The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, May 28, 1914, Image 2

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PAGE TWO • THE tNLAND EMPIRE. Thursday, May 28, 1914 THE INLAND EMPIRE JOHN J. McGRAW IN EDISON \Judith Basin's Weekly , ' TALKING PICTURES The du!rable and versatile \Mugger' aloGnaw, just recently returned from London, Eng,land piloting the Joint world's tour of the Chic -ago White Sex 'and the Giants, lately 'completed two cot talking Picture ander Tho- mas A. Ediacsiel ,direction. This mill ibe a prat of the big new series of Talking Pkture at the Moore Opera Nouse, for one night, meet Thurs- day, Julie 4, and will share for pop. oiler honors with Robert Hughes' etrong , dranea of war times, and the itug Itatiliskeiller Cabaret , featuring Seymour, Dempsey and , Seyanour and S. E. PETERSON Publisher SUBSCRIPTION: Payable In Advance One Year Six Months Thrce Months $2.50 1.25 .75 ?Entered as secon , d clams matter at thei postoffice at Moore, Montana. •0111•••••• literate', May 28, 1914 THE NATION'S DEAD Besids the 'army of ter dead Once more the Nation stands. . With banners' waving at her book And blossoms in 'her handle Wet equal love and grief and pride, Impantially, today ekie drol_ls her roses and her tears Ileen the Blue; and Gray. Porgotten, are the years , cif strife, Tee cause they lost or won. leeet s!e.per in the silent tents .12; her beloved Son. lee uniforms ere. ashes nova TIL• swords and gums are rule, But Memory's eternal green Is rooted in their dust. —Minna Irving in Leslie's. Denat ease the opportunity to boost aiorac city or your fealow townsmen. Be loyal to the town. you liee , in; he loyal 'and liberal! to its newspaper. It is the medium through which the: eublis gets a glimpse of conditions as they really are, and the man looking for a location in business, the man who wants to eetabilisii a home for himself and family in, any town or eurrounding community, almost in - 'variably scans the coalmine , of the local aewspaser Wore making his .,111,cace. A well supported , newapaper 'shows a healthy 'condition of! affairs in the town. Our municipal officers have done commendable work on the streets, 'which is no rlinibt practical economy , in the end and also improvie.s the 'alp ipearanee of our city , consliderably. It 'mule not be at all out of place for 'each individual property owner to e. at lock over and imrprove the 84) - e anances of his pnemises. Look ov,er your back yar , dis land devise sou. means a little work—to oa- t . a3tze the, tin cane and rubbish have accumulated since the lest installment was removed. Alll b 11 , ve in being clean and tidy, and, _Jae g nerallly judges the ocauperats of a 'placem by the condition of the front anal book yards. An ill:Tussle/1 optimist is the fellow who thought Congress woeld adjouim ear y in June The ipnesent outlined prceeern, if tarried out, will extend the sess'on until late this alI. Those Congressmen, whose terms expire 'might then go home for a few days, fix up their fences, vote for them- threah their \ponakins and then go back and perhaps finish up by the .holidays. How long has Con - glee's been in almost continuoua sess- elon now?Are not these long con - tine id sessions the cause of this un- ecetaiety and .depression which seems to prevade practically all branches of inclastry thruout the nation? What makes business in general seem sick? Whether it is due to national legisla- tion or conditions outside of politics remains to be seen. The publid in Len ral seems to favor an atijoutm- meet of Congress soon. It the w tither man gives Washington real lot weather next month a speedy cone neon of the congressional labors 's 'predieted. THE POLITICAN MY SHEPHERD The politician is my shepherd. I shall mot want for anything dur- ing his oaanpaiign. He leadeth ine into the tfaloon for my vote's sake. tileith my pockets With cigars; my cep of beer run:meth over. ith 'concerning my family, - Y.a, even unto the fourth genera.- i en. But though I walk in the mud and rain to webs for him., And about myself hoarse iveien is • I , cted.. Str.iegl•tway,ihe torgeateth me. A' 1, :gh I meet him at his own !Ware. He , knowl th me not. Surely the wool has been P044/4 over mine eye. All the clays of my life. And I will dwell in the boom the tehomeeforever.