Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 02, 1913, Image 3

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Woman and the Home Sphere Pretty House Gowns l FOR THE RECIPE B 0 QK.S .. .............. ..................................... .. Grow* Un«l*r Strang* and Often Un­ canny CircuowUnc#*. The orchid tj the flower of roroanee and adventure. It might be called, also, the universal flower. Some of the most eXclttlig e.xpert- cures lu foreign lands full to the lot Cr»»m Co'oki**. <>f oivhid hunters, They push Into mi- Take one aud one third cupfuls of i frequented parts iu the ln-pe of secur- sugar, half a cupful of Putter, one cup- j ,n« new genus, and when they fill of sour cream, three eggs, half a j II\ *'ud ‘,r n,oll*>' is Uln<lt> 1,1 l\n'\ teaspoouful of Pa king soda ami three cupfuls of flour, lto not ivll too thin, as the cookies should he a quarter of an iueb thick or more when baked. Rice Muffin*. H ie muffiag^ure made of one cupful of boiled rice, two eggs, two cupfuls of flour, a tuPlespoonful of melted but­ ter, three cupfuls of milk ami salt to tuste. Mix ihe eggs, Putter aud tulik, sift flour ami salt and add It aud the rice to the wet Ingredients. Bake the muffins quickly. Our Illustrated Story A n Assassination Plot By J. HAROLD VAN DYKE Suet Pudding. One cupful raisins, one cupful chop­ ped suet, one cupful molasses, one cup­ ful milk, three cupfuls Hour, one tea- spoonful soda, one teaspoonful cinna­ mon, one half tenspoonful each of cloves and allspice will he needed. Steam three hours. Kat with whipped cream or a lut'd sauce Two pretty house gowns are illustrated here tine Is an Informul tea (row it of pale Pine albatross, with shim I and rufts of while albatross dotted with blue The oilier is a prelli rosintne lot afternoon wear of gray crepe de - bine ami dark blue lansihuvne The lu iim I hvv i.c turnis the stole like over dress and Is embroidered iu silk of a darker shade The panels are held to­ gether by silver cords IN THE SEWING ROOM. Have Ihe empty spools that ii-'-until late during the spring sewing .... I slip over the nails in the i h-sets if they get rusted When you draw threads for hem Stitching, nth dry soap on the material first aud Ihe threads ran he drawn more easily When you sew a skirt braid the stitches will not show through the hem If you slip a piece of pasteboard three Inches long Into the hem and move It as y ou sew The Pest way to finish off a machine seam Is to turn the material and stit< It hack for an im It This does away with the necessity of tying the thread, which, if forgotten, often causes trou­ ble in the finished article. A good [ilnn when embroidering on thin muslin or sill, Is to tack a piece of soft muslin underneath and embroider through It Tills keeps the material from nicking up, and the muslin can easily tie cut away with sharp scissors round the pattern when finished Plain damasks may liffdarned, hut If the damask is one of the pattern weaves, n patch ran tie made more in visible than a darn. The patch should be either an old napkin or a piece of damask that has bad some wear, and If at nil possible match (lie pattern. To Freihen Paint. To clean paint provide n plate with (tome Pest quality of whiting and have ready some clean warm water and piece of flannel, bip into the water and squeeze nearly dry; then take as much whiting ns will adhere to the painted surface, when a little rubbing will instantly remove any dirt or grease; 1lien wash the part well with clean water, ruPPinj it dry wit Ii a chamois. A CHECK ON EXTRAVAGANCE. Trend Tow a rd Simple Clothe* Once Again I* Repo-ted From Abroad. 'I here is giant; to he something of all upheaval in the dressmaking world, sa v s one nf ihe Puglish magazines Piialtsli women, nine upon a time, of Ihe ii 11 |if.| mid middle .lasses, pitded I lietnsel i es on dressing well, put by no incan- so extravagantly as Parts! tins and Americans About ten years ago came a revolution The price of frocks went up I remendotisly, and women who pad hitherto only afforded themselves the and ten guinea frocks thought nothing of paying in and 20 guineas for exactly the same sort of tailor made m afternoon attire. As girls, these women hail paid 2 guineas for a hat, anti now they paid d to in guineas Kxtravagame became the rule, and great was the grumbling of the husbands and fathers. Now we are to change nil that. Nay. the change has been going on imperceptibly for some time bukes' daughters, who could he quot­ ed, with the help of their maids are making their own pretty clothes, and the wives uf officers and merchants and painters have awakened to tile fait that the extreme extravagance