Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, April 25, 1913, Image 3

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SaMp / F o r O u r W o m e n R e a d e r s S \ W i ! $ N t lb ,;;,.;1 vSb v ■■ w - Two rli.'it'iiiing liai •: are illiislru I m I TUi1 bfovv n straw, u i1 1 1 crown of satin aid I In islui|>e of an upright oslriili lip. Tin'‘>i I'er Inti iln' U> 'I In' lull I-- a im 'll<■ I in I' h u - p nm-^liip11 mark Irimming fyi tbe w hip li |s cl' a li,g(iHc slia\li“ of brown. is what is K iupw u us tiie nin'i'plain' pm,lot,. It liu\s a link t, C lriiijining uf phi'asiul fenlhfi -i vv inch pipiji'i'is over tip*- Ipim tin ilm Ini' k. ’ ; i : f ...................... | PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS. l A n npl'iin made vv il li a III\ \I la Ipl>' i ■ 11 p' I.i p 11 1 a L'lcai silver I\ v.oii vv lull w ashing 'li'lii's silli-il vvunil inip.s pul \li n ilamp ili'ili will ri'iiii'ii' siains hull, liiivv.iio. HI\! If I,I' I Till I p I'I'I i i lassfs pp|' |pii> Iu1's i vv I iip 'I i lun i1 ln‘i'11 ilsfil It'i' milk s h'► ip111 hr i iiisi -,1 in I'ni.l w a l it I if liuv vv a- lifil in iml II a ymingsim gels in- nihlnT' lm\K wul ilisiilf a ai\\l mil In ilia 11 it-in i- In ti II I Ill'll) w Mil Imt \ I'll, i vv ' ill i I f -ilv er is rubbed up cv ui v dav willi tl 1 1 1 \ Haiiiii'l laa II will iml hive I\ In1 i lennsfil uilli miih pulish mimici limn niff II mull'll 'In wash vnrnt-li sleep sniiif lea fin us in wii I it lor an Inuir llifii siram I tie-III mil a ml Iisf Mil' liipml Ini' wtisli Im.' I Im \ a i nislifil w i mil The mliii' nl' kfi'usfiie lamps uau lie slopped by |>n11111u Hiif Ifaspiiiiiil ill uf li nf tuhlf sail iiil'i fin Ii lamp ’1 lie tall sluuilil hf lii.mpfil miff a mmilli Malines Hals For Summer. Sufi, ruinpi'niif maliiifs uri' In s' \ If fur siimnifr iiif.v arc in i*111f marvel otis similes Sunif nf llif mifst i iirk ish tiiiimns lire fuvered wllli maliiifs; <>lhi’i's lire of silk These Turkish tur luiris are trimmed will) TurMsh m'na- infills uiiule uf fill I or lieails The majority of these liiiiiaus lire ilrupeil iu lii'iirinh'il silk or maliiifs out ii T urkish silk A mixed bn. Id of a line texture is also use I as a covering The Advantages of an Orderly Kitchen. \hun t lie a I’hitlerer,\ is the ri<I\ i' e> n funking teacher repeals In heriiasses day In mid day mil \A <1 u 11 er»-r can nut even make a simple cake w il limit liming the kitflien lull of soiled uten tils. A good funk will lime probably two, nut mure than three\ The wmn- Bii whu ‘’flutters'’ never finishes her work Her lumsehuld is always \in a luess.\ MEALTIME CONVERSATION. An Excellent Practice That Was Fol­ lowed In One Family. S i \ - a rum I 1 1 Pi I I.T I I'I'I -III. I 1111111 ■ fi'ppm ilip- n e\ p I I'.p’l .i.iiii' 1 1 111) -) 111: liai a I'p- all nl p.p Lemon Removes Fruit Stains. If the hands are diseulured by fruit Juiees, paint nr anything which re­ fuses to yield to soup, clear lemon juice will generally prove sufficient to remove the stain, especially if the fresli lemon is simply cut in two and the half rubbed directly on tiie stain. Cleaning Vinegar Cruet. To clean a vinegar cruet put a ten- spoonful of lye in it and then till it with water. Let this remain in it a few days, then rttise the ernet out thoroughly, when it will lie perfectly dean. 1 11 p1<l 1 p i i- siin 11 if nc'l. tin’ll’ s\inpa I lilfs in iji a r, itr1 1 and all In’ a use m' il.f li i■ n f r11 1 i, 11 nrusi i f t hf fn m 11 \ ' i la If a I lulls Vlcall'lnc |S nut dull I'l Hull 1 . 