Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, December 08, 1899, Image 1

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CANNED GOODS. f Have just received a car- K, load of canned goods that will be sold at the follow- lug prices: lb. Can Eastern Tomatoes per ease, * 43 00 ;t lb. Can Eastern 1 ] & 15 Tomatoes per ease, 3 50 • 2 lb. Can Jaekson Com per case, - ■ 2 50 2 lb. Can Eoud du Lac Com per ease, • 2 05 Morrow Corn per ease, - • • 2 85 : Scllerburg Siring Beans per case, 2 25 Deni String Leans per case, • • 2 50 11 A 15 String Beaus per ease, - • :i ou ? Early June Eras per ease, - - • ■ a 25 (»\iters per ease, - -4 00 »■ First National Bank of Dillon. A General Banking and Exchange Business Transacted. Cl > Kl: US PON DEN CE SO I .KIT E 1 >. CENTRAL PHARMACY, DIM,ON, MONT. D r u g s a n d . P a t e n t M e d i c i n e s . JLUI, OP DICKS PROMPTIN' AT- 1 TENDED To. I.. \V11,1,1 AMS. Piioeiiimm, Dillon Cash Grocery Go., 1>IU.ON, Mo r. w. roi:si)!;v-j'i W h o l e s a l e m id R e t a i l D r e s s P a t t e r n s f r o m $ 4 OO to $ 6 0 | . No tw o j D e a l e r s in F a n c y a n d a l i k e . S t a p l e G r o c e r i e s . F i n e s t L i n e of J a c k e t s a n d C a p e s th a t e v e r , c a m e to th e H ig H o le B a s i n . ', C o m e a n d in s p e c t th e g o o d s , 1 1ST B T O G I C A T ; J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jackson. DILLON FUBNflUHt CO,. | Ti it; I E ' ; E 'tin n iin o 1 louse. 1 i l C l I m m ■. I ■ ,i i i:oi)i|i:: lilion \v 11 h 1! n ■ \.,i u ivl. Special a l i i i i i i o a pivou to u iu iiit t a U 1 1 1 ■;■ Ci. T I'AUl ■’ See our Christ­ mas goods. Fin­ est display ever in the Basin. Two hundred boxes fresh dried fruit direct from California. .1 GO,, 15 . R. STEVENSON, 'pop i\ n moon, M ontana . S I D N E Y C . H O U K , WISDOM, MONTANA. •- ... 'kijin«i»n«’ia»av.uiaaart» » Local Breezes. Co in 1 .last's ami ere bin iliy on p. Try tin new ctdleo ill Wisdom M iir. Co, Mm' Murk ut children's toys fur ( i r.Mmas at Lossl's. Eur lo.ils fur Haiti at the W, M. Co.'s Mm e, Wood I Pool on subscription »l till! ! li!! i vi s u '1 1 re. Erne cm iu:i| beef lor sale by ilm ]>i_y I lulo Meal Co. 1 'oliHorH aiul eastern apples al tbo \V . M. < il. ’a More. la Ii.v 11 n l-- in'it, to wsiii for E oj Christmas presents go to J. P. Lossl's.' luspcet the all wool children's underwear at Lossl’s. Maher & Groeh cutilery for sale at the WisdoiuMcr. Co.’ store. Dr, J, A . McNiveu returned home from Butte to (libbousville yesterday. ............................. Max Kramer came to town Satur­ day and made the printer's heart glad with eom for another year's suhsi'iiplii n to the Bui i /i-.