Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, August 29, 1913, Image 7

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i njijmigiy\ mu The Social !Bucaneer 23 y F'REDETUC S. 1 S H A M Cvpjfrigbt by %ol>bj-jK§rritt Cfi« qss^s*' PROLOGUE. (.'hatfield Line t, i \\ t>ui> six, tins cured a!i enviable position in Ne« \ork Ml. lr!.\ I \ large cuutribul ions to .hardy A '! I m iu^;li rtpnt t‘<t la have gnat \I'iiilh. lie lues entirely uu liis Mi la I y a- head Ilf a department lit Nil Una I > 'I i H u T;. s uii 'I' i a lit lie t'sl a lilisli lucid Tlir mi IV deposit Iiiix nf Samuel I’ll pi lias lii’tui rylilied of valuable bonds Mr I’mlp'i a detective lakes U|i Hie limit fm lhe thief A party at (rii dherg a emiiitl ) mansion gat hers to get her til tti\ soclctv notables, anioeg w ii uu n Sii \r lulni'l in la 11 u 1 1 - m 1 1111 a 11 (iii'tllii'fi s daugiitri \i i nis lief fammis String at |iear|., w lie Ii she exhibits tu these pii- nt A burning I'ntem lg lines the ilfess nf Marini'le Aloud BlUie ini ingul.-hcs the Maze sutler, ng Ii I 111 IIII 'll ha ml III ail III) it all'll! fl'uin Mil f I' II le - tijlliel I 'fa e eleits tu stay at tile VA ■ II !■ 1 ll\ .Hi' 'll nought Afl'l' other- are in bed Itnn e re \iinoitei's 8 hunt llie 1 m'llliefg limue \ thief Him let' sliileii Ii.1 I n im >i is- |ie:ti'l neck 111 'e i uu. fl'uin l lie house ft isilitt‘!it*i 1 In a e \in 11 - i i hi t lie i Ii use that follow- Uni e is |* iii sued as the thief lie i a I' le\ ii|■ *) it h I he real ■ ulprit ! Sir Ari hihalfl se- ' made a sound 8 I a I e lm 1'- III- inn's the le His) In In 1 1 s Vnr.s 'She thinks flue In Ills lull'll- timise iiml us t'< h e l l an*J le a n - lipen I pi u\ ered |>1 e l e tu hi1 a In t-fl (Is Si ill j isi 'Ii Hill) Ills sllllP'l A I •till - tu ill' el’s 11■) ! 11 ft 1 1 llji tu \l iijn r i e ill the Ii his rest lesstiess Is I in ft,t frm ti W o o d 's s p o p of the roll it llie |murl> have a e\a mi uu I inn they siilis t ilu lp B r in e I he express nfli p ■ss soil t uglioui. Sit Arrlulialil s secretary Is lustrurtpil t\ ililetvept the bundle. \ liii Ii has heeii |il.i eil mi I lie I l ain Im \p« A ork 111 III e g «■-' In I lie lilt, closely foilin', pil lit the others < ag I Hie seettres the paii el S ii Anhilmhl hopes to ex post1 Bruce \Im in i el i ita t imi I unis atten till; In (iolilhel'L i I,liming that eon S'loin e forlmls his continuing longer ill Goldberg s employ Thp l >u i Hi le Is opened. Imt the pearls are not tounil. Marjorie slums anxiety alnint Hruep Tile latt'i' visits Ting. Ids t'hluesp friend aitd 's trapped In Sir Arehi tat Id and his men I d.sguispd in ori- enl tl dress lit; is shadowed hy Cat; limil, to \limn lie reveals Ids identitt. Y A Confession. Ot thought I might reeog illse wm some time,\ tnur jit slant of rain mured Hruep, wry close to the other, a hand in his pock­ et, holding now the something hard 1 hat jest tom lied, made ilself felt to his companion. ' And so, at Comseot, ns 1 passed llie hai k of Mr. Wood's place, you sought to make me a slight present, Imt only succeeded in notch­ ing my new straw hat.\ \Would you believe if 1 denied it?” \You?\ niiirmured Hrurr in mild sur­ prise. \Who have made lying a pro­ fession? You—my dear friend?’ An accent of - pained reproof manifested itself in his tones. Bruce stopped. '‘Hut, alas, soon now must we part, and never more do 1 ex­ pect to set; you never more,” he re­ peated— “mntTmfrrP wrH'ds!'' ' CagUoni waited; looked at him. \I suppose that's not a!!, is it?” lie asked. \Almost.'’ Brine regarded him ur> and down, \P.p arranged that if any­ thing happens to me tonight yonr se­ cret will not l'e kejit. There's a bit of paper in my strong box with a tittle writing on it that will become the property of others in ease- you under­ stand?\ The secretary swallowed. ‘‘The Nifie-titncs-Nirte numbers curl v a few million nmmbprs, more-or less. I neither condemn nor a [pro ve of them, but they exist. I accept them merely as a fact. They never forget Bor forgive—if they knew.” be adder! significantly, \where to [art their hands- on xebom they seek. the traitor, he urb® hetfajed ibem. “Let os go lank. You i<ebn:ged to them. You sobl their secrets. You even ataosged f* cajtfure. f <n the re­ ward e # « “cd. a certain besevtdent ffi- tt tKv m b m -v t S , t, as ftm t w r . sdtfe t*iB»l!l«M 'fe*rr^f-«irga'hh!edfraaB t i e ^tBdrea a# the fiSsfetf Mferieiw* V e freed D a f t father, the [ M e , hue tet& m . ft vos Hie s e c r e t a r y 's teeth 'u l m w a s engaged by his g o v e rnm e n t in the m i i u tusk of e lim im ilin g 11n- N in e tim e s N ine in lit din e lim im itin g hy suhsl it nt ion. n In A n g lo Sti\oit, g ivin g them sntuelhing h e t le r ' I n f o r t u n n t e ly for you. w h e r ­ ever 1 'udilliisiu reigns y o u r life vvmtlil It.ive lieen fo r f e ile d if It lieeitme kiinvvn iv Im vou vv e re I Jut uep ’brought you h e i i ’ A uu I. l i t '\ nm n possilile inetim e to tout nvv n safety iim l pt'oh ably re p f e s e iiled to S ir A r c h ib a ld ! vvii- ii m e m b e r \ f the N in e tim e s N ine a m istake though they forced on tue tin- -y tnlioi i.f 1 'ivve i am o n g them , out of g t a ; 1 1 in ie I oi In n in g saved one of llie i> 11111 1o'r a b e tter m an than v o n \ ' B r i t 'e show e d a ring w ith a design I In’ 11 'a w n a c|n le a Inn e a st rn iglit line llie Mini rising above the earth A r i v eloijiient these t i haril' let s 1 Ii hi t V i III tlltllk S\ ’c I Inn e ii\ opinion said the see ret ary sourly A ml > el y mi slioiild ha v p A on nrp pail ( liinese A our mother was 11 Miimhu girl Arp you ashamed of her a onie to the point said ( aglloiil hoarsely Huge terror, humiliation lull lied in Ills cv is Mb im isi fi ini i son iiiunn ured Bnne soft!) then his voire suddenly i hanged Aon lie went mi i rtsply, 'are thought to he dead It win clev­ erly arranged on your part l.o, you are found to lie living' Is there a spot In tills world where you would he I safe from death’' Worse’ From lor lure'' A on know these people\ j t Itglioni s expression showed that he did ’ M hitt tlu you w a n t ? tie said Brines eye lighted approvingly \I | see y ou appreeiate the point fully ha \ ohser' cd. w i t h merry ari-ent mi the | last word 'loo laid we did not under 1 stunt emit other better before elT' , Since last night you have been to tile slightly irritating like a disagreeable insect But I forgiv e y ou \ \Anything more'''' observed (lie sec­ retary His face wore an odd pallor; the rain th'lpped from him \Amt will leave New A ork t*night.'' said Bruce in thp same gentle tones. \Make what excuses ymi please to Sir Archibald You.