11111 1 v :i ml ai 111 ■ saliif 1 111 it’ I hi 1 1 it inlfivsl ilia gui-l- arc limnLi liniiu’d I\ In* u nl, n iiir in nl I it j if i ii i Ii ■ .. limisfs ' Si Miif | if I's .ii- a re ii\i fa i ured 1 1 \ mil 11 if I u be liond i a I i.f I - nr spin I. • 1 1 i'l'., Iml they slmulil mid.e an ofl'nri lo in IT a ...... I lu ll' h indii a 11 11 is w <iI'l Ii while, fur II I- a wise Ihing lud lu lie sulpsli ur sinpul lu ul her people's If lllsUS \ — --^Gating For Clothes. It Is will |u spend a iiinsidiTalile portimi ui mifs liniu f iring fur one's lomplevimi and hair and eyes and fig lll'f, lull il Is ju-l as necessary to de­ vote a lilile | limn: Id lu |he preserving uf uiies gsi'nieiils fi'mn ereiises and rents, as. i„, mailer Imw radi,'Hilly Ii*-:i i i I iIT1 1 mil’ lua v he. HI lining, puurly C.'ll’e.l fur ' lot lies Will fuel il,'Mill el 1st a shadow ever une's pliysji al loveliness. Springtime Wall Paper. Pale given for a harkgrmind with a lattice effect In w Idle and a gene!' mis sprinkling of suit yellow roses suggests a delightful and refreshing color scheme fur a bedroom Hang iugs In keeping are to lie found iu while rldntz, bordered willi yellow roses and green leaves timing with (he paper Scrim stenciled in these colors would also he attractive. After Washing Clothes. (’lollies should lie hung up mi ftlo line alpT laundering wrung side out. It culm'Hl I here is less danger nf 1 heir being faded mil, and, tun. whether white ur colored, if dirt falls on 11 m garment il is heller to have it mi the wrong side tlcm Hie right. L'lifiies vv hi' h fall inside 1 lie garment do not sag as they are aid to do if Ihey fall outsido. Removing Fat From Hot Soup. I'mi-r the soup through a cloth that has been rinsed in cold water, and the fat will remain in the doth. Two Simple, Yet Chic, Spring Hats :iue; 4 ‘ Is II' w \1 t*;H 11 t l\t to tilt* |V|||| O I I I h» i < H111 1! i il 111 i • ” tIt - i • i t I i . 111 \ r!'s;i | |i h i lit) il\ v t‘ ht*\ < T II. Mi il I ii U :iv ,i inpi'p i fi.i in (•> h Ml' J I 11 i III L 1 * ‘ I 1 ,. 11 II i • III' lilt'I, I nl I Ilf 1 l|.l t I I III' 111 \ si , Il nil n It I t » /■ 1 * m I i . >/ \\ ;i I' In •() |l lilllLi Mil I lit- s| I'l >| ' I \ ,t ii!, I hi ll' M'I im * \I I WASHING AND IRONING. | A teaspoonful y>f turpentine boiled with your white clothes will greatly aid the whitening process, A handy pocket I'm- ironing holder, wax and sponge can lie made oil the ironing hoard whore tjie sheet turns back. Articles that have been cold starch­ ed require a hotter Iron than those that have been stiffened in cooked starch. If the clothes boiler leaks while In use the hole may lie temporarily stop­ ped up by pulling a handful of oortl- meul inl^the water. II will till the hole. Towels Unit can sometimes nesy by plncin have become dingy be restored to xvhite- ; theip in a boiler of cold water vvilh vv Idle snap shavings and .vine lemon Juice mid allowing I hum to <\mue slow ly in a boil. JUnse