Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, February 02, 1900, Image 3

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Tell Thial. took ■ tor/will k* jadm i regard to t k l __ . - - - tuwrltorg totweMery «5Tk#a arat at aU aalere H i t ----- - MM tritttA, prleto# « ■*“*d »»**,poatacatoid. to w ltt* sore plate aptcltna* •terlra. u S suray at tt* LABOR NOTBS. In Evanston, III., a plumber waa de­ nied an Injunction to restrain the col lection ot a $60 license. The lockout ot S.60O piano and organ workers In Chicago is in its ninth week, and neither side shows signs ot yield­ ing. The German relchstag has passed the third reading ot the bill repealing the law prohibiting workmen’s associa­ tions. The Toledo, Ohio, board of aldermen has unanimously decided that none but union bricklayers shall be employed in sewer construction. President Oates, ot the American steel and wire trust, says that under no circumstances will his corporation recognise organised labor. There is a pessimistic tone in Eng­ lish labor affairs owing to the demand of the railway workers for an eight- hour day. A great national strike Is expected. The Pittsburg printers' strike, like that in New York, has settled down to a contest ot endurance. The boycott is proving effective against the scab newspapers. The London Society of Compositors offers to loan the New York printers $ 10,000 to wage their fight agalnBt the Sun. The bond of the lnternatlonallty of labor is growing stronger, All fear ot a coal famine In Chicago, because of a strike of the teamsters, has been dispelled. The Coal Team Owners’ Association signed a contract, binding them to pay the union scale until January 1, 1001. The employers also agree to hire only union men. The S t Louis central trades and la­ bor union has adopted a novel yet prac­ tical idea in the seating of delegates. After January 1 no delegate from an affiliated local union will be recognised unless the proper union labels shall ap­ pear in his clothes, hat and shoes. Belgian Socialists have Issued a statement showing that the money needlessly spent for the army in that country would pension 2000,000 , with $4 per week, and in addition provide them with doctors and medicine in case of illness. Ralph B. Cummings, the actor, has issued a signed statement severely criti­ cising Manager Stair, who Is leading the fight against the theatrical mechan­ ics In Detroit Cummings says Stair Is attempting to grind down the wages of working people. The New York Typographical Union Is up to date. It approved the bill for local option in taxation, with but one dissentient, and voted $2,600 from the \out-of-work\ fund to the Printers’ Farm, which Is located in New Jersey, not far from New York City, and Is for printers who are disemployed. No caBh dividends have yet been realised from the farm, but the money which has been Invested therein goes much far­ ther than if expended In \charity.” There are five “tasters” In the sul­ tan's kitchen at Constantinople. They taste every dish before It Is placed be­ fore their royal master. A n E x c e l l e n t C o m b in a t io n . TW pleasant method aad beneficial effects of the well known remedy, firmrr op- Flea, manufactured' by the CauPtmnA Fra S trop Co., tUustrate the value of obtaining the liquid laxa­ tive principles of plants known to be medicinally laxative aad presenting themin the form moat refreshing to the tu t s and acceptable to the system. If is tbs ons perfect strengthening laxa­ tive, cleansing tbs system effectually, dispelling eolds, headaches and fevers gently y et promptly and enabling ons to overcome habitual constipation per­ manently. Its perfect freedom from every objectionable quality aad sub­ stance. and its acting on the kidneys, Mver and bowels, withoat weakening or brReting them, make It the Ided Istatira la t h s am o f mamrfseturing 8gs they are pleasant to th* teats, b o t the medidsal qnsQltiu o f tha remedy are obtained from senna and other apoaastie plaata, by a method known to tbs C a u r w m Fw S n r r Co. only. Ia order to get ttabomftda! T h r e e L ive* R e p n v ted LeaSr-Mnar U e t M i l i r t M A w n r —Jn U a e tta T ram w a y a n d W s w e h e n e e Beni T h e W h e le C W a t r r F leed e d . , ___ a Kendrick, Idaho, Jon. 15.