Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, January 24, 1913, Image 3

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4 Olive Green Cloth Suit ' 1 j 7 2 LAUNDRY HELPS. 1 »$.-i y . ‘ * * * * * v * - ^ ’ Many girls when they mv iravelins from place to place lane t\ play the pan t>r Uuituliv*-..\. T'ti\-'F iTtnrc-m»y“t ? be of assistante tu them. The blouse must not be wrung l*>\ hatui, but l»> put through a wringer and then pressed, while '.till damp, on the wrens side. A hot iron nm<l ucvcr tu? employed. Dissolve a piece of sum aratiie the size of a pea in one pint of boiling wa ter and dip the blouse in this. Iron it with a pieee of muslin holtttvn the Iron and the lime, and Dually pull out the points ami edses of ihe Ian-. Flannoi Idolises should he washed in warm water, neither loo hot nor too eold. A little ammonia may lie added: tult, above all. tlm washing musi he ai'i'iimplishod quickly. Tin. l.-i~.t riusins. lilm the til's! Washing Wilier should he w arm. Before a Inee Mouse is washed it should he soaked at least an hour In soapy wilier with a l cn s |■»m > fii I of horn \ added In n Then I.inove Ihe Mouse mill wash il very gently ill a lalher of soap and Imi walei 1,'inse il I horoiiirhly in dean w a iers V silk Mouse should novel he put into hojlina water, for it gi\-s 1 1 ,,, vdk a yellow lhum and impmen lies iho mideiaal II should he dipped into a '■Irons: lalher ol r, | id water .mil lie sipiee/ed in il <m no a .mm 1-1 11 lie niMieil /e.r should ihr - I, tie soaped sn era I I iti'iug w a iers in u-.i Hoy» Thi* Term Cam* to Be Applied te Whisky. When the Hudson Hay Trading ivur puny begun iis trading tiiuong the In­ dians d was found that by si'Hlug the Indians luptor they eotdd more easily biy induced io irude I heir |ieitries. Ihe lirst whisky or intoxicant of in- fe'M: *u KugUuwl and brought to America in Targe liiirieis, lad m transput-ling it overland Il was found more eoliv enielit U> vli vide u into small kegs, flm traders soon hoeauio aware of the lad tliat by diluting the whisky with water mure furs eould he obtained This was pr.iilired for si due lime, but the Itl (lians learned that good whisky (mured on a liie would cause il lo tlatue up. hi 11 had the whisky been dihlled the life would he qlleliehed. if was l.y this simple experiment ihe term -lire wider\ became a comuion word aiu-ng Indians. A • hid' who had experieaeed lln' had ell'eels el whisky atlloug his people said il urn eertiiinly disiilled tr..iu ihe hearl id uildeat' and the longues of women If.*IIi the ell... Is It pl'odu. ed ANIMAL ODDITIES. Idr.U MuviT r ; 1 | liTrll,\ ;H,.l Id VI U > \ ■» slum I I k - t \ i* i mt v \«Iih \lh'T|t;)li JVMiilt'fJ' UvUilllV si* lr» i iiit u|<I due F t Ili*-ir IrmltM n i p hendpome tailored suit la made or English doth ih a pretty .stiade of i B n gippn. The aklrt la a flounced arrangement, and the coat la a rather com pltMtm empire model, for it la built with a peplum to which a flounce la ut tMhad. The collar and cuffa are of taupe velvet COLLARETS OF FUR. Panaianna* Wearing Them Combined With Lace and Velvet. Kmart i’urlalenuea arc wearing col t&reta of fur combined with lace or velvet These urc wonderfully pretty and add just the cone, i much to a gown or coat suit Short strips of fur just enough i to encircle the throat and i«u small to j nae for any other purpose ure