Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, January 19, 1900, Image 1

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■sw7»7i*?5^'l W Volum e 2. WISDOM, MONTANA,* FRIDAY, JANUARY ID, 1900. CANNED GOODS. “v Have just recei ved a car­ load of canned goods that r* will be sold at the follow­ ing prices: 8 lb. Can Eastern Tomatoes per case, ■ $3 00 H lb. Can Eastern 15 & li Tomatoes per case, 3 50 2 lb. Can Jackson Coni pur case, - - - 2 60 2 lb. Cau Fond till Lac Coni per case, * 2 05 Morrow Corn per case, ■ • - .2 85 HelletTmi'g String Beans pur case, 2 25 Deru String Beans per case, • • 2 50 15 & 15 String Beuim per case, • - 3 00 Early June Feus per case, - • • 3 25 Oysters per ease, - • - - 4 00 D ress Patterns from $4 00 to $6 00. No two alike. Finest Line of Jackets and Capes that ever cam e to the Big Hole BAsin. Com e and inspect the goods, I N S T O C K A . T J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jackson. Lots for sale in Wisdom SEE MSS. HATTIE M. NOTES FOS TERMS AND PSIGES. B. V. Mum , Pros. O hio K lex x , lush. of Dillon. A General Banking and Exchange Business Transacted. W BM S F O S O KNCK SOLICITED. Dillon Bottling Works, DILLON, MONT. S. S. Patterson, Prop. Wholesale Lii|unrs ami Ci-urs. Sole Airenl lor Val lilalz’ .Wiluyiilu'i' Deer ami Mall li.vtriict. Maim fuel urer of Temperance. Drinks. Dillon Gash Grocery Go., m e l o n , M o n t a n a , t . w. ro(\(tf:.\ ( kk . manaulu W h olesale and Retail Dealers in Fancy and Staple G roceries. DILLON FURNITURE GO,, T h u Hi o' Furniture House. Prices based on compe­ tition w ith the world. Special attention Riyeu to uiulurtakmpi' G. T, PAUL, Prop Gordon & Furguson Fur Coats, Idaho Falls Potatoes. Also a Line of GROCERIES H PUNISHING GOODS ---AT— NuTU'K t'oli p m lr.vriO N . .MIMMt A I T L U ’A T lo X No. WISDOM RESTAURANT, IVLSIKMI, M UM .. T I Y I K S A . l ’AUK.S, i 110) I ’ H! iPJf) |iS. Meats at all Hours. Fresh IfriTid, Fins a to l I'nlvcs I'misiiint ]y on Hum). MTKK tilsT. t i l AS. Ilh - ll AUlhSON THE BIG HOLE SALOON, Jackson, Montana, ¥ « | . A R IC H A R D S O N , 1’ k o p i ; ik i n u f. Fine Wines. Liquors, and Clears A lw a y s in Stock, THE HOTEL Di: LOSSL, WISDOM, MONTANA. MRS. JAM ES O’CONNELL, Proprietress. First C lass Service. H eadquarters for Gib- b o n s v illea n d Divide Stage Line. A11 stages stop at the door. OLD GLORY SALOON. WISDOM, MONT., BA1LARD & NEWCOMER, Proprietors. Everything in the house first-class— Wrnes, Liquors’ and JCigars. Jail and see ns. We will treat you white. - THE SILVER SALOON, WISDOM, MONT., OWEN ELLIS, PROPRIETOR. / A F ine Stock o f W ines, Liquors, andJiCigars sofestaiftly o n band. Scfclitz’ B eer—tbe B e e r that madegMilwattkee m-.oUiiF. 11V11A L ( . I* \UliS. B. H. HTKVENSON, WISDOM, MONTANA. SIDNEY C. HOUK, T3 A TO r5T T * D «t5 A JX/ JtJ Jtli irG f WISDOM, MONTANA, PASSENGERS AND EXPRESS WISDOM AND JACKSON. M ails three tim es a w eek--M o n d a y , W ednes­ day and Friday. JAMES STEWART, Mail Contractor. ALL THE NEWS! ALL THE TIME! T he S tan dari ; Publishes mere State, Telegraphic and General News than 8ny other newspaper m Montana or the North­ west DAILY 10 P ages JO Cou'wss SUNDAY 16 P ages 112 COLCStSS SUBSCRIPTION PRICE Daily *nd Sunday. one yea* ........ $ 10.00 .................. 5 months.... 