—Sudden and terrible floods in the waters of all Pot­ latch streams have caused enormous darn- age in the valley a of the Potlatch and Clearwater rivers. Three children are known to have been drowned, and there ore fears for the lives of others who arc living on bottom lands. 1 Bridges and railroad tracks have been obliterated; a score of houses at Kendrick have been swept away; tire streets of Ken­ drick and the highways near the river at all points as fur south as Pullman are flooded, and a waste of waters now forms the landscape where two days ago was farming acreage aud busy nutts. It will be weeks before the full extent of damage is known, lor the rivers ore still bunk fall and overflowing and rain threatens tonight. 1 At (1 o'clock in the evening the Potlatch liver, swollen into a raging torrent swept through the embaukmeut formed by the railroad grade above town and poured witli sudden violence into the narrow street which ruin along the river bunk Before the people eould collect their senses the Hood was waist deep aud rising, had swept sway a score of dwelling houses, while the frighteued citizens, carrying and dragging their wives and children, were breasting the torrent and making for higher ground. bo far us is now known, all but three escaped safely. The unfortunates were the children of Charles tiamiin, street commissioner of Kendrick. They were swept away and drowned, while the father, mother and driver escaped after a night of terrible peril. Mi. and Mrs. llamlin and their children and a driver were in a buggy drawn bj' two horses, in one of the main streets of the little town. When they saw tout llie w;atcrs were rising about them efforts were made to get to higher ground, and this would have been accomplished in safety had it not been that 100 cords of wood above, carried on the surface of the flood, swept around the frightened animals and in an Instant Hie vehicle was over­ turned, It was impossible for the par­ ents to render assistance to their children, in fact to do anything for themselves, for swimming among tiie thousands el sticks of cordwood was a (eat the strong e«t man would not have essayed. Air. llamlin was brought out on Hie bank after a during rescue 'by John Iumg. Mis. llundin was found tins morning in the top of a dwelliug, where she clung all night, half dead from exposure and suf fering from the terrible mental strain of grief over the loss of her loved ones. The driver was also rescued in the morning irom the lop of a building, w here he also had clung all night. Although the house where he was located was in the middle of Hie torrent, ropes were thrown him and lie was dragged through Hie waters to dry land. There were other daring rescues during the height of the flood, which occurred just as darkness was descending over the town. John Morgan is another who had s nar row escape. He was swept out by the flood, but caught the roof of a dwelling, where lie clung until morning and whb rescued. At Jallaetta. Juliuctla, Idaho, Jan. 15.—Juliaetta has had a Hood experience the effects of which will be felt until March, for until that time transportation over railroads will be out of the question, if the opinion of rail­ road men goes for anything- All bridge* above and below are gojae with the waters and there lias been considerable damage done grain warehouses on the river banks. Fears are felt for the safely of people li-- ing on the bottom lands below where there are a number of farms and families. It is believed, however, that the waters w ill not be so high or the current so strong that it will prevent citizens in the inun­ dated district getting to safer places. rslM M Rivers Rlslnw. Colfax, Wash,, Jan. 15.—The fiouth Pa- louse river has reached the highest point in several years. Xa T r a i n s 1 s t * L e w lsiss. Lewiston, Idaho, Jan. 15.—The rainfall at this time is unprecedented in the his­ tory of the valley. The Clearwater at this point rose 8 feet in 24 hours. Several narrow escapes are reported from Potlatch. A cattleman from Asotin was caught in the flood and loBt about 20 head of cattle, his saddle horse, and barely escaped with his life. The flood was caused by the recent warm rains and the melting o f about foor feet of snow in the Potlatch. At W a ll* W a l l a Walla Walla, Wash., Jan. 15.