Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, June 15, 1900, Image 1

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NOW ON HAND. Crown and Deering Mowing Machines, the Deering and Thomas Rakes, and Extras for same. Also Derrick Outfits. A full line of General Mer­ chandise at Bottom Prices. Haying supplies a Specialty. Linoleum and Oil Cloths, - A . T J. P. LOSSL’S. Wisdom and Jackson. A General Banking and Exchange Business Transacted. COUUESPONDENOE SOLICITED. Dillon Bottling Works, DILLON, MONT. S. S. Patterson, Prop. Wholesale Liquors and Cigars. Sole Agent tor Val Mat'/.' Milwaukee Herr aiul Malt, Extract. Miunifaetni'cr of Temperance Drinks. Itraw Hats, Itrawberries. Choice grocer­ ies, fresh fruits and vegetables in season, WISDOM MERCANTILE CO, DILLON FUBNUURE CO.. The Big Furniture House. Prices based on compe­ tition with the world. Stock complete- Gener­ ous treatment- G. T. PAUL, Prop S. J. HAINES Sk CO. BOARDING AND LODGING Mrs. A. Munday, Proprietress, Wisdom, Montana. -LLAU-U.S IN Harness and Saddles. STOCK SAlMH.t.S A KPICt'l A I.TV. L,ocal Breezes. DILLON, MONTANA. Good rooms and meals furnished by the day, week or month. .AJ-Toort S t a m m , JJlGW.Eif IN Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware. Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty. DILLON, - - MONTANA. IFL -V B L A N T O N , SUCCESSOR TO THE BIG HOLE MEAT CO., WISDOM, MONTANA. Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, and Fresh Oys­ ters and G a m e in Season. Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. H. D. WEENINK, ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHER, DILLON, MONT. THE PIONEER SALOON, JACIvSON, MONTANA. Val Blatz’ Beer on tap all the time. Jed Clayton’s Celebrated Ken­ tucky Whisky in stock. M , W . G O P P * JNO. <L W ILLIS, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, Uiticus: Dillon Phitiimul i>ank JUiiMin DILLON, MONTANA. J A C K S O N H O T E L , i ,J A <‘K SON, MONTANA. MRS. A. H. JACKSON, Proprietress- Good accommodations for travel- era and first-class board at reasona­ ble rates. OLD GLORY SALOON. WISDOM, WONT., BAILAItD & NEWCOMER, Proprietors W ISDOM RESTAURANT, WISDOM, WON’T., TIVIES & PARKS, P koi - kietoks . r Ev'erytbing in the bouse first-eiass— Wises, Liquors4 tad Cigars. Call and Bee os. W e will treat you white. Meals at all Hours. Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes Constant­ ly oo Hand. CMBCT TI YlES. 1. C- PAAKS THE SILVER SALOON, WISDOM, MONT:, OW E N ELLIS, PROPRIETOR. A Fine Stock of W ines, Liquors, and Cigars tenstanilyott hand. ScfeHtz* B e e r —the Beer that-made^Milwaukee junons. A H k i n d s of soft drinks. PASSENGERS AND EXPRESS W ISDOM AND JACKSON. M a ils three tim es a w e e k - -M o n d ay, W ednes­ d a y an d Friday. /AMES STEW ART, Mail Coe tractor. Fishily is improving. Mosquitoes thrive iu the mead ows. A huge line of dry goods just ar­ rived ui J. ] ’. Losst’s. Maher & Crush culllery lor sale at the Wisdom Mer. Co.’ store. Jlood river strawberries. Bottom pixies, at Wisdom Mer. Co.’s. Rifles, sinn-guns and aiuunition at J. \V . Mortou’s, Dillon, Munt. Office and correspondeuee station­ ery at Tribune l’ub: Co.’s, Dillon. A nice and complete line of men's, ladies’ and children's shoes utJ. U. Lussl’s. F. M. and ('. U. iStaley tame in from their trip through the county Tuesday. James 1>. ('alien had business with I lie commissioners at the conn ly seat last week. Mr. and Mis. Will Ntimohlielti, o f Fox, were visitors in town the first of the wetk. K. J. Bennett is pi spared to mend shoes and harness at the office of the W isdom feed stable. When in need of anything in ilu- hardware or grocery line call on or writs J. \V. Morton for puces The. Bristol! hoys will (day base­ ball (Sunday with the Wisdom team anil an interesting game may be looked for. Commissioner Win. Montgomery aud Hugh Melinas returned from county seat Sunday evening after a week’s sojourn, Mrs. Htamdilield and daughter Lera left for Butte Friday morning and Mr. StauehNeld went as far as Dividi with them. Barney 11 owe sprained bis ankle at the ball game last Sunday, and he. has not moved wilh his usual graceful walk since the accident. Hughes & MeCakdj, of Dillon, carry a fine line of wall