Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, November 17, 1899, Image 1

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CANNED GOODS. Have just received a car­ load of canned goods that wiil be sold at the follow­ ing prices: 3 lb. Cau Eastern Tomatoes per case, 13 00 3 lb. Can Eastern B A H Tomatoes per case, 3 50 3 lb. Can Jackson Corn per case, - 3 lb. Cau Fond du Lac Corn per case, Morrow Corn per case, Sellcrburg Siring Beaus per case, Dern String Beans per case, B it B String Beaus per case, Early June I’cas per case, Oysters per ease,' 2 50 2 05 2 85 2 25 2 50 3 00 3 25 4 00 D ress Patterns from $4 00 to $6 00. No two alike. Fittest Line of Jackets and Capes that ever came to the Big Hole Basin. Come and inspect the goods, O kho tri-ini., foiitfv | First National Bank W e Carry of Dillon. A General B anking and Exchange Business Transacted. CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. CENTRAL PHARMACY, DILLON. MONT. D r u g s a n d P a t e n t M e d i o i n e s . MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY AT­ TENDED TO. L. J. WILLIAMS, PnoPKiKTOit, Dillon Cash Grocery Co., DILLON’ MONTANA. -T. W. 1*01 NI »K\TK|v, tU an At; kk . Goodyear’s Gold Seal brand of Rubbers. A FULL LINE OF Choice Groceries and Furnishing Goods, Agents for Wilson's Air-Tight Heaters. Standard Gasoline Lamp and Sup­ plies. M. Born & Co. Tailor-Made Clothing. Alfred A. Peats’ Prise Wall Paper. WISDOM MERCANTILE CD,, B. It. STEVENSON, CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR, \\ lSl>OM, MONTANA. SIDNEY C. HOUR, Wholesale and Retail Dealers iit Fancy and Staple Groceries. 11ST S T O C K -A .T J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jackson. Lots for sale in Wisdom. SEEK. HATTIE M. NOYES FOR TERMS AND PRICES. DUKK tilST. (’HAS. RICHARDSON TH E BIG HOLE SALOON. J o r k so n , Mon t a n a . GIST & RICHARDSON, l’RornnauRs Fine *W inos, U q u o r ^ a n d C ig a rs-A lw a y s in S tock. TH E HOTEL Du LOSSL ? WISDOM, MONTANA. MRS. JAMES O’CONNELL, Proprietress. F i r s t Class Service. Headquarters for Gib* bonsvilleand Divide Stage Line. All stages stop at the door. OLD GLORY SALOON. WISDOM, MONT., BA!LARD & NEWCOMER, Proprietors. Every thing in the house first-class—Wines, Liqnorsy and ^Cigars. Jail and see ns. We will treat you white. T H E SILVER SALOON, WISDOM, MONT., OWEN ELLIS, PROPRIETOR. A F in e Stock of Wines* Ltytors* C i g a r s DILLON FURNITURE GO., T h e Fin F u r n itu r e House. . Prices b a s e d on com p e ­ titio n w ith th e w o rld. Special a tte n tio n given to undertaking. G. T. PAUL P r o p uii\b & 5T I'll, I >1 El.ON NATIONAL BANK H1' IJ -1 > I \ f» Desires to coi h >|>< hi <1 vvil h pjiHlrs hr Hie Hie I Inle yv I ig lm ptnrHihs for sti le op lesisn. «• have it few Hitutiriis for hiii'uain.s from I hh It enslmi ami western lam ie*. IHiri.oN FFl'V PROPERTY AN Iiii}>rnve<| am] uuiuiprm.a 1 for' sail farm lumls in Mnniaitn. Idtilm, ( nv'-.siii a oJ lirf slates. DJU.ON 1 \ E A I. Ils’lAlEvN ! NVKSTM CNT ( 'll., Uillon, Mold PASSENGERS AND EXPRESS WISDOM AND JACKSON. Mails three times a week--Monday, Wednes­ day and Friday. JA M E S S T E W A R T , B A R B E R , WISDOM, MONTANA. Local Breezes. Mail Contractor. NOTICE l'OR PrRUCATK'N I.AMI I Hfll K A' t VI , . AM. 1 A, NO111t * i fiit. \ttvt tl:! M■)' II IHMI Nut ire is ht-rtt-v '.-f-tt llial tni' rullmthii.'- iiu nt.-d st-tl/cr Inn tu<-rI nolli't- >/f Ins infi'n- tiotttn lllttl.f Inttil Immf it, sHjmort ut Ilfs el-uni. a ml t lift t nil i'l prof if tviM l.r nmd.' In - fills- Hi-ff|;'tnin II. Si'■ l i-iisnii. 1 . s t -mmiis- siimi-r, tit Wistlui'i. Mini'futff. nn I >.