\ waving his hand airily, have ceased to be a factor in the new world to all Intents and pur­ poses. have never been here or heard nf sin ti vain I hi tildes as the Goldberg pearls \ A moment he stood, a bizarre figure In saturated silken garments, his face clear, finely chiseled, outlined against Then thp long white hand made another gesture, half play fill, though the light of Ids eyes had never lieen brighter, more compelling. Cnglinni turned, moved softly, silently away. * * » * * • » Two months passed and nothing more was heard of (lie Goldberg pearls. The social season iiml opened at high pressure. New York was at its gayest, and the little affair at Comseot was ap­ parently soon forgotten by every one except, a few of the principals who were closely concerned in it. Tlie raid on Ting's place had reveal­ ed nothing; the Kumpean clothes that unassuming dealer presumably had worn nt the station and later could not lie found, j ('ngrioni. Who'' eo'it'ifl have brought fwideuee against the oriental, had vanished, no one knew- where, leaving a very unsatisfactory message behind him for Sir Archibald's puzzled scrutiny. That last gentleman and Mr. Bulger found themselves at an absolute stand­ still. Since the afterwwm in Sir Archi­ bald's rooms nt tbe Waldorf Air. (bdd- fierg bad developed a bad case of what t the Englishman, in poker parlance, ties-1 igrraled \frigid extremities.” He seem- \ ed reconciled, nay. rattier irnxions, to : let the matter drop. Sir Archibald, se -1 cretly enraged, fo’ded his arms, i-n- > era red bis c’:sg::-'t and looked sronn-l ■ for a new secretary . He found one. a i hut little magi with rBnocuons face; and a* past i YYfth the fcteein s of tbe season the nseal nciolbeT of f baritaMe occasions I were. *A cwtrsc. In evidence, and »tf \ these s t w was looked ftwward to with j moire interest than tbe oriental m m - j lbs ftosnetl fi* tbbe |tfare a* fbe #on [ efsas town b>«s#> « f Ardent WeefiL ; espeeftfiy as ft was jtnvw> that C b t f itH tints 1ad «wui»wi«f siattioo. Tbe i * r g e c « K « t worn «Hfc* xnanskvs bad been trauaiormed lai* » fair iroiutkvn of a Japauese tbeiter- Tbe andieKce aseewbigd for tbe part lu the little aquares divided o£ for them tn the orchestra, and at tbe back of the rwona were a balf doaea tnprotlsed boxes. There were a te* effective flower \arratvgeaieuts but not many, Those t’hfitfleld Brine, noxx waiting for his cue lit the men's greenroom tentatively* in the least oniticaHy. ve» gaided its lie t>eered through an open­ ing out Into the theater. Ou the stage n trio of genuine tu rebuts, paid per­ formers from the land of the chrysan­ themums. were entertaining the audi­ ence with juggling. All seemed to enjoy the novelty of the entertainment. Bruce listened to the sound.-* or merriment. He was alone in the greenroom. Those of the men who later had ‘’parts’’ to till now mingled with the people, its did the .laptmose princesses and geisha girls, who afterward were t\ appear in the play. These hist, laughing and gay. moved about among the guests, accord­ ing I\ the lashiou mi such invasions. Among them the young man saw Miss Marjorie AA nod AAilh eyes very brilliant under the black laslnjs ami cheeks deeply tinted, she paused here to chat, there to join in the laughter Sdie appeared the young hostess par e.xcelletue. gracious and beautiful in her clinging oriental robe of some silken, lustrous material, violet mid blue In tone Bruce’s gaze followed her He noted | with wlmt pride she held her head, the ; exquisite (listinet ion that * titiruiTortzed 1 every movement They had met and j spoken to each other that night, but a t few conventional nerds bail been said. Her eyes, slarlike had met Ins. seem ed as if they would have held him yet longer But with blithe mien and mini : uer tie had gityi.v made way for oth pt> Her laugh a little forced, at some otic rises words nr vviltnistu had fnl lowed him us lie turned from her To most of those In the audieii'e the plot of the little play went for nothing Tile production seemed mainly ptr turesiiue. replete with unreal people and titles with many fantasth scenes But the costumes and the acting of Chat field Bruce ami Ala none AA nod more than saved the day or the e'en tag Tlie young hostess, in the role of Miss Happy 1 or, a Tlintisi! ml A oa i s presented, as the society reporter... afterward aftirmed an adequate m terpnctatlon of that ironically felt* lions part.