Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, February 02, 1900, Image 1

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Volftme 2. WISDOM, MONTANA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1900. Have just received a car­ load of canned goods that will be sold at the follow- Ing prices: 8 lb. Tomatoe8 per case, 13 00 8 Hi. Can EiiHteni B & B Tematoes per case, 8 5\ 3 lb. Can Jackson Cora per case, - - - 2 BO 2 lb. Can Komi ilu Lao Corn per case, ■ 2 65 Morrow Corn per case, • • - 2 83 Sellerburg String Beaus per case, 2 25 Deni Su ing Beans per case, ■ * 2 50 li & iS String Beans per ease, - ■ 8 00 Early June 1'eas per case, - - - 8 25 Oysters per case, • - 4 00 , D ress Pattern^ from $4 00 to $ 6 00. No two alike. Finest Line of Jackets and Capes that ever cam e to the Dig Hole Basin. Come and inspect the goods, IJST S T O C K -A.T J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jackson. B. F. Wans, Fiw. Orno K lixv , Cttsli. First National Bank ot Dillon. A General Banking and Exchange Business Transacted. GORKESPUMDEKCK ynlicITEa Dillon Bottling Works, DILLON. MuNT. S. S. Patterson, Prop. Wholesale Liquors and Cigars. Sole Agent for Val BlaU’ Milwaukee Beer and Malt Extract. Manufacturer of Temperance Drinks. Lots for sale in Wisdom, SEE MRS. HATTIE M. NOTES FOR TERMS AND PRICES. DUKE LIST, CHAB, K K U U R D 8 0 N TI1E BIG HOLE SALOON, Jackson, Montana, GIST & RICHARDSON, IV . priktoici . Fine W ines, Liquors, and Cierars Always in Stock Dillon Cash Grocery Co,, d i u . on , M ontana , T. W. POINDEXTER. M anager Wholesale uud Retail Dealers in Fancy and Staple Groceries. DILLON . FURNITURE CO., The Big h um dure House, Pi icon based on com p e­ tition with the world. Special attention given to undertaking- G. I PAUL. Prop WISDOM RESTAURANT, wisdom , mom ., TTY IKS A. J'AlNvS, f’tioriifi-'JOfLS, Meals at all Hours. Fresh H itha I, 1' hs - and ('ni-.pq (‘ohstuiit ly on 0KollGK TIV1KS. 1 J A H Lh B. U. HTKVKNSON, km WISDOM, MONTANA. SIDNEY C. HOUK, B A R B E R , WISDOM, MONTANA. Golden Seal Rubber Goods, Gordon & Furguson Fur Coats. Idaho Falls Potatoes. Also a Line of GROCERIES & FUN1SH1NG GOODS - A T — WISDOM MERCANTILE C„ 0 MtTU'K Foil ITBLll'ATION. MINIM! AI-mrATKlN NO. 18. I 8. L akh Owiets, M ihsoi ’ i . a , Mom., ,luu. a. 19tR>. Notice is licrchjf given, Unit Jul.u (> lloinkr, « luixe posl-oltiee address is Ih lttP , MulliiUl.l., tun. th is tiny Hik'd an u ]> j ‘i U'li 1 ion fur It |ll.l('llt fu r 1511.51 dCP':. ui 111 .: llu l 'll.'tl iiitr Flappi' iY iiim i^ ( ,'luiin. Hit u n ! 0.1 ill I^ V / V f l l mjr 1. v v / f v u * AND INFANTS’ CLOAKS BE- LOW COST: Go to Lo-ssl's and aeo bis dry goods. •- 'a*\-.,v • 112 cloak at 88. Good weather to work in the 110 “ “ 87. timber. 88.50 “ “ 86. When tn towu go to the VVtsdotu 84 \ -“ 83.23. restauraut. |3 “ “ 11.25. St. Valentin*'* Day a week from A largiv stock ot baud and they WeilnmLv. . must he sold 10 make room (or Fine corned licef for sale by the gactili. J. 1’. Lossi.. Big Hole Mi nt (Jo He Hastiose Front Ourbeze. insp.ct the nil wool children’* — mulmveai at L osh . I'*. Whether Stave Driver Ananiut Maini' it Grosb onttlery for bale at the Wisdom M< I'. Co.’ stole. Olli.