Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, October 13, 1899, Image 3

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m f t l l l i B f Wotthyof:BsHre.‘ MINT. ' ® r f * w * 0 M * m e f GMMmmoreijf A* Aw « ^ m o i h u l t h . T h * Hood is Hit h fe - g h t n g s n d s trengttun tbaig p v t b f ih t system . I f a is p u re , e B is m e B : i f n o t, d shouldr b e purified, nvttk H ood's S o rt *• p s r S t f w h ich n u k e s the v u k strong. U k M Hot**. The laborers of Winnipeg have or­ ganized. Atlanta pressmen have established an out-of-work benefit. Kansas City organizations have se­ cured over $10,000 toward their labor temple. Shoemakers of Denmark won their national strike for 25 per cent. Increase of wages. For every cigar you sinojre thajt does not bear the blue label you encourage poverty and slavery. There have been 50 strikes in In-ii ana since January 1st, every one of which has been won. ' Dr. Abner L. Davis, one of the found ere of the Union Reform party, bai joined the Jones crowd. He says tfie U. R. P. Is disintegrating. , The hands at the dockyard extension works, Gi|$raltar, to the extent of over 3,000, have struck work. The men' de­ mand higher wages and water free. Paris is threatened with a serious strike of gasmen, vvho are demanding a reduction of the W a rs of labor from ten to eight, and eight francs a day. In Georgia, the other day, 200,000 barrels of the esteemed Standard Oil Company’s product were seized lie- cause they were not up to the required point of safety. The referendum vote recently takeu by the Bricklayers’ International Union on the proposition to affiliate with the American Federation of Labor is an nounced to have carried. Fight members of the Miners Union of Pueblo have been placed under bonds on .charge of kidnaping, because they induced nine men to quit working ten hours at the Democrat mine. Now the ihsurance companies are kicking against the trusts. The com­ bines are beginning to insure their own Institutions, setting aside a certain amount of profit for that purpose. The old-age pension act of New Zea land will probably be amended to in­ cluded American residents of that Island, and perhaps Europeans also, if resident there for twenty years. Twelve labor and seven fraternal or ganlzatlone deserted a meeting hall and moved at Albany because the proprie­ tor of the building whpre these organ­ izations met repaired the building with non-union material. The Iron Molders of North America held their annual convention at In- dlanapuiis, It wub the largest held for years, there were 325 delegates present, and the session lasted fourteen days. The next convention will he held at Toronto. All the hoot and shoe factories In Quebec will be dosed for two or three weeks. In the interval the manufac­ tures will draw up a uniform scale of wages to be submitted to the employes for signature. The factories will then reopen as soon as there is ah under­ standing for not less than one year be­ tween employers and employed on the question of wages, After a full test, the managers of the Guggenheim, Colo., smelting plant have found that th» men can produce vastly more In eight-hour shifts than in ten or twelve hours, and have determined to continue eight hours as long as men can be obtained to fill the shifts. So states the Pueblo Courier: A similar test may be made in Pueblo. A St. Petersburg correspondent says that 8,000 Finns have left Finland since February. The Finnish Workingmen’s Association has decided to send agents to choose lands in Australia for emi­ grants. The peculiar methods of Rus­ sia's Internal policy are gradually but Burely driving out her most Industrious and harfliest sons. The Journeymen Stonecutters' Asso- New York city Is over 72 At its meeting p ltarat