50 . C “ “ “ 3 months 8.06 “ “ \ 1 month ....... l.Ot Daily, only, one year.:.... ___ _ 8 (K Sonday. only, one year.,........ 2.09 AS poctmaners and a m agents ftrt aothomed to feeem aaheerrp- l \ S. L and O i i - tck . M issoula , Mnut., ,};iu. -I 1 J)U<>. Notice ts hereby *»-*v<»n, lluil John IF Koui'kc. u I pim * post olli('t1 iidklrcss is UulU*\ Muhi;th.i, ha> Ihis i L iv (ilcil im U l'| i! i tii Hun lor u | >n l c u l iui Liil.d) \ iMTfs ni Hi'- ILiI'lii'it Hui' IMuccr \ \ | Hung ( ’hum. sihuitml in i ‘ h nicer Intmrg.tnj/jc<i/ .Milling' !>iMnrl. Li*'u\idJ/ml i utility, A1 uit i u ini. llir j >i is j I lun. Vuu IM', iimii'X iciii, ul' l hr suit I m in: ill*: cliiiiii, tli'Mgmilwl by mi ullieiul survey 11 c 1 'i'ui, ns Survey Nun. Mi ill, i u mi | >>t } is* d l T uv \ iin I i i |» N o . A si ni I h, Uitii^c Xu. li uc.M, a imiicc uf which w ii\ pus!e<I m i i fu claim h i |hr Hi It day 1 1 j Nov i lithrr, ls*M), and bring huud purl iciila i i(\ M'l 1 1 irt it it ud tirM's iiti-d m lltc oIbcutl held uuic- and plat lln i'md' mi lib' in I bis uUlc’-. ,i - inlluws, lu w i t : i b'JTninillL1. ill H ini’, fill , ;i jtlllC si u inp <S inches in <ii;iumicr, wUni'Mrd li\ I mmi lug I f’i'es and marked I mb,!/ lur cm . ,V> 1 ul' lb is sun , 1 1 u,n w bh It I lit’ I , h. I ail'll 1 lull Mull u lit. Ill. Nil. i l m I, CM ;t b Ikdiril lul’ sttrVi'\.-> in Mipjiusi'd T. !i S, U I . \\ , hriu*> N ul drr reef, li nunnir'' \\ .s i . in i, nin.niim Ibi'lici' N , J llryi'rU'. i lllllllih’sK. ‘.'.lOif fee( tu cur. \u. T lln hct- \, j;i diM-.rrrs •)J - minulc.s \Y. ild, |t * i iu cui-, No. i br HIT N . , ti ili’C ree- ill mi mil cs K. Local Breezes. TmT.i In t lu i grn In liiitiu: Nil. .'l; I IlCiJCr U ifl’UIT No. I Mi l I tIJllM |>l:u- tl iii‘- an a it h im ' i lb1' lucii ten, Hi lltc uMice ni in ml I iutnI v , U’( i nisi-,, i itc adjoinin'/ I. L’aw huipa i and West. ami m, Cr-rlv IMm-rj. () 1 < i H J!' It1 ,i|i|llu : Jus. I f II.UU l l s. Cl,,Hit Nu’i'ji r. s 11 | I hmti’r I dc \\ . J.i.iw led In fur. u> di re.-, j;> minutes ‘ni. .Aie b, I belief* N . 'v I C s i'i. ia.h.o Serf In cur. m br^muing, cmitaiit- A m u .•> claimed, u I l! I ' mi im Is I'eci i |'i | n i In1 in 1' It I e)' ni Iii ii , H' 1i . i - . J , , |l> I)' ;n l\ Mi nf C ni! hi » a re Su r\ e V No, n et’ Dll 1 ile im 1 M il \n. j.l’l.l, Junes i ■1 ■ imrlii, John »r but 11. I , I i F.H’-HI* Y, tueusier. H \ I !<i.\ M IM NH \l 1 1 11 t i l n \ NO V S. I. and O imck .Nnlirc is bercut l F K in Eke, w ium* |* iilil le. AJ nut.. h;n l plieat.nll Ini' ;i p:r . •] the N Ug'gel | r i'i, Minified ill I'lniC - i' itig Vis! riel, ib-;. .. c: fana. the jtnMH III . nf l be said minim, c Bn offirial snrV>;, i Nn. htiSil, Mi j1 j m * i ■ i { sun! Ii. Vanye .v>. 1 i V\ hirh was pmled nil i Ii day nf Nu\ cinb inure pa n icuia Hv > sri’ibnl in the 1 plat t bernil' on I lows, lo-wi!: jleriiiniiie at cur. Nn. i'i jiirh-'-s in diai.i'le beariiiLr l rri'5 a ml ma v\-. S<>. I, ( rtmt w fiicii I im Mnnufr'enl N I. .bud, sun ey ; in sii f'pnsed Tb M S.. ! m a rs S. J!) t h ms f * * * t * s 'i!J minn! <• ft’et. ninning' I hence X. T(> d liHhtiies K. .‘iidts feet In cur. Nr* i brum- S. 