—The high est water experienced since 1883 occurred here. Trains were delayed and bfidges washed out. Below town the railroad bridge was washed away and one bridge was lost by the city. The damage Is con­ siderable, but the water is receding. flinweillA th e Rarepasr*. Pendleton, Ore., Jam 15.—The warm weather during the past two days has melted the mow in the mountains. The Umatilla river has risen six feet and con­ tinues rising. At Thorn Hollow, 18 miles east, A raff- road culvert was wished out and the river spread all over the bottoms. Ex­ tensive damage t o the railroad and wagon bridges is (eared. A a e r l s n Cl**#a R e le a sed. Washington, Jan. 18,—Secretary of State Hay aaya that the British, govern­ ment had released the American goods on the Dutch vessel Maria and that they were now in Ddagon bay. The goods consist of flour and other provisions which the English authorities seined as contraband of war, intended lor the use of th* Trans­ vaal troops. L L They rant aged dfi; Jennie CkBnpheB,nged 24; Audit M. The ram* of toe fire b Tha following dividend* wrn doctor­ ed by UtAh mines daring th* first tan days in January: Ontario, $48,900; Merc or, fSfijMO; Silver King, $7$>fi00; Swanson, $5,000; Dally West, $30,000; Mammoth. 140,804. It is understood that negotiations ora bow in program in Spokane tor tho solo ot tho Young, Butterworth, McKenna, Qree and Qliddeo interests in the Big Buffalo mine to Clark A Sweeny. Tke latter firm now own the Rice and Mal­ lory Interests, having completed the de­ tails of the purchase some weeks ago. Captain J. W. Helser returned tram the Copper Queen recently and reports everything as movtng along nicely. They expect to be In ore in a few days and their expert, Mr. Welch, has in­ formed him that he will be satisfied In putting in a smelter, which he will do In the near future. Two or three rich strikes have been reported in Baker City. The Bunker HlU, west of here, and the Union Cop­ per mine, northeast ot here, being the most prominently mentioned. The Urge amount of development work be­ ing done gives promise of plenty of news In the near future. The new ten-stamp mill on the Mag­ nolia mine, lu Granite district, Oregon, owned by the Magnolia Mining Com­ pany, W. L. Vinson, general manager, started dropping stamps last week, and from the first the machinery worked as smoothly ns a clock, not a single hitch occurring, be it said to the credit of Mr. William Potter, builder ot the mill. Nine copper mines In the Uuited Slates paid or declared during 1889 div­ idends to the amount of $26,419,775, an average of c I ob # to $3,000,000 apiece. The Calumet A Heela, the greatest cop­ per mine in the country, heads the list with a record of $10,000,000. Next comes the Boston A Montana, Butte’s big producer, with $5,400,000. The years’ dividends swelled the total paid by the nine mines to $120,973,625. An Important Btrike, both in quantity and quality of ore, Is reported from the Golden Zone, near Loomis. As the property has been developed for two years In good ground, the strike Is not surprising fact. Some rich speci­ mens of tree flake gold have been brought lu by Robert Hargrove from pts Whiskey HlU property, near the daryetta. They are taken from an 18- foot shaft, and the extent of the ore or substance containing the gold Is as yet problematical. If any quantity of this talcy substance Is to be had, it would prove an exceedingly rich strike. A large surveying party of the Orest Nor­ thern engineers is nearing Loomis, and may be expected here goon, while a third party has left Wenatchee setting cross section stakes for the line be­ tween Wenatchee and Brewster, and it is said will follow right through to Lo- mlsa and the boundary line. Hear York, Jam. M.—Three people were famrit U ilnitfh i t a f ln ja a tvH torr frame 4*Wfc« an Fine tenet, CoronaJkoa oranraA fba iterators a t tha RepBb- R s h U I s , Republic longs for snow. San Juan needs machinery. The Qullp crosscut Is still being run for the foot wall. There Is no change of conditions at the Tom Thumb mine. The boiler for the Princess Maud compressor has arrived. A company has been formed to take over the Hercules claim. The only work being done on the Black Tall is in the winze. Lone Pine grows wider and the ledge Improves as the drift progresses. The I-one Pine holds to an average of six feet In width. The average values have Improved some in the west