Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, August 29, 1913, Image 3

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I * A In the Realm Where Woman Rules Child’s Lingerie Hat A (-harming shady hat for a little girl is illustrated here It is of while embroidery, the crown being encircled by n wrcatli of flowers fashioned of satin ribbon. A large bow of satin ribbon adorns I lie buck of the hat A J- - t J, A A. A .+, jt. ■». .« A. ■»- .t. A A V VT ▼ T t “ T“ T T T T t “ t * T t T T W T T T i FOR TH E RECIPE BOOK. I * 4 , 4 . 4 , 4 , 4 ^. 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 ^ 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 , 3 , Summer Si|iiasli rare remove seeds ami cut Into small pices - 00 k by steam in a small nmoiml of boiling 1111 ter When lender di am and dry o'er the heal then mash aud season with saIt lainer ami area 1 : llaked Eggs Make a rich 'ream sair e as for 1 reamed ' lm ken and turn Into a buttered baking dish, siio eggs nil top of this a ml ecu er all w il li bill tered crumbs lial-e In 11 moderate oven until eggs ale set and erumbs brow n Mill, Sherbet 1 ass ,1, e two , iipfuls of sugar in half cupful lemon Juii e add one mmrt of ti< h milk and freeze '1'he udslure usually curdles on a, cell'd of the i|, nl pii-'C lull in Ihe heat | big ami freezing II be nines peifeMly J Sllie.llli ' I \eaetnble Itoasl fine half < upliil boiled rum either • 1111101 I or 'in from llu* mb one half 1 lipful ol bilked beans u ashed to a pu Ip. one ha If ■ 11 p1 11 1 f a died rii e, 1 ,lie-half ■ 1 .prill slriilned ; slewed Punuhies. lialf a leaspnoni 11 ) id' i 1111 1 a el onions. Iwo la plespooli f 11 Is meiled butter, one 1111 nr1 1 ■ 1 1 upfii1 sweet 1 milk ami salt and pepper to taste Mix WHEN BABY IS PERFECT. f Snookumn Meets These Require ments He Is a Prize Winner Sf-I Hlw I ?tl'tl*s. Kt-MSf 1 Sot ... , Si-lr I ' * 1 1 l M llt-alu, 'I'K: I I an ■d In Si a le ■eg I w In, li In judge a bain , 1 a i - iiuiil 1 1 stall Imigli Sen e bread roll ami with to together and add 1 rumlis to make 11 stiff hake in a greased pan inato saia-e I dm nlale filling 1 tor 1 ake piei -- Melt tv. o and oiie lia'f sipiares of un sweetened chocolate in a small satire pan plans! in a larger samepan eon tabling boiling wafer and add one half cupful of powdered sugar and three tablespooiifuls of milk When well blended mid the yolk of one egg slight ly beaten aud oneha'f nipfii! of pew dered sugar Cook in a double boiler until mixture thickens Cool, flavor with one-half teaspoonful of vanilla nml spread. 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The mills should be filed off. though most people use scissors. lac .mom leal people often make the mistake of cutting them too short lie cause of the saving in stocking mend lug Some. too. make the mistake of leav­ ing them long and then making t \big Job of 11 Keeping them the right length always Is the best course To Keop Your Voile In Shape. Many a woman Is annoyed by having her veil get out of sbupe Tills dittt cud.v may la- obviated by stitching | em li edge of the veil on the sewing mu.-lime. using sewing silk the same color as the veil The slip king will not show but it will keep the veil M'uiii si retelling and getting mil of sinipe Do not fold a veil, Instead roll It neatly keeping the edges even ns you go uloiig or belter still have a prepared roll either 11 silk roll a limit two Inclms in diameter si nil oil with cotton Imtttug or 11 pasteboard roll, such ns is used lor sending plioin graphs This ma v lie slightly padded scented ami ruv ereil vvilli sill, and the 'ell oi veils rolled \it <1 pinned sr. lire lv al Ihe ends To Remodel a Paraaol If v.iiir silk parasol looks shabby or sbnnod von ran freshen il bx ™\ el Pig vv 11 h . hiffmi 1 I ...... .. Hi w el ed or figured ihifloii for a plain .olcred spk ami plain colored 1 liilfon f r ,1 (towered oi sinpoil silk Open Ihe parasol and work from the dp shining die riiilfoo very lightly 11 round II Finish the edge with a strip ol t hiffmi slijnvd mi two or I brer I Ilk I, ■ olds