-r 111 1-i- h ■! ; lafll, vi/: Joel S. Nevins who m:nir disf-rt i:i nil f-nttv Xn. an, for 1n- I Ml N W1 S it . ]■; \ | . M NR , M\ ' 11. ip, 5 S.. li. |ii W. Ill- liltllirs Ills- f •: . 1 1 ,A A ! ! I W-lin-Ss.-S !-- |)T-n\'l- liis continuous i-i-sfil- mm upon nmi ru:!;\n tints of sail! land. \'l/: i'eitl'l II llsfcfi. of I i-.\. Xlun’nnii. James Pelersnn, of Jumkson. Vliimaini. Arthur \\ . V.-vius. of lu\. Monlunu. Hick Nef!r-m of .laelvsim, Mntitatifl. r.inKK f.. H krhhct . Kerister. A. J. Noyes is out lo Dillon. Buck sugar, #11.75 cash, at l.ossl's. (in to Lossl’s ami koo bis dry goods. 'Try lilt non coHYo at Wisdom More. Co. A tine lino of macintoshes at J. r. Lossi’s. Lon Fox was up from Bowen YYTiliii-Mliiy. lit no) Osborne, the hunter aid guide, is in ton n. Sum Nktllon of box bail business ill lown Monday. Nweit potulocs and cranberries at Wisdom Mire. Co. John Hoffman, of Dillon, is visit­ ing relatives ltereuboiRs. For Sale Cheap—A new Kimball I’nno Impure at this oftiee Office ami cornu [londonee slat ion- ery at Tribune l’ul), C o .' m , Dillon. George lingers lias taken up a ranch is gelling out poles tor fenc­ ing it. • Bool and shoe repairing neatly done liy John Cunningham, Jack- son, Mont. Mr. and Mrs. George Woodworth and son George were visitors in town Sunday. Will Noyes and Joint Murray, of! the Ajax raneli, were In lown lor j supplies Sunday. j Major Hunt and Morgan Jones, | ol Gibbonsvdle, returned Hum' Bum; last Friday. j Jesse Rhodes, el Dewey's Flat, is making one of Ins semi-occasional visits to ibis place. i J. 1*. I.ossl returned Iroru Gib- bonsviile fiunday, to which place his business interests called him. J. II. Fox, of Bowen, l i t trading j in town yesterday. luspect the all wool children’s underwear at Lossl’s. Eastern apples and potatoes at the Wisdom Mcr. Co.’s. Maher & Grosh cuttlery for sale at the Wisdom Mer. Co.’ store. Don Albee and Simon Dunbar (Shorty) of Bowen, were in town yesterday. There will be a dauoe-tbis even­ ing at Frauk Dries' placjo on Themp sou creek. Just Arrived—A large line ot ladies’ dress patterns, capes and jackets, at J . F. Lossl's. Messrs. Bieleuberg tfc Walker are iu the valley looking after their their large cattle interests. C. La Flame came down from Jackson yesterday en route to bis fine bay ranch near Bowen. There will be surprise party at the residence of YV. A. Armitage at Mu.inyslope tnis evening. James J aggers and daughter, R. L. Thomas. 11. F. Jackson, all reg- isted Horn Bannaek at tbo Batie hotel. Butte, last Wednesilay, Ed Fhlridgo, the stage driver of lbe Divide end of the line, is laying oil on account of bav mg the mumps. I’M docs not propose to needlessly expose himself lor fear of a.relapse. We uic indebted to Mrs. Laura E. Howry, librarian of the Historical Society of Montana, for an interest ing volume, of contributions hum the pens ot prominent Montanans. Miss Maud Staley, recently of Erich. Mo., has located in Wisdom in the Zorn building. She has bad a wide experience in dressmaking ami solicits patronage in that line, giiaianleeing satisfaction, Charles J. Tual, the placer miner ol Pioneer, was a staije passenger for Butte Wednesday morning eu rente lo Ins old home ill Arcadia, Iron ( minty. Missouri. His niuiy I needs here and m t, i Minus v die n isli bun success wherever lie may more to raise blooded stock than scrubs, although the first cost'of the herd is greater. The difference in the first coat, however, is speed ily wiped out. It will pay stock breeders to get rid of their Byrub* and breed only first-class cattle. I d this part et the world we have the finest giase to the country. Every thing is in our favor for uakiug of this part of’Montana one of the greatest eat lie couutnes in the United States. Eaetem cattle buy ers are coming here already lor lino stock. We aie getting a start iu business. Some day I believe our stock interests will equal in point of wealth our mineral interests.” JACKSON CORRESPONDENCE Jackson, Nov. 14, 1890. Tbo roads to Dillon arc said to be very bad. Nick Staggs Las gone to Dillon to meat Miss Ruby Sage, who has been in Butte for several weekB vis­ iting lehuives. 