\ AA lieu her lover the beggar prince, who robs ttie rh h to give to the poor, was in the ualiiral * ourse of events or vicissitudes led to tlie eve eutioner at the rommund of tier future lordz the great Shogun she \ehanged her slate very heautifuH' in other words, died And with artist!' con sistein v site refused to linin' out again in answer to numerous recalls as did Mr Bruce, after tie was supposed to ItH v e paid tile final prim It t Instead the 'Uftalll again went lip and the audieme was regaled with the sight of a single chert v tree Had they remained quiet tlio would liave heard tin lain! sound of the \ imt They could see however, the hfaiahes of the tree move, the blossom- fall \lie by one as the curtain went down fm the Iasi time on the pretiv fluttering tilings What did it mean Several in the audience looked at \tie another Was it sy mladic,ai\ Tilt' pupils \f Miss Flossies eves ben! on llie stag)' from mir of the Imx es, w ere slight ly dilated. AAilh tinger- pressed closely against her warm paints she had witnessed the lover- parting The scene was. of course mo.-t unimtufiil from the F.iiropeau m Amerienn standpoint i ereuionioii- flows' That leave taking seemed pill Tu f fy cold Gnlv tlie ey es sjioke, yet how uni' h they sni<|' Those of Chat field Bruce seemed M express in that brief moment iim\ than a volume of words. Marjorm AYood's puzzled Miss Flossie AA'liat did she read in their depths’' 1 n* t\ <1i t I it y, wonderment, half understand iug'.' Had she seen the play within the play tlie ehaitees are she would have lieen more interested. Had she look ed behind the eurtain a moment late; her euriosity, if• no livelier feeling, would have been greatly stirred. Fhatiield Bruce mid Marjorie Wood stood there now ou the stage alou'. Forgotten were the characters of tin play. It was two real people who look­ ed at eaelt other. “ You said I might see you once nr ire. and so I came tonight,” lie began. \Yes she answered. All the bright color had gone; she was very pale. \I—I proinisei! to explain a little.” hf went on inexorably, with (seeming ease. He con'd not show hgrqutx the pain that the knowledge W the im measurable guff lietween them riiMil- kim feel. \But it would have been much easier Just to have left, to ln>i gone away, without that.” She lifted her eyes slightly. * A\i are going away then?” she manage; to say. \Yes eh. yes,” he answered care­ lessly. The shining drajieries about her' stir­ red \Far?” came from her Hps. She seemed s;leaking without rofrtkm of her**™. “A* 1 st as m y be.\ he said, with a reckless laugh. “ I 'm sorry y*m f«st,d th a t k e y .\ H e w i r wrlth what seemed fcra*cp*. te r r ib le Wantne-s. -t m M t w etewitteied i k ffce hot*, o f > fa te, fin * - H I y « B a t e m e u f? \ She did a te aarw e r . \ f t mm&A hare b e e * easier fe e te e thaw f i f e . \ Hts ty w . \W o u k la't I t fee better t f I did Just go now without”— •*0!). uo,” slut said. Her voice was 'cry stdl, unlike her own. Bhe did uot seem herself at all to him nor to hcr- *0tf, ’ Alt. well!” He woukl have to go oa tu the end Hid he imt ku >xv he would be forced to do so when tie came there utglu? \Where slutll J Ocgttt? Tlmit is the poiuf,\ he ole seni'd wiih light tmlii ‘iesslicss \it ull seen i s so tuooitiprekoiistblc, unexplauT' able, when one ntteiypls to e\\uuu.' he remarked \l dnUl t know' Imvv ex- tmeriiuuuuly (Uttlculi U woukl Lie. Of ionise, vou know, Fm a thief!’ Mie shivereih Her lips were very uncertain. Mu* seemed to try to speak, but could not 1 tie cherry blossoms I.iy tuoi kingly bright at her lent. \I guess that > the best way to si,lit, said t ha.ihekl Bruce contem- pl.itneh. He loolu'il at her now. Imt dill mfl MM'iu le mh ' boi. N»nu* t.ii- iie\i*i h ] iu^ lnok. uni ii (‘sinhli.'lftl. ftnv1 ''jut .ijo < hi . f-r, I'nllirr uni,\ lit' 1 :: u ^1 um 1. Ht* ilni le*! spiii’t' hiiust’if ho'A . ‘ ft iM’Uill* In l’ up nitr I»r \ !)t' ri' ors I't t iiin.i. v. pi Mu'w,' rn'iuiif*’!i t '1 t i. I S N tin* k!cnu! Ltr i*l(| l .; ■s ! 1>*' j * I k i p- liHe \ r! 'J’lti' ult.'H, ! HH mii . I h ’^ hm then*, prrluip.s \';i> mn•**n>»**i* 1*\ n i rn.itn ‘’til rm'i pii‘;:lr whnsr iitu I h;lppt'Ur«l In >.'nt- fin; ih.-ji x ;ii,(tilire s|on If .'mi nor mmm 'I St'imr ( 'n-liniti a:,iiii, \'ll h ll 1 (1'Hll'l, h(’ ' \uh| I I’i I S nil ;i Imiii H Tin's )tin nilei']’ nf iin* \HI\\ sinuim.\ tu> w rut t»n in irnueuil H1’ • uips ' w as a |rtT ililu lVII->\' 111 I im rs •■I fjnmiip. wlmi il»ouujniiN wpit ilyinu • Mill lh»‘ rhui»«sr nici' lianu I u i N iim I 11 i * urita i ; f rii } ti a pr«.'lui'il iv r llyui r I ill\ w U Ixi'il t i >' I m ;) 11 !i<'jp,M| hlUisi'lf a! ! 'a* v a \ mu | v j, ... . t.. all i hr i rival a ini *li -l I i ' itl t*f| !| |iH I,\I 'll l.iJ I >> I h*' f.l 11- hid them from him* ”H*ppy-Kor-a- Thoteawl Years!\ How the words vb bratod through her! , Beneath her throat the violet hued stuff suddenly sluittiuered to her quick breath. Though the uiist tilled her eyes, some­ thing vv lived. A drapery ? Bh» felt the chill as it fell back Into place and j looked U'fore her. She stood alone. I He had gone-goue! j No. There \as a footstep without. ! He was coming back. The orchestra | began'suddenly to play- the waltz, the I A lenuesc waltz they had danced to- : get her aces ago! A hand was at the 1 etiiTidii. It he came iu uovv! Madness! 1 i * atnour! \Happy-For-it-Thou”— She 1 leard u voe.’e. a mans voice. ■| was wondering where I should ; iO\| you. ’ H was Sir Archibald! « « * » « * » \ I'lti\ shop m a street of colonnades it tlie toot of a great lull overlooking \ t.ig port, gateway to or from a m igtc d Hcain. a band of Nod w hose somuo V: t n 11 11• ! * 11 - ale ju.-t hogiuiiiiig ;o raise Mh*t lit il l Jr s | ‘ i in Mm1 !:th>lli iilff f U||k *1 KiK’U i ! III! i|rl|G lit fill 1 * il ‘ 1 A ' ,'11*1*1,1 It ft. iim 1 ' hcri.-hed t I\'\it \*‘ hixU j |,-i i hr t >h | l!i;l ■ dil-lrl < M < »u 1 I k A ill\ |ir,|i| 111 (tic rlni 1 i|t \ 'tf’ii In - >-|»ll It \\sV II a uf llir In.ill > tn III • |i-'r;i! \W unti |.,ts| ll) M ilk \ \ it l • M h ‘ M'.'llhts nf nm.. i ii \ ;i n m il H um f \\ .1\ IlM v\ ha f S'lltir I'ltr MM* s,ih| \\ hill s' 11 1i•1 \ii** ♦ 1** s llill Ml t ItHil ii s tr iih 1! tl • tlarl inaM *'! s i|upr tv- A III av II lil t 1 hi ms* If' iini^ 1t I x! 1 Y \ |-i i si mu hi \ 1!*' hi ttKc ell \ II h ;i l;i ii g h rihit s»vm* ht.iit a i ft* r< HI!! 1 Ixi'lj flu’ If- 1 I H*' «. Ilf’S illl\ ! 1, I'pi-.'dl' al .1 Mil 1 I ll s lull) lilt • A It L o del ' il oi lla ' ;i i w ,i \ ' Li 1 ' 1 ii a \' i ' 1 Ill’ll AA a- -In '*|M-ii 1> i n_ ■ was 11 a ' Amir honorable ami Illustrious fa­ ther. the benevolent pirate?