Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, May 30, 1913, Image 7

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The Clock AND The Key By ARTHUR HENRY VESEY Copyright, 1905, hy D. Appleton & Cn. PROLOGUE. Mrs. Gordon and Jacqueline. tier turn-, nre in \ enieg for antiques. They moot Richard Hume, im Amoriomi no quaiutumo. wlm asks Jacqueline to marry him. Sim fours ho is shiftless, for he has idled away years in more pleasure St Hilary, dealer in an tuples, describes (lie treasures mi sale at the oastle of (he (hike (lu Sestos At the oastle the duke presents .laoiiuollue with a rh lily curved box w lie li had imoe eon tamed <ems long since lost traok of Mrs tension is given a mys tenons old , luck. w Inch Kn hard takes to his residence tor repairs St Hilary Hintons to ferret out the elncl, s se riel in Its on tin hard and loll, him this history of the i Im k and the jew els Beatrice cl wife of I .min'too tlm Moor, paw lied her wouderlul gems With the done of V euioe who had an ingi'uimis casket limit to Imld them t>.v tclotanni. the goldsmith By a crafty hi heme tie stole and secreted the , ask el witli the aid of In, sou He was made a prisoner in ln> own Inmse. W here lie liuill I lie c Im h w In h ' \U tamed I tie secret of the hidden Jewels 'tins angered the doge \ tm smashed (lie c loc k I In goldsmith Inter killing himself and Ids son, the broken clock remained the mile i lew to the hiding place of ‘the jewel' St Hilary goes lo Amsterdam in haw the In k repair ril hi expem while Milliard jourur's In l lie Imperial library al SI Peters Imrg for furl tun data on the elm I, I Hike dll Sestos also in St Petersburg extracts fourteen pages from the book containing the information sought I Hsappointed. Itieliard returns, tinding a ligtit in his room NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY. cm h article to its respectixe pocket. K.vcpt Ilit 1 keys and the copy of a tele gram The keys he calmly iraiisforred In liis own pocket the telegram he tmnt1* i I I be me I read il curiously please III \ Ml i IVIIIP l l hi' is lo a1.! moans [n go, , cut the > Im i, ..i on < ll was signed Icy Mrs (lonlon ami w a ' dire led lo i lie duke I looked at il though! fully 'Supposing, si Hilary, tlml while reading Ihw telegram the candles fiance happened to catch il Naturally I 'lioiild lid il go like this I w his pered and siautpcd on ihc burning pa |m c toling man cnimneiiled St \nd now | uni going lo rp >a II of I Ice du ,c‘ \\ c arc go . i c \in in i lc game o I in for \\ l .c 11 Han nil'll Ihc on. lo ! lal lie pul oil li in bdil' about mil lido | he sa la X es I am off lo a pa ft meid \\ e iidlsl ' Had, I lion ili a w mg Id in lie bm k\iii'il uie our ba x e comedian s those fold- pages if |m leon i mu in c on |ie l o I Im k I Ill'll lei soft I \ VI'II '.1 ■ f 11 y noisily Imagine dig as I In pool • ton well \ b fi him w il h itic ' I s, nip: l lit XX able I in duke I here ' 11111 sl’I f ib Itol 11 l II nop 'Oil lull I ' n il mi keep until t Wlsl l ,1 IIS III vel't M'en dill soli lad w ell \ mi will I lien be lioiTilii'd disi in rr | hat mu loi il duke I' blpiil ildi'd strapped and gagged X on re lease him wdh crii\ nl eon. ern X mi n Ip all ' v nip: I lit XX c have done mil so I lia I lie i a n aggressors It I shall I'eturn It descended twice vn the ueck of the croactdug figure. Then, very slowly, the platform retreated into the door­ way, The door closed. That was all. - A dollar cuckoo dock is hardly less impressive or wore ridic- e .figure complacently hiuvUng to re­ ceive the blow. That was all: But was it all? Was there not itehlud the little figure a background of .bronze, a drop curtain, so to speak? Aud on the background was there not some­ thing in bas-relief? t felt quite sure that there xxas. though the two au­ tomata must be the principal actors in the foolish scene. I .lotted down us much as 1 could remember aud waited for 3 o'clock to strike. But if the previous hour was disap­ pointing this xxas maddeningly so. This time I hud the two lighted cau­ dles standing at the third door Unit not a fraction of a second might lie wasted. Again the whir of the spring and the chime of bells. The I bird door opened slowly. The citvular platform xxas pushed out again. A single figure this lime. I wnlehcd il. breathless, ami il did nothing, it stmul there motionless. But at Ihe syvmal glance 1 saw Unit it was designedly motion less ft was not an automaton It w;c. simply a piece of bi'cm/.e east in the shape of an old man in a flowing robe The tinge's cap tv as mi Ids head. His rig'lil arm was lifted a> if gesln u filling Ami as the hours struck there appeared from the real of the plat form, in quick sin cession liny round disks. Tin y sprang into fine from w Itlnu. une alter Ihe oilier Before tile door i Insoil I iminted ten of them They stood in ti row. facing tlm immutable figure There was again a brou/.e IJ'lale al Hie back Xl first I thought It \as ornamented with a geometrical design But a- I looked al It more • losel.v I saw that It was a gate This >'t'he was more I a nl a 1 1 /,mg than the last XX hen ihe t I\' I, had been m per fi\ l rep,in Ihc len cli-l,' mu-t limn been Ihc bn-!' bn leu acilolliala uni'll a f I m the t a 'liimi o| |n I Xicnli , a rk ' I c 1 1 * i 1 1 *\ ii I \ a l ura II v ill,' s!ig!_,i\b (| ihc i mi a single figure I lie doge of the spring an hrnir '-lb or chime armi-ed me the six doors in front s lime no a nt oiua I o n a p t In Ini' I* a li a i ini I made moii'i \i a well curb a ml a clooi i losed slo vv I v I la ugh as In Wax c anything cf totensd fur u,u Intruder te gaze al. Mo* Mr. Hume, net big a fool as that. |$y tbe way, did jexi ttod yeur bibelot, that rare bibelot iu tbe Imperial U- IV hat's your idea for getting rid of tt?\ \If I shipped It to America for Mrs, (Jdi'tlou ought she not to Ire grateful to me for saving her that bother?” \But the duke could readily prevail brary. Interesting';'' i ou her to cable to America to have It “I did not take the trouble to go j sent back to her. The ruse would gixe back for it,\ T ile d carelessly. “A tel- u^a'mSTiih's ktiirt. It fartrw. But what egram from. Miss yutiitard recalled i if we shouldn’t -find the casket to a we to Kellngin.” ! mold IT;\ I startled him as l had intended to. | ’ I luixe thought of that. If it were Ills face darkened. He looked at the isent-tn a wrong address By miatake or- clock again. t» x<mr sheep, for example, aud if you He had heard the spring whirr me- sent instructions that the box was to taUhaily. The bells began to strike, be pin carefully away until your re- lustinctively \\e both turned and watched the fourth door open slowly. Again the figure ou the platform had been broken off. What the back­ ground was l could not see. I dared not show too great curiosity before the duke. Tin1 door closed Tin' duke and l looked cl each other. \It is interesting, all the same, my droll el1 \lock.\ I slinigrvd my shoulders. \1 sec , hat you have had it re­ paired \ \i mis wondering if that fact xxouid daw n mi you,' t sa id \Am I |n umlcr.'l.iml Hull lava use you have luul the clock repaired my right b. it is the less real'.'