Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 02, 1913, Image 8

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§ B I I H Old Crow at the Ajax. Bud-weiser at the Ajax. Give me an M & M. Wisdom Harness Inquire of J. C SI8 Axle Oils at Store. Brick for sale H ill , Axle Grease at Wisdom Harness Store. Good rooms for rent. Apply to Mrs. A. M. ^mij& 4 Neatsfoot Oil at Wisdom Har­ ness Store. Don Albee was a Bowen visitor in town Wednesday. Allen Plimpton has sold l\is top steers to F. J . Frazier. PER THOUSAND FOR A-l Lumber. (Java! & Sons For Sale- Fine Netzow piano; beautiful tone. Apply at Miss Wold's music studio. * Mr and Mrs. Frank 1 lusted, of Fox, wore the guests of Wisdom friends last week end. You don't have to send to mail order houses for stationery. Just call at the B reezes office. Every oowpuncher has use for a Rogers belt punch On sale at the Wisdom Harness Store John Fleming, the well known coast buyer, is in the basin taking a look at the beef steers Mrs H S Arnutage and little daughter were week end guests of Mrs Lizzie Armstrong Fred Shultz came in from Divide yesterday with a four horse load of supplies for Herb Arnutage You don’t have to buy 20,(100 feet, nor 5,(100 feet, of lumber from Oneal to getaja bargain Sabe' 36 tf Fred Warren was called out to Whitehall Wednesday of this week by the death of his sister-in-law Mrs Geo Barnes Stoppers kept at Riverside ranch, Hans Johnson, proprietor Steers fed for 15r per head Good cor­ rals, fine hay and the best of hay O J Woodworth, who has been visiting at his home in Iowa, has returned and has again resumed his position with the Wisdom Mer­ cantile Co ~ QidCwwst 0 * H*raessO& at Wisdom Harness Store. O liver c h illed b e a m a n d sulky .plows at Losst's. Red Spot Rubber Boots at Wisdom Merc. Co. Try some of the Sunset- Brand j! Raspberries and Strawberries. The C. W. Francis steers have been sold to F. J. Frazier. Mayer's Shoes for men—a large, new stock now in at Lossl’s. Try a pair of Grinndl Horsehide Gloves—a good wearer—at Lossl’s. Apples $1.50 per box at Wisdom Mercantile Co. Arc you a teamster ? Then you ncen a Rodgers belt punch. Wis­ dom Harness Store. Dr. II. F, Best, DENTIST, Dtl- :>n, Mont. Office ovet Johnson & Boone’s Real Estate' Office. Notice-M ule Ranch now open fur feeding purposes Good beef hay. Wt;i.[. come & P eokover . Walter Stewart has returned home from Logan, Utah, where he has been attending school. Have you got the kodak fever yetJ If so, take an Eastman. It will help you Wisdom Mere. Co. Gold Seal, knee and hip boots, the best made, at Lossl’s. Two ladies' scarfs w'ere found in Ellis hall after the dance last Friday Owners may have same bv applying to Chas Bell For Sale 24 pure-bred, white- faced llerctord bulls, yearlings and two year-olds, all registered Ap­ ply to Don Albee, Fishtrap Ladies of the Big Hole basin are as much up-to-date as those in cit­ ies The latest advertised Ratine, Corduroy and Piquetles on display in the windows at Lossl’s Will Tovey has returned home from Missoula, where he has been attending business college lie is accompanied by a friend, Jas Rob­ inson Get your Spring paint now The J P Lossl company has just re­ ceived a large stock of the famous Lincoln paints for indoor and out­ door work It is time to play ball and as usual #vi» are here with the MOSI COMPLETE LINE of baseball goods in the ba­ sin. We are still handling the famous Reach base- bill goods, which have the established repu- tat ion. Come ami let us lit you out. /A Fuller Drug Co./A For A Good SADDLE CALL AT THE A baby girl was born to Mr and Mrs Fred Holman at the home of Among the ladies who attended Mrs A M Smith last Wednesday, the Odd Fellows’ celebration last April 23 We were not aware of Friday from Jackson were Misses j the important event until after our Helen Pendergast, Mamie Madden I last week’s issue was printed and Julia Rose Eighth Grade examination will be held in Wisdom, Lima and Dil­ lon, Thursday and Friday, May 22 and 23, ID 13. M argaret KO ss , Count y Superintendent When in Butte stop at the Ex­ change House, 17 South Main St. First class rooms by the day, week or month B en G eljiaus , succes­ sor to Filschcn, prop, Lossl’s Jackson store has a com­ plete stock of ladies’ arid children’s wear. There is no need to send to Butte or other towns., for these goods. New Spring stock just in. Cloyd Wampler left this morn­ ing for El Paso, Texas, to receive 71400 head o f steer6, parehased by Wm. Montgomery. The animals will be unloaded at Redrock about the 14th of this month. Messrs. Joe Kramer, John Mar­ riott, Soren Nelson, E. W. Pasche, Fred Hirscby, John Nelson, Frank Hasted, Len Holloran and Mvrl Enderly, members of Jackson lodge No. SI, I. O. 0. F-, attended the anniversary celebration in Wisdom last Friday. House cleaning is nos? going on and it is fast the time to paper yonr rooms. Go down to Lossl’s store and look a t the large display of fine ^aSpaper. The very latest designs and shades hare been eare- f nSy sdeeted and w e j m j m tc k aasy &*cffariifttB*cr rap. We p s M e e i i n c e s t e l e m k b & a f One of the most novel dances of the season will be given in Wisdom on Friday. May ffth, by the young ladies of the town It will be May dance, and the gi-Is will be dressed for the occasion Make moots to attend arrangc- A meeting of the Ladies’ Aid so­ ciety will be field at the home of Mrs C. II Strowbridge tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 2 AO o'clock All members and those interested in the welfare of the organization are requested to be present. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lossl, accom­ panied by Miss Wold, left Sunday for Butte, where Mr, Lossl is called ed on federal jury duty. They will also visit their daughter, Miss T h e ’\■rnTFira i --• - - -1 £ i o r e Wisdom Harness Store EJTifitfilfiJTifiEflEfiERfiifiifiifitfitfyfTtftifiifiifiifilfTtfTLfltfiir! W I S E S H I P P E R S Know that they get boat rcaulta when thojr ship grain to T U R L E A N D C O M P A N Y lOlfiCE .inker o t Cammerco, Mmn.apoHa 420 Bowd ot T rad,, Dolutk Quick Salti Stomp! R.luini Itad l.aab. Slip us ?2 •’>!) ami rear B reezes for a year Get ready to swat the first flv If you enn't get at his solar plexus hit lum between the fit's. 4 * Clearance Sale _____ a On Men’s, Youths' and Boys' Suits at Lossl’s Going at big re­ ductions Jackson Jottings R j b u r n w a s i n town Tucs- Dr day Mi Frank Frazier is still rushing the cattle business in the vicinity of Jackson. Lari Ryan, accompanied by his wife and little son, Jack, has gone on a two months' leave of absence to Spokane He will take in the races at Allan and many other i places of interest in That locality | Mr. and Mrs Tom Pendergast'^ left Sunday for u short stay m Dil­ lon. We are glad to learn that Will Pendergast anticipates m o v i n g liis wife, baby and house to Jackson. Several cards have been received from the Madden brothers, who are having a delightful stay in Se­ attle. ¥ 4* \ ¥ 4 * 4 * ¥ ¥ * * 4* 4 * ¥ ¥ 4 * ¥ 4 * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ PARCEL POST HOW OFTEN IS IT that you think of some article of wearing apparel that you need and you fail to send tor it because you must wait so Do It Now This is the season for planting seed, and Tis also the printer’s time of need. Sow radish seed, and let­ tuce too, and pay the printer what- e'er is due. Go build yourself an onion bed and remember the print­ er must be fed. Sow several rows of early peas and pay for last year’s __ , , . , . . , . i paper, please. Dig. up the earth round the strawberry vine and if one of the hospitals there. Plowing operations have com­ menced at the Herb Armitage ranch and the big gasoline engine long before it arrives! The Parcel Post has come to the aid ot our out of town customers and we have given our mail order business ex­ ceptional attention so as to facilitate rapid deliveries. Make your needs known and we will send any mer­ chandise you desire by re­ turn mail, this making it near, ly as quick shopping as if you were here in our store. We pay all the transports: tion charges, including ex­ press. Packages weighing 11 pounds sent by express. you want T he B reezes drop us a line. Plant some potatoes to put in the hash and remember the printer needs some cash. Fix up a is working nicely. Two shifts are j hill or so of beans and with the being worked, Herb having charge! editor share your means. Of water- of one, and a young man named melons you’ll need a patch—the 4* 4 * % ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ % ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ---------- ¥ I DILLON ¥ # t # * 3 # } * * * 5 .4 ELIEL MONTANA Mast, who hails from Billings, tak­ ing the other. Mrs. Wilfred Hopkins haa^ re­ ceived the sad news of the death of her aster, Mrs. Floyd S. Tuggle, at her home in Gallatin, Mo., pneu­ monia being the cause. She was 35 years oM, and leaves a boshand and ooe child, a hoy 16 months d d . Mrs. Toggle, who risk e d in Hie t e a s -ewer two ferns ago, mas' the first-while dbSS hors is Gib- boesviB e . editor’s pants need one to match. Pay up your subscription, then f>knt your corn and you’ll raise a big crop as sure as you’re born. Recent investigations show that it costs the .government $3,200 to bury a dead congressman. Borne of our exchanges are indmed to complain of this extravagant out­ lay; bert it is a fact that th e e are several that the people mmMgiad- fy see boned, eves at that cost. BIG HOLE BREEZES ONLY $ 2 ,5 0 PER YEAR Catarrh Cannot Be Cured Wfth LOCAL AFPUCATXONS. as they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Ca­ tarrh i t a blood o r eonatJtatkraal disease. And to order Id etffe I t yoa s r a t TaRe in­ ternal remedies. Halt's Catarrh Care to taken internally, hod sets directly opoa the blood sad nsracoas serf ices. H all's Catarrh Core is n ot a medicine, f t was prescribed by one of the best jfcy- dfetem la this country fo r years cad 1s a ren d e r presertptloiL St Is composed of tto heat teries Jcaow* eanMned with fbe te s t blood purifier*, actio* directly tm the a s e o n sttrface*. The perfect e o tU a a - Ifcaf o f the f r o tagrcdfcats j s what pra- pww wumaarMt result* l a cartas catanta Send fee te r f tM ta ta , free. jf . j , c » * K ® r m cow f t* * * . * * ■ * <*• mm MINING 24 f t p s t Veeify i Counted. INDISPENSABLE T O MINING MENJ 53 P E R YEAR. POSTPAID. «*3»rea * « n a e o rr. I00RG* SW1 iSdetfB cPl]

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 02 May 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.