TRIALS OF TWINS. ith %ix Taaohar* Ala* Hav# Ti l*aira la htngla The Woodcnd Infants' school ffi I.mi den has uu fewer than six sets i>r tiny tv lib atteudlug the school at the same time. ' It is often Impossible to tell yy ho is \lm.' live head mistress said, \aad the Incidents, while often amusing. some­ times lead to little truuedles. \Mne ) at it- of twins Elmiieth and Sariia Moiuisey-were among the per­ formers for a school concert hold re­ cently. and each was to sing a little soug. But somehow their places were tnixi-d up, und when we pointed to Elizabeth to stand and sing her sister t'vc-e and said she was the real Eliza both, yvldle the wrong Kltzabeth tmrst itdn leal's because she could not slug Eliza hot IPs song. * “tine of out’ means of identifying the twins is to allot, each a seat to be occu­ pied regularly ‘-(Juite frequently, how­ e'er. the children are tad in Ujelr right places, aud 1 lien there is trotPle. \The poor mites themselves beeoine emifused. Sometimes our cross exami­ nations as to w bo is w ho are so futile tiial we have to summon their mothers to Identify them.\ As the London Mirror man was talk lug in of (lie assistant touchers In the playground a blue eyed girl shy ly sauntered up. ll will soon lie time to go lido school again. Doris,\ remarked Ihe teacher to the girl, adding as she turned to her visitor. \This is one of the twins who are so mm h alike \ Doris Is a nice girl, aren't you. dear?' she wont on But at tills moment another Doris was timidly peeping around a corner It was the twin sister and the real Dons riiore.\ commented tlie teacher, \I Wa- leriain l was speaking to Doris, ami now ii turns out to bo Annie” Viniie and Doris are so like each oth er Mint even Mrs Donby liieli mother finds it difficult to distinguish between I ticm flic twins all seem lo have a • urious ilisiim live feeling foi cio h otln-i They art dev ol ed lo eio Ii ol I 101 and when oin oi 1 to- iwiiis VI In-el I'inh Imp pencil lo he living Ins twin brother Edward also Immediately Inn si Inio lout' 1 1 « a s 1 lie sy 1111 1111 |i i ,. | U\||, slop Revenge \1 omb-rstalid Inn husband Is a base 1 111 II umpire I is and Us great for tier people I suppose I bev gel passes lo all the gaums' \n il Du 1 I Iml Bui ev t'l i I line 1 hey ha v en I am thing else to do one ot In-i relatives says. I.el s go nut to -Jit- l hall park lids n(jertipon and roast Killy s husband 1 fetruit I roe I'ress T h e W e e k ' s I l l u s t r a t e d S t o r y — Cousin Grace -- »y MARGARET And Her Prince ADAMS u Nt'i.K J o h n :- No answer. •Tlmte John!\ 1,'m bin,\ He did Uut put down ids paper, but yon knew be was listening. \Do you s')mse any ‘spring' beauties' have blossomed yet I'nele John':'' Slowly be lifted ids eyes and tunns.1 Ids bead to the window. You waited expectantly, your hand on Guys great black bond- “Too early,\ and I'm le John disap­ peared again behind the folds of his paper. At no time was i'm ie John’s eonversalioii likely to he adorned with any uuneoessary words. You slg-hed aud stood looking out of the window, a wistful, disappointed little girl: looking vv Idle the lmge New foundlaud dog beside you pushed his cold nose against your hand. You could stun t it no longer. With a happy little cry you run out of doors tin you went, the spring (shoes in your ears, the spring sunshine In your eyes, to find your way suddenly block ed by a figure in I'm tit. Wouderlngly you took your eyes from the glory of a newly leaved maple to see why the tig ure so obstinately stood In one place A familiar face laughed down ut you. \Ob Cousin tiraee'\ you cried Cousin Hrace did md stay with l licit- John ami Aunt Martha as you did She lived with In-i father ami mother In a house quite at Ihe oilier md of the tow n \oi w as she a little girl like you, Iml a beautiful young laily. with bright sunshiny hair and vv underfill lilue eyes, und vv tit-ti slit’ smiled the sleeping beauty. you thought. and Cinderella aud I lie heaii Mini princess In tin- lower must all lm v t- looked like ( 'oiisln I i nice \\ here arc mu going ' she asked, and you Joyfully explained If -die would collie with you sin Pm might pk k spring licaullcs i.m suggcsied And > Is* laughliigh shook her In-ail ov er l In- (low el's \ThN |s line y mi .1 led. 1 a, Ing D u\ to an alder bush, lln-n s. ampenng Inn I, again V im-imu v of pasi I mli- s en v cl oped von If mdv Mi Veil were In-re ' ml mvtseil regret full v 1 .nml 11 1 1r:me said mil In ng Iml 1 In pri-lly smile laded smlilenli in,in ln-r lips i * 1 VI legatded lie' in astonish meld Could II he possible Unit she did not vv mil him too - \\ In sin- a ml ,v mi ami Mr Ned had always had Ihe great esl Inn Mlenily leproa. liful. von raised your eyes in her fa-e ami two tears rolled slowly down your checks, “T wish you wouldn't look at me tike that,\ she said almost sharply. \But it is your fault. Aunt Martha said so. she said she guessed you were sorry enough, now Mr. Ned bad gone to New York; that you flirted so— so so (you drew a long breathy— sa outrageously,you tluished, with cost scions pride. \Nonseuse!'’ said Cousin Grace, and you aaw that !fer eyes were very bright “Htllo, little dame! How do, Guy, boy!\ he called gayly. 1 ml - ‘ ■ >mh I mu i:i 11f*r i 1ulu l m;t ki* ■I ■ d c lit lilt* tl'*VT<'D nf n.l ti*<- I \ ci 1 I 1 I in I jp-s J! I’)' j irl'tVi f :i t \ •) f:< \\ 1 '\-s I ■ 1 1 hr ij||:t! 1 H 1 il <n>k< hr'ili h {ilr- «h|Ui* H'- ' H'-'l 1• * (M-riVi'l :t 1 ,;t * - \ |(S It 'll!*' 1 ill! IIIV To Pc'ish \ M 1 - • I ii' c-s ; 1 |’r 1 1 <rt I In r >li Ii \ •j i | (if v\ It: I r w I \ l>' 1 ; 1 1111ri| In tin h t 1 1 ' li \\ I d - ii \l<‘< 11 r*' | i ;i t -1. f' 1 li! 11 1; 1 1 j 1 n ft »|* Romping With the Young Folks German Boys In Uniform THE WISE KING. H We pnli-ll \ la . 11 id f v poll- I1, 1 1 ■- lie 1 -I t a i neil 'V 1 i limit | a polisliiiig in 11 Tin- an 1 lc- 1 , ■■ 11 ■ 11 -.C I\ be pidi-dii-il Big on I Oil a h, tile {m1 1 - a re a i-il hi m iinmd ilampiin-d bv lay a vi .-I cl,-i h then placed ami rubbed qtiicklv vvilli I:1, 11 until ill,a shim- If v • trunk ' sure an Your Trunk. , at n m d afl'ord a \\ardrnbc deli is the la-sl nf cimi'sc be select a trunk nf skirt length. Mark vutir trunk with initials so it mav lm easilv found v. lien raidd transit is necessarv al a I'.-iilroad sfn- tion Alwiiy, good lock lavt- two keys ami a The Sleeping Sickness Answer When Asked Why Have Only One Mouth, lure upon a lime lla-l’c ll i cd a king \\ tin llll- ml id In be -n wise tlllli In ...... id alls\ cr even qm-stloii I lull vv .1- put in him so people came from tar and near lo ask Ids advic,- u lien lliev vv 1 ia in [icrplexifv trouble or diff'n ullv (tnc ilnv there cairn- an o'd vvoimin tii'.il and travel sialm-d and bowing low before Ids majesty sin- said ' Mav i! ideas,- your maiosty to an s w c-r nil- a quest ion Simal- on.\ said I In- king \I an ymi tell me why said ttie old 'woman 'having two eyes and two 1 ears I ha v e only mu- mouth \ es \ said the Mug ‘Ann have two ! eves that you ruay see ev ery thing well ' lm ) have two ears that you may hear j ev cry riiinu w ell. But you have only ' one mouth so that you mav not tall; - too mm li \ L I T T L E IMAGES FROM NUTS. Gueer Dolls Can Be Made In Thi* Way- III. cor little did Is may tie made from various nuts. To make a \lady doll\ take a piece of white cloth and drnw tightly over one end of a pecan nut. sewing the cloth tightly on the nnder side to prevent the nut from slipping out. Wrap the jaii't of the cloth ex - tending under the not in a tittle foil. Sew ihm together, and for the arms make smaller rolls of cloth in the same way, Then sew the arias to the body. Datiier the itody a little ulxive the middle. Sew on a white fierricoivt and make a simple dress. Fold a white neckerchief over the mlders and paint a face on the ant. \ bonnet ruay iie added if desired, 1'sing a similar itody. other flfnrea I may hr made w ith many styles of dress.