'M> degrees in in tiles K led Incur. Nn :j; theiKU* s. Ob IllitlUles W. iili.ll feel |n {'nr Nn. -I Ihdire S. Sj d\_‘!'e<-S H iniutH's K Is;. r> feet In cur. \u. .V tlui-C\ N, 7.' deiirees TJ miMTH'S K. '.M1M f\'-1 Incur Nn, (i; t lienee N. ib degrees U'fniihn! W. -Hi fee! In enr. No. ?: Ii*. dt-ifrees !j{ miliLteS V. ’ /SVi fe Goto L o M » aud sec his dry goods. Try the new coffee at Wisdom Mere. C6'. When tu towu yo to the Wisdom ractauruut. Fur coats (or sale at the \Y. M. Co.'s store. Joe liiiroAVa was do.viufraui Jack- sett I’liesday. Vino eortied lieef for sale by ltie Big Hole Meat Co. iospiel the till wool children's underwear ut 1 ALS.S 1 N. i’outoes aud easteru apples at the. W - AT. Co.'s store. Maher A Gruoii eulUery tor sale at the Wisdom Mer. Co.’ store. Ollicu and eorrespotidenee station­ ery at l'nbuuo Pub. Co,'», Utllon. J. IS. Gossett, a young taneher ol .Suntty Mope, was trailing in tow n yeslt i .lay . Wuftled -Men to viil pules iu Noy es' can \ on. hnjiiti e of A. il. Horning or at this oltiee. The WiMiom Restaurant hoys have implored their windows with while paint aud euruins which gives ilium a neat appearance. Alliu 1 i a 1 Dewey 1ms accepted the Utvilit1 1 .> ii in visit .Si. I,.mis winch was e\ l en lie. I to III ill set ei a I luon. lis ago hy the Mayor ui.d the (eliding business organization ul the city. ,J. U . Aioiaii lias disposed ol Ins interest m the cattle to Ins partner, Owen Kills, und has gone out to look lui iiune. .link is always ready loi a deal wlien there is any iniuu il, I). James Post and F.d Kramer were down Ruby cluck Wednes­ day. I lie lallei ts doing sumo work i I iim winter preparatory to opening up some placer ground fur Po.-d K. Jolimsion in the ^p'lng- Koi.l. tn e iy , m charge ol Janies G u ry's plure. during his absence in the east this wintci, was in town yesteuliy uicuing. lie only com nicneed leeolug the slock entile, JUU head, bn the 5th, and also 25 head ol fat Steel' calves. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Know bridge w en \ inline w ii Ii her folks, Mr. and Mrs. \\ . l! In muddle id, for a lew dayslnsi week, returning Mon­ day i veiling. The thermometer in I hal, pica-anl nook in the mountains that in..riling only indicated T de- giees below. F. M. Du on one of the pl< asunt es| genllemeu that wears a I nr over­ coat in the Basin was in (own T lien- day. 15v the way Frank has boil! DOING DILLON. The‘•Brcezea*’ Scribe Tukcaa Ride on the Painted kara. 'J he editor ef thin borne journal got iuto oua of James O'Connell's mail sleighs last Friday morning vrheu it pulled out ft r the railroad. Besides the manager ai d the driver we had Harry N'eal for company. Harry is the well known mayor of Moose Horn and is perhaps as well acquainted in the Basin as any man resident here. The driver, A. E. Clark, is :t good-natured young man who with all bis faults wears a pleasant smile no matter what hap­ pens along the line. W hen asked as to what the letter ‘A ’ of his iuusals stolid lor he said it didn’t star I lor • .ylbiug— that it was jnst ''A.” Subsequent talk aud ac­ quaintance with the young fellow has led us to believe that il stands for “ Analiius.” He was bom on the banks of some stream hack tn !