The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, April 09, 1914, Image 2

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PAGE TWO THE INLAND EMPIRE. 4 - Thursday, April 9, 1914. I THE INLAND EMPIRE Juatith Basin's Weekly B. EL PETERSON . .Publiasher. Oi h RE TAT‘r 11111 MONTANA A ssoci••;•• •-•41011•-• — TE1RMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: One year (in ',advance). • Six Months.. Three Months,. .. ..$2.50 .. 1.25 .. .75 ADVERTISING RKTES FURNISHED ON APPLICATION Entered as second doss matter at the postoffice at Moore, Mont Thursday, April 9, 1914. ANOTHER MACHINE? Sam W. Teagardeu, of Forest Crove, Fergus county, who was one of Montana's most active Progres- tames during the 'campaign two years 'ago, in 'coramenting on the recent !meeting of the Progressive Sitate Cen, - trial - Conlitattne - at }Wenn minis the following interesting rermarks: I \I may not be thirty accused of in- directly rasiing the tame of motive when I eharege—as I specifically do— that the gentlemen of the Progressive state central .conanattee, who leas then two years since fled from an lintalera,nce of machine methods and ,deepotilsm of bosses' in the republi- ean party, have . set trp, with them - Loaves in Command, a - sandier ma - 'chine and a like , boseism. 'Mhe gentlemen, Who made up the progresseve state central committee the other day asserted their right to interpret the will or the twthlale pro- gressive party in Montana by retorting to submit to a progressive plebecatte the question' of fusion. And to en force this assumed right they pro- eeed!ed to thrust out of, lb 'needing a, duly accredited member of the owe rnittee who represented The Progress - -ave( party of an entire ,county, and to Iköldi the threat of repulabon over oth- ers. Bat these gentlemen mo:a They overturned the bighost , preceldent yet set ay the progressive party. of Montana. A FARM BOY'S SCHOOL. There are many people in Montana who do not know that there is a Scheoll of Agriculture in the state , whioh accepts boys from the eighth grade, and young men who have not and the usual school opportunities, 'andefits them for intelligent terming. Tit appeals especially to the rural cone Munatics and to those sections of the kountry which are not convenden,t to big,hI Eic‘hool. .Sutoh a school is maintained in con- 'pectic:at with the Agrioulitural Cot- lege , at Bozeman. 'The comae three years in length, but the terms are only six months long, beginning the seemed Monday in October and 'closing about the 'first of April, thus leiviog the boys an opportunity to 'vend the winter in school and be at lame during the busy seaon on the farm. The course Is extremely prac- itasal and fits for intelligent farm management. It is not a prepartion tate cialege, but for life. ElverY part of the state Was. re- presented in the attendance during 'the- past year. The principal was, successful in finding employment for all boos who ware not needea sit home daring . the six months Mop. - Lion. Thus, boys Who are not need- ed at home 'oan earn their school . ex- penses during vacation, and if they ere needed at home they ouhiesto earn. as .much there. The course, of lstudy is .pe tell and requires so :mach of the boy's time that it its far bet- ter for him to earn expenses during !vacation than to try to work his way while in school. • When you .boost—boost so it will be! heanft Dona .wthisper down a man 'barrel—hoe/ea The erogreestveiallizen says: Come in without knocking and don't knock 'When you go out. A correapondent wants to know lbow to get nil of unitheedreable neigh- fbors. Ever ley playing a flute, or 'using a 'phonograph? .Plesident Wilson and the man, Mao wrote the Democratic Platform ohang- ed their minas about the Panama can al. tolls, but Chaana Clark has many 'followers who may have to 'be reck- oned with before the next campaign: Is closed'. • May 3rd, the first Sunday in neat month, has been suggested as \Go- Iro-Ohnrch Day\ for the farmers of 'the United States. But why limit it to the farmer. MI other classes couild act doulbt obtain Conaiderabie benefit Plyy jainilng the movement. Many -- nationally prominent Demo - tenets assert that the Panama, canal toles proposition aim the administna- 'don has 'carried away this platform, lidedges, Party an ah, and that the action 'will lead: to repudiation of the present leaders in the next campaign. --- -- Dreg—Drag the ix:rasks'. There is woch Work to be done to making the roads leading into Moore paissable for the farmers living in this vicinity and, no LOW should 'be lost in gettieg, alt it. Who will get busy on this mat tera Better rue:dB mean business for the farmer as well as the local mer- chant. --------- The 'local basintess man can best )demonstrate his, interest. in the farm- er and egrieultere by encouraging exhibits of the products raised in this rigion. There is a splendid op- pontunity for local 'work along this hate, by ',commencing right now to 'work} for that automobile prize to be awarded at the Montana State Fair