drift. Barbee A Co. have taken a contract to sink a Blxty-foot shaft on the Hercu­ les. The winze at the Black Tail Is down 12 feet and the bottom is five feet In width of $12 quartz. Contractor Dexter states that the ledge has not yet been cut by the big tunnel on the Georgia Reed. The Chico shaft was sunk to a depth of 185 feet and a erossut was run for the ledge. This was encountered 44 ft from the shaft. The Columbia Is making a line show­ ing. There is two feet of line looking steel galena. The average value of the assays Is $62.42. The large stringer that has been fol­ lowed tor the past 100 feet In the Cop­ per Mountain tunnel grows wider and richer constantly. The Rebate has six feet of ore In the drift that la being driven along the ledge from near the south end line of the claim toward the Tom Thumb. The ore body In the south drift ot the Ban Poll Is about six feet in width and the high value* that were encountered in the ledge some time ago continue. Chaa. F, Porter, Superintendent of the Little Four and Golden Lion Con­ solidated claims, reports that work 1 * going steadily forward In the east drift from the 80-foot level. Rich ore in the Samson hat been found. The claim la In the West Re­ public belt, a halt mile south of the Del­ ta-Three feet of quart* In the shaft said to average $5$ per ton. Galena of high value from the Davis camp on the Sooth half. A surface crosscut shows a 12 -foot ledge carrying ore that Is said to assay about $85 lu silver, lead and gold. Claim is com­ bination No. 2, adjoining the Park aad Central ---------- The Republic Redaction Company which Is erecting a custom mill about 1600 feet south of the old rtiH of tha Re­ public Consolidated Company, has a small army of men working. It is claimed that every good carpenter who applies for t job, is gtrenrarork. QuOp’s great ledge draws sixty feet ot ore from wad to w a ll I t is the wid­ est vein yet opened in Koptafctie. The are is claimed to be toB of paying value screes the fuH width. Deep develop­ ment again proved necessary In Repub­ lic. Mr. JackHmg’i coming to Republic comp tram Merevr, Utah, In a t utmost importance, not only to the RapubBe hot to every parson fe­ l t mining fe that c u sp. He practiced fe g i a n t **•»•*•- ftoge itad a toanttttitioa and f*r$a of P*P*» dally tell of “tricks* M ag govornarant msdtofed os thost of th* wrong on rural visitor*. But whan Catted Stato% Mexico 1* marokiwg fry f tha “bunk” Is dealt oat to a native it ously forward along tha path of png- j **ld«H goto into print H en is on* rent and will he found quit* randy tor, that raaUy happened: th«, twentieth con t o r / wham axtina, I A young maa walkod into a tailor writs* Don I. Mnriaeal. rtcv ITciilanf shop on West Madison street n few of tho rspubUo, Sh* to worthy to stand 1 days ago sad offered a suit of clothe# grant sister republic—and , and on overcoat, making a deposit of $10 on the bill of 900. The day tha goods were promised for delivery tho young man wont to n bakery screes tho street frqm bla tailor aad ordered 100 doughnuts, to bo ready Is about on hour and a half. He than wont to tho tailor shop, put on his mw toga, pro­ nounced tho work satisfactory, started for the door. “Hold on, there; vou’re forgotten something,” said Mr. Tailor, la a sort of 1 -caU-you-tone. “Oh, sure; just give the old ones to the first hbbo that com** along. “AU right. But you haven't paid for the new one*’’ 'TU bo In again In n few minute* “C*n't aland for that I’ll have to have my money before you leave the house.” “Well, soy, is Mr. 80 -and Be, the baker over her* good for i t r “Ye* If h* says so; he's all right' They went over to the bakery. “Got that hundred ready yeti” aakad tha young man. “No; won't be ready yet for an hour.\ “W1U you give this man ttfty for m « r “Certainly.* “Thank you.’ The young man walked away with the suit, and an hour or so afterward the tailor was considerably astonished to receive a package of fifty hot dough­ nuts from across the street. Inter, when he went ever to the baker's for $60, explanations ensued that were not et all to his Ilklng.