-e uml i onei-pondcrne station­ ery at I’lil.nue hub. Ci).’a, Dillon. K. 31 > Suley and family, spent llie day Monday With Mr. and Ml.. Quit O.veu Aiaiiiigei Noyes, ot the A j t t i i t e Sunk Cu., wan out it the ranch the inn- p.,i i .it the week. Chat let I'K-halcr, ol Wu.tkeska, Wt>.. a l.tutberof Krauk Schafer, ui 11 w it i i oiti the east Monday uigld. C. Al. Nii-huls, knowi a. \Nick Pioneer (iiuciciuii/.eil) Mining liiatrict. j the Artist.*’ came in from the caul Brave .in u.t Vunity, . illumiiiui, the nos. ! », , , ,■ „ . , , . . Inin, course, and extent, of ,he mud min-! “'»nl alle' ,iUBud,!'1 ^ ing chum, »U\sigiinU‘<l by un oMicial scum. survey Hereof, us Survey .Nos, fnuD, j lh NUj'pOMMl Township AO. o NOllIl), Juni la Klp|), (lie I m U l O IiGltflCt, Kanye No. 1( west, a nolirfl ol whieii ; {t( biiurlt of fill t'UW8 H|> llit' wits poeimt tin ilie claim on ihc 1 llli tiny i ui No\ ehilif'i', m\l unit hein^ morV f valU y this wm k uud dfovu Lhtm parlienhiidy set lurth umt d.-smlird lu (l ll)vVtl j’Heiiday J. iu ilolliugHWorth iiiovo into town I uom I. iv , Kil is d lot ol ocuilui i dining lhe hue wmur LADIES’, MISSES, CHILDREN S the iJtieiiil field notes and plat Ihereol on hie in i his oliieu, as to)lows, to-w it; |h g'iiihiu^ ;;t a loe. cur., a pine slump 8 me lies in ilia meter, wKiiessed by hoar- mu' inm:. «uut marked l-htiiO tor cor. No. lot Ihi.sbiiiTti.ii'uiu which the U, tv . ... . , ,- I,uni1 11,11 Aluimmeut, No. 55.) 1. ,'slat.-1 ' eu\ \ >' 3ml the gooUsleigUlug. Iixh.-d mr si.m-jw in _Mipt«we<l l .| J. u i,ox> u, Bowen, l.aa taken a a h. K. h Lmurs N M degrees 47 j * mnmies , HPi luet, ruiminu; e.oiiiiaet tii edit poles lor A. R. llicnee IN, ul degives 47 minutes l-i. K m , U u n u | t ^ ^ cainou sod fuel to cor. .No. Iheiuv N. Id degrees 3 J J hi in in u i is \\ . nil) teel to Cor. No. d; foi Urn scene Ot his opeiSUotiS liL*.t tiu-iH'i- N. ui dtgreeb ol mmutet, K. i ddSB. b i«’• ( i loiuit. ,Nu, J, 1 hence fv 1 ib1- ^ree-io hi i nines VV. iooO I eel lo e-or. | J-, i\ , lJ.tnoTi, leceiyti' ol Uio No. n; thence, h. o) (iegivus *L> iniiiiil THE HOTEL Di: LOSSL, WISDOVI, MONTANA. MRS. JAMES O’CONNELL, Proprietress. F i r s t Class Service. H e a d q u a rters for Gib- bonsvilleand Divide Stage Line. All stages stop at the door. OLD GLORY SALOON. WISDOM, MONT., FS-ULAPJ) & Nf'.WCOMEIt, I’nq.ri-lOTs Everything in the bouse first class—Wines, LiqaorB* and ^Cigars. Call and see ns. We will treat you white. THE SILVER SALOON, ; WISDOM, MONT., OWEN ELLIS, PROPRIETOR. A Fine Stock of Wines, Liquors, and Cigars constantly on h a n d . S d i l i t t ’ B e e r—the Beer th a t madegMihrankee fa ta y * ! .' * A f i A l a i d s e l s ^ l d rinks. t* Y’mni. ■>-* PASSENGERS AND EXPRESS WISDOM AND JACKSON. Mails three times a week--Monday, Wednes­ day and Friday. JAMES SI’EWAItr, , Mail Contractor. ALL THE NEWS! ALL THE TIME! T he A naconda S tandard Publishes mere State, Telegraphic and General News than any other newspaper m Mmtana er the North­ west. DAILY Iff P ages 70 CoLoras SUNDAY - 16 P ages 112 Coitnrw SUBSCRIPTION PRICE Daily and Sunday, one yearn.........810.CC '• .\ *• , 5 month*.... 5.0C “ “ - . 3 months.... 3.M •’ “ *• 1 BOBth ....... IOC Daily, only, one year .................. 8 8C Senday, onlr, one year . ............... 