The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, July 16, 1914, Image 1

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Montana , lienterleal Lamy, • • es - -- \ \JUDITH BASIN'S WEEKLY\ ...••••1111MACIRIMI IN VOLUME NINE MOORE, FERGUS COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1914 PROPER TIME TO SOW FALL WHEAT AGRICULTURIST PETERSON GIVE ADVICE BASED ON OBSERVA- TION AND EXPERIENCE - IThis is' a much disputed question end one icliffioult to answer so as to apply to all 'districts of the State; and under all conditions. Having tit:tidied this particular question for some tim in the principal virtheat-growing ,areas te:' the; State, I find :Wait there is a teertain, period every year when win- ter wheat may be sown to the besd alvantages; viz: from about the 15th of Angus j t to the 10th of ;September. Pra.ctleailly every record breaking crop ever produced in Montana was iszeidad during this period.. It is true 'that ;sometimes a goeid crop with, s th-Javy yield may he produced when the winter ;wheat is sown either be- _ irol!a or after these dates, yet the tbeat crops are nearly always sown stok Septemixr When_one. '4 - large acreage to seed it cannot be dune in onc; day or even a week, hence. a leeway of practically one month may he allowed When seeded tat this time the wheat will have made ample growth ito hold snow and prevent drifting of soil, and the root system will be well thveloped and • not liable to Injury from alternate freezing and thawing in the early spring months. Too early seeding is not desirable as it appears that it increases the liability to injury by wirerworms or blight. Why this shoukl be co has not- been natiefactorily explained by the plant pathologists of our western states. 1The fact remains that early -sown *wheat is frequently thus affected 'While ;late -sown wheat in the- same (field may escape injury. In a certain edi_atriet et Puglia county a number of e&rmens had learned that it would do to seed flax in the spring and then immediately seed winter wheat . in the tame field, and then when the flax 'was harveisted in the fall the winter evileat would be in spllendid 'shape for 'the winter. In every instance the wheat was tine in the fall and winter, tarnishing in many cases good eas- tern for live stock. Yet every farmer, with but one exice.pltion, who tried thin experiment in 1912 found thee. 'goring the months of May and June, 1913, the wheat bnn; 1..o wilt and come dhil. 'ride oecurrid . not enly orlyee wheat was sown, with flax disr- tng May and June, bue ago ion well prepared tal'iew laud and sod 'where wheat was se•eled during the nrionlir of Indy or early August. A fernier in the western part of Fergus County who tenlred Pall LAB- IA/re for his dairy herd sowed a field to T-urkey Red wheat on the 7th of duly, 1913. The wheat made -a splen- MI growth last tall, but when I visi- ted' this field daring May, 1914, 1 906nd that only a few soatterinig • th!.s nation 'foremost in the World. She cited errata/Ices, of hew women had contributed to humanitarian if - fairs of this country in looking after I women and catildren's needs; of goad leglaltion in equal suffraige states, due to the 'Sower of women. While voring votes for women, she did not advocate universal public office,- ' holddrug by women, stating it would 'never come, but believed there. , were a numlber of calices that could I be held adviantageously by the We - 'Inca, such as in the health depart- ment, the joventle court, cows at domestic relations and ahem. She maintained that with the woman's vote conditions would become better for the women, as well as the men, in the home and elsewhere. Mrs. Hathaway was heard by ale good eized crowd of attetvie listen- ers. The Winnett lot sale; Which sc- *errs at Lewistown next Saturday, jely 18, -Promises to be a lively one. O. W. -Morrow, in charge of the safe, has procured a number of Valuable ng prizes consisti Of intent -tire, jewelry and other articles, to be awarsicd to the i'aiddeklual purchaser as a bonne end these are attracting much et- r tendon. •Whenest is in a splenad farm I ing. district and, while yet in the ! 'homesteati stage, there are mane wetil im,ptoved farms surroundiog it. 