tImi'iingldy, blue and bang them In the Sll II. CLEVER IDEA IN BLOUSES. Delicate Met Waist and Corset Cover Are Fastened to the Same Belt. \ i lev nr designer has made use of a I'rem II idea in devising blouses of IToncIi nd kimw ii as tulle m- blond and ul Im i evlienielv -liner fabrics. I!y I lieiiiseh es us even woman knows, nut waists are so delbale lliat I lit* wear,ng of tIn-in Is a sumewbal trying a ii , I n m ml a I ii | ii'ui e,a I mg 11 is praeti i : 1 1 i \ imp, issi i He i , an. Ime iliem secure ly in any one pn-iiiim Xml I here can lie im Me II qua iii V as \lil be, a use of I 111 ’ Ilf.esSIIV ul having I belli Illl'gC til ms I it lu Ivuup Ilium f I' i 11 u biva I, mg mil, lliis di'Mguer has l : u I .'ii\iind Ihese nl. 11 . 1 1 ms I. v pulling a i m -m ri i v er uf Im ......... .. i'\ 11 1 1 ■ i v and ri bln, n I uMib' I lie In 1 w isj a n.l j a -| u l lie 1 1, >1 li cul’set cu v el .1 III | VV a M In I lie same liell The rif.iiu11- , an be mu in and taken mil ill will ni,d I'm * n i n i 1111:1 1 1 • m > m-set inver a ml himi-i' easilv l.'iiindiTml in one pi' ' e These lilmisi-s are a distinct II\ v ell V llllil quill' all Inexpensive UUP Vii'iilu r in-ulel by Me same designer is m w . .. ......... .. i i npu vv iih a regular Vlmileiii'gl'iii jacket, .also uf Hie crape, Iml with a Persian border The color­ ing is repeated In Hie bullous and (he Imw a l | lie neck To Turn Out Jellies, The following met hod of t urning nut jellies qulle whole from a mold will be found an excellent mie the je'ly molds with Imlter, and when the Jelly is to lie turned out plunge file mold lulu hot water and remove at oin-e I HUMAN ELECTRICAL ENERGY. i ---------- - What Could B* Dons With That Ex­ pended by the Avarag* Man. If your body were an electrical ma­ chine these are some of the things it could thy. That is. if all the heat aud the imiseuhir energy expended by an average man were converted into elec­ trical units it would show that he Used up about two aiul onelialf kilowatt hours of electrical energy lu Hie course of it working day. i This a mount of electricity may not seem great, but when one considers the tilings that can be done, with it. (he result is a Iritle stiirlling. says the ('Id ■ ago Trtymne. Willi two and ope half hours of kil\ wnll electrical energy yon could heat an electrle tl.iticon for six hours or run a sewing machine mol or for 1 iN> hours, heal an electric toaster for four hours, rim u largo fan for thirty two hours or warm a eluding dish for six hums and an electric curling iron for inn hours. All lids Is aivmnptlshed without 'ul niilary effort and merely conies ill the ruut'se of the day's and does iml ifpii'M-nt (be energy and endurance ef a laboring mini. \\\y. when mie sees a fat man or mi inuisiuilly large woman snuggling along on a lud day and panting pallid bully lie mm rcallke a Utile all the ele.lrieal energy that Is being general ed and think of the many tilings t\ vvlii'li il Iniglil be applied, (hough probably if Ibu fill mini and the large wmn.'in were aware of their ability as eled rle dynamos lliey would only wish II a ■ v emild use Ihetn to run a huge fan to keep them cool Bottle’, Quick Ocean Voyage Students nf mean > nrrents may I\' IliUTUilod lu 11 ie