Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, November 10, 1899, Image 1

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t'-ff Volume 2. WISDOM, MONTANA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1899. t CANNED GOODS. c Have just received a car­ -load of canned goods that will be sold at the follow­ ing prices: \•••» 3 lb. Can Eastern Tomatoes per case, t3 00 3 lb. Cau Eastern B & B Tomatoes per case, 3 50 2 lb. Can Jackson Corn per case, - 2 lb. Cau Fond du Lac Corn per case, Morrow Corn per case, Sellerbflrg String Beaus per case, Deni String Beans per case, B & B String Beaus per case, Early June Boas per case, Oysters per ease, /D r^ps Patterns from $4 0 0 t o $ 6 ;00. No two alike. ^ Finest Line of Jackets and Capes that ever came to the Dig Hole Basin. Come and inspect the goods, 2 60 2 05 2 85 2 25 2 50 3 00 3 25 4 00 B. F. W hite , f’rv's. O iho K. i exm . Cush. First National Bank W e Carry of Dillon. A General Banking and Exchange B u siness Transacted, eouu KS PON I >K N’t'IC SOLICIT El» CENTRAL PHARMACY, DILl.OX. MONT. Drugs and. Patent MAIL OliDKKS PROMPTLY AT­ TENDED TO. L. ,1. WTI.I.IAMS, Pmii'mETon. I N S T O C K JLT J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jackson. Lots for sale in Wisdom. SEEMS. HATTIE M. NOYES FOR TERMS AND PRICES. 1>UKK GIST. CHAS, RICHARDSON THE BIG HOLE SALOON, Jackson, Montana, GIST & RICHARDSON, P roiwtdks . -o ------- Fine Wines, Liquors, and Cigars Always in Stock THE HOTEL D e LOSSL, WISDOM, MONTANA. MRS. JAMES O’CONNELL, Proprietress. First C lass Service, Headquarters for Gib- bonsvilleand Divide Stage Line. All stages stop at the door. OLD GLORY SALOON. WISDOM, MONT., BAILARD & NEWCOMER, ProprMors -------- o --------- Everything in tbe bouse first-class—Wines, Liquors- and [Cigars. Jail and y e us. We will treat you white. THE SILVER SALOON, WISDOM, MONT., OWEN ELLIS, PROPRIETOR. A Fine Stock of Wittes, Liquors, and Cigars constantly on hand. ScWi^Beer—the Beerthat made^MHweukef famous. AU kinds of soft drinks, ‘ Dillon Gash Grocery Go,, I'U.I.ON, MONTANA. T. W. i’OlNOFXTKfi, M wsagck . Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fancy and Staple Groceries. DILLON FURNITURE GO., Tim Hit; Furniture House. I Tices based on coin pe­ tition w ith the world. Special attention pivi^i to undertaking- G. T. PAUL, Prop I'll.I,ON NATIONAL HANK Itl'II.DIMi. Desfl'es to enpi'espoiHl \v H f t parties In the liig Unit* win- have ranches for sale nr lease. We have a few lm|iitries for hargams from hulh eastern find western parties. DILLON ( I I V I'lUH'EH 1'V Improved and unimproved for sale. Also farm lands In Monfann, Idaho, Oregon ami other ‘dates. I'll.boN UKAI. ['.STATE A I NKTMNT V 8 E < IMlinii, .Mini PASSENGERS AND EXPRESS WISDOM AND JACKSON. Mails three times a week--Monday, Wednes­ day and Friday. JAMES STEWART, Mail Contractor. NOTICE EOU PUHLICATioN. I,AMI Omt'IJ A'f Missorns, Itlmi! II mi. HepternlH*r 2 ri, IWI. 8 Notice is heia*hy given that the following- imnied H' ttlei' has filed noth'e of his inten­ tion to nmko limit inasif in support of ills eiaim.und timt said proof will l>e mad*- be­ fore Benjamin K. Ktevpmum. V. 8 . Commis­ sioner, at Wisdom, Montana, on .\ovend»er 4. f«W, vi/: Henry Kelley, who made desert land nppii- nttioti No. 17Hor f the h. r,, V. E. l.4l and N. *■; 8 . E. H. and N. h. \V. bee. l;t, and .Y R K E. ! 