Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, June 13, 1913, Image 8

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cssg ^ B S B S S S S S m S S S B ^ T f f S S S S S S S S S S ^ S B S r ^ m H O L E W f f iE Z B S TrWay, June 1$, 1913. : r p v i M a x b i m t ifsaft, f» , G . A . W I L L I A M S g ^ o j ^ t i o a Price. $ 2.30 Yearly Jtater»d *t ,Lhe poalollice kt Wi»£om ,f f leccod-clft** patier. Cr<^w at the Aja*. Budwciser at the Alax- Axle Oils at Wisdom Harness Store. Briak for sale. Inquire qf T. ,C. jK lU ,. Axle Grease at Wj*4om Harness Store. Onion S ets at Wifijorq N^erc. Co. Good yoorns for reqt Apply to Mrs. A. M. Spith. Neatsfoot Oil a,t Wisdom Har­ pers Store. Apples $1 per box « | Wip- /dom'Merc. Co. Come for yoqr spikes—$4 25 at Big IJole Commercial Co- Red Spot irrigating boots are the jbest. Wisdom Merc. Co. A |Q PER THOUSAND FOR W lD A-l Lumber. Oneal & Sons Pure Timothy 6eed only •7c. $ t Wisdom Merc. Co. Tom Orr and wife have rented the Elliott residence lyr the sum­ mer. Mosquito Oil—the kind that keeps them off. Guaranteed by Wisdom Mprc. (Co. Jesse Finaley, the well known Jackson rancher, visited friends »n town Tu&>day. Charley Salefsky, a former ranch­ er of the basin, who now makes Jfutte his home, a visitor in Wisdom Friday. Firpt grade Manil/j rope and wire cable; complete stock of hay­ ing sullies at Big Hole Gommer- pial Co. We are now located in our new jtore. It is arranged to handle all work in the quickest time possible Wisdom Harness Store. C. H. Strowbridge, accompanied by his son Eston, attended the Park-to-Park road meeting in Dil­ lon last Saturday. Mr and Mrs. Glen Oneal, who have been attending the state uni­ versity at Missoula, are spending £heir vacation here. Have you seen Lossl.s display ad on the inside of this paper? We mean every word we say. Come and be convinced. R a i / c ! Look out or you’ll get soaked. There is yet time to get yourself a water­ proof raincoat ai Lossl's. Mrs. Geo. Lossl and Mrs. A. J Covey will jointly entertain the Ladies’ Aid on Saturday, June 14, f X the residence of the former. Miss Orpha Oneal, who has been Reaching in Plains, Montana, is Spending* the holidays with her parents, Mr, and Mr*- Ben Oneal. C. H. Goris, who own the Nine Mile house on the road to Anacop- 0*. vifitqd friends in the basin last week, coming in in their new auto­ mobile. When in Batte stop at the Ex­ change House, 17 South Main St, First class rooms by tne day, week fir month B en G euiau *, succes­ sor toFitscben, Prop. — Mrs- Geo. Woodworth left Wed- for Butte, where die will be jotoedby her daogbter, Mrs. F. A. Hazdbaker, and together they wiB p s m r a e f te tk e s a a a m * visit to W predW oodwwth- m m tsra rb n rd a gnaaa- te r ila t t t f i Wdk wefcave them. A a » k A f* ** fm j m that Badwtssor at the Ajax. Old Crow at the Ayax. Harness OH at 4anse» Store. Carden Sefd# f t Wisdom Merc.£p* , The weather man vqa a game here Monday. Wool Sacks, .ytfe- a pair, at Big Jiolc Commercial Op. Mrs, C. W, Francis is confined to her room with an attack of the mumps. You can get all kinds of lumber at reduced prices at the Rutledge & Wilke sawmill. Jubt as wc go to press word reaches us of the death of Mrs. Ohauncey Brown in California. Dr. II. F, Best, DENTIST, Dil­ lon, Mont. Office over Johnson & Boone’s Real Estate Office. Gold Seal, k*u$$ and hip boots, the best made, at Lossl’s. Alfred Peterson, a nephew of Mrs. Chris Rasmussen, arrived here from the old country last week. You don’t have to buy 20,000 feet, nor 5,000 feet, of lumlier from Oneal