'The cOvintry adapteef its diversified larosnk anitt • Produces excellent corn How often does the cry come your side and tear . stained eyes Scarcely in day goes by wiltho bruises are common—but they against the evil after affects MAMA! to you, and little feet hurry to look up enpealeigY into your? at some little mishap—cuts and , require atttention to insure If you have the simple Ir•me remediea handy you can immediately alleviate the sufferings of the victim and save yourself the trouble and expense of calling a physician. WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH A COMPLETE MEDICINE CABINET AT LITTLE COST. MOORE . !WON'T • telt - ONLY A BREATHING SPELL. .me , s4 t r _ plants had even survived the winter. r On a e3ent trip through 'Mutnelshell County I found a number of fields affected by wilt, and upon inquiry learned that in every instance the wheat had been sown some time , prical to August 20, 1913;, and here again I found a few farmers had tried ;he feeding of wheat in the spring with 'Aare and scoured a good stand af whz at eve Pall but this spring it is a total failure in nearly every case. Do not wait much after the first we-etk in September, but it the seed lilE el is read)) , sow the . winter wheat even though it may appear dry at the time, for if the sand is properly prepared there is usually ample mois- ture -to germinate the wheatt.—C. H. Peterson, County Agriculturist. OPEN AIR SUFFRAGE MEETING, Last Thursday evening, Mrs. Maggie - Smith -. Hathaway, of Stevensville, 1 Montana, delivered an, interesting ad- dress on actual Suffrage at an open laid meeting ,in front of David Drug I Ettore. She is an excellent Weaker end gave a number of convioaing ikarguments in favor of Votes for 1;Women. Mrs. Hathaway made efteotive an- swer to praetically all the egrumente currently heard against granting wo- , man the 'ballot. She abated' that today, erg , woman must have a voice in the gov- ernment if she twopenny cares for the. needs of the home; that as in the home so in the government there is need of the -woman's point of vie' as , well as of the Manes. A high tribute 'NEw pRimARy EirriTio Was 'Paid Ito the men who had , made N LA L J) ,• • gl t/ - NUMBER 49 6 --,Berryman in Washington Sto, MIN1111101111111.1.11111.11=11111.111 First Trial In Montana Aug. 25 Brief Summary of In- terest to Voters The - TiVe — Siii - ip!re has -. heretofore given an outline of the new Priniary Elleetion Law, which will be given its first 'trial in Montana on r sda y , August 25, there are still many per- ; goals who are in doubt as to some i of its most important features, und for the benefit of those we print be- ' tow a brief aummaryat it The Primary Nominating Election' hell 70 days vet: Gen r_iel eleotion ies for the purpose of nomi- nating candidates by each political I party for all elective abate, district' eind county offices, and delegates to ' 'any oonstitutional coituvention that 'may hereafter be called, and also for electing county central committeemen! 'This does away entirely with the old ucus cen [ on Weli tt h ite4 e ti tile r : a utt e v ‘ l ith eal e ciab Ge esybe nena n° I .m The , oandidate receiving the high - (Nit number of votes for any office et ' the Primary Election Vh? nominee of his party for that office . , and no candidate's name shall ap- pear on a 'party ticket at the Gen- e ra& Elecit'on under the head of a ed at the Primary Nominating Ele Con, and no independent candidate let - ('on can use the amine or any part of the name of any political parftY• Before a proposed candidate for looluntly office shall have his merle paced on the primary ticket of liVs Parity, he must file in the ()f- ire* of the County Clerk a petition signed by himself, and thereafter he tnest file with the County Clerk, at least 15 days . preceding the Primary Nominating Electien, a Petitions sign' ed by et least two per cent of the quIlfied electors cif his ling In otrelifth of the voting Pre - trinicts within the county. This percentage Is based , on he vote esise for representative in , 00noress at the laet preceding General Election' (ty the political party on which the eandidate seeks 'nomination. No person shall sign any nominat- ing petition unless he is at the time 'of the signing thereof, a qualified elec. tor. He may sign as many petitions us he dest.res for candidates for the mime Offices of WI political Party , l and the faot .that he signs a peti- ,tice, does not 'MI o v•)t- for the candidate whose petitket he signs, 'either at the Primary Election 'or at the General Election. No qualified voter will be 'permitt- ed to vote unless his name appears upon the official precinct register of his residence, on eieotien day. All those who were reg'stered nni vst et