1’be rest can be imagined. J. C. Hotnaiu, of the Big Hole Meat Go., went out to Dillon last week for the benefit of Ins health and rcturncil yesterday greatly im­ proved. John Gmminghum lias been mao- aging mad matters on the Wisdom ami Jackson mute tbo pint- week, during the absence of Contractor Htcwait, who lias gone lo Dillon on business. Messrs. Joe Kramer and Giorgo Tevies have tired of H im luxuries of the Imii-I here on account, of feelings akin to gout anil lack of exuviae and have accordingly started a miry ol their own at HtUH Main BtK i t, where they are installed with a winter’s grub stake. Mr. Tmes is acting us chef lie cuisine. '1 lie N hlegelmilteh mining inter- is on .Swamp creek are to be pros I ibis w inter. Four men are ih ad alliterative name, and the u ^ . we have chosen for thU new*pef«f,'' appears to suit the subscribed, N&- if our big contemporary, the fijglg Lake Herald, thinks the Basse ist out of place, an the language of the late Boss Tweed we ask, “ Whal are you going to do about it!” The writer’s geography i f atm i t fault. He speaks of this paper “ ia northwestern Wyoming.” Mani­ festly, he has the Big Hole country a* d the J aokson’s Hole oouutry mixed, but then an evsry-daj edito rial writer for a weekly stipend isn't supposed to know everything. The Big Hoia L. G, and YYr. F; YVouderltch left* for Butte Saturday morning having finished the season's operations in mining near Pioneer. Besides plac­ ets they have a couple of tine quarts claims they aie wi ll pleased with— one of which is vailm I the Big Hoi* Queen m which is a pay streak from lour to six inches wide of rich, paitially free milli.-g gold and sora# sulphreiH. Tiie oilier prospect, called the Afoul.',.!, is mi eilOIUlOUS ml, all id' It ti-ci wide, which runs duo cum an ; pitches south. The chums n re abmil ( a <* miles from A. L. Ih'.iiiA pi: m, one northwest and iLy hi her icoilli. and of easy ■ess. Tlm‘ l.-.y s uic quite entlmsi- ustu- over tKeir prospects. HORSES ASTRAY, One dapple bay mire, wcigbii g about pounds, bran led I’L smibiiii'd iim ihv loll shoulder anil Z j on Ihe l i bt sbimbb r; and bay horse bramb d KG on left slide and on left ‘Hionl Icr I'iie dollars for inform.i om leading to their re­ covery. J.VMKS O'O onxki . i ,. L l’.MHER I OK SALE. tdre.nly at work and ncvcral wagon loads ol supplies have arrived up Inmi Dillon. A. L. Dean, the elation keeper at Pul Gonnors, general manager of the Bobamm Bar Placer Mining Pioneer, came over on tbo slave I < m, i line over the mountains to day Tuesday ( veiling to make an alTnla- : to see alter bis good mining claims v11 m mine mining matters, bill lUi-iliiir. (oi Innately both Judges Noyes and j Hugh Young, of M mer creek, is Stevciiboii were out of town and be , lu |()l- (-applies cm,tinned down the valley to Dewey j M H o j , k l n s & havHJ Y\ ednesd i). |. i die Dune Wadams claim and . Wilbm Hays, of the Big IIol*!, njil (qu-iitte Jtwhuitly. J Meal Go,, arrived back from a visit j T,1W)U & J,illll|(|ry lmie |to Mdmou Guy 'Tuesday gening. , J||sl i>, fo). ,|illH willl „ l()U,. | He says llial pluce is looking tip mi , | account ol milling operations in that vicinily. Blackbird is a lively camp, hmgbi-ers mines are looking np, and something is doing at Y el low Jacket. The roof around the stovepipe winch lakes the place of a chimney load of supplies. They are working on the II. (>. J'onruier (.baiiccy Brown left t bis mi. ruing. lor Dillon i I ihn.iigh yesterday' due loi the Obi-Glory saloon caught; ’1,1 L Bom Dillon, fire yesterday, but the tire depart-; t luiley Ru-haii mini con.