\ lie in quire\! an ii• 1 y gleam in bis blue eyes \ X 1 'ii are to understand precisely that I replied ' And permit me to turn’:'’ \My dear fellow, you are a jewel of thoughtluliic'ss. Take your flashlights immediately, a nil'when >\U haxe made1 twelve perfect pic tures we xvlll pack (lie ' lock and see ourselves that if is safely started \Il its l>mg journey to America, Until limn one or the other of im must guard tt day and tiiglit\ 1 look the twelve flashlights. They were a perfect success. Txvo days Hit'll I cn b of 'ill cij a I' I lie ' ii miles put bill and sbppc'l lime I\ lei tile work skillfull! em'imli not know we are I Im is true, lie may guess here tomorrow morning hoforo noon XX e -Im I limit's sleep I |u>pe t hose t mirieen (m ges vv it probably not need a few I shall bring Ii me lhc>n w> c i ii n n mils,, unisol ' i es v v \But our boast of Tbmigli be cannot see nil one i b prey In m- niove ■i I. ' I here don t ea mile He sat forget 4 o cl. peal ti Inm u lie ml II Ill'll r K eepi ng still until I, in tlm morning' does not up me in t lie least XX liv not shut a in >iiv on) i Inset until il Is him time In release 'Excellent XX p entered mi mmn a go ill ami. In spile of his struggles, stood the duke upright In the iiurrnw closet Then, Watching the Houra. D t kl, IH n I.SM in was seated in cue loom, and mi il table immediately tn front of lum III ke<| lice do, k X lighted stood on either side of It huddled In the (Icep armchair. Ills head sunk on Ills breast But lie xx Hs not asleep His elbow- rested on tile arms of the chair. In- legs were comfortably crossed X bm of cigar eftes wits at his elbow, and at Ills el bow, ton, a decanter of brandy my brandy I closed Ihe door, ami at that ino mont we heard very faintly front with­ in an exquisite c himi\ of silver bells Then the hour of one was struck. \By .lore, St Hilary \ 1 said savage ty, \is Unit brine to amuse himself all night, drinking' my liquors, listening to the c-Itimes of mir clock, unmolested7\ \Not unmolested.\ < ItmTied St Hil­ ary softly \All. then, we stop liis little game\- ‘‘With all the pleasure in Ihe world \ lie took off his cloak. It was very thi'k ami dripping with moisture He nodded at me. smiling. \Yes yes. you get the ideal 7 I'mtld a troublesome guest cry mit indignant­ ly if this fine cloak kept liis head warm, do you think';\ He spread out (lie cloak \it one out­ stretched arm. and tiptoed to the door again. I followed at Ids heels. \Rut Is tiiis necessary';\ I expostu­ lated. \Why not throw him out with­ out any ado?” St. Hilary' looked at me\ with con­ tempt. \I>o you forget the fourteen pages? B e must see (item. The <•iances f are they are in his pocket. \Ve are to be burglars for the nonce, dear Hu me. and this cloak Is to go over his head ! leaving him standing there like a tnum- so that tie won t be too noisy. ’ j my. xve turned the key on him and left 1 nodded. ' . him to his reflec tions. St. Hilary did not bungle. and the ; ••\ow I'm off.\ xvldsfiered St- Hilary, cloak served infmirabiy. The duke Y\ hen he luul closed the door behind was no mean antagonist. As 1 placed • him I took rite seat in front of the my knee on his spine and twisted Ins | eloe‘k. I waited for the clock to strike arms hack, while St. Hilary adjusted j the hour of 3. On a Table Immediately In Front of Him Ticked a Clock. the lic/nds god the gag. 1 made tip £«y Bttnd that I sbowld have to train down a little. \And now?