Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, August 08, 1913, Image 7

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gigi v y , $ . V J 11 )( The Social Bucaneer * y F ' R B V E ’R I C S . I S H A M C.QP.yright A y b i l b b j - M t r r i l l C c . PROLOGUE. Chuttleld Bruce. twent.v six, lias se­ cured au wivlulile position In New York society by large t,o churlty Altlumgli re|iuted to lime great wealth, he lues entirely mi Ills Stlliyy ns head of a department at Na tliari Goldberg's mei'eautile establish meat The safe deposit box of Samuel Page has been robbed of valuable bonds Mr Bolger. a detective, takes up the hunt for the thief \ party at Goldberg s country mansion gathers to (tether many society notables, among whom is Sir Archibald, an Unglishman Goldberg's daughter wears hei famous string of pearls nlucli she exhibits to those present A burning lantern ig nites the dress of Marjorie Wood Bruee extinguishes the bla/.e suffering 8 burned hand Un an tn'italion from Marjories fattier Bruee elei Is to slay at the Wooil home ov criiiu'lil After others are in bed Bruee re* onnoilers about the Goldberg home lie t> i short rbstame ana when he sts a thief run from ihr lionsc f I'lglil oiicil by a woman' * r v In the * base that follows Brine is pursued as the thief Bruce and the Thief U N FI lit It N ATK LA tt would lie out of the ipiesfion now to say that lie whom they had w islied for longed f\ rap ture. Inul gone there and stupidly point to the trees They would lake him, Bruee, instead and. if lliey did not find the pearls In one of his pork ets. would eouelude he had thrown thetn nwH.v No. he had let a I'liam e slip foolish­ ly. thoughtlessly It was gone beyond recall Ills own glance swept toward the fence He too. spnin ov er t Into Mr Samuel 1‘uges place’ He realized where lie was almost at once Bunning beneath the I fees, he made his way toward the dim * ulline of the rundown untemmted structure lie was cognizant of trending the young apples beneath Ids heel, of suddenly slipping and catching himself, llien striking hard as lie Inn lied forward a low branch he had not seen At the shock he seemed suddenly to become dizzy A Ihrob of pain gripped his side lie could hardly stand With an effort he steadied himself against a tree trunk, but lie realized he could not long remain thus, an instant and lie went on To pause meant the oth­ ers would soon come up to him. Luckily they were no running by. A bend in the way had for the in­ stant concealed him from them when he had vaulted the palings of the I'age estate. They would before long, how­ ever, understand w here in* had gone. When they reached the nearby straight prospect of highway and failed to see him they would at mice return. At best a brief interval only would be lost by them. Ilnn-e had to make tile most of it. lie staggered toward the house. A dark form had preceded him. but lie did not see it now. He was mindful only of himself. At the rear of the deserted dwelling he looked out over a private road that stretched hack across a broad meadow. The narrow’ way held, wooed derisively his glance, but ere he could traverse that open space he knew tie would again in nil ! likelihood tie caught sight of, and he feit no longer aide at the moment to continue the hard, racking pace. The blow be had struck his side must have Injured the muscles. His heart. leai>- Ing fast protested against the sharp, shooting twinges. He moved to the half rotting door of the kitchen, trashed, and the door fielded. It might have iraen nailed to keep it dosed earlier in the season, lint now it batted no one desirous of going in. The young man stfiod in the darkness. Feeling a bard projection, he half f eft upon lt-a sink. liesting thus, he strove to sttjipress his pant­ ing, to regain his strength. The mo­ ments