Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 03, 1912, Image 3

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UiMltr taI . Ujjssi Prapessln. :TS|? JUSTICE IS OBJECT. President Approve* Proposed Legisla­ tion Making Federal Labor Law* Fit Modern Conditions—Legal Machinery Simplified. : -j y s' ^ 0 * . . _____ i ' tioeal cr-.vstuiM < > Pres'dent Taft were as Ala bf ma . ............................. 22 . Alaska • e ***».* t.• * e.e.e.e *.*_» ■ 4 ♦ Colorado ♦ j ! Dittffflt fff ^ , j '1 1 1 Florida ............................. It ■* ’ Georgia ............................ 22 ) | HUnoie .............................. 2 < > Indiana .............................. 22 A1 tow*- ....... ..........................- 2 !! Kentucky ....... ................... 23 + Louisiana ................ < Michigan ........................... 13 Mississippi ....... 20 Missouri ................. 14 Nevy Mexico ....................... i New York ......................... 83 Oklahoma .......................... 4 Philippines ..... . ................ 2 South Carolina ................ 16 Tennessee ......................... 16 Vermont .................. 6 Virginia . ............ 24 Traiaaj HEptrS&d Ez upte $ ttssetiid ttnilslratto. m-wmatmmi : « 0 ! The increasing number of our patrons and the popularity o f j onr goods testuied to the Jact that Lusher,s is the best place to bnv ,coods at cheap prices in Beaverhead county. People o: the Bip' Hole. Basin ik I iq . \riit IM o fl ought not’ to return without calling to insjtect our sale Cal! and Be Convinced Notary Pill Office Big HeteCoaufterstolC*. [WISDOM MONTANA. As the result of the personal interest of I’rcsidont Tuft to all matters af­ fecting the worlttogatea of the owuntry, congress has before it today a com­ prehensive' lilll on employers' liability end wort men’s compensation which is recognized as one of the most prngres- .sho of the many achievements of the Tiift administration. The bill was re­ ported by n commission appointed h.v 1'rosident Tuft purmwnt to a joint res I ....... ' ' \ *ilutimi of oou^ivss passii'fl (in .luut tMidontly diiiwu by ivwn huhued witli into, and it: mis recciitly sent to eon-! B'e hui'iU'liim e ul preserving Urn em gross by the president, accompanied ' Illl’.vm flvm t>i\'deus.>ine or unjust lia- « f t 1 s's’ Total ..................................... 341 Pledged to Roosevelt, 113. Pledged to La Follette. 35. Pledged to Cum.pine, 4. Necessary for choice, 533. ♦+ 44 )*'r’H 4 )r\*'*r 454 4 i‘ 4 M'* 44 ' ‘v<) 44 ‘ '^ villi u message reeoiumendiu;; its pus- sane. As drafted lhe measure pro­ vides uu exclusive remedy uud com pensnfioii for accidental injuries re- milium in disabilities or death to eui plo.vei'S of eonnuoi) earriers enyiued in I.:! ersinte or foreign cimuiiei-ce' or ill t he i >i:;lnet of Columbia. Tins comprehensive legislnliou Is the dil'eet outcome of the general ulisatis ltieloriiiuss of labor legislation passed by congress in recent years mid is il llistrativo of the Taft method of reaeh big an admitted evil by n pun Unking investigation followed by carefully considered laws. As Is well known, the first employers liability law passed in (lie lust administration was ueolared biironst :t'. io -.-I i by Ihe courts A new law lo take IIs place was passed tin del'(Ills administration, but It was gen ernlly umlei-sfoud ill the lime that Hie comprehensive measure now behe-p eyiH-ress was to follow, both ns to liability mid i oiiipem-al inn, as soon as tile neees-iiri in vest iga I ion into the subject could In' uiiidr The result is that the workingmen of (be 1 oiled Flutes, so far as Ihev can lie reached by federal law- will soon lie wo-'Miig under one of (he most enlightened la lior la w s on reeo rl I‘rev isioti is l a ; i n tie.' bill AS drift e-.l b-iiiatb el,i Iliad every cotirnmi car­ rier ew.