to get a bargain Sabe11 3(Ltf C. R. Fuller and family were up from Anaconda Sunday Mr Ful­ ler is the senior partner m the Ful­ ler Drng Co Janey Tovey, a student at the State Normal m Dillon, is spending her vacation at her home on the Meadow Brook ranch at Briston. Men, Women, Youths and Chil­ dren1 Here is a bargain for you A large display of shoes of all styles and quality on sale at ridiculously lqw prices at Lossl's Try Tom Barlan's auto stage next time you make a trip to Div­ ide. His stand is in front of Fred ^Ifjjson's office. Apply to him for further information.—adv. tf Miss Charlotte Wold has dis­ missed her music classes for the summer, and will leave soon for her home in Minneapolis to spend the vacation She will return in the tall Geo Francis drove his Ford to Butte Monday, having as passen­ gers Mr and Mrs. Reece Armitage and his mother, Mrs. Fred Francis The last named has gone on a visit to Salt Lake. Want to go to Congress young man? Then study law. There are 2U0 lawyers in the house of representatives in Washington and 74 of the senators also belong to the same profession. W. L. Miller, formerly in the employ of the Big Hole Commer­ cial Co., and well known here, is in St. Peter’s hospital, Helena, in a serious condition. Ilis recent at­ tack of pneumonia has developed into consumption. Bert Toney, who has rpntcd the old Lossl blacksmith shop, makes his debut as an advertiser this week, as do also Wesley and Her­ man Miller, who have leased the Mountain Home hotel at Divide. Their announcements are to be fqund on this page. Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Armitage find Mr. and Mrs. Bert Canfield spent the day at Lake Mussigbrod Sunday. They were treated to a delicious fish dinner by Clarence Taylor, Bob Stevenson and Frank Powell, who caught a large number of grayling. Our shoe stock MHBIMHaagM GRAND S A M E ELLIS HALL Friday, June 20,1913. FOR BENEFIT OF Wisdom Baseball Club The MILLER Hotel (Formerly Mountain Home) —Opposite Depot— W esley J. and II i kman A M iller , Props. Good Meals-Nioe Olean Rooms & Livery Stable In Connection^ D IV ID E MONTANA A . E . T O N E Y ^ (Formerly With T. B. Taylor) GENERAL 8LACKSMITHING Old Lossl Blacksmith Shop Expert Horseshoeing Job Work Wisdom Montana Ladies! Don’t forget to come in and get a bargain at Lossl’s. Nurse Desmond has had a tele­ phone installed in her residence. Mrs J. E. Cowperthwaite is vis­ iting with relatives and friends in Butte. John Anderson and daughter, Miss Ida, of Fishtrap, were visitors m town Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Parsons have gone to Spokane, where they are visiting the former’s parents. 22S fish were caught at Mussig­ brod Lake this week by the three young anglers, Bob Stevenson, Clarence Taylor and Frank Powell. will soon be here and that's the day you’ll have a real good time. Take your girl out and show her a good time. Do you know how to im­ prove your looks ? Just come in to Lossl's and buy a suit of clothes, a necktie, shirt, pair of shoes and a hat. That will fix you up in fine shape. July 4 $100 Reward, $100 Th» readers of this paper will ba pleased to learn th a t there is at least one Oreadc d disease that science has leant able to cure In all lta Stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's C a ta rrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrl) being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treat­ ment. Hull’s C a tarrh Cure Is taken In, ternally, acting directly upon tha blood and mucous surfaces of the system, there­ by destroying