lined i with white satin | Plaited frills of lace arc iheu stitch i ad by hand on both the top and hot ! tom of the fur band , Strlpi of fur one or two inches in j width can be used effectively to bor der a center atrip of velvet or fur A lovely combination Is ermine and sapphire blue velvet Stitch the uar row atripa of white fur to the hand of velvet and border It with knife [halt­ ed frills of velvet or tulle I’se white eatln lo line the collaret and t'mtsli the dosing with a flat bow of velvet Perhaps you have a strip of mini, three indies in width If so studi u to a I hi ud of seal bruwu Katin M.-il-e two plaited frills of Ihe salin and stitdi them to the top and Potjoin ..f the collar portion When the hooks ami eyes have been al(ached to the ends finish the dosing with u plaited I low of salin caught through 'lie c.-u ter wit h a kle of pearl, i ut steel or jd Mans women possess a worn set of furs which can hr ml into snaps and lilili’/.e.l in l Is i s luahiicr Small lulls w il h pnITcil . r..w us of . el v d and uar l‘ii w I .n ih' of fur a re w hell fashioned lo null i Ii I lie collard' l KITCHEN CHAT. : V-T y c j i l-T t •* ♦ • • * ' • Put a few grains of rice in tin salt shaker to prevent the salt from . log glng In damp w cut her After washing dishes in which fish or onions have been cooked plHre in a warm oven for ten 01 tlfleeii nilnuies to remove the odor To prevent fat spluttering when fry lhg eggs, potatoes and the like -ill a little flour In the fat before dropping the things into the pan Before putting the covers on the jelly tumblers cut white paper to tli iud In side the tumblers, dip in ni\lid or brandy and place directly on ihe jelly No mold will form If this is done Winter Houa* Plant*. Succulent plants, auch as American aloes and email cactus, look nearly as well in winter as In summer, while ail nrulias are hardy and thrive well in .lours in the winter. especial'v if crow n In Ihe open hid during the summer Ivy will grow profusely nlim.'l any where, ami for laMc ..lecorat ion deli rule trails of the small varici. , Mill\ well he improv e.l upon Belts. 'I'lve I a i I. .ceil worsted skin and Hi tailored linen sliirl waist ..isimoe o Ihe sdmolfon. Imr or Ihe offi.-e clerk i incomplete w il hoi 11 a Pell I f I lie lig I I si ’.I W1 . llo.l oil | 1 C ci I l III' nut hy laled d I 11 c a lew a.I.I. i I., foi iI' iIn- soap i . ri..i 1 1 1 u 1 1 I he 'ill, Will ha 11 tell III I m g water of a 11 pul a min spill! .ud if ilio silk |, dlop- I pan. Mile Ilia. I... I'I\H. - lull | I ,,, ||, , 11 , - 1 1 » dump MU 1 1 i rolled U lid I a r a \ e 1 1,, w Peanut Sandwiches I'hcre are several win- i , l\.|iimis for sandw i, lies i i,,., simply pounded or dh'pprd hue wel sprinkled with salt luoU-teued with a few drops of olive oil and spread (hi. I, I. between slices of buiternd bread or llie. may be powdered and stirred In for the tilling nilvnl with ' Tea III dloese illlil s|irr,o| belwectl .Co I,iT' oi s|h ,. I i ion bull, red bread Vfudber win \\ H h a las, .d! I Illlil . Ill 'll. es ol bread I - o l ud - \V el Will, whipped cream llo.l -weeleheill 111,I'll sollle pea 11III s line a ltd sprinkle ihe temperature of a swallow s body is ex I raonhnanh high Ho less Hum >11 decrees | i Os and l.easis of prey retie. I fifty I iuics a- mu. Ii l mill from l heir .