Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, January 24, 1913, Image 2

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Wmm r Survey of the World's News I HBCTBNANT G E N E R A L N E L ­ SON A. M ILE S , l'. S. A., re- m tired, who is now at bis farm \ to Westminster. Mass., prophe- ries a long era of peace for the l uitwl - States. “ Although.\ be say*. “ I oau see noth eng on the horizon that looks in ibe ■— -teast-•Wte-at-war^totMli-fo f w -fcr-U>» country is concerned, it is our duty to be prepared for war. Heuerally speak­ ing, the greater our degree of prepara­ tion the greater our security from ino lestation. I do uoi. for one moment., however, believe that tlm proposed re­ organization of the riiilitia riguilfe* ll»to the w a r department fears trouble with any foreigu power. ‘'W h ile, us an ottn-or of the army. 1 cannot publicly dismiss such matters as the w a r department's proposed plan to organize the militia ol the country into tactical divisions. I am fn-e to say that any plan which seeks to make the m ilitia a more efficient body, acting in closer harmony with the regular army, la a step in the rigid direction “ From a military standpoint, the Panama canal will a s o u p t of strength and of weakness to this '-\tin try. W e must retain possession ai any coat. It will afford us a great ad'an tage in shifting our divided fleet fram one ocean to the other in case of threat­ ened attack on either side, hut we must etUl maintain a divided fleet and iu my opinion a bigger fleet, not withstand tog Its greater mobility \ Asked i f he favored compulsorv mili tary aerviee, which many belie'e Ma |or General Leonard Wood hinted at recently, General Miles emphatically declared that he did not The general, In response to another question, said that in Ins opinion the Strength of the standing army should he one soldier to every l.Ooo of popula turn, and he urged that the nations of the world come to an agreement upon tblfl standard * r FRENCH L I N E S U B S ID Y A new postal subsidy agreement lie tween the French government and the French Transatlantic line from Havre to New York has been agreed upon It covers the next twenty tive years, and its conditions provide for the con­ struction of four new steamships, des tlned to enter the service In lillfl. HUM. 1826 and 1931 respectively. They are to have a speed of twenty knots an hour to summer and eighteen knots an hour In winter. The subvention to the company ts fixed at $1,200,000 for each of the first four years, after which it will lie sub­ ject to revision. As long as the French Transatlantic company maintains n line between H a v re and Canada the French govern rnent agrees not to subsidize uuy com pettng line. R R B A B Y R U L E S P R E S I D E N T E L E C T “ The White House hahv\ has al­ ready lieeu appended to the name of Miss Josephine Cot lirau, the sixteen- months-old grandniece of President Fleet Wilson Her mother. Mrs. Peril) Cothran, who ts the daughter of a sis­ ter of tlie p’-esident elect has been in­ vited to make |i(.|- honn- in the White House during tin- i-mv of her uncle in Washington she will he a companion of the Wilson girls The baby is a great favorite of tlir next president and, though the parly tive on the part of fun loving girls, to flirt. Must of the girls curry on flirta­ tions because it, affords them harmless smtlseUieut. *<if course there are ex­ ceptional .caser, where harm bus been done.