Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, September 22, 1899, Image 1

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* V L , «r , - tfv? •’ ’ ' ,\\ - • V ■ 'rift ttjw-yJkjF# •-, F. \ *, ft ■ J <* --*•\ « ! » j Volume 2« he Old Stand-Bys, T H E Crown & Deering Mowing Machines, the Deering & Hollingsworth Rakes, and Extras ior the same. Also Derrick Outfits, AS USUAL, A Full Line of General Merchandise. Haying Supplies a Spe- * cialty. 1 1 S T STOCK A.T J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jack s o n . Vitascope Company And Barnes’ Educated Dogs and Ponies! BRASS BAND AND ORCHESTRA. Good music, dancing, and sing­ ing— Late war and coon songs. At Wisdom, Monday, Sept. 25. At Jackson, Tuesday, Sept. 2(1. OLD GLORY SALOON. WISDOM, MONT., KAILAUI) ,v NEW(GMEIt, l ’rujiri-tnra. Everything in the house first-clans— Wines, Liquors’ and Cigars. Jail and see us. We will treat you whim. BIG HOLE MEAT MARKET, BLANTON k ROM AIN, R kofrietors , PEVL' IN Beef, Pork and M u tton. t. r . B t*N T o N . .J. C. EcniALN. B. F. W hit *. Pres. O tbo K lu u . Cash. First National Bank We Carry of Dillon. A General Banking and Exchange Business Transacted. COUUl’SPON I)ENCE SOLICIT E H. CENTRAL PHARMACY, ‘ DILLON, MONT. Drugs and. P a tent Medicines. MAIL ORDERS VROMI 1 TLY AT­ TENDED TO. L. .1. WILLIAMS. 1’ kopkiktoh . Dillon Gash Grocery Go, DILLON', MONTANA. ♦ T. W. IMHNUEXTEK, M anager . Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fancy and Staple Groceries. DILLON FURNITURE GO,, The B is F u r n i t u r e H o u s e . B r ices b a s e d on c o m p e ­ tition w i t h th e w o rld. S p e c ial a t t e n t i o n g iv e n to u n d e r t a k i n g . G. T. BAU1 a o | ) DILLON REAL k DILLON NATIONAL HANK HlTLIHNd. Desires In cmn spniHl with parlies In the Big Hole w he have ranches for sa le or We have a few iipiuirit-s for hargains frum hoth eastern a n-l weslerti pa rl ies. Du,i,t in mv i'iiuiTim Improved and unimproved for *alo. Also farm hi mis in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and oi lier sla it ,s. Dil i- un 1;i:.\i. K state A I nvi simem ’’ i ' u .. I Miloil. Mold . KJVHRSIDli MHAT M AR K in . WISDOM, MONT, i All orders jn oinjitly tilleit Also tins highest eiisli price paid for hides and liirs. A FULL LINE OF Choice Groceries, Dry Goods, Gents’ Furnishing iGoods, Boots and Shoes, Fresh Fruits in Season. Call and inspect our goods and get our prices. WISDOM MERCANTILE CO., W. T. HOWLE, Physician and Surgeon. Olliro hut I. usn I' s stove, Wisdom, M op til na. H. R. fciTEVEN80N, CIVIL ENGINEER AND WISDOM, MONTANA. —w— mi i»iunr:raiMWBWti— Local Breezes. e )', L ewis , Butcher. Sep NOTIrK lull |>CBI.H'ATIHX. L and ID no; at M- i nulla . Montana, t.emher HI, I BUB Noliec fs hereh> I'iwn Dial the follouimr- 11 ler has (fled imiice of her iiiD-n- iake liui'l proof in suppoil of lu-r ho made D. L. No Tp. 1S..K f H W lsdom! kept, 22, 1800. Lung Fat's m town. This is ir legal edition. Observe the day and date. Shotguns lor sale at LnsslV Itubt. Anderson came in from Unite yesterday. Fresh Georgia wutei melons at Wisdom Mer. Co. (Ins Wenger is exploring the Lilt arwaler country. A line line of shoes at J. P, Lossl’s Wisdom and Jackson. For Sale Cln a|> A new Kimball Piano. Im|uire at this, ofliee. Horse raring in Wisdom to-day and a big danre in lire evening. Climax, Horseshoe and Star tu- liaeco, Mlc per pound, at Los,si's. Apples, per hox, $2.50. W ISDoM Mnu. (Jo. J. C. (.juinn left this morning for Helena, to lie gone about a month. Ofliee and cones pinidetieo slalion- ery at Trilmue I’nb. Co.’s, Dillon. 