they indulged In was not only a pity in other ways, but laid form. So Kug lish xviunen for tlie most part do not mean to follow the lead of smart Par (skins and Americans any more in this respect, and ninny arc engaging little dressmakers out of the house or job­ bing dressmakers by the day in their homes to carry out their own ideas. Peeling Apple*. The skin of apples, like the skin of tomatoes, can lie more readily removed if the apples are allowed to soak for ten minutes or so iu boiling water. The skin comes off very thin and much waste is prevented. Lemon Pi*. brute rind of one lemon, pull off the white skiu and after rolling out your crust aud putting it mi the plate slice tile peeled lemon very thin and lay ou the crust f Tumble one large slice of bread, strew the crumbs oxer the letn on Beat Ihe yolks of two eggs In a bowl with a cupful of sugar and one of water and the grated rind of the lemon pour this slowly over the crumbs In the pie plate and hake When cold make a meringue of the whites of the eggs and four tablespoon fills of powdered sugar spread mi the pie, tiro w n Jtglil ly and eat very cold. Cleaning Oilcloth. Oilcloth may lie cleaned and bright ened by washing vviih clear water In which a lit l le linrnx has been dissolved Wipe vvllli a flannel , |,.||i dial has been dipped Into milk uml wrung as dry as possible or lukewarm water up plied with a scrubbing brush will an swer equally well with a tlnal polish with a woolen i loth wrung out of sklmmllk diming the flower which uobody out­ side (.f the discoverer aud the Intro­ ducer has ever seen. Some years ago, says the Brooklyn Kugle, a eollector was sent by an Kug li-sh to New bullion to proeure a \ileiulroblutu.\ which was then very rare. He went to the eountry, dwelt j among the natives,for mouths, faring as they fared, often under very trying conditions, and found a nuignitlceid collection of orchids lu a native bury lug ground. The flowers were bloom lug among the exposed bones and skulls. After much hesitation the mi tlves allow oil him to remove the orchids, some of them still in the skulls. The natives sent along with the beautiful flowers a little idol to wateli over the spirits of the departed as represented by the skulls, which were also taken The plants sold at fabulous prices Sometimes the orchid hunter will come across a tree completely covered with orchids of a variety of colors. These are what are known as terres trial on bids They are carried through tlie air by the wind ami bulge on trees mid become parasites They fasten themselves where Iliev lodge ami grow and blossom Sometimes a number of different varieties of differing colors fasten mi the same tree and when they blossom the sight Is superb The Be*t Thing In the W orld. A vote of tlie office of a Buffalo newspaper was taken mi the submit of what is the best iluue In ttie world X u a man or woman of them all had I lie eon rage to sav that licnev Was But thev all did the highbrow with s a, h dellnll unis as I hose The unkind word who h you left UQ spoken X road leading over a hill The absolute failure Imllfl'erenoe I\ an unfair advantage. The quiet forest \ woman singing at her Work \ i titM falling asleep The permit to leave (tie world The sweet, restful gruve The unwritten song Minneapolis Journal P KIXOK TRKBOt'TSKOl. minis­ ter of the luterior to the czar of Russia, sat it. bis office ex­ amining police reports. \This he said to himself, ’’notes a conspiracy that gives to particulars. This charges >-im su|>[»ised to Im devoted to the gov- j eminent with being Implicated iu a | plot in assassinate the etuimror.\ \t this uiolm-ut uti attendant entered uni announced that a young girl wish | ed to speak with Ids highness. After wing searched for weapons a girl of twenty, with the light hair aud blue eyes of I lie north, yxas admitted. ’ What do you wish?\ asked the prim e. •’To warn your highness of a con­ spiracy \ • \\ hat Is the conspiracy?\ \A plot to assassinate you. There arc live of them They will station tln-niselves at tlie bridge across the Neva between your office and your home \ The minister puled, lie stared at the girl, wailing for her b> proceed ' I will give you the names of these men.