-i (d I i in'ersliile or foreign eoiiui-erec shall pay compensatii 'is In <1.0 0 l!,eu-if>! (Hf.,1 p| t|,(. bill to nuv of its employes w lei sustains pcsoieil 1'ijury I f fi'- i-.lent nrisi' g out of and la ■' 1 course of tils etneb-i i-ip-'t and result dig in b s disability or to his (le pendents In ea :e of deal tl It i> p\-ivide! in tie- bill that the lu ;ji \ed en'iplo' ee shall tree t.imih ill 111 ten-umi-e a,,d surgii-al aid when nee ess -r 1 ip Inst uieiilbi'ied In lug limit ed to $21.0 Tim inoivtlily wa-es of an employee are deemed to be twenty six h-ues the e\Uiblisho;* day’s fifty, ami Shu is Urn minimum monthly wage pay i -e-1 I t Is also provided that n i l com pensnHm shall be paid rtnmlldy unless computed to a lump sum. i'enth benefits are provided for at ft snei-tiie percentage of the man's wastes to lie paid to the widow with an hi evens? in the amount when there are dependent, children, and in ease of no dependents the payment of the burial expenses is required. The matter of personal injury- compensation is also covered in a fair and equitable pro­ vision. A tail her feature of the proposed act is n dear fli-finil ion of Hie term ‘'de­ pendent\ as c ell ns of what eousti 1tb«s an ‘'injury\ and an \employee\ I.eftil compile!!!ions are provided for, reports of lu-cldHits. payments and •epernlinns under the liw to the inter- ulate commerce commission are re­ quired, and it is i-ei; la red that the pro­ posed act shrill take effect on July 1, 19(2. and cited as ‘-the federal com­ pensation net of 1912.’’ In its Investigations of this subject the commission determined at the out­ set that in suhcfance the doctrines of (tiecommon law originating under eora- paratirely simple condition* were un­ just as applied to the complex relation* of master and servant. The use of complicated machinerv. steam arid elec­ tricity has had the effect of increasing biliiies. It was treated as u personal matter of each employee, util the eui ployecs were pul uu a level of dealing which, however it may have bec-u to the past, certainly creates injustice to 1 the employ ee under thg present condl (ions.” [ The ftlteulum of congress to the great injustice of the piv.-ejt system wits culled by Pivsideul Tuft. lie im-nfii>ri ed Hie fuel ilial olden the recovery of large sums In damage verdicts did not result in actual benefit to the injured person oil ; ccouut of I lie heavy ex In-uses in lilignllon. The president ex pressed the ln-iiel’ licit these burdens would disappear vvilli the eiiactmeat of t he proposed la vv, sue e l In- counsel fees are limited to a i-i-u-oiuii 1 amount. As further staled by I lie president, \the great ohjeii of the proposed lavv is lo se-'ure m a I e to llu- party uu, h r exist 111 *i modern conditions\ He also declared Hint lie would use his lu fluen- e lo aid in the cnael iiieiit of (lie proposed law in fore tin* ellJournmctii of tue jii’csi L:t Session of congress RCOCEVELT PRAISED TAFT. Former President Lauded Successor Before How York Raoubboans. One of the most i ewyrehen-.-v -- im clorseniei-ts Itiet Hie r|ai’t udniiai-tra lion has ever rco»i \ ed was eonl.i-ned ill the speci-h of ruloiid 'J'beodnre Itooseveit as teTtjmrt'ry < bnli-'iiaii of the New dork Pepublicru stale eon veouoii nt Rari'toga, N Y. Se|it 2\ leiii The first two paragraphs of the apeoi h were rs fulle rs “ We cmiie lien* f-i-i ne fha* vve have the l-'-'ilt to appeal In tin, [r-oj le !'->m the si -itill;i> b't r'ike of tud icnal n n-l state achieve'unnt Haring the lest i eighteen mu.els a long list of laws i erd .dy ine b ci dal ion urnst bear'il.v to i be commend- d as eoml/ning wisd-im wltii i-rogi-ess l.pve been ptmeted le,’ congress and tijaa-oved by rreshh-nt Taft \'idle anic\di\eo»s to the intersi-te eomni- r-'P law, beginning of a untdonal legislnth e program for the exercise of the tic-d'ig por-ei- in mnnc'-thm with beg eorne'-ati-uis doing an interstate business, the eppoin'icent of n eotni tls slnn In fn-'oe nie-i-ures that do avrav wiili Hip ev ils of overenpitailntinn a ml of improiK r ai'd excessive issues of stocks end bonds, the law providing for publicity of earnpaigu expenses, the establishment of ihe maximum ami rrirdmum tariff provisions and the ex ceccT'iglr Able m-golialion of the ( Voa dinn and otb -r treaties in aeeovtlam-e tliei-exviih, ihe'insiiguralion of the poli­ cy of prov .