\ R R A S P E C T A C U L A R C A R E E R —^TT'JTrv-1TITTTlTTrrTr^TTETrElT^T:—nrvTOTTPVfrrpf— P ic Fnited States scoutor from Arizona, lias had a spectacular and remarkable career. The t ,cutgre>sioi.ia.l |>ire.-iory is ihe authority- for the statement, that Hie senator oneo wa> employed as a hodearrior. then became a lumberjack, IMPORTANT TO PAT EVERT __ RILL WHEN IT IS DUE. This Is th* Moot Successful and Only Safe W a y to Transact . Bueineas. Pertaining to the Farm ^/f Scrub Cotv * ; No man , an d*» business i ma glut ude. said » retail man recent . I.v. - or would care fi>, t,,r ih-tt matler. .i VV.U.liuU.t .cU aJit.-Lefi' \Hie- v c *T \ W Tt h ~ Vvhicli credit may 1,, 1 ,,1 1 1:i jlied mn \ Vie a piltall and mve into u h H ! a gt,od man.' retail nn-n-hants have fallen „ nr|, unless human nature change.,, are like ly to fall in the fnlvii'e. “ Buf I here is Min- sS^lie to fu| j low, which a| least will prevent mtn pii'-.-uioiis arising as a result of euro Icssui'v'. :iu-l Hint is loodopf a rule to Pay every bill and interest aceounl vv lieu it is dm-. Many a bill has hern let mu over when to pay II would lie jiisl a- easy as |o ouiil doing so, and loose ends of debt aei-iiinulate in a wav Hut is surprising- when a full summing up is made id I hem. \Then. Ion. It is I rile that if | hr debts are left a! loose ends some one may lake it into his head in gather Hu- loo-.e ends logellier and so lie ii| i he man \ In* -hould Ini v e looked iillei •hem Ibis turn lie a had metaphor, but il is i-ertaiuly good logic So, as I said iu ilie beginning.'' says a writer iu the Hoot and Shoo Be eorder. \Hie best Ihjiig to do is to pav all lulls vv hen due. even if hi do so you shall have lo borrow live neressary iiioiiey willi winch lo lake rare of them, since doing so .it least has Ihe merit of i nneeiitraliiig the indeliled ness and I'l.-i' iii- it u liofe fu’ov isiou ran ho mode hu ii, handling e.-isilv when <| > 1 1 ■ il unity idlers hi lake il up. THE “ BOARDER COW* IS A MILLSTONE AROUND NECK. Don't Waste Your Tim* and Energy j and Money Feeding an A n i­ mal Net W o rth I t j Upkeep. A millstone around his peek is what the \boarder ,-ou,\ Hie \robber row,\ Ihe unprofitable scrub row. is to the farmer. Ho where I will for my fnf h it s , I tincl ihe average production so |e\\ Hint those row s dial go below tW I average must be losers to Hie keepers. | says L. W. Highly in the Nalfem ill M nek man ami Farmer. Just lalrly I got figures from several errameries and then aseerlaiued Ihe number of run-, that eoid i-ilmied to (he I , ruler of ma uni act lire and was imt stir prised to learn Hut the average pm diu tarn per cow wa-. from Ihu I\ |s| pounds of btilier I was iml surprised fie, a use I ha v e In-eu ineeling llu- saini- resulls in almost every in v esl am I made where a considerable number of rows were eioieeriied The man wdh llu- average row was ivu ImMiug his own and how did the man with Hi\s<- heh >u I In- , v erage I a re : I'lie price of 1ll i I lei w ill in-v enough to make a I • |mnml able I he \ 0 ly wav I ha I - ow ■i hr high ov\ ivrnlil -an he ol o ii.rnish ila hove! I InUcsiapli I.V i ellcac el \ii'-i 1 1 1 ii re. I e,\,, .u-, ,,f VV n, ' h im ii P R O D U C E S O N L Y N IN E T Y PO U N D S OF B U T T E R A Y E A R T in , animal has been plielograidled by Ihe I III' crsily of \\ i-eousni as It \hum b le example'' of the row that eats her head off and gives m rei.iin so m ile mill, dial U s a pdy almost to wa l,- time evira.