Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, October 04, 1912, Image 1

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Mg m : L*J i Volume 14. j. p. m co. Pioneer M e rchants Of THE BiG HOLE BASIN ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ' s ' 3 f i WINTER a IS COMING! Just received a large line of the SHE-BOV-GAN Men’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Sweaters and Hose. Also a large line of the celebrated I f SUMMIT Sheepskin Lined Coats, German Socks, Caps, Lined Gloves and Mitts and all classes of winter goods. —STORES AT - Wisdom - Dewey - Jackson [INCORPORATED] JUST ARRIVED! Our Fall Line Of Gent’s Furnishings *rr* The most complete line ever shown in the Big Hole basin, consisting of Sweaters from $2 to $!). Mackinaws of the latest designs and colors, Caps, Coats, etc. Don’t overlook our Underwear • best yet B r e e z e s . WISDOM. MONTANA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4.1012. REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES Delegates From The Basin Express Their Approval Of CottutyTicRet !;! Wisdom Mercantile Co. THE STORE OF QUALITY The delegates from the basin who attended the Republican county convention held in Dillon on the 24th, express their enthusiastic ap­ proval of the ticket which has been put in the field, as well as of the spirit of unity and good feeling which dominated every part of the deliberations. In those eases where the e were contests, or where contests were contemplated, the unsuccessful aspirants showed a fine and true spirit of personal res­ ignation and loyalty to the party, whuh removed the possibility of having to figure on any soreness or resentment arising from disappoint­ ed hopes of preferment On the face of the situation it would appear (as the Dillon Exam­ iner labors to make it appear) that I this section of * le county had been slighted in the selection of candid­ ates Par from this being the fact, it is worthy ot the remark that in the event of Chauncey Brown's election the Big Hole will have a majority ol the Board of County Commissioners, and our delegation I having taken his nomination as a (.list met recognition of this valley in a most important department of , the county government, they felt unwilling to press the claims of any other candidates on the mere ground of geographic location It is their unanimous sentiment, as it is ours, that the* personnel of the Republican county ticket presents a strong and representative line-up a string of worthy candidates, each of whom will not only make a good run on November oth, but will I j make an efficient officer for the .county, and for all the county, during the next two years Pay Up Your Subscription An exchange tells a story about a man that was afraid of a thunder­ storm and crawled into a hollow | i log. The thunder rolled, the rain | I poured down in torrents and the j ! log swelled up until the poor fellow was wedged in so tight that he could not move. All his past sms began to pass before him when he suddenly remembered that he had not paid his subscription to the newspaper. He said this made him feel so small that he crawled out of the log through a knot hole. 0EORGE R. SHELDON. T A R COMMITTEE TREASURER. eorg# into i F llcan national c v m m itti* a * 4 to* what baa bawme—if It »«* not In former rear*-1tie aitreweljr delicate aa wait aa impor­ tant tank of rearing tbe fundi for a presidential rampalmi Mr She Klee baa bad a wida experience aa a treimnrer of political commit­ tee# Keglnntng with the New York county committee In 1809 he aerved until 1003 and held the official puree etrtnga for the New York etate H*- publican committee tn 1906, when he collected $333.92300 aa a cam palgn fund for the election of Charles K Hughes and the rest of the ticket. Hla selection as treasurer o f the national committee for the Taft campaign was a natural sequence of hi* success tn that of Governor (now Justice! Hughes Mr Sheldon Is s New York banker, a director tn a large oumlier of Industrial and hnanciai enterprise* and was for aouie years president of the Union League club of New York. CHASED BT A ODD FELLOWS HUGE BEAU AT Thrilling; Experience of Hank Eloquent Sermon By Rev. Simmons - - Chased By A Rees Listened To With Wounded Cinnamon Rapt Attention Number SI EIGHT PAGES THR WEEK The Breezes Doubles Its Pages In Anticipation of Its 15th Birthday Next wo the Ib.tL.zt's will cn- ' U t un us tuUiernh year of ci mula­ tto;! m th;s wonderful Big Hole ba­ sin, aniKipa.^a of the gladsome iM-iit v\o art- this wick enlarging the pubic;.;, ■! frvm four to eight pupes. 