Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 02, 1913, Image 6

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\ S T ? S s ip B - bksss w H m P a * i Culebra Cut, the “Great Divide” z * =?■ / w $ z m m s m m m H doctors Provided by Nature With the Means of Ministering to Their til*. Nature provides ample remedies for the- ailment* with which animals are at times iifttli'ted, and with uuerriug Instinct they vseaertbe- t er tbcmsolv os - uml search out that herb or plant or kli,il »f soil which will quickly make them well, says Our Dumb .Animals. \\c have been told how the won- pHise cures himself when bitten by u cni>ni by eutlmt n certain plant, and many ef us have seen u sick dog bury himself iu the dirt thereby to over­ come some affection. Auituals set lid of their parasites by using dust, mud. eliiy. etc. Those suffering from fever resiricC lheir diet, keep quiet, seek darkness and airy places, diink water ami sometimes even pinnae into it. \\ hen u dog has lost his appetite he eats that, species of grass known ns ilea trass. i'ni* also eat trass, eutntp, when they feel the need of a tunic. Sheep uml cows when ill seek nut certain herbs. An animal suffer- intc from chronic rheumatism always keeps as much as. possible in the sun. It n he wounded it slops the bleeding by placing its hand on the won nil or dressing It with leaves and grass. When an animal has a wminclisl leg or arm hanging on It completes the amputation by means of Its teeth. It is known that a large number of animals regularly balhe themselves, as elephants, stags, birds and ants. In fact, man may take a lesson in hygiene from the lower animals who instinc­ tively administer the proper remedies to themselves when necessary. G o s s i p o f t h e S p o r t W o r l d By “ SCORE KEEPER” The schedule of nineteen games ar­ ranged for the Columbia university baseball team by Kolund A. Hlllus. the manager. Includes games with Har­ vard, Yale and Princeton and two games each with Cornell and Pennsyl­ vania. Several games have been play­ ed. and the schedule from this week Is as follows: April -Jit. Yale lit New Haven; \0. Cornell tit Ithaca; do, Princetou at Princeton. Muy 3. l.elilgli at South field; 7, Peitusylvtinia at Philadelphia; !>, Cor­ nell at South field: 14, Wesleyan at South field; 17, N Y. C. at South field; 30, Pnrdhaiu ut Pordham. June 4, Pennsylvania at South field. Kuhn to Lead Hockey Team. Wendell S[ieers Kuhn. 1SI14, lias been selected captain of Hie Princeton hock­ ey team for next season to succeed \Hobey\ Maker. Maker will be a mem­ ber of tile team next year, but would not be a candidate for re election. Kuhn has played with Ihe ’I Igers for two years at center and. with Maker, has been tile backbone of the team. luive always been part of the sport The player who cau take an occasional turn at bat and produce u hit when a hit means a run or more iu u close col- test and that run means victory Is a player to wluuu taiy big league mana­ ger willingly will pay a good salary. Such hitters arc scarce, '('he work Is easy, but it Is only one in fifty players who can till the position capably, aud that is a conservative estimate. The good man lor the job gets good pay. There is Harry McCormick of the New York .Nationals, who won more than one game for the (Hunts last season, and Otis Crandall, who, although a pitcher, lias often qualified as a pinch hitter. Mathewson Still an Idol. Admirers of Christy Mathewson of the New York (Hants are not lacking ibis season any more Hum they have been In past seasons. Since old Cy Young passed out of the majors Maih- ewsmi lias been universally recognized us ilie \grand old man of the nmund.\ Photos by American Press Association. l^—Qjgantic ateam shovels at work. 2 —-Negro laborers drilling rock. 3.- turn in the cut. 4.