the la* General Motion will not he required to again register, but those Who have removed from the troOtag precinct in which Shay lived ace required to hairs their registrile ion transferred . place of residence. A. male peleens over the age ie 21 yeara who are citizens of the United States, who have resided hr t ie State of Moneante fer one ar, void 'within the count* of Fergus . blr 30 , prior to the election at which they wish to vote, are en - :.tied to register. Aliens who Will have received their naturazation 'preerie, or citizens who will have ac- quired the necessary residence be- fore the day of eleotion at which the 'weigh to vote may also register. Aat electors residng within in Miles of the county seat most reg- *alter at the office of the County 'Clerk of the counter; if the voter 'eesides at a greater &stelae ,. e than allies from the county se -at he -may register before a Notary Public or Justice at the Peace. Books for iregkstration will he clamed 30 days preceding the date of the Primary ejection or the General Election and the Voter meet register before that rime. In ease the voter dealt*, to 'register 'before a notary or justice he rOouid do so in ample time to allow his registration to be forwarded to Vie Cleric before the regisyration boeles . are closed. Where the voter honsges hs residence from one pre- ainict to another after the retest:era- Von, books are closed and before -Lotion he. is then permitted to vote en the precinct in Which he' was reg- istered If the voter changes his 3 sklence from one precinct to In oilier within the county aft r les- trait!,o'n and before the books are clos- ed 11a will not be permitted to Vote unless kis name be transferred to the register of his new precinct, which Is done by written' request • to the (County Clerk, seeoceinpanied by if- fidarvit. County central committeemen • for each political 'party will be elected -at the Prltnary (Election. Any ,roem- OA- of a political party may be pissed In nominaeon for committeemen and , have his name plaited upon the 'Primary ballot by filing with the County eke*, at (least 15 days per- -c•ding the Pemary E'ection, a pt -ti - tin figned by five qualified electors 3 skeet of the preeinct .and ine3n. 1):118 of .the party ment'oned in such , petition. MI signers of such petition 'mast make affidav:it that they are 'bent fide mermb:ins of the party Men- tioned in the peition. The Conn- . initteemen electce will constitute the ''oenty e ntrall .aidetee, - which tone. mittee shall have all the powers Wi aety matt?ns pertaining to county sommtttees, subject to the prOrisione cf law, among wir'cih tie the power to fill Niacin - rens In the noman'ttee itself; C o make nomlnatlons to fill vacancies ocouring armor the eandidiaites where vAKtitoco• °course JAY death or ; - e - ',novel' from the electoral district of the oandetate nominated at th nary Eleeteon; e alao or appoint state • ii'i ad (..omanitteenera and mean/bele 'pi . the - 3augieessannal committee. lin- t:am. party -men' in their reeipecitive ,ereoinets scle to it that a par.y is- elected wiener their 'precinct. at 'the Printery 113103tioe aoue *an ha elected' by them and( itext 'hiestanil elect -torn e No candidate may fl -meetly or in - furnish to any 'voter lay ;nor y atom; entertainimant, jertbit :iquesi.., .4.eigars t or lictia,te.; to imiiIji, hi vote, e , Caneilde.te,s viol t- ag - this at shall be gbfity of treatiog ttyd tatinleet . to nee penally therefore. Amy she:or - who. accepts any of the. things. sboVe.ansiner..ted.' hour a eandr- eat., at -so be galley, of treating .uiJia-oNsteank\ ht...).-1 be • oil .;:ballewn to hid Wad re3eiet1L i g aontest. Linisatons are laced on the sande Vate'el eltiot , Interest only .0 11 eeiudidate IJC . 0 eunty-*314( W I 11 urall notices .ef elartion, tg'•ieik , A judges and clerk ef each pecineestannty , dews pr. to ereoPriniaz•flifention, The polis 'will be op,in from 12 o'enecit noon until 7 k. ab. -Co erred .earnelle earlobe may be s 'from the. County Clerk at any t time alter they . are pr:6•::ti or • bulges of t . .,1,eet.:ion on eleccion 'airy. leach pelitioriii party . will beeer • ...eeparta'e tide; t. When ' t he eie'e- eer e.a111-23. O voteehe is given on ai.' tyseees , of each pobeeal pae`y, asteued together, all of wilich will be een.te. After (uterime . the booth he eel tear out. and nrirk the ballot Et lie polit:ohit party for whose wain* eziese be . w:iehes to vote. then. 1104E; due :InOlot he has marked sad f.:ie unmarked ballots *separately and lastriflis elern to the judges, who will esee the -marked ballet le the \ballot bee\ and /the unused' ballot la the entered , -ballot box.