2.08 IV. i)It>f 1■ 1 • ■ l in cur. No. li; thence iY U ite|.rree,-, 111 III u Lt s Jil. lltiu.5 leel to euc. No. J, the phnm wJ hcgiiming, nnjiam- iiig mi iUuii, m !;\)!)..Vt acres iiuum-d. i lie jot ;11 i'ii ul this mine i') ren rded 111 l l;c Killer ol 11111 i tec 11’ ii b ■ r i»I Hciner lu ial t’uiiiil >, mi j>k>/c- id I mmiv I ib < * I Oecifl'tix. d lie adjuiniiig datiUK arc Survey No, ,1. m I, Haw -Har INaci i'uu thn uonh Bml wsi. uml Cfinwiy Nu. fiJiV), .Urncs t;i. el) Flat . I , nil the uuiTh, .luhii O'iiuui kc appllcaiib i\ir both. K l UI-H-K, llhKhill.V, Kc^l.'vl er. Jos. 11 11 Ail’LU, t H. S, t’liLim Agi'iit. MiTli t 1-t'H ITIiKH'A l i'»N MINING Al I'UFATION NO, i.l, F s. I j a n ii O ffice , M ihhoita . , Mont,, Jan 2. ibito, Nuiice is heretiy gi\ cm , tin! John U’Kourke, Allteic JlOSHlIilCC uddress is Hutic, Mont., bus this tla> hied an ap- tor u-pulem lor LuJ U!' acres of the Nuyi-' t Har tracer Miniiiy t-la.iin, si i u a led m Fimicer (unoiTuini/’d; Ni in hoi IhstrL't. Hen verhead (-iiuu t y. Al on - !:ma. I li<* pusil ion, course unci cxlcnt, ul 11 !»- : i it I mining claim, tbssignulcd *»y jin t'thcia! survey llmn'ol, us survey .\o. .lUh'.l. supposed f] o w 11 s 1 11 p No. ,5 Sonlli. IctD'ji1 -ML li \)i‘st, 1). liulieeol wJucb was pitted uu the chum un ihc ill Oav ut .November, lhbb. and being more p:)!'Ucu)arJv' mu iurib ami dc- .u ribi'd ht ibe tflticiiil tiehl noies and plat un re'>i uu fib- m tliL-> olhcc, as Iol- iuA s. lu-'A i!: jjegiiiiiiuy at cor. No. I, a pirn* tree 17 i u dmincler. wt i nesmd hy beurniu !! is's and marked 1ubSu - |(.r c>r. No. 1. frum wliic-li the 1-. ?*». Koeaitufi Mi-ii'inieut No. established {up s u r\ i* n s i n supposed T. ;? S.. K. I,* U., I h '.' ii ’S'-, decrees 4-i tumutcs \S . ,i,)>) h'l'i, f . i;ilie' l lienee N. 7f) degrees b‘i rnmutes is. JUG icef to cor. No. .7; i hence h. 4t) degrees ;i,4 minutes Jv 814 teel to cur. No. J: thence .-i. j l degrees Ob mmiUesW, Ah.>i Jeet lo Cur. No. 4; the/(C ' .-). d- gref-H 4.S /umLbs J-.. 4s( jr-u iu cur. No. 5: ttuuice N. 75 decrees 72 minutes h. *7U!l tee] to cur. No lu imoiceN. tbdegiees bJmifiUleS W . Jo) feet to cor. No. 7; ihence N. 75 degrees Jl mmut'-s K. 2717 feet to for. No. h; thence!*’, t degree 45 mmule.s \V. HJO ieel lo cur. No. M; thence s, HI degrees 1 h minutes K. 2hJi5.b jeet to cur. N«j. He ihenccN. 8 degrees 55 mmuies K IJtb.5 f-e i iu cur, N e >. IJ, thence N. >*f degnu-s ;>I inmutes U. 2*>SJ fe»T lo cor. No. 12; thence south 79 degrees 45 min­ ures V,. 2(,bJ 5 je- j lo cor. No. jJ; t-hefjfe ^». •pjrjegrees (4i m I ft U T*S ' VU l7b2 feet to cor. No, 1. the place of beirm- lung, cufitiuiiing uu of 159.99 acres diunru'd. Tin* tocstnon of tMs mine is recorded IQ the office of the Recorder of j head Lotmty. on page 251 in book -P> of Records. The adjoining claim* are the Feiumu \ ista Har l'lacer. Survey No. 055h Paw rni l»ar i-'iacer. hurvev No. 555 1 , Jones (.‘reck Plac'-is !