The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, May 28, 1914, Image 1

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• !Italia Historical tibrarl. \JUDITH BASIN'S WEEKLY\ VOLUME NINE `levase MOORE, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1914 MAROONS WIN FROM DENTON • In a ten hinting game, played asi Denton -Suaday, the Moore, Maroons won their first game of this season by . takingahe Denton Black Seta into ;camp- to the tune of 10 to 9. It was practically the taet line -op of the limarootes this year and the result in- elioates they will be in the race with teeth -feet for the -comity pennant. All of Moore's last year's stare . mweee back In the- -game, andelogether with several additional , new men, •manean,g them being MeDanald, Gamble • nal -McMurray, the boys 'played a very credita,ble ,gamme, considering it was , t1heir Vast try -out. 'Kennedy and, Dehnert formed the • battery tar .Denton, while Teehmeene .and! McElroy. were on the mound, lweth McDonald receiving, for Moore. ' The Marocaers started the ball rolling the ifiret inning - op, seven men lamaireg Ken -1104, and. two sconiala• The see - thee inning they batted around again, five men rounding the bases and _ arolssioug the plate, making the score to 0. From then on the Maroons all- 'lowid the Black Sox to string along 'with a fevt+' runs each inning, until . the ninth when the mecore was tied, hang 9 to 9. In the tenth the Ma - rains took a brace to themselves again, Redman starting it with a 3 - bagger and Myers fallowing With a 2 -bagger. The inning resulted in the iisaaJ score of 10 to 9. The Maroons lineup was as fol- lows: Redanert-2 , 13, Myetr„r-ca, Me- Donad-e, Willard -see McElroy -lb, ab, p, Decke,r-if, ib, Mc -Ferran -eat, -Gamlble-abat, Teraurne,eaa eci a ma, Murray -Wall. me The Black Sox will play a return game with the Maroons on the local diamond next Sunday afternoon. at 2.:30 o'clock. MOORE WILL CELEBRATE I. W. Bates, H. E. Strong and J. H. Morrow, , eomposi-ng ' the \sollieltimg 'committee\ for the Fourth of JuilY takibration, in Moore, interviewed local , business men 'Tuesday said re - (port good success so far so they Shave gone. The financial part is an assured feet, tho there . are still a few persons to be seen, and the list Will not be ready for publication un- til next week. Judging from the plans now under way by the different committees on arrangements, there is no doubt bruit that Moore will this year enjoy a real big old' time celebration, our- passim anything heretofore attempt- ed in this -city. Several apeolall at- tractions are under •consideration, in addition to addresses by prominent speakers, ball games and sports of all kinds, full program of wlhilch will be announced in, an early issue. No ef- forts' will be spared to provide fea- tures, both interesting and entertain- ing, for old and young, and appropri- ate bills will be posted inviting people to come to Moore.. DECORATION DAY PROGRAM The -committee appointed to make ail arraragesnetas for the observance of-M..morial Day next Saturday, May 30, have :completed their pnagram•for that day. The exeraleas will be held. malt the Christian (email at 9:30 a. an.. ..Nal• the chasm% will be appropriately md.'orated for the °weaker. The music will the eurnitshed by the Moore' Coneert Bend, Following is the pro- le - ram in lull: Music • Baud Musec Chorus Invemeation G?tty.sbukg Address, Mrs. Wen. Baader ah , ort Addresses, Rev, Percy T. Carn's end Rev. J. H. Durand. aorta, \Anicriela ... Must.; • Audience Band Immediately after the exercises the line of march will be formed, headed - the - Barra tollowed - bythe Vic -terms - 4 ' -Boy Scouts and girls, various local ' 'ord rja consisting of the Woodmen,' •OcIld Fellows*, Rebeduals etc. The seie vices at the cemetery will be the Bugle sounding aseembly; .mueic by the bawd; decoratfug of waves of old . soldiers by the Boy Scoots amid girls; • 'Bugle sounding; Maps. T. E. Rice Will act ai