— Miles of track stretching through the workings. Necessary Task of Severing a Continent's Backbone— Coping With the Landslides at Pana­ ma Has Taxed Human Inge­ nuity. By JAMES SCHREIBER. D C 1 .CSSICI’K, the French enei neer, built the Suez canal, a titanic undertaking. Covered with glory ami looking for further fields to conquer, lie eume to America and commenced digging ids way from the Atlantic to the Pacific throdgk Central America He didn't get very far because of tils shortage in funds, but he paved the way fur lids country, and today we are making preparations for the early opening of the Panama canal. De Lesseps found In's biggest prob­ lem in trying to cut liis way through the chain of mountains running diago­ nally across the course the caual was to take. He tackled this impediment really the lowest section of the Amies chain—and succeeded In considerably reducing the loftiest points, some of which rose to a height exceeding 5W feet But the dirt he shoveled was little more than a thimbleful compared with what has since been carted away. It wa* the stupendous task confronting our engineers at this poiut, now known as Culebra cut, which made m a n y : wonder If Unde Sam was equal to the . occasion of making his way through i Jh is great natural barrier. But opti-j mlstically be went ahead, a iid Today : we are called on to watch the turning of the water Into this great gash iu the mountains, stretching for a dis-; tance of nine miles. ■ POWER OF THE STEAM SHOVEL We can thank the steam shovel for What has been done at the Culebra eut. If we are to erect monuments to the men who buiit the canal or if med­ als are to be distributed among the workers the giant Ironclad diggers wBl be conspicuously identified with the design. It has been the steam shovel which has dug its sharp teeth lute the sides of the mountains and lifted Its burden akitt, smwij? kWHig- tn f Itself around cnrft suspended over the cay ready to receive its load, for ft moment the noise subsides some­ what, the engineer turns another twitch, releases some Mfberto motion less mechanism, the giant jaws «!•*-«. wonder of wonder*, the nest fry m a n * rrcnlii-pi work umeasiiigly Tbeii' nlnii’ci inioiohiiniu.-. regtiInritv I lll'OW s ;l kji ,-J) (O CV I hr l isllcll 1 \i Ini (■ 01111 '-; ( ii lunk i ill O V E R C O M IN G O B S T A C L E S Hard »nrl, ha* been llioftil of all w ho luive served In Ibis \lll'eut liiviile I lie l 'ulebi'ii ml I mill I lie first t\ the last i|ifiiruu engineering problems nev er hefiwi> dealt null bail I\ be over < iui!,* W 1,-ii i the laborers ami machines slaried digging mlo tin- ground Iheir efforts were time and lime again fru* I ra led bt I lie pei lllkll'll ies of Mother Nature Tliev bad no more 1 tin Ii made nn impression In (lie earlb when Hie boles would fill up again, Hie weight of Hie inotiiitniiiN and bill* oil all sides seeming io bear down on the openings uilii siieli pressure Hint Hie mmsiis lainirig enrlli would linue together and i lose up Then it was deeldeil to work from Hie sides tovvnrd Hie renter This metImd proved best, and gradually the (Ilf lias M idem'll and deepened unlil ibis marvelous work Is presented for mir approval Almost sno.iiiHl.iHk) on hie yards luive been dug from Ihe rut. II v \ hs necessary for the American engineers to go down 17i.'! feet on the eigbtv live foot level plai^ for Hie wa ler depth of Hie eirf is foriy five feel. As the diggings reai bed lower and low­ er Ha tor from Hie hundred and one rivulets ami streams flowing down the mountain sides hindered progress, and a eanal alongside of the cut hail to lie shoveled out to give thorn an outlet. On each side of Hie ent a miniafure omul was dug six miles in length, ended in Panama (he diversion ditch, In some place* liiese ditches were built imt mure than 1ml feet from the side Tit TtTev’rrt.