Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 03, 1912, Image 4

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•■w f i l l Spnag fabrics at lorife. job printteigat Batsaais office, M ik pafe? Sure! At LossPs. Sam D&vies left Tuesday <0 a business trip to Dillon. What do vou know about leather? C. Bell. The Highland ranch sent out 100 food ones Wednesday. £' Best reading in T he B kbezes at 82.5J per year. Four-piece orehcxlra at the dance on FriT>y, May 17th. Load's spring stock is complete in wary line. Make arrangements to attend the danee on May 17lh. Budweiser at the Ajax. “Dade” Stephens and wife went out. to Dillon Friday morning. If you feel hungry after ID p in you'll and sail'lwlehos at the Ajax. Freighting has been resumed bc- tween Divide and Wisdom Loss! has it. Mas v\h;tt ? Any- lliing you need ontheraneh or in the home. Prank Ritschd had a new eablo- rigged saddle srnl out l.o tin.' ranch Tuesday. Budweiser at the Ajax Mr. and Mrs J A Laurence of Brislon wen* Wisdom visitors this week. ours. J P Your interests are l.ossi Co Plan to attend the May da nee at Fllis hall, on Friday, the 17th day of May Sandwiches at the Ajax after It) o’clock p in. Miss Moyle of Bui Lr has taken the Gibbons school lor the remain­ der of the term heave your order lor job pi ml mg fit Uusoinee. Uui prices cannot lie beaten. John Jnabuit of Fox drove IS5 head of prime beef steers to the railroad this week. Can you tell the difference ’twixt packers hide and slag hide leather.' C Bell. Walter Hansen of Butte sent out a bunch of bulls for the Montana Meat company jcslmlay. Dr. R R kaihboiie, dentist. Office on Montana street, Dillon, Montana Alter the evening session of the Farmers’ Institute on May 17th, a danee will be held in Files hall. < >!d Crow at the Ajax. B. 11. Casiou, a eat He buyer from Fu.phml.a, Wash., is eireulal- mg among the feeders ol the Basin. Subscribe for B reezes and keep posted on the Big Hole Basin M. J. Robinson of the Big Mole b n u i wa-, a Monday visitor. Me leit an order lor a lot of business cards. K .‘a h >oIs and supplies of kinds at Lossl's IF B. Lawrence of Bowen was. a Wednesday visitorLike all up-to- date rammers, Ke renewed Ins sub- .seripliofi. j 'j \ Aj*jlfun<r'you want in hoots, shoes, shins, gloves, hat\, readi- made suits, etc., at WisdJfi Drug Kt'klVo. 7 ■ Herman Mima. Prod n turned thi-week from DuFm. where he had been to take out hL final eiti-! rmnsMp papers. Pi'-hhig and hunting licenses Mr MM2 may k obtai-vd from A T. Barry, a t j he V,:»iorn L- u:;<irv. Putin your order for one of Fred Francis bought from W n thoSe Portable Reading Gas Lamps. .tn . w . ., t, I The latest tiring on the market. M o n tg^ r v wee* a thorough- Absoku,Sy Wjscbm Every ream to b*s own trade. C. B=S, be knows tlje harness bosincss from A to Z. jobb Tope has returned from a trip to the coast. Although flowers are in bloom oat there,' John says there’s no place like home. Local ion blanks, promissory notes, kvse Wanks, etc., for sale at the newspaper office. C. K. Miller went out Wednes­ day morning, After loading his freight teams at Divide he will go to Butte on business. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, nor can you get per­ il vt harness out of split leather. C. Bell. Howard Boyer, Lossl’s Jackson manager, visited in Wisdom for a eoup'e of days this week. He wore the smile that won’t come off. Pooo tempo you'll have to wear rubber bools, and it ’s no use trying to beat. Cold Seal goods. J. J’. Losl has the. exelusiuc agency. Dresden Shields, the Wise river forester’s assistant, assumed his du­ ties this week lie provided him­ self wilh a Sea Ilk1 saddle before starting Now is the time to got in on the Kodak Contest at the Wisdom <Y Clo. Co Mr. and Mrs bee Sluiw were pleasant callers last Saturday and renewed their subscription to the best paper published m the Big Mole Basin Two Prize Coulesls at Wisdom