Bre- veort hift£ls a banner whlctr was car- paradez in' 1832.. It was the first trades union in America to make a fight for the eight-hour work­ day In 1869, which it won after a stfdfce of over four months and has main­ tained it ever since. j A 11 E x c e l i e n The pleasant method and beneficial effects of the well known remedy, tjvKtrr o r Flos, mannfactnred by the C aupokxia F ie S tbot C o . , iOnstrate the mine of obtaining the liquid laxa­ tive principle* of plants Imonfrn to be m edievally laxative and presenting them la th e form moat refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system. It hi the one perfect strengthening laxa­ tive, d e a eatag the system effectually, dispelling odds, headaches and fever* gently y e t promptly and enabling one to overeome h*M io*l e onstipatk* per­ manently. Ite perfect freedom frtan every objeetfcmable quality and enb ataace, and tta a cting on the kidney*, liver aad bowel*, srkhont weakening or irritating them, make i t th e ideal laxative. la the praam o f mamriMtariag t o n need, a* thev are nhsuant t o the 1 of the PLACE WHERE UNCLE MAPLES h i s m o n e y . SAM FOR TWO LIVES. The t a m a'atie and Qeaoroaa Chivalry 1 af “ Wildcat1* hmlth. 2 $ “WUd^M,r Smith, the last of the ■ ^ ■ ■ ■■ Anneal Monas Cleaning Dnr a Very Im p o rtant On* T h e re-A ll W u t< and RnhUah Gathered Up for I t s W eight of Gold P a s t ./ * Ylthfn the next few days the annual nsecRanlng of the United States mint will commence, and, while it U going on, the money factory will lie closed to visitors. It Is the custom to furbish up Urn'mint about this time every year, two weeks usually being devoted to the work. Pipe* which have been eaten out by the strong adds used iu coiuiug will be replaced, aud the boilers of the eu- glues will be cleaned. While the rnlut will be closed to visitors aud ail coin­ age operatious cease, the bauklug and depository departments aud the cash­ ier's office will be kept opeu for the transActlou of business. Thousands of dollars’ worth of goltL, Is fouud auuuaily urnoug the sweep- tugs of the rnlut, but tills gold was never lost The art of coinage lets Iweu reduced to sucb a Hue poiut that given 4 certain quantity of bullion during the year, the coluer ut the rnlut must turn out a certain arnouut of coin. Tbe leeway of waste Is allowed for almost to a gralu, aud It Is upou the sweep- lugs of tbe lustltutlou, with their thou­ sands of dollars of bidden gold dust, that the coiner counts to eseutie lielug made au luvoluutary defaulter.' Tills is the reason why every washstaiid lu the mint does uot let the water escape lu w hich the employes liuve washed their hands uutll It lias percolated through a htauket. 'These pieces of Rlauket are changed regularjy aud are faithfully preserved. When liouse- cleauing time comes aud they ore burned with the rest of the dirt, the tiny, invisible specks of gold that eauie from off thy employes’ bauds arnouut to a tidy sum. The dally sweepings of the rnlut go lirto wlnit Is known us the \sweep cel­ lar.” Ou this occasion every uook and cranuy of the mint Is gwept with equal diligence ami cure, liveu the roof Is swept. And so valuable ure the glean­ ings that a specially provided fuuucl catches the sweepings slid drops them Into a clay-bottomed well. The clay Is dug up, dried, and Removed to the sweep eellur for utilisation III couuec- tlon with -the other dint. luto tills goldeu dirt lille go any odd pieces of ruiililsli Unit Amy lime uiru- muluted (luring the year. .The very shoes the workmen 1/uve wiirii and the leather gloves wlth'-whirh they linn- died pigs of metal become so grulued with ptieelous dust that they are well worth.being ground up with the rest of the odds and ends. All the dirt Is finally assayed, ami, with the