-, Albert Cook, ni.imiuiT of the feed Malle for Ballard A Newcomer, has lived up a stove iu his ollioo and ts now feeling very comfortable. D. E. \\ ampler left for Plain- ville, Jed , Monday morning, a here stainless integrity and exalted mo­ tives. He has been removed from the high office which he honored aud dignified by his lofty character, but his devotion to duty, his hon­ esty of purpose and noble virtues icmatu with us as a prioelcss legacy and example.” B. If. Kobe ill., tbe Utahn Linder and congressman-elect has been jjtvcu a seat iu the back part of the nieetin’. School Items. la the list of averages for last mouth was unintentionally omitted the name of John Paddock whose average was 9 ::. 'Those on the sick list this week he goes to sin: Ida mother, Mrs. are — 1 ’aid Paddock, Edna and Ray Jane \\ ample!, w ho lie has horn iu- luoml Noyes. ioriiied laniiol live much longer. The program as carried out last Nlin is nearly no years of age. week as as follows: lYiul 11 iisleil, of Pox, was dow n Rei'iutioii—“Tho First Thunks- the valley ihc fii>i. ol fhe wiek g n im; \ Addin Mallou. look in :' a t ii r Kuiiic hois:\1 lie re- Ess. y - Alien Horning. niilly reliirui’il from Id,tho, when' Bee union — Fred Rutledge. he went l\r a hareaiu iu entile, bill Arthur AVilku: was too bile, the having been “ Paul Paddock. Hold In ill ullllT pal tv. Soil, ■‘PalUr of the Ehingle,” 11 . V. Binnloi), of the Big lluli- .lull 11 ’.iileoek. Ali .it (5 , v:r; lukeii i|iiile siek on lit i in1. Raymond Noyes, \\ eiIni'.*\ 1 IV. Il Ii ill\; :i '< iere ( . hi on lie, i.,l .oi- Nelsim 1 Lirning. Ins lungs, liift old “\ Jauk Mamie Rut ledge. IN'iiiiiii), I'umn 11 . 1 a n 1 1 \111 ,!,:rl mmi j ■ Irh lie (Jurat ion: Resolved, 1111 1 all 11 as 11:1 : -:e aud 1 !,d> i’l III! .,' leiivaU'in cut. That Ad..,-! \t ion in Sull'ragt! should he d by an Aiui'iidment lo the Mercii.'iiil J. |\ |.os.I, loo, J, got mine line e:il h,l os lie' lftoo. A pint '■! I \ of ,|| | . I lint ! ■ j .mil :i i l l I llilg 11111 e- I :111' 11:i11 I’d gl1 1 p r i m e d 111 tin t s ;i ' . I i .>1r , h o o , | i ■, r;u d. lie has 11 , i ■,! i 1 , i oil.' ,<it In his I' I O' 1111111 i s Hiol n I ’lil'i l i l '1 < w i l l cai'li i ' iio ini.o', (i. B. 11i ; m il I oii, I,.inn 1 Iy elilor of 1ie l sm-pended Salmon Cilv He. ] 111 11 1 11 -, was selling some line braiids ni eie,ii s I i tie! biisiium u, mi nl l 1 Vr 1 ■ a i. SEECMRS. HATTIE M. NOUS fill TERMS AND PRICES. 1 C 1 2 H-.i V.l l'.', i H ! i ; .. M K i: f.isi. ( II I::'!!AK1> mi N THE IH(i HOLE SALOON, .Jackson, Montana, GIST A RICHARDSON, Piuu-iai i ms „ M H! i I I»util i;lcl s! P A S S E N G E R S AND E X P R E S S W ISD O M j (Dmu iii Hu AND JA C K S O N .;* '”;; M a i l s th r e e tim e s n i,,,..',,'\ B | | w e e k - - M o n d a y , W e d iies* Nmiii Emi.t d a y a n d F r i d a y . O ii .-'mi,lav. ' l in ;•• )> \ lien L iu ! ’ | I“i ii o iii’i'.i;re at this office. I * llli. i' ami i to ri\ iiondeiii'r .(atit I . 1 I I r\ ii T i iliiiio Puli. ( 'o. V, 1 M i .i ! a in i '■ i a■■!. i i’ - ie, i it 1 ) m , , . i vi.