1 on Fessenden is stopping at Johnny Peterson's ami rounding up cattle. Hoot and shoe ripairing neatly done by .loiin Cunniugiiain, .fuck- son, Mont. 'I'lie work of moving from Jack- son lo Wisdom has knuckitl us out (o some extent, hut we’ru still in the ring. It. \'. Blanton, Jack Homaiu and j W. B. Hayes, of Jackson, have no, j bought out Lems A Ijuinn's mar- | ket and are ready for business. I'l.VC I i,;i- j A camping party consist ing of | A, J. Notes and family, A. 11. Mc- ; Vay and wife and W. W. F ram: in laud wife returned from the lakes n- | W e are in receipt of a beautifully it-,, j illustrated quarterly entitled--T he t Spokane Review,” with the compli­ ments of the Spokane Chamber of -J i) iitmil linn (<> chilli, anti Dial sai-l promt will h fnre Ih'iijamiii H. St.-vcM-tm, L. sin/icr, a t Wfmlotu. H<‘tt rrrlu-u tuna, nn November Is. hH). a i,: M. Milt! for the Sift, Sm-tl. She names t he f. h* r cniitirnu'tis n t Inn of s:i HI lit ml. D uvki L. Ncnln* Dunlcl Tnvny, Dhurics L. Lewi: M oh ' h afu(J r itm. “ ” •* j K. i mlh F- Dumnr v. ii»*j»is!n- I DKKfltT LAND. FINAL FHOOF. NOTH >: j lull ITftMi ATI'IN. I I KITED HTATF.K L.AND OFFICE. MlSSoJ I \ i Mont.. July 9U. WK Notice is len-hy given! that I’urifie lienonrdy. nf Jackson. Hea ver- :LOnittUT t’C. head < onrity, Mnntana. whn nmJr (insert ! ,* P . luMdappiicufi.mNo.iiK. for.he Fast half of' HepOftS 6f HUII-Mg prospect* ID js'^ctt^»n .»i rfi. ft k . k . t.i w .. mid \ itvitmt: the mc;GNtaiD8 on Miner creek are Desourdy, nf .laekson. Heitvi-rlica/( I nui iv • . Mouiamt. wim imiflc (UafrL land iijiyillcaHon 'tiy eliFDUiaglllg. ^Lil IlatU aid HH fnk the Northwest quarter of Du- 4. \ i)fcl Oge a 1*6 Haul tO ha VC StHluk >ontw( s.r ()»mrter nf S’<!tuu 'In. f» s.. lc. !., .. , , e w.. i,A-.- m,-d until-,. „r a b'S Rdge of fine ore. I.w.m ti„-ir Stud claims h-fore 1.. . 1 .' Hev. Miner, who has been at- i'rlce, f . s. { ouirnfH*uoficr at Didon, Mon-1 * tanii, on l‘I’ltiay. the h day nf sepit n.ltir : DOIlitcd for tl)C* M. L. Cil im : ...... ...... - .... _........ _ . _ iTiu-y each name the fnjowin? wifjiesst s ft. pit ve the rntnplele (rngutini' and ret'larwa-jJ^ haU 3t 1 1 OtlftCk A. M. Utiki thm of said land: * - John l,ori!cy, of Jackson. Mimtana. Herman Jackson, of ” ADu*rl I>onf». of IkMiotr U. f fuiMiicF. of \ '* f-L.VFR F.. Hriwurv, Register A. T. Stonchouse, advance agent foil the Wonderland and Vitascopo Co., was billing this place aud Jack- son tbe lint of the week. Ilia show was here last year and gave tbe people great pleasure. They will be in Wisdom next Monday evening aud at Jackson Tuesday evening. AN APOLOGY. The foregoing locals are fresh and up to date, but the balance of our side ot tbe paper is matter that was printed last week. Like the man whose wife had triplets we say, ‘■It Uoein’t happen very ofteu.” Mr. aud Mr. Mai tin Sorenson and two liile ehil(li'eu drove in from Dillon yesterday morning and will visit among frteuds in the valley for a week or two. Fied Brown, the (iibhonsvile watchmaker and jeweler, With a full layout of tools, arrived over from Idaho last week aud is domiciled at the hotel in Wisdom. Mrs. It. 1’. Will,ml and daughler Miss Lydia have gone to Dillon to remain during the winter, leaving Will and Jake to look after things on their places in ibis vicinity. Col. Albeit D. Shaw, of Water- town, N. V., w as elected command­ er of the G. A. R. at the encamp­ ment al Philadelphia last week. The meeting next year will he in Chicago. Jim Sorensen came in from Dil­ lon Wednesday evening about, live o’clock on his bicycle, making a remarkably quick trip notwithstand­ ing a heavy windstorm of about three hours’ duration. Murk Houston ami family, of Lost liver, Idaho, eamr in from that eounlry this week anil togrther with A. Larivee ami family, to whom they are ielated, w ill soon leave for iinolhrr part of Montana. Heart Maltcsou and wife, of Darby, wire eaiiipcjj in town sev­ eral duys this week. Hurry and his tin-mi Ben Click got action on all their money aud on all they eould borrow last Sunday, making quite a clean-up. Mrs. John N. Armstrong returned Wednesday ow niug from tlm Hit­ ter Root country, after an absence of seveial weeks, She was accom­ panied by her halt brother, If. \V. Chambers, and Allen Baker of (irantsdale. Johnny, Martin, ■hmnjcaml Hen ry Jackson camped Salmdut night. <t the lake and naught, about I 'm limit and gray ling. fluem d d see a lot ol bii'l trout in the lake, but they would not lute. The hoys say it. was cold as Klondike up there, atul in the absence of sufficient, bed ding they bad to keep lire all night. Cut Whit nn Axe. I A CHANGE OF BASEj The next issue of tb« Brcnm.'w will bo printed in a building ot its own iu Wisdom, where seveu mails a week will bring us better facilities for getting up a newspaper and the daily stage aud express will help the work along. Since moving to Jackson we tried lo got a mail route from Ilannack, but failed signally, and our subscrib­ ers in the Grasshopper valley are still furnished their mail via Wis­ dom aud Divide. By moving to Wisdom we are a day nearer Dillon, lJannaek and l’olaris in postal mat­ ters. We will be able, too, to furnish a fresher and more newsy inside, and it will be the aim of the pub­ lisher to make the B rkk 7. es nnrfre readable than ever before. / .Since the paper was established in Jackson tbe Wisdom people have given it a hearty support along with the residents of the upper valley, and the management fully appre­ ciates their kindness. When located in our new quarters we will be pleased to have our friends call and till us the news, and from our new stand wo will endeavor lo get around amongst Un­ people in all pai ls of the valley and county, George Tivies, of Salmon City, came ovet wills Photographer Fow­ ler, ami is selling cigars for G. B. Hamilton A Co., manufacturers of that place. GRAND BALL Friday evening, Sept. ‘Jtilh, at Fournier’s Hall. Music by Ambus A Waugh’s string hand. Every­ body is invited to attend. HE IS IIF.KF.. apartment house on the site and \ derftood that Senator _______ ‘take $ 200,060 of stock I F W g F °f one million was subscribcdT It it now the be* lief iu well informed circles that this plan will be abandoned and Senator Clark will erect a magnifi­ cent residence of his own. Other big residences of an imposing char­ acter are going up in that vicinity and the senator could scat eely find a better site. LOVE FINOS A WAY. W. B. Fowler, the Photographer of Salmon City, arrived m town ycFlciday ami put up his tent along­ side (lie printing ollicc, to remain until Sept, -j lhi, wlieu hi: will go to W isdom. For Sale A good hay ranch .‘dill acies) all patented, live recorded water rights, cuts over UtO tons, can he made to cut more, all under fence with good improvements; al­ so cattle, horses and farming im­ plements. Two miles from school. Address <>( iiwan G wi vs , Wisdom, Mont, For Sale Ranch of noO acres of government, land, buildings, fences, surveyed aud under dileli, 40 head dairy cows and brilrrs, lull farming and dairy outfit, with horses, har­ ness, wagon, machinery, etc. A No. I chance and bargain for right parly. Hay to winter stork. Ad­ dress M. J. Ai.i isovRi i m , on, Hamilton or Wisdom, .Mont., or call at Battle Ground. (A lT’Li; FOR SALK Tom Ellis was dew n from the Naaiop creek mine Monday, where Frdd ‘u-hlegelinillrh is operating • STOCK extensively. ID says that while j _... .... _ Ralph Radeliir was at work nn the! We offer I or sale the Met® I bum I, cabin Saturday an axe which he w as|(,f s,l)(.p ,.anp.) consisting „f about handling glanced an.l sirm.