rstlug of Its ussuy, Is sold to the highest bidders, who ure usuully smelters. These sweepings have uetted Uncle Sum ns fuuch as $10,000, The responsibility for bullion worked tip lu the mbit is divided lielweeu the otHeiul who fiir* the post of inelter unit refiner and him who lots charge of the Coining. The melter and refiner gets the bullion first; front him It goes to the eoluer. Each of these consign­ ments Is weighed in 11 separate bal­ ance by the government, still each has to watch the waste closely, or come out of the little eml of the horn. One Would think the government had tied them down pretty well when It fixed the following \legal\ limit of waste allowed: * Melter amjsdteflner Waste lu gold, .001;. waste v^Mver, .0015. Coiner—W astenl gold, .005; waste In silver, ,010. But the government has got down to the bona fide waste, and liere Is tlie way the offleluls must manage the waste If they tvant to keep within the limits of decent economy: Allowance to melter and refluer oil gold passing through Ids hand}, .75 ounce lu 750 ounces, 10 ounces lu 10,- 000 ounces, 500 ounces In 500,(KM) ounces; on silver pnsslng through his hands. 1.125 ounces In 750 ounces, 15 ounces In 10,000 ounces, 750 ounces In 500,000 ounces. Allowance to coiner on gold passing through his hands, .875 ounce In 750 ounces, 5 ounces In 10,000 ounces, 250 ounces lu 500,0<i0 ounces; on silver passing through his hands, .75 ounce in 750 ounces, 10 ounces lu 10,000 ounces, 500 ounces In 500,000 ounces. Yet so nice Is the science of house- cleknlng at the mint that this limit is gcareely ever touched.--Philadelphia Telegraph. K i n g l y W o o i n g , The manner In which the latest great English courtship has been carried on suggests In some details that employed by Henry VIII. when in gearch of a bride. He sent Franceys Marsyn, James Braybroke and John Stile to ‘see whether she ha* a mustache,\ and to make other personal observations. In regard to this first particular the in­ vestigating commission made answer: “We noticed no faftlr.suve possibly a little down on her lips, and there skin Is very clean.” But tbe work did not stop there. They were to \approach the young Princess between meals and engage her In con­ a t ion, so a s to get-deoeetly ag wear her mouth as possible, and observe ber breath, whether It Is sweet or not, whether It smells of some Bplce, rose­ water or musk.” Whereto here is the grave reply: “Concerning that which relates to the breath of the said yonng Princess, we could not approach near enough her lip* to be certain of this article: how­ ever, without teeming to do anything, and at much a t modesty would allow, we communicated with tbe said young Princes*, and wo most say that we have detected no odor of spice or rose­ water. and to jndge from the redness of her-Bp*. th« MAg YrkRzaess of her Asa g f i R i ^ ' freskneas of ber w* Me fed t» bdlevo that It is the h e c h M N M and the Joy of li/e- nt t o r t , aftmreetly *».- ik m , B t fesuveynd. famous band of T e n t pioneeri, la liv­ ing at a hale aud hearty age near Caid- well, Texas. He v does not look like a lawyer^ but he ha* nevertheless, a a t upon a camp stool aud decided cases of the greatest Im­ portance. He docs not bear any very m a r k e d rcsern- Uiaucc to a geueral, but he has com­ manded a consider­ able force lu battle, aud wIdle military critics might have complained that he was deficient In strategic ability, none ever charged him with a lack of wildcat smith , valor. Few people would discover lu bis fuce or uuMficr uuy of those trulls that distinguish a duelist, but lie lias demonstrated that be possesses them all lu nu eminent de­ gree by orderiug \pistols aud coffee for two” more than once. Upou one occasion lie had tbe audacity to Invite, General Houston, who was at that period president of the republic, to \come out and exchange shots\ with ldm, He says that the old warrior \Hqjorcd\ ldm by coolly making a uote 011 u slip of paper tiud putting It lu tils desk., lu answer to the enraged cliul |enger's Inquiry, the General simply bulil: ' \Mr. Smith, you ure the for­ tieth; when 1 have killed thi ■se other thlrty-nlue damned scoundrysls't who have'challenged ute 1 will accommo­ date you,, Be patient, sir.