-ting il from le-i I he dairy ex peris lay much sln-ss mi I lie fact t ha I these scrub row > eat a- much as animals of m il'll higher ipinhly and 1n.--, I ill 'lew of Ihe |>rrsrnl high p I’lres of feed is well wordl eonsidera | mu vf- Henry F- Aihurgt One of the Senator* From the State of Arizona cow puncher, i Jerk and ucW'Oai’M re porter 'I Ill'll lie look lie the liw and he went lo \\ a.aliingtnn a> a man of wealth fls well n- im porlaii'e m Ihe polllles id Ills eounln the senaim \■ a man of most polished m.-inn< ' and lias hoeu ended a \■.di.-itr I lieslenield R R A \C O N C ILIA T IO N C O U R T \ Judges of the municipal . mirt \f Cleveland. 0 , considering \a y s and means of lowering Ihe n s i . ol m ini prunednre, are responsible for the erea lion of a \ronejlinl mn enurl w hi, h started its work Jan t All claims of loss Ilian Soil garnish meilts, attaellllients replevins and sun liar suits will lie heard in the \ mn ilia Hon court\ without tive institution ,,f formal proceedings. Costs will be greatly decreased Service of subpoenas by registered mail was discussed us a method to low i er cost of legal proceedings R R T H E 1913 W O M A N The spring maid of Idl.'l is lo be j straight front, slm lgld hack, bipless and eiirveless It fashionably a ill red - she will look like a Straight line willi HU ohlnpie line at Hie l\p. -slid oblhpie llljo being her hal Skirls lire lo be perfeelly slraighl. looking like an envelope Jackets are to be (he same Narrow sUirtR will prevail, hence they will be slashed so that the wearer may move with the same degree of safety. The slash may la- in the hack, front or side The slash will extend to a point just below tI k * knee aud will be skillfully eon eoaled by plaits. For plump, rotund women, who onli­ ne! wear the positively straight lines, the fashion makers have taken a les son from (Iu- unspeakable Turk I nr plump women thorp will be skirts >>f the voluminous, slli'f'lllkr robe \ f the desert runnier, drawn tighlly a|,,u)l the .\inkle- and full at He top ( h jen I tal onlnrs ids,, will be drawn upon I Ilea V iI.V III I lie liew sf \ |rs I Upturning to the slender woman, jackets will bo <-nt on tie- same straight lines as He- skirts. The cut | aw ay pattern w ill prevail, aud this calls for some tje,-\r.-dion lo fill in H\3 front. 1-or this purpose llier,- will |,e | a waisteonl, ex.-e-Hv like a man's vest, to finish the open mat. The spring will be striking, of.stripes and mo-tiud-fiuf-Abe-must A Delicate Touch ■ I ol leu met I lie late .1 ole:s m Monte l arlo. man \T he great sense of bumoi \ St the Hotel i arlo. an Fnglidi Massenet a lea overlooking Ihe Pile liroiighi mil middle of I he tea I he pin no a ml lie ns slender a. Massenet ml a Newport wo iiipii,s <11 had a keen le Paris, in Monte onia ii oner ga' e M in her sitting room lane SIeditei ranonn her da lighter in the and sal her down at girl sang in a voice at,ui thread l he mil­ lin' mils', from Thao St I lie end of song Hie host i s , sa id \'T o ll me frankly .her inaifi-e what do pm Hunk of niy F.inilv s voiep?’ \ 'Madame.' said Massenet, I think the young lady has a brilliant future in sculpture or painting ' \ A Sm all Crop. The famous I.atakia tobaeeo erop only averages lido tons a year a in use I■ > i lie w .irld i, prune extra ■ 1, 1 >i- , heel I, n and resla n ra id lah.e I'lie f a miei who lei ( c .ind f'-e'l is gel ling poorer i > erv da V .1 ml ln> farm 'I lie pool !, linn ala v es v ea r ill v ea r out w i>rl, in, ha nl and nmg i I liinking a I li\Ughl Iml fa il lifua i lug a herd ot Ooarder , ow , some of \ op fellows who want pi-pity w |se ai e doing it In fa i I Mol IlOW w lac Veil lll-l if Ion ha V kept an a- con pi w 11 Ii loin cow a willi scale and pen, il von are- lending some Tnhlier cow . SS by men should persist iu sm h w ork may seem a mvstery to some but u is ipnte natural The man is in a ml and it Is easier to run along in the nil than to turn out on unused and unworn ground It takes nerve to la laughed at and he given Hie guffaw aud Hint is vvliat always happens to Hie man wlm turns out of the rut in word thought and notion But had no one tried new ground and defied the \stand patter' we would still he dwelling In eaves and cooking meat by dropping hot stones in a pot H O R S E AND S T A B L E H IN T S , ’ i I,, w |M'W del- gl v i-u * I’iH'li 1 1 l . V I'- ••,11.1 In hr .Jill 1 lor il-l . Km ih-.i»FiIcr •i i iinrsn- 1indy it I- • 1\ ■ • h'Fnl h h !l Hi’ \f po( ash four * -Mill - 1 •' £ F}( | 1ulaicd -ugar and .* n.i j • ■ • -in ll Mill '-rl II \1 oi' h one |'nni nd •1 VY • Mix vv rii h*:oU hci a in) 1 ! 11 lllc fM| 1 • mf' 1 (hm v t w 0 poUilel-. 1 Cl-ll V till * im 1 urn lni( Id (In grain Iced ' 1P i ■ I'*' Hilt-*? .Hill \h e a l |irnn 1 -e ;i Ft1 | * tincture of iih I iiio on Hie lumps ii'il j * pi ppx '<<!!() dm until Hie sk 111 I \ he- nines a utile I h s 111, | -a , rooked 1 11 ll I ie,I t elide! IS Ihal •-■II - III Where Diplomacy Failed !B y E V M O J V T ) B . C O M T T O N ma II I a la help eil by Using a IIP v I ill. i,f a I.-. >1 nil two pails a nd nine oil one pa ll on the knees and tendons twice a da i and with I In,rough hand rubbing Hacli lime si ra iglit on 1 lie leg and bring il into pl;e e several times This \ I I I at ret eh the tendons and loosen up the joints and ligaments Hon t be afraid to rub the leg Into proper form Farm Progress * A* *• *V ■'.♦.•s*r,e<lp. ' 3) M \rah rah.\ of el>.-rm @ by T'act, Eli-,,: , N'cv, f ,,i k. Preatderrt Elect Wdson and H niece, Who Wdl Live In White House. fette r s may find dithenlty m gi-mitg all tbeir favors granted, il p. nimorod that the Istle grandniece neo'i only titter a w ish within hearing of Ihf erstwbik* ■-'■•liege prufo\. >*■ wia-n this wfeh A fl'J lie frirnih-i I anioug designers h'-ing the i.Tiir.LX--.six—iiiche.s |, ,i(uur 4.oHd j goods w itti a tan stripe. i R R S U N S H IN E IN E V E R Y C E L L i I oilewjng are s-uue of Ihe features j ot ti)*’ plans for tin- new- state peniten­ tiary w hi. h is to bo bnili at Joliet, HI., at a oust ,,f xrt.rrfn<.(Mat; Sunshine in every eel I, i opspini supervision of prisoners | from one ei-rdral p,,i!it. Grand-j < H-.-nlar cell bono-s connected with a central uirong lia|! S'l-seili- he:,ting and v etililatilig ;ir- rangotne'iN, nsvbrmg it,;- maxinitmi ef­ fect for health of iimiaics. Tin- platis woi.