qub k trip nf a bullle tlii'iiwn i111u inidni can lo a Ihilihiimv II i v dm Iasi summer I n I lie but I le lie 1 Ml I an offer I\ pav Sdn fm' iclnrn uf I i lie lie Insure and be lias pel huni'd I IV,,||| II '| lie bullle seems in have ' dnliisl smne I ..mi mbes iu \\ uul.'i' I , .,11(1,0 mi I lie nm'l li I id \ii ' \asl of I I le-k'ind III jo si Hu ie nimiihs making mi average of abmil sivleen mile- a llav or llearlv seven ITmllis of ll mile pel- hour M Is mure plausible iban Hie recent slow ut a bullle sm atlnel III I lie I thin II v el and pb-hed up \it I hr i :i I i li nil Il i i nasi at ut a vovagu nlmusl as rapid There lire few I linrmigblare- i umparable to Hie giel slream Sjiniig field Hiqiiibll. an * 7 he fVeek’s Illustrated Storyi Protecting the Family Skeleton By J. HARDEN ROBERTSON , KVKlII.Y WF.STI.AKH di'lftcd j blt.terly complained the broken down kiln Lakeville mi obscure, j capita lisp \if I eseaiu'd from prison poverty stricken man and by j before my time expired I’m still a dint of hard work and shrewd business Investments prospered until lie was by common consent counted tiie loading eiiirmi a ml merchant ul that enterprising uielropoll.'. ’.lack l.eeuii entered Lakeville under a 1 ‘nlliuaii ear. .lad. was walking on lltnlid street when Heverly Westlake swung around (lie corner and walked I \Will'll Ii! ill .luck's first impulse was tn vanish, but mi . ..... mil l tn>1ilt1 l 1 be rym.ui.ed. \Hedn I'eiieliV pas (lie-0 rev d'ellt snliile of Jack. \\Sbv. yiyii'e some elegant! ilow'd ye get fbe u'ft Tim leading men bniik pliilantlu'o pist, fiunin•i.'r i and expoiienl ot I lie higher success wheeled nby iptly, slur ed al Hie quest loner mined red. then wild.' aud im.ved I'm vviinl as if to pass vvithmil a wm'd llnmrlil bdler nf It sloppud and IV\w ned ninl tin.illy ni\ppud his rm'i'hi'ud vv till iiurvuiis agl- talimi ,)in I, I a ....... vv as all smiles ■ lyuqe a bit nf t line v 111 ''*' W met. |'e:n by \ I.............I boil'd. e\b luiing 11 hand, wlm li Ib'verly Igum-ed ismne dilliTmn '• in ns now am l Mid'' 1 1 m |es I si- k il I do VV 11 III b\ k i Pile vv \I II- 11 il ill'll \It ml ' a \ bine Then wi H i a s i id't * a i ' b.i m.e of base, .lad. adibsl with a lOH'' Ills vm. e \Hut I g\l mi di-diais a nd v mi d nl nl Tll. l'e vv a- a IVII-ll k.ibl, I ru n-lurinal imp in 'lr W *■ -kin vv i InI tod pilot tbe I uriu'd ii - id ,' v r.'il | -a i ,l,u l, 'll I I” \i merud vv tu n I ........ 'O'! 1 \I '11 vv hat , 1 -. p.,ii w ii\ inmii v <• in the eyes of the law. ub. if t I,ml been pat ie tit a little l.iiiser! To tliiid. (Ins drunken brute should har# his fr .... loin widimit fear of cap!urg ur expu.'.!:!'''! i il kill the wretch If\ -• ’ No, di‘!ir, you wou't iki any sueti thmg fur my sake.\ Jilt lx's i’\rt‘SMV lieeame so disgusting* in lime that even sweet Alice’spatleue*' and eudiiruti. e were sorely’trigiSL H«r - ip ill right ,| p iilfu l l..' T h e hi ii'V lull Snug Pillowcases. Tlu> pillows nf a bed will slnnd up plump and smuulli. t'lins giving Hie bed il \1 ri in \ fl | p|<>.