The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, July 02, 1914, Image 1

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Montana Historical Library. CELEBRATE THE 4TH AT MOORE JOY FOR YOUNG AND OLD EMPIRE \JUDITH BASIN'S WEEKLY\ CELEBRATE THE 4TH AT MOORE BRING ALL THE FAMILY VOLUME NINE MOORE, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, JULY 2, 1914 ALL IS READY FOR THE BIG DAY PROGRAM , FOR MOORE'S BIG CELEBRATION—ENJOYMENT FOR YOUNG AND OLD Everybody, is busy in Moore pne- paring for the Fourth of July .Cele-. Iteration and by tomorrow evening all I 'will be in readiness for :the big' time. (The street decorations, including flags, bunt lig, evergreens and hill- lianttly colored electric light,s are now being arranged along Fergus avenue. 'During the evening it will present a gay and brrillia.nt Keane, and will be 'as light as day. Every effort is be - 'jag made by the Moore Commercial iCluib to make this year's Indepene ideinee Day the greatest event that 'Judith Basin and Moore has ever en- joyed so far. All that remains is Tor the weather man to give us fair 'weather and for the farmers and' 'visitors to come here. .No pains are 'being spared and even the smallest details for the comfort of visitors has been carefully looked 'after. A record - breaking crowd is anticipated, with , good sized delegations representing 'Hobson, Striw, Denton and other 'towns in the county. The day's program will begin with 'a .doncert by the Moore Concert and from 8:30 to 9:00 o'clock. During this 'period the floats and those who 'will participate in the big Business 'Men's Industrial and Comedy Parade Will be farming on the north side, at the old Rogers -Templeton lumber yard. This Parade promises to be an interesting and novel one, practically 'every local business establishment having announced its intention of be- ing represented. It will start prompt sly' at 9:00 o'clock, headed by W. T. Sharp, Marshal of the Day, and the Moore Concert Band. The route 'followed will be tii'p Fergus avenue to Firet street east. (cornier First Nat- tional Belink), thence ease to First 'avenue north, thence south to Third latreet, thence west to Fergus avenue,. then north on. Fergus avenue to the 'Bowery, in the , Nihill building ad - 'joining the , Postoffice, where the 'speaking and exercises will be held. 'The Parade will be one of the big features of the day and all those desiring to witness it must be en -hand early for it will take place promptly at the time stated'. Hon. Oliver W. Belden, of Lewis- town, will deliver the address of the day and all those wlho have enjoyed 'listening to him previously know it will be a worthy speech full of en- thusiastic patriotism and interest. Ap- propriate musical selections and other features will contribuite to the ex- ercises. The two ball games, Moore vs Hob , son at 10:30, and Moore vs. Denton tet 3:30, promise_ to give the fans all 'they can wish for. Liberal purses are offered and fast games can be ex- pected. The athletic and field sports will take place on Fergus avenue and 'the horse races near the Ball Park, during the afternoon. Cash prizes are offered and these will attract 'both young and old. The Moore , Concert Band will delight v'sitors at intervals during the entire day with catchy and patriotic music. The Bowery dance will begin about 4:00 o'clock and contjnue until Midnight. An excellent dancing floor has been 'provided and the Judith Gap orches- era secured, thus assuring those who wish to dance an enjoyable time. A number of comic features such as the Kangroo Court, will also add to the humorous features of the day. All the progressive citizens are , uniting in arranging for the celebra- tion and those who visit our city Sat- urday will be convinced that Moore is. indeed a royal host. The detailed 'program is given elsewhere. At high noon, June 24, occurred (het marriage of Miss Minnie Coryell, 'of Gervais, Ore., formerly of Moore, 'and Arthur Lewis, of Clara, Mont. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Wright of the Presbyterian church in Lewistown in the presence of a few relatives and !nth:nate friends. The beide was becomingly gowned in cream crepe meteor and shadow lace and were 'a bride's veil and orange blossoms. Miss Clara Lewis, 'a sister of the groom. attended the bride and was attired in white em- broidered lawn and carried white carnations. The groom and best man, Louis Sutherland, wore the conven- tional black. At the close of the ceremony a luncheon was served at 'the Ferguis Hotel to the bridal party and guests. The bride is a aleter of Mrs. Brit- ton Barrett and has often visited n Moore- and vicinity. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Lewis, of Clara, Mont. Both young people 'have a hest of friends who extend congratulations and best wishes. LEWIS--DORYELL scAt. Ly--A aNEY Miss Myrtle Abney, of Berea% and Frrank Scally, of Judith Gap, were united in marriage at LewietOWG, 'Tuesday, Judge Roy E. Ayers per- forming the ;ceremony. Mr. Scally is a well to do young farmer living east of Judith Gap and at one time resided in Moore. He 'has many friends in this vicinity who unite in extending the best of wishes to him and his bride. Emerisen , eilie MAMA! How often does the cry come to you, and little feet hurry to your side and tear stained eyes look up appealingly into your? Scarcely a day goes by wjthout some little mishap—cuts end bruises are common—but they require atttention to insure against the evil after effects. If you have the simple home remedies handy you can Immediately alleviate the sufferings of the victim and save yourself the trouble and expense of calling a physician. WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH A COMPLETE MEDICINE CABINET AT LITTLE COST: OteactA N E0 MOORE . MONTANA . • * see 1k 4( Jer * 'Ae s . eeee , * '41 eik * 1k * * * * * * OLD dotty 1778-4914 'Float on, oh Flag, forever! That 'neath thy starry folids Man's_maeeh may never-faiter Towards ell that Freedom holds; Where lies the simple justice, Lead thou the shining way Toward the, broader living, Toward the faker day. NUMBER 44 KA'tk.\ria CELEBRATION AT MOORE JULY 4, 191 Given Under the Auspices of Moore Commercial Club Marshal of the Day, W. T. SHARP 0:00 A. M. Selections by Moore Concert Band. 9:30 to 10:30 Speaking and exercises at Bowery Pavillion. Orator of the day --Oliver W. 'Belden. 10:30 Ball Game. Purse of $50 Moore vs. Hobson IANNER. 1:30 to 3 P. M. Field Sports Events take place on Fergus Avenue nX) yd Running Race Boys under 12 years of age 1st l'rize $3.00 2nd Prize $1.00 100 yd. Running Race Bays oiler 18 years of age let Prize $3.00 • 2nd Prize $1.00 50 yd. Running Race- Girls under 14 years of age let Prize $3.00 2nd Prize $1.00 50 yd. Running Race—Fat men weighing over 200 pounds lstyrize $3.00 let Prize $6.00 let Prize $3.00 let Prize $3.00 let Prize . $3.00 let Prize $15.00 3 Legged Race -50 yards Sack Race -50 yards Wheelbarrow Race -50 yards Egg 1i:eye-I50 yards 100 yard Dash—Free for all Obstacle Race let Prize $3.00 2nd Prize $2.00 3:30 1'. M. Ball Game. Purse of $100 Moore vs. Denton 5 1'. M. Horse Race at Ball Park 2nd Prize Moo ist Prize $15.00 , 7 to M. Concert by Moore Concert Band Bowery Dance—Dancing at Bowery Pavillion from 4 to 12 P. M. Music by Judith (lap Orchestra and Prize $20) '2nd Prize $3,00 2nd Prize $2.00 211d Prize $2.00 Prize $1.00 '2nd Prize $.7.50 Grand Fire Rocket Display -9:30 P. M. Rest Rooms for Ladies and Children are located in Commercial Rooms inClary Building and in building next to Moore Cafe Come to. Moore on the Fourth A Good Time for All :.7.1k1ONTANA STATE FAIR ' Fresh off the Ines, neatly . illue- trated, and with 168 pages of s.pecial 'and regular liberal cash pretflurne, this paper is in receipt; of' the 1914 'Montana State Fair premium catalog 'watch tells in an interesting fashion bow prizes amounting to over $30,- . \ ifion ca. n be won at this year's expo- sit That an unusual interest is being 'manifested in the big state fair this year is shown in the way inquiries have been pouring into the office of the secretary for lists, and while an edition of six thousand was printed, it is more than likely to be exhausted before the opening events. More counties than ever have announced their intention to 'be represented with an offical display. Visitors at the 1914 Montana State Fair, Septouber 21-26e, will notice such a great number of improvements a t the state fair grounds ;hat they Will be ;led to believe than an al- most 'complete revision, has been made ae the Treasure State's great exposition, for not only the 'feces- sary minor yearly changes have been made, but new buildings are being erected, new coats of paint applied ' the important structures the grounds are being enlarged, a new entrance built, earl changes in trans- portation facilities have been made. Of the greatest importance is the erect'on of the $25,000 Horticulture 1.Building upon which work has cow- . tnenced with vigor. This structure, i of fire -proof stucco will set , the stand- dard future state fair building, q being of a substantial type and 'well adapted for modern exhibition . 