\ None but one yet(/' - will know which party tkiltet he : i s...104 .111s? .eeesies of all, *wit slat at fir each po!litiCal Entity will e1P- pear on the ticket of his party he lallphatetletileender. , idle voter may VoL9 amity one penty !eke!. ' may not vote Part 4f lant , tiefti , t and- past of another, but ihe law permits him to wrie in the blank 'eeraces, .provided on the Par - !tourer ticket be does vote, the Mime of any sperson he may ohoese to vote mor. It the name so wrilen in bale lens to be 41hat of any person' whnse ;Jaime is printed on any other ticket I St will mot Icon* for inch persoa as it! party vote on the l'.iettet upon - wirloh ..11 I wishes to become a candidate, bqt corset as one vote for sucdi per - ;on as a candidate, of the party UP' MI Whose - tieket'his mime 'a writt€s1. ,tithits vshi'e split 'tickets are - solerat- , retch a practice will be useless. 4 , : ytb llhe • ItTho petition beeriisg for set by the eereetlo tsutal naf Omani -county that was filed at For- 'eromeniselenres of 'Rosebud emsnity for 'Platy let, has bee's withdrawn and 'wank on the county divislop will halt for a ?Lime. ALL MAW FOR BIG PICNIC ONLY ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL THE ma FARMERs• PICNIC EXPERIMENT STATION A w. ek :lain ,ly en Friday, July 24, accuse he hie Itlantn•rs• Picnic at tee Expeornent wtiation at Moccasin. and 'hose she are ru. eharge of the arrangers - Ina are w.orliaing diligently to Save all the:es In readineer. At the Der - ri- ment &alien Suet. Sto,ph-,se is esing extra efforts to have the Sta- tIon ,grottafia in shreehope . by that darts, The field p , :ete. and eircees it the Station' are looking. fine. ‘Vei are being pulled, the roadways and Paths between the difterent pots are being put into proper condition and the aseembly hall for Ale waking exercises will be aratenged within the -next few days. A large new flag Polo has been pet up also. roan visited the Sta- lion Few persons realize the additksnal deaft uork ie roary, to handle the •big picnic apki kb * vary agparart that the Staefon, .e0rPS of workers aresertionsly handicapped on'etikeionit oif leek of MI' dl and teams. Shpt. St:tr./hens was here and there end - everywhere, attentliag to all itriUdi of mattene; eirfV!tag' ento Mee - t:Oath% se-veral' times during the lay, add busily engaged all the time. It wellid seem that he shook!, be pro. - vided with an automobile to save ittnir oh these trips and feel:Mate hit work; but so far it has not been pro- vldtd. Title Station is e permanent arse 'and wile Aileen he go. . It is net a demonstration farm, such as 11 . aNe beep operated , in the pant in some pares of the atelte, but permanent end , ta condiucce d by the ata , Act federal government lointr e : At the picnic :this ye,. reeruniter of prominent men whil core rittr , te to the speaking program, tnsitell'aig Pr.:'sident .1. M. Hainri'eton, cf oh.. Agricultural College; J. M. Kennedy, *tote ce411111 . 110140ner of egecultallre; 14. L. 'Wilson, Ouster eorioty'e egrtaui- twist; • P. .B. Ienfle.:10 IP: S. CaVey, of the Agrieulleural Callegy: Cant H. Peterson, Fergus manly' agrioulteriet; President 'E. H. Caney, of the Montana •Sate Pr ea Aseosia- t ion, and others. Judge E. K. Cheadle, fowi'stcewee will ?et elite in ida ostler , pleasant and alse wianter. ; The Montana St:ite Press . thin, which *Oda its imbuel nie - ane in Leeerecoen next eeek, Jrily will , attend the Panic in a ticdy, iii- iowiflg an extended tufo trip over the Judith. Basin.. The Bleolt EiagleI Band, of Great Pal*, has been secured for the day and wMl give concerts that will delight all who love good music. This organlzatie , n c7tinpoesti of nlositlitre of ex. -apt tow t a ill s y . A dsleigatlein of Great Palls booeteers (Coatlaued op Peg\ PIO A, Bank Account Has *ay Aintanktges 'het no give you a few of them. (1) YOUR DEPOSITS ARE IN- SURED. (2) YOU ARE ABLE TO MOP CORRECT TAB ON YOUR INCOME. (3) YOUR FINANCIAL AFFAIRS ARE SYS'IllinefATIZEID. (4) YOUR THRIFT IS STIMULAT- ED ' (5) YOU ARE P144(i141) IN THE 'BEST POSITION TO GET AHEAD. • Why not take -advantage of this'en- e•ortiwity? We , would be Pol - ralelocl 'banking business. to have your The First National Bank U. S. Depository for Postal %Maga --

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