\ Smith came to Texas lu 183(1, and served In the Texan army through all |tlie long wars with Mexico. He was |1 h ho a soldier In the great civil war, and wiieu that ended lie enlisted to fight luilluiis and remained ou the bor­ der uqtll there were 110 more Co- mnnehcH (o shout On one occasion Ninllli was captured ,lty a roviug baud of ('omanclies, many of whom webs well known to him. Tlq'y franklrallolil him .that they In­ tended to jdake him run the gantlet IHid burn him at tliiytduke when they reached their village op Devil River. The captive had a flask of whisky, which' the (')ilef look away from hi in. After taking several drinks the old warrior flskyii Smith If lie could play \seven up.” Smith proudly boasted that lie could heat any man living play­ ing that particular game. T|j|s an­ swer appeared In pul the Indian 011 Ids mettle, and lie ut .mice proposed that thej^iixgiuUl halt liy the side of (he war­ path aud play for llie highest slakes that mortal men ever waged on a gams Of chance -life. Kmltli eagerly agreed Sick headaches! Always trace them to a lazy liver or a sick stomach. Poisonous matter, Instead being throwr^out, Is reabsorbed into the blood. When this poison reaches the delicate brain tissue It causes congestion and that dull, awful, throbbing, sickening pain. CASCARETS remove the cause by stimulating the liver, making the poison move on and out, and purifying the blood. f The effect is almost instantaneous. Ladles, whose sensitive. organisms are especially prone to sick headaches, do not suffer, but find relief In C A SCARETS Candy Cathartic, L o o k ou t for Im itations a n d C o u n terfeits I alt- funTrxTP’—K»V« m Uty Independent. ■> wtft mmta | M l f kavt bee* t c a t c a S m , u i m i an ia* jm > i ______ jM k n n w M a u i t i i i H . Last iM k su vttt was frnaile wllk kMdwk* Inr tiro *ayt: •*• atM msm of jaw-1 asc A k cts aad U iii n lltroi lb* Mia ia hoi hMiohauil IM edUM ly Vo M S NMWSMaO Otsofr- -<*ta\ O sa * Srsosroan. Puubui* gala a Do pool! 0», nusburg, Pa \Sonny laid Undo Xbsa, Tvkoat fak ■ SAME FOB TWO I.1VK8. to the proposal, and they sat down un­ der a Tree and dealt (lie cards nu a blanket. The oilier warriors dismount ed and anxiously wnlrliini the game. Tlie chief's name was Dig Laugh, So called ou account of a natural grin Unit marked his features. After a short time they stood 0 to 0, and It was Smith's dVal. He tan tlie cards off and turned a Jack from tiie but loin. Nmlth bad Won Ills liberty ftnd Dig Laugh told him that lie might go; hut the Texan had something else iu view, lie might have walked away, but lie determined upon another set which marks him as a generous soul possessed ’of the highest courage. There was*a\ young white girl tied on one of the ponies who was weeping In the most piteous agony. Smith coolly proposed to play another gHme, slaking bis life against the liberty of tills young girl. Big Laugh was evidently pleased with the white man's courage, and sfpw tak lug another drink he began to shutlip the cards. The girl was cut loose from tbe pony and made to stand on the blanket, while the thongs for binding Smith In case he lost were thrown' at her-fgpt. Again they played a dose game, and at the end of a short time stood 6 to 6; but 4t .was ,Big Laugh's deal. With what awftil Interest that poor girl