Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, August 29, 1913, Image 4

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Breaking Ground $5.50 per acre. Contracts takenfor Ditching and Grading. For rates apply to H. S. Armitage, Wisdom. Still Some Difference Some three weeks ago Colonel Hathaway put his foot, in it when he tried to run a “whizzer” on T jie B reezrs . We showed him up sunw the following week, just to keep even. Last vvppk he had the supreme gall to make the statement that on that particular occasion this paper printed but H local news items and the preceding week 15. When the hot air artist made that statement he knew he wasn’t telling the truth, and without the slightest hesitancy we call him an unmitigated liar. It is hardly necessary on our part to say more, but we will go farther to prove our assertion, by putting up $25 in cash, providing the rotund glammcr of the Rip Saw will do the same, and if we can't prove he’s a liar we're willing to forfeit our part of the money to him. And if we can, we'll agree to turn the winner’s share over to any charitable institution in the state of Montana. Higher Beef Expected In Chicago a few days ago a rep­ resentative of one of the largest packing houses is quoted as saying “Forty cents a pound for the choice cut seem a certainty, 45 cents is a probability and even 50 cents a possibility, before spring.\ The foregoing predictions were made in relation to the price of beef, and it is based upon the fact that during the first three days of last week no less than 129,000 head of cattle found their way to Chicago and the other large mark­ ets, which is as many as received in the same packing center in the en­ tire corresponding week a year ago, These large shipments were oc­ casioned by the droughts in Kan­ sas and neighboring states, which have made feed of ah kinds excep­ tionally scarce. The stockmen, it is said, figure that this condition will put an im­ mense amoanr o f money in the }$ads of the packers, for the rea­ son they wifi be able to boy now when the raisers are at a disadvan* tage,andseti>ewpricesthiswinter wiiea cattle axe scarce in the not be m any burry to market th nr beef this fall, for the longer they arc able to hold off shipping, the better prices they are likely to ob­ tain. The Dig Hole basin ranchmen who ere fixed to fatten their steers through the winter will undoubted­ ly reap a rich reward for then trouble in the spring.—BuLie Min­ er. Leading Lady Shoes Style and comfort are combined in these popular shoes in the highest degree. Made over correct lasts, they fit your feet perfectly. • We have a full line of these classy shoes at moderate prices. They are made in all styles of leather, in almost endless variety. There is extra wear in every pair. They are shoes that look well anywhere and keep then shape and style. Come in and see what we have, J . P . L o s s l C o . Wisdom - and - Jackson $2.51) Combination Suits ...................................... $1.90. $2.00 \ \ $1.50 $1.75 \ ” $1.40 $2.50 Princess Slips ............................... - ............. $1.90 $2.00 \ ” ................................................ $1.50 $1.50 Corset Covers $1.1.5, $(.(10 Corset Covers 75c. 75c. \ \ (iuc. $150 Drawers' $1.15 $100 Drawers at 7.5c. 75c. \ (iOc. All Summer Goods going at above rates. Still selling all kinds of pro^ visions at the same low prices. Leaders In Low Prices and Reliable Goods BIG HOLE COMMERCIAL CO. TWO STORKS Wisdom and Divide Montana The Ordinary Woman Many a soldier who bravely stood at his post during our civil war, is covered with badges. We would not take one from him, he merits them, but many an “ordinary’’ woman has stood at her post of duty for thirty, fort y, or even half a century, fighting with sickness, poverty and discouragement and with true Spartan courage kept the wolf from the door and saved the lives of a large family of children. The man who saves one life receives a prize for bravery, his picture ap­ pears in the metropolitan papers, and he wears a medal which says to the world that he was