The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.) 1905-1915, July 16, 1914, Image 2

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••••• • Thursday, July 16, 1914 Via.* THE INLAND EMPIRE \Judith . Basires' *ekle. S. E. PETERSON publisher I ME...Luc); c p pis lip 4111 , --/ • .If 111111 , .. SUBSCRIPTION: Payable In Atdranee On Year $2.50 Six Months 1.25 Three Months .75 avtered as second class matter at the .postoffice at Moore, Montana. Thursday, July 16, 1914 dir• it is asserted the new eurrency law will help the farmer—to borrow Mere •nioney . . That's . not what he es...ants; le, wants to make, more money; to get a better price for his Iproduca.e. Borrowing more money r: luaus ,'imply more interest. Help it. La in he right may. there is one thing to be thank- rtii tfor, anyway. Congresa . may see silent in session all summer, but It e :neat pass any legislation 'whietdi wilt prevent a good harvest, judging Pt . the pres(nt oultlook.-Helena it • eed. Previdesese is on the k - tme,pull's\ 'Side, tlho the Wilson sot- 1:11'ilistration does not appear to %scenes lit or appreniate the offer sf hslp, terniing 'present business rose idie OM as purely . f` t psydhological.\ • •egicall,' the depression fancied and ! iót;;Lhat ,there were more joie waiting for workers than ;there were till, nes, pointing to the grain fields of Kansas and 113ighboring, States. I ''.ow those States are crowded and I over -run with men looking' for work end the situation has become so nes- ; ons that state and railway officials tald It necessary to take a hand hi te; ter )the thousands who have r aponded' 'the- call issued by gav- e' nmeut agents hoping to alleviate national demand from idle work - 'teen. Answering the almost universal appeal for an early adjournmentut of CAlgress, the President, a few days aeo, promised the country the great - .t business boom in its history Cr a \new conetitution of free- dom\ for business thru the autiltrust elation he desires passed by an aeparL ntly unwilling Congress. The peepul\ will . Welcome prosport3e pirticularly the farmer. THE LEADER Filet andeforemeit in looking over .b r ! weLkly newspaper field it must be rememibred. that the weekly :Is elseoltstely the leader in its locality. Iastead of being hurriedly • glanced svcr and thrown snide, it is more often - read from beginning to end, not 'sully once, beg several times. Three- .art.lis of the country population can ros reached in no other way as far eeaching. The, circulation of the home vie kty paperl is worth five t'anes ae much, for advertising purposes 'as any other medium or plan. It. is your hest ativeresing medium, being paramount in its home town and pates are reasonn•able,- when compared Weis ande-retrults-eb-- tained. THE POLITICIAN A good many persons throughout tde country are of the opinion that the nation would appreciate a rest roni further .legislationn at this time, it4 order that the ;people may be give* in opportunity Ito adjust themselves to It. numerous new conditions that have been imposed, but Mr. Wilson thinks eth,erwl:se, and he is the doc- tor, so that we shall have to accept lee prescription and take the Med- 'eine he administe,rs.--Botte Miner. it alight not be out of the way eight now ;Le isteesest to all prosnere itive candidates for public °Moe this \fear that they sit down in some quiet %spelt whenever th% y have an hour or two of 1..istare and ca.relful ly 117111.18, the 'corrupt prastices act 'Which was wo`e.d into existenice at the beet gen elest:tent. It wilt afford there.' some exhtiret•ing menital exercise and at the same time intbne them with a ,sause of She grave responnibility svhish Will rest upon them w'alie etas - ling - the elusive voter during the forth ‘ooming eampaign.—Fergus County Democrat. \Patronize home industry\ is a /Slogan that books well in print, - sounds well in au address and is a fineething IC carried into aetual practice, butt the man who advises and expects his !neighbors to patronize home indus- try, then buys practically all of his. Pr:ntirvg needs frem the, C— Printing -Company, falls far short of practic- ing his own PEsischings. A dollar 'Bent away Ito the mail order printing . ihouse is worth no more than the dollar sent out for ether merchandise. Loyalty to home trade don't seem to 'mean intuell to some men, excepting ion their side of the fence. eAG'IN IT\ ak The .foliowing probably explains - lite some business do not believe in otleiees: \%Shy don' it you advertise?\ naked 'he ambits:her of She home, paper. \Don't you believe in :advertising?\ aglai advertising.\ repted the , eroprietor of the Hayeille Racket 3tore. \But why are you against It?\ ask- ort the publisher. It keeps a feller too &urn busy,\ -lilted lite proprietor., \I edvertised .n a newspaper one time about ten , - etrs ago and I never even got time O go fishing.