passed; the pain in bis side grew Jess; he feft relieved and began to bow what he should next do. He listened. X* sound of his psr- he .stepped swiftly aside, at the same time culling nut “I>u you want tc bring the others here'.''' he said in a sharp but soft tone \They're apt to cotue back soon en«*ugli any w ay The silence grew Noiseless as a shadow Brin e again moved A possi hie leaden answer would not tiud him in I he place whence he had spoken 1 Who are you' The voice was hoarse vibrnlcil harshly In the bare room the is hoes seemed to distort the .sound There * \tiid he divined tew evci in Hie hollow unfamiliar accents an abject pusillanimity He who hail dared In cuter the i.oldberg house and Title the sate hail lost his cool pluck Bruce wluslled softly His fool i-nme in contact with a bit of wood on the floor He stooped for it and au ■ w creit, Ne\ ci mind ’ But I do\ in sh-nllei accetils ■ ipm |, or Hush fool or tliev will lie here \ ml put dow n y our rev nl v er \ Again callie I lie ominous preliminary link Brine knew the finger ailing In i nii.iuuotiou with the palm, was aliolil to appl v t lie^iei cssh I V snnlul pressure l.lthel.v he shifted once more The hammer did Bill hut the i art ridge only snapped 'lanky for you\ exclaimed the young man and eaped forward Ills own hand swung here, there Then I he billet of wool! struck something hard The revolver dallcrcd to tin* Hour \Bel tt lie\ A suppressed .sound answered Ihc fellow seemed to shrink hack, to occupy a small space in a corner ' If ton got your deserts. Id leave you senseless beside it with the pearls in your pocket foi them to find \ Hunt give me up’ Don't' tin* man cried mil in a sudden agony of fear \I was mad I did not know what I , did It \as the lirst time Those cursed pearls, they hew itched me 1 am not myself now 1 or the love of heaven.\ broke from him, \tell me, is it real’' No terrible dream''\ \I'm afraid It s real enough oh- , served Bruce dryly, \although iu> doubt, it would be very agreeable if it j were not' If bolli of ns could just wake up and find ourselves in our, own eoniforlalilp bedroom turn over ■ and go to sleep again’ That would be, jolly, wouldn't it? You've got a bad I attack of nfniid you're going to tie I wv.’ Ton, too, vote «|ter the pearta* The last word seemed added, alter ad instant’s hesttattea. as if the fel­ low made a belated attempt to veil his position, a bussiM.v respectable stand tag in the coimnmtity, ‘•Will you share7\ Bruce spoke swift­ ly. \Since yeti honor me by calling rue -pard\ \ “1 -1' -cupidity struggle^ with alarm lu the utau's voice—\didn't get them. They raised the alarm before l crib­ bed the swag!\ \That's unfortunate,\ coolly. No lie was ever more apparent. Something else, too, had become apparent to Bruce- -the fellow's v nice. He had heard it before. Where? He could uot remember at that moment Bruce opened the door, which he had closed on entering. \Time to be off.\ he spoke curtly, His head throbbed, but. he strove to hold himself with alertness, with every fiber mi the qul v tv e. \Aon mean together?\ the other ask­ ed in obvious trepidation Bruce answered quickly in the neg­ ative. He had no more desire that night for the fellow's company than the latter had for his Now ii but remained for him to point out that there were two ways by which they could separate and. incidentally, escape -one a private road over the meadow, the other a side course The former led up (he hill reaching the top some distance beyond the rear of Mr Goldbergs place, the hitter would lake him who elected that choice of direc til'll to the fence of some ones he l I u I ii I know estate adjoining \I'll take my chance from the side.