\ 1 whisfiered. when we bad tressed him tip. for all the world Hke a fat fowl. It seemed to me rath­ er .... ti^urrs Hid l I hr I I m * \ hll Ill rr ii ml l I m T hr 111 M ,,f <1 1 M * I M< ' I Till I'fMiftl in ninr I ! n mil I i ; < x\ liril lilt xx < di| \Il III \ MX rrrnji | II lid tl\l\ !|v|H II > I I V\ il- iluhr \lit ill' III- hi».\ I \ h I Um I ;i lr\\ roils IT\ in llm imtisr lumirum thr w nil Kriimiim: rnnsil,'. I pulled I In* hrl! luill 11 <l\/ limes i h«<1 I\ will! lM<' minutes hrhur the f r< * vv lirnil of in \ housekeeper peered j » mi H m * I >a h •«ii ' \ in the imHi n\\ Inin I dis<o\eivd nimHier head I mm KI iic liir fl'oin o'ri (hr ml^rr \f I hr i|iiii\ U\ i I m * rii i v \f I In hnilrru nl im tlnnr I t*m mj ; iiizim | !hi' I i* r sinriiij: ut mu In 1 1 * 111 1v ns thHi \f tin- limn \Ahtiin \\ r liml 'St'rn s li ml, | inttlrl (hr hrhlu*' Hr fills f hr fluKr s ”'\M< j* <1r|' l Hr UHs w h U iii \ for llm um^trr I ‘-trpprtl min tin* hull unfl hstiigwl I hr f|\M! nftrr mu | -sf unil>l»*ii up }hp stilli- I < Intlrrrtl n- n*>- thr sji I m ! shm ^ I Inn ln'd inln ;i tntilr | f * *1 1 with n i rjmh m ^ hiiis I Ihr d«“»r in win* h fhrilnUr w Mnjiris<ninl I'hri’i1 wns im flmilil ii I »\U I ms h;uii)M I niiBc 1 }i\itir llns flmr {.i r 11 (fir dukr in his iijtmiu l»\\ nnmt Imvr I h 'MI y ) mr | lijj-hlrij ;j rjjmlh' him ). iHlximi nfT mi • •out iiml w iilistrojit J hf'hl II mmii in front of mr with on** I ihik I nm| flun^ t \prn (I m * rlosot d\\r with llm oilin' ! | w ?i< pi'rpiirrd t<» rkprr^s siu'prisr* | | luul mi rw'hilmtt imi runs rnimil |\ f)n j im lips It so Impprnri] fh m t my hi ir prisr w;is, •romiifw* As | npr*nofI flu* <|onr thr link*' t»t|»plof] ovrt Ijinplv into /inns Ho luifl fnlnlml ! lot him slip to tltr Hour I *inlt\ini*l liis wrist - Mini Ir^s | lorroff II m * *^:i^ I rfmfrrl liis I imik N I pourml \v;itor o'or liis f.Mri* Hr oprpr/I hN r \ r*. pn-srnfh Sif tliitf up. Iir blinknl nf mr. Slowly thr pM I lor loft his fner ff< i^lnnrn! n f »••» i j f tlm room Mr shook himsrlf fo^rthrr. fo 1)N fool, hnf'rhn) li^hfly. ^alkiniT |o thr fjihlr w hf'i’r his ntfHrrttrs lay. hr li^htrd onr and in Imlrfl it *’Ah, my frioiii! Ihimr. 1 !»:tt was rmt fl plrasM.nt iiHlf hour. 1 must thunk you. my tlrli\*,»rrr.\ ‘ J Pi t how <!ui vfiuj jrf-t info the clos f(V\ 1 flmanrlofl. Hr whs voluMr in hi< rx«'usrs. Iff* I Imrl roritr f»ri h litMr crr«nfl. He mtpt 1 h.-ivr fflllon uslrrp. He remembered 'nothing till lu* \\n< ^riml nrid bouml : jmfl i’ffhhefl. *'S«t thev have robbed you. these i thieves*;'* I asked indiscreetly. \\es: they have taken my keys.” ami • hr |ooke»l «t rue kreulv. *‘W»nr keys'\ f e\‘f»o<tn/a'feff, \\t >\; mn<t have left them nt -perhat»s. Eh Men. Mr. Hnme. I ( miwt hid voti sood nisht. I must ’ walk. I stififH-hsp, to tbe Trasrerto fVrrite i T'ireoh* for n Why. m\ friend, do yon d^eFI in this tartar\u< reUliml veil (irsl i*f ;ii! 1 ll.l ( tills clock is lid XIM \ N ii -- I|\V. Mrs 1lOldiHI s Nile I. 1- M'-lvV*! Ill*’ t\ ivlVp il fur Imr I sic. >1 liltxr u tiii 1 r\ <’) -u ■ps 1 ma.x tilin', lit' (V'-sil l l f. *r it*- s;|! V keeping I am i.. .iuniui: t\ 1 il M1 k Ihiit II 1' Villll able i' ih ' ii }*»•' M'lr UlVillx lilt*' mi rooms to •' i i x t' it \Bn ' 1 k lilt\ ' \lie rnr• m> v lie look ed in 111*' HUUnh \l I. »x ' \iir piii'ilnil 1 ‘-Hl'l Mia' !‘l' \1 w ; 1 - 1 hm|\mu •f > 1 \Mi'-r \ 1 f I I mm ' !\• ll. I 10 V Vi\ \ >ri< h.t 1 tn u 1 iui>f ; j Kr 1 He 1 III 1, (' \i ,. ni ) 1 ji/1 * 1 ilMkr '\ * piV-M'd ('H' ll nl lie ll HII I Ire \X! , 1■mix Bi - Hi Ihr hr 1linin'i ' XI c Hill!