4 , Sec. 14, Towii«liip4 south, Range lf> est. He tut meg the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultiva­ tion of said land, viz: Janies lnuis. of Wisdom. Montana. John Helming, of Anton H. Jackson, ftf Jackson, Montumt. Y> m. N. brufrh. of \\ Isdorn, Montana. E lmer F.. H ehkktv Register. JiOTK'E IVR ITBUCATIO N. L and orncr at M issoula , Montana, bep- fendier 18, I 8 W Notice Is huFet-Y given that the followmg- imnied settler lias hied notice of her Inten­ tion to make Unit] proof In support of her claim, and that said proof will he made be­ fore Benjamin K. bteveuson, C. 8. Commis­ sioner, at V, isdorn. Beaverhead (o., Mon­ tana, on > ovemour 18 . W#. viz; Ghiddys M. Jiiffiin. who made H. E. No. K^- l for the hE 4 Section «. Tp. i 8., fj. 16 W. hhe names the fi/ii'ov.t.r: witnesses to pr.>v<- her coniamous n v i F obv upon and cuir.,-a- tlon of siwU h.H‘j. v:/.; ftyvld E. btophmis, of Br o.on, Moutana. Daniel Tovey, OhtiY'leji E. Lewis. “ “ Bfoaes Jartiio**. ‘ “ •* Eijffr.h K. H krshey Rpgmier. X)¥>rA;r LAN f» 4 \ \ l PiUuOF- ~ FvJK i LhLlt'ATION. Goodyear's Gold Seal brand of Rubbers, A FULL LINE OF C h o ice. Groceries and Furnishing Goods, Agents for Wilson'# Air-Tight Ilealcrs. Standard Gasoline Lamp ami Sup­ plies. M. Boiu & Co. Tailor-Made Clothing. Alfred A. l’eats’ . Prise Wall Taper. WISDOM MERCANTILE CO., W. T. HOWLE, Physician and Oilk'i' o\cr Mchtaiui. Surgeon. l.ohsl's slori', Wisdom, 15. R. STEVENSON, W Isl'O.M, MON I AN A. SIDNEY C. HOUK, BARBER, WISDOM, MONTANA. Local Breezes. X ' T I . T lVrfect weiilber, Tliaiiksgiviug Day Nov. 30. Bark sugar, >0.75 cash, at I.ossl’s. Go to Lnssl’s and sec his dry goods. Taxes will be delinquent after Nov, 30. Try tbe new coffee at Wisdom Merc. Go. A line line <d nuinuDn lies ill. ,1. 1>. Lossl's. Sweet potatoes and cranberries at Wisd o ill Mere. Go. Joe Arnold, of 15riston, wiih u visitor in town Saturday, For Sale (Tirap — A new Kimball l’mio Inquire at this office. Office and correspondence station­ ery at Tribune Tub. Co.’#, Dillon, W. W. Francis was a guest of Ohaueey Biown’s Friday aud Satur­ day. The Misses Wampler will enicr- a few of their young friends this evening. Boot and shoe repairing neatly done by Joint Cunningham, Jack- son, Mont. Erl Martin, the freighter, came in from Butte with vegetables and oth­ er suj plies 'Tuesday. A. M. Smith, of the North Fork, was taking m the eights at this scene of action Sunday. Joel S. .Nevins, of Fox. wa» a visitor hi town Monday and made a pleasant call at this office. Cloyd Wampier was up from tbe Tong ranch Suuday, where he has been stopping all (all, and returned the following day. Leu I’endleton, m town Sunday, said Lis partner, Most Jardiue, is building a good sized house, 18x215, with hd upstairs to it. Quite a few of the most promi­ nent citizens were in attendance at the funeral Sunday afternoon of the baby of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hol­ lingsworth. Forty or fifty Lead *f cows From which tbe calves have been taken will be sold worth the money if lak -1 en soon. ??ee Noyes or Geisserofj tLe Ajax Live M om t o. i Ben Malion, superintendent of i transportation for J. T. Los#!, re* j turned from Jackson Monday eves ing, w here he ut.: faded a goods for tbe store si that place. Harry Kasute gave aifcexbibrtion in b-otebo bnst.L Mtarday with Inspect tho .all wool children's underwear at Lossl's. Eastern apples aud potatoes at the Wisdom Mer. Co.’s. Maher & Urosh eutllery for sale at the Wisdom Mer. Co.’’ store. Just Airived—A large line of ladies’ dress patterns, capes and jackets, at J. T, Lossl’s, t J. T. Gainitilt, of Anaconda, is iu this section looking for a loca­ tion. | Missoula is nobody's town aud is second only to Butte in wealth aud importance. Fred Meyres, of Steele creek, shipped a luec lot of furs last week to C. O. Bartlett, GloversviUe, N. Y. Mr. Josh Benueltaud sou Marvin of Thompson creek came over for a load of lumber the last of the week. Messrs. Wcldou ami Fred Else ami William Ray, of the' North Fork, were trading in town lar^t (Saturday. j Mux Kramer, accompanied by hi« family, made his regular weekly visit to town Saturday mid disposed of 30 pounds of butter. J. A. liloimjmst, in town Sun­ day, was anxious tu st v line weather, as he is building a house mi his place on Moose creek, IK\ 22 . Major F. IV. Hunt, of Gibbons villo, tvas a stage passenger Satur­ day uml remained , lit re otcr ld'.'