\ said |ie l fellow eagerly Brine stepped yet farther from the door to allow him. unidentified to pass \Colonel Many mis house is the fourth or tiflli He lives there the year around significant l.v After you” He waited he thought he had seen the fellow sloop to pul, up Ins rcvolv er The man moved to the threshold, but instead of stepping nut lie. will! an cxc|a 111 ailo 11 of sharp terror bounded luc k A number of persons w lio bad cither jiisl ciilcrcd the grounds or bad been , on, oaleil 111 the bushes li\W 'pi uhg licii i’h cxiiltaiillv tcvv aril the house The fellow w heeled slaved not on ilu order 11 i Ins going but ran from the kit, lieu Inn K through the dwelling low uni the front Apparently lie knew I lie pla< c vv ell Brine also did not pause He slo)s pi'd quickly behind llie door and none loo soon Those in the vard rushing forward, with loud tries, now swept in and' went stumbling mi after the retreating footsteps The young man listened tn the pursuers' eager, more or less Idun j dcrlng movements. A few moments r later he heard the front door slain ' Bruce slippeil out at the back at the same time the fellow emerged from tin* front All concern now incused on the lat ter He had not vet been captured A number of those vv lm tried to stop linn he ewoled He slrm 1, one or two dovv ii , leaping past them into the shad evvs Brine heard the dm of hoarse exclamations. amitlieimis then the; confused coterie of people scented mining farther aside, away from H ip house I nperceiv eil he ran nut He saw no one only heard them. thP '\ices hemming more distant, lie accepted the hazard boldly ICver,v filler of his being responded as he dashed from H ip hoiisp it ml set out at a breakneck speed along the private road, up mid across the broad meadow Stated g votene at ranfeau \Th e } For *a instant that last impression $ r t of st. Agnes.\ when at that wo- j of the aaknown he tad encountered west her iBtemwu was abruptly ar-, «o strangely in the Page house re­ seated. held py a sound, distinct, ttB- Had anything? He stood, inspoteat, tn the dark. Had not his patience, how­ ever. been sorely tried? When he had curred to Bruce—the din occasioned by | heard whispered voices In the library this person s mad. desperate dash, j some time before and had wished hr Had the fellow- escaped with hi,-, i play, not a listening, but an acting booty? If he had been taken? A ver-! part.' A cruel ghat shone from Us cold talu uew contingency lu that event i gate; then his set jaw relaxed, and. re- Insinuated itself lu Bruce s brain. It | turning to bis room, he In methodical akflhie. Some line bad approached very light' ly fti rnss ibe gravel walk to the bouse, fttepi’cii on to the lower balcony and stood imvv without. The book fell tram ln*r baud she stepped quickly brought an odd look to bis face. The I fashion completed his toilet. behind mie of the heavy, long curtains, morn-what tidings would it bring Shielded by its folds front being seem Bruce listened again for sounds from her py es tried to penetrate the dark- ; al>ov e, but heard nothing. The big. ness She suav uothlug. howe'er, except again tin* glimmer of the night the sky. hardly so full of stars. Then, with senses alert, she caught once more the footfall and made out a fig­ ure. at first dark, uncertain; afterward plainer He stood on the \ornudu somewhat aside, looking toward one of the library windows. That bit of wide against his side, on his arm or arotinil it She diseerned now what it wii' a blindage! That was strange. Why, then the Intruder was. must be in the surprise of I he moment she suddenly slepped back and in so do inu parted flu* curtains. A glow of light from ttic room gleamed abruptly upon the porch It lay like a bright swiirif amid the darkness at the mini del - feet A' in ii dream she swung open Hie long I-rein'll windows A moment still he lingered without his gaze, very bright on her, the rrovvn of dark halt' seemed to ciili h up and