\ she continued, \on condition that you rollon a plan l haw ....... .. ed whereby one of them whom I love will live ihe others may lie exw tiled \ 1 | mlist pioleci him as well from Ids associates a. from von If he receives inimunllv tliev will kill him, believing I ha I lie lilts betrayed them Therefore when you nnyst them arrest him as well Seuteme them all to tie slim bul at him tire a blank cartridge \ I |ion ui v w ord sa id I lie prince But supposing I prefer to punish these men In nix ovv n vv a \ Then in x lips arc sealed ■ | i a n sc ml von I i Si 1 icrbi 'Thai would mo m< o e me lln- pi un i iii'osn Iroiii tils desk and. t u in i im I \ lie e ml -a ul I ...... pi vour lei ms | presume you wisp some gunrniilv that I will i nrrv mil in v part ->f the cuntiqe I Vi II v hi Niifter inv lover to he harmed I shall lake It upon invself to I-a 11. ■ v i t lie spile of V \III I V'll I 111 1 V pul suppose | put you where you w i l l be p.iiv el'less Ibei'e are two others to carry out what v ou would prevent my delug If i i he tlrsi fails ihe second will take up the work. If both fall there will be a third aud a fourth to carry it ou ” That night the conspirators were ta k ­ en to the fortress of St Peter. Trials occur in R ussia when It i* deemed expedient to satisfy the peopi« \x ho are cognizant of tlie ■•use. But itt this instance no trial was needed. The name of tlie uiuu to be spared woe Krtkoff. aud the police had a deecrtp* tiou of him, so that there nhould be »<* mistake made concerning hint. The orders were to take the uteu separate* ly Into the prison yard, etaud theta ug Sh Saw On* of the Men Shu Had Ba -rayad Lad Across th* Prmon Yard against a wall am e vv II h I lie governor of 111, Al I lie same splrnlois welt Hiul pro, cod lu necord so* i cl ,,i del - glv eu the I .rliesu in ..... .. ... (hat the , me il i'l l'- i | I lie p.,i g up- For Our Boy and Girl Readers Kings Play Too New Washington Team l A t M C S A W D G eixt I M E m ! - “ V 4 l i r 3 o K f n o w p i t c h i n g M A R S H A L L C a t c h i n g rv THE WONDERFUL STARS. Great H e a v e n ly Bodies You See Move W ith C lo c k -like Precision Children who love to look lit the heavens at night because of tlie lull limit display of slurs do not know, per hups, that they me looking Hi g-Tent lienvenlv bodies which are making their way through space with the regu­ larity of a perfect clock Indeed, should one of these immense bodies get the least hit out of place, tie one min­ ute behind its si hedtiled time In its orbit, it would throw tin entire plan­ etary system into wild confusion, per­ haps causing terrible collisions which would wholly destroy whole worlds. Of course tills tragic result of a plan­ et’s going wrong is mere conjecture, for none tins ev er got out of its orbtt or been n moment out of Its scheduled time ns it rolls through space Sometimes we pick out a very bril­ liant star in the sky and say, “That must lie n star of tlie first magnitude.\ And in very truth vve may not lie look­ ing at u star at all, hut tlie light from : one long since dead That star was perhaps 2<>o years sending Its light to I ns through space and may have died I soon after we re'eived it. But we are siill looking at the light and will look fit it 2nd years after tlie star lias gone out iri blackness, fur you know that all planets have their birth, their life and their death just ns we do, poor tiuy specks of creatures that inhabit them. And there are systems so much larger than ours that we could he lost in one little corner (if them. Yet how large seems our earth how almost beyond measure of tiie mind is our sun! Ami this sun of ours could he lost inside -saline of tlie mightier suns that hold to­ gether immense systems as a hail would be lost if tossed into the ocean. —Washington Post. Photo by American Press Association. At a bazaar opened by Queen Victoria of Spain recently her husband, the king, amused the crowds by taking part in the game of “Aunt Saiiy shies.\ ThTTjTieen Is\seen WiTti'd ItfoiTstaridiitsi with her little'iJaughter, tKe Infanta Beatrice, whose back is turned. She is making an effort to squeeze away from her mother. QUEER BELIEFS ABOUT BABY.! AN ELEPHANT’S APPETITE. (fM * . U v i U .kl •llSA * 1»« I f V l 1 #1* i i i i V--J J t * ' A Quick Witted Little Girl. A bright girl in one of the Wheeling public schools asked leave of her teach­ er to b^abselit the next day, on the ground t h l ^ e r mother received a tele­ gram saying that company was com­ ing. ‘•It's my mother's half sister and two nephews,” said the pupil anxiously, “and mother doesn't see bow she can do without me, those boys always set » r Referring ber to the printed list of the reasons that Justify absence, the teacher asked ber If ber esse came wa­ der say of them. “I think ft might come wader this bead. Sites Deane” soldtoe gtetpotot- teg to the words, fcDomestJe aflfetkn.” -*Satk*s!l Mwfhly. Superstition* That Ar* Found Among Civilized People a* Well at Savage*. Lots of superstitious cluster about Master Bahv. The < iftiutis thing w that most of them are believed in coun­ tries as far apart as china and Peru and among savages as well as among civilized nations. The most widespread superstition of all Is that if a baby is to rise in the : Animal a Great Eater, but H e * a Vary Palate. Since the elephant's digestive func­ tions tire very rapid it requires a large amount of fodder daily about bOti pounds in most cases. Iu its wild state the elephant feeds heartily, bat lover, pea fed lit til). 