.hl, on his ttii) to Butte on business. 11. Bernier, in town Wednesday niglil, reports no snow on the North Fork. lie recently visited the Biller Root looking for cattle, hut sats they me mil of sight iu prices. J. G. lfoinain, Duke Gist, Walter Hclhhng, aud Alien McDoaald were down from Jackson Friday night and attended the dunce at Noyes’ Hall, and Bob Blanton gave the boy s a w ine supper. Virgil Dunbar drove in 78 head of steers over the Bloody Dick range I rum Lemhi county, Idaho, last week, anti was here over Sun­ day night. Jack Falconbnry of Jackson was helping him drive. Mr. and Mrs. James Gerry lift for the east Tuesday morning, w here they go for the benefit of their little daughter’s health. They were un- dicided as whether they would «p< ml the winter at Hot Springs, Ark., or at Imlianapolis, [ml. Miss Esther Lynch, of Jackson, with J. G. Romam for her escort, was iu attendance at the dance Imre last Fiiduy night, him say# her father, J. W. Lynch, was in the Glearwater country this fall with (ins Wenger on a hunting trip. Among the deeds filed for record with tlio county fclcik and recorder at Missoula we note ltobt. M. Gail- ton and wife to Teter Hendrickson — ttlO acres of land iu the Bitter Root valley, for a consideration of ♦ 4 ,500. The purchaser is well and favorably known in this section where he still *wns a line property. Fpeaking of Halloween foolish­ ness Tereey Willey was reminded of when he was a kid back in Lau- lastei Wis,: “We ran a wagon into a woman’s front door and then sneaked away and hid. One of the boy a raised up just as she tired a gtin loaded with buckshot; and one ts in doubt with republican sections to hear from, and the oilier states that held elections were New Jeisey republican, also lora, Massachu­ setts, Pennsylvania, N$w York and South Dakota. Mr. McKinley is receiving congratulatory telegrams. JACKSON CORRESPONDENCE Things are rather quid iu Jack- sou at present. Tho Big Hole saloou building is going up iu good shape aud will bo tiuished if possible by Thanksgiv. mg Day. On Thauksgiving Day tbero will be turkey shooting, etc., aud gmud ball given at tbe ball in the even­ ing. Messrs. Gist and Richardson have dissolved partnership. The foimer will continue the btisiucss and the latter is contemplating a trip cast. 'The Big Hole Meal Go. will build a butchers’ shop on ground pur­ chased fiom Anton Jackson sud there will also be a blacksmith shop next to the saloon. tyB AND VAN - noun, Y;i iiiFq-ltill I ug I iiu II m V' i D 1 haw* 1 . Suin'* h;w •• inillmi) •>. smiir it pfiiny Winil- t v \\ h \ ' 1 \ t I th- .|iilt’ It jx, Gi Ml It I h-ss 1 I'l'.tMl I'G } J' iViJ.) hny I'tii hi i h* )ih ii ni tg ; Ait'l li>y wln n In* lifjh •! I -1 t i.