tm,aithal of the day. • THE HONORED DEAD By Henry Ward Beecher. They that Idle for a good amuse are redeemed -from death. Their names are gathered- and garnered. Their. unanory is precious. Each placel grows proud for them who were hera I there. Children shall grow ap under more sacred, inempirations Whose elder bro-1 there, dying nobly for country, left a tisane that - lianored - tordraninehred•• all - that bore it. Orphan childran, shall field thousands of fatheas• and moth- ers to love and hella those whom dY- ing heroes left as a legacy to the gratitude of the public. tell -me not that they are deald, that generous hod, that airy army v IsElb 1 e . heroes!' They hover as a cloud o.f iwitneeeses above this na- elan. Are they dead who speak load - ma than WEI can speak and a more anive-real language? Are they dead 'that yet move upon reneamta and in- aplre, the people with nobler motives and morel heroic patriotism!? Ye 'that mourn, let gladness andingle with your tears. He was your son, but 'he is now the nation's. He made your , hoesehorel bright; now his ex- ample inspires a thousand houbeholds. Dear to his brothers and sisters, he Is now 'brother to every generous youth in the land.. Before he was narrowed, appropraated, shut up to you; now be is augmented, set free and givtin, to all. He has died Orom flee family that due might live to the nation The Store That Treats You Right Do you wont to save , money'? if so let -us figure on your bill before send- ing to any Oastalegue House. We fill- ed one bill and salved the man money. Why not pod? All ,ive ask is a trial order and you will he convinced. USE THE PHONE -NO. 77 PROMPT AND CAREFUL SERVICE Power Mercantile Co. MOORE, MONT. a .1M+Mee • NUMBER 39 WHERL WAS IT YOU SAID YOU [OUGHT? Plibtaley - Amertc tc Press Kesociation. HEY can't forget there was a war, The men who bore the battle's brunt, For some left brothers on the field, And some lost limbs along the front. But grizzled Yank and Johnny Reb • Long years ago learned to forget - The rancor and the bitterness. To 'Itch ,the other's just \Old Vet!\ CHARLES N. LURIE. ' BIG JUBILEE iCELEBRATION AT GREAT FALLS sommeempagemeaceml Great Falls is making preparations -and %Veal', Congressmen . Stoat and for a \great railroad prosperity cele- tvaais and many 'other . Montanans of bration\ to be hold from Aug. 11 to mote have definitely advised: the in - Aug 15, inaluelve, :with the Montana %saltation commlittee or their intention Good Roads congress in connection, to come to Great Falls for the on the lath, 11th and 1211. The 'rail- jubilee, so that there will be- a not - road and .prosperity jubilee Is to cone able getheracg of men ar , pualle life inennorate the fiftieth annaversary of to see them . festivities. ;Montana's adlintission as a territory The -c mumittee on decoration has and the twenty-fifth anniversary of arranged for the elaborate decoration 'heir admiseani to statehood. of the entire buelneat district, one The -business men -of Great Falls of the taturee being several arches, have decided to make this railroad typifying historical scenes and fu- eled prosperity jubilee the biggest ac- dustrtal progress of the Treasure leaision of the land -that ever has been State. held in -Montana, and extraordinary efforts are: being made to make the WINNET LOT SALE entertainment features rowel, strik- ing awl ploatiful. There is gang to rho the -Milwaukee Railroad has be something worth seeing available not yet reached the new town of for •visitors every morning, afternoon Wennet and no announcement has and eventng of the six days. Til1W- yet 'been made as to the extension of 'wort' holiday stunts are . in the die - 'card, so far as this celebration is +concerned, The first three days of the week mare to be taken- up witb the .annual meeting of the Montana Good Roads asteociation, and the progam . will make the 1914 -congress one to re- member. The most thorough exploita- tion of good -roads building that it ism +possible to arrange will be one of this 'features. The local hn,pleanent men, aided by those from other parts oX the etatte, are going to display the aiewest and best road -making ma- ohinery in operation, and a number of section -s of model high ways will be constructed within the city limits und along the driveways ma of Great Falls. Entertainment features for the ',felting good roads enthusiasts the road from Grass Range this -som- e:neer, a sale of the Winnea townsite 4iJl:be held at Lewistown on Satur- day, Jutly 18. This seeres to indicate that the Milwaukee will extend its line eastward , from Grass Range thia seal on to connect 'ultimately with the tmaan, lilij. lsomewhere near Sumatra. G. W. Morrow, townsite agent, is quoted an part as follows in the Great Falls Tribune relative to MOP' net:. \You may set this down as my 'prophecy that in the town . of Wannest WE( will have the liveliest trading cede ter 'between Lewistow,n and- the Da- kota lard. k will be right in the har . 13 of Highwood, Geraldine and Denton and ought to make onel of the good towals of eastern Montana for all tinge.\ \It is about 60 miles from Lewis - mine also being arranged. loom -and -there is no other good brad - The presence of many' distinguishet dog point near it. Them towneite iii railroad officials at the celebration (deep in fat, I know of no other will add interest to the °coalition. places that is so attractive to me in J ames -J. Hill and Louis W. Hill have ;appearance. It ought to gro'w to be a arranged to be present, and will Me peace and I -believe it will. The ;come to Great Falls on the finest wapiti seeking hothesteadis are going special train that has ever traveled into the. country on , every side of between the Twin- Cities and Mon- Wheat by them dozens. I was out tuna. They ;will bring as guests Bev- there only taut week and coming eral score of the nudist prominent ;back to Lewistown, we • met more ;business men of Minneapolis and St. a r ea a scare of wagons , a u l ea d e d Paul. with household effects and cattle , and President }Darling or the C. M. & St e horses being -en in to help stock P. and President Pennington of the , the farms of the 111s1W reettlens. Chic \Soo Line\ have both accepted- in- 4en n coops, geese and everything ivitatame to spend several days as needed for a farm was seen in the guests of the Power City people. The lot, and }mewing the exeelllent •oottit- head officials of all of the other rail- 4 -my to which they ware going, I could - roads bave been invited to be ores- not help but contemplate the thought OW, and each railroad will be rep- Thal it represented many happy and resented. prosperous homes which will be es - .Governor Stewart, Senator, Myers tatliebedeabout Winnet.\ CASH PRIZES FOR BEST GRAIN That the natural nesoorces of the areaeure State mey be advertised elerneat time ea t during 1915 - to hi- e,eateem; imanietratiou, the Northern , Peeitie. Railway afters a ineenber of epeeist. ceeh preinacans to be award - ,11 In tame...motion with this Montana ;.,m'e Pair to be held` in Helena this all, Sept. 21-29. ' Per the best -collection of sheaf accers o ecinsist of live, varieties and taleeirg thi . el: bundles eacie of hard oat:, Rex, barley and rye aellated at the 1914 State Fair, they of( me a grand, sweepstake of $100 ilk --.0':1. There are no unueuel reatric- - I ila red canurtition is open to ry -farmer in .Mentana. Tale otter tie it.) ate inaucemene for a. great • early Perla:as to prepare tor this and it is expected that . the errata of acetate's grain- will corapete. The should' go after and ;art lire this prize', Likewise for -the _heat collection of marege emeepa to consist of six verge - ti• -s eual three bandies each of altalfa t Hover, blue .grase timothy and two .them' distinct rarities, there is dantt- --a $e0 in goal in , tame especial prem. illeme; $25 to first, $15 to second e.sed, $mll to tailed. Tb•;,n, for the best five avoe of white; oats exhibited, any eueety, it like offer of $50 is made.: OUR BOYS Jae BLUE eta it and rest, brave onee! Time air is tecesning wit -h stueshine .goldea soog -gay. Sle; p•sweet and rest. The blossoms f..1:1 F are hauling Pheir braght -cheeks on- your graven the liveloeg day. ' .