-Ghlcage Inter Ocean. what praudar Iwant than that ran a nation make! So far a* natural advantage* are cot cernod there Is mo country in all the world that compare* with Mexico; *11 tho fruits and plants tadtgsaoui to America, between Ura tropics and th* pole* are to b* found growing la bar soil, sad her situation, perched so high between th* Pacific ocooa and th* Gulf of Mexico, saves b ar alike from th* ex­ treme best and cold that are to he found at any altitude in th* United State* Then to little difference be­ tween the temperatures of summer and winter throughout th* larger part of her ore* th* gre*to*t variation of th* thermometer being caused by day and night. Fw 800 yean Mexico has produced W*-third of nU the silver that was mined. The production st present is more than $00,000,000 per xnuurn. Not much has been done In the way of gold mtnlqg In Mexico, and the Spaniards never found tbe great deposits from which Mcutecuua Ailed hts treasure house. But the gold Is there and the rush and scramble ter it nuy still corns, Olllxg up the country as fast at Cali­ fornia filled up. In Oaxaca there Is kuowa to be a gold belt as rich si (boss of South Africa, California and Alas­ ka combined. What has been wanting is Mexican mining la modern machin­ ery and method*. By means of these many rich mines that had t* be aban­ doned because tbe inrueh of water was toe greet for the primitive machinery to contend with, will be pumped ont xud worked sgala. Iron In mound* and mountains, and gems, s i one might say, by the wagon load, copper la the very greatest abun­ dance, quicksilver, lead—whet you wtU - Mexico’s mineral treasures ire far be­ yond count. Coal deposits are abundant. In Hon­ ors alone there is a carboniferous ares several miles in extent, with Innumer­ able veins from flv* to aliteen feet la thlckneas, of har^. clean anthracite coal coutaluiug as high a percentage of carbon as tho beet that la furuUhed by Wales. Aud that ia ouly one of many large coal fields 10 be found tu Mexico. Hobby's tiboice. Of a Brooklyn mother, whose grown­ up eons declare that she wauts to “boss” them just aa if they were chil­ dren-although she vows she merely wishes to advise and guide them-the New York Tribune tells this story; j At dinner the other night a large meat pis and t small roast dudk were brought ou together. Tha duck was Intended for the father principally. The boys were fond of duck, their mother well knew, luit It would not make a mouthful apio-e for them; addressing the bov who sat nesre her. she said, “Which will yon have, Bobby-duck or pie':'’ and at once be­ gan cutting the pie. \Duck!\ said Bobby, promptly, “No, Bebby,” answered hl» mother cheerfully. “You can’t have duck, dear. Take your choice, my son, lake your choice—but you can’t have duck!\ was used bat < ■afc wu opensd. Currency to tho inmost of |1<5 and seres dollar* in silvtr wan in this apartment Is their hurry tks thieves overlooked the currency, but took the silver. P i n la law * City. Iowa City, Iowa, Jan. 16.—Fire de­ stroyed an entire business block, an tailing a lose estimated at $180,000. The firm* burned out ere Price, Keith A Co., jew­ elers; Mr* J. W. D. Horn, dry good*; 8 . C. Lennar, ’groceries. Twit Ntoa K illed la l a t t e . Butte, Mont., Jan. 11—By the prema­ ture explosion of a blast on the 1700-foot level ol the Mountain Consolidated mine I“eter Sullivan and Thomas Smith were instantly killed. Both wore single me* D row a e d I* Jo r d a n n i v e r . s<toM^tu*iaparior(ZiianU, Victoria. B. C , Jan. Iti.- lX.xid Wash.’ t f j V t e o S S w ? ; ' 2 5 3 f t a prospcAor, w as drow ned w hile crossing, the Jordan river, by the upsetting of hi*; boat. ^ ' R + E r • l» Mm M . ' KEEP YOUH BLOOD CtEII C O R N W H E A T . ............... 'makatoai ntai « m M ibeiam e u isetund __ _ baahtlt per acre] the strew 1 __ has an oily ssUtanea aad b ias New C able l ines. France ie dependent upon England for tie** of the Transvaal war, because the cables are under their coulrol. aud she is ready to spend a vast sum of money to tree herself. This ie like many people who have dyspepsia, spend a fortune seeking deliverance. They should try Hoatetter's Htoaisch btuers. It never fails to cure dyspepsia, voustlpation and biliousness. Mexican capitalists are about to erect four or five large cotton factories In that country. Tha principal ones will be at Atotonllco, San Martin and T op reon. Si good sa hay, . r a w s l i w l to * p a r m a d a t M p e r fcaadrad. Add: __ W. J . SH IELD S A CO. More tiutn 600,000 tenement dwellers are In