(’it s for a disinterested ru- vlaon of tar IT schedules through ft high class commission of experts which wii! treat em-h s< tiodnie purely on its own merits with a view to protecting the consumer from excessive prices and to securing Hie American prodn -er and especially the American wage worker whet will represent the Clf.'er- ence of cost in production here as com­ pered with the cost, of production In countries where labor is less liberally rewr'dcd. the extension cfvfhe laws recmlgting safety- Rfipilan'-es for fh>‘ proipi-tton of labor and the creation of a bureau of mines. These and s’-mdar laws, bached ttp br ex»-\ 0 * 1 re action, Und«r Taft Raorgaoizstion Aecom- pJishaci, Fraud* Stopped and Law Violator* Pwniakod—Divorctd From i W a f l W o t 1 The treasury department has recent­ ly received the commendation of the Heinoeratle appropriation committee, of di# Iwuise of representatives for the re- ' V suits achieved in bringing about econ­ omy and ellh ieucy hf that department. The general basis of this unusual praise is the fact that it Is costing $2,. CilXUKX) a year less lo run (his big busi­ ness machine of the government than it did three years nvo when President Taft began his ml ml nisi ration and ini- lia'ed his cnmpalgu for governmental economy by placing an experienced business man. Secretary MaeVei'gh. at the h'-iid of the treasury depart incut. The Economy Eboctod. r~ Tlie amount new saved each year is | ^ a lu per ceul redueiion in the previous cost. Il It- is inn luiIt the slory of the t actual ecor-'iny effected, for lliere has been a 10 per cert increase in Ihe busi­ ness of the department, during th.s time, making n total gain in Hie inter- esl of ihe lux payer of 20 per cent.. The eagerness that mnv exisls to make p' Hlicnl tnpilal out of eriilcism makes Uu fact eminently striking Unit through ibis period of Invest igalhm and inquiry I lie treasury department las been found a fruilless Held of opera­ tion ll lias not o'en lie-m monl'miiod in cimneefjou willi (he alleged \money | ‘ ’’ trust.\ f->r Hie reason tlial ihe treasury jtlll li denarlmciil is now for the first time Hapi Muir Orders A1wavs Receive Prompt tcnlion A f t V.T A i Headquarters in Beaverhead County for Bargains Dr. H. Holmsen* Physician and Sunreon. W I S D O M . M O N T . I d ckitrge of BIQ HOLE HOSPITAL Over Lossl's More. Orric* Wi*oo* Pm;o kxoot. fr J. C. HILL, Proprietor J. t CtiPmilWMIL 2 1 . PHYSICIAK & SURGEON. —•Office in the Tong Building— wibHosi, - - - M o n t a n a . K. STKVKNSON, I U AND SIS WISDOM, MONTAVA. W I N E S £ V* ■ ^ i J V'v4-“ *“ V'^ S LIQUORS CIGARS? 0 RR & MORROW GRADUATE VETERINARIANS ■ v :'l- - c ^ °1 - -* $ & C :i:- T ^ ^ °v ^ ♦ 4* ♦ ( )|im, ( hi\ iii 1 c ivil), f l.uvas t'ounlv I , ] i ']i.-Ii: - nuke:-.milh ill,'ll ■mm' partner c| tlu- (inn cl liciu-v & i'e , (Riiity; liusnn s.s oil \ i -f Tclvili i, i-- ninl v iiiul, ami trial sunI linn : \ i In Mini cl I )\ E IH X ........................>r oarli ami Ih il oanm>i cl H A U L 'S’ ho i ■■ F. J ( in i - slati ■, will m D R L 'i DOLLARS o\ o' \ t , M cl (atai r! lie t ilia ■ 1 la t i n II.-- CAT \ k K 1I i'l Rli I'K.Wk tori' hli ii\ sysi, hoi ocn- ai.ii uu! aoi - I inm-ci \ in , L ma­ il.