-.-ii . a , 11 !n- 1 ,.iiii e, ,1.1' ,\j. kl I ■Ie. E o e iiii\ of ci-l|iiloid am! m ill'll) n u ll dn- ill >! 1 11 ! C.m.-iiuiileu of the Plilted States. A iii i maliw' Edna Noyes. Ni 1 al i v e . Ered Woodworth. IN ' ,i,iti'M, Boy N o tts, Duel 1 . i11!i Noy ph and Came \v ia 11 1... i ri 5. He.‘il,itn,n Bertha Shuler. , i i > w ii.i'ia last T liu rii lay were: Aire. A, ,1, No>e», Airs. J. P, L ohh I, Mrs. ,1 .tlfif'ti U Connell, and Mr. VV. W. EraueiH. Van rij .1 In Dune. J !! : I\ ami Alin Aland AIM' iv lie; jaiMi ■ me tliiil (\in In II 1 re: I il 1 1 il IV iiKir m v e In ,,a , I . I ll'l'h I )!,'I i,.Ii.; 1 y I 1 i I;I' i.u'. . . I \\ el'll, r I ,m [, ie v I 1 1, |■1 : V! 'el,. Ill I I'l , : . 111 - 1 m ,! o iilv , | b(-M pidiiii'.iiion of tIn-41 presorts al . 1 . P- i kind, but aNo in iijvin; publish. d a lev icon th'il ci.i.lain s all the laii - 1 ae repairing iieally Sal urea ami ....... new vv > >. i I - < hniimighani, .lurk- m e m,| Imiinl iy i , hi |- u i,ekn ii i■- n.ul in e. yk ii ie 11 \ii a r V Is me’ \I have move I their tl|,|s\ '\.oka ihm m . •■oshti i. >i a saw mill Site oil the ' m'lr.vwry pail ' '\ 7 aril e,-i,.i. \ liiilli a t : e ipiielly e I I'll ill.(, at I !o! p ll1. >11 ■. I Il eii ui t I i by liev. l ie grooui ia a well , •\ of tb ■ !! me tleis- i. and !, ' a hunt of ». dl lie ii n » iiuiig in i Ie k Orest asms Preserve. I Washington, Nov. 28 .—XctuR^ Superintendent Brown of the Y«|. lowstone National Park, in his six nual report to Secretary Hitchcock, announces a total of 9 , 3.9 visitor! to the park during the tear. H t . icconitueuds an appropriation ol ?. 2 uo,totl for projoctad -impMMfs.™ ments, iucludiug many new roadt ami bridges. Legislation is recom­ mended to mak# the forest reserve bonlenug on the southern limits S part of the park. It is believed the antelope iu ike park bave increased within the last two years; bear are increasing and constantly breakiug into buildings; dear are increasing; elk are rapid)] increasing and now number from 35,000 to 00 , 000 , but scouts report that 6,000 diod ituiing the winter. Tiieie are probably fifty or tnorf buffalo iu the park. Coyotes arc far too umuerous sail poihouing them will be tried. ThS report says that as a gams preserve tho park is prolably the greatest ia ihu world. DISSOLUTION OE CO P A R I­ N'E US HIP. The copartnership heretofore ex* iatiug under the iii tu name of tho Big Hole Meat Go., is this day dis* solved by mutual consent, J. O, Domain retiring and U. V. Blanton and W, 15 . Ilajs continuing tho Imsiueasuiut will collect outstanding umiouats and pay all indebtednesa of said firm. ft. V. lit, antov , J. C. R omaic , W. 15 . Hays. Dated Wisdom, Mont., Nov. 27 , 1899. A Dead bame Sport. Emanuel Levy was a hard work* ling sod ambitious drummer iu the woolen cloth line. Ills