brave. And he was. But the woman who has saved the lives of many is giv­ en no badge and seldom a word of commendation. These “ordinary” women may not receive a Carnegie badge for bravery, but “He who marks the sparrows fall” will cer­ tainly reserve a jeweled crown for them in heaven. H endricks & Conyue General Merchandise rjfr* fjW f*4\x rjf* rfo rSr* ttiry rta r}* rta rjfrx pA * r$r* rjf% rSt* r j* rS/% JJL JQ* vJL vjb JJL JJt JJv vfL jy* JJb JJk %/Jv i ’JL Jje JJp. Jjv JJL wjy JJL JJy JJy d p JR* | Wisdom Really Company | to # \j^E M SiMiui 0 1. M- ! ’ \ m i \ Kw S h \ w C K Milieu ^ 1 *i< idt i t \ i- t K iim I.I i I '‘-i.n l n\ Treasure! ‘ 1 Jj! R E A L ESTATE, LO A N S and IN S U R A N C E % 4* M O N T A N A I I K ! I I M U M l ’ l > ' A ! A A o R U l l / I T K A L $ i to Imported and Domestic Wines Liquors and Cigars t o 4* 4* 4* 4* :H.'$ ■tf't oH: f One of Our Bargains • , / f ________ __ _ ____ 4*J* M i r t ' i t f B i ’ k t i i M H n r t M H n m ' M M B f . .M U M H o r J H P ^ • f c 1 11 111 .!. n s v il li ;i! 1 m.u Iiinen *}. i* i ui , i H11 1 .ns i ii ha . al a bat <4* ^ gam it sold al - inn *^4* 4 4 oft- 4 4-' 44* 4* 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ^ L i B t Y o u r P r o p e r t y \ W i t T n U s # to W e G e t R e s u l t s V V KZ3 to ^ Correspondence Solicited Ralston Montana It's impossible for some men we know to sink below the level of the curb. They fell off into the gutter below’ the curb years ago. Jjw vjv vjw JJsi JJy J|v vjv > $4 JJw J^y Jp* JJu J g j wJL JJy JjG JJL JJy Jjy * A. E. TONEY (Former! v With T* B Taylor) GENERAL BLACKSMITHIN8 Old Lossl Blacksmith Shop Expert Horseshoeing $2 and S2.50 Wisdom Montana *2* fjfft #A* *3 t *3 t *$/• *3 t *9 * *3 * *3 t \St mS t *3 t *3/* \St \St *3 * *3/* \St *3 t *3 t *3 t \St \St JJy» JJy v fj kfr tfj vjv vfj *3 t *3 t *3r *3t *3? \Sr *3? \S* \Sr \ i r *3 p *3? *3 * *3 t *3 t *3e< *3? *3t *3 t *3 t *3 t *S t vjfr* v]^ vg* vjy «4lr Mir Sir Nr ^ nr1 M M M . ^ 5S. U M C« & €? Q £ * & G C C G C * Q € ? Q & Q The Ajax Saloon S* FOX & FLAGER, Proprietors BEST POOL & BILLIARD TABLES IN THE BASIN BUDWEISER BEER - OLD CROW WHISKY Wines - Liquors - Cigars O O 6 Q ‘Sf CtC? 6? Q & O U © O 0 We always thought we were the Wisdom correspondent for the Butte Miner—we’ve had the job for years. However, the Colonel seems to think otherwise, and he must know. Figures in the abstract don’t have much meaning; hence the government announcement that in twenty-facr years 1SS.037 persons have been killed and 1,395,018 per­ sons injured on the railroads of the United Stales really conveys to ns only a vague impression of care­ lessness and sacrifice. Wisdom Blacksmithing and ^Carriage Works,? T. B. TAYLOR, Prop. W’opd work. Wagon are! Carriage Repairing, New Work, Car­ riage Painting, Ditchers, Plow Work, Galvanized Iron, Flues, Double and Treble air space, guaranteed safer than Brick Chimneys. Ir^xrt, Steel, Horse Nails, N. S. Shoes sod Calks, Wagon and Buggy Poles. Pole Circles, Buggy Eveners and Singktrees, Spokes, FeSoes, Pkk Handles, Hkkory \Lumber. * *. E x p e rt H o rseshoeing In Connection All Work G u a ra n te e d C e ll a n d B e C onvinced TH E OLD RELIABLE STAND M O N T A N A SOUTHERN MONTANA TELE. CO. r © -LOCAL AND- Long Distance Service CONNECTING with BUTTE & DILLON V. A. McKnight, Res. Mgr. £ m <5 i F. A. Hazelbaker Sec’y and Treas. WILD'S PA R Q U E T > INLAID LINOLEUM Looks like hardwood—- is less expensive, and ranch more desirable. Made of fhe erlrtwted WHO'S INLAID LINOLKt'M. Putiefns «re tnUid and cannot wear off. Doe* not crack orcbi® — bas so joints ,o «on«ct d .rt — is ooist- less, clastic sod presents a sole steppiogr surface—bring hnper­ vious to voter end rouse, is cot TtaiSy stained — Is r lean ed vrO i M eat fo r E U E L B R O S * mum - most ^POPULAR ^MECfWCS Popular Mechanics Magazine ** WIBHIUI SO MO CAM A GREAT Gmtieoed Story «l At World’s Progress which you n a y b e g in r e a fe g a t »n y tin e , an d w in d s w ili io id y o c r in te re st k e e m . itodai

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.