«*•'' Indiana and raised on a faun, hut lii.s lathe r eon Id not stand the pros- periiy attending farm life and when lie got to be. worth $1 I'm,Dim he moved into town ami gave each of his six sons a line education. But professional mid in door life did not agree with the subject of. this sketch, and l.e came west, along with some blooded llelciords that we became acquainted with tbs gentlemanly agent of the O. S. L., L. \Y. West, and the only merchant iu tho town, P, A. Lilli#. Ml, Lillis keeps a brr and a email stock ' of goods on the side for the aceottt- modaticm of campers. It is not a very big affair, but he had nearly a thousand dollars invested iu .the goods. Thei e has been a w bole'' lot\ of business aud work going 'da at Divide during the past and ltd coming year's bid fair to see more of the same thiug. I'he power company does not employ as many men as formerly when the buildiug of the dam and improvements were going on, hut the couevrn is fur­ nishing the city' of Butte with a good quality and quautity of light­ ning these days ami the Butte Water Co. is preparing to lake water from the Big Hole liver at au immense The surveys have been made for an electric ear line from tjie rtatioii to the power house and dam, ami we are loll a big hotel building is to he erected for the ao* commotlaiKHi of sight seers and pleasure seekers' from Butte of a .Sunday and other pleasant sunshiny days when the meadows, iu the simi­ liter are aglow with blue and red. .M issoit . a , Mont,. Jim 3, I Win. uni'ii, l Im I Joins .-■Ot.ll.C'- n 1 1 »f i-.-ss h his d:i v lil'-.l mi ii|. i l.ili.W.i ,o its ul r> r .Vi inilig I 'iiliIII. i o 'u.i’rn i /\.I) Viin 0 :oi Col! tl I \ , .Moll ' ■ ir-.o if •(. I c \ I I'll i, iiiini, h) illil.'ol'. f. . -.iii* v i - v I \ I i j. \ 1 W -l. II It'll 0 Ic clioni on 1 . Is.l i. , ism 1 In mi .’ : |.(1 |(il t.|,nlf0,i hy i..|-|!i .lit ! (h-- . 1 Flank Cupp, wins is well known shipj.e.l into the Bedu hy the: i\ the Ibg Hole Ba-iu, having dis­ posed ol hi« ranch and callle at a line figure, is irsling quietly this winter uml making his !ieaui|uariei‘i# at the store. The Divide Bolt I is ably con­ ducted by Charley Woudeilieh who has a blacksmith shop, saloon, aud 240 lines of land in connection, lie I- a pleasant gentleman and lha accommodations are all right. When the Magi stalled up lha ...ft leial Ii. I'I noli in lids oiid- '. I. u pie 1 w itio—- -.1 1 -oils-1 i 1 . S. I,< DO! ? I '! | a neat cabin on his land near the .'j Divide stage road and is in shape hi lose If ml i iu the Loud limes coming. toi || hv a I to for I W. A, Ralston, of the Ralston j stage station, was quite sick I wills cold and sore throat, last rveek i and obliged to remain in-doors (or will Known evitIle-giower, A. J. Noyes. We will overlook, however, any departure the young mao may have nude I lom 1ie l t nil Ii on lie count of Ills rilnint good nature and the discovery we made on the lelinn trip thill he could sing pretty fair tenor by the light of the muon on a frosty night. That Manage! O'Coinndl is good company in any ciuwd goes without saving. The sleighing was none too good | liver Monday morning the ther­ ms d ills' driver took to tlisi river on j moineui' indie tied n low-down tern- which wcwt'ieas independent as j pcrailire and tin wind was raw. u ling on ici'—it we “ coiihln t walk I Henry liask, who formerly' eoa- vv e could s’ i.le,' which we did, and 1 dueled a lor warding business at nothing hnl an occasional air-diole ! Divine, lint who is now placlieiuij made us led at all uncomfortable, j law at Unite, and his blend, Lieu* A t \v. A. Ralston's we had u No. j U'nant Leys, a lawyer of Butte, and I nival and the u:st ol the journey' n veteran of Ihe