*»arvey No. 5555, and the liurtMt l>ar Placer Survey No. 5679 on the souih and west, John O Eourkc anpheaM for alt. KI' ilk E. H krhz ! f : y . Kegis'* r. Jos. H. FI aei - kk . t’. S. (Haim Ag-nt First Pahficantm. Jas. 13, Allpoatmsterssmi aem a g o e t t tre ic£b«nted u s fwerfi wt o ^ . A. U. M Co., ol limit), reumitm tiom UitibooH) till), t iicm U; , umi »i.x ,i giu-st, ul tlio 1) tjoiiiimi ll.,a.n) 0)11 ul^tll. ,101,1, lll-llglll, Ot Alliil-.iHll.l.i, wux in iuwu rtumta). lit) hiji in, wi-aiin r win to |ii (illy in io,vu a in a<<<; mm kniemimt! uml liti cti-nn out ’o mu lor n'oioalioii. ii V. ]i i 11 lu 11 in it J. U. Koiiiaiu oaint dow n I rout lilr.kooo ji-blolda t luoi lug. Wo muloiutaud too luiio- ii in, |.iiroliiOiod \\ lilmr il,i_iH iu- toio.'i in llu; liig Uolo ,)loal ku . ,ui. mm .iti h . (iooigu U. tliigluH UllO Ulhdroll, of ( i lillJOIlx Vlll), , W'olo iii town ovoi Tiioiiiiay uighloi, llu u «aj lo Uio railiiu l. wlioro ilio lad) auu tildo out x will lako mo ii . hii lot' il,« oa»l and *1x11 lolatuod lor tiovoiat luouths. T tank l’omtlt ton iliovo lo town 1 iiortday rthtlti lirwakuig ii I iiiioi U o . lit; m loidnim 15U sihoi'c liim win­ ter, nas cows with calves lu roil ohoHj) lor cash, his big buy lias loo uiuiii ( is , and, withal, l1'lank m tool I mg away up iu (1. isaao Landis and sons. Joint uml William, of Nomstowii, Pa,, liioods ef A. U. Horning, name m .m the Divide RUge Wedneaday ntghl. Tiie former gentleman ex peels 8oou to resume lu* journey to California and the boh * may locale hereabouts. Ceorge Woodworth, out of our E- Clark quit of hi* owu accord or resign, d by request we did not l.ain, but it is cm rent ly reported he mails his last dtire over the road Kriday, which is an uu- lucky day for some people and there an- i there who on that day | re tel fish an.I eggs to deal). The driver, however, is notat all partic­ ular w hen or lunv lit; oat* his oggs— straight up or-inrued over, rare or well done, soft or hard boiled,— il is all tin same lo A. £., but I'Tiouy mmnmg aitoi breakfast he ho,rowed a line fur overooal of I’oiu MulI uii , u wide leather belt of1 Dug Newcomer, au.l he looked like a well lo do rattle rancher after mak­ ing 11 sale of a hunch of heaves. To improve his looks still further lie lion owu! a h it of (Soorge Todd ami w ith tin- superb outfit be failed lo linger in the end of his route, hot continued to journey to and up Wne liver, where ho traded off the coat lor a watch. Manager O’Conueli; who is relat­ ed h\ marriage In tho rightful own­ er ol the emit, and who is something of a do.relive himself, got onto Cl irk's cut ves and caught him at Deweys Klal. Hu wii compelled to rrturn to Wise liver aud made to congii up the coat, when he was turned loos, and sent on fats way re­ joicing tliiil ho was allowed to en- j.iy the free,Imn of the mountain*. Swluiol Items, Following are the names of those w lm-e aw ram's equtl or exceed ninety lot the month eudiag Jail. 2tt: Jin tin Sli ifcr, 93. Alice Horning, 92. Fred H im ledge, 90. Caul Paddock, 92. N.Tun Horning, 93. 11 s i) lo Paddock, 94. Arthur Wilkie, 91. 11‘mn-r McVay, 90. Ilai i v Ifmlodge, 90. |{o\ Nci es, 92. Ka\ ilioinl Noyes, 94. Edith No. os, j)4. Cm i le Woodworth, 95. Joh ii Paddock, 9 1. Adilie Million, 91. Prod Woodworth. 93 ELECTRICAL PATAU' Yoaag F n a k V.