Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, January 12, 1912, Image 2

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m : t 30- m jMMKriptfe* M M Y tltij, Iji .ssiewAPclass auU«. \ .... .. .... ... — - - -- - -- M 'fM M ■,* St- - ------- - - JEdwvx L. Norris, (rovernot SVm, K. AUea, Ueuie*inu-govmw Thus. M. SMriudkbxwi, secretary - E. R. Essi-tsteii), tnuurvr ti. K CuvWiity.tMiini, kudnor PPSf 4 ^ B u i b t a U i i t M M i f i i k i t f l i ^ 11 y w wi* **A ito w «IM *hew*«fci «**! » «*j*«**k». b*L a t Jfcui it it * * i«n«r. Lathfe* ***»• h *»jr - tb*t* larder i* eayrt? with * q man* «f ce^ee.i«ht«)|, (tak tfcera u •cant »o««j with wtrob to U j away tfck« precious dead, that the nick ae^l delicacies that cannot b« faraiithed, and aid will be swill and fbandaat. The work) U not tftu b uny -to- mmiatar t» actual need. Low L. Cal byway judge.’Virginia, Cily } P Poindexter judge, l>ilU>u f\ A. (jhigclbaker clerk of court, Dillon COUNTY OFFlCEKi 0 , r . Gosuiau. sheriff John $ Baker: cifrk Arthur L Badcon. treasurer Noiman B. Huideu, assessor Henry C. ligilgers, attorney R. E. Ober, surveyor W m. T . Scully, public administrator Margaret Boss, supt public instruction L. C, Ford, Lima, coroner W ISDOM TO W N S H IP George Woodworth, justice of poaot A T Barry, justice of the peace W , J. Tope, deputy sheriff TIMES HAVE CHANGED When we were boys, people had colds, soaked their feet in hot wa­ ter aud got well. Now they have la grippe, lake qu.nine aud feel sick all yegr. . Then they had Bore throat, wrapped a piece of fat por 'in an old aock, tied it around th tuck at night, aud went to work nett morning. Now they have tonailitia, a surgical operation, and two we. Its iu the house. They then had stomach ache and took castor oil aud recouuod, Now they have appendicitis, a week 1 in the hospital, and six feet due east and west aud four lent perpeudicu Jar, Then they worked, They labor now. Iu those days they wore uuderclothes. Now they wear lingerie. Then they went to a restaurant, now they go to a cafe. Then they broke a leg; now they fracture a limb. People went ersay then; they bave brainstorms now Politician* paid good hard cash for support. Now they aeuu govern­ ment garden weeds. 'S l O P AND THINK Did yon ever stop to think of the tuauy advantages of living in tooxntry such as the Big Hole basin mid the manifold blessing we enjoy which aie denied those living in jpthqr parts of the United Stales' Actual poverty and waut are un beard of. The children growing up around us don't know the mean­ ing of such term, and they never will as long a* they are here. The air it clear, healthful, exhilarating —one can net help but feel that U is good to be alive. What a dif­ ference there is between its climate and that of others, with their rainy, damp, penetrating, moisture-laden atmosphere. VY here can you find, the year round, more glorious, bracing, ttmshiay days? Water, dear. cool, and sparkling—equal 'to Job’s nectar even. Its glorious, snow capped mountains. inspiring, unruffled aud magnificent—an ev­ eryday reminder of peace and tran­ quility. it’s prosperous ranches 'wnh their broad, productive mead­ ows, and its'wide ranges, covered with -ffatm f bOi ^eg€laUon.