- They have fieerr cessftiliy used to divert the numerous streams, 'The obispo diversion on the east side of the canal cost about a million and a third dollars and involved the excavation of i.iiuti.Omi yards and the con-triictiori of almost l.teai.otirt yards of diversion dike*. Its carrying ca­ pacity wa* d.m.Ni cubic feet a second. ,-q..a 1 to ihe volume of a good sized river. Jt was built and completed in 1'KtS YVirh the discovery of snbrerrfme.nn streams the -pumps were immediate­ ly set to work, a/id their wafers were Tlie slides have come with gradual and vviili ever im leasing frequency, uml (lie null remedy u Inch has been suggested In relieve I belli Is Hi i lit llie top* of the lulls off unit give them a giiiitiuil slope, lining «way vviili the pressure ,n Hie v iekling clay. of will. Ii | he hills ;i i e com|mseil rile slides have added II bout 17/HHI. uoo i Ida, yards to Hie excavating I lie ( in urm ha slide was Hie first to oilet- serious nlistai Ies to our engineers It Is just soul h of 1 1 o 1 1 1 hill a i a point where ihe sirnta nl roi-|, incline west wind. Inning been tilted thus by the up\ aril intrusion of Hu- muss of vol canh I'm h wlmli forms Hie chief part ul 1 1 old hill In I! Ii i i Its rale uf ad value was fourleeii feel a ilav. but Ibis now is great I v decreased Tun soft for steam shovels, the muddy mass was sluiced by water from a high level until a way was cleared I lii'imgh l lie nit fur trill ns W lien a slide in curred it carried everything in its path before it. luiry iug I lie giant steam shovels, sometimes completely while trucks had to be a I in ndoned and new stretches built . ....... id H ip edge of the fallen dirt. Work was nt mice started to clear away the debris Men and machinery worked night and day to accomplish (hi* CO S T L Y C U C U R A C H A The cost involved hy the treachery of the ('iiciirachn slide was enough to run (lie ciirial in full operation for a considerable period II was first cun tilled to a length of KlHi feet, measured along the line of the excavation, hut il exrernled or expanded to include the entire basin south of Hold hill for n length exceeding .'l.imd feet. Original l.v six acres, the rueariu bn now cov­ ers o'ver fifty acres, moving restlesslr, irresistibly as the sea. We are faking big chances with these slides, and no one can say with accuracy when these avalanches of earth may bo brought to the desired state of repose, which is so different from conditions Hint appear to bo ex nelly similar elsewhere it is thought Hint the earth from most of the surrounding hills will eventually slide into tlie waters of the cut and hundreds of thousands of cu- hie y ards of earth w ill hav e to he taken out by dredges. I wedging, though. Isa much more inexpensive method of tak­ ing out tlie dirt than steam shoveling, and so it was decided to turn (he waters into t'ulebra without waiting, fb-s-fute -tirt- ofiduig -eari-b -The foot width of tlie i-ut leaves plenty of room for boats passing, even if half the cut should lie choked up; lk’ii feet of clear­ ance, in fact, would lie sufficient. S C IE N T IF IC D E D U C T IO N S Colonel Hail lard of the engineering department, who is directly in charge of tlie Culebra cut, believes the pres­ sure of tiie water fn the cut wifi give the inefficient banks greater stability. The depth of forty-five feet of water in the Cniebrs ent will tie equivalent irt weight to about twenty feet of rock, so ttiar the stress from tlie unbalanced weight of the banks vvftl tie reduced to FLOWERS THAT EXPLODE. Phenomenon Du* to Sun'* Heat W it­ nessed et Algiers. There are certain so^'ts of flowers that explode\ In order lo scatter Iheir seeds h I ioiii . but these tire silent ex plosions brought about every seeding | time by nature I or a flower lo lie j