Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.) 1898-1915, August 29, 1913, Image 8

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£ 9 ^ 6 $ fglHSai ImmBMm iS S i B ill iijwpf m BIG HOLE BREEZES jrV*UUUU> XVKKT FRIDAY, BT G . A . W I L L I A M S Subscription Price, $2.50 Yearly. Enured at the postothce at Wisdom »« second-class matter. ,, Old Crow at the Ajax. Budweiser at the Ajax. Russell Gloves are the best. Wis­ dom Merc. Co. adv • Try a Star Shoe. Wisdom Mer­ cantile Co. adv Make arrangements for Harvest Day, Sept. 5th. When in Jackson call for Cutter at Lloyd & Dunbar's. Come for your spikes—$4.25 at Big Hole Commercial Co. Services in the Wisdom church Sunday night at S o'clock. If you want this week’s N ews read last week's B reezes . Did you ever wear a Russell glove? Wisdom Merc Co. adv Gib Hull drove in Monday from Salmon with a load of produce. Budweiser a t the Ajax. Old Crow at the Ajax. Robert Donlan is among our lat­ est subscribed. Wool Sacks, 90c. a pair, at Big Hole Commercial Co. Job work at the B reezes office. Ask to see samples. Cutter, the cream of whiskey, is on sale at the Ajax. adv Tom Barland is working night and day these times with his auto stage. You can get all kinds of lumber at reduced prices at the Rutledge & Wilke sawmill- Frank Russell hand made gloves are the best. Wisdom Mercantile Co.—Adv. ** Carl Huntley has decided to keep up with the times by taking T his B reezes . Miss Nettie Watsoi^ a former HARVEST tfi « * resident of the basin, i?'herc Salmon on a visit to friends. fro:m Dr. 11 F, Best, DENTIST, Dil­ lon, Mont. Office over Johnson & Boone’s Real Estate Office. If you have a sore-nocked horse try a Sachsc pad from Wisdom Harness Store. adv Most of our ranchers, having fin­ ished haying, are now on the look­ out for feeds rs. Famous the world over - Star Shoes. Wisdom Mere Co. adv PER THOUSAND FOR A-l Lumber. Oneal & Sons Clarence Combs of Gibbons a t­ tended to land matters in town this week. For Sale—A Damascus sewing 1 f(ir t}u. ,m |„ machine; good as new Can be ()tIV Sl ho()i , 1]1(.ns <m seen at this oflice. Felix SpiUnagel, the young trac­ tion engineer, will leave in the morning for North Dakota. The most complete line of riding supplies will be found at th dom Harness store.-- adv JACKSON Friday, August 29 fV) Basebnll Game, Horse Races and Sports of Various KJnds In the Evening a IGRAND BALL! £ TO GET That New Suit Of Clothes mples is «L t’s going W suit of j r a; Our display of Fall and W inter samples is bigger a n d better than ever and that* some. Remember when you buy a us it is g u aranteed to be all wool. It is also guaranteed to fit, so you are bound to be satisfied. Come In Today and let us take your measure. We will do it RIGHT Fuller Drug Co. | WISDOM - . .......... and You don't have to buy 20,0(11) feet, nor 5,000 feet, of lumber frcnu Oneal to get a bargain Salic' 30-tf ! Bui. 1 )i inlau i., as.sisliiig Ton i On ill Ins Blacksmith slii ip The o u r piliUS\ . cliv.ul- girls ' James |ac|., Sl 111 \ 1SI tl-i| fli alilu i i ' , , i ,r i 'liiwn l Ins rusk v'. 1 1 h her si l <r III r i i . | ) K 4 l l l \ ( 1 ' fruu-r The local Odd Fellows, who have been taking a vacation during the haying season, will meet again next Thursday. Jesse Black and wife have re­ turned from a visit to Missouri and have taken charge of one of the Plimpton ranches The Franks brothers and Max­ well have a contract to dig the holes for the transmission the Wisdom Electric Co. Mr. and Mrs. Geo E. Davis re­ turned last night from Butte, where Dr. Kisllcr preformed a suc­ cessful operation on their little son When in Butte stop at the Ex­ change House, 17 South Main St. First class rooms by the day, week or month B en G eliiahs , succes­ sor to Eitschcn, Prop. Messrs. Theodore and Nels Nel­ son and their families, of Dillon, who have been visiting at the Jack- son springs, motored into Wisdom Wednesday. We are prepared to fill all orders for riding