-> rs as lllilllllt lieililis Ihe aw T:l;i. lake lr..lil lays IflllMI ev. ■ eadi s, is,,n -lid lln vv hilelish a ocl n IIM lr I nglish \ iper does md li ii. lies (hem infernally b Inn . .mug alb c Usually v -gel al ia IIS ■a H i n ol' of New /eii . i ■11 >*•.I a f. -mbit ss |,.r BALKING DUKE By ELIZABETH « I . I R W I N irt II hf IrLll.ilt -Mi i t-rihi'-v I. ' I I IT i! ,n m J i ih- | ■ I. . 1 ■ l > iin 'i < 11111' ■ • _ \\ - \I ll i h Ht> 11 u ,i li f ;t I t. s :i I k I “t MMlIl Ihr -JII r (hit Klj rf (hr llit'tll hill' illMtllS Mr Purifying Air In a Sickroom Tht-ri1 iv no £H*ut\i' purihri ..! :nr titan opt'd windows. Imi soijiHin)!^ in ^it Ivl’twilli^ Ibis Eliot !i« n I ol t Il.-UUIMJU t hr nil I-, iin|Bbb> Hit \ f \|»I| f*Vof trio . 1 11 \ f Pro f[| 111 r i-lt»sono<M b> chit > iiiii ii r<»lli-Ml buniin^ iihw .s|»}i{H*r ihroiiyrh m slcifnnin*' t diimi l> tr«»»d Is a tablcspoonfnl <»t viuc^ai j^nltcd u\cr an alcohol lamp CooLtng In Volcanoes M.Udi hi'll^ruivrst 1 1 1 ’ \> u /.oil I,'Mill luivr <Iisi t• v rr»‘tI liLo their m<irt' . ivb i/r.| si^lols H r ' ....... « .1 Ho* filelP's ■ \\i. el MS ,1 la In u -I k .1 but I |i*-1 r . I'l • h a t e hrl((ir| |.I br loath’ Ion . ily) r I * 'I Nal Ml'r t i l l 111 Ilf' Il o i n III I 0 r V I m M'tlblr \ t , .1 t l„ y ;|h || ,1 h 1,,^ III- TO ll'il 11 v I ha II Ho ' ! j i. i U L'' 1 ' r I • \I ' Itr I r^odi I - ih_ '..v I |. 1 | i i>i ' bar i lr| n n n| i o k . n what lit. y n »• 1\ '!> 1 1 il ! Ho w i >iio 'i ’ ml, ili 11 . r-| a i lr ill III r I u»*M oool \ I d a sioaio lo<lr W III- b Id a lx *\• an :ol Mi i i’ll I >l< eii u | 1 1 > ■ y lily foul, t lo ii liwab bill < 1 t | |ifti I lie in I I m * mi Iri y ' >|. i io lO'l v\ a^IIIi tl'ffia 1 1 f Up to Him Mr 1 1 I - lo'Uiil I t s >«>n v\ Ii liuppi n ' She I sltmild < h II fat h* r Ilf l lied I v\Mfi I do l! SI ip |iut lulhci - j|, Ihnuiir COll's \ ' n I Id IH' M yUh'K bad '■»>«>•*. but winter is teiutcl.nis In Miissaobusctts. 1 here were lew situs v«f a breakup. The tups of the fitftt tn-rw-grill C.i.iue .1 mrd--mv tnrkie came from the frvixeu creeks Tom Mow l.ray, nsceuvlhig to the top of Old 1'itie Km,ih. after a e.mst of nearly half a mile on his stout sleigh, looked i.n a I airy . world I'hc ever- areeiis were loaded with Miovv and bearded with hoarfrost, the dark green houghs stauding out between like won­ drous carvings tu frames of purest white The air was like homy and diamonds. I-', very thing glittered blind­ ingly beiieaih the sun which sboue. brilliant and hard, from a cloudless sky, I’anting. Mowbray paused a moment on the top of i >ld I’inc before dropping upon iln- sled for un-Mbcr dit'lt down ill*, road, a .ivamy ih.b.ut b.-tween siuonih white bills. Ii was a goodly strci. Ii of count ry lie --urv ev ed t >n I lie ngld of ilu- road and halfway '•> III\ tool ol lln' lilil stood his own home 1 I.. m ihe i, 1 1. i leu , tinin.'y a -»! ui u n M smoke mi I r.iii me. I I o u ;!, iii wind I'.'se sliaighl in 1 1 1 ,- au V low loll' l lie house i la- railroad t IT ISSl't I the r*i:nl \i ilu* hi.*ib»m t»f llif lnile \:liie\ H ip ii'Mii bruUi* \MT W rlVt'l, III.trlvcd |p' I Plid 'it iiN TtMii vy ;is ivvpiiiy Innr uinl si.itul a lull -six I ppi but bf 'si 1 11 |ny t‘t|. In v) Mkr I - > < I ti K p :< f hr-.ikiH-k ^ f m *« m t i*\#»r ■ \iiM 1' ih'H vv >*uI*I liavp i Pirhlchcd i \ |tp| i ‘ \l<-u bra \ s a hu * ui i. i >ir t->m mik flame s I dh I vvilh »i i iiii \ <4 *■* tuuucr< w.i'. paiispil fur jidulbpi b mt | i- tl i l 11 1 vvlit-ii u vfiil' I p ii j 11 tp.'i i pi | mi iiii- iiiidj^p h* It 11 i 'V art.l < *t.i I't u. ■ h n * . hi m \ I I;i •'til- 'iii'tl . 