Drug A Clu Co Fishermen and kodak bends, get busy Large shipment of kodak supplies on the way The many friends of C P Stales will lie pleased to learn thal lie has returned, lie fits into IheclciM ship at ihe Wisdom hotel with Ins old time grace See those new. nobby, up-to- date spring suits just received at Wisdom Drug & Clo Co A. E Clark of Butte, brother-in- law of Wm. Montgomery, has ar­ rived and will try ranch life for a few months Mr Ciark is an ex­ pert machinist Dr H P, Best, DENTIST, Dil­ lon, Mont, Olhee over Johnson (Y Bonne's Heal Estate Office Walter While is well-nigh unap­ proachable these days Mis up. pish ness is in consequence of t he nlatched driving team he bought fromjChris Deutsehman. All kinds of lumber at Peridvr- ga-t A Meyer's, Write them at. Jackson for special prices on orders over o,lMM) feet. 27-11 Don Francis and Ray Prichard brought, in a fine bunch of stock cattle for E N. Jones this week. It was part of the Bob Jones purchase at While Sulphur Springs. You can get just what you want in Ball Brand Hirst qualify ) rubber goods at Wisdom Drug & Clo Co Prank Fullerton, who recently underwent a not her operation in Butte for lung trouble, is reported as doing as well as possible. His many friends here hope he will soon completely recover. During the Life of Lossl’s piano contest at Jackson someone will re­ ceive. every other week, a beauti­ ful 41.-piece dinner set absolutely ■free. Ask - the •gM’rtlemar.iy sales­ men in the’Jackson store Miss Rose Shaw, who won the declamatory contest at Livingston last week, is a cousin of the Shaw brothers of Spokane, who are locat­ ing on the Trail creek ditch. m m ’atisra o® the TraS c m * ditch and $mm a m U s wifi he weJtesraed back and a feesaus will be paid to sill who resnaia with him for five months. Some of the best work slock ia Beaverhead county has been pur­ chased, the following Big IIMe Ba­ sin ranchers furnished th: annuls: Emil Zorn, Charley Francis. Jurgen Jorgenson and Frank Hus; a 1. Cattle Sales During the week Frank Frazier bought as follows for Wye & Co.: Montgomery. •.............................700 . Tovcy ....................... 500 i n a b n i ........ ............. „■ • • - 200 * Alenin ■ • • ........ ......................... 11H) Mon ,>w ........................................ I by * Moran’s nearest friend:? claim a ill niaatut for him. Walter While for Butte Butcher- 100 mg x ; A bee ............................ .. | or• riisun.............................. . “5 M V a v .................... ’ ........... .. 01) Walker......................................... 20 $ 10,000 Bond Issue m H m For the purpose of purcha mg a school lot, and building a school- house thereon, and furnishing same, in District Hi, Wisdom, Beaver­ head Comity, Montana, a bond sue of SI0.000 at ib ' j interest, payable annually. Bonds payable in It) years and redeemable in 20 years Certified cheek ot-Fj. of bond issue must accompany all bids Bids will lie opened June Slh, U)12, at 4 p. m , at the sdumlhuusv Tile Trustees reserve the right to reject any or all lads. T J D esmonh Clerk EvidentIv Herman Mumigbrod ci in templates the lug feed bus sea­ son The J P Loss! Co. sent to the ranch Wednesday an up-to- date b-hole Elilily range Get. your measure taken at the Wisdom Drug & Clo. Co. for an M Born Suit A fit guaranteed Jay Shaw of Spokane is in town lbs mother and brother, together with the latter’s family, are expect­ ed in a short time, when they will establish residence on their Trail creek holdings A Kodak makes a nice birthdav present lor l.lie children You can buy a complete outfit for onb. $100 at Wisdom Drug iY Clo (b, The Montana Land iY Develop­ ment company and Messrs. Moran and Strowbrnlge have. Id in head ol 3-year-old steers over on t he Grass­ hopper. The auimaK will In brought onto this range some time during the month. P()R SALE—-Two g<M>b 1.4s, center of town, one corner