-! ) rn t ice. if the pillow eases are between a quarter of an Inch to half an hu h narrower Itiun tiie pit lu u s ii IlM 111 I I How to Work AH ths Time. M y rules for being able to vv m k nil the lime are \\ lieu one Interest flags find ft new one Always keep on hand ii supply of mol ives or desires Never learn by ii roundabout method wlinI ran be learned directly Never allow the mind to dwell on a subject Unit may not be useful \Vlisle no effort Ne'er worry Nev er become excited unnecessarily Think out xvlint should tie done and then do It without talking nhmit it In a word. Hie whole doetrlue Is In ferest and molive for efficiency ami for prnterlimi. sleep I>r Kilwni’d 1 Thorndike of ( olumlilii I nlversitv in Leslie's. Itnl .lin k I ...... \ n- I'\ 'I'\ o 1 » bp 'I mi | lie e:l- V I I'M 'I nf a V b I ill, I I' ' ” i ga nailmis bv I ii i ii - a ml n 'ie I, .c loi ...... I In Hie use of si im mi. t\ii a - Vi nip moments lie l rlcil to m.i ki- - v■ ' i • Mice \ estlllke - ..................... .............................................. il.-v a.'I xx Ifi-. niiil openly . ...... i'll b. ■ I,i 'll'i p. tul' The linen - v I iimii I vv h i. |, w a . i hi' iTuVVIl ul' I'i' lies vv li- Imw i'.| Ufi'liT Ilm bul'ib n Hois placed so nah uIv upon Ills slpoiilibws Hnl I’ur Via p be vvupphl Ini v e ipill and ipiii te --i‘il a II \III go a vv a v m v i I imp r ' 1 1>> g run m-d III IP gull V of S|,|l 11 nr 1 II ki'l III) SI If (in I. ill him ’ III - I 111 ' ill\ ll I ..... I'll I, N ii vv e i n nii\i a\ a vv i v ' V j. . - 1 1,1 pi a so Ij v 1 ■ I' ' ■ \ e in il -l ■ ' i v and boar \iir burden fur Hie qri .< m ' .m lllive li v ed ll\ WI I v \Iir ea I'l v d :.' |\U i a lid pl’i iv ml v ■ 'iir-.i ' I a im pri 11 im iiimii \(till I lie law i lot -III I'l\ ' . ': ' III\ Of Interest to the Young Folks An Incentive to Thrift £2333 I’ifjost CASH B B E tjwyivfl TT wytHfr THE MOTHER LOVE IN BIRDS. The Stork gnd the Lark Are Unselfish Protectors of Young, Mother love is strongly developed in the lurk. Tiie stork, w hu ll spends the winter in Hgypt and the summer In northern and western Kurnpe, likes t\ build ils nesl on the top of sumip steep gable roof. The nest is from three to live yards in diameter. It swnnns with lizards, frogs, toads and other dis agreeable ere a lures. it becomes in course of lime so heavy Unit It will break the roof it' nut Artificially prop­ ped up from below, * if the house lakes fire and the young storks happen lo be of mi itge at vv Inch they cannot, bo 'weed by being taken away from tin* nest tiie stork mptliiT it abandon them. The skylark, which builds its ne-t in the meadows, runs away from it when Trtgtitrnert;~~'HiTr- tiriim 'ds from -four u> five yards under Hie clover and rises perpendicularly it> the nir, pouring forth her song in its wildest strains in order to divert the itdruder's atten­ tion. lint tiie peasant buy knows that so long as she remains hanging at the same point in tiie air he is stiff four or five yards from tiie nest, and he uses (lie direction of per movements and the ring of tier sfing to ascertain the exact spot. Who Am n I am a word of four letter*. .Tate off my hat and yon have something whi* b yon d<> every day. Take off my head “Beating the Bounds” Neik broken { yuena,\ h« said coolly. ’ i mi ih li- i s< u »■ *1 1 tl ut v u t•*> vli.iu i n 'j; I . It * 1 { U I'I’I !I_ u Ill'll *>I|| f|l \ U!||| •• 1.1 U ' Ml i . 