outfits in the same thor­ ough manner that we filled haying supplies. Wisdom Harness Store. adv Rutledge & Wilke, the energetic young sawmill men, are supplying Tom Taylor with lumber for the , addition to his house opposite the blacksmith shop. B. N. Stevenson and wife and Mrs. N. E. Stone, of Dillon, motor­ ed through the basin this week. Mr. Stevenson is a member of the well known Olmsted-Stevenson Co. Andy Nelms, who has been work­ ing at the Swanson ranch, was thrown from a horse Tuesday of this week, and had his left shoulder painfully bruised by a kick from the animal. If you want a rifle or shotgun, come and look a t our Remington high-power guns. We wifi give yon all the mforihatkm wanted about them. AH orders for ammunition win be filled promptly a t Lossl's.— adv. Mrs. Thomas Dcsdan was brought in from the Toomey ranch this week and is under the care of the doctor at the home of Mrs. A. M. Smith. Tbeye*Bg lady’s friends kerehope her fines wiS fie of Dr CowperthwaiU’has sent nut part of las furniture to Butte, wlh re lie will resume practice m s ! month Cnriu Inis I iarris, a nephew of the foreman of the Big Hole ram h, left t h i s week for his home in Wis­ consin. Talk to James Ward about pa­ pering, painting, etc. If his work don't suit, don't pay the money, is the way he works, —adv The haydiggers are going out rapidly these days W. A. Arinit- lme 0f I age and his Hudson were pressed into service this week. \1.s Stabler The local Inn up their gun Si ptcinber I 1 rs are linrni-.lung in prep.u a! n i l lm , Alva 11 Hall, who is now loi a ted I m t he Salmi m ri v er count r\, \ i .it - ed in Wisdom Tuesda\ j Lost — Middle joint of Bamboo fish pole Finder returning samel to this oflice will be rewarded i $100 Reward, $100 ultrs of tliis lutjmr will b<* to Duni tlmt H ut -- in n.1 D ; ls . I omi ilhn.'aai' siu-nn* Dun been cuit' in all ics .-t. ami that is i I ii h ( » irii t • c I.- ti.»* only cuio n »w lsti\Uti t.i tin* ni'-diru) 1 y l 11 ' rrh b<-i . : n < - >.i. m tit b>n;il dii-ii-u-it-, r-'iuii a a ( t i: i i f i;. j 11 • 111 i I pmi I )1 I ID i s l it it ' i f i l l - i.-t ( d.cii in­ tern..!lv. a- a-' i (' up i ft DD»'uJ (n u ll' ii.'M.S U>i! I 1 * I S l I' ( 1 “ 4 s- •) llr'l'i - by dt ..trnyiny t .c fr>ix.• • 1 , f i .11 nl tin- tiu C;ptn, u t J g ' 'ig I \ b ' ■' u tl n- i M >i D |n; i Di ! tinr up t 1 <-> I'Mfpinl an.] p'Si.-Hln' ni'i'Tf in <l\i'ig In v.\ '•!«. T 1 ■ I »r* I .I u-f m s l i n e £■> rnio It f t it i'l ift^ ' 'II'HIIV\ p.'W- (■ 'StD t 11 K • v o 0 r tfu’Mlrail jBlUl'S for (i f1 v c -.u‘ fit. t 1 I iIs to curu. S' :al for )■ i rf testimonial*. tAdt-v snF J CHU-L * «*• CO , Toledo, Ohio, i H i ! I y (til DrurfMots, U n , Take liall'e Family Fills tor constipation. I Miss Laura Edmondson, a for­ mer popular young resident of this town, is here from Ronanona visit to her unde, A. T. Barry. Mrs IL L Harris has gone *on a visit to her brother in North Dak­ ota. From there she will go to Canada before returning home. Complete suits of Mackinaw stuff in stock Caps, coats and trousers in brown and grey. Also a large stock of hunters' high-top boots at Lossl’s.—adv. Mrs. Lila Mills, who has charge of the local telephone office, is also an experienced stenographer, and anyone needing work of that kind doing will do well to bear that fact in mind. At Twin Lakes Miss Laura Shafer is now th< Twin Lakes has Been the scene proud jiossessor of the tine Kimball mativ inciiy camping parties piano, formerlv owned Be Jake during th'1 past week Among Louk i those uliu have Been eniiying a varat mt. t here were Mrs ''rank ilusLcd ami Bo\s, Mrs (' W I'rai - ns and v hildren, |uhn |at kson and sister, Mi arid Mrs Dan Pendcr- gast, Mr and Mrs. Guv Carter, Fred Mevers and Fred Shullz j\p- ;lni left tins week for the Marten mm■■, \]rs where they will do the annual n n- i resent mg. 1 J mi O'Connell, the village black smith, stage proprietor and mayor1 of Dewey, had business in town last