paper, paints, varnishes, ealsornine, and all material used in house-cleaning. ('faience Brorvii, nephew ol Chaneey Brown, of the upper val ley, who has been working Montgomery ranch, was Tuesday. John Rhino, of Fox, proved up ob some land Saturday before Com­ missioner Stevenson, and Sara Zurkircben and Henry Olson acted as witnesses. Percy Anderson, the oldest son of one of the first families of Gib bonsville was in town over night Tuesday on hi. return from a visit to Butte and Anaconda, C. E. Lewis started for Dillon Wednesday morning with a load of hides which be had collsctsd. Cbariey is a hustler and we make no mistake when we tell it. Mr. and Mrs. JobnN. Armstrong [* vh + Mb-wes Maud Nl&tey sod Evra GtiemaSd took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. A. ft. Morning at their pleasant place on Steele creek, last Sun-lay. As rs. K. J. Roberts has closed her engagement at the Driew resi­ dence and went up the valley Wed netsday morning lor a few weeks stay with her sons, George and The latest patterns o f dress goods and silks at Lossl’g. Just arrived at J. W . Morton's a car of steel raugesand cook stores. Crown and Deoring mowing ma­ chines and e.vims for same ou baud at J. B. Lossl’s. 1. Buscubark, of North Fork, was among the ranchers visiting town Tuesday. Nelson Story Jr., of Bor.*tuan, is proapectiug iu the vicinity of the old Pioneer diggings. Miss Edith Cullen came up from her homo down the valley on horse- back Tuesday tutu utug. The largest and most complete line of crockery Vo bo found iu Dil­ lon, ut J. W. M orton ' s . M. W. Copp, of Jackson, after au extended stay at points ou tlic rabioud, iearned up the country yesterday. Guy Ubnssm in, a nephew of eur respected fellow citizen. Quitman Owtu, bus tikeu a poAion iu J. 1*. I joss I’ s Hove. Addic Mmlon aud her sister Stelli O’Connell, came flom Butte Mon­ day untie the latter was taken for treatment by a physician. Hughes it McUuleb of Dillou Laic a lim line of wall paper and house - do, iiing supplies. Mml them ail order or rail when in Dillon. Mid Hunk went a fishing Monday and caught lour small ones. lie uni liis l oiisiu Amos—a mosquito— who presented a hill, ami Mil came Inline, Georgia Blown is at Dillon m ,>!mi !■!■ of three of his father’s race hors, s, which will take purlin the trial-, of spied ou the Fourth. Mr. Biiiwi expects to go out about the 1st. A ii Tbe Low**Country. no is called to the change in d !’ L o - s I’ n ad. which shows lie is si II handling the old reliable ma eiiin n null rviruH. Owners of ma. ! 11111 -- appreciate the convenience of ing the extras close at hand. Flie l\alis|u-n Bee, a new semi wtiklv. will make it.8 appearance in (hr near future, with T. K. Unt­ il r n- liiisoe -s manager and Walter A liken coil i The B kmkzks trusts the in \v publication will get along all I 1 nil I Geoix Hubbard, who knew this r y iii.o i tears a_;o ami tvas ei,_,i, iJn in i !u* Hi i Hole battle, was r.i i .ir nt rr M nullay night. 11- 1 i i ■ied i i lie M-riic oI the bailie I isi Sunda\, but could not gel ii i - 1 • on in uiiien t on lu-coiiiit ol tin- high water. Mr. Herbert I-o i rti ised ;i 1111 --i iho u |di of the moil 1’. Loss! tome, likeness and ■ers. soldiers, re killed are the picture. ninrnt at the J. at the in town s\ - a \ <*r\ i»oo lie iii cst..r thp oil .VI I I III 1 /, - WII! I \ • a-'ily 0 -cru i nie n Mi Hi liliind fins th w f.icb us given bin MlllllVV .iwd with wh I udiau ■limn g l lie e e« -111 pm V Willi i-i ol liye meek, of th v nl ley, lie was ihe paichei. i>i ivl,u ion 1 he only got as far u rh he shot an g igeoieut, In if Edwards, Bitter Root earer ol tlis- wbile Edwants Lodge. went On to Deer TI1E FAIR. 1 II K IT '' A v on s o u mu y i l li TO S A I T : M O N Kir. • 'our store wiM convince i been paying too much lor youi nods. We will F bkscu Grvt<$f, June 10.