- flrawti after three years' Study of [itisous HI this eoritp Fiir,pc >|« \V heaven keep me from get ling mixed in other peoples affairs, especially toio allairs F.v er since I hrougld l.en liiclmiotid down on a visit ami intro duced Inuv to my cousin Myra liuclier. I have regret led having done so I,on is an exeellenl fellow, rather iueliued to look upon every im-ideut or episode seriously mid iu a matter of fact fight 1 would as soon think of cracking a joke to an owl. M yra Is a good girl, but uature did not endow her with av erage beauty. Indeed, she is homely I lost my parents early and \n s brought up hr my aunt, Fliza ltm-lier, being beholden to her and her family for everything I had till I ,-mue of age Therefore when I In-,night Richmond home and saw what were at leasl to mo unmistakable signs that Myra had fallon in love \jth lorn and that ho was n«>t hkelr to return her devotion I felt as if I had cinniilP-d a crime. True, tin-re was mulling .-igaiosl her hut her lioilK'liiioss, for s | m - via.- a line character aud had a winning wav with her. l.en. to\ was not handsome ||e was a lean, red headed, freckled chap, with a long neck and sloping shoul­ ders. But in',la>dy looks for beauty in a man. Ill- \a s ronsi-ienli.iiis as a mule. One day lie came to me with a long f.-n-e and -aid he wished to consult me ah,ml a vert important lrialfi-r. M e were sit. Fefi.-+be-4os*rs-«.K4 \ fn- dows all open, and he spoke in a l.ov trere.-—-fits ‘-t'dd- -(-of- f kerf f'e -fia-rf -pr-r-c-n to suspect, what I considered a ion-. gone conclusion, that he had timnicn- ! tiimaiiy v\,,n M yra's heart nod that he i could not possibly return that love for j tin- sole reason «f her homeliness. I H hat was I to cih'.' The only course I for me was to convince him that Ins ) reason was tm reason at all. Then if I his iiHiii.-itiou moved h.m toward tin- girl all would come out right. *•}.(■•! | satfi, * I have h.-atd tlial the i icesi marriages follow from diversf-n-s - I h -1 v.cM-ti the matt and 1ho wtireati A ctuick p-ifipored \ornan shotiid have a long suffering husband an impulsne man a woman of self i-orip-ol, a ho ne- lv wifV-'' I pn'iised. Hit ft- I if tier the means expresses it \ I took conscious comfort in ihe fa,-( that his apia-uraiice was far below the average. l.en intimated lo me tlial my cousin s homeliness should not stand in his way if he felt Inclined lo make her his wife lie did not speak to her. however. Hi the 11me. and I fancied he was waiting for the spirit to move him lie , nrne down again In a month and made his proposal. He came to me immediately after having done so and surprised me by telling me that he had been refused \Am i what do you suppose,\ he add ed. \is her reason?\ \ I can’t conceive,” I replied \She says that I hate every require men! to please her fancy save one I hogged her to tell me what that one deficiency is, and she at last said that she hod always fare led homely men. I wouldn't do \Toil don't mean il\' I <\> aghast \Ie - , and she aihh'd 'Now inv i-i.ii' in I \|- i',,,i. - he d -■ u:i H'-th The hot blood ru: rie l into niv cheeks, then suddenly rushed out again Then I wauled to laugh If didn't tal e me long to discover a reason for this sin gular apparent c,.incidence. W h ile F.rn and I had I teen talking on (he porch the minx bad l>pcn listening at an up per wind,,\. Richmond stood looking at me rijc frt-H-y. givtrrg -no r-orfen-r whatever (hat he had even the faintest glimpse rff the trnttrr ------ -- - ---- - ------- * “ Leri.