1 , 1 1 Iv - • i t'li'litli ix* I k»*»l ” 1 It ll I III- ' I ,1 Id I t -v|)I‘:t U I lilfc ttU l lit !I .. I I p * \ ' u 1*4 In 1 <I l.i m ' tiii' L St 1 lit. il '■!' i |,i ; 1111♦ ! * \ h mi \\ 1 1* • rail ••I • him 'A 'Mi mil : I\ tiii*»r\ ifW Ml West bike ii! II,.' qinef of his stinly Alii-e w I-. Hun Mini Imng over tier liiisliuuil p, n't f > i m , i,., i i, m Vli \' i11 p.1 1 ■ iiniiiiiipiml llicp|iiict -ii\iiigi-i ' v mi Im vc In vour emph'v a m in of i be name of Jin k l.ecmi 1 l.c I'cve \ 'b'S in, mu i- a ■ -i>11x li t escaped h\iii lire fcdiTal prison Hume mutilhs Hevcrlv U cstliikc gaw all Lind* of pink iiml vv Pile spui» He realized that ii” was puli' mill Ids heart had ai ( n<*:| I i i ‘ I | !, t I H*M I It .... . I- h'tbnig in fear, Mr West- l il.p, 'I l.c bmisc i- surrounded, ami v •• \in ■ ■■ \i11 pi • Min w1llimit any mit • • v ||i' i- a p|i'-.piTiile chiii'ii.-ter I ii\l Ii * g 'i i it t vv lu ll fie esi apeil I ,, ui'. iv i a i, I ..ii v .rn to pcefmre y mir , i',. i.. i >i,v .ii,\. ” !.■ ilia t may f,dln\v ' \\ I 11. 1 1 I -' ' ,H ' es, Itcvcrly uudm' “ V1 •1 1 luhl bet- I will go Willi and yon have a prerwsltkm. Learel^r ray head and f*wt on my hat and yon hare something used twfore a door. Entire and taken backward, with two middie letters transposed, I am a very eoBTMfieirt thing. I myself am often est'Ca.' Answer-M eat eat, at, mat, team- p.i..! HI- I \ '! »* |p,H ■ \ h. lit . i. 1 ^l-.u Iv -t n-i 11 *. » • \ *i - r VV j 1 || 1 I - ('Hill IM ! '! t Ih.-. |\ -.-■■pi n, n.t'vli 1 II 1 . ......... \ - i ' i \ 'i . I.u.lil t 1 Hi' I t **...: lit bV nd , t ' t ! 1 1 ■ 1 ! Hill!!' In,- . u ill f . \ M' : ■ 1 M f 1 ! 1 -’S ‘I S.'t•ml i *t! ?! i —. \ ; 1 t 1 - i hull\1.- iv ! 1 at I' l 1 ' ' ■1 :r,-i| 1,1 .'I'H.'Si!- ;f Ml i'i ■ pp.M !i'i . r 1 i - * -tl t'h • 11 p M * t 1 I ', 1 • r 1 i I'.pci \U i,H is ! J I 1 i t 1 11 V , ul Tm.gV ’ The v n ! ;_ !: rn ! i',c great liail ,1 Ilii'ii turned 'irs to Jink's •p-t and luxury as a man set Hie stairs, vv n tiie pu,i-ii •.I ih.-m a tig st.'i ut n n.l t iietl vv ilh insistent laril.-i! bv tiie ■ p!! v a mi asked: n‘: Anything a re: tie- H; a mi ivpimd r.'-'pe.'t fully' -,!■ pc escaped and jumped ilm vv I'.ptovv. Hut Jansen and p noct im vc him. '1 ney were - ■ was a Imriled exit frutti tiie and Aace fi.rg>>t her dignity ant fnp.p‘g.'.ir. 'I l.c imiua was at Hi amj the crisp wintry H.\ made f in- l. 1 ■ .... I t.'igie ' A vmi'e from m:t «f the mailed si­ lence of tlie tube sm 'To their ears as thev turLed a c..rn. r of tiie timise, 1 \ e lu..e t.: i -■ *' q said calmly, i \He ja:ut>ed and fed ea his head-hart i a little, [ \ ’less.” It who protwaaced the * No k iir. ken, I s^iCSs,\ sai'J I'oudy. “ ics. sir. and dead as a doornjd \ i The .leader r.f rhe men tu«ft over tha ■ f-resrr:; :e form of Jar-t l ^ c o n . arfl *ft- Snaiity ta LN voice: “ Yes. ht-'.-. dead.” Turfing toward tbe TTesthHtes, he said in w a y o f evplanarkra * s A apolo­ gy: \I*m sorry w e eotfida't ta k e him away w iih o n t rreafiilag * aeeae. S a t I s&ppoae tw w ft prefers. T h e • M l ' . ' : ' iggqi- ; A l e e A r f w a -* a f : erfy w ip e d The gaifhw t m n e tstte- nc-jfh ~m la M i 4 M E '

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 25 April 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.