hold the light behind her the deep eyes loo d'l'i’ in the wondrous shallow, t\ be bine1 Ami are surprised'*\ In murmured \I'm afraid I startled you j just a little\ She mi w now with a new respniisii e thrill l)o\v vvoi'n a ml ili a vv n vv us lu> B rambling house was wrapped lu si­ lence. .Vn oiulnous, deceptive still­ ness? Abbut to step toward the stair­ way, an object on the floor caught his glance; cutfeed hint to pause yet a mo­ ment A A book! lie stooped for it, gazed at the volume, then, holding it carelessly, he walked out into the hall and its- He bad a premottltlou the hours to come would he exciting ones. 1‘ftsslug out into the ball, he paused long enough to tell one of the house­ maids that Senor Cagljoni. after break­ fasting. had retired to his own room. The secretary -was not feeling well, a bad headache, and so she or any of the other servants whose duty it was to care for Ids room, could defer that task until later In the day. Saying which,! Sir Archibald walked quickly down the feuded the Inroad stall's. With light, i stairs and out elastic step lie moved noiselessly to­ ward the corridor leading to Ills own room. To reach it lie was obliged to pass Sir Archibald's apart ments. Approach lug them, he seemed to hold himself Ills D\ i‘S, rtlilll Sin* W Ii \ I'llH'll h o w »* v i ln.i-k nil r\|||VSM<MI hi >-t m \ tTJinw IT! MU liiji w In whr h \ \II Mini s1 l *|1l 1 l 'I | <|rll I \ to UiKif'I'sl il III] f fit1 hum.* ‘ l inn li-itj 'sin’ lint hiTsrif MM»n ? Ilf* will] Hi- hi* forflnjflr h;ml h<*on unahlf* h> vu>t>|t In iMidini’ Ilu’ i ‘Uiliut'llirh! <>f his i \\in \ | l ’\ sill’ ln'l’;il Ill’ll I III 1 1 111 >I ' t‘l \ III1!' hurl hern ,o cs vx f*rr IIK d s*t ii-s riH> I.M t hi her ll 'Mint sHll'fMl 1)111* UU Hr a mr in Win win hit \ nil nnf ' all SnlltD ib ' ■’lit1 fnilrl't’-1 \ || 1 | st >1114' I ll l»‘ lit’ IT • |♦ > . ........... 1 in if ID*1 II lulrl s|| ; ||(ll II. ills Ui zc 1lUlirt) ll i liisht's hiilf 1\ A’l t (*l| 7'iif liiHDhti'i'\ tltfi HIT rhsfi rrn in? (M Sh;i i 1 1 imt ' nil si 1 1 111 ‘ .•in* i l,\l ' W 11H t ' \\u\sV Itr li'Misr ii tht '* ll 1' niniiM 1‘s'iin 1 1t i 11 II. s11I'D 1 ' liglil Iv tllollgll V cl V \i>\\ w it 1 :l Bil l cil itfiintiiH's.\* tn his M1 • t’llt s But even ii' hr I'i1111 M 1 I l l s tijni'c \ avcil 'lightli Stir In tin t hr 11 U 1 l\ ovv in\ pallor of /(is f’ni r Hr ca licit Ii: nl with lu- Ll Mil \|| 1 hr 1 a hli S'. uglit vet in 'la itt i‘Fri 1 hi’n 'I'l'lll B e matte * meremeati m S A c ta tf deed Stet* sfi& .State t e e t e e * * * te fbe tame not f a 1rtm M b . f l i t e « eroadbfeag * » the takaera. He ftei tettei ass* fete* i e «5rfMlMt££*feteititiu tag i * tat x kerry M r «*n*xc- te B e ta|tt f n r r *e * M r i M i l i ft r»-»vv^ The Bdtet Struck Something Hard. The Revolver Clattered te the Floor, found out. Cheer up! So doubt you'll take a rosier view of the satuatBm in the Bjomfng—that is,\ be added, ‘I t you act at ©nee.” -You mean\ - uncertainly — ■■you re geias to let a e \ I f you n » get away—from tbeBar be g gufet e t e l ~ B « wby idiMfld yffll that? Why- are ye» here? Were you, too. running away frees te a t tee?* reheteently. Bruce a e r t a toward the t e r . 1 w » standing w a r the CMMberg house. They teak m t ter j m \ wexriy. i t terete, a * j Out of the Forest. A1WHHIK \V(X»i* awoke car ly. She had mu slept well thal night Perhaps the ex­ citement of I lie ev etling a ft er the dance with Sir Archibald fol­ lowed in her dreams and made ihein troubled. It \as still dark without when she slipped from her bed and looked at her watch. Not yet o in lock, she suw by the tiny light left burning in her room. It would he some time before the oth­ ers in the house would he stirring A moment she stood uncertainly, Hum moved to the window and, drawing the curtains, looked out. How still it