lualiy explode with ti delonation that | i nn lie heard il long dlstaie e Is quite another thing and a rarily Sin Ii a floral explosion occurred in the trail n! garden at Algiers It was the sp.'ilhe or the eovering of the lilltu'll of blossoms on a great palm Iree Tills spa Hie was nearly three feel lung, trad nlien Hie explosion occurreil It was hurled to n great distance, while the shallered blossoms arose like a cloud of golden smoke anil covered Hie top of Hie palm The cause of this was Ihe sun's heat, vx lib Ii was unusual and hail in lualiy' rt III sled the flower to Hie color u f rust The excessive dryness of Ihe all' had caused fermentation Inside the spnllie X great sirui-i o or hot wind from Kn htirti, had just bloivu oicr Hie fin lift trad agitated the fermenting contents of the spaihe Stull evplosions are rare, tint there are records of several of them, espe chilly in that section of the country, says the New York American II is said an ostrich egg will explode in the same manner and from the snmp cause The Alphebet In a Sentence. What Is the briefest sentence con­ taining nil the letters of the alphabet? Here is one with only eight words: ■Tack my box with five dozen liquor jugs ” Cincinnati Hnqulrer. Giante-White So* Trip. That ihe Chicago White Sox and New York (Hants will lake a trip across the Pacific In the fall is a cer­ tainly. according lo President Couds-I key of the Chicago team. Plans for the journey have prncHcally been ar­ ranged Tlie trip is not to be one around the | world, us was first reported. The clubs j will Mot have I lie lime, so only three countries will be visited They are j Auslrallu, Japan ai d ( Idna coniis- key declared lie would like lo lake (lie boys around Hie world in a short time, bill if lie did II would deprive lliein of : the oppoi'Hinily of exploiting tlie real i inside points of baseball Twelve plovers are lo be taken by each epdi Tills probably will be tlie1 regular set of fielders, with three pitch e r s The trip is to have an advuuce i agent Football Pay* at Chicago. Fool bo II Is Ihe only sport which Is profitable at (lie I'liiverMlv of Chicago, ticcordlng to an otli'lal report. The game nelled $olMliin last year lit a cost j of Ifl’d.iniii The total iilldidi'1 receipts were $117 niti’i and Ihe expenditures .yld,- i 484 I Pinch Hitting. Years ago, w lieu baseball was far from being the scientific game that It Is now, for a dub to carry a man who seldom attempted to play In the field, Idlt occasionally was sent III to tint for another weaker hitter in a pinch, was practically nn unheard of thing It was regarded as a useless expenditure of money, if II was ibought of nt all. l’lit baseball of today demands it. and baseball of the future will see more of it. Plneh Idtiing has hpeornp n part of the game, just ns pitching and lidding Photo by American Press Association. Christy Mathewson, the “Grand Old Man of tha Mound.” Matty Is far from lining an old man, Imt his twelve years at (he head of tha heap have racked Hie wonderful pitch­ ing wing and made him a veteran be­ fore Ids years Probably the greatest siege that ha ever went through was the heartbreak­ ing world's series last season, wlien ha pitched ball that made Ihe youngsters look foolish, Imt was unable to win a single game He Is expected to pitch twenty five or thirty games (his sea­ son Stealing a Smile Here and There The Favored of the Gods. The I,earned Professor- You know, Mrs. Kloogs, it seems a shame to take your hoy away from school nt such an early age. 1 myself didn't finish my school education until I was nineteen. Mrs. Mioogs Well, some children is quicker tit [lickin' up things than oth ers. Punch. Shrewd Deduction. M adge-That old widower asked me lo marry him. He praised my figure and said 1 resembled bis first wife. Marjorie 1 guess that's the attrac­ tion, my dear. He thinks you'd he able to wear her old clothes - Judge. Jealous Catl A Lover's Recollection. Mr. Oldbeau Miss Ftliel, may I not hone to er some day call you my wife? Miss Ft he I Have you spoken to mamma on the subject? Mr. Old- beau Why er yes, I believe I did some twenty years ago. Huston Tran­ script. The Bene of Contention. “People are funny.