\ I said, \if I were yon I'd go home and think no more about if. A f t ­ er all. it, would he ratlu-r hard for you •laimed there s me ex D O E S IT P A Y TO F A T T E N ? If You Have Enough Cow* Fini*h Calves Yourself and Save Money. W F W a rd of the bureau <>f animal industry, department of agriculture, and I) T Hray of the Alabama sla tint) have been cooperating in an ex periinent in feeding yearling calves the work having a direct hearing on the question of raising and finishing animals mi the same farm | Tltev are aiithiinly for H ip statement that Ihe farmer who ha« as manv as thii'lv bri-cifing cows mi tus Harm should make it a ml, In fatten I hi-ir offspring himself lb- <an seldom af ford to sell the calves in the profes sioiial feeder The feeder usually makes money on (be process of fatten lug, and the man wlm raiRes calves in sufficient numbers should keep (his extra profit at home I There are many wars nf disposing ! of bpef ealres or cattle, and the farm er should he watchful to avoid rnelh nds by which money might he lost. Tt is possible to raise beef cattle prop erlv arid bv selling them improperly tn lose iimpey mi the business in just the same wav Hist it is possible to raise I good tipples potatoes anil peaches and j lose nmricx on them vv hen the market I ing part of tin- buxinr-s is not studied arid given proper attention When beef cattle arc bred fe,| and markeled in a scientific and businesslike manner SHtisfaetory profits should he realized A G E O F B R E E D IN G H E I F E R S . Dairy Cow Should Begin Giving M'lk as E^Hy as Possible I Ilf .1 Ul' ;i I u hit ll in I'IVl'il | nr hi IJ (M s ■ l < \IM .1 III h IC' IIITIIr: 11 iii’-.l 11 *1 1 ‘ M\ii i' ■\ »liN rn. i on.'-tiifM'nhh .»n I his mi Mini im I nrt u nn lol \ t \ | mtii ’ h < r ns irhlh'fj (>v I l*'l > |> llii| Ii || | f i il'll i 11 v ;i i i liH'H liv \\ I'll rs I' I i\ ,i 11 I ni,l li KJ I lit l rn VV II .1 ln| » < illil I r\ JmiHM I I 111' \ F11 f H Ini's ; I i \\ Ii \ 1 r t! *<i In lli.ll-.M 1 h m |'iiiifii\ ' miffirm t\ fxiMTirn-o ,i lit'! nl i-tHM ;i f it in hut I il t hr t i> nf lllT‘*M||||n hl' tlTS lli> hatp !1IVV|)1S '\•i'll hi*' h 1 • I itj' I ’' h*»lh i vi'oi'inn 11 in) ' Hi nl . ii i mn When l Im Imi tVi m Irn<| . tn rj ;-n hr -1 <n * f it I I Im nf inn \ ru m ti IMM I'll it 11 | IKslil IH’CM t I) l> <i i ll I il ihf' lut hit nf fixing uiiljx i-. r>fti*|\ uiulf'cl Bpsifh'K thr rnmijC <>xx < H'rin|ilhh‘ il 11(1 IS Mills III'IIT I- hronulh mitli'V Mm nil' I Ft >u IlH'H l , H t ’ \\ 1 « Hlthl l\H With I In (II - I <’n| I l i j H M 1 ;l{ III! >J -«■ nf MX n V Pills hi'ttrt in (lei;) v thr Itici't 1n 1 m | i In \ H*J t Ml I f (■ H i \ ni rlLi'li I 111n11 i 11' lx *M‘P milk 111 Li Imt f'H ,| V r.i i I I, <<|n|' T In tif v * ln|i ( hi- | |;i 11 , ,| |,ihr (mr-Lt'Hit imllvitij: Mini t|»o m Mill slm r?m In' h|-*'d it* - ii I h r t \ ox cry i Ml f ll I'l'OlH'lh foil Mini h.lllillnil tht’IT ,(l i ' mi t:ti u\ i|n ug-or nf -t 1 11)(ni k * ho srroxx * h <»i uiidortnimui: t Im '•unstifutlon 1,i’ oiirly lii'oodin^ I ho ihilri orixv should hpjMti pUiny milk its early iu life as possible and the Imbit of persistent millxiii” he ifw>roii£'hl.x instilled in the animal \ heifer bred Iu ritlvr at two and ono half m flnvn of n^e ^ p) tn rnnrr- illflh nil in h;mdh' imd * onsfv * j Holt ( lx ho| ‘.