was! Not n leaf seemed to move. She listened, watched. Then tier gaze became more intent. It fas­ tened on a particular spot. From the black fringe of forest that reached like a triangle tow ard her room she thought she diseerned in the gloom something moving toward the shrtiirs mi the | lawn-an object, a figure? No « shad­ ow! That now was gone. Strive as she might she could not again locate it. She had rm desire to lie awake longer, Perhaps if she read? ~ She stepped to the chair, over rhe back of which hung her dressing g' w n, and slipped two shajieiy young arms, with their lacy covering, into the gar­ ment. Her siit>i>ers were near. She ed l\ siuk lIirmiaIi ii\ i \liti’ii \f In- \W ii . In a large ■ hair \I a II lm mic lie i epea ted 1 11 Is niillibig I in n Hil done up Hint is all Guile 111 v self non In added vv III) ancffnrl , \Bill you arc imi ,|ir said \Bet nic\ She bent ov in Hcl'oiv lie had lime to expostulate Imd lie thought of so doing, 'lie began lo rearrange the ban (luges ol his 1 1 a 111 1 lie fell imi absurd Iv weal, at Hie moment In resist As through a haze, lie saw die beautiful, down benl bead her lingers light, sedulous \Aon are too good,\ lie lueallied “I?\ she half knell on tin- cushion absorbed forgetful ol nil save vvliaf she win doing lie snnl no more llimigli the smile slightly derisory ul his own momentary helplessness, still lingered \u his lips Through half < Insed lids lie wall lied the dim light playing on 1 1 h • dark Inm that ripph'd over her s lieath tin loose folds shimmering gown he hreiithcil \ w e <>r twice nienl more limllllei'' III' if I ll\ Ill'll v v iin.-! gi Ill'll 'lie ip/l'j'B. a di “loquent than v I! If* III' vv ords. The stillness continued fora few sec- onds, tlicii was suddenly broken by tbp unmistakable sound of something nlmvp, a door opening softly His hand involuntarily lifted; his figure straight­ ened. The girl, ton, heard ami rose. The task she had sot herself, however, was done She looked hurriedly to­ ward the stairs, then buck at him. But he seemed not to see her now. His fingers re-ted mi something in an in­ side pocket at his breast, something hard, slightly- projecting. Tie* girl did not notice his gesture. Over her face a flush had 'lowly spread; tier eyes, which had swept first upward and then swiftly aside at Bruee. suddenly low­ ered. The glass door of one of the library sections limned a pal* reflection <>f her­ self, tiii- long, flowing gown, the flash of-H ■w hite hare arm. the untrammeled w lilt ligure very alert, as If waiting expel ling miiiici lilng to happen Imt uollilug iii’ciiriTil Tin* rhiutiliei's be fore Itt mi continued as hushed as Hie grav c \ 'light IV puz/.lcil e\pres'lon il'uss ed Brin c s IValni'es ,i' lie paii'i'd at his own I hn i 'In ,1,1 Then a sudden light bi\ke upon die young man Tip* sis rciiiry might not yet have idurneil to 11n- AA iiih I niaii'ion AAns tile theory h liable ' Had Hie Portuguese been more injured than lie Bnnei had ex pc* fed'* Had HUgjil else happened lo detain him'' What would 1 lip next few limirs show ’■ III' lingers rested mi a single key in \lie of his po. kcls Me* lianh ally lie drew It forth I nlocUuig Hie door, lie stepped III No one had been in I here of course not He had hardly expected It lie turned again the key In Ills door then felt mac more in his pocket for lilt* key In the other door, the one opening on the upper Imlcony He could not find It He hastily turned every tiling out \f fils pockets on to a table it was gone When*? Again shadows seemed surrounding him. deeper, darker than before lie shook his 'boulders as jf to shake a gather lug ol ominous forces from him A key? It was a little tiling, de risjv (\ly he told himself, hardly to be seen, let alone to lie noticed, even jf am one should i liain'c upon finding il somewhere without, which was most unlikely. Bl ip e began to undress His clothes were decidedly the worse for wear Fortunately Mr Wood bail instructed the chauffeur to bring up from the Inn his new guest's hand bag. * » • » * « • \Coffee for two In my own sitting room.