11 M p i . 11' t ,, . i i , , |,. (i ' 1 • ' ■ \ I I I I I 1 l I >1 -X! \ | A ■] t | . | W l- .1 I hip ;ilith r I t.p • u l i > i ' hi i> ' 1 | n I 1 l -III V I I I It'll l ill ....... 1- ■ I li I ( n -s> in i - 1 - ill til vv t-i p l hr (-1 i i v l ,1 \It li | I IL.L. His M •\ \ t m v > I p i .I - i . i '1 Hit' til >1 I I i I liP i Mil |p- VV1• . • ' I :l ill - h ilitPI Mill ||i.' i -TN.Hl brnC'lHl II w’tS \ I I < I I 11 ' l 11 1 v (> i • i ! y 111 »*■ >•» f it > i p i V ■ 1 'll M is .b1 si|p I M. . .1 P M ' • I• ’ \T ip ^UUH' 1. . I ■\V > II V\ It II i I *n - iii\ pit I mi Hi b p - p ■ t - \i . Ili l I\ |f i j HI I 11 < t II IlM - i I ' I i . • •' III i I- IP I M. Will I I Iht kill If bl IIP I < t Ip t I p > l h 1 In I | H i V I h . - •1 ■ II I, ft- vv I .1 I p t l.'tl I p - t . . .1 1 ..... I- I I 1 n ,.t, ! i.n vx v I II \ |_ It lilt - in t I p Ilf! m flu 1 MH H\it 1 hi v ' be V' \ii I bn II lip bit 11. V 111- VV PI > 11 1 lr I 11 11 1 | > M 'lilt'1 1 IIP ' Ip mill I •| > itP'liHi- Mil I p \Il 1 |f* i .it -si mult- iti-1 i l ! mi I 1 \ y I (1. i ■ I p >yy > \ pi in uM i I \i. ' i lr i \ * 1 1 y Md Hi int- ,i - hp -b In 'I i »t.| | th­ in [, j p Inn I < v it b’li n y I .♦* • n - n I. i - . ■•<! > > India v i\f \i l lit* I I Iklaia • - wnl.| . n- \ ri b.i y i ! - 11 • b• ■ I i li. if hip -I hi i. ft.b’l 111- f ■- i I in- bor it ami I'M itip> \ in l asir «Int in 11 iv.n^ hit iib.y \{ m \ bra\ muni M i - • |;\..n< n a*» a hm- h iikmp uutpcabi. nb jp- I luf lhmi|;!il a ^11 1 » ( I i . ' m I I kh 'U ever present iu Mowbraj^ brain since her arrival u week before, ’*Sbe’s th^ nicfsi cir! I lainw,” ^akl \\tLUif man to tiJmsHf with euflfe .. - -- hers’ l Wwbd^r.' and a fiush fur wbicti the ntfiiduic uiortmur air uvt responsible i-vp^^read Lis, 1 if she’s ifuf a felluw in liostMEi,\ Duke, \tist* old equine, knew that m* muster hand Jieid the icius. From u bn,sk tivt his £aU ins»Tisjhl.v nhu-keutH,!’ l>> a shuttle When the h |ope of Old Fiue begun he subsided to a walk. He gave oue ur twe backward glances in resp»»uso t«» urging fmui Miss Boone’s, red libs. When t.h** * uib-r stnud square­ ly on the raUrntid lra«'k le* k'lanc(»U sa*U 1> at the toweriiig hill and stopped. The girl clucked Impatiently iuid Jerked fit the reins Onke planted his- lets hiimi'Vitblv and laid buck fiu ear, MKs Beene iaid Hit1 whip across the tmrse's hack upehuieUcally* with il *« result l licu. Lhe gni> eyes flashing and ihe lips crossed together until they were a mere srarlct line, .she sfruck- rlcht lo'jinily Imke never budged \io\vbrav iiuoh.-s.crved by ttte gvri, Hood on thp l.idtop ami enjoyed the a f ' fan immetisoh She* get grit, alb riu'ht.’ he observed to his sled \At tlrst slip thnuwht (he old hoy was tlrwF Then U occurred b> her that he w&fc The Children’s Department Winter In Holland THE SINGING CLASS. Blindfolded Teacher Must Pick Pup\ by Sound of Voice, tine player mini lie MimlfUi'letl m Wci-Teil III\ iirollil Iliav he throe im In 1 I'll. *■’ ui.- ptit of 1 b her The rest tf i Ilir p.-lf V ■ Htllp.»si< i lif* < I i<* a ini '•ii Mi :l Iin- f icing h- • Sh» 1icit l inlonii' ( mt * t li:l l 11»*'\ will begin the Ics-itin t \ sinyinu 1 I m - f - The lici.l tiirl .f ( IlH !