tine teen when the calanilltY hams. lie Is a concienticas and hard work- ing matt and one of our 'best farmers. 'To show their appreciatiotu ofhim* business .men and citizens of Moore he well as a number of farmers ipb this vicinity . , this week raised $800.00 with witch to add him in getting a hew' start. Work was started on the new barn Monday. FORMER BANKER OF HOBSON SENTENCED C. M. SCOTT PLEADS GUILTY TO THREE CHARGES AND GETS HEAVY SENTENCE. TRIED AT N. YAKIMA MONDAY From One to Twenty Years Impris- onment on Each Charge Was the Sentence Imposed—Cliever Ferger Was President of the Fergus State Bank at Hobson. C. M. 'Scott ward' 'was arrested last 'January While conducting a' bank at nobaou and taken, to North Yakima, Washington to atnewer to the charge 'of itirsurce of tram:Went mortgages, plepal: 0:Witty three charges of forgeilleaed was senteced . on Mon, - Mae te - Irran; one to twenty, years imprisonment on.eacth erns*. ' Scott opera.ed at Hobson wider the name of Schott, being engaged In lthe real estate business up until Dec. '1, when he opened the Fergus Stale l3atek in. whit% inettitarbilon be had 1,- 400 shares of stock. He was pres- tdent, cashier and general manager of Abe bank and donbtiress would have tieecteld sa , large number of people llnere had he not been apprehended in time. H. C. Hawley, wife and aantgitibr Harlowion spent Sunday att the 0. mcolthin home in Moore.

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