\ said Sir Archibald tersely tn his valet early that morning. \Very good. Sir Archibald!\ And the inn ii, a thin, deferential appear­ ing fellow, who had been in the oth ers service many years, bowed out of the room. As the door closed ami the valet di< appeared Sir Archibald permitted.-pri­ vately, au expression of considerable feeling to sweep his usually Sfnihi r-ountenanee. He walked once or tw ice back and forth across the thick carpet. Tin- sound of the bees In the honey* suckle vines attracted him. One of tht hitler appeared a little disarranged; a streniuer of green, torn from its fasten* lug, floated erralicaily in the fresh, early breezes. Bn mford's large, thifll I lips murmured something'softly to hint' j self as he walked on out of the frontf i door and into the gurdeu. ^ There his glance sought again tha wing of the rambling mansion Ha even moved to one side to be afforded a better view of it; the trellis work; the ground beneath, beginning at cer* lain footprints on the ground and end­ ing at a closed room overhead. lit* did imt at first hear a motorcar iippi-ouchlng the house along the publia highway In front it had stopped erf lie raised Ills head to look around The chauffeur leaned at first frota 1 his ear. ns if to answer some one who* j tiad spoken to him. then, shutting off Hie noise of the machine, respectfully got out At tin* same moment Sir An hitmld walked forward He saw now vvh\ Hie \some one\ was- Miss Maijoije, In a rose colored linpn gown. ((Ii Sir Archibald!\ she exclaimed, .lames here tells me the wonderful Goldberg pearls have been atoleu! A thief or thieves entered the house last night Is there any clew. James? Not even vv lien they were taken, James, ami I diilu t stop to try to learn further del ills. Miss Wood, returned the man, ms | had to ennie bark at once with tin' nodding toward a suit rase in the ■ ai There was a detective from New A \i k ul the Inn n Mr Bulger or Bob Lrei Tliev imd evidently sent post baste for him But he wasn’t saying anvthing I did hear some one say the burglar might have been a gentleman one of llie guests \ \\ hut an impossible conclusion!” ex- i la lined the girl sir Anliibalil looked at her more slmi-ply There were shadows beneath ber eyes eloquent of what? Sleep- les.siiesx? The proud face might have seeimsl paler than Its wont, save for the rose I uloieil gow ii . which Imparted to It ii subtle reflection of Its warmth ' I hardly agree with you,\ he said, \about its being Impossible, don’t you know For my pnrt,\i he added, “T tiud It lit least i-iineelvable.\ 1\ 1 you''\ Her face was a little collier The ( hauffeur returned to hia car ami waited yet a moment In eaaa tliev might wish tn speak further with Inm The voice of another broke in upon tbem It was the gardener who had been working In om* of the beds near at hand \! beg your pardon, MI sb Wood.\ he said, with a broad accent, but I could nae help overhearing what you were saying about the burglar* at the Goldberg’ house, and.\ he added, pressing Ids thin Ups tight, “It'a my opinion those same gentry were afioond here Inst night Look at this and at Hint'\ The gardpner pointed Indig­ nantly tn one or two broken dowel stems an,] footprints on the edge ol the soft earthy lieds Bet us sec'\ said Sir Archibald as lm bent low \A shapely, aristocratic; ! foot, lie laughed, \too shapely for your vulgar hniisrbreakers. unless\— lie added. But he did not utter thal w lm h be had been on the point of say lug \It's making a great deal out of noth* ing.\ exclaimed the girl \The expla­ nation is, no doubt, very simple,\ Im­ petuously. \Yes?