\T£e tornadoes or cyclones, with their Bevastatrsg propensities, and the unknown, overbearing, depressing Jiewt peculiar to lower altitudes. The utter lac* of droughts and scourge*, whicu we read of in other |iart 8 . Tbs never fading abwnd anee of Its magnificent, beef-task - but it has little patience wiib imag­ inary woes, and no time to stop »nd weep with those who ought to get up and work. It is chiefly this latter class, those who are devot­ ing themselves to bemoaning their own hardships aud privations, who have discovered that t^iti is a cold aud heartless world. EXPRESSING APPRECIATION There are gifts more precious than any which can be seen and handled, which are often receiver aud enjoyed without even a recog uitiou. Sometimes it is a sacrifice that has been willingly made on our behalf, o>' an assistance kindly given, aud. though we may feel gutitude, we do not express it, aud our benefactor never knows n .Sometimes we are helped and com forted, instructed or inspired by a speaker or a writer, and it does uol occur to us to say so, or iu any way to make him aware of it. Vet per haps he is at the same time faint ing ior just that very knowledge, fearing that his efforts aie futile, and having but little hope in re­ newing them. If all persons would simply aud truthfully avow the good they have received, and utter the gratitude they really feel, U would vastly increase the happi­ ness and stimulate the endeavors of those who labor in secret and can uot feel that they do uot labor 'iu vatu. OUR ANSWER ■ m m . «*#> * # * * * * * F M t f i tf fiN M p b V 'iflt 'ijffmnt tcttatWt, flush ■ mnwi'iWMsai i* ala*. » g the natwoai awthem b? ajiteoi- ntoktty aropbifeg pieces of'wpod on the So«r Bet he can't beet oar mute A bb ’ s playing & concerted pieces with our crockery. l> e tip* and dewn* of life aft very peculiar.— Ear ItiUnae, Lady Se!borne, addressing the Women'* Franchise Association the other day, said—“She did not know if it was a coincidence, but it was no. ticesble that wherever women hxd a vote infantile mortality went down ” But would the birth rate go up, Lady Selborae? What is the vote ou that? Tbetereas% imi«berof our patrous w id^pc^rtty of ot* goods testifies pfet&e I* d H Afee l i p t j M e !*#*•« d W f »cw ip dsittttty .■ - jP«^ke of the Big Hok ba$tQ wlto visit ought not ‘ to Mttftt without _calfiag to inspect our stock. - - Qill and Be Convinced Mail Order* Receive Prompt attention __ ^ Headquarters to ] Mrs. E. II. Stewart, the leader of the woman’s suffrage movement in Canada, demands that women should be allowed to wear trousers, “ for,” she gays, “ skirls are expen­ sive, unhealthy, hideous, and im moral.” Notbiug much can be pul ks to the cost or beauty of skirts, but we regret deeply to hear of their' immorality. We under­ stand that the S. P., 0 . A., or some other such luetjtution, is undecided whether to suggest that the govern­ ment put forward a bill to provide for the proper supervision of these garments, or to raise subscriptions themselves for the establishment of a home for strayed skirts. One