Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 09, 1913, Image 1

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Volume 15 . Summer Course For Teachers W ISD O M , M O N T A N A. F « U U Y , M A Y 0 . 4013L The summer session of the Mon­ tana State Normal College will open Tuesday, June 10/ and last for twelve weeks. This will give all candidates preparing for teach­ ers' examination an excellent op­ portunity to obtain thorough courses in all required subjects and at the same time to pass their ex­ amination, for by enactment of the last legislature credits earned in subjects studied at the Normal College will be accepted through­ out the state in lieu of examination in those subjects by county exam­ ining boards. The Normal Col­ lege is the only school m the state to which this enactment applies. All progressive teachers desiring to advance along professional lines will find courses adapted to their needs, whether in psychology meth­ ods, music, drawing, playground work, domestic science, manual training or physical culture Lec­ tures by*persons of note m the ed­ ucational world will Lie also , pro­ vided during the session Those who contemplate securing the Normal diploma can enroll m regular college courses and accumu­ late credits to this end in both the three and lour year courses Class­ es will be conducted almost cxdus- neb by members ol the regular college faculty. This is a feature that should commend itself to all, and especially to those wishing a review of such branches as they are required to teach, for the ad­ vantage of enrolling in review courses offered by experts instead of amateurs, as is frequently the case at summer schools, is obvious. Excellent accommodations with table board can be secured at mod- State Should Have Absolute Control Sixth of a Series of Interesting Articles on This Important Question From the Montana State Automobile Association le rat m ^ Speaking to th 'tendance ;U the annual American . can Roi.l Congress, Wool row A\T • i . and tlo.cnmr ol New Ji-rs.-v and I lien Ihi, Candida!< tor the p:vsidene\ of the to I’nft.'d States, used these wi ids I \A nation is hnen i logi-ther means (if conmiumcatiun. commnndi.’S as well ub dhows.\ i.v.niamim: oi as individuals The opening facilities for tin its means of cotnmum ation ovate Us though! its means u! m'emnn- n umcalion are the means of tt . sympathy, thee are the means by enmmumeaUon can int be left I he communalu-s themselves: oml-1 ni>1, villi t !u ir tank of wledee o, ihe requirements of oi her, a> l v. H h i lie unanimity i u necessary to achieve ro­ ll is necessary, therefore, Ilia! I he state assume control, and bring l.o bear the best, intelligence. e.e :i v, hs : stili .. —Godwin in Pittsburgh Di»p«Uh. Pine Beetle In The Basin An Anaconda special of May 2 to the Iiutte Daily Lost says The lodge pole pine beetle, known to the forestry service as the Dendrocliiius Monticula, is causing so much trouble to the owners of timber iri the Big Mole basin that a force of ,‘SO men has crate price m the two comfortable Ibeon S;;nt tu tr> to exterminate the dormitories located on the campus. A more ideal spot summer study would find. The invigorating (innate with its sunny days and cool nights makes this a highly desirable loca­ tion ffer a summer school, while the T B T A Y L O R PLUMBING -a n d — TIN WORK W i s d o m M o n t Horse and Cattle Sale The A B Clarke Horse Sales Co , i.hc oldest of its kind in the world, announce their first big burse and cattle sale at their yards at Miles City, Mont , on May 27, 2s and 211 At that tame they in sale about 2,1100 head picturesque Beaverhead valley, shut in by towering mountain ranges, with numerous points of scenic and historic interest close at hand, makes a most attractive set­ ting for the Normal city, Dillon, with its pleasant streets, well kept lawns, abundant shade trees and miles of cement walks, is a city of splendid homes and churches, a restful college town. Dr. Sweet Leaves Dixon bug Already there are Id,01)0 m jor fectcd trees The Big Hole lodge be hard to ! ' lu^e i,,ru'-fortrst is known as one of the must valuable in the state. Thirty-three hundred of the in­ fected trees Wm be cut down and ^There will be ,7(10 head ol \broke; proved the liveliest. A prize bumed, while the others will I jc !st-ulimany' mares m the bunch iawarded at the i lose ol the peeled and the bark burned l'our, These horses are well broke to t he to lit l ie Miss Jew el Rapid W. B. T H O M P S O N (Late of Butte) ♦ D e n t ist Permanently loeatid lien < )flnv at the Wisdom Hotel WISDOM :: MONTANA “ Babe” Murray Entertains j Montana, the young daughter of I Mr and Mrs. T. J Murray, v a.