1 hw, ol. cuLtbc, means ex- La Libor and i spouse on uur part, a! , , 1 ■ mi 1s, i , . j,... n,; i. g tn Viol d s goods ; k our advertis- a i it their con- .u. I generous pat- tars this pa­ ten m ex.c.cnce, precari- ■ ! mr i .at v '.ears, and V ,at hbuenee it has ex- licen conducive to the ml U t Ferment of this, the In si sec the I i County Democratic Candidates State Senator—Jos. C. Smith Representative—F. P. Birrer County Commissioner—Theo­ dore Nelson but we he! that the people of this vallt v an ehuli n! to the best we I can give, and the increase m our advt'u.smg and subscription lists during n.c past lew «n ks, has de­ cided us to make mis move Mi ai icy ate a suil bigger busi- nos. an 1 trial i,lrt: cur pations will appic, ..lie Uii3 in .i vctiiure on our pari l .i * ci,tc ,,,-d ln\a.ty to the pmn '-r ucw.'p.ipcr id this section, tni' ; hr, , u pc isii.-r j path is net I, 1 1 1 1 .' u » iii r, ,:v, >, nor the enwe. ■ ■ ..i' pc. me i ,, in ins voca­ tion ie In. . ol a su{>er- ui m . \u ; ers j u t urn C , roil.!, i i per I o oil., ,, , hope t l.i Cl Ini In wcitum >n oi tiie best county of uu.c m this country. You ian n.d.virtually assist us by b .o. ‘,n.g Lor us whenever oppor­ tune > u it-rs, oy tabdfog in Heme oi intere !, by taking out a sub­ scription, and aliou all, by seeing that llie last named is kept paid up In our enlarged paper will Lie four.) a fund of in I cresting and in- s; mi m e matter. A new serial sion. by John Murray, a weekly sjrm oi the world's news, timely agnculmrul topics, a Sunday school review,, spinal art ales on topics of national mu rest, grist from the sport mill, a column of illustrated lmmur, inustrated stones, cartoons by the leading cartoonists, in fact, si mu thing if interest for every man, woman and child. To the \V M , Wardens and Brethren, Wisdom Lodge No. Cl, A F & A M , Brethren We, your committee on resolutions, beg leave to report as follows, RESOLUTIONS, WHEREAS, In His All-Wise the Su- is complete a n d in c h arge of a FIRST-CLASS PHARMACIST 1 lank Simmons has broken the | A large congregation gathered at world's record for the 2G* yards the \\ isrtom Fresh; u-nan Church sprint. He had a powerful inern- last Sunday evening to hear Rev tive in accomplishing the feat, in , Rees preach his la.-.t sermon litre, the shape of a huge cinnamon I tear. The members of Gulden Link lodge A little over a week ago, I lank'of Oddfellows attended in a body, mounted his horse and rude into J clothed in their regalia, in honor j providence, it has pleased the timber near his ranch, aceum-jof the retiring pastor, who is a \prt Grand Master of the Uni- panied by his .2 2 rifle. lie had ! member of the order. Special s>j- V{TSe t0 raise our beloved brother, not gone far when his steed got ■os l arid duets were rendered by John W. Moran, from this lodge on i wind of a bear, which was quietly • Miss Neilie Wampler, Mrs. H. S. t.arih to lus Celestial Lodge on - . gorging itself in a thicket of berry j Arrmtage and G. A. Williams, at- ]jii:h, and, ttorney Jo n . ^ bushes, decided the locality was jcompanied by Mrs. B. K. Stevtri-j WHEREAS, Through his death | not a pleasant one, deposited his son. ! we mourn the departure of a true rider unceremoniously o n the! Rev. Rees took for his subject' anij faithful Mason; the corramm- ground.and started for home. Hank “'I be Genius ot Uddfellowship. i t . itv suffers the loss of an honest, up- had an indistinct view of the am- wu* one ot the most eloquent scr-'right citizen, and his bereaved reia- naal, but had no idea it was a bear,1 mom it ha* ever been our pleasure: that of a devoted and loving and, taking careful aim, sent a bul~ to listen to and a convincing tnb-■ Therefore be it let bearwards. Instantly the am- uu to a wonde. ful f.aternal organ-1 RESOLVED, That we hereby and th e race to*:ion. Next week we intend giv-; sincere s o r r o w o v e r the -Harry vord Sheriff—-Duke Gist Clerk of District Court Graves County Treasurer—Judge Rife Clerk and Recorder—Ben Miller Assessor—Henry Dowling Supt. of Schools—Miss ■ Man’ Z f Z d e ^ ' h ^ ‘ , . i began. Even then Hank did not trig a synopsis of it. P^hc Adimrastrator Quitman ^ ^ ^ was a didn’t sto p ------------------------------------------ ~ - 4 M m ------- ------ ----- r6 knew i t -was- eeesng the hired man proceeded to in­ loss of our brother. John W. Moran; 0 G I V E U S A C A L L -was TO irrigate They, h t m l 8 l That our hearts go out m sym­ pathy to lh t bereaved brother and that war f harwr he (faggd J a c k s o n P i a a o C o s i e s t M a t f f t m t Weaker.. . . . . — 29,166 place Kke home. :cinnamon bear lying dead. in to - For two hundred yards the mad ansnal had been shot through the1 ^ tKsr that these too - m m G o t - M m pace lasted, and just as Hank was; heart, yet so strong was fcs r i t s M j begswaag to see the ans of las past: that he had chased his h m s m ' M i ife»««ftp a ^ a E ^ a s pass hdere « la s ^ * 1 * 3 Isiiesdead. I The M m u i.m s loaned and „ , * 2 2 m l £ « * then the rasner <£9 a<* ts(^<2ttieee«£s takesi from the ;------******** - t x M M m m 1 - tetioes be spread i® faff apee the rasMStesoi the Mge^ * cepy h e presetted to smrrtmftdniawt. sadaoapy fasm^edto t ie press farpe&ibeiso. Rcsp«TftfflyBA«nitted, W aixaii l l e m e a e r | m ilM ig i Mask itaJu

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 04 Oct. 1912, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.