( emnloyer and employee and often giring a few injured employees large tad freq extravagant damages. the deplorable antagonism between \ „ . . . . . . - - - +fe*5»T trigb cyedH: -pw*n a-H who w- ! eecd-’d in putHn? th’-m In their preseut ! ytu-re upon the statete books. They u a vi jmtv . | uv ubi.r t'-LinivaKuiii ri« l l i i wh le the great majority have been left | \ f tll? 9 to bear the entire burden without any recompense whatever. At the time of the adoption of the common law rules of llabilirv Indus­ trial fo n d * ™ were radically differ- the and ro enr; eMe. rp- eat from those of today. The womber ' rfp“+ f,Cj '■ '■ • M * ? * - ''- * * president, Wfl Of employees was smaller because : liana n w a ’ d Taft' there were few big industrial plants. l.i 1 uiorsift) I yia- paic c! Won h Isi.iak, 11 eoiitly s . ivoii avvav over 1 1 1 y:1 1 1 iy eh '.nil t' ;i-'Vi!. They hau ami lornicm There m.iv L Thoy art giv! where tu nioii. wcmoii, lm f \ l.S, i i \ I T |S v < al'S \I ago, I 'i-c-iingiv liln-ral ei'tulii ums If y»u omM nial- xnent which is yet to come, end the be- ueSce»'ee md farrenebin; l.uiW-ance Otf this work done for the whole people measure the credit which in rightly due to the cr,ceres* and to orrr able. The business carried on was small fa extent, the appliances tsed ta the work consisted largely of hand tools. ployee. Tader such eondftiou* rufles of eouwttOB Jaw orirlmsted. Tedgy fbere f* a Taft S»re of Nummstim. Fp to ard Inclndlng April 12 494 del­ egates had been elected to the Rep®I>- vv linlly iudcpmidcnt of the big bunk­ ers of llie ennuiry in ils opernllons Tied I he ileparlnient should ftlwu.vs bo uliovo the slighlesl ground for moral eriilcism Is of courso one of the fuudu meuUils of its ndiiilnisU'iitbui. Fraud* Ar« Punished. The vigor with which the lulminislra I tl\n has gone (ifior (hose who have ’ ill tempted frauds on the customs rev I eiiue Is ilhislriiled hy ^he fact Hint ! more than h K> has been i-ollei I ( ed in fines against dishonest imporlers ftml utlein|ited smugglers Jail son , t.em-oH In iminerous instilimes have boon added to Ihe tines. Tin* result has been (he erei'llon of a wholesome respect for ! the law on the part of importers and I A merlon ns who travel in foreign lands. | The entire nuu-hinery for the collection ! of eusioms has linen overhauled, vvilli i the result (lint valimiions are made ! more neeiiralely. and many channels . for frauds have been slopped One of the special aids in lids connection has been the special agents’ service, which the secretary has taken personally In hand. The other eolledion agency, the in ternal revenue service, h n s 'been brought to a high degree of efficiency Its collpcllons last year were the high­ est. in Its history—,$222 OtKI.dlKI which was collected at the expense of 1 I'AvKlt) cents for em-h dollar, a substantial de­ crease in cost. J idem,-tl revenfle col lectors are now giving the major por­ tion of H eir time to their official du­ ties, nn Innovation brought uhout for the first time through the insistence of the president that efficiency of admin 1st ration was more to be desired than the developing of political machines. Wbera Saving* Resulted. Havings in the method of printing the paper money of the country have been made to the extent of $<!<Yi.U0rt ariini ally, while similar work in the mints has resulted i:i cutting down the ex­ penses annually to Hie extent of $4CI,';.- 000. By using the mails Instead of the express a saving of $00,000 a year is effected in sending wornout notes to the treasury for redemption. Nearly $ 50,000 a year is being saved through improved methods in handling the pa­ per on which money and postage and internal revenue stamps is printed. A similar amount is being saved through closer scrutiny and economy in print- ing^the stationery for the deparinieut.. The revenue cutter service adds to the fist a saving of $100,000 a year with in­ creased activities, so trio does the pub rider*', tD k lie health service. There are many more details of savings, all telling the same story. Canuin* Reform* Made. And this story is rhe strongest kind of a denial o f the charge that Presi­ dent Taft has used the government employee to further his own political advantage. There bare been 1.S01 ua- netessary places abolished under the treasury department to the last three years. Five hundred and forty-two of these, have been in the department service in tTasfetogioa. None of those ( ill M- \ ■llu In-u in me mul-.ulic -nlu- I n - m m e 11- 1 (it 1 1 ili\ 11 ! I)>1 A D DM! ; A W C,i i- \ m )\. Xu’ ,in I’ulilu' ( .III IS I ,1 M il HI ; i'll- II |. l i'l I It I I I !n I J ( IIIXI-V Inq\ cs --I mi' milt!.