route lay throut;It the smaller towns in west- eru New Yolk ami his employer! expected him to ‘ com\ about live of them each day he was out. He always tried to reach al the en .lot the day mm of the larger cities hav­ ing good hotels, bo thai he would noi have lo iiidilia the hardship! ilu. joy and nubdeiital to tbs bird bods aud Fine III! >i s , hi id ( '.ii’Tirs Alw.Aysin Stock J A,AILS M j, A Al; I , Mm! t..i:11 ! ;t,■ I oi'. v !-. I' '!’ !'i ’■■!.!' '.Vi |; ■ N. lls lo ‘ i lliM IM ' lil,!': m ini sb tin' in u im ml it lo mil is vvi.i i''' llii'Y will i ' ijih - miic. i' -:iiv:ii;- sli<ilit' . ( !i i , i i;i' Ti\ N\- Im mt rly id Gib- limisvilli.- ami S ilmi'ii Guy. c.imt* ' 1 ' 1 r i mt nt in ,.i down Irmu Jark.-o.'i ll.c first ol ihf ' - \ ib Bdl week, lie is nut in '_eod hcalili. I At: ll.'al 111 ', \■11 ::ll I I\ 1 :! I i h ( II iu i V I I \i'll i pmt ol im - in! \i noil I.oi as | ii I'l.W |o HCcilfe the W i,; ii. tl.i y hi . iii iji.iti' JJuUe j f(ar(j(.r .(jet of the mtrais country | ho-ielry. o o - I n i , , h UMVS Minos. | On one ocoasiou he In i Ind aa ! iHpccially tiresome day. owing to i ■ \ i nloii!'; iu ilu' Al I I'iiilwA' delays, and did not result In - Rochester until almost midnight. i. iiis :t ii u <iior;;s Li'nn-|lle went ii\ usual lo the X - ■ void a i* 1 1 u f<->n th inter- 1 House; w here he was aim ist mied to N ansi o (pi n I i • I a i in about j stav, and where he was well ■ s above town lo .\lrs. | known. ii. 1 cli cl ltamiliHi for ‘-Hori'v. old mail.\ ssi I the clerk, oo. I i .u N instil mis li a I vi iy ! “but we hasn't trot a room hi th# u n i t ' .l ie. in no upon u, ii is house. Fireman’s cooveoliou hero ii i - m ; i n s o in*- Vi n promising today, and tbev’re sleeping in cot! THE H o TLL I>i: W S t L , V - V'lNT.ANA. M R S . -!A \ 'S' S H P r o p f i e t r i s s . b o i i h v i D e flf th e : i A H i r n d i p i t i r t e r s w G ib- \ iue. A ll s t a f f s sto p ■> “ a h r. ’rive and his ' \ i ‘ H i ? 4 l i i i : dr-s (• I Gvj Gf i Cl k IQ JD OjM- i i j '' \ |«>1 I DM j«. l Dis i* i uc tiiuie U; a, p;jn rix you, on a go !. OLD GLORY SALOON. v. I'ftin C, 1 , Mi ‘NT.. ? M i. t r'*pri‘*tors j i' , • i V • 1 {•>-;• ' - [/■■• M <, i ii M.u aud Cigars ..( ... Vl f S ill ‘ ITT c, r : ■ ‘ il ML:\m ; ffj. ilfDiv *'f 1 . at vr :. f ; ! Mhui»!! l-i'id of Lividis lur his &tu.e liu- l,i;;r-^ both ;ir ! at that place, where Manager Mrch- uepniv bung at fiitHier, 1 tie men jtlsen is always pleased !t> welcome i : m ':,: h j o greetings on the conit * ! till- tiuss- - 10 ) .!-■ - 1 |.- and wailed tor develop- ! Sam Zorkin:hen, oi Fox, ha 1 «><••' >• A went to the lio-oe J \ : bu'U.i'ss now n Use valley lust week, cl H't Cub, waitnl to: that lii . i .1 \Maud wh;ic h u t ii-i't a year's sub- gcMlcniat. to finish hi* mnl-osy ie- 1 \ .s 1 1 ' ’o ii n ’■‘.ui-Bt for the -ompaMe i him m tic r>- r - - * a s i ^ ^ a i i E. Etas au-J George Lei x i U l U r d a ^ J t i i u - ' t rt'i L , ■ - i - y *:i.e lTv w i.juDJ Ll- L a H A u . ili.Lri, iii';ei..», had Do t oil mind sleeping •Sjetpi.j ' O ’ c o t Why, Pd hc-i! j .