must have Watched the turn­ ing of. that trmnp. The Indian slow-ly dealt, the cards, and, peeping at the trump™ a hideous grtfi spread giver his face. \I was sure that all was lost, and was Just In the act of springing at his throat.” says Smith, \when lie turned the queen of hearts for a trump. He could not give me, of course, and I held both the ace and deuce of hearts,” Big Langi) was by this time Tiilaff- ously drunk and In a most excellent good hoinor. He not only kept his word and gave Smith and tbe yonitg girl their liberty, but be ftirniahed them Two ponies and allowed Smith to take his gnn. The liberated captives reach­ ed the settlements In safety. First. Baak B a a la London. The firs* “run” npon the hanking In­ stitution/ In London of which any rec­ ord exists took place la 1667, la which several Lombard street hankers and goldsmiths w ho had loaned out the money Intrusted to them found them­ selves nhable to meet demands for Im­ mediate payment Many creditors as­ sembled and riots ensued. Four task ­ ers were banged at their owa doors before order could be restored and tho creditors persuaded that they were not bring swindled. dabbing tbnfhm bos 1 ■xmon. Tho sflhsl was noodorful. maw (Croat sad gatao* la flosk. fnoTWT bit boctarltm*U*»Urns a f»ooifloniiiiMa jMni i,jr .r. ANNUAL SALES. 6 . 0 0 0 .0 0 0 BOXES. THIS IS •h t THE TABLET W O R K W H ILE YO U S L tOc. 25 c . 50 c. DRUGGISTS CASCARBT8 art Ataolutaly hxrmleta, a purely veieUble compound. Vo mercarlAl ec ether miserAl pm-selioi U .CAKAreta, Caeureti promptly, effectively end permAMnUjf ••re every disorder of the Stomach, Liver end Intestines. They not only cure oouatipation, hnteerreet Aajr as ! dveryfonsf irregularity of the towels, including diarrheas and dysentery. Pleasant, palatable, potent. Taste good, do good. Meter sicken, weaken or gripe. Bo euro yen get the genuine! Vewaitof imitation aad eubatitutei! .Buy a boxef CASCA&ST8 to-day, and if not pleased ia every respect, get yoir money back I Write ue for booklet aad free sample Address ITIRLIH0 RBNEDT COMP AMT, CHICAGO or MBW T0RK. m DIMPLES MAPUTO ORDER. P a r l i F u r g to n e Oevioe a W ay to I n * prove ou N a tu r e ’* H a n d iw o rk Tin* bull murk of bounty llrs lu those little Indi’inutW>i>8 mude presumably by tbe linger uf Cupid, but ulib h ko few women possess naturally. Heing Hide to eliunge the shape of the nose or Ute color of (bo eyes it follows that fcrieiicc has taken the making of dim­ ples upon Its bauds ami now one of the ileverest surglenl operations results Willi liille pain to tbe patient in n per­ fect imliallou of the Indentallmi wrought by the got! of love ami beauty himself. Paris originates it, of-course. Tlie modus as practiced by the skill­ ed surgeon who discovered the secret Is to draw up the llesh lu either chin or cheeks by means of a glass auctluu tube, i»f course an Iniinlicsimul amount uf cuticle being all Uni! Is necessary to thus sei ure. This done, the portion drawn up by the force of the-alr Is tied wiih a hit (tf silk thread, treated with cocaine, ami then snipped off with sur­ geon scissors. The wound Is made less palnfu) by dressing until tt Is thorough­ ly healed, u hen the silk thread Is re­ moved ami the neatest of little holes, the* exact replica of a dimple, Is there forever. Of course, laughter lias no specific In­ fluence upon the made dimple. Th# “ F l * g \ o . 5 ! ” In the meeting room of Division No. 4 d of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers at Albany, N. V., is a simple yet touching and appropriate memento of as brave au engine drher as ever put baud lo throttle. This engineer, iidward Ketiuar, ran engine ‘JdH on the western division of die New York (Yn- iral ltnUroad. Tlie Lemury Magazine tells (tie story of his heroism. hue April night, as IwumirY trulu w 11 s speeding toward Hutuvla, the locomotive headlight suddenly (lashed upon a mass of moving carih and rock on the track, 'the train was rushing toward a landslide, of which llieve liHd not heeir tlie slightest warning. The Avlilstle shrieked “ Down brakes!