thg foundation of the dis­ ease, and giving th» nptlcnt strength by building up the cdnstlHitlon and assisting nature In doing Its work. Tha proprietors have so much faith in its curative pow­ ers th a t they offef One Hundred Dollars for any ease th a t It fails to cure. Bend for list of testimonials. ♦Address F. 3. CHENEY fi CO., Toledo, Ohio. Bold by r!l propF-ists, T:r. Take Hall's Fapijly PUle for constipation. DOES FOOD Distress You? ii -«|^8=======V*N» That feeling of discomfort in your stomach that |s so distressing is the forerunner of more serious trouble unief * you take immediate steps to strengthen your digestive organs. A few doses of REX'LL DYSPEPSIA TABLETS will overcome the difficulty promptly* Th$ y cure all forms of indigestion, dys? pepsia, etc. The cause of the trouble is that food lies in your stomach and fer­ ments instead of going throug the ordinary process of digettion, You will notice a benefit from the start. We guarantee this remedy. Price 50c. and $1.00. F u l l e r D r u g C v .s A j } 1 WISDOM - MONTANA * Don’t You Wash And Oil Your Wisdom Harness Store i Wc w ant the mine oi every yoimgmanwho 15 ambitious to IE XAWYER L an* we want ta bear from ev­ ery baseness man who wishes that he knew BUSINESS LAW. Cattle For Sale Cheap 500 good cows and 300 steers, is complete. The three-ycar-okfs; June 10th delivery; reliable^ Mayer Shoe 4s the best. I pay to Redrock. Will seQ Pamps in patent leather, gtm met- j m ^ for cash. Write or wire t j and tSaJhack—Oxfords .-ia-^cai.^>-..g rT M»mxr~flTT*gy Latter has metal, blade and tan; 3 and 4 bnt toss. They are of the latest styles jsod wear beastiftffiy. Visit the orify $tafe—Lossfs. QsHfcyBdl % n o r occspying hs new premises cffi.Rjvroxfe ar­ enas- Kis stock Of goods, winch is *hvaysop4or(!ate. looks quite *t Soda Springs, Idaho, phone o n ranch. Wisdon’s Forth Aftboagb so one attended ^ Foerth at JvSy meeting ca&ed far d W rit* tedjjy and |* t a* M t you lo w *< mt e.‘ bvs'kctfB «.{ 70QBC s n Jw* Hka yoa, and «talpp*4 ml wtih • iogtJ *ralulu that ni ta«a of fMaietiO woe!;* to town. Tfai* Soboaf, MiwM M yoaro ago, Ma yaduatat whoavea^od l bsrexaaihwUeeila ovory etotoo t StoC.B* f nnran aadniaadfitItwiihi lari *pdnatotp» l - tbi Course* andofaod b y B aoeh, I Learn shoot (f) otto fimyteto CoHeg* law Coorn whirl fltoW pmettea, sn4 (J) oar C- mpl«t«. FractieftL l o^ nss* L*» Coaras fur Boslesss Mm- <sut about ft* l»w ami, *ad ms I«v «nsi)y yoa e s a obtala a ftu M f l dt Law whits sooftw- y'lUf ypnootworlL Kasf Tsr*W yrsd toftr I r t o d w i Mtotog w i B * uf sasss—fal yattoatoadB • «*»' f tt cTa. Wlb |WH •lipirtBMttf bf aasa Iswwhf m ad. I om ftfal tje s m e o t c o s s n n m i e i SCSfMfl o w f a t m ,t—rlsai tetUtoj, INtortfatolfa I snrea as vcam I cxwcnicwcc, P atents w m w m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m Let Me Figure With You — O N Y O U R / — Spring and Haying Orders For G ' R O C E ' R I E S FR.ED NFJiSON Agent George Meldrum & Co, 4 * “ ” i- LJ m J v /J .1 Wholesale Grocers, Chicago. Fire Insurance and Real Estate-Agent for Logan Knitting Factory, Logan, Utah, Of­ fice-First Door north of Wisdom Hotel WISDOM :: MONTANA A lbert S tam ^ S MRS. MAUDE STAB(£R Diamonds Watches Clocks Fine Jewelry BaeW n ri, Eye Glasses ---- * *-■«■ * rrepeny r*ae A u w ,J H n i u -MILLINERY- .. v.. * Large §to«k of h editt’fmd Children** Hots pow oil Pifplay Wisdom .. p Montana B e d n i& R b l t o f t a m t g n i m ■ '

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 13 June 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.