\IM1 yfnw ii hnt' t}l t f I a Sfl roiidili thus bringing ahout ;i tenflrn* ? in shorten tbn r$ii!Uinu period upon nh o IT ofm shoph} hfx Hu- sine of a tong |mnor| nf Im tnlifin Itrperi (he heifers >nuim i*»nrteeii tn fifteen months ex- rept posMbU in Npei nil eases and bet ter results \til he obtained hi prodim ing large and persistent milters i i he and 11 ■ * i m •-I iJH nut ud Mid Busy Hen* Mean More Eoge. Have some millet seed so that yotl ran throw it among the litter The seeds are so small that it will take the hens eonsiderable time to find them all. Bnt they will keep at it. hunting them till all fire found, and this Is what ts needed to keep them busy and to keep them xMiim Kansas Farm er Egg Fertility, Hens that lav frequently from tha first of the winter will not gire as fertile og-jfs for hatching as those «hi<-h have been more moderate io Ifninr If does not pay to force the breeders too much. The Sunday School Lesson ■|ext I'.f the lessen. Hen. ill. Mcm-iry v erses, IT If*, <felfk-n ‘I PXt. .Ifiliti v ill. 34. tn rhts tcssi-rn w r tu n c The itj-sr 'tTif-Ti- li,,ii of tli'- il'-v ll. cf tiiihcln-f, of sin. iiff JMfffcTTiTg. nTfff.fflSTt cf ii ffi-'IUcflf-'i*. TTTff (Icmplmu ami a great i-pst«r#tkm. An iiodersfaiifiing ,,f this rliaf.tcr helps grcarlv to undf-rsi a riding the whole In pass y-nilr life with a Imrncl.v wem- I Bible an. Besides. cry iuu-lv nowadays says The flcvfi is flcscnbctj in Rpy, sji, ff; tha! marriage is a failure, ft doubles xx, 2. Jf.s tin- great 'ilragf.ii, I Imt old ser- ntir sorrows and halves fmr joys.\ fient. ca-lfed !lw> devil and Bateii, whq I hal Ts! if the ! Ity aim Fur,' i iie cell I;,uiscv .t|., « f l«-r untb iy «J> tmt stand | ru-citls-r >trn -ti,i-cs rih'.tr! UN! feer ia to The way. | tliar-icf.-r. I : : rf-:rrJ an rtricu cage R R ( nf spa!, heavy glass nfi,| j,f. p|;lr-)vj f„,_ ANTf-FLfRTfNG CLUB j lwc.-n the txars, sr> tm m r:taLe an iu- ikisty tff tltc leading s/a-a-ty ImtK <»f ! ekew-d ri».u f.f c:t- fi cell. X e v KiMtrfrisrf'Ctf. f » „ have <«rsrob!is'i' R R, k b a’Bti-flfiTtoxr chht a*id fipa-ucd m m-1 S U F FRAGE tN WORTH CAROLINA sttffragc- K f« fs* tfeitfi-r.-vi y(l were than a JiondrWI It'gfe scboift; 4 'aT'ifrJm this year »* iW tfx& z *4 adofd-cd by h » p b*«t*4F»i** w w e . h * t e •■\Mi. rrt-;-fe T b r -rfuh Tiyrm* tTiia-x'h\- a r . r lit; r>»--m Kta»ry, Sa’liw r**-*f« aed k»P V*i. AL-tN.- W « > * -»iRl I f fa r w f e s J r.-ruarty. and « v « S t<fseif\3 ty namr-fsA. Iia» t-ev-u trtx u & A P * \ l i f alij f d * 4 fb r *flrsmr*srtSmt- tin t s teatamfiftg rtait w w b » p » w l M b k E % m BxflfeML fs ite s t « f ; M t f f H *» «• *rh r*t heard. <* sa te a x v *11 tew * - * a s d «■ f e i t i x * ! x n w r t i w t . tl)..r:gl ! I li.-ffl iu ffitrsf!T h e n I hrurt- eil. \A g<»v| KKtkrng btisfiaMl.\ 1^-n Mild rv>ih\»tg f««r several rntmit, N«r did I. I w a s to sec rf la- wt.Til.1 sxvatlr.w the dose. “ Y<« tneaw.\ 1*r said frbvtcsfly. 'Tha-f I s I k - w .W ik A Bxarry x Ifso t H u l x * man.\ “Tlcsf< ex»effyv wlest I meaR.'* TItet) fa- <Tft me t» the afttfek. *T tarv# afnays felt fs- f f t f lJtm M r n i- r \ hes.-k!. 