\ hut It .was loo luie. No. ‘JTS plunged Into the heaping debris, and a moment luter lay w recked at the loot Of the embunk- nient. , * . . - » ■ . Pinned dowju i/y d.mja yf .steel, and writhing in the agony of death, was Keunar. Smbbrnly he seemed to pull together what of life there wan left In him. Slightly raising hie head, he shrieked It seemed almost lu anger - ut those who had gathered about to help him If t hey ‘could: \Flag No. 5 !\ With those words on his lips he died. \No. 5 \ was a west hound train which usually met Lennar's near tide point. The warning which he, forget­ ting his own agony, had given with hi* dying breath, recalled No. h's peril to the train hands, amt hurrying back to the track they were In time to flag It, D e a th M a sk o f In g e i a o l l . MAKJNfl DlnPl.fcS. face In repose, In kort'Ow, la Joy, will always be a dimpled one a drawback that surgery lias hot yet beeu able to overcome. Tlie made dimple Is not re­ sponsive to emotions, but It Is a potent factor In the charm of the fhminius face. r P a le D e a t h J t t m Cordon. Moors, of Jdsloso, * . Y-, until reaootly.liao boon a tifo- « •* laBlii IWtUI io n * in v n ll d from taipl<ota>B o f tbo k o a r t a n d woo b n too o r tbo b lo o d . Pbyolclano w o ro p u n t o d o v o r ber 0 , tb o fr m o o t olnltfat o f lb r u wore baffled. Vorlaa.remedteo wo-otrlod w ltb o o t o o o lL ThoprorerW a l \change o f e H m a to \ w a s a d v ioad , b m the cbsngO v o n u p o n be r u n t i l , t o quote n o r m o t h e r 's words. she baame a living gboot.\ Mias Moon ee)d: *. \Lnob advice of o Maud I bdnn tmfclng Dr. Williams' Flak Fills for frftls People aad befbre tha f m box via oasd 1 oaticsd a gnat change. I bsgaa to ragmlo mv J B S R r f J S S P e B F f f S S : T u L pii from (lie [ i I oh ; pi ' Just afit-r ili’HlIi. 1118(10 B o t h lu O n e . A o rliiT lu tlm L ik II ch - 1 Imm- .lutinml civilils -or ( luirpeH IVIItlani M. Evans with a sharp su.vlug almut Hit* Imilos. At a I'ei'eiilloii In (Vuslilnglon Mr. E iarts was drawn into a discusslou bvtw'wn two ladlPH, \Mr. Kvui is,\ salil mis, ‘’do you uot think I am rlylit In K.i.vint,' tl<nl a wuui- hii 1» always the imst Judge of auother woniau'B clianictei'\/\ \Madam replied Mr. Evaj'ls, \she Is nut only the best Judge, but also the beat executioner.\ M o d e s t A p p e a l , Tbe ttteutioa of English speaking visitors tq the Mllau Cathedral Is read­ ily attracted by the following notice, which appears over an alms-box: \Appele to Charitable,. Tbe Brothers, ao-called, of Mercy sale slender arms for the Hospital. They harbor aU kinds ef diseases, and have no reaped to ro- liglon.\ Such dishes as beef or veal ollvea are attractive and palatable. Sufficient meal for them may be purchased for u single meal; In fact, this is true of all stews; but broils and rousts are not good when small. Ueef olives are strips uf (bin round steak with a small piece of suet or bacon rolled and lied within. 