<1 C d ; . 5.4 _E i r for id. :\r;\ aucl l-A-V - . i .M»!ion, lift j sorniriff, conn LwiiftP to hod tnat ilowc had bo: \ no Dej'Utt \ ; i - - a i . d ha . . ' . L.-’ l . o “ ' tl ci i a;, i. Wimplo also made a a O! M i ll s ■A'.-i:S, Ui Ul'^ 1 it: Ie ro o m o f f 4 2 : c ■ .i ‘•ri If* 42 w e 'v e g o t • J i'U lU IIIJ >. iVl.. i a b ig b m t r o l l . “ T f a l Li i lO-'K. HU t h e d o o r b e tw e e n , , an M ir.a ie i i s p ro m ts # . 11 : \\ <■ a :ii treat t < I - THE SILVER SALOON, WISDOM. MONT., OWEN ELLIS, PROPRIETOR. A Fine Stock of W ines, Liquors, andj.Cigars ittiistaittlyon band. Schlittf B e a r - th e B e e r that madegMitwaakee am o H S . , ; ; mm . i !, m ? . f . i l . M'ROWEKItKJE. HifTtE M. N oves . State of Montana. f County of Bmverh-ad. ) (.'. FI Sirovid.roM'!' arm thttir 3 T. *.T■ . pci head; a . veanicj; stisr. Noyes, each benur only sworn says: |*,y j.{,r i.eaa; :;o cows, p« the latter lady M ! uer tame cluing- . id to Stabler. Ecu Sale— 2 d , ,ear old strir*, f t jcri.iaJ; . - j t - r E , I etCc..-. lilliM, i-a. m Liao, . j u i i o . > ■ . per*Lead; i - v<u. ,:.g Liiier*. j per bead, i>. E, SEE, OrootruAie, Mont. one forty free from f-vv, o..t at to... i . oj ; cLa o.v ■ contention. ' . relured u> bond it. h i* prouai The land which the two rnca aie tL!it active oueraiun iri.i be b.-g m . j-.lion- to procure ix quiie a vai- ititdrt tract, as it Las a dwelling' ... -sc ham and otntr buildinza r * * * beriiiii s Pa.u umm »« gaining a wide reputation. D. B. Joknstoa of KidsffiOed, led., has been troub­ led WHU mat aiiiam since IdSx. o n ti.u- t '.'y i. i' iy ■ As a core lor r n :b-i spang. •j '(.cia.i'Ti k ,.. - . ne ii a . 0 - : \ y i.nt anyone in there. . i- o; toe lieai level, 11 ji t oat the earns , e >j* * up, jf#a caa i:.,'.cd thereon, having been nui.t by a -cttler who bad made an error, in /\> Tiling!. ; Thar tht-y are par: ivr< ci >;ng s mercan­ tile business at AA'isuom. BravfrDeail foi/'.ly. iJoriiar,1,. ;.iv! u-.ii-r lh* i'.ra Bairn- of the Wisdom lb reantiie Cum- i pany, and that tl\ certtfirate H<\' ^vransoa •-.■• A-ibg dowa th,- lie President’* message to Con Ir. speak it. g of it be says: - i new cootain! a fro, -lu-me,.. of / * u ■ OU fiiorv Sa- sres, ,* a long but able uoenment, found any utag taal m o M rritev of the partm-rs in ■ frrs name and aii . . . .-ir< td vrhieh he touch'.ndy me uct:l i c-M Gtiimber^n s Pa,. loon n> tbe of Sid Honk iu ttc i woj’t make uoise enoogb . ' .I ifilikd .1 ni bevy' vent up to tae ro>a. Ia .vs ^a.rie h o.‘ *i o#« fcS \C jiusra a.’aiu, partly drewa#4v . i wuu a loot of horror oa ha* • -'Mesa Gr.t, Bitty.