\ Sir Archibald observed quiet­ ly. looking up at her She did not answer. Why? Did something covert in his gaze hold her silent? I.ast night the sound they had heard above. Sir Archibald--he had, then? she pressed a crimson Up with her teeth and held herself more erect, annoyed, irritated. Bamford abruptly straight cried. “ Your father.\ he observed, looking toward the house. Mr. Wood on rhe : front steps was speaking now to the chauffeur, She turned quickly, perhaps at tha : instant was glad of rhe pretext te do so. for, murmuring something in a low hair and an abrupt realization of much , hands In pockets, his tread aggressive.: tetne, she moved away Sir Archibald that was unconventional in her appear a nee ca slow footsteps. Mr. thrust her feet into them and went to j w ere the door. The icrase was irat dimly lighted. The old boards of the hall floor, though covered with heavy nigs, creaked sSgfrrfr beneath ber soft footfall At the bead of the stairway she p.-nt'eS. From the oiipostte end o f the hail a brbrbfer streak of ffght came from be­ neath the door o f a room—Sir Arrftf- hchT&T A .slightly ^fesOteHia took te t e e t e l t e t t a £ f r t e i l i # « y e * . Then she west es. He ted pro*« My \ver- Itrtief f r taag off the etectrk cerrest before refbtag. Stosfrr tee descended ft a pawed os to the B r t r r The f i d W t M Sff *nd toned « * tfce amswert** heavy. At that moment his eyes. foil. ■■ followed with ■ over her. Her next words j,,okln\- for a man m-t yet much w*»al had heard the 'tore bv the tiro* trained. He. however, seem- past thirty-expressed Indubitable signs ' they drew near and, having listened t‘d hardiy to bear; replied vaguely he or annoyance, if mt anger. ; tf» meager details, proposed at once would stay there in the library a tittle i Although he had ordered cofree for i that they set out imtuediateiy for the while longer. i two, fi,* drank it alone. He apfieared Goidls-rg mansion to learn what had She wit' glad his eyes w-err turned t„lt at all sedulous about his secretary's | taken place. Sir Archibald besitated frost her a- be spoke. He. t*«o. bad -.n ire „f the beverage getting Juke- ’ The chauffeur removed the suit ease risen, was standing now, deferentially , warm or cold. Having partaken, be f from the car. watting, his features stightly down rose, regarded his watc-Ii. then dosed The Englishman's eyes rested on ft beat. A word or two farther, sad she the door leading into his secretary's • abseatfy. Suddenly bis manner be moved across fbe threshold ta g Bp the { room. As he did so his brow darkened, ‘ came decisive, and! signifying Ms te- stalrway, with cheeks stiff brightly j anq he stepped out upon his veranda, tent ion of twins ready la a moment! te tinted, bet head jroodiy erect, gained ^ The French windows opening from t accompany them, be turned and enter- ber own door and west fn. Bruee; Bruce <• room to command a feUritoes j ed fbe h**rse. beard ft cio-e gently. | pro'pe'-t. mellow in the soft oxm faig; Fluttfield Brace from one o f las wtn- A few moments be ewnftoned tft | glow, w ere fastened, and Bramford's; dews tat the second stwy. Of the wing glance, snen ifle. passed to the M a g e } bad eeegs fbe car f s r » bate fbe g r a n d * - of forf'f. where it lingered. A M g 'e f the Wood etaafe^aad new sat 1 * M muscnUr fist closed. Sic brought ft [after be tewrred it g » oat m e t m e n n r e dhfbe-.ortagigig£ .t jfat. gteyer's hand*, tad i ed to u«e tbeA. taaai mwliratess. Through the partly ependtem r Butding t e t t e t e fbe tow- g M k o y tbe a t t e s t ftei t t t e n ! SfetlMbeff o u t m e ia im w n d raert taL\-rB » « o e bad f l a w e d Ifm S t e e l ,

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 08 Aug. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.