-013a. meny cehers. \Mtiggsy\ MeGnaw, , Who as a rule , do_s cii things equally well, has, un- iike his conqueror, au/ante Mack, beeal wooed and won by the spell of the tooeights. Lest season he made a tour of the big vaudeville toes of the country in a base ball sketch In , w,hilch le , proved himself an actor. and inonologfst of no mean caliber. Wite ercent sketch is in two parts, ehowing a sesne at the citilb house on the Oleo „giottaids hi New York, and the latter part being .playeld in the drawing room of a fashionable Fifth Aveniu;:i mansion. M , ueth amusing dialogue and accounts of the funny inc'dents In, alcGiew,a3 ,baselball career are ,given in the ball players come- dian's beat vein. — RICE & DORE WATER CIRCUS AND CARNIVAti iThe famous Rice & Dore Waiter ellectius and Caenfval will be at Lew- istown next week ot titenisth the at- tractions_ for the -- \Elks Home COM- tug, etarting next 3Ibletaye - June 1, and playing ‘ six days and , nights. The Dike have made no imistakei in, secur- Ing this great attraction or it is the only \water show\ traveilang--20 Big Shows—taait thee (pleased' the play -go- ing people of the State. They. are jest completing a week of success- eid entertainment an Great Fallei This ilIMMOnsfi aggregation offers the stronlgeet iline of out -door et - tractions ever seen with any amuse- ment enter,prise , of this nature. The many , diffenent ishoWe represent the highest piretelei ever reached in ICerinivalidem. All the latest invent' lions and up-to-date models In cone 'struction the highest.sallarted,skililled 'art -leans were employed 'for months in artietic, decorative .and construotive. work. Nothing has been orverlooked, no excusesi were in evidence to apes, and save money, for this 'management has always given , thci allt1113firniAtt seeker more for his men y than !half •a dozen of the old style \carnival shows\ ever offered in their fondest 'dreams. Th? , 13'g feature attraction is the wonderful and mysterious Water Circus, g1v-ing an exact reproduction of the New York Hippodrome's , pan- tomitnic, aquatic spectacle, \Nep tune's Dane/liter, a Trip to the Bot- tom of the, Sea,\ employing a full and complete east of expent divers, 'male and female, long distance, en - 'durance, .fancy trick e.witminers, water 'walkers, champion log rollers, tunny aquatic , clowine, diving doge and ponies, embracing over fifty PeolPao and animals in a intyetifyin'g story of the d-ep 'sea told an paneoudmme Then follows a long List of worthy exhibitions, all equally meritorious, end among the many shows there la not one to of Lid the most fastidious, for the Rice and Dore nranagement is \care:ail of its record for cleanliness, a'ways offering bright, entertaining anal costly attractions; in, tact, all are of such higheilaesi character and mere. 'that any can be visited with assurance of seeing a first-class pro - mane COUNTRY BANKERS MEET A. D. Scott and J. Ii. Morrow rep - 'amen 4 Moore at the meeting Of the Judith Basin Country Bankers' Club is, Stanford Saturday evening, wile% the bankers cif that city were hitets to the cllub. There was a goad, attendance from all the towaus of the Basin and the evening was spent in dimension. of %akin subjects of particular intereet to the Waking fraternity. nark Meredith, cashier of the First State Bank of Stanford, is president oil the organization, while N. B. Matthews, 'cashier of the Bapen State, Bank of that city, is secretary. Landlord Edwards, of the Stamford Hotel, served an elegant repast, the Following tieing the menu: - MENU Consomme ie la Reese 'Celery Akinende Ital , ..shes Green Onions( Olives Halibut eniCoQuiltiel Sliced Ouctunibe , rs loin of Beef Mushroom Sauce Turkey a la Normandy Lttuie Mayonniaiee Waldorf Salad Maehed. Potatoes Aspaiagus Ts on Toast Stetwb.eriee and Dream Vanilla Ice Cream Assort( d 'Cake Coffee CHRISTIAN CHURCH NOTES. Percy T. Carnes, Pastor. Next Sunday's services: Sunday School at 10:04) a. in., G. R. 'Withrow, superintendent. Young Peo- ple's meeting, 7:00 p. in. Preaching at 11:00 a. mt. and 8:00 p. im. 'Morn - ling sermon: \ Melt i nuance in Nell Do`mg.\ Evening sermon: \The Rulei of Our Lord.\ Special music both morning and evening. The general Invited to all thee services. The Ladles' Aid met with. Mrs. 0. R. Withrow Wednesday afternoon. A large number of ladies present and Much week aocotoplished. The En- deavoners will held their regular .buisa nese and Social meeting with Harley and! Milton MoFfrean! Friday evening. METHODIST CHURCH NOTICES. James H. Durand, Pastor. Choir pra,cticis Friday at 6:30 p. Memorial Day service Sunday nuorning. Sunday Notices: Sunday Khoo! at 10 a. m., T. E. Rice, Supt. Morning Sermon at 11 a. m. Stub - pet: \A Nation's Tribute.