l’lulippmes, wart w in ma le on w heels. We drove passs-ngt is on 11 e mmveyaiiee as far into Divide s.ialiou iu and had l i's lb are c. lime to gel mu- tickets before the I hen there is Dewey’s Flat! I'he train pulled out. A stop vv ns nude 1 postollieeileparV int n I lias cut tha at MelroM’, a sin n l litlh) lailruad \hl-iime mnne dowi to Dewey, but town also in Beaverhead enmity, i the 1' I ii is still liiere. I lie Iowa v\ licit) we were allowed twenty does not seem to improve or get minutes tor la Ircsliim-iitn. We, bii.y worse Dur'lir; the als-omei’ of how ever, did not refiesli, prrler i l lie manager ol 11 e stole wliieh 13 nog to wait until our .mival in Dd- 'owned h Dillon parties a young Ion Iu lore inking no msiiiivent tor. man iiumeit Maekin/.ie, a son of J. (lie inner mini, and To 10 was the'I’ M n l,e,,/ie ol this place, with hour at vvhi'dt wo pulled imo the ! w hiskefs ol a miviil color all over station on time. | his la a , looks s.llnr tin' slme anil A no joiirn nf a day ol so at a ' poslolli-'e. Joe lie I ml is tfio land- first ela-i 111 .t( l liki> the Mellen | lord of the Cm nine Hotel. Kd gives a fellow mi air of abandon , Kinney, In- ol iif long, silky heard, I hat no place—not even tho free- and geiun ui.n.iy mini, is Uit) pro- doin of lb:- imoil.t'iins in the Big ' pnelor .>I U.e .\'enuie saloon, aud Hole liasifi -can give in, ami we bred \ auguu nah itns Cr»sul #*• (■ii jo. ed the steam heat, the electric • luon. I*. If. Douii tii, of Butt#, lights, the intention of tho young tuns a small general stole in tho lady Waders in the dining room, pl u-e .not Henry Brennan, at oua the I attic of the hiiliar'i halls, am! ; Him; a resident ol ijribhuusville, has tor It. ] / w,, ! several day s. lie is now quite well J all that, just as if we had been use I ! hern ooiog me Uiaeivuilinn i \■ Ti1: ai'ain. In the use,'intime his good ho ail these years. While at the lown lor tne U. h two yc ns. .V r < ■ Ni. f * F tintv m lookm« after Mr. Ralston’s t-S Block and his, as well. While in Dillon Saturday Mr. W. Williams (.[ \ c-j i stab't 9 showed n# neighbor, F. W. Dickie, did double | the h otel we met old ll'iemls from j There is a spol U-iooKc g lot of Salmon, Georg# Tash of llannack , 1 people about me lowu, ninth gives Nels N(Ison, Judge Jariifs of D il - 1 evideuee i i Imvmg onee been on . 1 ® Ion, and ft whole lot of pleasant the top Wave ol pro-purity, but the Beaverhead |*«l'**! too mimermis to mention. | that was in the old days of silver Ratstat a tiwj Unfortunately, tor our business, j mining, before tne slump. The and powerful pacing mare, the prop- j »»» a s('li,,oi m pro-; freighting, faiming and stoA-raia- of ex Gov B F White. igTees on SaUrilay ind the business' ing iu the vicinity gives the r‘ Xf), K; fc. | Hi iH H'4!*s \\. K'iM fed I d {• cu \ No. fi: Ihunc-- ^ m .( : Cl'ty flc-rDDs JS m iiiiitus K- f> I' d - m in fo r . ! w h U e he has a record o f 2:20 she ! meu tii0 tovvn w e re m te u t o n ; some i m p r u j e u ns l w ith &1 town DdW- ................... vr /i : ik -UK uai a icvvm ui ojjc ■ « t:.',i8,|«.5 A1 can make a mile, in 2:12 a? d!g«Uiug out a fine vote in^favor of a.eyT Flat is not so flat as it might Mr. W’ tlliams thinks before the ' coming e#anoa is over she will have a record of 2:06 or belter. He ex I to Cor fiDtyn’Rvj :n .m iiiU!i-» U . {V;-i i d mr. No. I'i: thcucc sot.’ h TO ficurccs T> linn* litcs W . Iff ! I d fur. Nu. j:j; Ihftir** S. lOdc^rcf's Mfi mtnutM '.V. I Off fee! fo ror. N d . I. D m * laiiir, unniitimn^ uu arcti of I jfl !tfi itcrf*^ pects to go east with lier ceit bqbx * . . . . . . . 