-Browm « f I iM taatl; Klft«4. « Tbt Mouutaiu Con nitMt No. % ws* yesterday afternoon tb« m « m of oac of the saddest fatal aooidendl that hss occurred in Batts fnr '* long time. Th« victim rrntt Prfnk V. Browne, aged 19 years, the mb of J. A. Browne, who it one of jjfft old tune sod well'known residents of the .section near Melroae, hin immediate home \being’ known dP Browue’* station, says the Butts Mtuer. Il appears that young Browne ar­ rived it. Butte Mouky atternooa for the purpose of visiting his old schoolmate, Prauk Latrd, and wae a guest at the residence of th8 mother of the latter, which is near the tnudicate miues. Vouug Laird is employi d ut the eugiue roots of the iMouutam Cou and yesterday altcnioon Browne weal to visit hlua and«ee the mine, lie reached the place about 2:39 o’clock aud after the hoy* had staye.t a short lime in the engine room they walked in­ to u room udjoii iug it. The shaft house ut the mine is still in exis­ tence. At (he south eiut is the shaft aud gallows Ilume, in the center is the engine room which U enclosed, there hemgaceiliuw about hall way betweeu the Door aud the tool .mil at the north end is the room which the hoys entered *nd which is practically vacant except for a number of boxes of caudle*. Against the north e id of toe build­ ing in the room is a stationary lad­ der, 2,5 high, which reachea a erosa-grider or jo st that is paiallel iu heigiilli with the ceil, inp of the engine loom. Front the girder there ti c stroiuhe I to the edge or lop of the engine room ceiling two planks. Above then* six or more' feet ire lour primary electric wiles, two for iocan l.-soeut aud in. foi him li dlls, e-i.-i. with g citpactl. of 2,0110 volts i'liei.e w. nl to ahum mi Iway ol .lie r.iof Ol the tliiiiue where limy e<*U» ueete.l .villi a Ir.itisfonner. T line was nothing ilie roof of the engine rtumj to !.»» sc, n, nod the ladder un.i tils plank d,>, -rilij<| were m.l) used by tli- rope- m-n ar-J eh-, ti i.-ian ol jtlie mu.-!, o n . ol that the bo.- iu a Vent ►tinl j t'limbc i i . iu * !,t Lb .• {, ■ 1 n ^ 111 I it e iiui 1 i ie , , jMitiik atui uuuitM i L- eiiv»iii« rn >m u>*»: h ■, a jfi ph I j . i r u jup i I f*a’V iim t- >n ji.tutoit . i Will) eaeii h:if> 11 wile* <>\ fi riea.i In n.i | Ol iilHOi't ;t>- -ut'D .is llr i gr.i' |> M-iaxt*(i it' 41 - lli'o ! H ip ilour )*■ Inw, a om , | ftt-l, th« m - Ifpin ; ui, - i to n \ !» ' V'Ai e - ujl# ■ t Ini* i iU\ ■;i 0i9 1 i i l iik • j ! mi # .-u,J ' 'll* 0 *( 25 I ! I J i ‘ad n i* 4 i 1 1 it*r t u at i . ;i -«r .Salt L.,ke Herald, dated Jan. 30tl.>»\« \*'• tua .a.. ... . a „ m I #14 i - . ! I rm ii me mgiim roum. A .m.-i.:i id ,,,. • . , V- j ,i„ „ was at once tell phoned tor i. u. n, | iVitien interest attacl|i-s to the ap-{ r , ■ . .1 i ,i t few moments it became proaclimg investigat/rfi by the house -iHniuitiee oti^military affairs i in tl e mailer of the trouBles in the l U' e. tie illu* o-o m 1 We Ineau the tilt!) month's work i break In, iuii Monday morning with twenty four j horror »tru;, e.irolbd. A.-I, Dl'MixH. ' jt-igU. l.air.l .mmedne To Investigate Wardner Affairs A M asl nigton special to tl.e 30 th ! hi* -It'ps. climfied dort ii til-- ! and learlied tne |>.os,.,.ie the nun.' time .