\—Ex. PSYCHOLOGICAL Don't worry. War or no war, 're'Lght rates or no freighs rates, sniff or no tariff, baseball or no essehall, grape juke or champagne, Ithe farmer is atill on, the job. Don't Serge him,, says the big business Man. Yes, that's the trouhle. The rm(r Is always on the job and rd nit. It- etrying to obtain a reel - `stable proflt (foe his labor. The et .country IS dependent upon his outs and ,,Stn1 they endeavor to ake him believe the low prices for s crops and the' high cost of liv- are not real, but merely psycho- Wel. Getting the farmers psycho- itigical goat Indicates Ito some people the road tee prosperity and milli fetus business depression. 'Recently Ores dent Wilson said present busi- ness conditions were puretly peYeho- We stow have among us that versa - Ale man, 1whose smile is .as broad as a house moving van. He laughingly te•lis you his hat's in 'the ring, with promises covering about everything. A mon . of diPlomacY. Courage and who 'knows how to dodge round i? sorriest . practice act. lie shakes :Sends unitVe he is lame fn the Wrist, !while his Lips are all chapped from ,h) babies he's leSseal. As he .3,ealks vA th a \voter?\ to 'the bar you would chink s he was ready to cry 'cause he ..tait't buy . ' a drink. mho nary a cent an lie throw ,for a pull, but he makes 4 .1. all up in \'throwing the ball.\ In :at t weald take a whole page to r. tate, ail the; promises made by the •Sittooth Candidate.—Ex. NEED OF ACTION - .',ction, applied to the, small town d • :,ler, imeans essentially that he Should he active, and up -o -date in his bosness •methods. He should adver- t's.% Ile should be painstaking and anxious to please: his oustomers. The result foliowting the practice of oug,.41 method, while it may. nek be sterding, will- be certain. Male order Ithllses know, only too well, the re- sit ts, of properly placed advertising :sad of courteous treatment of eus- 'tuners. Good customers patronize g .cal stores and publicity concerning •the : home store's advantages fWiii in- (ince, the desired class of people to tsatie there. On their continuing to their goods in the. hem° town de - pen is not only the prosperity Of the 'Wane 'town dealer but also that af the town itself. . nothing to sell; if we had no deeire h . • Ito engage, in commerce with ether T h • is is t e 1st Authorized Mid -Summer ,,t,t:s and '.foreign nation's; if we had no lore left for , the new sc_ittiler; • • • cosier Cabinet S iaui w ale on the Hoosier $1 Plan welting for the plow; no water • p,'•wer .oapable of being developed and ea water available for irrigation; if we had no undiscovered mineral. tieasteres in our mountains; had We, seither• place nor d.!sire for more homes and more home. 'makers In our et.ate; in short, if . we had nothing to String the settler or to interest the touriSt—even then, as one of the members . of the greeit family of status, It wound be our duty . .to be adequately reprssented at she Panama -Pacific Internatonal Exposition.. . If you are sufficiently interested in Montana's *Showing o contribute stellar to th's cause, send t to The Inland Enapire and you will recuiv.c in return a_Monlana- souvenir coin of the Panama-Pa:title 'Exposit'on. PUBLICITY, NOT CHARITY !.11' his initial TALK to. 1)1,01'011B t hc new eal tor a' the Buffalo Review eta:es . the following pertinent and interesting cominent: . To the huminesot.inen Of Buffalo we th!•ve this to say: We need your co- eeeration to lirizie Alie Review to the highi standard ofigUllence we have planned for it. This can be accoan- eLleind only by a liberal and Inelli- g nt advertising patronage. In your basinese dealings with us we do not want you to act through the spirit that a newspaper is an:object for • iharity. Among progressive business men Oat spirit has long since been 'Jailed in the limbo of the dead past. hiple cry of ;hastiness now ts PUBLICITY, and preferably, NEWS- , l'APIER PUBLICITY. if , air advent. - latent in a newspaper of average dr- !ciil:ation fails to produce the desired results the fault lies not with the paper but with the advertiser or the lart/ele advertised. We ward you net tiny Ito feel, but to KNOW that the IR view IS as necessary to you as you are necessary to the Review, and tliat ; harmonious co-operation will ree 'salt beneficially for all. Just gilt into game with to and we will give a in values for every dollar ex - Is. lifted for publicity. DOLLARS 'WANTED ; . • A. '.ent't Innen bolt If every Montanan Who can afford it will con- iritine. that 'amount, Montana, the tilled state in size, •the first in sapper- Itienity e i fiat thel Eit' of them all, Wf01 'ilia Ito showing at the Panama Pfl- i• C'XI;08i tliOn Oat, you may :list ly itOttl prowl of. It we to Montana hid ALL IS READY FOR BIG PICNIC (Continued from page one.) 