\ attnicr 1-cogie at 3 p. m. Miss Luella Rice, Suet. Flp , worth League at 7 p. tn. Evening service at 8 p. zn. Salbleet: \What Ade You ait Chriart?\ of You, are cordially invited to attend theget services. USEYOUR HOME PAPER Don't advertise on trees or rake, Afar from haunts of men. You -cannot .sell .the woodchuck stocks, Or pictures for his den. rfihe squirrel may observe your sign About your -curie for ,hills, And - emit he may - try - to dine.' But that won't pay your bills. The robin buys no !breakfast foods, aVe may as well confess, So if you ,want to sell , your; goodie, You'd better use the press. NOTICE All persons are hereby notified that the depositing of ashes in the streets and alleys of the 'Dawn of Moore Is strictly forbidden by law. All ashes and such ruibibleh must be removed forthwith, otherwiste it will be done by order of Town Council and the expense thereof taxed to the party or parities responeiblei therefor. By Order of ette Town Council. May 21, 1914. 38-9. No. Net. No. No. No. No. 'No. TODAY'S MARKET REPORT 'Prurkey Red Winter 69 2 Turiltey Red Wintre 67 1 Durum 67 2 Derem 63 1 Flax 1 26 2 Flax 1.21 1 White Oats, per cwt. 90 2 White Oats, per cwt. 85 No. 1 Malting Barley 80 No. 2 Barley 70 hgs 15 'Butter 2$ WARNING TO AUTOISTS At: automobile driverla are hereby 'notified that the Town Ordinances orescribe ii speed' limit for dniving Machines within the To/len and in, fractions thereof wN11 not be allowed. Obey this warning and observe the legulatiikets. By Order of the Town Council. May 27, 1914. 39 Cookery Points Variety in Strawberry Time. To the woman whose duties as house- wife Include the task of devising des- serts for the year the coming of the strawberry season is a relief. The family Is then treated to fresh straw- berries for lunch, strawberries and cream for dinner, strawberries for lunch tomorrow and strawberries and cake tomorrow dinner. Of course every one likes strawberries, and fresh fruits are unquestionably healthful, ad - why not have strawberries for break- fast when they are in season instead of other fruits? The really wise housewife makes strawberry desserts last through ihe strawberry season by varying her way of presenting them, and it would be difficult to find a fruit that may be served in a greater variety of delicious ways. Strawberry Omelet. When you find a nice box of ripe strawberries fine in flavor buy them and also half a dozen of the freshest eggs. Pick over the berries, saving out about half of the finest solid ones. Cut these in half, put into bowl and add two large tablespoonfuls of sugar, mixed with a little grated orange peel and a dash of lemon juice or grape fruit. Set In refrigerator. Make an omelet of the six eggs and when ready to fold over fill with the sliced berries drained from all juice. Turn the om- elet out on the dish, dust with pow- dered sugar and serve at once. , P11 , \.\ • O 00000 00000 o HOME CIRCLE o Pleasant Evenina Reveriesi a o Column Dedicated to Tired o Mothers as They Join the O Home Circle at Evening Tide. By Grace Flail C . Iowa man has solved the high .cesi of living be living with his Iler-in-law. — 43— A mistaken notion ties women down to petty details, when many precioue evere tits might bei giveln, to something wottild elevate and refine. Labor is life, but worry Is killing. Accept ablates :as they are and do not /either about the yesterday, which is gone forever; do not bother about to- interrow, which i's not yours; but take the preieent day and make the best of it. Be wary lest - in your devoltiOn to • wng machine, bread board, and, thrown, you allow blessed opportuni- ties for self' coltrore to slip by, until you find yourself a target for some- body's ,comanise'raition. — 0— No one when garden time comes will intentionally or malicioualy, per- mit their chickens to destroy their ighbors or their own gardens, and no neighbor feels like knocking a chicken over and throwing it over the fence, though the law gives you that right. --o-- Some horrid man says: \A women' ten adapt herself to eirmumstances snere-readily_ than.. a maue__Sh_e_eaVilt drive a nail with a \salter or a hair ()rasa, take out a cork with the eats- sors, no matter if It is pushed in, -and 'sharpen lead pencils with her hus- band's razor. - —o -- A southern meekly !gives the follow. !beg :beauty hint: For giving the 'face a good color, get one pot of rouge mud one rabbit's foot. Bury them two miles from home and walk out end beak once a day to see that they arc; still there.