-.lit 1 -e , will) had he lilt tlirt la.! m i largest individual ranchers, left fu r [Lemur <1 Alene country. TLu hear Butte l^atnrday morning, wheie he ing is set to commence on the 14 1 ii ex,..clcii to meet Us three sister*, Mrs. Kenshaw, o'f the big mining camp, sun Mis. Haunders and Mis. of Febiuary. Among tLose already . summoned lo give testimony at that apparent I that life was extinct m l the call was countermanded. l/oroner Julio n n\n o rutied aud upon his arrival an examination of the lu dv was m ade. On each baud were the burns made by contact time are: State Auditor Bartlett with the w ire, on the right shoaider eubj-rg of the same state End Gen I era! Viet nam, who commanded the I dep.iitmeut at the time of the| troubles. j The witnesses on behalf of the Miners’ union have not yet beta j The Bntte Miner of a reeest date j aays: Sam Lucas and family ar Smith, of the Madison valley, aud Sinclair of Idaho, Governor -Steuu.. in their company journey t« their old borne iu Bryan, O., where they wiil visit with their mother. News was leceived by the Butte Miner Tuesday of the death of E, M. Trask which occtured at Red Kock. He formerly lived id Butte, after leaviug which place he locat­ ed near Dewey’s flat, act! later was in the neighborhood of Deer Lodge, and still later in the Salmon river country engaged in I operations. He was known to ! old timers as “Farmer’’ Trask, and i was generally Liked among hi* ae- qaaintaRct’S. The Dillon correspondence of I was a bnii.-e. and there were evi- Unices ol internal injuries. Ther* were no marks o i the head nor were any bones broken. Tne remains were turned ever to Sherman, t! e tin (maker, aad rw* j moved to i where an os tiD-.frrtak.tng roctal summoned, although it is ku«wnlwucre au lu(Uesl wi* ls* that Presided Bovce and others j B,*lt aR:i she fitti wifi be called. The investigation | ei,cited- l h * ^ '« » « « * * * « * will take a wide range and the test- diel lhlt yenh irss due 10 • ceK,« * 1 imony is likely to prota very inter-1 elettro<-'otil>s- mining! esti ago wing to the peenliar political i ^ ece^ e'1 vasanori the *®P*ct of the case involving each of ;*^e *cd vr3S the several parties ia Idaho. -Mrs. J. A- —— ------------------- i station’ between Melrose and SOS Browne, ;3 of of yeara of Mr. aadl Browne’* Di- Thts is Feb. 2, the day tbe ground! vide, both of whom sarvlve hit*, bog cornea out of hia bole to invest!-' He alao leaves two brothers and twa » o „„ _ ___ _ __ 1 gate tbe weather, aad if be secs hi* j sister*. A telegram was sent Mr. irih . ckv\ list\ arght \' from l!;e Stic<i3rt3> Jaa j shadow Lc raikcs a sattk for six j Browne announcing tbe aoeiikai --\ > • - Jo tbe Roby Htonr.tnins and tn tbe [ weeka or more. At tbiabocr in the;aed be sc ouee wrawere. Hamilton. Mr. Lacaabaa for year* :lu luc ..........i week* or more, -vt to.* nonr in uie; aea ne sc once sniwered bad etarge of Marcw D*h\* breed- be3'!<>ftbeB,g U m s*®* ‘ 3ay it w hard to determme what the j for fall psniewlara bj telegrapfc. in* asad, hot reports from tbe Bit-1 exist atd . ^ M J bring forth, bat at tbe He was expected to Arrive mi d * ter Boot are to the eCect that ht l re^E‘'res ^ development, :n tvm writing the ami that abiaea tram that that reaches Baa* tflR L iji ii l ill I i ' ------- -'-Tfn Tltli Tk opicior, of m»ay, to vhow that tbe:?w a H b Hke a drnkea man— Hiklcight, bat hi* s a t i e t y a m s a a k ««merJ t i « *=-1 w a make Via home kwi* ire wc'rT'k? ligh tly under acini. W« »U»U ibat be »oi delay tCnTadifarnii developmeatmaaystematie manner. T# gkljj ^ fK-U-

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 02 Feb. 1900, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.