'ifra f sn jth tn s t w i y'm is ate frwth. N a fib e r ! H i K ****<4 I di-tn I succeed In getting any- com- fert ini ■ him. hut he went Ij'-me sil the same, sw] [ turned my a B e n t fen tn Myra l am v,ne nf ihe felfews w he march­ ed up Snn Juan hri! rn Htfba. hut it was infilling tn going tvi f*iy- C'lllsin tn try t,-> t:n,|i, w ha r ! had d<->r>e. Fnr every w ,>rd I symke sfie sent hin-fc an art»wer like n Ma-tispr f.gHrt. A t last. 7 lv t'ambers a*scrt*«l wake tee f-e’feve tkfft I are »m tk)ng tbeir fa t e p « » t e B .f m - a t e f t r a s ri— dtt , & » * * * * to tb * * * “ x*' enrge w t* s ' t n t B edA few The ta pft e e s *4 «ir» V'iA.aBS *4 » a a tg t I ? m * ifeving my temper, f sa id : \Ymti'd fefi'fcr fake me. Y«® sar I'm la i f u c l y r-i> ,f;g! i t n s r i f f y e n WTwf did she <\ft t«*t firm her ne#d aw a y frmn me and stare at the finnr. fire i rt lieareev; ffad j hees hairk- tnjr Bp The w rnjtg free? H a d she tier* sstoS Itk-fcawsrsI f«r a fnSf? Airyaray. 7am w a * * h e a w lfrt tamtoi r m t «■« M thedl8eta«x 1 * irsS m n t 4* <nf»sds ' *nd pmrred a ra f f B a c vdlley » ' fere petirfv, A hrr fhat tBribe her t e ’v * eoffrety AoA. *vw r » ewgagrd. J wenter <*tet 1 * 1 * n y te m y f i M W r t a m M L A i ( * * « tO m il itii i i i i i aaKtetf mt deeerrerh flic whole world. H e tt a+«rr called the gin-I of ihis world, fhe prince of the |viwcr nf i lie a if. the spirit that nnw- -workcih in the children nf dis,;‘ic- diencr i l l l ,ftr, a', -I, Fph. ,i. 2b In verses 1-T>. tn tl»- derri'a first re­ corded titferance. 'Veil, hath Hod said?\ he questions the word of Cod, and in rite words following he qws- ikgts..ite..b T.e r f ff*iil- . l B j n a M L - A Jtt makes Cod a liar n-ompifre 2 ITi and to verse ’< sets i^f»re E v e an r v h f f t o to be as c^td. Those who to any way talk «r act Tiftfs st^jiw r t «m*e to whose «*- |doy ftiey are. Verse fi remtods «S rtf I An&n It. TS. the tesT of the flesh, f be tost o f the eyes, the pride of Bfe. *fi **f arhirlf fhe aroirtiS S j f i mrtt <«< f t e L Y r a k aTE fh a t TJiey-needed.'«S #n®nesa i N B i h e t e * « o i . E v t - f d l B v t wffh te a s e r s a t t e f i a w , ■■ter the *a-»e tmwpfrffefc'. fbe t e t Mtm eeeteed the tewli r a g w e rrsm e K mg <(o,| for Hie gif* of the woman, fig leaf aprons a substilute for gnr- iiieurs o f fight and glory. Inasmuch as Hie minding of ihe flesh Is death TT& n ir . ' iff, fi, margim. toey died that day. as Cod had said they would. This is the first ''afraid'' in the Bible find the first, aftempt to hide from Cod Contrast an the “ fear n o ttf and the Fife hid w ith Christ rn Cod. .Vote ihe first question of Cod. \W h e re art rhoti?'' (verse f*i sod see the Good Shepherd wo'tifig gig Tds'f sheep. The r»td Testament as we have rt ends wtrh the word \corse.' imt in the last. ( loifiler of the New- Testamenr we read. \There shall he no more corse\ i Rev. t t ii, Si, and the reastm why * Gat. HI, K - Christ mate a m w e tor m . The thorns of verse 16 take os also to ffoteotha, or, TAlhe r . to ItmtM before P i late, aoidthytr- !fe f t e '« a iji*e a r w o e d 'f ld f t e l|ii^ t & & 4RaBWH>Ri ,<4 Kfe tam e * t & e « *«* >» yte-te*B. SKJ- to Bern. Ttii. w-here we see him who wore the crown of tlmrns redeem- fRfl the earth. Ijessr>n verse 15 show “ the great D o th erer as the seed o f t be woman, hura o f a rirg ia. m fforht- ~t the bands of the adversary, imt ©as Tv eem p e rtfic tom. Tier* is U s e fbe s»i- waffc* 4/t E r e . f t r «® to»y i * t w « * the father m Whe t e % m mWeaee s a t e s it o h . i t I s ih e w o r t o f t io d . wffi p a t \ TV- w e t t e d <*f sato«ttoB fa fe&y flerth to verse 23. -where we rhf M i a t e d d t o ? fvetedfy o f e t e d lt a e te f - A t e t o \ 'rn**-

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 24 Jan. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.