*?»*• H 1 tin • ml ol H im Iin• i i niii‘illati*l> ( '-iut*' -Mi1 Mllll 1 ht* 1111 \ i \i t ' ;i fillh’ liiiit- r er t >r |oV. I- . in*! :i« H m * . h'MKWV llflll * 1 it u**i all lln- \»i : \ i|\U I ! Ilf lilt- fif T 1 ||\if in : 111 \ ut.\ : 1n* I i 111; i \ w*h i TI d - 1 P’-rh. r finxi li' !«-i. i To Clean Felt Hats. Use For Old Coffeepot. When 1 he felt lull is suileil it mm he Melt [iiiraffili ih tilt “id coffeepot. It clenneil hy dipping a hrml brush inm is ft most satisfactory way to pour the spirits of iitiiiiiotiia ami scnthhirig the wax over the Jelly when sealing it. hsi until it is \lean The l.rii'Ti iisim | \ o drojis will he spilled upon the ta- sh.m!.! ha \ c 'I m I'I liristlcs tile or Irny. Got Him on the Run at Last LICENSE D E P ’T ■jkr 1 .•itiriilhHy . ami at.y time he Mm.l ■ hlie recognizes a voice she -1. ■ | \ lie class ami rails the singer l.y natn. If she guesses correctly site changes place with the pupil, who in turn !» comes teacher, hut if hot she im:-\ keep on guessing. liv. ry time a new teacher is s. l, , t. ■! tkuc.llllu.lc_.liass.Ullist...change .cut-, - that !hc voices may hot he r.-cogiuvi hyTi!!-jJirt'<lJ.’!!,Lf'gHLwliii ! l if\\ g\ i A little variety may lie intr.i.pi.-.-.l into the game hy singing a well known song instead of the scales, ea- h (mt\! singing flic W ord w hit it comes to In r lo supply. It |s the privilege of etc a teacher to direct her class to sing whatever she utav choose.' either song or exercise ITloin t. ll-re's fun on thf ■ Am.-ttea-t I 're-tS y , Ii\!ul|. a happy party. They arc Ihr.- ■h.-r i iti 1a l ud, i or a da v s (DA STOPPED TEASING POLLY. THE COMIC CONCERT. Somr'.OA Hu OnatrUtro thi1 Frcec Sim. I VV i, I l .. ...... I - 'T ■' I M t i t l M:t I a is | u X|, T\ I I >II! I -Ill'll i n, ■ 1 ■ i . n i \ v I . 1 I hilt , ■ 11 1 ,1 I I I sc I t tin-n than fa tunc Mi--. IV mi . iu .eii-.cit to ply the will)! Illlil lo,,l-r,| hflpi.-'Sly Iipoiit It dal li\! in ■ ut to la i I., look upward Movvbnij felt that she was on the verge of tears amt was about to reaa sure her with a ch e e r y rry when a sharp whistle froze It In hit throat. Tha Roston express' The girl's dangp\ wits imminent Vt this point the track, sunk In a deep . tu. lies, rilaiij u sharp curve to the left. \ train for these reasons was nut vis! hie until vvHhtn a short fifty Varda front the i rosaing 1 lie cutter, its love­ ly freight nticnns-'ioti. of the death swooping down sto,.,l nquarely be­ tween the rails Ml . Bor-hc was a stranger in the Height,i.rhuod and paid no heed to ihe whistm if, indeed, she heard It s., gresi was her anger at Duke Meanwhile 'I ..m nu. HunUng fren- z I .\1 11 v . 1 , „r w a rid ng would nut ih, The ir-ti, uus s.-iiro-'y farther a wav than was Mow May hjmself 'J') e girl might not niulcisriitid If she diJ. the etiiTiii.tieritiu robes and blankets in Which site WHS swathed could not bw Mm off in time for a leap to safety. In hjs Hguttv nud horror Mowbray gripped the sled until h'3 EEUSCleS .■reaked Tliat gave (cm an idea—tha so1J. 1 the s!,.f| I'hc Htiiu hfn! fu\ g.-rn- its length raridlj did lltt-su itijuights flash thrciugti 'tu- young man s m.u I ftafs-og the 1 \j'ti-r^ lo- J iiii I^ two or three qtt,.-k - ‘.-;.s and flung tum-eif fg.-e downward upon .( 1 im flexible ruM'.