-k him on | | )(,„o head of mixed stock, 'ihe the wrist making a clem cut to the , ;lle (V(.|| t|,m , t«-i,)£r at hone. Surgical instt ntm-iits and , j.,-(.K«.nt over 40 head of Slorlhorn appliances for dressing the wound ■„,i|„ | ftmong-t them. Cattle weru not. to he found in the camp, ! se(,„ u, jj ,,,) p j,.,pe may j pointed for the • ewtt,- will held services at - Fomin and Fred -tooK several stitches in tbe wound with a fish line (or rather a silk thread need for the middle strand of a fish line), and with the assistance ot a box of camphor ice and good blood the patient is i doing quite well. j The htanaard s Birthday Number, The Anaconda Standard’s tenth birthday was celebrated by the man- ageim iit in getting out a wcmdtiful work of the primer’s art in the at Wisdom at 3 I*. M., Sunday. I *hape of thuty four illustrated Sept. 24th. Ail are cordially invit ! Tafc\-'» ‘leveled to interesting themes ed to attend. 1 looking back on the tea years of its r>F'F.IIT J.ANfi, fl\U, f-Wo il \MTK F. FWt I't SI.IClTluX. rxrjTD S tates L and o f f . ce , IL usswmt . a . SFint.- A oirtisf 7 . !W r -'- is hereby jrhvr ?h«t Murtha J. Anisum-Rn-nkch. of H:un- flti’m, Moctiins has :• nfki* vt h - icutfou to muku pr.Mif on h *r dpsiprt-tawf! tMuini No. Si. for Eho M \ *•; N ft .. Sec. 2 S. Sl> >F .. \ E - i NFV. hvr J* Tp 5 o . K Id W. U - fotv ifairnjnrniD H Ht K. B. Rbea. representiBg German Denial Parlors of Unite, will be in Jackson tioyi Oct. 11th t 0 Uie 2 !st, piepared and equipped to handle ad care, prrtaining t. -.'.riical, ojti-'.ive at. 1 mechanical tienusury known lo me profcs.-i ,*:. Jack JMardts' bouse «a* broken ^ ; existence aud also retrospective of Montana from the time of tbe dis­ covery of gold m Alder Gulch up to the present day. In thi* birth­ day edition the Standard introduce* its new deparuiKtit of illustration lo tbe Montana public. The big, inicrvsui g newspaper leads them ail in the inter-raotiCLitn country, and lew paper* published in New Fit.vxk S, Mr i/'l l., 'idler Npringa, Madison t omity, Montana. Mr. Clark B«v* a Castle. • ---- --- A Washington special to the Min­ er dated N-pt. 7 sav»; Stewart ( astle, fronting on Du­ pont circle, today beramc the prop­ erty of Senator (lark. 1 he pi ice named in the deed on record was only nominal, bat *14 worth of revenue -'.s- ps «a< icq -id, show ■ mg that the price paid was $14 000. 1 he Stewart ea-do was bunt many vears ago and has been lhe scene ot some of the most siimf’no's enter taifiment* ever given in this conn-. try. Tbe Nevada senator at the eoinuier-emect of 1:- f-»ia!ornl eareer, after the castle was built, became i ot* I for L.- la-pita.:ty. and wbt-n tbe C'bmese legatiou oe copied the castle the -arne character of *otertammcct characterized it How Two Minors Secured Marrlag# License at Ogden. Au Ogden special to the Balt Lako Herald of the 7lh saya: Arthur Bennett appeared to day at tbe couuty clerk’s office with Miss Nettie Nelson aud desiied to procuVe^a marriage license. Bur­ net was frobi Clinton, Davis couuty, and tbe girl from Riverdate, Weber county, their ages being respective­ ly, IN and 111 . MissNelsou’s father was along and gave his eonaent to the issuance of the license, but UO pnreut or guardian accompanied But nett. It developed that both parents are dead, and that he had no