\ ll\ XH \ ii\! think tint W I ..... IV*-**l’t 1 \ IIIi‘ r v 1 i-rnii* men - \ r.‘> *-f 1 i) ih |M! 1 l onr n m *I '-tmitiiii; une h • Ml « I m M't ' 1 ill- V 1 1 11 1 v1 1 hr iln* !<l ed 1 v 1 li V* f H f lt;i f *MM • ‘-hall M\f ->rr tllllUI- ' XX ,1 limit ;t i)' III M i irl\ i trd Mini \ X- f\l IIMt ,1 IMr \ hi'li thr' Imr leu ' . - \Ht \1 Itl.l ;l I X ll* 11 1 k — XlMI 11 \ r I h •XX t\ 1 s. • \ 1 iMMrI ! '-t«mil each . •1 III'!' ll w; in 1\ 1 1 l pH'-1 M\<HI \ hr!) 1 vxiw u w a l.c .... . 1*' S! II'':.H \ \XX c 1! I ; m -Ix.'*l . ...... lah h.‘! ' (* \ «MI A« I Opened the Door the Ouke Top pled Over Limply Into My Armt, had mu \ In* T *' \ miu w ha|r \ r> Ik* I ML'S W »*ir pmkiMl 11 1- dlsriianl 1***1 Hul 1 rti dm l.llrl I Iu > l-» | a it- with R I ri ll ' I Wll'll' I 1 Vt \ ^ \i u l 111 I In -,i it.. I i \III M m i h’.i fcr H wti- I <■ IM -t rji im I I\ hi- | ] Ii ; I h ’Ii’tI 11 - fi ill I > 'blppe'l I\ • .t I♦111 rr H'l IIf ( vs t lukr s ItrI\tiLr I ....... Ills t*f v \iir r«‘ w h nd' on! tiros w il li I hr dnkr ' ll ajiprars hr snul nirfulH w tn*n 1 had finished \that thr dnkr ha- had Ihr iid'anta^r nf ii - rfh'i all Hut al h'd -t w r lia v r thr < b>* k m h‘ 'm :i hn.V -; 1 1l l MIL! MM al [> it .>f l a inr hat) hrrtl wh/ppnl UlH< a x ;• 1 111 1 in In 1 ■ llm: him 1\ I Ml' C It 1 m t‘i 1 ,1 \\ ;i x t ji iv f 1 11 1 uni 11 flirt h*‘i• Ml ll V \tl Mill >1 ilia in HI <onoernmg II . Ilf. 1 \ hr 11 hfixi > tuh-i\ xx |lhhrhl \\ r V Ini ll\ ! a i|aIX 1\41 SIHtM 1 hn ukt 'PP'-an li HLialn ! hi t 1Mt I ill lib'll II li trt;*! null 1 * -1! 1 ' 1 . \ 1 *r»\-si»i| I hr \Thr aiit«>mata a iv 'i!t iiufiv l*-'- hr<<keii \ f irritoihlod \N r -min d pro * Imi- littlr In inn litp^ I\ H\ll;nrl it ml lliisshi 1 thmk \ j don t • a M in v trip a hi 1 1 n rr Hut voiir 1 m r h ■ h*< k mu k*'i 1 1d i n t rrpair tin automata I iii'-Mod rl \ I nir Hut In w ; * ut*o nn w hat ( h nl an- a ml hoprd mi^ hf hr trur fi'-v of thr HUf\\tata * a I dr t.» as •ml i L'orvsnl that tin- an pit it In ii llm At last a spring wMrrefl. Tbe fittle slfvrr W b . sweet as sb eiftn x-hinie in fairyiatKl. .sh<wked me into rigid atten- - tiesfi. it was 3 oeYcx-fc. I wateljeff^ffe’1 *■ indecea7” Then bis eyes fell e»n the do«rs eagerly. j table, wbere the etorifc triced kwfiy. At first l iltoogbt wane »f Tbe tweive : \Ab. ba. my old and ft g'n-- er wetws and silty, ail tlris foss. and Sdof>rs had <^4>icd. I forg \ for the : rapitsf! 1 bs**l fftrfte forgeirten my er- yet. 1 eoafess. I fwrmd ft exvTrfng. | stoutest t'ba't Tbe Awr <*f The sersr»i ; r* *fd fo depr h e y«a «f my elnet. Be­ st. Hilary sttw* Ms bead for silence, i b«rr ««« at the rid t of tbe etork. I ' l^Hdr' He framWed in bi* breast pfe-k- Ose e t fbe date’s eigarerte- drw*rciag | *&sred fbe en t it le to tbe side. Ves; j et and «*rted rapidly a p*M-tage ku- dt fbe eoreer bd* wwftb. be deffle j tbe drsa was wide open. I tferast tbe : tera and pa'pers, “Aeeldeiwi?\ berried « l\\k w in pertr- t t.i-rh'i' i m *v rr h;M r «nn»nii*rd t\ nor h Thru * hiumii -* mionmoutv lumuiur dr\U ;md until- i ul ;. 'vnrr t\n --.j mplo t«> Im' r nor Ii <\g mfi* iinff' ‘Tlm MulmmitM h u 'r \n ^itrnlfl I'U t i r r ’\ I rrjH iilrd Ir^tiM ’\\|iv | thought thr fa* t that thr * hv*k us nn MUtnilUtlnii -h' k \H - |*rr>ivrl' Ihr'-di/ iiithumt pfliit If th\ M!P\m tin niimuiit t\ no n?ofr thaic h row pm- h\W thr dr\ il is thr • !\ L t<» pdl i' rot *'■' \M y dour Il'iiMi' rrplifd *<1 Hihirv U'lirtly. ‘'tin'1 in;!' mummiui m thr rod to -I rmv t*f i | i ; iiiiiiin I' I did imt <it' f luH tlm Ml i t * ■ 1 1 ' :i 1 h I in 1 * O\ - liiliifiriUP'r w Im t r ' r r <*i> tin* ...... . ’ hrv :irr prrhnps thr t ri * * • m;ii a*-f* \ f rtr-h s 'mm Hut thr hi■!