—The superintendent o fthc dredge works has arrived with s force of men and has creeled4 * hoarding-house that iu some localities would be called a hotel. They are laying the foundation of the dredge, w hich ac­ cording to Hoyle must be finished by the M of AuguU that iho synd calc eau thoroughly lest its capabil­ ities before cold weather sets iu. The contract for hauling the ma­ chinery aud timbers for the dredge was let lo Deno A Mitchell. Ole Deuo is wagon boss ami general overseer of the freight business. Henry Tutro is agent and treasurer at ihe French Gulcli end of the route (the finances i^re handled at the Anaconda cnd); Mr. John Naef will supply the vamp with vegetables which he will raise on the old Mo- Cuue ranch. Tukcu altogether the prospect is very good for money to circulate freely around here this summer and for years to conue. Hears arc quite uunierous uud de­ structive about here this season Garrett Hi bier, the Deep creek cat tie king, lias had eight head of cat tie killed by them already. Deter Dei.o, who owns that horrible tuud hole know n as Dcuo’s Lane has lost live head of good cows,- nud John Anderson—he of the smiling face w ho alway w extends the glad baud to every one (even to the hears) has donated four head of ;i year old beef steer lo the hears to keep them lroiij sturving. Mr. Bryant of Dewey’s Flat bass been trapping lor Anderson’s hour for the last two months ami lias just succeeded in trapping a lino yearling. It is re lnLt <l by Mr, 1 Jry,ant that romn years ago, before he got lo he an urtist 8t trapping, that one day in November he wrapped gui uyKiicka uViout his shoes to keep his fed w arm and h houldend (fid Betsy and took lo t.he kilts. After about an hour’s tramping he ran across his gunny sack track and mistook H for a hear and followed it until Im was worn out and returned to camp. A hear known as Old Ephraim, a genutons gr, was killed last week by \ ic Mimth just a mik from his it sideline on Seymour creek, It weighed Slit lbs. It had li ecu k i II mg cuttle (or (lie last twelve years and every one was ac­ quainted with his majesty, move or less, There were eight old bullet won ads in Ins skin that had hern inlln, t ed in funner conflicts by the bated pale-face. The ram hers offered a standing lewnrti of *25 to the lucky person w ho could present the hide for 1 he bounty, !“miiih took the prize. Vie also killed another hear lour days later. W e had a spirited school meeting on tin; 28th of last month to decide whether the school house would re main iitur Mrs. Ralston’s ou French Gulch or be moved to Fish Trap ci'ceK, above Arthur Forrest s. 'The men as a tale stood together, hut the women were divided and all split up. By a dose shave Lne nat­ ives above Twin Crossings w on the day aud also the school house. Next morning, blight and early, seven teams with drivers repaired to the school-house, tore it down, and loaded the materia! ou the wag pus, and before uigbt it was iu po feiuon on Fish Trap creek. Mi Die Deuo, being oa the lead team, was allowed tue honor of hauling Tfco Ktoadlks C1ea«*t& Seattle, W u i . , Jane lft.—At- §A o'clock this morning the *teasa*hlp City of Seattle, tba first gold boat to.amve from the north this year, - came ia with 220 passenger*, «jf \ whom ICO came from Dawson. Thft Seattle brought more than a ton af gold dust, worth approximately ♦500,000. Burger Parnalee had Charge of ♦250,000 of gold wlthih was ow«e/-. by passengers. In addition many passengers carried their treasure ia their staterooms. One man, F. G. Noyes, had three sacks aud one box of gold, the whole weighing more tban 250 pounds, or about 150,000- The rash o f people from Dawson to tbe outside h«« steam­ ers arriving in Seattle during thd next few weeks will bring handra/a of miners. Oa Wednesday, Jana 0, the date o f the Seattle’sdeparttna from Skaguay, four steamers ha/ reached the lakes at the headwaters of vhaYuVoo from Da ween. These were the Gauadian, the Colombia, Sybil and Flora. The clean up of gold in th# Kiel4 dike this season will be from |20,- 000,000 to ♦25,000,000, according to the estimates of well known mil* cis arriving to-day from (he Klen* dike. The spring work is well aloug m the district, the only draw* hack being the scarcity of water. This fact, it is saul, will result ia delaying the vleau iip uutil late ill the summer. Charles ll. Marks, while aotlag ill the capacity of nurse at the Second Division Hospital of the Fifth Army Corps at Baetiago de Cuba, used a few bottles * f Cham* berhiiu’s Colic, Cholera and Diar* rlioca Remedy fur Diarrhoea and loutid it to work like a charm. For sale by J. D. Loss], J ask soft aud Wisdom. ■oil- ■ory