The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, March 19, 1914, Image 4

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PAGE SIX THE. INLAND EMPIRE. ThurSday, March tf), 1914.' • O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 • The following Ilst of want o ads should be read over care - o fully—they may suggest some- tis• thing you want or can supply. O 000ct0000lootio 0 0 0 o 0 For Sale—B-flat Clarinet. Just the thing for a new beginner. Cheap if taken at once. Inquire at Empire office. tf PI. G. Worden, Lawyer, First Na- tional Bank block, Lewistown, Mont. Both phones 127. tf OR SALE—Leeper property in Moore; small house, lot, fenced, • and well, Low price, reasonable terms. tf. S. hi. PEVERS-OiN. • The Montana Elevator CompanY, Moore, Montana, exchange a guaran- teed flour for whet on. mill basis. See their adv. elsevithiere in this Issue; 2-6tf. .Wanted --Work on, ranch. Married and desire to •board myself. Exper- ienced ia taming. Atdress 345-12 Will Zimmerman, Moore. :WANT TO BUY gasoline plowing outfit, 30 h,. p. , preferred; will trade property in -Moore; state price and make of e.ngine. Homer Maddox, Denton, Mane 27-8p I Meney to wan- on improved harms; rea.sonabile -rate width . I:Wawa pay- ment priviledges. S. E. Peterson. W. T. SHARP Contractor 8z Builder ALL KINDS OF CEMENT WORK Cement Block, Brick and Concrete 'Houses a Specialty A FINE LINE OF CEMENT MACHINERY ARCHITECT of the latest up-to-date modern building. Plana and apeciti- cations furnished on all kinds ot public\ buildings and dwelling houses, 'with supervision it desired. ALL WORK GUARANTEED Moore, - Montana Clean Up Sale — 0 -- WALL PAPER PAINTS, OILS. VARNISHES —0— WaS1 Paper from 10e a double redl, -up Good Vanishes from $1.50 per gal. up If you intend using wail parer, pests, oils, varnish- , s in the near future— BUY NOW — 0— LINOLEUM WINDOW SHADES ETC. L. L. BANNAN 3115 PIONEER Catalog FREE MADE MAK IIIGGISTLI3L0 Ar r C=t====tlet Tells all about the Hardiest and Best CORN, GRASSES, SEEDS, TREES & SHRUBS OSCAR H. WILL & CO. BISMARCK, N. D. SETH O. CARROLL FUNERAL DIRECTOR Embalming done, guaranteed satisfactory for shipping, at reasonable prices. Calls ans- ,wereef promptly day or night. Also dealer In Foreign and American Marble and Granite MONUMENTS See or write me for .prices. Phones 45, 73. WORK CHEERFULLY., Then Even Wash Day Will Lose Its Terrors For -You. If we take en interested mind and a brave heart with us to work there is nothing about the household round that should worry or dismay us. The stairs that are so unieh grumbled at give a much needed series of strength- ening movements, for us we journey op and down so many times a day the hip musiSes are eitercised and the calf and thigh muscles made stroug and trustworthy. Bedmaking and turning mattresses will Improve the house- wife's figure, exercising the muscles of the abdomen as well as those of the arms and shoulders. These are move- ments specially helpful to the woman afraid of growing uncomfortably and unbecomingly stout. • The homely washtub is not to be despised. Washing 18 real good exer- cise and enjoyable, too, but if you mean to aim for health and beauty be very sure that your washing bench and your ironing board are at exactly the light height. They must be high enough to insure that the greatest muscular exertion is brought to bear upon the shoulders andupper part of the back rather than across the small of the back. - Turning the wringer will give yet another exercise, and if a -machine of good make is chosen mangling clothes should not be too heavy a task for the normally healthy woman. It should, indeed, be beneficial in strengthening the muscles ofothe fore- arm. Standing all day long at an ironing table would in time make crooked the straightest young back, but here again we are to use a sane moderation. Fin Ish off a reasonable number of gar- ments each week rather, than plunge Into a \big wash\ every fortnight, toiling and moiling over ironing till • MO • he , sweek _ is _ zern e,___Nev- er attempt too much, and if your back begins to feel weary do not scorn to sit down at your ironing board, while you press some of the smaller things, such as handkerchiefs or lace bows. Even cooking may be found to be a useful exercise. Stooping to look in the oven, reaching down a plate from a shelf, carrying things to and from the pantry, manipulating the rolling pin and potato masher, turning the meat or vegetable chopper, beating eggs, stooping to take things out of the refrigerator and the many other movements required all have a value , in developing the muscles.. All these tasks we have been enu- merating are good for nerves if you would but believe It See that your home is well ventilated, and always lilt your mind above any thought or hint of drudgery. Keep the work In Its right proportion to the rest of 'life, and it can have no power to make a drudge of you. Never let housework usurp the place of higher things. • AAA AILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA • WHAT TO EAT, BREAKFAST. White Grapes. Cereal With Cream. Boiled Eggs. French Fried Potatoes 1 -Tot Rolls Coffee. LUNCHEON. Fried Smelts. Creamed Potatoes. Bread Sticks. Lemon Cling Sliced Peaches.' Cocoa. DINNER. 