-islinn of J. J’ Mackenzie 1 al the lioilmgswo n | and a water bucket pmmplly re-. j’oiHloe* and ( spouded to the alarm and the smudge tp,. y\'. M Go.V was queiiehed btlore any damage - - was done, '1 be Lord is on tbo; , lllANJvMilY YYe luixt.1 iiOjUnij tt*t*L ot lumber 111 Wl iltolt < a mi t r; r mil-*, Will be delivered at \\ i ' Io n lor f 15 per thousand or yl-l per yiionsin.l at ilia null. Z.'.nv !liio«. : K o i Rev. M . Yl Mimi s appo.iiluuruia lot November and December will be as follow .s. On the third Sunday of each moo Hi Jackson at II a, m, and \\ im I oki 7 p, in On lln* fourth Numbly YY'is.loin at II a. m, aud Jackson al \ p. m. Outlie Tuesday, Wcdninday aud lhursday i,i_bls that conic between lln: third an d touriu Sunday's as fol- lows. Jin.* on Tuesday, Bnstoot Wednesday, and Fox Thursday, at 3 p in. ( 'omc' lard Vcss Items. | J. W. Moran recently brought in i 80 bead of fine beef Bteers which ol the piopiictois, Mesns. Lailatd NOTICE Col; ITALIC ATIOX kpp- he will fatten on Lay purchased of A New comet, evidently, as this is J. A Blomquist. the second tine that foe has 6taited YYeM-n Use.ofNoith Folk, was ll'^' ,oof il wa' ' ii,rT a,Jf| .utown y.-icrday and left fo. Dil- good (lay lor blazes. Ion this morning, where he goen to . x iiK YVlsDUM RES'TAURANT. piay lus taxes. _____ George YYoodwoith is building a: Win. t . Jarretf, the propiietor, stable at the school house lo shelter of the YV’isdom Restaurant, has the ! his team when it brings his children . fresh oyster for sale by the bulk. oik counts 75c per quart. Ben and 'iom Mallon JeFt vester- A gr evenin- John ( unningham. invitee! to aueneb an« wife pass- i no elccti »!l lit K-'ni K'-k Y IS jet 0 i their IF nndci-i led. A CKhie r.‘ -i? ve 1 at t he ;!1 i- i •r i i wai' . 11 I •“f yii \ a b' . .: fi­ I’JM -b. Ilium :! s that JkiliJ >i J'-h i A. l,o.rm, L< i i- apples iil I birtv tin i'll V i 1111: i t i;-i iry. In* re. bt-i il k Hi* 1 :l U • .ii 1 IK. ill. Ho >• i- h iding ) ^ ! \ 1 \i a-' 1 ‘n» N<, BALI.. lie was a s ■. .1 M i. i , '.!■n. dnlsa A. E- :m\| i » i i H-. n.l ib-s. be g iven m Mar lh i L . i Li, it. A i rt'M.leu: A :iviug Day at YY a i . J il- ' ■ A V1 * S '? * F managerm i. ’ of and ! h ’ft* ( r : | - f rp'i ( r.i Y O’i *:^ston-nf Everybody is Obm. Where We Are At. L a . ni > O ffice at Mtsson.A, Mfmtfimi t«*niiM.*rIfl, 18 au. I NotU’t* Is isurt-Dy frivt-n Unit th e following- | fv . . . Tv t i s nivrwa Rf-muj* JUY5 itfnrt- irottce”of irrr tnTPir- ■ M r s , i/ucwar to tow n, i Xew tion to niibkt? final proof m gupp<-ri of hw riu lm, mid Una suit! proof win bt? made 1#- I 1-Mrii *j ***v“ . jp ^ 0f Hereford^ and Short fun- Keniumin K. Sn-vi-nson, tT. s. Cmnmis-j day morn i ng for G ibbous viile w i t h ! horns Mom-r. at Wls.!,.m B.-ui-i-vheufl Co , Mon- ' { ;; b[ 0 . }:t re U k , v Jo a d ' ---------- 1 ta n u , mi >ovi-mU-r lkM''W>, viz; i = - - | . , , r , , , GiuddvsK.Mifflin, n-homadeH. E. No vet up with jotatoi- for J . P . Lots'. I A honib of catt.e ntiorgmg fo r ttie sm-r.on s. Tp, y » „ « .» W. Getry a[jd ^ h>ve ftOLe ‘ to the S 0 outht we: e drive., through were pur names tho to provt4 h€*r eoirt)nB<TOS ypsifi<*oce upon an d ruTrlva- tlcm nf t?a‘d land, viz: THtvid E. >w»pheiis, of Rr!»ton, HtJBtana. IHiwiel Tovey, K. I j F wk I . “ “ •' Moftt s Jardm*4, ** E l SOER F- fitHKHET fcplHU'T, L*E>Lirr lA S th FIS h i PEOar.