this yca.r. Shall the Moore dis- trict carry al\Way Wes prize?. Professor F. S. Cooley, superin- tendent, plans to hold a number of liA stitutes thruput the State in June, after farmers have famished their seeding. Communities Id esiri ng meet - liege stunted promptly address Farm- ers' Institute Ofice, Bozeman. STRONG ENDORgEMENT. A0 an indication of the kindly feel- ing which exists between the teach- ers a,ncid pupils of the Moore schools, the following itomneunication receiv- ed by the. Clerk of the Board, rein - time to retaining Mass Margaret Woods for superintendent, speaks flier itself: \We the pupils of the Moore High Nehoell, present this petition in. fav- or of Miss Woods as 3apt. of the Retool: next year. Signed: Edward McCourt, John Stewart, Mary Sharp, Vera Roeseler, Paull 'Weaver, Luella Rice, Laurette Mc - 'Hugh, Anna Adams, Marjorie Hart, !Robert McConneel, Veda Phillellps, Irving Dehnert, Ruth Estes, Ruby Terry, Lillian Hensley, Katherine Kleiman, Lowe McFerran, John Me - !Ferran, Lewis McFerren, Robert Estes, Rueset Wiseman, Vivian R. 'Lewistown Chiropractor Will be in Moore at the Wood !Rouse from the 16th or . April tall the it of May. I treat disease for the eye, ear, headache, n'ervousnese, catarrh rheumataam, a•eart, \Jung, liver,stontaoh, kidney, bladder, appendix bow -ell trouble, dizziness, lame or weak haak, men and women dis- eases, etc. No knife drugs or osteopathy. Adjusting the spine the cause of diseases, nature iloes the rest. EXAMINATION FREE. removes DR. H. F. ROGGE, Chiropractor t r. '(References: Mr. Clary end) Mr. CoffMain, Moore) West, Mary Thomas, Anna Christ- opherson, . Jessie Owen, Nellie. Holt, Wallace Withrow, Martha Wood, Op- al Sexton. COUNCIL HOLDS REGULAR MEET. The Town Council held its regular monthly meeting Monday evening, 'with Mayor Mathews and alt Abier- , men , present, excepting C. M. Clary. Palle fire committee who , :instructed Ito notify 'the chief of the Fire de- aartment that the tire hose was in bad condition and ehotild be drain- ed' anci, dried before replacing an the hose -carte after being used. The puse theanicals if possible, was request- ed( to avoid damage to contemts. of teledings by watera On motion the Mayor appointed A. T. Roar as ac- countant to assist the finance com- mittee in, 'the annual audit of the Town Treasurer's .books. The Treas- urer 'was intatriuoted , to visit the County Treasurer's office and en- detivor to get pod!' taxes, paid by res. I,de,nts of Moore, refunded into the Town Treasury. Next Monday, Apra 13, was designatedeas Clean Up Day cal:thin the . Town Of Moore and all, presidents are requested to make a special effort on that day to re- move all rubbish and ashes . from. latede 'premises' and also in the ai- (eys adjoining. The Treasurer transfer $30 per was ordered to fire hydrant from General Fund to Water Fund for the fiscal year ending -May 4, 1914., end to transfer monthly' thereafter for each hydrant, as Public Service Oom $2.50 per month required by the 'ion The following bills were dully all towed and warrants ordered drama aor the same: Moore etaa - ME. --- ar.V., gloves for firemen ,$3; J. H. Rich, belts for pumps, $2; A. 0. Gall etpairs for pumps, $3; L. L,, sign, for lire station., $1.50; K. T. Proctor taking . Combs to pest hawse, ala, killing .dogs and talang to the dump grounds, $5; G'. C. MoFerran, :night watch $9,; Plepo Drug Co., fumigating material, r28.60; Willard Drug Co., same $12.25; Roy Wagner Labor on pumps a5„ Charles Hagman, ton'necting pump, $9.70, tabor on mains. $3.70; Helena Stamp Works, rubber stamp, $2.60. MOORE GIRLS DEFEAT STANFORD/ The Giles Baidoet Ball team of Moore defeated , the Girls team from Stanford in a game played here Sat- urdy evening, by the deciseive score el 24 to 0. Each team now has a game to its credit and the deciding contest, will be played before long. The Stanford team consists of Miss- es Tessie Watkins, lb Haul, Mag• aalene Conrad, and Nyna and Mary Go gory, while those representing Moore were: Misses Ruth Estes,, Lillian Hensley, Vera Roeseler, Lo- retta Mcatuigh and Luella Rice. The oficials were Roelin Galt, of Stan, - ford, and John McElroy, of Moore. The boys team of the school also 'played and defeated the town team, 'the score 'being 14 to 13. The Moore boys will meet the Stanford, school team here next Saturday evening and a fast game is expect- ed. Fpllowing the games a very pleas- ant dewing party was . enjoyed, mu - ti e being , fmsnIshed by Miss Francis atePerratn, piano, and Geo. Huff, vi oar]. ' An afternoon tea and reception was 'given fo the two girls team sit the IfeliUgh home and everyone had a delightful' time. Mrs. 0. J. Galt chap eroned the visiting young Maas. SISSON—HOGAN. Elmer M. Batson, of Hobnoti, and, Miss Kathryn liogan, of Corning, Iowa, were united In marriage at Le w istown last Thu rsday „lodge , 'Roy E. Ayers perfomninig tate (ere - loony. The bride is a sister of Mike Ho- gan, who resides north of IVIocca- Iwith Whom she made her home a few years ago, white the groom is