\ “Ilow now':\ “In ibis Van Million divorce suit they divided Ssju.iwo.iKHi amicably and then scrapped about the custody of a pug dog.\ Louisville Courier-Journal. [Hintfif-I away and the flow, direi ted , ^ n n , , . toward rt»e outlet canal L A N D S L ID E S When sfjffk'ieiil headway had been gained and a great enough depth ob­ tained the most serkm* -proMem. a ifi-h even now has not tier® solved. r i'>n wa* a t sixty feet above sea Jerri. Bat ft is at*o contended that tlie wa­ ter may accelerate the rotting of some of the rock, and the chemical action may partly neutralize the beneficial e f­ fect of the weight. AH these rrsforeseen eventnatities •v-atne m with a rnssh” |* destroy tlie the car is S led; Eight f«w of f*.aee of mfntf of the canal engineers. , h a r e w * added aarfbM g to the orfgf- fcare t e w take® care of la tbH \ rt4rr to the landslides. These are « r t Sf<pr<ff>rt»tie» far the heiidJng (4 The tneht i* atra a e e d .; fs-sefkaiBr m th e aaaae p i a d ( |i e m jfheeaasil ta d another car is ready to be filled, rbc ivatang together of the earth Aar- Bat. whalever fh^ecst. the labor o r Ten, twelve, fifteen slawerfifJs. and t h e 1 yIf- the first diggings, be* *m a nweh the a r m y , ft he rr&'eltfBr train M inna airar _ efae- M -rw more frotflileePtne scale, ■ frtwae hy l^m ie Raaa and M* verkmen. •h e r e fhe e a rth rtW fc to* P r eewo- They o f th e MBs riif« g § ~ *“ ties lata nMtsrarfedL « r * s g r tm * tth i «h0eh fhe c a t t a r t a m o its any. A a n e frtfd r a tv taK r tS n u ia f a r t i f r 4 B s m r & & * t *8®** t a t a t t e I hWhf* sm S oml ...................... r & m r a |h <1 P j J Q '4 1 - - Why? “Do you really mean that you like Blink's last bonk?\ \Y es; I enjoyed it more than any of the others.\ “How could you?'' “1 didn't read it.\—Tit-Klts. Grave Danger. Miss Waflee-Oeorge said I was the best singer he ever saw. Mrs. Hltt-YVoaldn’t you rather be the best singer he ever heard?—New York Globe. Mm. Beitbam- Man Is made o f dost Beithsra— Y ob seem to think It Is gold -cH -ago News. A Few Year* Hence. “Well, how's politics among the suf­ fragettes?” “YYe threw kisses at Mrs. Wombat our candidate, for an hour and seven­ teen minutes.”—Pittsburgh Post. g S M e ttecfe a tn U a e r y ? H a m t t f h r y A Flea For Chsrity. Victim of Street Car Accident (giant- fog at other's eardv-I guess yonTe an waitftifcmce chaser, aren't yoa? law y e r (Wandtyt-That's rather a cruel name. «M mat*. Why not call sne a settle- n m t worker‘ -lo d g e . Ofteft F a t* ! 4' B e - I h you n u t H u b s H M t o - M has -t. * - m fm. No Alternative. Clare—I>o yon think yon could bring yourself to many a man your Intellec­ tual inferior? - Lydia—1 sopipose 1 shall hare to.— London Offtekm. D iterttbn. M aud-Does Kftty lore Jack well enough to m any him? Marfe-Oh, yes; hot 3*ek believes fn Jetting we® enough akspe.—Boston Traascrtct. fie Hot Air Ahe^t T h at. S e e n te y -S e c e h a letter from a The Earlier iirnawarb that be baa the lion or of attending Professor Van Blink bottle, tlie world famoas vfoHn- tetl-E m ily, sir, yon ought to bare Jo st a Httle morp off. or people will take yon for one o* them fiddlers.—The Sketch. . That's Good Lock. M ason-Dp y«n think, i f s cn laety to' hare fbfrfee® a t table? Brown—Not If tt>Mfcfrteefith f t pay.

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 02 May 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.