Brooklyn, according to official figure* just Issued. The number of tenement houses is $1,687. As a midnight entertainer the aver­ age cat la a howling success. Savages wear nose-rings. Civilised women wear ear-rings. RECENT INVENTION*. *1 real R a d i c a l C u r e . line resuu measures are taken, by presumably competent officials, to teat the chil­ dren's eyesight, upon the assumption— ofteu too well founded that the par­ ents are not sufficiently wstchful la that Important partli-uter. A Uttie boy came borne one day, soon after the fall term of school had open­ ed, with the follow ing note, duly signed by the principal: “Mr. Judkins—Dear Sir; It becomes iny duty to inform you that your son shows decided indications of astigma­ tism. and his esse ia one that should be attended to without delay.\ The father sent the following answer the next day: ‘Mr. Kershaw—Dear (Hr; Whip It out of him. Youre truly, “HIRAM JUDKINS.\ : o f the ore# o f th a t rafee t t . This f e n tag pram ) ' In t new optical measuring instru­ ment for accurately adjusting th* width of lenses a ions frams la provided wltb a vertical guideway In which Is mount­ ed n nose rest, to adjust horizontal gauges even with the pupil* for taking th* necessary measures. For us* Is repairing punctures in pneumatic tires an Englishman ha* pat­ ented a filling of cotton-wool or ether fluffy material, designed to mat up and adhere to the Interior around tbe punc­ ture as soon s* a small quantity of cs- meat is forced through th* opening. in a recently patented Swedish cane- gun tbe grip it hollow and bent at an angle, being recessed os its upper olds to carry a flat hammer, wltb 1 firing pin set at the end of th* cartridge cham­ ber, th* spring mechanism for operating th* hammer being placed Inside the grip. The cranks of t blcycl* can he length­ ened by a Chicago man's device, con­ sisting et a recessed sleevs, having s hols tor the reception of s bolt, to at­ tach II to tbs crank, tbe bolt taking (lie place of the pedal shaft, while the lattet Is Inserted In tn exteuslon of the sleeve beyond the bolt An Engllshmsn hsi patented a port* ble filter, which can be attached to th* side of a water pall for use, having a siphon pipe to’ hook over the rim of th* pall, with a receptacle below, contain­ ing mterlng mtterlil, tnd adapted to drtw water through the siphon ** fsst as It Is discharged at th# bottom. Travelers will appreciates!! improved tooth brush designed for their use, s short tube or cot of rubber being per forsted st the Up and thickened to form a stiff backing for th* bristles, the coi being slipped on the finger for use and turned wrong side out to protect ths bristle* when carried la th* pocket. ■till a t L a rge. A former governor of New York was noted for tho quickness of his wit, which seldom lefts chance for repartee unappropriated. Aa Englishman who had been visiting different ports of tbls country, spok* with special fervor of a sight b* bad seen In a Western state, “I attended a Sunday service for th# Inmates of the state prison,” said he, “and I learned that of the one hundred and seventy persons now confined there, all but four voluntarily attend religious service* held In the prison chapel twice on each Sunday. That Is a wonderful thing!” “It Is,” said th* governor, thought­ fully. “I nm sorry to say it Is not so with us; but tben,” be added, soberly, “In New York, yon see, most of tbe re­ spectable people do not com* to prison.” He Feared to Freeware. Th* American tourist Is so firmly con­ vinced that be (s being cheated oa all hands daring his European travel* that he occasionally overstep* th* bounds of prudence. “What Is ths pries of this p ia r asked s young man la a Paris shop, boadllag a small sliver brooch of exquisite work­ manship. \Twenty francs, monsieur,” said the clerk. “That’s altogether too much,” sold the yoong American. “It's for s preseat to my sister: PH f its yo« five francs for It\ “Zen it would bo I sat give as present to your stator,” said ths Frenchman, with a deprecatory shrug, “aad 1 do not Freemasons Is that they tre entitled to know se young mademoiselle!