a well known business man of Hob- son who is also interested wath his brother, Dan Sisson, in a big ranch located on the Judi& north of bilis Mr. . Siesoro c . formerly resided in . Moore and has many (friends in that 'Icily who join. with The Empire in extending the best of welhes. GRAND FUTURE FOR MONTANA. (('ontinued from page One.) Lennon Knitted to the crowding ac- tivate*, of his own en.vironment, Is apt 'to fail ,to heed the march of areigress In parts of the country one or two thousand miles away. !Yet the( fact and the evidences of progress are something not, only to able up his pride but possibly. to have much to do with her porsonal welfare ice the future. How many of us here la the east !have realized that, more railroad con- struction le now under way in Mon- tana and that More mike of surveys and definite locations have been made 'or new lines than in any similar area on the continent. TheNortherot Feelfie is building . branch lines into atone of the new agricultural por- tions of the State. The Great Ncerth- vet is pushing work at both ends of lwaat. vintually Neal be a new line !from the eastern to the western: bolder. The Chicago, Milwaukee & slant Paul is building upwards or 500 Mlles of new road through a rich wheat section, and the \Soo\ an- uounees its intention of building a line across the northern part, of the 'state. Governor Stewaet points out that in its vast domain of more than 146,- p00o square tulles, Montana haa e. - sources which are capable of support- ingT 1% i\ millions of peoPte. t, cero :Minty,' is something warth lo wing. rehese resources, many of them, have awaited for , years for the com- ing of brains and brawn. The state ie now receiving men and Capital eecessary tor the proper development of its resources. \With the assistance,\ Rays Gov - rotor Stewart, \of all the aids and uppliances of a modern age we pro- pose to make use of our great her - II age in the , huiialibig here of an eon - re whicb will rank among the real- :' -eat ace Jevements of mankind.\ CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOTES. Percy T. Comes, Pastor. ell services at the Christian, church ii•xt Sunday will be - appropriate to lie Re ,49,0illi. Bible Stehool at 10:00 a. m. Les- son subject: \The Journey to 'Em:- ;III:late.\ Vetting Peoples meeting at 7:00 p. hi.. Subject: \A - Long Lopok Ahead.\ _Preaching at 11 a. an. and 8 p. tn., Morning sermon: \The Perfect Seindard.\ Evening sermon: \Cal - v.:: ry and OaLvet.\ Special m'usia both morning and eVeuing. The Bible School is having a very ablAstential grew:tie and the attend - tepee at all regiiiar services is inr d - ative et a reagioue awakening that* is very gratifying to Christian people. A cordial welcome to all who attend these service. SCHOOL NOTES. Last week the Moore Athletic as - satiation was organized for the pur- pese of furthering the athletic in- terests of the school. Mae. 'W. J. Culver, Mrs. Leach and tiles Audrey Owen :were visitors in the. Moore schools this week. Tennis coin* are being laid out on the school grounds. There , are to be two that year which will greatly help matters for tennis enthusiasts. ' The Ladies' Aid has agreed to 'share with the High School Athletic As octet:ion; the proceeds of the din- ner they are to give Saturday, April 111th, in the new Albright building. 'MISS Grace V. Bonner, ventrilo- quist, character impersonator and reader, will give a program in the Christian church, Thursday, April 2.3ad.., under the auspices of the: Moore schools. Miss Bonner comes to us highly recommended' and it is believed that her program will be enjoyable In an educational way. LOUSE CREEK ITEMS. I Farmers are getting anxious to work in the fields and' putt in their spring crops. A few begaIn plowing last week., Chris .Siefert and son, front near 'Moore, were visite* et Neel Bros. fans* last Wednesday. Edgar Deer is improving his farm by building a tine new barn, 26X30. E: C. Leap went to Lewellown Monday after some repairs and No !took several dozen Chickens to mar - 11)4 Atbeng is erecting a new three atom house on his homestead near the river. Mrs. Chas. Ruck and Mrs. Rain- dolph Helmer were Lewistown vieli- t•ors Saturday. OR ' Both Watts, of Barre, was trading Kellin Saturday evening. 'The W. E. Deer faintly speed. Sat- urday night as guests at the L. B. Jewell home. The annual school meeting was held at , the district school house Saturday restated in the election of Rudolph Helmer as trustee for two years and the re-election of D. C. McClellan to serve as trustee for three years. The proposition of free text books for the district was adopted by the tularemia:Lotus vote. FARM FOR SAL10-118 acres 1 1 / 2 miles east of Moore; 'loupe, barn, (good water; good terms will be given Inquire S. 10. Peteroon, Moore, Mont- ana. 3-19-26. YOU READ THESE ADS.—Others IOU read yours. Try. one. 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The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 09 April 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.