the •-sanctum saclorum’’ on his wa^xi. Behoof is now inuuing m good shape. Mr. Ralston aud his enterprising Harvey. j - Tbe Butte news ia the Standard | factory. IheFair, Dillon, Mont erf Jove II says: Miss Josephine ( \ H o h one of the teacher# . o f save you from 2 u to 40 per cent on your purchases in clothing and famishing goods, shoes, hats aDd caps, mackintoshes, pains and over­ alls, ladies’ wrapp- is, skirts, wms - iu j rtlfe ttje next clay after losing their uaderwear, shirt waist., corsets, I Pc*hool house hired three earpenters, BeTtsj childrens’ dresse*, toilet soaps, J 8tij put ibeir own men to work also, jewelry, stationary. LoweU, table s bought the material, and iu ten days linens, crashes, ribbons, house fur- i ha(j a good, substantial sebool-house rushing, hardware and tin wear, erected, and proclaim to tbe world Don’t fail to see ns and get prices. - and Big Hole rancher* in particular 1 oa will receive courteous treat-; that the school is open to all com­ ment. We have but one price and ers, irrespective of age, color, creed a low one at that and you can buy <,r nativity, free of ebarge. goods just as cheap as your neign-i Aunt llatinah Forreat is tbe boas bor can. Oar guarantee—y our *itfi a fishing rod. Laat week at money back if goods are not satis- tb« river she eaugfit 87 o f the finest trout it has been oor lock to behold tbe I B. R.81EVBNBOM, [an, m m i s asms, J. W. Lfsfnca, Proprietor. _ . , , . ^ . i The finest and largest display of fiwtte pa one schools, had dm bus - _ __ . , / . , ft n | fire works ever seen in the Big Holt ! valley will be Hredoff oa Fourth of ||U | J eJy night A goodly portion of turtrae t > lo«e a parse eosrtaising bet tree* ?85 i a ewtail tort set to her.\ I taogat at tin Lapham x * e i* r J a c k s o u t u s i su portion tbe general food wiH be appropriat­ ed for that purpose. thus season. Fred Dickie lost one of bis best Percberons a few nights ago by tbe 1 animal getting iu foot seer the halter. Cow Bor. B a n wosld be s good tkag at the* atage ot tbe season. Convicts Hava Hope. Topeka, Run., June 10.— Tha supreme court has ieop«u«d the celebrated murder e.uwu* of Geergt Dobbs and Mrs. Amelin New, now aerving life sentences in the Laos* ing penitentiary for the murder, rear Eureka in 1827, of Joseph New, the woman'* hnsliTncl. Tho court I ijs (.runted a writ o! .-orant nobis, which is, in effect, un or. Ur to the district court to the ,ip. pliciilioii lor a new tii.ii vnuTi inn lower court hxl ret used. Dobbs nud Mrs. New wee vieted two years ago. The th Wns that ihc\ ode in love an i spireil to get rid of Nvw so ihey miglit marry. After they had been m tile ( sui- tenliary for «mm- turn- Alvin Bal­ lard, sent lip for horse steal i n , aS- seried he eoubi prove ihat D -tibs amt Mrs. New wo re innocent. Bal­ lard said Frank Ailg.i-id, now in the j cniu ului v for forgery. Wil­ liam l ui uer and he were the real murderers, Bullard told tfie s'ory in detail, saying he D longed : j a lobber band organized by Allg >od, aud told the offi ter* whov iitef could find many slolsn hors.-s and vehicles. BallatTiwxs tikeu (ruin the peniteutiary lo veriic his as­ sertions, and aided the officers ia recovering much Helen property. An ovation to Beuutur Clark hub . ilar to those tendered Bryan and Dewey iu their respective locditie# was repeated ia Butte last Sunday when 5,000 people, iu impromptu assembly, escorted him to his local home and made him feel that kit friends still numbered legions. Ha was in leeeipt of a large auasbef ol otwgrauilitory telegrams from other poruous of tbe state to tha effect that eti Saturday last be had carried the primaries. A CARD OF THANKS. I wish to say that I feel under Izsung obligations for what (H i m - berlam’s Conga Remedy has don* for our family. We have used % ia se many eases of eoagfea, lu g iroables and whooping eongb, a*d it kas always given the most per* feet satisfaction, re feci gnatff indebted to tbe aaaottfacMran ft this re mod j sard wish them i i accept o w bearty faHy, M rs- Sv D o r r , De# Iowa. Fear fate by I. WmSem m * M m . ■ ----- ■ : ~ ~ ~ ,... -y ' f i r * ' ! nrini

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 15 June 1900, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.