-rs creaked and s[,ntug. I he w ind vvht'iW wetrd tunes In Mowbray's enr< At the fiaek of his bruin something -prayed that he might fie in time. Hut at! his faculties were intent mi keeping the sleigh upright. Illustrated Preverb*. This game mtist lie prepared for .■tdvtiriie hy cutting from advert i dents, papers ar#1 mtigtrci-te pi..mi or ['arts of woodcuts and pasting ih. on cards to illustrate what has | m ih ti.'if.ii ns; - Ihe w isdom of the tretf .\ m tl>e w tt of one.\ fseien (lays jq % rWi with the, n ,- \ of a day of the week trader each ut,-. may stand for “Kvery d-.-g has !■•- day;- a shapely new pair rf \.UT* well that ends weS;“ a tart,’' aid woman's bead wpjiroachlng e?-h rfher as if to kiss, “Tar® head* are hot­ ter Than one.\ He Repaid Little Girl's Unkindness by Breaking Her Doll. Ida's mother had a parr-'t who could say <p ite a lot of tlongs ■ Pretty P-,. Ijr!*’ “Watt some w.t«:' and '“Hood w-nwfti': irla si ifitej i flics fed him arid very i of Ten tensed him too. She would ho id I j ( jlfl. [ g hat Ih ft*n—t o f him a« Im sat - hain Every One In Company Chooses Im ­ aginary Musical Instrument. Ptefy otic in the ' 'UipaiiV chooses Ai rmagmary musical iustrttmenf. One may lie a vk»; u another a piano, a harp, .and the like. The leader of the 1 -ciu i also , h.*js,e~ on,., gay the flute ins to play tfs\ hnagiaary iostre- What and Whew. VThea * a e x i t nrf a -aas*’? Whe* ft's a jar, Whaif two letters Bmerfbe x x c m ' : C - vKiofl «^ r Bt a m tte i a a b * ed tfi his f,er-h and when he fried to take ft sr.-sf. h It away. Her mother always t».M her (v.w fmkFOd It was to Tease t he \.I- >*ird. >*-- Ida oeify said, “He ebtml&nt he fa sn,-h a burry Rtrt day 'I k * was funnlshed I*s- efe Jack bad given Imr at lovely »ew BrfL wfck% pleased Iter »> am- h. “Her name I* f!eny.“ «4d her o t h e r &M, Rose. * n « begraai f w e a i t \ fR e « s ^ m m O s g : t h e m brfh elase«* t V B f * # * « $ ^ ** Be «t*hed xm te vAt J ir H* lueut. rncttrng bis fingers up ana down it set routing away la representartuB *.f tie* real ia-strsment. a * «ooa as he legits rise <<rber f,isyers mast frfTvw The fuitfiv, rrliyer begtes to strea1 an isaagtaarry pis ho. tfee violin player t e Ww-td bk f«,w, a-ad tm . S e t o n l y ■tsth-'t the players teitaTe the » e £ k m l e i s*«> ^ e W 1 & 4 I feaeeed ff# m the tsiim iiM h M M M it -. f W iass H ie esm e t fi th e m U t c B f ceaKf»r«<se fdayhcc the rtt>Sta, w l m t h e vMBai flayer want take w the l e t f c f i or.. - for a sc-sittil nay. an eternity—It t-'j n *sifiifie* r‘.b,h'‘r AKT&ia tb^v *i *bar^ it tb* width -f * l.c r-,ad B^t Providea.-e rode vvith Mew bray that morning, and catastrophe onlv threaten. Twenty feet from the cutter h e jerk* e.j the ie-i'd of The Ci .a c c r suddenly :f;. to a s.-u’iw bank. lTis own momeBteas . arned D-m straight ahead. Edlliag like a frightened caterpillar, be erasbed it.: the ctrter. Smnetfclag snapped. ! tt>! a Is’-rrU pals stabbed birt be ’ srfseJsMI Idlndlr to M t feet. Same* fewir he sssi.-tied tfee *& !fress tlm « t - ler. and they fe l l t e tb e t e b ^ R e f a esfccy a« The t r a i a thu n d e red fey. : b . s fra g * a « * t « - r f t h e w i e e t e i . -berft ha t b e *tf.. f^ R e , ■ > rm*M rf baaaaaeea, fan, i R i r f t m m e t f F t a t j • e w e ^ \ i ■

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 24 Jan. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.