-NOTJf'E TO& r r » 14CAT|©S- CsrrrrD S tates L a » Orfscis* B a .e s a , 31o»+.f 0?‘t- % % feeit'by rl-r-.-n thmr MaaiSe tralc&lrjr- MMTIMoni, Bcim-rhead Co. Bontann. Sled aotice ot la- tetxtioa to make prouf-oa her Beaert-Iand claim So. JSC1. forrheSVi JlTT-i. KC>* SW1*. k e *»w w q .s r e q s * e . % r p . 1 g, k m V . before BeBjamta X Bfeeemon. r . S eonoaM oM r at VPladon Monc„ on S rtar- lo Bet Springs, Ark., where they \tjW!J ^ • npoa weuern willspeLd the winter and w ill b e 1 cLase'1 o[ VY illiam YY adace of New • .. xaterested readns of the B ek E zs >. ICtic.go, and the price pa „ i_ . , ■ . „ : to be in the neighborhood of 1(35,- C. W. JohEstoB, of the firm ol . „ . . . ,,, i _ , , , A T * . . f|fj0 or >*0,000. 1 hey were driven, Port A JobcKc,,. tie Baby rreok. bel)cer V2;iev v ia Ana- h * , r w a s « town the trx t ^ ^ tbence ^ ^ Big Hole> of the week acJ isaitew ssbscnber arg #f Herrford s, d Sborthora to the Bnti./V '. : treed and hare fine beef producing Forty or ff-y Le«4 «pf oows from i, u:s,;tieg - Tfce £r;e hsy r l ;w<i m whieh the calves have been taken t'h,s tlgh m o o n u i D basin will, as vrrfl be sold worth thomoney if tat- d t doct<>rI n j m i s t and ea sown See Note* or Geiecer of tLe csuU do lh<. re9l: the Ajax Lire M-oekpx. , A gentleman connected with the In an editorial under the head ot ‘‘YY'ild YVesteru Names” a writer m the Salt Lake Herald attempts, to. say something funny and corn meoees thus: The Chicago News overlooks the •■Big Hole Brei /'-' in northwestern Wyoming when it culls attention to some of the ■•odd names\ bestowed newspapers. This is (destined to take a place along with is said | Tombstone Epitaph of other days. > In this correction we want to explain how we came by the name B k . H ole B i : i kzes . . -When print­ ing a paper in the B itter Root coun­ try several years ago a friend of ours, who liked fisectioa in the local papers, was m the habit of aaying, “Give us a breeze,” vrhish of course meant something of a complimentary nature. Then, too. A special from Noux City, Iowa, says: Fred Lec h has revived s lellei I ram J . Fietcner Smith, lo­ cated at Hestiy, A. -'.a. ^peakisg of the Gape Nome country, he says husbe's of money aie leing made there, l b raw --iL'err are about Junes Bus'/: awd w ite fa r e eedd; firm of Bietenherg A Walker «rid we havetaoar tnno friste4 A i s p \ f ( i i j i • ’ ~ i t t . i i- Nome. Anvil C i t y i s U j « in.-\: of the town. Next '■ a- n ’ •- i he j j ,000 OF j 1 There are tl.*e-- , • H e r e «bo -have taken cut ruore tcau >500.000 ia the last thiee months. They spend 11,00V or more a day.” It is r,-pv»r*e I that Admiral Dewey will turn o v e r to ins wife the csX Lome in Washington presented V*r him by the American people. An Anacocda special to the Trib­ une of the I sth aays: Carl E. Ter­ ser, recently from Saft L t l t j f e f i at DtHoa to-day. U f c Sandaf IxjG fell from a Short l a s t train f d h e i , : a l e g e n e C h ffh e s l* d te. *M a u O f t n e r n t j- U m .l ip f .i lrt|W i S iM eKK in l0 a Standasd reporter: ‘■Ore thiEg the purchase stoeld , u d i h t s there * money m gooft stock. I t cort* no of people that gentle breezes bal .M W ox the MM- order. John D, RbdMHhv’it 14sX #f t n e t c s i f d « h i * $jgkt

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 17 Nov. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.