‘ea . 0(14}tittl 'the ee - eveilearter tended, and- with bird The dear old flag' -the stars and stripes we love. • Hither your comrades true their way leave ;wended) Their loyalty and- loving praise to ' Sealy and solemn plays the dirge above yam. , With -bowed heads turning gray eAnd growilng old Stana silently the comead,ess brave Who love you, 11/Mee amps will soon be; as a tale • that's told. , Sleep, then', :breve -hearts, with Pale hands folded meekly; Sleep sweet and take your rest, brave 'waits and true. lake licks lair your memory blossoms I Iwteetly Par:ever In our hearts, 0 boys in , bl•ue!---Harriet Freemen° Crocker. ALFALFA --GREAT FORAGE CROP . Au exchange ponteng out them vir- tues of alfalfa as a fertilizer fer the ea, observes -that it adds 'homes, Ili- :•rcaSes the mak flaw, contains* more arra en to the ton. than clover ler corn era 'wakes mare best of hog pastures, ..„ • says th. filial indepentleht. These al. e whet -might be . te rmed by-products ofa crop wletch 'stn ads f,irst in the list of forages. Malaita netedsm no eliampion IneMoutana, wise* several enttings a year are aelpeni, to ear lath Many farmers. Now -he ; is it prude el :e with , better aisult ' han hi thin a ate, and the steamer 'VI atilltiera- Von a; 1, xtendecklhe mbetter.a .•a In masmaIng the 110 . ttuea of elite ,feilks oft - n• taiga ehategptlilng buf4reinge - e t . bass -ewe 'surpass -alfmb1onn In the tpremclumetion of hom'.-; Tlmet isaan a-c' eepted fact in O n1 as well a; Our own slate, ., a .t • hey -bee aisle:less , hair 'coma 'j-' k - airtiongait the-leadeng Indust -•': . . }Mt jose now wi ,\ d -wind int, eonsum mprigas aseendieg, cat appeals alfaiea, the best and ehee stmeek. It not (may to three times as in 'clover or timothy, sn compareetiee valne, b as fetid. A plant e lei -mile -nett for Teresa(' same tette a unique asset of highest vale. Thu First Nat banal distributing E ice& le \Alfalfa 'F -he Money should be in the bands farmer. It .'s written Smith, at All‘n known agricultural au t eat sapply ...riareasisag and - • e as for'm - live - from -twee. \volume a; thorn la both e ex - is aa ntitled which local am C. a well hruota elle Dated States.. and ileklls with those primary lessons which ., every farmer must know and learn . if he hopes to evakesstully grow alfalfa, branising boritaiatleZeital feat in -a slaw clear -out manner. This boo -k may be had -f-nee upon application to the Dank. COURT NEXT WEEK Judge Roy E. 'Ayers has arranged for a Jury term of the district court to begin next Monday, June I. Sixty jurors have been drawn to serve ming this' term, among Which are C. N. arouse and J. J. McHugh, of Moore. So far hilt three criminal moos ;have .been set, , being State vs. Mowitt felony; • State- vs. Franklin-, grand lamina; and . State vs. Taylor, grand ituatmny. about twenty-five civil eases leave b 011 set for trial and it is ax- tpeeted the entire month of June will be t taken up at this term. 'Remember -The. genuine Edison -Talking Pleturea will be shown in Wore for the first time next Thurs- day, June 4 -cue night only -at the 'Moore Opera Hot ee. Saving Money IS SIMPLY A PROCESS OF GROWTH FORM THE HABIT and financial success will grow from your first email deposit by the mune law that \great oak's -from little acorns grow.\ NO ON.E ;BECOMES FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT - IN A DAY . EVERY ONE CAN SAVE A LITTIIE) • AT A TIME STICK TO YOUR SAVING PLAN . AND YOU WILL GET THERE We welcome your acemostmt atid will help you to save and to 811100eteld. The First National Bank U. S. Depository for Postal Savings -4,

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 28 May 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.