guardian. The clerk pointed but that the statute would not per­ mit him lo grant a lieeuse to a min­ or without the due consent of par­ ents or guardian. But love laughs at legal obstacles, ami in the com sc of a few hours thu three appeared before Judge Rolapp with a petition setting forth the difficulties and praying that Mr. Nelson, father of the girl, lie ap­ pointed guardian lor the groom. The judge signed the required order w ithout delay, w hereupon the inter­ ested trio returned to the clerk’s office and secured the license, Mr. Nelson signing us father of the girl ami guardian of the boy. ’f ho young man's guardian is now bis lather in law. ' Alvin DeW'Itt Oave Himself Up. A I hi Ion optima! io the Btaiulard of the 5th says; Funiculars of the killing of old man McIntosh at Red Rock yester­ day are at hand. Alvin De Witt, the man who did the killing, saved Nile rill Moore the trouble of a trip to Bed Ruck by coming to tow n by the midnight tram ami giving him­ self up. This morning he is out ou hail ami his pn limimiry hearing will he had alttr tlm inquest, which will he held this afternoon. The story of the killing is as follows: Do Wilt w is engage I in clearing out liis water ditch ami had re lulled a point wlure it rims along the highway in lroiil of McIntosh's house. Meliilo-h came out n;id ordered him to stop woik. He re- Iuseul lo do so, u o| Meiutosh pulled it g.m. De Will remoilstruled with would in-cowardly lo kill nn un, l ined man. Mi It,tosh then told him to co home and get his gull and l l.ey w ou Id tight It out at ten paces. McIntosh then re- * placed the ti'fci and whiie the men were still wiiTT.^Img his little grand* daughter sm-uked the gun out of his pocket and twin u away arid hid it. Alter some inrim r words ihetwo inrii pat ted. De W lie going honm aud aiming him->-lf, returned. W hea he came in sight McIntosh ojeoAllire with a rifle. DeWitt riturned it au.l at tne second shot got Ins mail, the buiht passing through MtrinlO'ii’s heart aud he died almost instantly, even before his wife, who was a short distance a wav, cu. LI rea-b bis sole. Foj mlar sympathy is with De Will, as hfc hit- been ••puked oa” more or less by McIntosh and the latter was cleany the iiggiessorg Mcliito-h was an olo timer and lather i/i-law <! Judge Btapletoa bf Butte. Altera three days’ investigatioa the coroner's jury returned a verdict of j ist.t.xble L'jm.c.Je, which gave general satisfaction. Rev. W. W. Edmoirileea and Mrs. Lest.m .Mta!, a)! of.Baanae-k, were in,tied in marriage on Sept. (‘Yrtismt, ( . K (omru.s- , . simu*r at ft iBtiorn Alnrtamt, on Mon&iy * iLlv } tr^UT in; ( -Ol J J - J October s, iw*. ! w hile the folks were m town. It the foHonri&y in pfovr- i t)i* complete irrimsloo and rtfiaiaation of! * ** «ViJfcr»tlf done tfV WiC/ ,T •. *■ . ! , vfltH vM-ldf H* « oij jsao . ! acquainted wr:h the premises who JuanTetcwmi. / • •■ - ' only wanted money, a- a gold watch Bob Bljntoa has pnrt-ha.sed tbe has been endeav orir.g for years past Rslpfa Phtfttpa, Ckartes Wsrenn, York and some of fbe largest cities • ’ • __ , * The property comprises near! _ _____ ____ __ _____ ___ la.Ody square feet. Berator Stewart Janes Flnkertati,i»t Wisdom. Montana'. , f t ' ” 1 . . 7 r, , - r , , . ; only wanted money, as a geld watch Bob bunion has port • trnd chain in plain sight was not Wisdom meat market. Fine Big to dr*pese of this property and plans -Carat E. Hmunrrr. Jtakfli. ‘ Hole beef alway. oa hand. were being perfected for briding » > . > S'lifi r to \ m

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 22 Sept. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.