-, the (harming little hostess on Sat­ urday afternoon at a party cele­ brating her eleventh birthday A gav afternoon was passed by the offer for1 guests in play mg all kind ut garni s, of h< . ses j among winch the peanut limit was use a-; the wiiu h the various parts nt it keep the completcsi. educational uttum- m touch with one another \ ( meats, the most thorough experi- A study ol the (levilopmi nt of.etiee., and the most profound s-tate- nwhzation dean n,Irenes that upmanship that the highways of the the exact p oportion that the edu-. stale and nation he so constructed call in and enlightenment of a pro- 'and so maintained as to make them pi • advance, s > docs arbitrary gov - .of the highest benefit to the peo- ernmen) re vde The theurv of pie and establish them as the true til • divine light of kings lasted as eoeliu lent in the development of 1 ing as the various units could be I wcutklh Century civilization, kept in ignorance ol the sUvni tli vvliuh tie y could exercise if .aim 1 igether As lunik, were built and \ ' rumnmmi n eontai I wit camps of workmen will be engaged harness, w ill be in good condition most sticee.'slul one in gathering in the work, and an effort will be made to have the elimination of the beetle completed before July 29, the time the bug swarms and attacks new trees. The beetle bores through the bark of the tree and deposits its eggs. These soon hatch and the young beetles dig their way through the inside layer and soon encircle the trunk, destroying if and killing its growth. Large areas of fine timber have suffered the ravages of the beetle. The larvae is food for the woodpecker, which is consider­ ed a friend of the timber owner. In some cases the flow of sap drowns the intruder as he bores an opening into the bark. The pres- Entcrtain at Cards It is with regret that we. an­ nounce the departure of Dr. Sweet from Dixon. The doctor has been here for over a year and has skill­ fully handled the limited practice that the healthful country has of­ fered, yet the field is too sm a ll- sickness too rare—for a live and ence of the Pest 13 easiIy detected, ambitious doctor to either get rich j tbe gum and juice exuding from Woodworth, J. P. Lossl, George hc. i 0f beef steers from “ ■ \ ^ ‘ “ Tbe trees Lossl, Reece Arrnitage; ... Mesdames, Plimpton. They will D- i XT A/f t i !zr»*» T? o z.i.» lv r, TJ . * ■» « and ready to go right to work One thousand head of Montana range horses, all young, big boned and in fine condition to ship. Be­ sides the horses, there will be one thousand head of choice southern cattle, all ages, and 77 per cent white laced. A carload or two of blooded stallions, mostly shires. Write or wire for further informa­ tion to Manager S. B. Chappcl, Box 770, Miles City, Montana. the nuts. Miss Montana received many lovely gifts from her friends, and a most happy afternoon was had by the party. A delicious and ap­ propriate luncheon was served, Mrs Murray being assisted by Mrs J II. Sharp. —Dillon Tribune Additional Local note were brought into e;a h ot h. i absolutism in gov rii men! bi gan to dtsapprai from ( 'h.istemlian and “consent ol the govu neil began to be a tact or Ftllv years of toad bmlilmr m i • ' _ t _ I'ranee, front L ID to 179u, when tlie several Louts bunt 17 (MO mil.-:, j ot military highways, brought lino people of the French provinces in-, to meh (lose contact with caeh1 ol,her that the french Revolution became posable When. Napoleon later extended and perfected tin system lu dug the grave ol mu • archy m Fiance, and made tis gm et tiiiu nt '’ >1 the |H - ipii , by i he pc >pk , h ir the |ci i >| m Si > l. u ia v I'reuue stands hrst of all the nu tuns of the ear!)) in the wealth per capita ol its people and in the genetal distribui.on ot its land There an few, u any, great ior- tuiies m France, as fortunes arc counted on this i.ldeoftlu AthltllK 1 In the exeri i.-,e ol its lime: ions of guvenimeni the stale can have tio higher duty than to pn»v idr lor the ^ tranquility .and well-being oi its people .Nut a part ot Hs people, who live in chosen hicahtie-;, but oi all its p -i .pic, cqualt;- mg l h< ir burden.,, and aeei-liratmj ti--;r The Late Mrs. Tuggle from a trip to I ’m '< Don Albcc lost two bents of hay i by fire yesterday. or occupy his time. Dr. Sweet has gone fo the town of Cascade where we understand a good opening ex­ ists. We, with his many friends here, wish him abundant success in his new location. The people of Cascade are to be congratulated in the point of entrance, to be destroyed will scale 2,00t),0U0 feet. Old Reliable “Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Arrnitage, .. • _ tu i j , , ,, ■ ■ growth along litie-, of mult rial, Miss Wold returned this evening/’ * ’ ’ moral and mtedri. :ua! prosperity The concentration ot cnorgi...-, nec­ essary to this end can onlv be A delightful card party was held] “ J j brought about by ready n-.e.