\ rising. i - di cn m V i \ l Mi | Ti ut Hi 111) 'i l l ) l\ h) W W I \ I I . .... . I iiiii .it\ till ii ' I m Ml i ;i - .' ,' til)' I ■. , 11 i| a I mil I ii1 seciiri I H - a ■ ft toll had lie -p le u> lltgHIlf 'l l \ il l a i god Ho hg ' - ii Id lc„ I ' -C( \Ill'll \ v I I I \ I . I ! I so ll ie \ Ini 1 Ills ow II | I \ SII [lull ll ll ll i III | be \ I I I \ joke l\ in i*e pay ilii’iit bo ami i hi I\ i \\ i i a Hdl>' I Ii ' 1 - 11111111; 11 -1) ig ... H\ I v 11 - - 11 appy In ' I\ 11 j lied iiti,i ed shghll Ill 1 1 o,n N . iv HOC w eai ' 1 in t l c i w iII I Ii 11 was rail i ells, ,| I . 'I ,0\i i b V A our- h Her Ii going II\ bad ,isfi\l remembered before \ I \! \' ! \ l \ AA tnfi are 'ou V like \lie liigi iug t hf\e mu x lb iiiim I i i v a gin seeiui'd t' v inr I\ t hiu!* further I\ - im Imt ii\ ■ tier A ii\. i*■ 11 1 lie tool- sllllll llg. I 1 - I I'' 1 11 - f\ I ie shea I Ii fo i iu- 'lender I He could rn 1 see her c I e * 11 • 1 - M e , .1- Sill ,ng i i si ■\ a i i ’ ls\i I I ..... bi t \f ' Ml\ W \I I I. \I bail Hill\ ' \\ It i I \ 11\ II1, 1*I III)) III II t\III b ot* \ a- i i tl-.l ' I loll v III d 1 Hie ke a gimil II know mg II ill A | \M \ w a1* \I 11!)■11 1 11\ it ,i I - it -i l I le I n g mi . • V- 11 < M11*' 111 ll\ II till' \\l*cd III t i l l i a Tli\i|s lid Ami are w A \ri* She it l lie Mud. ,s!u' ng She stood after the * ' i gesture She sonictlung I- dim e t\ ■ I at lief the a beautiful ■ h nt ifuI i\i'in. ■S, the 'ashes <*,*»-» s-V«_ \Goodby Mus Happy-For a Thousand- Year*,” he laughed. t lieir sleep) heads tin the waters of i In' 1 1 g |\ •t r the sli.a Her let I u r I n m I . bob i \\Mil like huiublebei s bl|s,l In a ga i .I. i t •• • upv ing t In' more open s|*ll c- til)' lllps I I . *n | llie VV es | e | 1 1 I \I a ie- -Wing VVI I ll 11l l .') 11' ol gl Ii V e soliilii' \t their \I\ liornge I le in ' ii I ii I In III I le slioj i referred to ,- alis'ii bed in a paper I huh \linmc ' Ameii'ii III- gaze Is arrested In a I I ea d 1 1 Me llie t i old berg pearls » • • Aly - let uHisI y I'l'tUI'lied n ft <!' • more t hull t \ir V e It ■ ' The title slraigiil ci es hit ft a 'til the sheet The mall - evpl'es ..on I- mie of ironical disapproval of ii'iilett! en I el prist iig newspaper nielli \ Is Then. - 11 ppi'es*I ng a i •! vv n he ,1 - with a i \III eluplat I' e look mi III-. -Ilglitlv vv hill,Sira I. < 1 1 ■; i ll lilt features lla- lie c) el' lll'Hlght of that ' a-lo|| I -b e III- ey e-. sop no\ Imt g i a \*r i I ll- mgl* tilled with a Ii V eh interest III :r tilings that ha v e Iife foil ov the ; i*iu11it mie. Iirmv ii . y cllow . vv hit)' ’I'lie bil'c feet \f the I'P'kslia Ini's patter, \.liter There ' a rhythm In the sound. j 0 soot lies, lulls A I 'lima man with a '-age suggest i V* I of the Inheilleil ■ aim | ■'' geimration's of trap,pill ati'estm-s . i.i- •'iletil I v alimit a tied I lie i a rest I -ill* and priests' robes \a-es anil ..I tier superb ancient art pie es \ - i i ub' Bather a tiny inuseuiu, a room 1 rl of delight and treasures ' I .el me see. Ting's F.lder Brut tier ll\w long is it since we have been pa rt lift - \ said Bruce. Neerlv ti ll ' ears.\ \And in time vve have amassed a few pretty pennies?'' ... . .... . .. .. ........ - **, Tbe Cfeteftxua isuperturbeWy M » tkuied uu aittouat.' x “Quite & princely fo r t t a w .\ ed tbe xuuu on the stool. “Tbe people of your country are ideal burin t en partners.’’ be laughed. \O n e puts » little money with them, and i t gro w l like a snowball you haven't even h e lp ed roil along.” \The collection of vases to d ot b et articles the master left before be went to the new world were very fin e ,\ said the other iu the smoothest dialect o f I'autou. “They must have been,” was the lazy reply, \since you got nearly $100,- nun for purchases made by me for a tew hundred dollars on one of my exploring expeditions into the interior. Truly thou art a prince of merchants, oh. Ting’s Klder Brother, and a wizard ditv was it for urn wheat l established you hero! An excellent contract of mtue. that i'f equal profits for setting you up! And the toLe of it is,\ laugh­ ed the man on the stool, \I really thought l was doing you a favor— that never a dollar that went into the ven­ ture would e'er route out again. 1 really forgot all shout you and the lit* tie simp until one day in New York\— hi.s face graver—\a letter came, saying .something about good business I p I' lilmi.\ \It is I and my brothers who owe much to the master,\ said the oriental musically. \Hid he not save\— strious e?\ ns ■■True, llelgho!” he yuwued. \The .sleeping partner, having become opu­ lent, is also ouee more getting rest­ less.\ The master lias ouly been back from one of Ills journeys about a w eek.\ \A week? it has seemed a year.” ■ li cit,\ sententiously, “If the master must go so soon again tu the town of Telto. near the borders of Tibet, there is. I have heanl. an honorable family w bn have had tor many generations three nnrteLlt ' uses AA Inch, If you got. you could set your \ wii prn e \ti for some barbarian A it,et'ti an? Good' My countrymen must have vv,nks of art. Tings elder t,i \iher And t\ get these there may 1., oftereil an adventure Besides\ — lie stopped, thinking of a delicate, se- , iet service then engrossing hint, work he had taken upon himself through pint Ives \f patriotism fur Ills govern­ ment at AA iishington The piovers at home were Interested, , url,ms, *n the awakening of China. I hey w uuieil to Pit\vv mu, It ami to do a great ileal I dsilalulng Muiipeusittlou f,,i his sen t, es, Bruce hail mixed somewhat tu the game between na­ tions, never outwardly, but secretly, with true oriental subtlety. He un­ derstood ttiese people, liked and trust­ ed them, anil they knew him Ni'vvs from home' lie continued tc regard the sheet Paltry news, that told him only of what he already knew. Sundry, to the public unexplainable, repayments to Goldberg, Morrow. Page a ml others Instead of Morrow, for example returning to Hie widows amt orphans what that eminently respecta­ ble gent leiiiau ami pillar of society had stolen ihroiiuh h's lug asphalt swindle, it had I ... . he iltnicei after all who had math' restitution from his own 1.0, 'kethonk Ills poor socialistic theo­ ries' As excellent as any. perhaps a llllle better IPid lie e'er re.lllv believed In ot ,'ri'd for I hem'' The end justifying III\ liicilis'' Mr had the sardonic jest \f il all the risk-, the mad excitement, H*pea led to an odd, wild, seemingly utita iim Iile substratum In ids nature? AA Im inGht say ’ lirtn'e touched the paper with Ids foot Paltry news, in- deed ' \AA \II. I'll go now nnd pack the lit* tie hag.' he murmured. Fife, after all, wa- mostly made up of packing and tin packing a grip [To be concluded.] A Mysterious Disappearance By GORDON HOLMES NEXT WEEK W e Pre­ sent to O u r Readers the Absorbing Problem of “What Became of Lady Dyke?” - Her Complete Vanish- m e n t L e a d s C l a u d e Bruce, Gifted W ith De­ tective Powers, to Un­ cover a Strange Case of Duplicity. -

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.