of our lady subscribers has asked we lo tell her the name o the J912 ladies’ spring hat, aud if they oau be made at home. We don’t know the name of the aky- pieue, but they oan'easily be made at borne by following the directions given below: Take one extra size wire basket. Weave iu aud out of the w ire meshes 24 yards of pink ribbon, Itt yards of orange chiffoo, 42 yards of red calico, » mother hubbard, a bath robe and a kimoua. Stick a pineapple jauntily over the left ear and Under neat b the brim of the same side sew two turnips. At the baek hang a few strawberries and a couple of buckwheat cakes. Ou top a bunch of bananas is always au fait. In front it is always well to pile whatever is left over. Weinerwursts make a particularly fetching front and a suing of pea nuts around the edge of the bat provides a ueat and attractive bor­ der. NOUUK R)K m tLIUATlON (I’uUlislit'r.) tKiparlimml. of <iu l lutv-rlor. t R t.iuid Otlic-o at Missoula, Mont,ana January 'i IIMtf. Nulla- la l,m>t>y Kiren that < W B Kulim-l.i. of JackMim, illunlunu. who, un Alirll Mil 1 HU 4 miKlt' licsi’i't Lund s,„ui No. 468 . Sorlal No. 01 llJH, tor linsiu vryuii coil niDin'ins hi . H loin1 ijint'l.ruf imii'kt d 1 >. L. K -1 . b. i< mid i unnitty tlit-tioti 24 U rods. I.lioiia1 wi'sl S 4 II rodsi IIn-iiou iiorih lUH rods, llit-wo vast Bli rods; ilu-mm uonU so rods. Uinm-n i-usl ,dW rods to pl o d of linaitiuins known ns t.lio lipnui'I’iirii nr big lioin river in ' 1 ' I b . Ill \v. ill. unsurvuysU, Inis lilud nonce of luluuUtmto imikb final proof to esiulihsh (duiin m the lumlaliove descrlu- ed, iNifore K. A. Musi'lliiikor, a U. 8. (I oiiiiiiih . slimer, in. Illllon, Alontumi, on tlic Will uuy of k'nliniH ry, lklii. ('!.«irnnul. niuui's ns w I mkishos Anton Jack, son, Wlllinni Ilcrimui, iVlimin Quigley, nil „? Jm kson, Moutiiini, Ku MurOn, of Dillon, (ViolllHUH. Jan. 1 ^ 111 J ohiah Seni.t,, tit glstor. NOTiUb FOR IM'Bl.IOATlUN. fFnlillslier.) Pepailment of tfie Interior. [T. S. i.imd Ultlce at Missoula, Montana, f)w- euilier HH. | 0 H Notice i hereby given Unit, ltoy R, Ford of Jucksmi, Mnatuna, who, ou i.ov J i lllll), noide llonieHli'ad Entry N i, OSH17 foi- the NVt RE Sts NE Bee. S4, Township 6 B, K if, w M M., I ihs tiled notice of tntvnthm 1.1, nmke Him I cornm million proof to estunllsh clmm to Die land above descrlmid beiort A. h. , 1 . un- son a LuReil states laud coiiiinlssiom r at, Dillon, Monianu, on the IStii day uf teti- r 11 ary IU 12 . <1II111.0111 names as wilncsm's: Jliriim I Laplciin, of Jackson, Muniaiui; Harry Mel- vi 11. of Jackson, Montau ; Ueoi-ge Turcou nf Jackson, Montana; Florence Stout of jjj W. South Quart* St- Butte, Motitaua. Jan. fi-Bt J obiah fin imp, lieglster, FREE MUSIC OFFER Th* publishers of T m b are pre- sefitiog Free 160 old time favorite songs, with words and music com­ plete, songs that touch the heart and recall the tenderest memories. A copy of this book neatly bouud iu paper cover, containing a verit­ able treasury of tne world’s favor­ ite .pongs will be sent free, post­ paid, to every person penidng 16 2 - ceut ptauips for a three mouths trial subscription to Truth, 9a Fifth aveuue, New York NOTICE EOR FFHT.ICATION—tSOLA'i ED TRACT (Publisher.) Public Land Rule Serial No. 02W1B Department, nf the In'crlnr. U. S. hand Ollioe at Miasnulu, Montana, Dec­ ember It BID Nut,ice la hereby given that, as (llrected by the ConmilHaionci- nf the tdmei-al I.aii 1 Otllce UNilcr pi'tiviNhnis uf Ad uf C iiuki - css up 411'tival June 27 , lWItldB Suits f,l 7 ). we will nflVr III public mile, to I,he biiincst hidder, m |() u’elnck 11. 