Saturday. Bill Dadv was taken out Mon­ day to Dillon, where lie will Be­ come an inmate of the county p >or farm M M m m M M M M* Ml M * M * m M * kn Mi H L Harris and T | !)e:-;rriond For Sale ' Mll.'i -Model, Motor Cycles and Motor Boats, at bargain prices, all 1 makes, brand new machines, on Talk to James ward about paint-1 easy monthly payment plan Get ing, papering, eet, If his work don’t suit, don.t pay the n u n c y is the way he work?. --Adv A T. Barry and sons returned home last Thursday night from Ronan, Mont., where Mr. Barry recently buried his wife. Major W. Smith, wife and two children, of Butte, are spending a month’s vacation at the Ruby ranch. They arc accompanied by For Sale—Ranch of 520 acres; cuts about 175 tons of hay; can be made to cut 300 tons; good water right. A bargain to the right man. Apply at this office or to G eorge ! ^ same pjace, I zatt , Wisoom, Mont. adv tf. j The editor of this paper and his W anted From sister, Mrs. H. S. Armitagc, are anticipating a visit the first of next week from an old schoolmate, Miss Tamar Walton, who is located in Butte. Miss Walton is a trained nurse. Mrs. WTn. Hayden, of Seattle, our proposition before buying or vou will regret it Also bargains in used Motor Cycles. Write us today. Enclose stamp for reply. Address Lock Box 11, Trenton, Mich. adv. ldt. OUR Before you do any buying Wisdom Harness Store Notice! I have bought the blacksmith George L. Gagnon and family, 0f j shop at Di\ idc and have come to ‘stay. Have had 18 years’ experi­ ence as a blacksmith and horse- 0 to 75 head of; shoer and have have done all kinds steers to feed. Good water and ;0f heavy freighters’ work; also all the best of feed. Or will sell hav j kincls of general repairing. I re- —from 150 to 200 tons outright■; j spectfully solicit a share of your on main road to Divide. Apply at \ patronage. All work at reason- T he B reezes office. j ay e prices and quick delivery. It is now pretty late in the sea-1 H-TV illiams . son, but we expect nice weather s The MILLER Hotel (Formerly Mountain Home) —Opposite Depot— W esley J. and H erman A. M iller , Props. Good Meals-Nioe Olean Rooms Livery Stable In Connection ^ 7 DIVIDE MONTANA formerly Mrs. Julia Tong, her tw o ! ^ur sc'inc time yet. Those who.' daughters, Mrs. C. G. Gilstcr, of [h?ivc PJ>t already bought what iC Spokane, and Mrs. E. B. Roe and j needed in the line of fancy - hitc j three children, of Redrock, visited ! wash ginghams, lawns, etc., j friends in Wisdom this week. They j s t a b l e for dresses and waists, j were chauflered over from Dillon j ftnd a Sf>!«5did chance to equip1 by John T. Qrr. j themselves irith the goods of qm b ;; „ , . ,1 ity and daintiness at LossI s.—adv! Heavier ttnoerwear is now need- j - f ed. The air is cooler and to keep j Wanted—Place on a ranch for!’ comfortable one must change from | man s n d wife, wrtlj two ehsldren, light to heavier. Ladies’, Men’s i aged S and 4. Maa ttaderriands | and Children's coderwear in wool! farnring and stock nesar^. Woman» -do notsenyour Won) far t fa . b rfi* finfl n vak*n oB F W f k t fo r tTriumumun and ovr I *t*tnvr of t Hee,3l th tn g«gw. hiH ftsea.. The pggoi. hin « fi I*1n.t and cOttcm has arrived and as the varieties are j^entifnl and the sizes ccenpiete we eta famish everybody who waatts to hoy.— J- P. Loss! Co ■—<dhr r-. p good code and hocse&eeper. Please stale wage*- Can farsisit best of references. M as sober and ia&zs- wttSBeL A h OC h b W* w S* fSXfflml&M V A i m B V M , ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ t ♦ The Auto Stage Tom Barland, Prop’r. Daily Service Betweerf Wisdem and Divide Speed and Com fort Rates Reasonable Safety Assered UJU h , T»«Jt VidAMi noijrs. rrcQ acx K w ; ------------ ^ -------- We want the name of every yotmgmanwhO| Is ambitions fcr BE A LAWYER a y l ftat be ____ Mt M MlMfc,* — 1 V3 h t « i

Big Hole Breezes (Jackson, Mont.), 29 Aug. 1913, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.