-i-miN hnl I. 111111 iiiGii gw l>'V y wiihni*: tniimtG it'i w n \ - I'Vr l!i g fth’iv llmt w in if l*U>!i ;; ml ( 11 'i \ »\ Yiimli rhili. Ri inimihl iviiml him, 1)1 J ug K iji’W'j' i J hgmm - I ! n<iT nnuTGil Lm; VYillnm! i’ll\ \ 1 rnuai-.I him I'm a iiw ! I ’h-5 g !. i ini Plain J ><’ h N t . llO K S K S A S T K A Y . One d.ipple buy mure, weighing about 1,200 pounds, branded TL combined on tint left shoulder uml 7, on the right shoulder; ami bay hoi so branded KG on left stille in; I /, on lull shimldcr. Five dollars for informal ion leading to their re­ covery. J, xmi -: s O’G onnu . i ,. LUMBER FOR SALE. We have CO,til’ll) feet of lilmlii r in Wralim Cany on tor sale. Will be delivered at Wisdom for >15 per thousand or >13 | er thousand at llm mill. ZmiN Buns. RELIGIOUS. Rev. M. M. Miner’s appointment# tor November unit December will be ns fellows; On the third Sunday of each mouth Jaeksou at 11 a. in. and Wisdom 7 p. in. On the fourth Sunday Wisdom at 11 a. in. aid Jaeksou at 7 p. in. On the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights that come between ilie third amt fourth Sundays as f»|- lows: J!o ,ven Tuesday, lirishm Wednesday, and Fox 'Thursday, u 3 p. m. C’ome! Trials of Ye Editor. To run a paper v About oesasion ally publishing an item that is det­ rimental to some persons is like running a railroad w ithout liavii g accidents or mishaps. 'To do eilhti is Disastrous as the new* coming from the Transvaal may appear for the British, says the De Lamar Nugget, all the same when the war is ended, cruel aud prolonged as it may be, tbe lesultwillbe a stronger aud wider grip of Great Britain upon South Africa. England ha* never let go her grip upon soy ter­ ritory in the world since the sur­ render of her army at Yorktown, aud that was after a seven year’* war with people of her cwu race and blood. With all her great re. sourecs and a grit that has not known ultimate deleat for six score of years, the lot# of an army of twelve thousand men, though cre­ ating dismay, will uever eid iu Huai surrender of her claims. The Union Jack will yet waive over the stations of a railway extending from Gapetowu to Alexandria. 1 ’otatoes aud eastern apples at the W- M. Go.’« store. A Boer Nupoteon. The campaign of the Boers shows remarkable tliulcgical talent. It is, of course, impossible to say at this distance as to who is responsi­ ble for their movements, but tho man who mapped out the Boer campaign is a military gi nuts. A short review of their tactics will prove this, Throwing apparently their strongest and best equipped commands into Natal, they diveitetl atU’iiluiu, ami, be,lure tbe British were aware ot vvliat was happening, Mulching was siiiiouiidsd by a part of Gen. Groije’s force. Then, when British utlestiun was centered on Maftking, Commander Allriuhe, With 8 , 0 U 0 Free Staters, crosseel the border near Jacobsdal and sur- tuuuded Kimberley. This last was certainly a stroke ot genius; for if Kimberley and Cecil Rhodes, who is cooped up there at present, should tall into the hands of the Bona, England would have to pay a ran­ som that would mean absolute in- dcpendeuce lor bolu lire Free tState ami the Transvaal.— Collier's Weekly, He Wes UnsopiiislIcsteJ. “ lhatl a peculiar case in court the ether day,’’said a lawy er from a sister city. “An old Irishmau named Callahan hai gotten into a row with his lamitord about some repiirs amt refused to pay his rent. Tim landlord was a tussy little ex- college prolessor, totally unversed in the ways of the world, and he was imprudent enough to send word llial he would have ih* family evict­ ed and then called to discuss it per­ sonally. lie emerged yelling mur­ der, sed said that he had brst met Mis. Callahan, who told him her liusbaud would do him no harm, upon Ibt strength of which he wait­ ed Du ms reiuru. When Callahan came in lie promptly gave tbe vis­ iter a beaueg. The old Irishman an I wile were both arrested, and I appeared lor ibe defense. The ugly Mature ot tue case was the alleged etiort of the woman to lure hei call* ei into a trap, hut w neu put on the . stand sue denied the landlord's a physical impossibility, N° I (l,,.ry m u>iu, and swore point blank man on earth is lo so great an ex- j hlR. wal.ueJ him lhst her has. tent constantly at the mercy of both / Cam* STarvji i.A,vD Crrica, Eaxm , Mont., sirr. X, tae.