111., nn the lsl day of February. IH)2 at this ulttce, the following descrlhed litnii: N,WQ NPA, Section 211 , T. B S. R. IB W. M, M Any pci-suns c alming iidvrrse.y theahuve described land lire advised to file then clfiiuis, or oh.icliiniH, on or before the time dvalgnaletl for sale . e c 2tl t,t J o m a b S h u i . i ., R e g ister. a w t . J r TO > T - l^zct tnoro f-v-i kuatiiti. t IVwUt -C . - O n NOTU’E t’OK m U rH ^ T lO N - USOLATf .0 TUAOr f i’ulillsht'i') Puhlle I ji I ud Salu. H'M'lal No. 0;&;00 u (first Puolluinlou ilau. .Ufpui’l'im’nt of Uir Interior ( 1 ? S l/jiml Ofticr. Missoula Montana, Oun. go. I1HI NoUr.F Is givon thnt, ius (U th 'V f H Dy (,)>(> ('onimissloiM'r of tliu Uf'iM-nil fnitfl Of Hcu, 11 Mil-‘i1 provisions of Art1 of Uinmms provoii Junv 27 . IWJti (-14 8t»its-fil’i). wv will olftif ’lit puhlir HH It), 10 ill*’ hikin'* i, DHltiiT Hi II) o’dock a m.. on tlie 2 Htl» tl».y of I'VD' rUiiry, ifMjJ, at iliis offluu, the folU-winM Uu- scnli. tl laud, ryil N\V, Hue 1:3 T 5 8 ., R. 16 W. M M A ny ptTBons cUi duhiR ml vorboly t lie m hovt* dt^rnlu'd iaud mtMitivisud t.o HU* th drrhi. itih. or iihjori ions, oi*,oi’ Dufort’ l lu: l.imo dcHi^iiat* nd for suit J o b ia h 8 h i . l , i i c s io to r . . -X i .N YOU COW . . .t. s T’* . ojai Of>A. itiukid Slory of Vho W ot ' d A fotwoaa > ,.i r»,.v nuv li.uo, wild Y’i:c.' \/L iiOi'.l yoUT D.i^-v.r, , loVCVtU, k'’. u.^ .it J, .^,iL Jala- t Arc von a r i u-o oi void * nou:nuors«.,c, rue! i,. i.v tuf i rv.»: .i ,i ,ri..u m, b oi Inn A hr i - h -;.’’ hmutv.. i'-. i ftppt lt> dll Ci.Vot -v-old 7 'Utl VO' nv-'t-iOV, ^ Hj rlild Y.'i lM' •) \LllOsfe Wilt l -.!i'v.v tt.R* l-.ot*U WU-- . 1 W.lOl in kil'-lW. » 2 yj f fltCH WOMT 1 * ^ F^- thcj ^ s » 3 l.'iJ 4 , <V,'.. .S ufi' S.l. s’,..v»k..i'» y .10 hop A ivop.' tTV • -.. l • v \■ ;* to fJv> D iw.\ ( lochuv.!.:') ' ( 1’.- L ' Ui.Wiu , ’ .0 1 ; > .A. t fcV-r.-.e 't t JPUl 144 ••.|) ■ - . •.; 1‘ . f?r; . . ’H i .-.A ,4 •- ax i L A,-.’ . r * >V. N/osItm:; u. 1 si. (.;* i. i • 'Vi' i.l. S.f . hov Call me not with scornful cumbers Like two sr?veu O-riug ihree, Saapped out in disdsiufal aeceuts, Pray be courteous to me. Would you like to sit here with a Ttlepbone strapped ou year head AH day ltwg to answer nammoBS? WottWtr’tyoa -wi*b c h a tyou were _ __ dead.? ________________ T»*ljiJ, »BdTb« greaf po*s»Mttie* of tin fertile soil, Wbfea I say the hoe is btity Honestly gomettmei it i t Why do yea get so indignant When you bear the buzzer's whia? And wrong cumber—nst a rally Sometime* I s a at a loss- Bat in fact 1 give them mostly To **b*crtber* who a rt cross. Be pofrte. It wifi not hart yo«, NOTICE FOR PCBLICATION (Publisher) Dcpnrtjii 4 -nl of the Interior, 11 . S. Lund aflh-e at Missoula, Montana, tiec- eiiibrr 2(1, mil. Nnl lee Is hereby given that George Turcott, nf .litcli;((,n, Mimuiua, w ho. on July III IHK) made Homestead Entry No. tr»t» for Dm «•» SESecilnn IB, Nt* NE San ion 24 T. li n, Range In VV , Mcntana Mei-filian, has tln-d niitii'e of iiii.entiim to make final com­ mutation proof to estiihtiah claim to the land aboveduscl-lhed hefor A. S. Johnson, l Tn I ted States Commissionej', at Dillon. Montana, mi the 12 th day of February, IMS. Claimant names us witnesses: Hiram 0 , bapham, of Jackson. Montana; Harry Mel­ vin, of Jackson, Montana; Hoy C. Melvin, of Jiiekson, Montiiini; Florence Stout of Si W. Simui Quaru St., Buiie, Montinm. Jan. B ill. JoSfAM S hci . i ., Register. NOTICE FOR PCBLICATION, (Publisher.) Department of the Interior, TJ, S. Land Office at Missoula, Montana. Dec­ ember 28 , toil. Notice Is hereby given that Harry Mel- JacKsen, .Monrana, who.on Det-.'di. IHI 1 9 , made Homestead Ent;iy No. 0 ) 779 , forSw,«E Sec. 24 , Nt» N E Sec. 2 B. T. 6, K. IBw.VLM., has filed nmIce of intention to nmke flnsi commutation proof to establish (-lain) to the land nhove deserlbed before A. S. Johnson, a a Fntted States Commissioner, at Ddion. Mor.Utim.on the 13 ih day of February, lii|2. Claimant names as Witnesses: Hiram C lapham. of Jaciison. Montana; Roy ft. Ford, of Jackson, Montana; George Turcott. of Jackson, Montana; Florence Stout of 27 W South Quarts St., Butte, Montana ' Jail. B-Bt NOTICE FDR PCBLICATluN IdOiATen TRACT (Publisher.) Public Land Sale Serial P: >. (iflBS (First i’nbtica(Ion Dec, 8 ) ' Depin-tmentof (be In'erlor. UnBud Slates I,and Oliloe a., Missoula Mon­ tana. November 26 , lllll. ' Notice Is Hereby given that, as (lire, led by the ConindyHioiicr of the Genernl band (Iftice under m-ovisious of Art of l ougress approved [line 87 , Ittiill (64 Stats. 617 ). we will offer at public sale, lo the highest bidder, at III o’clock A. M , on the I 6 i 1 1 (lay of January, IUI 2 , at tills office, the following (iesgribed land: SE'i NW Sec. 14 , T 4 H., I;. 16 W. M M. Any persons claiming adversely the above described land are advised to file l.lieirclaims or object ions, ou or before the tinic dcsignuC ed foi sale. J ohiah S hum ,, Register DILLON FURNITURE CO., The Big Furniture House. Prices based on compe­ tition with the world. Stock complete Gener ous treatment- G T. PAUL. Prop A lbert S tamm Diamonds Watches Clocks Fine Jewelry Fine Watch Repairing Eye Glasses Properly Fitted D illon . M ontana MONT, BIG HOLB HOSPITAL B m liosM’s '***#*. O t n c a 9 b b o k tw l a S xur *. - .............. ■- •' • - ■ - t ---- mqma Notiary Public A N A ( O N UA GOLDEN LINK LODGE No. 27, I. 0. 0. F. Wisdom, Montana. ----- Meets every Thursday n i g h t - A. T, R arrv . N, G. O, A W ii . uamr , Hec'y. O. J. W oodworth . Treas. Hotel Lossl C h a s . D e L o n g , P r o p r ie t o r NOTICll FO ? PFULfCATKaL (PuWisher.) (jl7:M FlepartnieDt of the 1 ntt-rlor, L. S. Land Office at Helena, Montana No­ vember 25 . 1911 . Notice ts nereby given that Tlieodore l). Peeflcirt.of Ftehtrup. Mm^sua, who, oa April 6. 