\ --o-- A man in daily contact with bright 'minds, in his traveling, think4nee plan- ning, reading unc , ons.clouily growls away from the woman of his choice unless she is in turn keen witted enough to make up her mind that this shall not be the case. —o— Yeen,g man you are wanted. From the 'Area corners, from the saloons, and playhouses, from the loafer's ren- dezvous from the idler's promenade, turn your steps into the highway of noble aim and earnest twork. There are prizes enough for every 011/000i93- tul worker, crowns enough for every honorable head that goes through the smoke of conflict to victory. --o-- A man likes at night, when, he puts on his slippers and settles down, for a stn!oke to dalicucie the topics of the /Moments and not the faults and, de- ealqueneke of the cook. Where one wonnan, can do this, a dozen would be utterly at sea if an attempt were made to luxe them away from them, In them, always fascinating themes, kiecten, aitinsery, etc. —o— Learn to keep your own troubles to yourself. The world is too busy to tare for your ills and sorrows Learn to step croaking. If you cannot see tiny good in the world, learn to keep the had to yourself. Learn to hide your plias and aches under a pleas- ant smile. No one cares to hear Whether you have the earache, head- ealhe or rheumatism. Don't cry. Tears 'do we'l enough in novels, but they eel cent of ,pllace In real life: --o-- Encourage your child to be merry and to laugh aloud; a good, healthy laugh expands his chest and makes hi,- blood bound merrily along. Com- rn - nd me to a good joke—not to a little, is tiloke length , but to one that Rounds through the house; it will , be a lbenifit to all who hear, and /el an limeanratn.t means of driving the blares a , wey•from the dwelling. alerra mote is very catching and spreads in a remarkable manner, few being able to resiet the contagion. A hearty lough s delightful harmony; indeed It is the best of all Mete. STOCK AT LARGE UNLAWFUL Notice is heteiby, given that the Ordinan,ccs of the Town of Moose lprolut , 131t the running at large of live - 'stook, and owners thereof arei warned Mains ipresn'tting them to No rum, at large, otherwise the law will be In-! %Poked. Damage to gardens, lawns, ete, will not be tolerated. By Order of the Town Council. May 26% 4 1914. 39 Ed Olsen hap begun the com, stetuction of a neat bungalow oo, his farm, just west of Moore. He pays It's going to bel a \bachelors' club,\ but the plane of the interior seem to Indicate that Ed will, befone Iona, cease to mingle with the bachelors ND a obil Health and Beauty Have You Both? HERE'S A COMBINATION THAT CANT BE BEATEN - IN WOMAN OR MAN. HEALTH AND BEAUTY. They are synonymous, or where prefect health reigns, beauty is also. Good, rich red blood, keat free from iteperities, will give health to the system and intture a pure and 'clear complexion. And ware health is, there Is no worry and no wrinkle. OUR REXALL BLOOD TABLETS INSURE PURE BLOOD. THEY KelEP THE BOWELS REGULAR AND TONE THE STOMACH. THEY ACT ON THE KIDNEYS AND LIVER AND STIMULATE THE ENTIRE SY , STIEM. MORE MONTANA. e Harness Will a Reputation +- C. C. JEFFREY, 109 MAIN STREET LEWISTOWN, MONT. EDISON TALKING PICTURES Opera House One Night June 4th THE WIZARD COMING TO MOORE Comedy, Opera, Drama, Vaudeville, Concert, 14 ALL STAR FEATURE TALKING PICTURES 14 The most , wonderful Pictures Ever Shown in Moore FgATURING EDMOND BREESE IN \THE MATER •MIND\ and JOHN J. Me- GRAW, MANAGER NEW YORK GIANTS Two Hour Show. Owing to the big demand for seats there will be two shows at night. 1st at 7 rp. m., 2nd at 9 p. , m. Entire change of program each night. P opular prices 25 and 50. Seats now on sale NNW WIN BAKE BREAD— When you can buy It cheaper than youi can imakil it. In order to !work op a paying business JOHNSON'S BAKERY is making a good close price on breed. Commencing Monday morning, May 18, 1914, we will *1,111 2 LOAVES , for 15 CENTS, and 4 for 25 CENTS. We will need the patronage of all to , make it pay here. Now if you are for MOORE, and MOORE bueinese ipl :else show It and give us your support. OPEN SUNDAYS from 8 to 10 a. in. and 5 to 7V. 'to. WiEEK 'DAYS—Close at 8 p. m. '• Johnson's Bakery OPTIONAL PAYMENT FARM LOANS Our terms the best, Our rates the lowest. You get your money the day you apply foir it. It wIN pay you to see us before borrowing. Our office Is opposite the Fergus Hotel on Third Avenue. Write or *all upon us. Montana Loan and Investment Co. PHONE W. LIMIIITOWN, MONTANA. NOM .4 , r. e•• ^ • • N. • •

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 28 May 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.