\' he eioiiimed, ' a> ire reac hel Re oesk. 'aaa’* dead.' • Tr ;i l;.i, ,l;to , Tom illMl litoi AY,ml, of tlm North A If ilk. t; ( .!) I IMul . II 1 mi . in (he parlor.’ .\BA■ ■ 1 Eurk, cal':)(■ IA low a r w u h a T : l ' f i\ I t lido t m D i i, Ul . 1 it 11 r, ' \But you vc got to Uke care of 1 tl...: i ' load of d: V \V<Hid -oi 1 made a tin k>T 'i io EG ?. R-. :i 11 U-i ; i ;•! \* ! mi m . i ’ i ' : ... ,h ! iKfliif- t -j, nu iwo me,’ rejoinad Emanuel. '•( was 1 1 . V. : I }l 1 !i\ ( •, i J 1 ( ; i lor li.u Biii'i'i/.i -• for r. f j i,< V Ml'].'. ,• X * N ; m\ J Ji ) ) l \i\ - ! 1 ‘ ;= !» i 1 * ■», i i on- never «o tired iu iny life, au 1 ther# 4 ■ 1 in. 10 :' II i 1 i j; \ *■1! . I; Tl.«- K-M-.N': jii.Fil H T ' 1 t 1 li Mi Lij 1 - V\ f v >t i. by isu | a (rain out of here tonight. ■j ..E V l !., - '' '. I'm IV I, r ii11l, i.i':: i n l e,\ ft\ Irmu iu > n (lie h iME d :i i IFF li il 1- ' ' --U iU’i'A Min.ata in What do yon mean, ai vway, by 0 a ft II ;:■!, the i • a!i\- have li'1 i n lakeu ii; ti, rt v.Wrk (.f (• ul \ # 4;ill«’c In • . .: i i • ;in Hit tt;ii-U f»t 6 1filling vonr hou<i\ up with firemen J 1- ft. . W i l l !•.' -1 pi \s io Ii tlm moni'j l! tak- i Mi'OI:. 'itiGEf v.*:. • 1- v f) ru.i ( •*( :.. . : ) . Ui CtJmT ^ Inf l 1 who will i ever coni’- h re agon aud 1 . . 1. ! (01 r\On. r-x-t- No1, es .or Gn-si l'u!' Hi t i > s •!()■•. 1 i; tf a • :if! i K: - ■ 5 “ J iJ lUii-.M ii. :ii*en. .4 turning awav re gular eu-loiners'f” m ■■ - ml:,. Ajav- l.i’.G Mm li Go. Wm.,.A'\ hUH ll ■- t : i - il Wlls n i ,y . . ■ » !•' “ 5 UCi ilamilc ' i- \Gan’l heip if. .Vlauuy; a-k the 1 ; d. P. 1.. ?*l /no iv .. m of his - -it- 1 ■Dt ■- -■ )T ■ Ml . !' ' : EM : U Wi , * ij i '* 11' * s ■. \ 1 . f i I' i ' c :!' Ionai Mi-it- tv lha Sj'iihci' si j.: :i ' fc tH . :>’ ! i.e *-.Ti.F . I -4 ‘ 1 L il£ \\ U •Bnl wait am I go Bg to do; I've ;| 1 Tue-dav (J VT;mg. F lakiiuj along a N : *;-i* ill 1 - V ,'J l l j’UIj'UMt i-i it-ari.ii,^ c l tu Bleep some*here-.” ’il If i U ' 1 matters th^r^n KtaTp?! ar;» true. mwu ----- — *•— — *- • . ^ - : :fl . -• > lq . * . t C. H. « i Java Rhode* w lo a e al-ude, to the death of Vie# Free* Bairn, u act* - i e s I * « * ^ H*rrreX.fem .- 1, wadl M fe gb h it A De»ej s dec: Hobart and n j s : “His great My foot w swoiea u i ' + * * * \ Flat. Ben gives L» «H -ro««l A a v e and m w a j SrfbBCribi-d and sworn v>bvfM* me this the 3 d day of Ntwetebnr, A ®. 189 ^ , * B..E. S c r m t o x , Xs Atfftime itMBA fat Ifcayethead « soul low rests » eternal pease. Hi* very ascii, but ooe gooo agpite# -;f t 'f-®- private fife »M p«re and elevated, .Don oi Para tithe.while his pvllk even was ev« _ For sale by J. P. Loss, Wisdom and Surtth# ^ i^ m gn'mhod Igr large eapaoty.F/aekae*. . ir-r V-tft,><<***■-

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 08 Dec. 1899, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.