'enerpose.s. The building will measure ' 1110 by 60 feet and the contract calls for its completion 'before the fair !conemennes, .by , which time it will be ready for the numerous 'exhibits Whielh o are proMiefd this year in the Iliortic,elture and. Floriculture Divi- 1 Mons. When the alsitor approaches the . fair , grounds this „fall he will 'Oeter . ander a handsome new ens +pence, which 'will be built of iron , 11 ?f. ( ek)Kki9Va.,. ,A900.... will ..4ne.a.aure .100 feet wide. The entrance also be 700 feet south of its former ioda- tion, the jutervening ground having been enclosed by a new woven -wire' fence. Coats of paint have been added to the grandstand and other buildings, givng the grounds a refreshed ap.' pearanee. With the numerous im- provements' in 1914, the Montana 'State Pair Grounds will take the lead as beng the finest in the north- west. For the accommodation of passenger and ;freight traffic the Northern Pacific Railway has built' a spur to the fair ground gates, 'where the facilities for unloading will be excellent. maw* Lyman Stock Players at Moore Opera House, July 3-4. Two plays each night—One admission. adv. ANNUAL FARMERS' PICNIC, JULY 24 ARRANGING FOR THE AFFAIR AT THE EXPERIMENT STATION NEAR MOCCASIN Plana are well under way for Judith Basin Farmers' Annual Picnic tet the likperitnent Station, just west of Moccasin, to be held Friday, July 24. The Picnic has always attracted 'a large attendance, and much inter- est and', while it will be indeed dif- ficult to amines the affairs of pre - 'louts years, the officers will no /doubt have the support and tio this year of the entire c wLfieh has not always been the / The usual program of Merit is promised and arra 'for handling the crowd are now being enade. A number of proininen egjeak- ers will discuss subjects of tural interest an'd'-effort 'made to secure the Black E of Great Falls for the day.. • The rariners'PreiliF had a sm — all %beginning but leas become one • urea events in this State, be ducted primarily for the farmer, and the history of its splendid growth is too well known to need repitition here. qt is conducted by the Farmers: %Picnic Association, the annual dues ;being the small sum of $1, and mem- bers are reminded by the Treasurer, IL. V. Jackson, Moccasin, that such dues are nowt payable. MOVIES FOR MOORE Thia city is to have a first class Moving p'eture show under the man- sgandent of A. N. Freuen. recently of Chester, Montana, who is now In the city making the necessary ar- rangements. The Move Opera Howse Is being thoroly cleaped, resovated, said handsomely decorated, and will ereafter be known; as the \Lyric\ Theater. Equipment of the latest improved type is being installed and the pic- tures shown will be clear. Mr. irreuen states they will sibeolately not hurt the eyes and will be WY the , highest class pictures, such is 'are seen on the best cireuits. The prices will be so reasonable that they will appeal to eveybOdy. Mr. Freuen comes here wiih ex- cellent recommendations as a mov- ing picture man and has had rev- vral years experience in the business. tie ex,pects to atm the \Lyric' a'bout text Monday evening and requests the theater going public to give Mm an opportunity. The \Lyric\ will treat all patrons courteously, no.' 'rowdyism will be permitted, and women and children will find it B pleasant place to 'spend the evening. Insure Your Money mEIN: . You insure your lives and prop- erty against accident, fire and theft. WHY NOT YOUR MONEY ALLSO? Take up a Policy With Us. And When the proverbial \rainy day\ puts in an ,appearance, you will be prepared. Call on us at any time and we will be pleased to explain our business methods. The Firit National Bank U. S. Depository for Posial Savings MOORE COMMERCIAL CLUB BIDS YOU ENJOY THE ENTIRE DAY

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 02 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.