'will no doubt accompany the band. dining ball , and aill ot•her con- cessions: have been let to Wan. Smith, of the Bright Hotel Cafe at Lewis- town, and ample provisional will be made to . serve till 'who attend %vibe itonch and refreshms nits. Reduced retesehave been granted by the rail- roads . with Special train service. The hustling city of Moccasin will wind up the day math in grand ball at its new opera house. member of valtiaible prises have been donated by basiness men of -Siff-rent towns in ths Basin for the exhibis and athl•.tic coateste end all indichtione are that with .fstir weatherstire — PSctri a success as it ever was. Take the family there with y•ote and; enjoy the entire day. This mid -summer sale is authorized for the first time, because so many Hoosier agents were unable to get Hoosiers for their spring sales, and many more could not get their full allotment. But even now, only a limited number of Hoosier Cabinets can be turned out of oUr new factory building in time for mid- summer delivery—an average to each sale of less than twenty. So only you who enroll early can count on delivery during the hot months, when you need your Hoosier most. THE HOOSIER MFG. CO., New 4.44.14÷4.01.++++*:••1.4•4•++++.1+++.1. 4 , AROUND THE STATE 44+.704144•4••:•++++•ki•>:.+ Messrs Ben & Baxter of Battle Creek, Ia., will arrive within a few lays to oversee the conetruetion of a. $4,000 bungalow to he srected: their ranch four miles east -of 'slur:Salo !The ranch is operated under a lease thy Naylor brothers mho have gone Into diversified farming extensively. !They have a therd' of over 300 thoroughbred and registered Dome lhogs on the ranch and a bunch. at tine cattle and sheep. They expect to harvest at least 20,000 bushels of grain this year.—Review., Buffalo. 11 . 0. Kindschy of this city, has just sold his 280 'acre ranch near Hobson to Roy Beebe of Brun:well, !Neb., the consideration being $16,000. 'he ranch is a fine one being Well Improved and containing much fine 'meadow land.—News, Lelvistown. Mr. and Mrs. H. Gioodell departed last Friday for Bozeman in response to a telegram• stating that Mrs. Hoe, Mother of Mrs. Goodell was seriously On Sunday Mrs. Hoy . passed away. Tim deceased was well said tavorably known in this city and vicinity and has visited. here on sev- eral occasions.—Star, Hobson. Geo. L. Lyons, a pioneer and one 'of the wealthiest men in Meagher %:ounty, was tilled in a runaway DA 111 1 9 ranch near Selkirk, July 9. .He was 73 yeans'old and leaves a widow end Itwo children,. Geo. R.' and Mrs. .RSaseu, of Roundup. The Lyons property embraces 30,000 acres, well stocked with cattle and sheep. Harlowton is working diligently for the removal of the county seat from %Visite Sulphur Springs to .Harlowton, and seems 'to have the support and 'co-operation, of almost the entire east 'side. and contrail portion of the &on ty. The west side is -naturally op- -posed. T.het question will Int all prob- 'ability be decided this fall. FROM EASTERN FERGUS In a letter to The Empire, writt , it from Smith, ' , Montana, Roy M. Lee, Iformeely employed on, the Mc- Connell ranch, says: I have 90 'acres broke; on my homestead and 65 aoree,de. crop. •Wiheat harvett has started and by the middle of the weok will he in 'full swing here.- ,Darly !Potatoes were in use by June 30. !Early sown oats are turning in, Color now. The hay crop was good. Sweet torn Is shodting its tassels, tomatoes 'and encumbers are ie t on the Anse, end all garden vegetables are beam - lag. Diversified fanning is going to be the amain factor\ in this district, on account of the favorable conditions 'to grow varieties, such as sweet po- •tetoes, 'peanuts, etc. The! L. Jertie !ranch on Platwillow, 6 miles east uf the Lepper & 'Gar\ place, shows good eptiumpl:es of it, all under dry kind methods. Once the miffoad reaches cur territory it will progr€ss! rapidly tind become produettive. Winnet, the 'new proiosed railroad point, promises to b r a a live tieWile Commissioner Jas. Gallagher made a brief stop in the city Monday, Wthille enroute to the , minty seat. He is %giving much attention to the repair - 'lag of roads thruoutt the oountry. Castle, Ind. THE STORE THAT TREATS YOU RIGHT L POWER MERCATILE CO. e ========z===n= El II El ======‘ w Townsite To Be Sold at Culver's Opera House, Lewistown, Montana Saturday, July 18 at 2 o'clock p. m. Lots in the Town of Winnett will be sold at Public Auction Winnett is located sixty miles east of Lewistown on the Milwaukee's proposed new extension, extending east from Grass Range. Milwaukee Land Company G. W. MORROW, G. L. & T. A. Lewistown, Montana - 11==== El • •

The Inland Empire (Moore, Mont.), 16 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.