1 mer and we may look for good re- i 'l»ir Icifatifjji of UMJj mmc is n-curfl'Mi j. J t )if ftflicH d ! the KH’ordcr <>f J; 'aver- j port* of K&t&tf t- hfiui L-ountv. **n pak'e '±~A m 4G of j *------------------------ - -- Rd’ortl:;. ' |L A D IE S ’, M ISSES, C H I L D R E N ^ The adjoin.'iig' claims are the Ijenuna ' Vista liar l’iio- r. Survey A\ 555'J. Paw Sapa bar Plac-r. Survey No. 5551. Jones Creek f’!:o''-r Snrvey Nn. 5555. and the Bartlett bar Planer Survey- No. AND INFANTS’ CLOAKS BE­ LOW COST: 367ft on th- south & d <1 west. O'Rourke applicant for ail. B ute * E. H ee » bev R'-uv-o Jos. H. IfiRI'Ctt. U. S. C'laitn Az'-nt. First Pnbheiinon, J&B, 12, Item, •dm i * 12 cloak at $10 “ “ $7. 50 “ • “ IS. $4 “ “ $3.25. $2 “ “ $1.25. free high school, for the voting: be. ideas of Dillon, and tie county in general, which they (tartly did, and the eligible lady voters as well as the men were driven to the polli. T. L. Mitchell, formerly a resi­ dent of Gibhon.-v Ifle, is keeping ft slopping place at the Tucker ranch, where most of his old friends and The vote we r.nderBtaud resulted iu \ freighters make it a poin{ to #taj‘ against over night. Among ouite a few new fubscrilK about COO for and 4 or the proposition. We fouod our friend. Hen. G. T. Peal, of the Diiion Farnitnre Co., at pleasant and genial as ever. Any era on the trip we may mention th® name ot Charity Salefsky wbo baa a fine hay ranch along tb» (tagft NOTICE OF MEETING The pleasrre-loving entixens of Wisdom and vicinity will meet at A large 6tock on baud and the, m use be sold . to make room for more goods. J. P. Lossu _ Washington, J an. 1 the school bouse cktnrday night to boose committee cn election el the . bteiwrw mwwrv. AH president and vice president to-da, Bntle, was in Dillon Satnrdaj m i pawing that w a , * k ■ } ‘ ' ag-ecd oa a favorable report on the* one looking for smiles as well as [road, furniture shoc.l i call on Mr. Panl. j Everybody likes to stop at the Fred ScMegeimiltcb, the young I comfortable place of James B. Cal* mining magnate of tbe npper coats- \ len where the word ‘•Weleeme’* try, was a guest at the Metlen and i over the front door makes one feel expecta to remain in town for a ^ at born# before entering. Dnvw week er more. ! Clark and the scribe of tho Bsxszas Joe Kramer, of Jaekson, was a I loand a warm fire and * No. 1 n f * ' . Dillon visitor Satwday. J per at tbe place Saturday night and ; Lonia Kipp, the e««le bnyer of j weTIl aare call again when w* M i favor of h ^ g . g e o d time daring the long w a t e r eveirtsgs w ^ cm u ta tm k m fo r the eten k tt are requested to b e f e w * and help U n ited S tttea M u t a r i by direct jfc® M tyin g r i o f . ’ - vote o t the p e o p le . stated that ne w e a ld he in the val­ ley this week. Sondav m ors tag a t w e took the r o a r i train f o r D ffride * t e t A t th f s jeeia l e le c tion hrid b a t Satarday the p r o p o s tb o a f t ! A f r a * high school in D ffloa e w r ia i I f :

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 19 Jan. 1900, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.