- x ( l i , 11 I linn i i 1 Rill-, I'm T y pc iv r i te rs (i i v e n A w u v w nlcr C i nu­ ll , haw iv- I III llu U III ill \ V l -.ll ill Ll II T- U I 't l I mill even' stale 11t i L nl i il Mt.atms line HI Vi 'lir low VI avvav every- Let Me Help Y ou Choose Your Wall Paper rkON’T choose Wall Paper in ^ haste and n-L'i't l at leisure Allow me to submit my wall paper samples to you amid the favnndiie surroundings of your own home Your selections will be uniformly pleusin\ for Orrell Wall Papers consist of none but pleftsing pat­ terns. They are the most artistic made, yet the most reasonably priced. And I decorate your walls with them in a manner vvorlhy of such beautiful papers When may I call and give you an estimate’f (iHOUGH RICHLY IHU HOI,it BASIN AUENT AT WISDOM - HOTEL DILLON M ONTANA lu-l and 1 on sur- usi nl a ■iivulnn.' il Dili' CI'Ul , |l m L Wil *mii int i hen iri a ,t. hlr.-ssci I l'n-siil'-’it, sav, \Mail I ! i I'ewnti-r, p ci st you even h t ter or on a Frank L 'A'.lodstiK'k, I! in\ all your k i'i turn mail v t i will M-eeiw llinr' I ivc (tin rs, tin names of over I'l 11 v .ho lia \ (- t v ( aiu n-ei-i \ eA I \ j x - , , kts Iru 'd [ m will h irn mi f u uat ease em a Id ions voti can pet j i \ j lev. nti-rs free nplit [ S r iiN C R lliK FOR TH E BIG HOLE BREEZES AND KICK I’ POSTED ON TIIK HAPPENINGS in yocu rni Niia'. TIlKSrBHClUl’TION IS one M il ile v.'i ii'hl. M F R- -:i- fil tlu-ir way. 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Ul-4^ aiffMri’T fur «i«nuj-'ii* yu&'ut*. turn'll* caion thFo-^L 9 tT m & io, f-' i tti ntifue, w; hf«it eburaa* u t!)« Cells aiiHwcN’d n> Uig Hole Basin for a 1 't‘asonahlo amount ol work II. F. BROWN mill Mechaniral Engineering TO N G BLOCK WISDOM MONTANA N A T H A N B IC K K O B D Si'i.urri'K oi-' C laims and P atkn ' is W A S H IN G TO N , D. C. Fioseaiting all classes of claim* .icainst the Oovermneiit since 18;8 The Wisdom Hotel (A. M. MOSS, I’rop’r. Board by tha Day, Week or Month. Tirsl chivs nmus ami v'xoclh-iil service, Our rooms are nioelv furnished ami our prices art reasonable. ®wT'Call and --ee us when in town WISDOM. MONT. lifters i-very .‘aciliiv of ir, oil e ra I u n k i n g 1 1 .*■ H. n eitl'e nf I Is cusl ■ Kill's' tm si ness. ll knows I In- spi-eoil coinlilion exist­ ing in Big Hole hasill limi llu- need* of 1 1 s . .... j ii i- ll is | >- i i j hi red to serve them Hhd So­ licits Ilu-ir busim-ss A L.SToXF. Cashier CATTLE ACCOUNTS I I >M THE BIO HOLE BASIN l:l-a f lvKI> uN FAVORABLE TERMS Till-; PALY HANK A TRUST CO. ANACU.NP Y MON’] \NA, OF S d # a « 1 f i c J t R t t i i t a n . * handm-irnlT week r. T n r ifrit nr eilutintt nf liny -.\li-iKillc 1 'iu-mii. I'.-t ns«. XI. fc nmic j *. IL Bled ty»U eem.-teii e-v In Every 1 >eprrtrrv nl ot B A N K I N G T h e FIRST0 RATION A U BANK Is prtpartdtf. seriryoii in a satisfactory manner. Call on or address js by Ititef B. F. W H ITE, Prrs’t. - tog iBf firaywmMl - giffis ne* * mmtrum nMtm, tMrnm *m***t*nt A h t *ma& t» leanteto. dent Taft has U i tostrsrtsd f«r er . perrW by that fart! Serretsrr Mac- i -t the tvpewriter for the smaffest p M t p e t t o bis rwKntBsrtkw. There j feeg* fan infhirrrnl to the poi- temtoeft to fet? ifcy mvmacSe* »Mefa «e- , . ^ seJ re q ^ » ' m m m m m m m m w fh n » j % e m * f e t % £ ifasH y flrh i H i t eehee 4jniai \ kdrge^ office. If you couW possibly make any« a h^h krafe trperritar, i \ ea tjicrejfh it didn't cost you one cttzifi taouey. « r % ym waefld Hbt^ *“eJiB(BCT4syoarte»n«ffsa b.- vlocft vcw ecwM make big moo- THE GOLDBERG J avis K i*«. Paowsrarc* Corner ol purl; Mai Dtketx Strteu Dillon Bottling Works. mtjtm. watt.

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 03 May 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.