-ii:s of at the C. W. Francis residence! Fred Francis sold 7-1 head of: communication; - of the producer last Saturday night, the followingi beef steers to the Montana Butch-j with his market, oi the pie.ii.hcr being present: Messrs, and Mes- jermg Co., this week, dames C, H. Straw bridge, George. John Fleming has purchased SO steers from Allen started C. E. Miller, Barney Kau and B-1out on the 10th R. Stevenson; Miss Harriet Come- lie and Messrs. W. A. Arrnitage and B. Risley. Progressive whist was played, d in t eillat in IX nt<icrat, of Gal­ latin Mn . ha., out thanks lor the follow nig item coiieetnng the late Mrs dNiggle, mention of whose death was made in our column* last week Grace Augusta Anderson wa* born August 7, 1S70, at Gibbons- ville, Lemhi county, Idaho. She was the seeiiiid (laughter of George D, Anderson and wife She was th- In- ! white i Inl.l born in Gtb- borsville file was educated iu the s. bools ol Idaho, spent two icarx it the Slate Nornial Luiver- sitv .it Normal, lilutou, also mm* pk 1 1 d In r edueal ton at the State Ai adiiny at 1‘ui, 1 1 1 llo, Idaho She taught. si hnn| in Iter home county and uk i m Cm,Ur eouni v, Idaho She u a-: priiu ipal ol re hfwils ill Soda, Springs and also taught na Bingham-count\, where she met Fluid S. Tuggh (hi Maia h I, b i l l , she was mar* ned to lion. Flow! S. Tuggle at Ni -, 1;ni., <Iklalioma, at the home o! ini sister, Mrs Harvev Weaver. '■ d has iesuled since then (,n the tins com- i n of a few (Tso.i City m attend- t, Hr J h 1 1 I ot th i m I ty V! : 1 e.'h-, v h:le Ir i 1 aiiee at tlu D ’gi!,!.T.ure. She 1-eavcs a Labv l«n', James An- d.u .)si duggle, In months old upon the .late of her death. She also lea vi t to V. A. McKnight, the local tele- hone manager, accompanied by i his wife, is shooting trouble on the w jth the members oi his t m / „,a- tion, of the merchant with Ins cu-.- torners, and oi ail the people with one another. And this can only be achieved by the consistent improvement ..f th. j,!lhtIi Mrs. Wilfred Hop. universal channels of communica-1 kins, dVivlom, Mont, and Mrs, bi ->! h - h -r hM /id, mother, ji'i.ilh). i .s ami h.)..r’rs as for* lows Mother, Mrs. Mary And«r* -.on, IJoiSe, hhiho; broilic-.s, Percy ! Gn r, e Ar [.■r-’o\ Salmon, Ida­ ho-. Mr- R H W<(.'ks, -Se* at’.1' , W.'-.'i , M i - , , Asm Ar lerson, lion—the public highways. Every j Harvey Weaver, Newkirk. Okla. 1 toll line above Jackson i tii*ss f>e0J)le bas its own ar^u* j She made public profession of _ the prize for the highest score go-1 J i men.t for better roads; each occu - 1 ehTistianitv while in school in Iliin- seettrisg an experienced and skiff- S to C' H’ fitrGwbridSs A P ^ - ;, ^ ^ MrSl H' S„ Arn®ta^ ! pa^on can define its own require-; an,i ur:ot.a vkh ths Congrega- * * * * * « - ~ , ^'iBership contest was won by Mrs.;hadbosmess in town Wednesday. I ^ t s in the way of in^oved h-\i M tbu.,.* ^ h * r 1 ^ 4 day- weekly Rntcker. . lT>„ „ Herb informs us that his trig gaso-; dlitics for transportation, but it is * ith tbe Pr^yterian churAd fol physiciaa Kke Dr. Sweet for their town.—Dixon Herald. Grappling Hooka and THatohaa. A enriattt Halt with th e part te to be ia § t B e r ih o te m e v ' t ~ cbitreS, \■ABen Pimptr® sent oc£ a race bamch cl steers Monday,” says the Soardot^h.; ' l i t . ‘ Tfaeaptcm doesn't remrmiher & iag ■ xtfftMog ' ^ laad, hot, «f costrse, W t ns« s a ^ a s e d t o l a e m M a fiM a g ( m t G n K t a l ^ M . ft takes the fo r a e l * boge grarpf®BS book. wtSCtu -te « » «t tt ta m r e tm aw**KW, waa waaC far gMSbc fte td i « t#ie » M f o f * It is ’m tertsth* to fa w ^ t l R ^ A m t o S d p a W.A. Arrrnt r. __ 1 . ___ i8ge. A dainty hmch was server Mr. and Mrs. Arrnitage have taken onto themselves a wife and we wish them madt joy. A dainty hmch was served: Lne plow is turning op the sod a t a by the hostess, after which musical1 great rate. selections were enjoyed. Two $Wffi I\ Harwony. •THeetfrtee. ye* teveaft taowa Mag , Caster Childs, a nephew of Mrs. ‘WFATIRalston, is sofftatng from painftd teuises as the result of a rtmamgr whkh oceared Monday 'at the pepdher S tater station. He qniBty i i all. In tins way- only earn the foatrioos of go^eraatient be was drmng * tests *t& to the'propc'ty*3^ ^faaetefy exercised. boaseufyat m m m o xM c made E&Katiostadvances; wealth tto- ^ t ^ p m m it ^ t a ^ iM t a m ra ^ \ c m ia S 0 x & ; tberefeemeaRs «f h», whoniifbdldowntrend.' 1^{aBasesisteii(»i«dt^; - the the task of statesmen to so correl- j u aho Falls. She took a very ae- ate the various necessities that the 1 tjv'e p>art in Sunday school and benefits of fuller and freer inter- j Christian Endeavors of Idaho and conrsc, each with the others, Shall! was\a delegate to the HaBo®5T lead to the satisfaction and tran-! cosvcrrtiori at Seattle. It was in her home that she took the greatest interest of aB and jast, before her death she tdd her moth* erth a t her married Me had- been ideal.

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 09 May 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.