\ wear the same guy fcatfenta, although their alleged reason to that R prevents t r anks HSo*y*r* WsMk hoshnad and wife Or— drifting apart l™ $ * experts**# recently MfeL George Diet* formerly a resident of Chester. Pa^ hot at the present tiara in the jewelry hotness tn Hoaofela. Mr. lost over thhtyyusrs age atOettyufcorg. He was fighting for the North « that bloody faattietisM when he dropped I t The vntdi the Jewetar'sstaephy Henry B b a t fee Roams'nfitirtNML Tha .It- On “ A Thread Every D*y Mikes j Skebt in * Ye it. ” (Ms rauff fU ttttt farm carried t y Iht blood through iht system aoill convert a healthy human body to a condition o f ,'n- atalidam. Do not noalt until you a rt bed­ ridden. Keep your blood p u n and life-giv­ ing aU th* time. HootTt Sarsaparilla accomplishes this as nothing else can. e f d o o d S S o M a j k i i J l t a w. H. ST0WELL & AS9AYER9 CO., And L*«U> ni in Aunytm' BupplUfi, ArttfU'ltl Eytifi, ftPOKAftB, W ASH. - t.o*«l| look rrt«. Only ■ low coultt toft, mq 4 ted*/. TM w im Is loffsousl; UluMrtisd wuk ttom«roa»«ttfMvta|* ^miningst»a«s*nd the^teldert^jgM^iette Qfmlnln# BDOky MO ll Is Sot HI ounuiiL *B SdV. t Mf UlMtfti •ru Z l liu, Ui tdlUossoM ___ iv. fcf suras*. Musty is 1 _ rstsa Omar wsSkly us *01 1 sop? of iht stare flat book bst la sU **** * _. Iwocrel sumps Sirs IS wtsks’ Uhl hStooriitlss. Our pspsi puitllskss wok srtsk turns a t sifss- lurt, sU UU Isthsl mining sssrs, sad UssItsUass orwtnsrj. Troth rrtr. Clubs t f l Swleaf hr R klU. MsnUos this sspsr sod tddrt** wsalsn Wtskly. Purer, Colo. About 80 par coot of the fisblag net# in Hokkaido, Japui, are made of cotton thread. Cotton net* were first Intro­ duced from Scotland in 1888. TO Cl'HB A COLD IN ONB DAY. Ttk* L aia U vs Uromo Qulttln* TsbtoU. AU druffiliU refund ths money If II feUs to our*. ....... -Jey - ____ - ....... Orvve'e sifMture fe on snob box; Xn. mini ku » m m . Cash paid lor Stoss arrows. Ipsara flpsr.AsM.sto. Writs »»dreadout- Iters I* g . r- I sw IU m , T wo H irsrs.W ls, At Indianapolis on effort is being mad* to consolidate th# various schools of higher education into an institution to b* known as ths university ot In­ dianapolis. The largest plant in ths world I* probably a gigantic seaweed, known ns ths “neroocytls,” which frequently grows to a height of mors than 100 foot Tho moss of lava ejected Iron Vesuv­ ius sine* 1896 amount* to 64,000,000 cu­ bic meters. Heeded a Halr-Oet, Short sight Is not tolerated In t com­ mon soldier, but sometimes it is uecos- ssry to tolerate It In an officer. Further­ more, there are many shortsighted offi­ cers who are unwilling to wear glasses. Such s one was a certain csptels in the British army of whom a story is told in an English paper. During n kit Inspection a mop had been left propped with the head upper­ most against a spare bed cot Tbe short­ sighted captain entered and glanced st ths mop. Tben he snapped bis lagers, “Color sergeant!” be exclaimed. \Yea sir,” sold th* sergeant, saluting. “See that that man has his hair cut Immediately!'' said the captain, point­ ing at the mop. tn Prases. French women haws tire ytlvflege of being enrolled as Freemasons, and, in­ deed, if toey choose, they can join a lodge open to both sexes, which haa t<X grand mistress n taffy named Mara George Martin. Tbe mix*d lodge it only seme six y e a n old and thready numbers 200 memtran, twe-thlrd* of these being women. Perhaps sas in­ ducement for F rew* women to become \Metre B a lt 4 e i < t a ToWowsteao. “Hefite Half Acre\ fe n name applied to one of the g eyser taaafet o f YeBow- stese park. It* srea Is easily iv* acres in extent aad from 1$ bobbles about forty hot sulphur springs. A1 sreund tfceac tbe wans and gives birth f e fee the feterml fires effttaeonrlk are to the snrfneu. An n moos collector th* rolling joke easily distance* Ml competitor*. AN APPEAL TO HUMANITY GENERALLY W* nred your i s I S t w Is s s m s s rtsg t* tt* wsrtfl t t* QRBATBaT RBMBDV that M o re* has tv r e e n s u r e s , aud you *<*S our swlstsare to recur* relict Ibresgb awANSON’a '•» DROPS.” A D P M P n V R I I D D P M P I w R I w I t a J I O Iff r l w t l w l Be qutrtd cad will conquer ill that It, *o will “ 6 DROPS” uu tellingly conquer all SI hsm * Lsrebage, Catarrh *1 all kinds, AATHMA, Dyimpels,Yyipcpcta, Heart Wreknre*. TrethnelM, Barreto, attend cud will conquer It, co will “ 6 DROPS\ unfailingly conquer all dlHkccc like Rtottrecllcm, Octal Brekreto, Mre dhacto, Barreto, Crrepina nay Treaklee, etc., eta., or any dlwcre S DROPS' ‘Uttoaaree and tto Sere. “J DROPS\ to