■ 11 - «.f ru* h v. r n r \< to lif* found in fhr I iff ro llrf' 'hnf Mp ' pi'Hr on thr Tr-in/r jihitf*'- f-irm fn^ Ihr h.-M'keToumT If '*» trrnni that Ih r \ f fr*r> of th r :Mp\M!.'inm Hc'iirr< i-^ ''liirflv to klrn tifx ih r u u - l i f scptm - s in bn< t’f'lirf. Hut it i' three m inulr^ to 1 T h r rlm-k to '-triki' \ , 1\’r wafrhotl th»* hr-d of ih* il mrs • •pm. tlm rir* uhir piutfnrrn ptmhrd out. i A h r a d lr*\ figure nmtionlf**'-'. it- rijrlif hand rrs»l?iu \H m hnid A- thr* sfro k r o f fir' hm»r lifted its paw and droppnl it again. T h r ; hnadlpss figure w i^^lrd il< Irfr dmnd. 'I'lmn tlif* platform <\'f’tnnly rrtn n t r d and thf* d*M‘!' fi’d<rlr<s|y shut. •porsti t th-.t “ impiy rap tlm rijm a s for ox^tti^itr innniM I ' rtrd. “‘Btit you iT n - n ifii thf hr iiuorind. \It nas. sunp[\ H said indifT rivutiv. \/V^r^Ydr. H +* u**n fhat tlm M-onf*. \ n r SfTKffdtw v rtiuld h; ilmm. Thry stand, of < Marno, tbe fiMtroii sa;fp his Ik * . And n*»ft T*f t •d i rum I hr -v trll 11'id ' 1 1 rr I »njr '.•nk^rfUifi'T:\ dir ai palarf,*' f >■ fin*} H/r s \ :tal tnurh. I r* I'ero^Iii'/rfl rirsr. for Svin f \ rnhm; and L*rt to w#vrk. st or I\ wake **HT- pl’ot iMiHili -I |’i U' rl luit h 'VV > \tPd 1 Ithllf I\ k rr P Ml Vl i UH hlr all Hhthjur hiiurri' In uiv |n»ssr“s!\ii slii' r I had reason I-- kn*'\\ that thlrxr^ Imd al i r.ol' fnprd thrir « m ini\ m\ moms | t*i viral M' ■ Thr vtonimd and i I hroa l rnrd I ^ m i h <\ a t lil m hhmdH \\ hr 11 III ,l*-kri| H\ whrir | luol srU* it I informrd liiui itinl I ihspiit> hed • p | \ \ rw \ \ik in thr • ; * i* . T ^l 11 i I ^ ii r v - pa 1 1 imr \ t Ihr ; >• I Si Hilar' hyd L't' m h- j dra Irf In .i li f i* pirv u mild »h -u I hi in w hat t hr \ w n r - in * j w nit* n t hem St ) f i la i \ In fuhx ami ,i h“\ !'I tr i \ im-mrlhiLi t lint Im luul -rut order** t\ his pari nor prompt h i\ - hi rrnrlor tin > I\* k in mu por-^on ^ t'o;mn^ a dirurd tmtr from Mrs i ;#»r | d\ii l i »r a wit k st 11 i hi n -* n I'rrl v left mv foi'in H r ate i|f|m hi1 -iii“ kri| 1\ i \ r - \f i liPl frf |i‘v in- tonslimrd pot- of1 ht/r I, refTrp Sir h vk'-op a -x hr had ht hr*I idr an hiuir al a tinn* in mm arm* hair And :iiw:n- hi front of tnm vv'rfr thr j dr u < ^ i a pi1- - of tin- himk ; L I'\ii nth - cf til\ t W . 1X r h- nir- | (if the orj loi . ;t li h UI! 11 i . »f t h< twtdxr lunsrs \\ r had found f\itr on|\ f. t hr hi a* I i t:< I w ork in \ o } r f f ft Hirer of thr h-.m - -ninf »*f thr ti^nrr; ut'iv fntm f and '-\tn*' w rr* m'-'kon. fo thr tiw* rrhminm\ hour- !hr fiirurr-; w orr i \mpirlr' v ia- k itikr To rmi-hler t)*r f<• ur liour« with thr fiirufrv. iiitaot n’t m.-lv . I . '2. t* ,7 ' I. A rohial f jftrr and m !hm dim hop n*9*1 s on-f •J. A hkT'il'r vtand-*ur o\ or a kittmlln^ slave, iu an aMifudr of rimtuo-'u tuir*- strike-* tlm nr< k of th r s'avf* With H sm ord ti. A dam'in^ figure advarn-rs trn stops f\]• w ard and rotrr»ts ten strf»s 7. A d-o r apf.rars at the window o f a tower In h**urs s p, -s\rrm of the firtirns w rt‘r intarf gtitiB’ hr\kf-fi: \ i*ol ird fi-urf* sea to Ftrforo this d(>*tzr ton flicks apfmar i and am rtin^rd in n rows are broken off The d’“kv v A rrowpod <T’is tiofom m tti rone, ar tho t<*ft *>t t h f tbt h \ sr;itt*‘I h^UTo X- In !;* T V K 11 ff. A b empty ro«® k t tt paktee. VMl dx Kxr h xxpec go ftgxirea are iieeft. ». Tblrteea knee Bag figvires w B « M > atrtAebed banxb. tt*. SU gonfiola.