1'iiey are first browned in a little suet, and theu stewed slowly until tender— about one hour - In a brown sauce made liy adding two tsldespoonfuls of flour to llie fnt In which they were browned. After mixing, mid a pint of hot wider mill a seasoning of onion, Day leaf salt ami pepper - September /,«(fii'.i' Him le Jonniiil. Iw p r my * * In t i s Kqul|im*stt The O. K. A N. ami Dragon Short Lina hsvo addad a buffet, smoking and library ear to their Forllatiii-Ohiaaia tliiongh train, and u dining ear aaryloo In, been Insttgosraled. The train ii equipped with tho latest ehalr cara, day coaches and luxurious Irit-olaal and ordinary ileepma. Diraei oonDta- tiau mails st Graugsr with Ualoa Ta­ el do, ami at Ogden with Rio Qrindt line, /rom all points in Oiagan, Wsth- Ington slid Idulio to all Euatain eitlea For Information, rates, etc,, oall on any O. It. & N. agent, or address W, II. Ilurlbuit, (imieral PaaiongarAgtni, Poitlaod. I,ol d tli'HHsey Is going to England st the end of the present yttsr. Ills term of office ss governor of Victoria expires In October, 190(1, but In nil probability lie will not serve quite the full term. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CUBED. lit 1 (•ii1 HH'llutl • • iik n- ih V IH Midi 1,'Ill'll the lllM’11mu ptiitlon Ii (he UIH Tin iu | h Hilly MM-- \\ h y In t mu (tunfnuhH and Dim in hv ci.UHli tlltiu Git i'*iHUitii‘i- hi af'iic.-H IH I'll UHcil i.y Ul in f III III tl (tmilitiKii id Iht- hi It'dlH IliiiiiK id f Me- \’Ma) cliitni liih* \\ Ituii hlH tlitic MUlH ili llitrti .1 VMU Irnve H 1 HllltthUM Hi III i it in impu fut t I hhi I hm , mill vt In I II I h unit Ul) . li.Hutl tlcafnu.-iH I h ill ruHiill, iim unh'HH th • inti immiithm ttui tin f kt‘D Hilt und title tilin' It'Htl. Ctl to tlH I'M iihi I ■ ..... . I i •atlhK wit I,c |»* m | I'oyril foi lilliu rttiUH ■ht i id 1fti IU IJIUHct) mint •h, w hlfh I h MiiltihiK l> ii an Innumi'd •mi ■IHI mi ■| l lilt' illl cim* him Ta I M W Will Klvv mu 11 mull ■d II din rn ftte liny 1 UKC uf ImufiiuKH 11'ItIIH''li h\ mli nh) Unit an not l u I'Hi ct| hv Mall H i 1 nii 'iiru Huilt: for I ti 'UI hih , I K. ,1 CHUNKY A «*. t 8<>M itv (I tiikk I h I h , i n-. Hit 11 h I'ltmHy i'll I k iim - tti\ Richard Mansfield started in life In London as a painter. He had poor luck, however, and often used lo spend his mesl hours outside of restaurant win (lows instead of behind them. Children's teeth require special at­ tention. A spool of deutal floss should he kept In a convenient place; and a piece of the silk passed between the teeth after eating, if the first teeth are defective, or decay quickly, a den­ tist should he consulted and his advice followed in the hope that the perma­ nent set may be IsmefUed tiy It.- Sep­ tember it's' Hume Journal. F,x•Secretary John G. Carlisle when preparing 11 ruse or u speech mechanic­ ally plays solitaire, lie will begin sometimes curly in the evening and he at tlie game until long after midnight. Although Ills mind is on the more ser­ ious matter, lie rarely makes a mls- piay. Neeun t shsil feeummeiid I-jso's Cura for Con- Bumiulou far and wide.-Mrs. Mulligan, Plumsteiid, Kent, England, Nov. #. 1X0,. Mrs. Kathbone, wife of Major Estes C. ltathbone, director of the posts of Culm, wss one of the orgaulzeiB of the*™. Daughters of the Revolution In Ohio, .where her husband was at one time a mem iter of the state senate. Professor VVleener, principal of the University of Vienna, has been severe­ ly reprimanded by Count ltylandt- Ilheidt, the Austrian minister of edu­ cation, Tor having signed the Interna­ tional address of learned men appeal­ ing to the czar of ituusiu In behalf of Finland. Shingles... P, O, Oo«d No, t, 65c per 1006; loaded on cara. WrltB for prteei of No. t CENTRAL SHINGLE CO. Dux *15 Tel. 670. Spokane, Waalt YOUNG MEN! r*r Oooojrtur* tnd Ol** ft* PtMt t Bmettlf* m * tb* ONIjV mMjititM whk'A wilt uurtt C«l NO TASK known |( bM «v«r failwj to ylw t Now aortoda or of bow km$r •Utulln*. IU mi I* Ha of* will MtoQtsh you. ft * mt* ?**v«tt* aMiftur*. find <**o bo Itkan without tnoa*T« AI mmm nod (Montkm from buMnvm r«a •t* by *U relt*bte drowiMv, or tMit Drepnai Lr o ~ ftalnlr « rrce’pt of prtet. br _ , ... PAHAf CHMIiOAro ROBUST AND STRONG. FITS Permanently Cured. No fltnornervoimnem AftorttrM day'i um of i>r. KU iioh ' (irmit Nerve Hentorer, Bend for P E E K S B .