par. Slccplwcnw*. Ncrvcncnm , w. Creeping Namkaws, BreattHta. Trail Mac, etc., etc., or any d for whk-fc w* rec. Liver aad Kids*] otumeutf It. (telly harinlcu. It ducc not contain Salicylate of Soda aor Opiate* In any form. The Child can u n it u well aa the Adult. Read carefully what Mr. I,. R. Smith, of Hi Dorado Springe, Mo., writes ua under date of Noe. I), WOO, elao Martas toerei*, of Cangkar, Ohio, N e u r a l g i a t RHEUMATISM tio * m * kflM How uttixpvMi bow wondtijrfttli j btakvovr “ I M M)| ttOfllaliiti In. 1 o u fitifferluHnMaMlf (nMOMlr wllb WPImAldWlA im tbovfbl • oiuntji y>iJ2£oujjl b»»#lo ille On* % Ixdt «all*d W> m i u xm TF M>ry Jry ilaadMal tod Mai fqr aMapl M»pk» buttia. Dwt. Are* ns asm I BOUintllti I*, i w*Ba«rfarlug I wtlh [TRAD! MAM J , mQntL thtt j would b»»#To die Oa* d »f ___ __ maanadvarttMtotiDtof tour »ROPA.M 1 rawilved wi ii for » bran UhtiiK it for three week* had have not bed ha attack or (aferlox aloea 1 look the | I,taU* ° « • w n t t i m Doiredo Borinft, Mo.. Now. Tour “A B*OPI” e*mf 10 bead on tbe IHb of )Mt aioneb end wu glad to rwwlvt tttorl ferlotr aUhe tine with niii«>ld hfionltift Theflmf dote helped me oar thei O o d for It. It wH) do eli you *#y it will, and wore too, when nlghi ceate 1 eould am nleep. door without luferlox great pato. aad got ao relief aotii T got four t of mp pale on abort notiee. r> alJ you m y It will, and wore too, I k*4aerere m i m all over air p. Toe worn poln wM in o»f left leg. Tcould not put ms Tool 1 i... tfqvtJijetiioyr different kiada of medidoe for JKHPTIIA11 A A V | A y N to fiatblfinftrtn tfi|i*» \ I PRoPT fit leaila trial, we wlU Mad a aguoplebottle, ere* w V V 9 paid bp mall for Mw. A **iap!f> bottla will eoavfaee you. Also, large bottles (Mdoeee) M M bottle* forM Sold bjr at and agente. XWWW Wfigmfe Bow tsnUeej. B m ' I wo II I W rllw a ew l IW A M M * ATI© CVM* CA. IM fte 1 M ls*ke •«., C I 1 C A M 111 * * At Amherst college 38 states are rep­ resented among the students. Massa­ chusetts leads with 17, New York has 13, Connecticut bas 23, and Pennsyl­ vania 15. f 100 SEWARD, $100 Tbe reader* of this paper will be pleased te leara that there Ie at leaet one dreaded ilia- aaee that science bae been able to cure In all He etagee and (hat le Catarrh. HaU'e Catarrh Cure la the oufr positive ours now knows te the medical fraternity. Catarrh belli# a oon> •tUutionai disease, requires a constitutional treatment Halt's Catarrh Cure to taken later* sally, aotlny directly opoa the blood and a w eoae eurfaeee of tbe system, thereby destroying Hie foundation of tha dJaeaee, and flving the patient strength by building up the eoaetita* ties aad oaeteting nature in doing Its work. The pmprietera kave ee much fait* In tog ourative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any ease that it folia te ears Send for Net of teetimorriais. Addreee, T. J, CHENET A CO.. Toledo, a Bold by Drhfirtftt, ft* Hairs Family PI Us sre the beet YOUNG MEN! hmTm MS wttl Mtueha voa. Trig nliewignelyaag 'oa.raaiei.Sk Saturday, April 14th haa been select­ ed aa the data for tha official opening of the Paris Exposition, Instead of Easter 8 unday. A ll la l r s t l a a a T r e a k l e e P r e v e n t . # . Ten cvnts worth of prevention saves fortunes Is doctor bills and funeral expenses; tOc buys a box of Cases re u Candy Chthanic. Druggists, 10c, 25c, &0c. There Is a mother In S t Louis who to so tender-hearted that she Invariably chloroforms her children before pun­ ishing them. yetre u # Iren Werka. PORTLAKD venue a tstott WORKS, wire and Ira* Fenetaf: offle* rviUnw, eea. SM Aldsr. Bom* men have the faculty of letting their friend* and relatives worry for them. VTTAUTT low. rebtmau* a t retonauA eared by Dv. Knar* lavtooratta# Toole. FREE f t Trial koetta Maakuec tw* r a t ' , trreureat Pr- K1W* tnrettute *B Are* Ptilta#»Hikl« CUM YNRSElf I aanAariMtooK, .far. Wi R a w Tto.’, MONEY mi R» amti— reysa* r r i a mnaaltarereal ttDRILUNC WELLS 1 & S g J i m Y ^ * 3 U a & LDQMI# X WYHAH, l TWPMLOlHa, W eak and W o rn-O u t People Caa resare toem aa# e r e e e tt-eaa «* It qatakly k j arts# M o o r t’t R e v e a le d R c m a d j * aeatotm a* flaagarea* flntoMI to* s ale— a , tare*.» * total* sM w j gtani

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 02 Feb. 1900, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.