- to processes; tritoM apoutlug. ll. Mutilated. -\4iT-T-bree-fi4*tt5*>a -boidia# out baga . „ Such were tbe automata and tbe bas- reliefs iu the backgrounds of the twelve hours. As. to the scenes they represented, St. Hilary had made a rough guess at moat of them. Four or five of tho scenes he thought he had identified unmistakably. All twelve of them were scenes out of Venetian history. I urged him for the results he had gained so far. \There Is xery little to ten.\ he said sulkily. \Scene one represents SL Miirk and his lion, the tutelary saint of Venice. As to the second scene, the story Is in every guidebook. The artist (ienttle Bellini visited the sultan of Turkey and pained for him a pic­ ture of (he daughter of Heredias bring­ ing in the head of St. John the Bap­ tist on a charger. The sultan objected that Hie neck was not rightly drawn- that xx lieu n man xxas beheaded no neck ai'penred at nil. in fact. Tha ani-t disputed the point. To prove himself In the right the' sultan struck eft a slave's head'' Xml the ililnl hour the ten disks arranged iu a row ?\ \1 he council of icn, i suppose.\ \Well well tlm fourth, St Hilary?\ i cried shtirpl.v \I’erliap- .'ou know Its significance. I don I Tim i iiiucl doesn't figure Iu X curt III ll lilst'irx. so fur tts I know. II is true. Marco t'uln traveled t\ t.ha great khu tt \f i itl Im \ Tin* s‘m e might have been u chapter out of fits life But after wading through his (nni'is I tiave fulled t>> find If \ Xml Hie next I suppose.'is too had- |v mullijiled to he id.'iit i heel J \ir.ohitclv ' lie grumbled ' Xml (lie Background of the sixth liimr ■ I asked studying Hie photo­ graph through n powerful magnifying gill'\ Have 'ou Pern aide to tdpn tlf\ ell her of the two tigures seated on ! I lie till Icon V poll) Iu replied wtlh more iinlma Moo I lie figure will! \is' doges cap Is | muddle I lie figure crowned with a wre.illi of laurel Iu Id, side repre senls Ihc poel I 'ef I'H rcli w Im was his 1 guest I lie automatic figure that 'dames Hu- len steps forward and hie I. ward s v m ho I i/.es a festival held mi the pla/.jii after X cnlce had Silt) (Inod her enemy < rete The seventh Imur represents,” I cent tired, \the legend of the dc'ge re- 1,1 1 1 up iipxvs ,,f victory b.v a carrier pigeon K'orx child who feeds the , reaiures ou the piazza know's that storx Tlie tower must be the Csrapa- idle ihilie rlglil Tiie scene of the eighth hour 'ontiimisl Nt Hilary, \roil dis- nuerod for xourself In the academy lids morning The room of the pslaco In the liRckgroiind is an exact repro­ duction of the palace seen In the paint­ ing of I arpaceto \ \And Hie ninth v ’ t demanded feeling Hint nur information was meager lu floeii Hero uaain we can otilv guess The Pml.i'ii figure max lie ( artnagnola, the 1 -..Idler ,.f fortune The thirteen figures I Heeling lu the kgrniind no doubt n |.il c fils coii'picrod enemies The pro- . os-loii of the gondolas and the spout­ ing tritons lu ihe tenth probablx repre­ sent the going of the doge In his Imceti- taur 10 wed Hie Adriatic \ \Xml the eleventh hour must be quite hopeless The automaton I- miss ing amt Hie plate at the hack is bat Icrod hex niul all reengnltlmi.\ 1 said (Tie twelfth Is almost as olisenrs,\ ■ ■ole lulled m Hilarx \The figures holding ocjt Hie hag' are perhaps , on .piecc'ii tfi-noesc offciunL' r'M.s.un it i' led ' erv promising \ I con fessed ' 1 la v e x o.| m n v theory w liatexer I!' to tile Iio-Hlllng of theae scenes\ do. i s ' l . e e '■nr on, But thev are ail ,f t hern :< f fea'f, \ I ti a ( hair. 1 1! v motion s j. c.