** trin) boUlefind treatlae. DH. H. H. K.LINK, l.ld.,Vf A rch mreet, pliitaitetphiA, 1’a. Genera! Imwton la a constant smok­ er, and even while under fire generally has a cigar in his mouth. Iri S S l f W J a PENSION •ICKFOItD, Woehlngtoa, Ii. C„ tboy wrffli _ _ rorolv* qniak ranltra. B, Itk N. H. rota flitt Mtb Corn. Pnaievtlii ,U l n i itsoa 1MB Charles E. Bessey, who has been elect­ ed acting chancellor of the University of Nebraska, has spent most of the time since he first entered college In botan­ ical research. Remember that you can buy J«ae Moore A. A. Whiskey for the aame price that b paid for ordinary whisky. For sals by all first class deslerl sad druggists. \It seems almost incredible that in the neighborhood of $40,609 In actual cash should have been confided to let­ ters .during the last year, and harder still to credit that the most exhaustive efforts failed to find the owners of one- fourth of that amount.\ writes Patti Lyle Collins in The Ladies' Home Jou r ­ nal for September. \The envelopes which are addressed are kept on -file tor tour years, Wank ones not so long, but in either case a libera! margin of time is allowed for claimants to appear be­ fore the money is finally turned Into the treasury to tbe credit of the posh office department In addition to the money contained in letters dart; same period, something like fl< was found loose ia the mails. It i* officially styled loose money.” ' Dwight prides hi T. Moody, the evangelist, inself on the fact that there is not one expert shorthand reporter out of 50 who can make a verbatim report of his sermons. Peace s a l Ira a Wwrks. PORTLAND WIRE ft IRON WORKS: WIRI ass Iros faaetns; cfOn raltlss. «sv W Alter Mias Margaret Long, daughter of the secretary of the navy, aad Miss Mabel Austin, daughter of ex-Governor Aus­ tin of Minnesota, are stndying medi­ cine together. DR. BUNK’S \ ^ P i L L S S K S S A S S H i J i S , •toMLOM OfewSlewsadPmwul wndPwcrox wSUroii!* D» ja a i s a r s s v s s s s g Mothers will Sad Mis. Winoknr's Sooth­ ing Syrup the b a t remedy to a n for that children during the loathing period. Governor Roosevelt while a t his country home, takes recreation after the manner of Gladstone and has be­ come oa exper t at friliag trees. Rndyard Kipling has as Americas double is the person of William I t Becker of Chicago. The iikenes* is arid to be prided I G e rd t, the oldest pro­ nto to the world, w*» t a r s > I * Spate. Itfoh t ptiion ! r ttiff rnnnt®nt Bnvy of Ih t ••ik, nff.t o.u h |ini«’N -of i ! k * j^rfiouwlth tklB, mpur* blood \1 tie way to tuild up jiM ilh l i tbroQgh the bi'WHl. Moore’s Revealed Remedy Mftkft (niptir* Idood jiiirt, It rroftlea ft food ftppei(t« ftnd fi nl ’i# diif'itioD, Il iMJ p«r botCU fti your rtruKimfit CURE YOURIELFI I n Blf dl for lonitan, dtocbftrttt, ioflfimi^fidoBi, irritfttton* or filotfttivM •f uvaibrfiafifi FftinlMft, ftad >•* fM l or po*oao««. B M h r ---- or wnpRW (XmAir M il m r * M fsi i. rmid ML K iV nH BOOK, ief for Women* iie t f r w . ba plalB. M M MireJo^. Wvwa * te-te* (w Ihla Sook.watMalagPartkw. *W t U S M U u h i , 0 < D o l l a r s ! . * FrMch F im I b PB i * N M by fbftftMKd* * U M M t o a i pftLfthnmr*tobi«fiA4w1tftoataN«f*ftL f w i i f t n cota«i * ft* Petri i t . r ■ mb * B on , P m fiftfiaepaar. , l « v x arkOHf. * ( a A M a n !v OHIO vko Hd Borw ty oifiriF expend** with a coeap Wstl 01 fernk onr nivlee ami W e ll M a c h ines, ftnddW OT.OOO wWtt<rfflrl!ttntwHl»OlBa«y«NV. Tb«ra art own who refo*e co takexoofl fttfvte« vbea Ii m «0 p vb *B thftm oa afiMvpr ptaft&wr* Ctiwatwr« fr$M. 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Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 13 Oct. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.