1 Oyster Pie. Egg Sauce, Stewed Cream Corn, Rico Fritters. Fresh Tomato Salad. - Orange Cream Pie. Nuts. Coffee. . • VYVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV•• COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR. Common Sense Should Be Used In the Selection of Shoes and Stockings.' Stockings should be half a size large to accommodate the foot as it spreads with the Weight upon it, and for the same reason the shoe should be of pli - able material... Black in both hosiery and shoes gives the best effect, but since colors are in vogue it is Wise to compromise on plain colors and plain weaves. For those whose feet are irritated by silk there are cotton footed silk stock- ings. White footed hose are preferable to either. All cheaper grades of hosiery should be washed in soda and water before being worn. Shoes properly fitted will hold the feet in a firm grasp with the pressure uniformly distributed. The sole will be just broad enought to serve as a fOundatlon. The heel 11111 be of mod- erate height and placed beneath the end, not the inichlie. if the root. A run down heel Is unpardmishles and unsafe. It Is a mistake to buy shoe:4 lesesr and narrower than the feet in toiler to make the hitter appenr slender, for the ball of the foot. where there Is greatest breadth, 14 Out OF place and into the tiarroe•ing toe. It Is equally a mistake to Wear shoes too large, for the shifting about if the foot win cause callouses and blisters. Mimes, like other apparel. :4110111d tit rei per- fectly' that the wearer is not reminaed of their presence. DESTROY GOPHERS IN THE JUDTIH BASIN. (Oonessued from page one.) and the adjoining land owmere make ho effort toward deatroydhvg the goph- er on their tract, the Work of ate former will be reduced to naught, as the ,golphers vomit/ then come in .frotn time aitijointing traot. The county agrboulturlat be 1/11aid Po co-operate .with - everyone who -VIM. try to eradicate this poet amid Is ready to devote all realsonainle time or service In. adellitsg farmers and others Sa preparitnig and- distribe.tiing the poison anewer larefatiert t:.s ainja give stioh suggestions 1}egi.t - uu:let1 any even locality. Let us all work together and thus save several thousaintd acres of train that will be destroyed unless these peels are eradicated. TAX DODGERS MUST BEWARE IN FUTURE. (Continued 'from vge ono.) eupposed -to be to ,non-reaildentts the 8 ate of :Montana. some pine- liSee has been foltowe , d by the( Lew - 'Isis wit Drooling company, the latter iholidltig certain chattel mortgagee !and one real estate mortgaig,e agailesit idivtis in,ddreisittals. The aftlidav i.t re - kites , -taint these mortgages have been iossignod. -to one of . the Weal banks, Ibis l (! re 'vas no aissIgnimeirt of hsseond. \The question. is, is the board of 'comity commissioners authorized Ito hocept these off . idavihsl'as evildense of -the aesionusent of -the 'mortgages and 'relieve ,th-e holders from -taxatismi?\ Attorney General Kelly replies that If there is any reasonable cause for believing that ficti loos' aselleinmieuts of mortgage -s are made for the pur- pose of evading oaxation, the eountg %swami - should' proceed, 'to require the offending parties to appear be - (fore Seine and estify under oath in tespoct hereto, and if he then dis- ioovere,d that such- ossignmen!ts are being made, the per -sons .perpetrating -'the fraud shouid (be dealt with as !provided for in he sectioni he quotes. • I Business Cards DR. S. S. OWEN PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Mice-, Owen building, Main Street. MOORE, MONT. DR. E. S. PORTER PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Offices and residence over the State Thank. MOORE, MONT. DR. 0. F. DAVID PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Calls attended prompltly day or night. Office David Drug Co. MOORE, MONT. DR. 0. V. CALKINS DENTIST Office -closed Saturdays, open Suns day by appointment. Office over State Bank. Phone 39. MOORE, MONT, S. E. PETERSON LAWYER Office in Clary Block. MOORE. MONT. MOORE DRAY & TRANSFER LINE George F. Curry, Prop. Phone 45 MOORE, MONT. THE CITY DRAY LINE And Baggage Transfer W. E. Stapleton, Prop. Prompt Service to Alt. Phone 76. MOORE, MONT. I. A. COMBS AUCTIONEER The Man Who Gets Results MOORE, ,MONT. MOORE LIVERY & FEED STABLE J: E. Hensley, Proprietor Good rigs, Careful drivers Feed Ground. MOORE, MONT. THE 'SANITARY BARBER SHOP Fred Hoehn, Prop. Try us for an- up-to-date Haircut or a smooth Shave. Laundry agency 4n Connection,. MOORE, •Mowr. $1.00 Will Perfect Your Talking Machine. Buy the Ideal Clarifier and Record Saver Master phone A 1.11npla dark., Isubt2ittly Mtau't. vt to onitirot 1,.. J.,t ollp (ii and ltdot. You will hear a wonderful improve-. meat in the rectduction. - Every word anl note will clear End true, sho isotopes mos will eatirely diaappear and your 1ecu1c14 viii 1:Alittlit Peticet because ,,t th e avear6t, the lino noodle used will' tie Iliw yor dt h :1 I r d e, It oet not keep Cie Maseresees, \ semi Us $1.00 tot one by re:urn mail. 51.11e It tot vlam ta Columbia and typo of sound 10710PRASST:Ity12Th111014hEl4CONR. .buow yAlor.rkOCNit7 ...,. -- ,, ... • . .e , .-'2,' 41/. ' '',/ ' , .2.—...,...............,-, -., , Yer\ 'r ,4 ; : -rill ,!•:\.. ,,,\ . • : ik • ' 4 z• , i ' '' l •\ V ( 1 'i'i A 41 '(:, • i 1; 1 'ii • ,• 1 1 . 1 , At : • II . !ify r ' 11 t \ ,, 1 • ? hitoe,1 4 I 'fi ,'('-_,.. lo ,,, py .„..., 1 ' Lailli.litait ' If tk '' . I I) • , ..4',6)./' AI- - /66 9 41 , ' ,1 Ye l . :Ikigi . 474 TO ' ..• d aywin„Kor.,21/ et Busy! 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The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 19 March 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.