-svion v.w The /isrtires L e standing on a X second figure e.c ts tu-oken r.ff rrh a seefder. 13 mere was tif*t I ha 1 .■ a equal!' imp. I of me I) Urged - xx cn then, if I repeat to vou tha numbers \ , 4. 7, 31. 1, Id, 3. of w hat do vmi at once think?\ X cipher. I enpd eagerly \ 1 let I' |hp Hus.rx Hint seems to tn* tin- nest hopetii! at present. The num­ bers | tune UK fiHniteil are the figuret .■f Hn- (liftereti! sue.-essne seenes. Tt is tiareiv possible that these numbers ( ittu-r alone or eomtufier! with other numla-rs might bring us in the hiding place of the casket. Tlm trouble is (i it r-a evi'-v s one hss egtires in th* imckgrotind - the eighth, for Instance, Arid in hour* ' and 11 the he kgronnffs arc so rutititaTed that even if this theo- TV were true We should Sack th-se B3E0- l.ors t>> make our cipher compsete.\ \ X\d ver the existence of a cipher s. e r.,s t: eft: v 'ossiu’e way by which the riddle mar sol red. ’’ •1 tio.ieve that is true. There are t xv el x e hours - that i<. there are twelve different steps - r we v e different i’ffiks to the whole ebaiti. Beci-asto* st inter f'tse. so tea.ny .steps, paces or what cot. xrbt to bring tts to t o n two. There. «*ad * F ilSbMR^k i t o SesBeN* |« % - e t t - A t I arMeHei M s . f «feMA wflUk riO n t l u t f t t t r . HBcry tffayrit VH p a t *a r h Isevfe* Otfto. They m |» * nktcrex tim e t v a - f t o M e « ( n t o i « c fraerira-ffy m l*fs brm&n S L rays of the caudle at the ISitle Aw*- tray, awl I sa-w-wtet? A rirctfiar f f r lf M i yras itetos |<n 4 - «A riow-ry forward. O b this yAxtfonB t o a tn y fh w e n «®x«r. At t i e foot erf tB B ttawne a httm o e 6gnre m ^ e e C f. JUMUker ffsw e 'I t Is out here.\ He heaffa t« teagh btA^emm^r, \Tt h*» matter to toogh over that thieves A m M M b «ne *4 s t c h n o and cue's key*. h r h iT 'TJerfAeAfy.- 1 « r » ttm i l y . -H A ft waff he the i g i f m m a s to setves fatBxhar with exerj Aetail \f i the -lightes-t fratrinetrt of the figures 1 hertnoiug afre-b. so oiaay steps, pares e.i -h Mtreoe nf the hours. , remaitrmg. : ard wo forth, again eo r b t to brin* os \S iw e t.V1 :iur<nmrn ••:!'' r'-eh*-* and Svr rti■» t li for Ho- ;t';r'’>£fiac:i to fcotrr Three .and so on. T>o yon pet • h tflcj-d o f fh»- fnc-r- are ftii—h/g onrire- ^ ,..„.s „f rjj# tia- re?>fs «f tbe ■ the Hea?\ B trli.r -fiotrW we not take flashlight j b.-eckgroutid' were »s fof'ow»; -ft s,.rfm+s rea*xaalde,\ I rey*T>eA smrpsiKds of ib\ t w e l v e Icf'-kgronfri'?: -j \ fedsce. rdaiwiy the doge’# pal- ] thrurbtfclly. \Bat store twn nr three tie ewtiWJ then csrffdx thoiii at nnr fejs- -ieveu arches «f t | i e f tala're are j scene- are f&I-rifu: I epaaet aee nsach -eew. Beneath -ht «? rhe«e arefee- [ to fM s f f e t r y ? ':: pwcffw of won are atatoAtas-ten S r - ‘ “1 t«3A ,.ybi.#lisi Me\; «res to ea^ h rnusp « t ritty to aJL | ssw l r f fSs 'Arite,..: **i». ikr..; .-SL-.jt tewsrmc. . . . . . ... ... ;#eafts\u'1^Hiitoiggjri^ aietf-n , 2. A safe. 1 'Tltoe tr«re«: * -botr-ff * m I ® _'a” m m Staffer tin * : i ore. ‘Utepflewt, Itw tlw cam era?\ “I have a very good one w ith a * ad i Brica'We Tew*, i ea » Tafce The jdefHTes | \■ffiyseif TI knc we « * * Ahr ‘ My* e i t n f fto e t with to «n perwdt' ; T b e r e * * * r a * e r *4 the A ^ e V . fhrt tbe --todt, we ran t •xtotit'lt .riff tim 1k m . Tha - H estriwAw re®% , “Ttmwrew perikKR* wre tiME l r r « ' latter tort.**' I *a3*

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 30 May 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.