—Youth’* ('ompaatoa. Pictwre Card Game. j Phot* by American Press Association. Wherever yoa go yon we jdrfnre j When the Herman emperor tad the king of England were reviewing the postcards m a tendance, seme rery j tw>im the marriage of Princess Demise, tbe kaiser’s \only daughter, interesting games can he fdaped srfrb 1 (,»triotfc German yemngsters appeared am the streets In fancy uniforms. Tbe these cards. When yon hate eeepany | tW0 r f o p i ta the jdcfsre are wearing \correct dress’* for the occasion. p»«» p t w f and c m m ffetare, ----------- ------ — - —— — ----- - — — —s— — ____________ _ _____ _ _____ _ UKEVWTKWS OF STATES. V W r t m n m K tbM» a n t n t f t k t i l i l W ! IX W lat State !• a yemng glri?, lliaa. Whait « t c was used it tbe t o i l Wbart state i« a doctor of medicine! < never be-any one hot you,” he added os Ms arms closed about her. Tow eyes grew big with wonder and deHgbt. Yen did net imderstaad how •Yon did not care. It was fike a lovely fairy tale. ’K'bst state is a church service? Mass. What state is a number? Tena. In-r cln-eks seemed imcoiutuonly pink 1 Nonsense' Aunt Martha\ — Mo- never linlslu-il. for vv Itli a short burl, Du.v mailt- lor ihe little stream. Ids tail vv living I'm nth all.v as lie tllstt))- pciircil behind the lows of alders skirt­ ing lilt- lltlllk Dio- look. M|al with r glad erv v 011 follov\ t-d him Du a rock in tin- middle of the sircum, tall. Ino.-id shouldered, Ills ilolhlng wet. Ills heavy hoots streaked with mud, stood Mr Ned, ids pipe in Ills iiioulh. peacefully fishing, Hello, little dniiie! How do. Guy,, old hov '\ lie called gayly, and then ho dropped Ids line and landing net abruptly and. cap In hand, leaped <tnl' I,Iv across the stepping stones and In-Id out Ills hand to Cousin Grace. Ho had run up from New York for a cou­ ple of days trout fishing, lie said. Maidenly Cousin Grace looked straight up into Mr Ned s eves ' 1 hear von arc verv happy In Net* York \ ' i es,\ sa Id \| r Ned \Chetvln-z la femmev' she ques* lioiicd ' I sec von have found me out.\ said Mi Ned / \Then there Is somebody?\ ics \ \Mul vmi really arc to la- married?” \In tin- fall \ replied Mr Ned \Ned\ Cmi-lii (li'inc put out lief lm ml w Istfullv. her lips trembling—\I hope v mi will la- huppv \ \Thank vmi. I expect to lie.\ said Mr Ned \We shall have a cottage la a pretty suburban town, nothing very elaborale. Jici a 1 oinfoitahlc, homey little place w i t h poivhes and a little ground. \nd vv 1 - shall not la* extrava­ gant In tin- furnishing just our book* and pictures, a couple of good rugs and a few piece of old mahogany \ \It Is lab-\ Cousin Draco spoka coldly \and If vve an- to find ‘spring la-antics' we must go mi \ She rose al sin- spoke and gave him her hand. So j <lit went on, although the brighb ness of tin- spring day had departed— went on and left Mr. Ned throwing ouf his line and whistling cheerfully. Aud then you came to tin- little path that had unfolded itself before your mind's eye. a path that pushed through the alders and willows and stretched over tiny threads of water that wan­ dered avftffNfroin (lie little stream. It was lhere that you found them, clusters of \-pring beauties,” raising their delicate flower faces from the muddy ground. You dropped on your knees beside them. Y’oll laid your face softly against them, going from clus­ ter to cluster in an ecstasy of delight. Net until you had plucked a handful of the frail stalks did you retuembei Cousin Grace. • I've found theinf I've found them!’’ you shouted. S.iil kneeling, you turn­ ed and looked back along the path, then you rose slowly to your feet. In the middle of the path stood Cous­ in Grace and Mr. Ned. She had been crying, for her eyes were still wet, bot she looked beaut Ifni now and was smiling as Mr. Ned held her hands and looked down at her. \Yon would not listen to me. ! had to resort to desperate measures.” be said, \and anyhow I wasn't so far out of tbe way. for I am going to be mar- | ried In the fall, am 1 not sweetheart know there has n e v e r been—can W l * t o t t t e la the m * a p o t la t ie * !! M l lees a tr*m> **■ ? Whit state la C m * A Boy’s Essay or tht Horn. « * to r s e does sot M a t t » th e c a t

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.