and one in­ side; cheap. Apple at B reezes olilee John W. Mavbee was iri town last Saturday with a beautiful lynx skin, the MXih seen rid 1 him tin- season. Incidentally, Mr. Mavbee left an order for letter heads and envelopes. Ifis is the Red Fox ranch, in Pirate gulch. Teachers’ Examination will he held April 2(i, 27 in Court House, Dillon, Montana. M argaret R oss , Co, Supt. bred Shorthorn bull for the ijn- prrmfmeM STKs Twrfl.' T~ J.JZL _Dro£j^iJkk£eE- The best is none too good far J. - G-'-~ \—-mi €■ H. Ufamb ridge hfcs let 'the ratraet for3,BOPpam-ls offence, vflt area to be The Wadom Drag & Clo. C o heavy the stage coonpany has been coenpefled to pat m the big Y<4 krrstone park wagoSK, altboogh t i e roads are too heavy foe theta yet FOR SALE—The Astoa Chfls- r i w * * reads* » e » G S d b a a t , B « B d e ben®, ocansdar < i 1280 C. M. Nichols, better known as “Nick the Painter,’’—druggist by profession, painter by inclination, aa4«w>k by eerfftpekaon —who has been cooking at the Parsons ranch for some time, left this week for Dillon, where he will do mme work for T. J. Murray at the Metlen hotel. Otto Gasser has purchased J. P. Lossl’s freight tern, which has become so popular as the Ranchers Feed Stable, and w2l at once begin extensive knprovemertts. The bam wiB be extended north t.q tho street i k S I M \4‘il V Lcwth, yy ' X Quarter yccict i o i t Stoop, jump or run, this Union Suit— -Can't gap in the scat -Can't bind in the crotch -Gives double wear w here the wear is hardest -Always fits perfectly & the perfect union v SUIT. I All fixes, stylet and fabrics, $1.00 to $5.00, Get it today. EUEl BROS D ili , on - - M ont . That by using an ANSCO camera you can have pictqres ol familiar objects in your everyday life? And that these pictures taken now will be greatly appreci­ ated in the years to come! Up with an Ansco Camera, [j because they are the best and [ j Easiest to Handle! * Farmers’ Institute At Wisdom Friday, lay 17th SESSIONS WILL BE HELD In Ellis Hall Afternoon Evening THE SPEAKERS: MISSM'DOWELL, PROF KERR, Bca\ci In ad County High School SL'PT.ConLEY, DR.HARTMAN, Box, man Agricultural College Everybody Is Invited. No Admission Charged. B A A C E AT CLOSE OF INSTITUTE 4-Piece Orchestra TICKETS - $1.00 Wood For Sale Twenty cords, sawed 16-inch. Call al this office. Notice to the Public ■ Tmd /Si TMLlBg. It is Mr. Gasser’s intention also to purchase adjoiaiag lots and eafberge the corral. Verify, it pays io*®* verttse—re Bneczts. E^hthgradf esaszssaxioQ «i& be, beM isWisiom May 2 S- 2 i . I V ■m I have sold out my business and am anxkms to pay my debts, In- eidemally, I texe a place for every dollar that’s coming to me. Sabe? H ans J ohnson . Drop into Loss’s Jackson store and register your favorite's name in the List, of piano contestants. The mstnEnent is joerfect in style, tone and finish- and k ’s rm to ym to see in the opper end <£ the^Ba^a gets the prize. ISOAVes at S6.2S * A F t t l h r ,D r u g C o . * A [! S t o r e [i t ST v- \'i j J (j I 1 ANDCOHKAL Oi'POSjTE LOSISL BLACKSMITH SHOP PRICES REASONABLE GOOD ATTENTION GIVEN OTTO GASSER, Proprietor C. BELL’S NO. 1 SPECIAL! Traces—2 j inch through t«i hames, 3-link toggle. Belly Bands—1 i-ineh, with layer ; guaranteed no paper filling! Back Bands—-2-inch Concord. Back Straps— 1-inch double. Hip Straps Ij-ineh reefed, extra wear leather for traces,. Hames - Concord bolt, No. 0 or 8. Breast Straps— lf-inchi. Bridles—Pigeon Wing blinds, double-ringed crown. Cash, $37 - Time, $ 4 0 Wisdom Harness Store A lbert S tamm Diamonds Watches Clocks Fine Jewelry Fine Watch Eye Glasses . a m tmsn,- and t u to you to see ^ ----------- , ■ y .rj. y j that tte ^ T m k r ^ gryhtdv- ------ D illon . M ontana Northern Cafe Undo' New Management SHORT ORDERS FISH AND . GAME Meals at

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 03 May 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.