— Nul.--s j# hereby that Mamie eak-fsajr.of Wisdoa, Beaverhead . Owes Ellis’ wild horse Patrick. Co., Jtoniaoa. litis timd xnttou M In-! -r- „ ...;.„.i , i : j ...... i._„.i teiKton ,o U h proof oD h,.r desert-lenrj! F * c i m ! ‘ ‘ J claim No. efts, fm-cia> >,-a ?rw\. 8 P 4 wiry., jumping, but the r. 1 r stayed in the iB v * * W, fcnfm\- K StevcMasB. T. Coxr. s «as r e t VS a Vtoot, 0 W fester - 1 *ty. tiw Jlch day of XweaH*. ' Mis* Aland reeettly ef Urich, Mo., has l-w.-.-J he Wisdom of tbe shot struck him right above j 8,1 lbe (dl,or jf tbe eye It only swelled up ttUdj* neMW er- l h & rau' i’ became inflamed at the time, but of the inloamation concerumg tram- . . 1 •. ■ .e . .1 ... pifiniJ events secoud or third hand the curious part of it is that about r » Halloween time, every year, lt * *- ^ Mt all. Frequently slat - swells up and becomes inflamed jusC -ecerved from suppose lly , „ , trustworthy sources watch are Sub- the same. > , , , . t . .. _________ _ ; seqtieiilly found ta lie without foun Some Do »«d Some Don't. : datum. -------- ; Not one editor in a u.ousand wiif- It amuses ns to sec some of our fullv ,• jure# either tri*-nd or foe by exchanges squirm iu an attempt to misrepresentation. Go to him an I offend nobody. The newspaper that asx for a coneetiou. and nine can­ can be published m a way not ;o antot ten, if your ease is just,, you jot 0f offend any one is a jewel, an -1 the wid be rective 1 p >l. .-.y, *Ld proper e'p't r is ectiiled to a pair of go tli» eorreettou wul be made with plej-- wiags. Human nature is so consti- are.—Tbe Futmh Estate, toted mat some like lean'Jxl, while others don't; some like to see others ■■riipea up the back,” others don't; some like f»k«* exposed, others . r ‘ don’t; sotne like to have the truth toil about them, ethers don’t. baud proposed 10 punch his head. Doin pai ue» seeemtti perfectly sin- ccie iu tucir sutemeuic, and I was route wnal puzzled. 1 dually deeid- eu ;o cross examine lue ex professor. repeat to u», I said, ‘eiaetly w nut Mrs. Cadauau toiu you in re­ ,| gard to hushauu.’ - a ■ -Me assured me positively,* re- 1 pneU the landlord, -that Le had BO ..i.euiiun whatever of molesting • £ iu.-. 1 •• -But she didn't say it 1 a those 1 w 1 insisted, ‘what I want is 4 ;.ti exact language.’ “1 ••■\Ve*l, sir,’ said the witness, • ’ 'ii tie-inning to get fissured, nthegaro (Quartz mining in tLe vieinity cf tne to tnelefstami—' • •Vui, never Kind tbit,’ inter- the Big Hoie slowly aid i up ect tt.e jodge, ‘give as her «rwa seem to properties. w o r d s .’ Very well, sir! ttecna-pjrt, 7 awu»a« and of ’ ja the Zorn ho:: mm ..... 4 1 3 »S»eaiYnrfewlUs«Y«efe®»»aj,eiw/»'wtde experfeace - HwteteBfe r f Samta. Man*. -, ' gsjy so licits pKrtina^- ntefio'.MMaS'X- n - ; , the ceaecratie mores sv do g*l srtt^n - ud itc;r They sheskl not expect to sell ihtrr s!r\ she claims *ht-n wbc.;:; LinleielopeJ, desperately, -Shest^: ‘whea AMU 'its republicans carried tbe elec- auatLe mxt::.g or tint tbe stoves coxes hose be wea’t do a AhwgtO gfl lor t 8 tt 2 h,Jyu: S S f l u had tiou .i. Dhm fey a large majority, this winter u<.I 1 .,, draiiBriisg'Br-rac carried bis state with a fttsioa wlew a big sale is «t. Steady aid u “ ?>- ewkhttfise, 'ticket, Marylaad Sapped over into weS daeeted work wul do the basi- **<■“ Kentaeky , n e ts , j-ronded there a a snae.

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 10 Nov. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.