1*16. ruade. Homes lead AppMcatiriQ Nn. I CfCi (Serial No. 0112#). for S eE-, Sectlun 22; N4f NE)1, Section 25. Township 1 norefi. Range 14 W, Montana Meridian, has fih'tt ro- rlce of toteottoa tu m&Se final five-year proof to data bush c laut tothe laud above desermefi before Barney Hogan, clerk of Uie dlstriei court, at ABW-xmaa, S'uetjBa. on she 7th day of January, 1913. Uiaiaiwut MBPS m ffiSBetsM thtrii Last- Jr. tfeurge T. *udd. t# Fubcrap, Bon,an*; Ira ti, Guose. frank Goer, of Anaconda, Mo*. Minn. . . .. .............. GOOD BEDS WI1AT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT IT WisdomS Divide -STAGE CO.- Carrying U. S. Mail T H E G O L D B E R G J a m e s K in d , P r o p r i r t o k Corner of I'ark and Dakota Streets B U T T E Hot crCtlil B ilk Elevator Service Rates $1 Per Day aud Up. —POPtrr.AR WITH BIB H lil.e BASIN PBOPI.K T rade M ark * D esigns CeffvmtHTS 4c. Anyone tending a sketch and (l4*w>rlptim\ mny ‘ ........ . ‘ ' i'!w' Rivantloik is probably fmiemabla. €omnmnf<?p lions st riotiteonfldam (id. HANDBOOK on Lately* Tent free. Oldest ajmnvy for senur'iiff patents, Patents taken throwt/h M*.um Co. receive •tticteiy ascertain our opinion free vWlm? aik Rtventlott ter\*1' “ ---- “ ItonsPtriotljri lent free. Oldest Patents taken fe m i notic$t without charge, in the Scientific American. 6 handsomely flfostnited waefeVr, Idrrpsst ctr- ntiation of any ai’ientlflo journal. Terms, <3 e fear; four moHfhs, IL Sold by ad nswsdeaie'a — Hrwwh Offlon 8 g g It <rwhlO(Hwii B. G. ----- Big Hole Stage Co. —The New Line Between— Wisdom & Divide, Mont. Opened Monday, May 30 th, 1910 , T£IE D A L Y B A N K & T R U S T CO. O E ‘ AN A O O N U A . M O N TA N A , In Every Department of BANKING The -J 1 1 a n n ii 11, mtuu & titKH. —Office m the Tong 1 Building— wNixiM. -------- M ontana . B. R, STEVENSON, ctm ekgbsbs iso ra tio * , W 18 JJOM, MOSTANa, 0 R R & M O R R O W GRADUATE VETERINARIANS DILLON MONTANA Calls answered iu Bis: Hole Basi# (or a reasons Me amount of work F R E D N E L S O N , Notary Public Conveyancing Office Big Hole Commercial Co. WISDOM MONTANA. NATHAN BICKFORD S o l i c i t o r o f C l a i m s a n d P a t b w t s WASHINGTON, I). C. Prosecuting all classes of claims against the Government since 1878 The Wisdom Hotel M. M. MOSS, Piop’r. Board by the Oajft Week er Month, First class meals n,pd excellent service. Our mputs are nicely furnished and our prices art reasonable. ttT C a l l and see us when in town WISDOM. MONT. John W. James, Attorney-at-law, I), fi <JonnufsgloBC{ M O N TA N A offers every iaciliiy of modern tanking for the cure of its custumers’ business. It. knows the special condition exist­ ing in Big Hole Basiu and the needs of its people. It is prepared to serve them and so­ licits their business A. L. STO N E , Cashier ' CATTLE ACCOUNTS FROM THE BIG HOLE BASIN RECEIVED o n FAVORABLE TERMS Leaves Wisdom 7 a. m. Lea veS Dfvide 7 i.T n . Leave Bmde, -Amy, WwAwa,- 1 ». f i t . . Is prepared to serve yon in a satisfactory manner. Call on oi address us by letter. B. F. WHITE, P rest! -

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 12 Jan. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.