1 1,1 ■ I It. ,.| X era h, rl'l'Vl, Ii, tlie girl vv Im li.i.l given Hie lufuruiB- tlull. and look her lulu , iistudv iu tlie iiiiiiiiing. liranng a dnitnlicat under lief window, she looked nut lie I vv cell tlie liars mid mi vv ism ,T the men she tin it bet raved led across the prison yard Severul soldier* wtlil muskets on their shoulders ao’ompa- iiled Ivlin lie was white ns a sheet. Indeed, It Was ev iilniit Unit lie was g-*- Ing lu his exi'iiii Inn ihe party disap­ peared heliiml a wing if itie prison. \ efu listened Hlid presently heal'd a volley Then she knew it was all over, with the , i,ml, .Milled iniui She shud­ dered | nr the flrst tune tlie fearful1 selfishness of her I rcn> herons act i lUi* to tier In Its full force In like manner Vera saw four of th# conspirators iniit'i hod by tier prison window They disappeared the In­ terval of suspense, tlie volley By the time the fourth man had passed she had been thrown Into a mental condi­ tion bordering mi Insanity When for tlie ft ft Ii tunc tlie drum sounded s!n» saw her lover ninn-lied past her win dmv Me looked up amt she saw an expression of lnathing on his face at recognizing her Bv the movement of his lips she knew that he cursed her She gave a wild shriek Siie knew that tie had been told what she had done She heard the volley Hardly had the echoes of the shots died away when again came the tap of the drum. She started Suddenly the door of tbs room in which she was confined was thrown open, arid there stood an officer of the prison otm-'\ '1 error stricken, she arose and stag, gereii out w ill) him He led her out Into the prison yard. There stood a firing party Supported, for she wa* unable to walk aiom-, she was march­ ed around the wing tie hind which the others had disappeared. On res, bins? a certain spot she was placed with her back ft) tlie will!: ti<-r eyes were band­ aged: site heard the words \Aim! Fire!\ There whs a volley «’onset,>u*- tie-s left her, aud she fell forward on her 7nce. Then she knew that she was not dead, for she fe,r herse.f shaken over paving stories She was *n a carnage 'I he carriage stopped te-fyre the house - fi> w ha h «he hud gone t> - (,i..r* mg be­ fore to Inform the minister of the con­ spiracy. An attendant conducted her to the Offi-e of tlie t: ” ! ' V He sat at his desk wrir.t.z nd.r.g la a row near him were the five conspirators whom she hid seen g iir; to eve* Btk>a, every mat a‘;,e tttie of them was her He did not look at her. tk V world far mnst go ep*t»lrs before he t their bark «r foliage, but it srtfl tear goes down. If the bouse is a one sto-; down braix-bes and leave half of them rfed one it Is usual for the' nurse or untouched. wasTefuUy. it is carefnl in setectlnr Kina I! y th - prm.-e cessed writing, tlie few forert trees that jp like* for looked up and said to her: “Yon see th*t_i_hsve more than kept faith with'yoU”. There was no reply. , . , . ... . - . *T have not owfor spared v«ur lorer; friend to stand on a chair. * * h the It will strip off the bark from *h- j haT„ bh - bofbjr In her arms. Savage* carry tbeir er trees and throw away a la r g e por- * 5 ^ t J l w ^ e f f ^ r M b a b ie s u p t r e e s . tio n s t a r e ' * A n o th e r com m o n su p e r s titio n i s t h a t A s it is a n o c tu r n a l a n im a l, « *e- T h l. - ------ £ to th e i t any of a baby’s tiny h o t eoanptHrred teets ft* trees by the teases o f toodb riW h e * s r e aei-jdeW R fly j a r t on i n s i d e . a n d sm e fL ~t* ‘ I se n s e o f s m e ll i s R»id *®®»*Sefe4 fey j- 0 * to toy > * t o t o # to fm t duty to ru t mm * f to r t svffl toBow. Muttons of mothers *3 oxer fbe varid finally hefWe rtet fbe baby will tote* bad tort If be fc measured, fa * * * * * A * * b i * * * * s f t t way. t o f n m t e i i m y a r d s , ta d fb e «f It* tr a n k a r e s a e e n s f r iv e t h a t t o e sm a fl- Mat .iy goaty m fcktte am w c d e v o id o f Javerire. I to t o g mysefef t o s p o r e o o e o f y o a e fisoit- f * M tip l y Its thry yrofioMto l a d f f t o M f t i t i t o l i m j r d d k i t e lih t o t «to* to 3rt * M i y t a k t t Mft- fe« ^ *s,\-*“KSr ^ J ' wu&tf jtfa M j -/r -• v ; ‘

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 02 May 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.